I grew up with a great relationship with my cousins. We hung out often and spent a lot of time sleeping over at each others houses. I was 19, dark skinned and had a muscular build due to the high amount of hours spent training in the gym. I had a girlfriend who was quite the talk among boys at my school and I never really had trouble in the dating field.
It was the first week of summer and as always my cousin Alexis was on her way over to stay for the week. Alexis and I were close. She was 15, her birthday was in a few weeks. I was looking forward to having her over. I was in my room when she and my aunt arrived at my house. I went to the front to greet them. My parents and sister were already having a conversation with them by the time I had gotten outside. I grabbed Alexis' bag for her and took it in my room. After about 20 minutes of talking, my aunt had left and the rest of my family had come inside. I was sitting at my computer desk when Alexis came into my room. " Hey, where'd you leave my bag?" she asked me. Without looking back at her I motioned my hand toward my bed, " right there". We had seen each other so often through out our child hood that we didn't feel the need to formally greet each other. I turned around to see if she had gotten her bag and when I did my eyes instantly when to her back side. She was faced toward my bed sorting through some things in her bag. She was wearing a red tank top, white short shorts and a pair of sandals. Her body was thick but in an extremely sexy way. She wasn't at all fat though. As I stared at her perfectly shaped legs, I caught myself, and quickly spoke to her before she had noticed. " Did you find it?" I asked her, although I could see very clearly that she had found her bag. She turned toward me, " Yeah, thanks John" she said as she was leaving my room.
When she had turned to face me I could see her cleavage in her tank. She was a C cup, her breast were very large but they went well with her thick body. Before long I caught myself sitting in the chair thinking about her body. Feeling embarrassed with myself I thought " that's my younger cousin, what's wrong with me?"

Chapter 2:

It was about 10 o' clock that night, Me and Alexis were in the living room watching movies, my sister in her room sleep, and my parents in their rooms. Alexis has borrowed a shirt from me to sleep in. The shirt was thin so I could see her nipples through it because she wasn't wearing a bra, and it was a little big on her. It went down to her thighs almost as if she was wearing a short dress. We sat on the couch watching an action movie. "Have you seen this before?" I asker her, making small talk. " Hmm... no, have you?" she responded. " Nope, it seems good though. I'm enjoying it." I said back as she nodded her head in agreement. About twenty minutes went by, neither of us saying anything, except an occasional question from her about the movie. The movie was now at a sex scene, I felt myself getting turned on and embarrassed since my cousin was sitting right there. I tried to act is if I wasn't interested in the scene by checking my phone. " I wonder how those actors feel" Alexis said as the scene was ending. " What do you mean?" I said, "Well, do you think they're enjoying it or just acting?" before I had the chance to answer, my dad had come out to check on us before finally going to bed. It was at the right moment too, the awkwardness from the scene was killing me and I knew Alexis was only asking those questions to make it less awkward.
After the movie ended, I got us out some pillows and blankets, just in case either of us fell asleep during the next movie we found. I gave Alexis the couch and I slept on the floor. I was flipping through the TV guide and noticed some porn on one of the movie channels. " Oh yeah!" I said jokingly as I turned to the channel. " Are you kidding me? You watch this stuff?" she asked me, not sounding repulsed or disgusted, but more so interested. " Honestly, yeah. It's pretty hot" I responded, trying to down play my emotions and sound cool. " Ok, I guess" said Alexis. We laid there watching the porn but my mind was elsewhere. " Is she really into this, Me and my cousin are watching porn together" I thought to myself. I was soon really hard and my dick began to lift my blanket. Alexis got up and went to get her phone out of her bag that was sitting next to the couch. As she bent over the shirt had risen past her butt to her bag, revealing her pink thong she was wearing. I instantly started stroking my cock at the sight of her ass in the thong. She turned around and noticed my hands under the blanket, she didn't say anything. After a while she fell asleep and I knew that maybe she wasn't interested in the porn at all. I turned out the lights and laid down. I couldn't fall asleep though, my mind was on my cousin. without even thinking about it I got up moved next to Alexis. I stood there on my knees examining Alexis' body. It was pointless though, I couldn't see anything in the dark, anything worth jerking off too. I could hear Alexis breathing as she slept. I imagined it's how she sounded while being fucked. I was turned on. I leaned over and put my face next to hers, close enough to kiss her, but I didn't. I wanted to feel her breath hitting my face. As her breath hit my lips, I immediately started to jerk off. I let out a groan or two but didn't care enough about it to stop. Before I knew it, I was cumming. My cock hung about 6 inches, average. I aimed it down toward the couch so I didn't get any jizz on Alexis. After I finished, I wiped up the jizz with my blanket and laid back down. I couldn't sleep for a while. I felt so guilty. I had just wanked over my 15 year old cousin.
The next day, Alexis acted as she usually did with me but occasionally I'd catch her staring at me. I worried. Maybe she knew, maybe she heard the sound of me stroking my cock or my grunts. " Pretty good, decent enough for sleeping on the floor" I said back to her jokingly.
I hadn't said or been around Alexis much or the rest of the day. It was about 8 that night. My parents went out with some people from work, and my sister slept over at a friends house. " Everyones gone" Alexis said to me as she came into my room. Without looking back I responded " Yup, just you and me."
" I'm going to watch T.V" she said as she left my room.
After a few hours, I was laying in my bed thinking of my cousin, and the night before. All I wanted was for Alexis to come down the hall and ride my cock, her thick legs at my side. I knew I'd never have the chance if I kept laying here wasting time, without thinking I got up to in the front where she was. As I got to my door I thought " No, John! This is your cousin. Your virgin cousin". I went back to my bed. Three hours had past since my family had left me and Alexis home alone. I heard her foot steps approaching. " Is this what you do all night?" Said Alexis in a mocking tone as she came into my room.
" No, I'm normally with my girlfriend."
" The same girl?" She asked.
" Yup." I answered.
" Make sure you use protection!" she said in a high pitched joking voice.
" Haha, what?!"
" Oh come on John. You're 19, I know you two are fooling around" Alexis responded confidently.
" Wow, so is this what society assumes of teens these days?"
" I am a teen John. I know what goes on." She quickly answered.
"What goes on?" I said, although I knew what she meant.
" Fucking" Alexis blatantly stated.
We talked a bit more before she headed off to bed. I laid there, thinking about the conversation we just had, slightly turned on. The more I thought about her openness on the topic the more I wanted her. This time without any thought I went to my sisters room, where she was sleeping. As I went into the room I saw her laying on the bed, wearing my shirt again tonight. I walked over to the bed as if my hormones ware controlling me. I started to rub Alexis' stomach and worked my hand down to her soft thighs and in between her legs to her pussy. I rubbed over her panties and my cock was getting very hard as I began to feel her wetness. I pulled my hand away and thought about leaving. " No, I'm too far in now to turn back" I thought. I got on the bed with Alexis and slid her panties off. My cock throbbed at the sight of her laying on her back, legs open, and her pussy in sight. Her vagina lips were fat which was very sexy to me. I slid off my shorts and guided my cock over her whole rubbing her clit. She turned over on her stomach in her sleep and I jumped off the bed. When I knew she was still sleep, I decided not to turn her back over because she would wake up.
I sat on the side of the bed, grabbed her panties off the floor and began to sniff them. Her scent only made me want her more. After a few moments of sniffing I got back on the bed completely and turned her back over. My cock throbbing, I slowly stuck it in Alexis, savoring every moment of the feeling. I couldn't believe my 6 inch cock was inside of her. I knew she was a virgin because of how tight her pussy was. As I began pumping, Alexis opened her eyes..
"Shut Up" I demanded as I kept pumping in and out of her. I was sucking on her neck and the feeling of her thick soft thighs as I pumped in and out of her had me harder than ever. Alexis wrapped her legs around me and that's when I knew she was enjoying it but she didn't want to show it. I started to pump in bigger strides, getting every inch in her.
"Turn over" I told her.
Without hesitation she rolled over laying on her stomach. I glanced down at her ass. The way it sat up in the air as she laid on her stomach. I pulled apart her ass cheeks and looked at her hole. I put my dick over it and tried forcing it in but no result.
"Why are you doing this John?" She asked. Without responding I stuck my thumb into her ass hole. She let out a moan. I began fingering her asshole and stretching it my thumb.
" Why are you doing this?" She asked again, this time I slid my hard cock deep into her ass. " ahhhh" she moaned as my cock stretched her out even more. I laid out flat on top of her, and pumped my dick into my cousins ass. I reach my hand up her shirt and twisted her nipple. I wanted her to feel my dominance. She was breathing heavily. I couldn't believe it, I'm giving my cousin anal. The thought sent me over the top and I began to cum inside of her ass hole. "ooooo" she said as my liquids oozed down her ass hole into her body.
" Roll over again" I instructed her as I pulled my dick out of her. As she laid on her back, legs spread. I stuck my climaxing cock into her pussy. As I slid in the softness of her pussy set me off again. I started to cum. I was frightened when I realized that I was cumming inside of my cousin, at the same time the dirtiness, the taboo turned me on. Before I worked up the will to pull out, I had already shot 3 loads deep into her pussy.
" John..." she said as she knew I had just came in her pussy. I didn't respond.
" Will.. will I get pregnant?" She asked sounding worried. Again I didn't answer, and I pulled her to the edge of the bed, where her legs hanging off. I got on my knees and started sucking my cum out of her pussy. It was pointless though, all I ended up doing was getting her even more excited.
I stood up and put my shorts back on.
" John, why did you do that?"
I glared at her, no answer.
" You just fucked your cousin. You fucked her and sucked on her vagina" she told me.
" Go to bed" I told her avoiding the reality, although I felt really sexy and slightly guilty.
" Why did you do that John?"
" Shut up, before I get back inside of you and fuck you senseless" I said to her demandingly. I could see it turned her on because she ran her hand over her pussy.
" Why, John?" she said seeming as if she wanted me to keep my word and fuck her again. I threw off my shorts and forced my cock back in her pussy. I could feel my cum. " ahhh, tell me why John?" She said as she moaned.
Before I began fucking my 15 year old cousin again, I heard my parents coming into the front door. I pulled my dick out of Alexis and sprinted for my room. My parents went straight to their room. I looked out my door and saw the close was clear..


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