Terry discovers that watching his wife getting fucked was just the thing for their flagging sex life.
Terry and Jenny had been married for eight years, wed when they were both 23; they had been living happily together since.

They met in college, Jenny had been a virgin when they met and had only ever slept with Terry. Terry, for his part had slept with only a few other girls during college before he and Jenny had got serious. Terry was a good looking man, they both exercised regularly and he was toned and fit. 5ft 10” and athletic looking. Jenny was a beautiful, petite woman with mousy hair, 5ft 4” with a lovely 34D chest and slim waist; she had a butt to die for. Childless they had a healthy relationship, but as with most married couples they both began to tire of their routine sex life about a year ago. They had an all too familiar pattern, occasional blowjobs and cunilingus, mostly missionary position and sometimes doggy style or her on top. Jenny didn’t know any different and felt a little left jealous of her friends when they talked of the filthy things they got up to with their boyfriends or husbands. Realising they needed to add a spark to the bedroom they began to experiment

Terry introduced porn to the bedroom and couldn’t believe how his shy innocent wife changed. She began to copy the things she saw on the DVD’s and they varied positions more, adding whole new positions they’d never tried. Terry came home sometimes to find his wife in the bedroom watching the latest film he’d bought, flushed and horny, hands in her panties; she’d rip his clothes off and demand to be fucked. She bought sexy lingerie and shaved her pubic hair like a porn star, a tiny runway of hair rising from her clit. They began talking dirty to each other, embarrassed at first they soon got used to it and loved to hear each other using filthy language as they made love. Jenny bought some costumes, a cop outfit for him, a nurse for her and they introduced role play and even purchased a couple of sex toys.

One night after an evening drinking with friends, they started something that would change their lives forever.

Coming home in the cab, Jenny cuddled into Terry.

“That was a nice evening wasn’t it?” She asked her husband.

“Yeah, they’re a nice couple and Roger sure makes a mean cocktail.”

They were both drunk and Jenny placed her hand on her husband’s thigh and rubbed, she checked out the driver to make sure he couldn’t see her hand and then massaged Terry’s cock.
“He’s a very good looking man don’t you think?” She said.

“I suppose so.” Terry sighed, enjoying his wife’s touch.

“Carla’s very pretty too, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. I saw you checking out her ass when she bent over.”

That was true, Roger and Carla were both in their early forties, Jenny had met them through work and got to know them and they had started hanging out together as couples. Carla was tall and leggy. Slim, 5ft 8” with short brown hair, her legs went on and on. Roger was bigger than Terry, 6ft and muscular.

“Yeah, Carla’s nice I guess.”

Terry didn’t mention that he thought Carla had deliberately bent over once or twice to give him a better look at her legs as her short skirt rose up; he was drunk though and had probably imagined it.

They stumbled through their front door and kicked off their shoes.

“Night cap baby?” He asked.

“Sure, get me vodka will you? Bring them upstairs.”

Terry went and mixed them both a drink whilst Jenny tottered up stairs undoing her blouse as she went. When Terry arrived in the bedroom 10 minutes later she was laying on the bed, just in panties, her favourite porn film on the TV.

Terry felt his cock twitch inside his pants as he sat the bed beside her. He handed her the drink and took a large pull on his Martini.

“You look amazing Jen.” He murmured as he ran his hand along her thigh.

Jenny’s eyes were fastened to the on-screen antics, a woman was being fucked by a big fat cock, another man watched, wanking his cock. In this film the man waiting was the husband, watching a mechanic fuck his wife to pay for their expensive car repair.

“Their cocks are huge.” Jenny said, more to herself than to her partner.

Terry placed his drink on the bedside table and began undressing, watching Jenny mesmerised by the film. Her breathing had quickened and her nipples stood erect, her lips were dry and she moistened them with her tongue. Her hands ran down her sides and slipped into her panties, caressing her moist pussy. Naked, Terry stood beside the bed watching her, his modest 7” dick standing proudly erect. Jenny still didn’t look from the screen. Completely immersed, she was IN the film, being fucked by a huge cock whilst her husband watched. Terry, sliding her forward, slid onto the bed behind her. His back was resting on the headboard his legs spread with Jenny between his legs resting her back against his chest. His cock was squashed between her back and his stomach. He reached around and cupped her tits, tweaking her erect nipples, he had an idea and took an ice cube from his empty glass and rubbed it over her nipples, the ice cold water dripped down her tanned torso as it melted. She took a sharp intake of breath and then sighed.


Terry kissed and nibbled her neck; his hands ran over her body, her hands grabbed the sides of her panties as Terry’s own slipped inside and she tugged them down to her knees and then wriggled them off with her legs. Opening herself, she raised her knees as Terry’s hands grabbed her thighs and pulled them apart.

“Play with yourself, let me watch.” Terry breathed into her ear.

Jenny started masturbating as her husband peered over her shoulder, watching as her fingers toyed her pussy, one finger flicking on her now swollen clitty. Her tits rose and fell quickly as her breathing quickened and little moans escaped her lips. Terry reached into the bedside drawer and felt for the vibrator they’d bought. Finding what he’s looking for he held it to Jenny’s mouth, she opened her lips and took the vibrator in her hand and started sucking it, lubricating it, before placing it at the entrance of her pussy.

“Imagine you’re getting fucked by one of those great big dicks.” Terry murmured.

He was incredibly turned on himself and wanted so much to grab his dick that was squashed between them as Jenny started to ease the toy into her soaking vagina.

“You’d love that fat, hard cock, fucking you, wouldn’t you?”

“Ooooohhhhh.” Jenny moans, nodding her head as she slid the cock right into her, watching the woman on screen bouncing up and down on the stud’s massive member.

“Tell me.” Terry commanded, wanting to hear his wife talk dirty.

“I’d love to be fucked by a big fat dick.” Jenny took the lead now, fucking herself in long deep strokes, reaching a state of sexual frenzy.

“I’d love to feel it stretching my pussy wide, feeling it inside me, a big fat lovely cock fucking me...” She paused. “...while you watched.” She panted, rubbing her clit with her other hand.

“You’d like to watch me getting fucked by a great big dick wouldn’t you?”

Terry was grinding his cock against his wife’s back, close to his own orgasm as Jenny fucked her self in front of him. It was the horniest sight he’d ever seen. He wasn’t sure that he’d heard his wife correctly.

“Wouldn’t you?” Jenny repeated, a bit more forcefully.

“Yessss.” He whispered.

Jenny continued.

“You’d like to see me on my knees with another mans great big dick in my mouth huh? Sucking his balls, licking his shaft?”

“Oh yessss baby.” Terry gasped. He’d never heard his wife so dirty and he loved it.

“On my hands and knees, while he forces his entire nasty thick dick into me.”

Terry rubbed her tits hard and watched as her hands became a blur, one rubbing her clit as the other rammed the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Her chest rose and fell quickly as her orgasm approached.

“You’d like to watch that wouldn’t you Terry. Tell me.”

It was Terry’s turn again.

“I’d love to watch you getting fucked, sucking cock and riding big hard dicks.” He moaned into her ear, unable to believe what he was saying to his cute innocent wife.

Jenny’s back arched and her whole body trembled as her orgasm hit her.

“Oh god!” She cried as wave after wave of her orgasm swept through her.

When it subsided she collapsed against Terry. In the film the woman had milked the mechanics cock of all it’s cum and was now open mouthed waiting to accept her husbands wad of cum as he wanked himself off.

“Do that Terry.” She said, positioning herself across the bed with her head hanging of the edge.

Jenny had only had his cum in her mouth once and that was when he came unexpectedly when she was sucking him, she had spat it right out. He wasn’t going to pass this opportunity up even though he really wanted to fuck her. He stood by her head and she opened her mouth. He started to tug his cock and after only a handful of strokes he came hard.

“Aghhh” He cried as ropes of cum erupted from his cock, the first splashed on her tits and he redirected his cock at her open mouth. The next ejection left a big wad of cum over her face, dripping from her nose, and he placed his cock in her mouth as the last final thrusts splashed cum into her mouth. She sucked gently on his cock, swallowing his salty goo.

Once his orgasm subsided she released his cock and headed for the on-suite. He caught a glimpse of her beautiful face, his cum running down it. He cleaned himself up with a tissue and climbed into bed, turning off the TV. He was a bit stunned by his wife’s behaviour but really turned on too. He’d had the biggest orgasm of his life and had hardly touched her and the thought of watching her getting fucked was a huge turn on, not that he could handle the reality. Better left for bedroom fantasy he thought.

Jenny cleaned herself up in the bathroom.

“God what an amazing orgasm.” She thought.

She had found it incredibly sexy to feel her husband watching as she fucked herself. Not touching her, just watching. It made her feel powerful and in command, completely different from her usual persona. Terry seemed to really enjoy it too. It was not something they had talked about in the bedroom, a new game, and one she planned to try again very soon.

She had imagined that it was Rogers cock fucking her, ramming deep into her. She found him very attractive and was pretty sure he had been flirting with her tonight and had brushed her legs once to often to be an accident. Once clean she put on Terry’s old T-shirt that she slept in and crept back into bed, cuddling her dozing husband.

“I really enjoyed that sweetie, thank you. I love you.” She whispered and kissed him goodnight.

“It was amazing, you were amazing, and I love you too.” He replied, rolling over and closing his eyes.

The next day they carried on as usual but neither of them of them could stop themselves thinking of the previous night’s sexy talk and that night as they slipped into bed and cuddled they both found themselves horny.

“You wanna make love honey?” Terry asked.

“Sure, let’s watch that film again.” Jenny replied.

The previous nights antics were repeated, but this time without the alcohol. They both slipped back into their roles with ease. Jenny describing what she wanted, Terry telling her what he wanted to watch. She again masturbated whilst he watched and again she came hard, this time she let him fuck afterwards but demanded that he shoot his load into mouth again. He had never felt his wife so wet and only managed a couple of thrusts again before pulling out and quickly getting his cock to his wife’s mouth so she could swallow his load.

Their sex life got better, suddenly they were fucking 4 or 5 times a week compared with the once it used to be. They tried playing their old games, dressing up etc but always ended up with Terry watching whilst Jenny fucked herself, talking dirty to each other. They improved on their game; Jenny handcuffed Terry’s arms behind his back with the cuffs from the cops outfit. He sat in the armchair in the bedroom; unable to touch himself whist Jenny teased him on the bed.

“I wish I had a big stud, here right now, he’d stick his big hard cock in me, filling my cunt, stretching me. Would you like to see that Terry?”

In the end, once she’d cum, she’d take Terry’s cock and wank him off, it would only take a minute, Terry’s arms fastened behind his back as his dick erupted. He was so close to an orgasm by then, teased to the point that he was drooling. Sometimes they would make love tenderly, but only after they had satisfied themselves with their new game.

Terry’s 32nd birthday had arrived and Jenny had thrown him a party at the house. Amongst the guests was Roger and Carla and everyone had a great evening laughing and dancing, Terry drank way too much tequila and was pretty smashed as midnight came and went and the guests started thinning out. Roger and Carla shared a whispered conversation and then Carla announced to Jenny that she wasn’t feeling well and would be leaving. Terry collapsed into an easy chair half asleep, as his gorgeous wife tidied and bid farewell to the guests as they left, soon it was just the two of them and Roger. Some slow music was on the stereo and Roger poked Terry awake.

“Do you mind if I dance with your lovely wife whilst I wait for my cab?”

Terry waved his hand and mumbled.

“Sure.” His eyes half closed, but he kept watching.

Jenny moved in close to Roger and he held her tight as they swayed to the music. She rested her head on his chest and the hands that were on her waist slipped down to her buttocks. She wore a short pleated white skirt and a halter top; she’d already kicked of her shoes and her eyes were closed. Roger glanced over at Terry and then started to massage Jenny’s buttocks, their hips ground together and Jenny felt his cock stiffen. Her skirt rose as his hands caressed her and soon the bottoms of her panties were visible. Terry watched, through half closed eyes, mesmerised. He had mixed feelings, jealous to see another man with his hands on his wife but instantly turned on too.

“What about Terry?” Roger whispered to Jenny

“He’s fine.” She replies as his hands pulled up her skirt exposing all her panties.

“Ooh.” Jenny giggles. “You are a naughty boy, my husbands sat right there.”

“Are you okay honey.”

Terry grunted again watching as Rogers hands slipped into his wife’s panties, grabbing her ass cheeks. He watched as her chest heaved, breathing fast she gasped and held him tightly. Roger took one hand from her knickers and brought it up to her chest and grabbed one of her tits, then his hand was taken from her panties and pushed down the front, feeling her pussy, again she gasped and whispered to him.

“Wait, wait.”

They broke apart, Roger’s hard-on made a large lump in his trousers. Jenny adjusted her skirt and walked over to Terry.

“Come on honey. It’s time for bed.”

Taking his hand she led him upstairs, looking over at Roger she mouthed the word “Wait”. Terry stumbled after his wife, as she led him to their bedroom, stripped him and sat him in the armchair.

“You were watching weren’t you?” She said pointing at his erect cock.

Terry nodded, mouth suddenly dry. Jenny found the handcuffs and locked his hands behind her back. She then stripped of her clothes but instead of climbing onto the bed she selected some lingerie and started getting dressed. She put on white fishnet stockings, matching bra and a garter belt. She put on some 4” heels and nickerless, made her way to the door.

“Time for the second part of your birthday present.” She said.

“If you don’t like it at any time, say stop okay.”

“What about Roger and his cab?” Terry managed to ask, confused. Surely his wife wasn’t going to act out their fantasy?

“There is no cab honey. There is no cab.”

She left the room and when she returned five minutes later, Terry couldn’t believe his eyes. Roger followed her into the room, he was naked except for his briefs and being led by his hand that Jenny held in one of hers. Jenny positioned him in front of Terry, sideways to him and sank to her knees in front of him. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down in a quick motion. Roger’s erect penis sprang out. He was big too, almost nine inches long and of average thickness and unlike Terry, circumcised. Roger had a smooth broad chest and his groin was free of hair. His balls hung heavy below his hard dick. Terry’s heart was pounding, his lips were dry and his cock twitched, blood pumping into his already swollen organ. Jenny looked at Terry and without taking her eyes from his Jenny reached up and grasped Rogers dick with her hand, she wanked him slowly and looked at her husband,

“My god, look how big he is. What a delicious big cock, ooooh, it’s so long and hard. I can’t wait to feel it inside me, but first I want suck this big hard dick. Do you want to watch me suck it honey?”

Terry gulped and nodded.

Jenny pushed Rogers prick against his muscled stomach and sucked one of his balls into her mouth before running her tongue up the underside of his shaft and then back down. Roger stood, hands on hips staring down at her. Her tongue licked its way back up and she wrapped her hand around the base and positioned her mouth over the tip. Pre-cum oozed from the tip and she licked it.

“Hmmmn, tasty.”

Suddenly her head dipped forward and her lips closed around his cock, taking a few inches into her mouth, she massaged the shaft with her tongue as she moved her head back and forth along his length. Her eyes looked sideways at her husband as he stared at her his own eyes glazed and lust filled.

Terry thought he might pass out. He was watching his gorgeous wife on her knees with another mans big long dick in her mouth and he’d never seen anything so sexy. His balls were tight and his cock felt like it might explode, pre-cum oozed from the tip and he’d never felt so hard, Jenny removed the dick from her mouth catching her breath.

“I love his big hard dick; it tastes sooooo good and feels so nice.” She said before resuming her blow job, head bobbing up and down.

God she felt so dirty, Rogers cock was even better than she had hoped, a couple of inches longer than her husbands and it felt wonderful, sucking it in and out of her mouth. She kept her eyes on Terry making sure he was ok. The look on his face said it all and she sucked the dick hard, her moans of pleasure, muffled by the cock in her mouth.

Roger’s eyes closed and put his head back, revelling in the fantastic blow job he was receiving, he was so glad Carla had suggested that she leave and he stay behind to see what might happen. He and Carla were swingers; they too had reached a point in their marriage some years ago when they had needed to ‘spice’ it up. They had both thought this young couple had potential and had been flirting gently to see what might happen. Roger had been pouring his extra big cocktails the last time they had Terry and Jen round but unfortunately they had left before he and Carla could get really flirtatious. He had fancied Jenny from the moment he set eyes on her and seeing her in her sexy lingerie had blown his mind, she had a fantastic body. He looked down as Jenny looked up at him mouth full of his dick, eyes full of sex. She was obviously having fun from the small moans she was making, she stopped sucking and pulled his cock from her mouth, saliva dripping down his shaft, she wanked him hard a few times.

“Hmn, yummy.” She said, rising from her knees.

Her jaw was starting to ache, and her pussy needed some attention now. Standing in front of the boys she unclasped her bra and dropped it to the floor. Standing in garter belt, stockings, suspenders and heals, her full tits bounced free and she was pleased to see Roger gasp “wow”. She walked to the bed and lay on her back neck supported by a pillow so she could see her husband. Spreading her legs and raising her knees slightly she indicates for Roger to approach.

“Your turn now.”

Roger climbed onto the bed and started kissing up the inside of Jenny’s thighs his mouth arrived at her pussy and she sighed loudly.


Roger’s tongue licked up her slit; she was very wet already, placing his hands on the underneath of her thighs he pushed her legs up and getting the idea she placed her own hands there, holding her legs open, exposing herself. He found her clit and flicked his tongue over it causing her to shudder.

“He’s licking my clitty honey, it feels so nice, his tongue in my pussy.” She informed her husband, gazing at him from the bed.

Jenny continued telling Terry exactly what was happening to her.

“He’s pushing his finger into me, ooh, ooh.”

Roger eased another finger in.

“Oh god, he’s got two fingers up me and he’s fucking me with them.”

Roger finger fucked her whilst his tongue worked her clit, her back arched and she moaned.

“So good, don’t stop.”

Terry watched avidly as Roger pleasured his wife. He couldn’t see exactly what was happening between his wife’s thighs but he could see Rogers arm moving backwards and forwards. Jenny had been looking at him, mouth open, uttering small moans of pleasure but after 10 minutes she threw her head back and started shuddering. A flush seemed to cover her whole body then she began to tremble and Terry knew what was coming.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming.” She cried clamping her thighs around Rogers head and arching her back.

“Yes, yes, yessss.”

Her body bucked as her orgasm ripped through her, cum flooded her pussy and Roger’s mouth as he continued to lick her swollen bud.

“Oh my god.” She wailed, wild eyes locked onto her husbands.

Her body bucked again and again as she kept cumming until eventually she could take no more. She pushed Roger’s head away from her pussy.

“Wow, that was amazing, I hope you’re as good with that dick of yours.”

She looked across at her husband; his cock was purple and angry looking. Poor thing she thought.

“You okay hun.”

Terry licked his lips and nodded.

“Was that good Jen?” He asked.

“Sooooo good, I came so hard; I want him in me now, his big dick fucking my wet cunt.”

Roger didn’t need to be asked twice and kissed his way up her flat stomach squeezing her tits and nibbling her hard nipples. She opened her legs as his cock bumped up her legs. He reached down and held it with one hand, guiding it towards her hot entrance. He paused as the tip found her moist opening, Jenny reached round and pulled him gently and he pushed slowly forward. 2” of Roger’s prick slipped easily forward into her well lubricated hole. Jenny moaned as she was penetrated.

“Ooooohhhhh yessss fuck me, fuck me.”

Roger withdrew until the end almost popped out and then pushed forwards again easing another couple of inches in, this he continued until he had 7” inside her, the same amount as Terry could manage. She gripped his back as he paused on the backward stroke and the plunged forward; she took a sharp intake of breath.

“Aghhh.” She groaned quietly, his entire dick buried in her.

Jenny had never experienced another man before and now she was being feeling dick in places never reached before. Her pussy was stretched wider than before and she loved it, especially as her husband looked on.

“He’s got all of his big fat cock in me, oh god; he’s so long, and so hard. It feels so good.” She watched her husband shift to get a better view.

Roger started pumping, his bottom rising and falling; he drove his penis in and out of Jenny. Sometimes he’d slow right down revelling as he slid his length into her warm fuck hole. Jenny writhed below him, moaning and urging him on, looking at Terry, telling him how it felt. He pulled out and flipped Jenny over, she moved around the large bed so she was now facing her husband, she knelt on her forearms and pushed her butt in the air, arching her back downwards. Roger positioned himself behind her and, admiring her amazing butt, spanked her.

“Oooh.” Jenny squealed in delight.

She felt Rogers cock at her open pussy and braced herself, looking into her husbands eyes she licks her lips suggestively. Terry is bug eyed, she can see pre-cum is running down his shaft, his whole knob has taken on a shiny purple look as it’s swollen to a new hardness.

Roger pushes his cock forwards and slides it all the way home. Jenny pushes her hips back, gripping the bed clothes with her hands.

“Ooooohhhhh it feels soooooooo good, his big fat cock fucking me from behind. You like watching this don’t you Terry. You’re disgusting aren’t you? You like watching me, being fucked, by a big fat, hard dick, fucking me hard, making me cum?”

Terry swallowed hard, nodding.

“Yes.” He said quietly.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Yes!” He wailed, “I love watching you take his big dick! I want to watch you being fucked hard by big cocks!”

“Good boy, okay Roger, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

Roger grabs her waist and starts fucking her in long deep strokes, pulling her back on to him, engorging himself in her hot wet cunt. Sweat drips off his face as he pounds away at her, his thighs slapping against her butt cheeks. He drips saliva from his mouth between her ass cheeks and rubs it into her tight virgin asshole with his little finger. She moans harder and buries her face in the bed. Suddenly Roger feels her pussy contract around his knob as her second orgasm begins. He pushes his little finger into her ass, sliding into the knuckle. Her orgasm explodes through her, her pussy muscles clamp around his cock almost making him cum. He grabs the base of his dick hard stopping his orgasm.

“Fuuuuuuck, Oh god, Oh god” Terry watches his wife’s second orgasm rip through her as Roger pushed his finger into Jenny’s ass. He had a good view as Roger started to finger fuck her butt hole as she moaned and moved her hips in small circular motions, shuddering with each wave of her orgasm. As it subsided she collapsed forward, laying flat on the bed, panting. Roger withdrew his cock and finger and turned her over. He knelt at her head and pushed his slimy dick into her mouth; she opened her mouth wide and sucked his cock clean, tasting her own pussy juice.

Jenny felt amazing, her second orgasm had been bigger than her first, when Roger pushed his finger in her ass, it triggered her orgasm and felt amazing, she felt her pussy grip his cock and her butt grip his finger. Amazingly, Roger hadn’t cum yet and after she’d licked him clean he laid back on his back, cock pointing skyward. She straddled his body and taking his cock in one hand lowered herself onto it. Her back was to Terry, and he must have had a great view of Rogers cock sliding into her. Once she was sat on Rogers groin, cock fully enveloped she started rocking backwards and forwards, Roger reached up and grabbed her swinging tits kneading them. She stopped rocking and holding his chest started raising and lowering herself up and down his long shaft.

“Can you see that baby? Can you see his long cock sliding in and out of my pussy; can you see him fucking me? Fucking me goooooood.”

Terry could see, only too well, he leaned forward in his chair watching his wife’s pussy lips grip the hard dick as she lifted her ass, almost climbing right off before sliding back down slowly. She switched back to the rocking motion, speeding up and then back to the up and down harder and harder, Roger started thrusting up in time with her downward motion and Terry saw Jenny throw her head back, crying out in ecstasy. Suddenly Roger lifted off and she sat beside him confused. He turned her around and again she straddled him, this time facing her husband. Roger lifted himself into sitting position and helped her into the cowgirl position guiding his knob end to her pussy.

Jenny sank slowly down onto Rogers cock, she’d never been in this position before and the cock felt huge, she lifted herself up again and eased it back in going deeper. It made her catch her breath and she gasped.

“It feels do big, so deep inside me.”

Roger reached around and one hand massaged her tits whilst the other found her clit and began to rub. Jenny began to bounce, moaning. The pace picked up again and then Roger lifted her bottom, she placed her feet flat on the bed on either side of his thighs, squatting and Roger supported her as she raised herself right up and then squatted down on his cock, sliding all 9” in balls deep.

Terry watched, mesmerised, as his wife bounced up and down on a big, long 9” cock.

“Yes, yes, yeeees. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Make me cuuuuuuum.”

Roger felt Jenny’s pussy grasp his cock again and his cock twitched. He pulled her down sharply, and thrust hard twice and then his cock exploded inside her filling her with cum as she came again.

“OH. MY. GOD!” Jenny cried, shuddering on his prick. “He’s filling me cum.”

Roger rolled them onto their sides and Jenny whimpered as he thrust a few more times as her pussy milked his cock of semen.

Jenny felt Roger slip out of her, cum oozed from her hole and trickled down her thigh. He climbed off the bed and headed for the door.

“I’m going to leave you two to it and get that cab.” he said over his shoulder as he opened the bedroom door.

“You’re a real lucky man Terry, she’s an amazing fuck. “

Jenny panted on the bed catching her breath. What an amazing fuck, she’d never cum three times in one day before, let alone three times in one hour. Now she had to take care of her amazing man. She rose from the bed and approached Terry; she kissed him long and hard on the lips and reached behind to undo his cuffs. Cum ran down her thighs and onto her stockings as she led Terry to the bed. She lay back on the bed and he climbed up between her open legs.

“Come on then baby, your turn stick your dick in me, let yourself cum.”

Terry positioned himself at her slimy hole and his dick slipped easily in.

“God, you’re so hard.” She whispered, clutching him to her as he began to thrust hard.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh” Terry cried, as after only a few thrusts he came hard in a massive orgasm. His cum gushed into Jenny, mixing with Rogers. His body bucked as he ejaculated over and over until finally he sobbed into her neck, the biggest orgasm he’d ever had and the events of the evening left him emotionally drained.

“It’s okay honey, it’s okay.” Jenny soothed, holding him tight to her. “I love you.”

“Thank you for an amazing night.” She continued, “Did you have fun?”

Terry nodded into her neck.

“You were amazing Jen, I’ve never seen...I can’t were....”

“I know baby, I know.” Jenny interrupted.

They both fell asleep in each other arms, both knowing that their sex life had changed forever. They had both experienced their biggest and best ever orgasms and wanted more. Terry wanted to see what else his beautiful wife would do whilst he watched. Jenny wanted more, more big hard fat cocks, more of everything.

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