Pretty long, but good nonetheless
Twenty four years old. By my age, I'm certain that a vast majority of the kids in my generation have sexted someone. At least once, right? Well, up until recently, I hadn't. Maybe a message or two here and there, like "oh I can't wait for tonight." or "I want you soo bad." but nothing truly sexual, and no pictures messages of the dirty variety had ever left my phone. But that was all about to change, and it would lead down quite the crazy road.

Now, I'm not a prude or anything, I'm very sexually active and have tried a fair amount of stuff bedroom wise. But sexting was like a foreign language to me. I didn't understand how it got people off, and thought it was somehow cheap and demoralizing to do. Like, somehow it was just too impersonal. How could you be certain that the person you sent your message to is the one that read it, I know I've read messages on my friends phones and vice versa, I'm sure everyone else has at some point as well.

Anyway, my girlfriend had been insatiable throughout our relationship, always wanting to spice things up. About once or twice a month she would have some new role playing scenario or position she wanted to try. And it was great, I'll admit it got hard to keep up sometimes, but I was willing to take the challenge. When your girl looks like mine, you do what is needed to satisfy her, or she will easily find someone else that will. 5'4", 105lbs, 34c rack with a narrow waist and thick hips and ass to fill out her hourglass figure. Her long blonde hair and blue eyes drew me in the moment we met, and seeing her beautiful body fully exposed on our third date sealed the deal.

I'm no slouch in the looks department either, I mean I wouldn't rank myself in her league, but I'm a damn decent catch. 5'11" 185lbs with a very low body fat percentage. Worked out constantly and trained in brazilian jiujitsu before it became the cool thing to do. I have short black hair and oddly enough deep blue eyes that always get me compliments from the fairer sex.

Like I said earlier, I was twenty four when it first happened. My girl, Tiffany, had been told by her friends that they were sexting with their boyfriends to increase the lust in the bedroom. They said it built up desire throughout the day and by time they saw each other at night, they would be like starved animals, dying to tear each other apart to fill their sexual hunger. When you say things like that to a woman who's thirst for sex is beyond insatiable, it gets me into extremely strange situations.

"Hey babe, you know what I'm doing right now?"

That was the message she sent me. I was dumbfounded at first, thought maybe we had plans I had forgot about and this was one of those angry 'never getting laid again' kind of texts. I thought to myself for a minute, trying to figure out if there was some prearranged date we had talked about that I had forgotten. Before I could figure it out, or come up with an apology text for missing whatever it was, my phone buzzed again.

"I've got my middle finger sliding in and out of my wet pussy and it feels so good."

What? I had to read the message six or seven times just to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. She had brought the sexting thing up a couple nights before, but I thought I made it clear that it was something I felt uncomfortable with and didn't want to do. I had even offered to go ahead with the double penetration she bothered me about a couple months prior when my apparently attractive cousin had visited, just so I could avoid the whole dirty text message thing. I don't know why, but it felt wrong to me, and I had no intention of budging from my stance on the matter. But how could I respond without upsetting this beautiful, sensual woman who regularly gifted me the right to spend my lustful nights with her incredibly sexy self?

"Wanna see how wet I am?"

What? No! I mean, yeah, but in person. Why would I want dirty pics of my girl floating around in cyber space? Sure, pics for my own personal entertainment would be fine, but not sent out over the Internet! Before I could respond, *buzz* my phone went off. I picked it up and sure enough, *picture message received*. She did it, she knew I had said no to the whole idea of sexting, but decided that she could do it anyway. Delete.... Or download.... Alright, as against it as I was, I'm still a guy. DOWNLOAD! Wow, it looked soaked with her juices. Her rose petal lips, which stayed tucked in, glistened from the flash of her camera phone, creating a glowing like effect that made it look even more heavenly than normal.

"Is your cock hard? Wanna see more?"

Oh it was, and he'll yeah I did, but not on the phone like this. In person, when I got home. I felt like some sicko looking at her this way, like one of those guys that can't get a real girl so he searches the web for dirty pics to beat off to everyday. I wanted to do it for her, but just couldn't bring myself to it. Had to let her down gently.

"Babe, I know this is something you want to do, but I just can't get into it like this. Your pussy looks amazing and I will gladly take care of you when I get home. Please don't be mad."

There, that wasn't so bad. I complimented her, and was pretty nice about it. She shouldn't get upset at that response, I even pledged to take care of that sweet little pussy when I got home, how could that message backfire?

"Well fuck you too then. After all the shit I've done for you, you can't just send me a dirty text to make me happy! You're a fucking loser, sometimes I swear I can't remember why I let you touch me at all. You know what, fine, maybe I'll find someone else to sext with!"

Wow. That went south pretty quick. Now, again, I'm still a guy. A guy with testosterone flowing through my body. A guy who gets angry fairly easy. Not abusive, never, at least not toward women, but angry nonetheless. I let that anger get the best of me, and right there, at my desk at work, I slammed my phone against the wall shattering it into far too many pieces to count. "Fuck!" I yelled as I sat at my cubicle at the corporate telemarketing office I worked at. My muscles tensed and my face burned with rage as my coworkers watched from their cubicles, leaning over the short walls that separated us.

Lucky me, I was pretty damn good at my job, always exceeding the room quota for donations by more than double the next guy, so getting fired over the outburst was out of the question. Instead, my boss told me to take the rest of the day off, even gave me an advance on my check so I could replace my cell phone. Man, if I knew what would come of that day, I don't think I ever would have left that office.

On the walk to the cell phone store, I calmed down considerably, and couldn't wait to get my phone replaced so I could text Tiffany and find a way to make up. What the hell I figured, why not give it a shot. Can't be that bad getting dirty pics and messages from your girl all day right? So I stopped at the store and grabbed a new phone. Lucky for me I was eligible for an upgrade so $200 later I had a brand new HTC smart phone that had one hell of a good camera.

I asked the clerk if there was a bathroom I could use and he sent me to the back of the store. Once in, I locked the door and pulled out my phone. What to say though? Hey babe, my dick is hard for you... Nah. That pussy looked delicious, please show me more.... Better, but no. Had to be good, something to really get her goin. Aha!

"That pussy looks delicious, maybe when I get home I'll give it a nice licking and we can get my cousin to come over, see if it can take two cocks at once."

That sounded great. It fed into her two dirtiest desires, that I was aware of, and it showed that I would do anything for her. But I had to give her more, so I started thinking bout that picture she sent me. How wet she looked. The glowing effect from the flash. How badly I wanted to suck on her pussy lips until she shook with pleasure. Yup, that worked. Hard as a rock. Now I'm not the biggest guy in town, but I've got a decent size to me. Little more than 7" long and almost as thick as a soda can. Needless to say, I rarely get complaints about not filling a woman. So I wrapped my hand around the base and grabbed my phone. Boy did the big screen make this shit easy, I snapped a couple quick shots and then chose the one I thought made me look most impressive.

All that was left was to type in her number. Being my phone was smashed, the new one didn't have my contacts and everything so I had to do it manually. 518-555-5095, send. There, that wasn't so bad. Now just have to wait and see what she says. I know she would like the pic, she always loves looking at my cock up close from underneath, seeing my smooth sack and everything. Said it made me look twice as big, which got her far more horny. *buzz* the moment of truth.

"Oh baby, that looks soooo big. I don't need your cousin, I just want you to fill my holes with that massive rod."

Knowing that she liked it drive me wild. I don't know why, but it was like the biggest rush I had gotten in our entire relationship. I used my phone to record a video as I wrapped my hand around my shaft and stroked it as fast as I could. Normally, in bed, I can last an easy thirty, even fourth five minutes of actual thrusting, but my excitement levels shot through the roof from the sexting and before I knew it I was squirting my hot seed all over the bathroom stall. I clicked to send it to Tiffany, adding the text;

"Look what the thought of your beautiful pussy made me do!"

While I waited for her reply, I cleaned up and flushed the toilet to make it seem like I actually used the restroom. As I exited the bathroom, the clerk stared at me with this strange look. Almost like he had known what I done. I expected to feel shame at the thought, but somehow it excited me more and just as my phone went off signaling her response, I looked to the clerk and said, "Yea I did it, what you gonna do about it?" and left the store.

I wanted to wait until I got home to check my messages, hoping to avoid getting too excited as I walked through the streets, but my mind just wouldn't let me. I couldn't wait to see what she thought about my sext video. As I reached my apartment building, I ducked into the coffee shop downstairs and sat in a booth. I checked the room quickly to make sure no one was paying attention to my actions, and then pulled out my phone.

"Ohhhh, that was soooo hot baby. I wish I could've felt that cum squirt deep in my pussy. I'm rubbing my clit right now to the idea of it. I wish you were here. If you were, I'd let you fuck my mouth, my pussy, and my ass."

Oh man, that was all I could handle. I felt my dick grow inside my pants, so much so that it started to ache as my pants restrained it from reaching its full length. Immediately, I got up and walked for the door, noticing on my way that two attractive girls, a blonde and a brunette, we're staring at my growing package. I wanted to say something, not rude, but sexy. I had never been outwardly sexual, but this whole sexting thing had set me off. But alas, I needed to get to Tiffany, to take her up on her offer. She knew how much I loved her ass, and that was always the way to set me off.

I ran up the stairs, pain growing in my crotch as my cock tried to tears itself free from my pants. Just as I reached the door, my phone went off again. I twisted the Handel and ran in the house, nearly breaking the door off the hinges in the process. "Babe! I'm here to fuck that sweet ass of yours!" I yelled not caring if my neighbors heard me. "Tiffany!" I shouted seductively as I made my way through the house. Suddenly my phone buzzed again so I pulled it out to check my messages.

2 New Messages

Hmm.... I thought to myself, why did she send two so quick. Whatever, more the merrier right.

"Hey babe, sry bout earlier. I know I shouldn't overreact like that, but you know how I am. When I want something, I have to have it. I'll talk to you when I get home, maybe I can convince you to do this thing for me."

What? No way! I thought to myself that it couldn't be, I had been texting her for an hour now. Sexting as she liked to call it. I clicked the second message and to my horror realized that I had typed Tiffany's number wrong in the bathroom. Tiffs number was 518-555-5059, and I had dialed 5095! Oh my god, I had sent this person a video of me masturbating! I was so horrified at what I had done. Stupid smartphone! Then as I was reflecting on my moment of horror, the message downloaded fully and the video started playing.

A series of moans played through my phone as I watched a beautiful red headed woman play with her pussy. Her slim fingers slid in and out of it easily as she moaned louder and louder. I knew that it was wrong, this want my girl, but damn if it wasn't hot. Nd she had seen me, right? It was only fair that I got to watch her now. I would delete the number when the video was done. Starting with one, then adding another, and another until she had four fingers sliding in her wet pussy, she moaned louder with each thrust of her hand. "oh I wish you were her to help me with this." I heard her say through her moans.

"Oh I wish I was too, baby." I said. Wait, no I don't! Do I? No! This is crazy, it was then, with me arguing with myself over whether or not I was turned on, that I realized I was stroking my cock for the second time in less than an hour. Stroking it to this beautiful, neatly trimmed pubic region of this natural red head. This was too wrong for me. I hit the stand by button on the phone to make the video stop, and forced myself to stop pleasuring my cock. Once I had collected my bearings I deleted the number and assumed that would be the end of my crazy ordeal.

Tiffany came home at her regular time, we talked a bit and then had the most amazing night of sex we had shared in a long time. It lasted over to hours and I came in all three holes on her beautiful body, one of which got injected twice. Tiffany was a,axed at how much better the sex was without trying anything too freaky. She tried to convince me it was because of the thought of me sexting her, but I knew the truth.

The thought of sexting that sexy red head had got to me. I tried to forget about it, but she kept popping up in my head after that. The sight of her pussy was too much to bear in my mind, and I would often times have to take breaks at work to rub one out in the mens room to the thought of the video she sent me. I thought about sending her another text, but I was too nervous. Maybe it was better this way. Maybe the one time thing made it more sensual and intimate. I had shared one of my most out there sexual moments with a complete stranger and didn't even know here name.

A couple weeks went by, and the memory began to fade. I still thought of her here and there, but it wasn't enough anymore. Things with Tiffany and I went back to normal with her begging for more freaky stuff, and me kindly obliging to most of it. But, our sex life started to fade day by day. I just couldn't get into it like I used to. Eventually, the inevitable happened, I came in and she was busy fucking some guy she met at he coffee shop.

He was balls deep in her ass and neither of them seemed to care that I had walked in. Honestly, I think she thought I was just gonna join in for a minute. Surprisingly, it didn't bother me. Almost like I expected it, welcomed it even. I grabbed some of my shit, tossed it in a bag and left. Had some money saved up so I figured I'd crash at a hotel for the time being. The first night there, in that crappy hotel with one stained window and a queen size bed, I laid there thinking not of the relationship that had just ended, but of the sexting I shared with that beautiful red head. I couldn't help myself, the thought was too much to bear so I pulled out my phone and dialed her number.

"Hey, I'm not sure if you remember me, but I thought maybe you'd want to text again."

It had been almost a year, but I hoped she didn't forget. Honestly though, I wasn't even sure it was still her number. My fears were calmed when I felt my phone vibrate on my naked chest.

"Oh I remember you. Why text, when we could meet? ;)"

I gave her the address to my hotel and waited patiently for her arrival. My heart raced with anticipation as the clock ticked and ticked. About an hour passed and I started to lose hope. Figured she had chickened out, and I couldn't blame her. Sexting was one thing, but meeting in person, that's totally different. Just as I rolled over, thinking I would just call it a night, my phone went off again.

"I'm here, open your door."

My heart may have literally skipped a beat as I read the message and leapt to my feet. I ran to the door and ripped it open hoping to get a good look at the sexy red head I had dreamt of so many nights. No looks would take place though, as no sooner did the door open, she rushed into me kissing me passionately as we quickly moved toward the bed. A couple glimpses were all I could get as we crossed the room, shedding each others clothes with every step.

Her pale white skin paired beautifully with the bright red of her hair. Her breasts weren't too small, sitting around a 32c, a perfect size in my opinion. Her skin was obscenely smooth, more so than you would expect a babies to be fresh out the womb. And her hips and ass were the only truly large things about her, just how I liked a woman. Her ass, oh my goodness her ass was so amazing. The large cheeks were pale as the rest of her, which made for bright red marks as I spanked her gently. Her cheeks were firm, but loose enough to shake when my hand collided with her flesh, something that had always drove me wild.

The both of us stood naked, locked in a lustful embrace at the edge of the bed. Without wanting she jumped up and wrapped her legs around me, allowing my cock to spring up and touch her pussy lips as we fell to the bed. Once landed, my cock slid right into her moist pussy, a feeling I had longed for so long I could barely remember a time when I hadn't. We kissed passionately as I trusted in and out of her pussy. Then it happened.

I heard a zipper behind me. I panicked, I tried to turn but she wrapped her arms around me and held me still. "Please just let it happen. I wanted your cock bad, but this was the only way I could get him to let me have it. He's going to do this no matter what, so just enjoy your time with me and try to let what he's doing go from your mind."

Go from my mind! Was she crazy, some guy was getting undressed behind me while I was fucking who I could only assume was his girl. Now I tried a whole bunch with Tiffany, but this was strictly a no no in my book. I tried to turn again but she pulled me back in for a kiss and squeezed her pussy muscles down on my cock. The feeling was incredible, but I still wanted this to end. Then I felt it.

SMACK! His hand crashed into my bare ass cheek sending a searing hot pain through my bottom. I tried to cover up but was stuck in her hold as he smacked my ass three more times. Damn it hurt, I immediately felt bad for every girl I had spanked before. "No, I don't want this." I told her before she pulled me in for another kiss.

"It's happening now baby, whether you want it or not. Just focus on my pussy and ignore the rest." she said as she squeezed my cock with her pussy again. I tried to get up again, but was stunned as his one hand shoved me back down. My cock went deeper into the beautiful pussy in front of me, but I was too concerned with how easily he had manhandled me to notice the feeling. Then, before I could do anything, I felt his tongue hit my asshole.

At first, I was gonna protest, but it felt amazing. His tongue running over my tight hole, sliding in from time to time as my cock slid in and out of his girl blew my mind. I still felt uneasy about it, but decided to let him give be anal oral while I fucked his girl just to see how it felt. She moaned in my ear over and over, telling me how great my cock felt deep in her pussy. Said she couldn't wait to feel me explode in her pussy while her man came in my ass.

Whoa... Wait a minute. Cum in my ass! I didn't like the sound of that and immediately tried to get up again. Again it was to no avail as I felt his body press me back onto his woman easily. "This is gonna hurt, but of you relax and give it time, you'll like it." he whispered in my ear as I felt his cock sliding up and down my well lubed ass crack.

"No, I don't do that." I said trying to get him to stop.

"I let you fuck my girl, now you let me fuck your ass, or I'll just have to do it rough, and tear that sweet little tush of yours apart." he said giving me no real choice in the matter.

I turned and kissed the beautiful red head my cock was pumping in and tried to pay no mind to the feeling of his thick shaft sliding up and down my crack. I accidentally bit her lip as his cock head found its way to my entrance. I tried to apologize but she assured me it was fine. She kissed my cheek and neck as she slowly pulled me inside her. His cock slid a little further in and the pain intensified tenfold, but I knew he would hurt me more if I tried to fight. I felt it stretching my ass further and further as he slid it deeper into my bowels. Then back out again literally pulling me out of his girl before he pushed back in a bit and my body mimicked the motion.

"Half way." he said as it slid a little deeper. Half way I thought, how big was this monster, it already felt like there was a foot in me.

"I can't do this." I said as the pain got to me, I tried to get up but he just dropped his body weight onto me, forcing his monster cock balls deep into my ass. I screamed out in pain only to be drowned out by the combined laughter of him and his woman.

"You wanted this pussy, this is the price." she said as she moaned from his thrusts that forced me to fuck her pussy. The pain started to subside with each thrust, and after a few minutes I actually started to enjoy the anal raping I was receiving. I started thrusting my ass backwards on his cock and then shoving my cock into her pussy to match his rhythm. Before long, I felt like I was going to explode, but not in that pussy. No, that had been the plan, but as Tiffany knew, I was an ass man.

I pulled out of this beautiful red head and forced her to flip over in between thrusts. Her man, unwilling to wait, trusted his cock back into me. The feeling was amazing and I nearly came as his cock passed over my prostate, but held it back for my prize. He backed out a little, allowing me to line up with his girls ass before slamming back into me. The force of his thrust pushed my well lubed cock deep into her asshole. She screamed from the violation, but moaned once I pulled back out a bit.

A minute or so went by with him thrusting into my ass and forcing me to thrust into hers before I felt that familiar sensation building in my balls again. "Oh yea, cum in my ass." I said as I felt his cock start to twitch between my cheeks. "Cum in my ass while I cum in your woman's." I added as I plunged deep into her ass and deposited wave after wave of my seed into her bowels. Her body shook as she came right after me, and then I felt his warm seed shoot into my ass. I had never done anything like this, but I knew then that I liked it.

He pulled out of me, and the force of his tug literally pulled me out of his woman. As I laid there in the bed, I felt her drop her body down and start running her tongue over my cock before she sucked it into her mouth and cleaned it. As freaky as Tiffany had been, never had she done ass to mouth, no matter how often I wanted it. Before I had the time to rest on my triumphant domination of this beautiful woman, her mans cock was laid across my cheek and lips.

I hesitated at first, but figured I had already been ass fucked, why not be as taboo as possible. I did everything I could to mimic her sucking of my cock on his and before long felt the semi hard rod twitch in my mouth as he shot the lat of his seed down my throat. The sate was saltier than expected, but I swallowed it like a champ, and knew I could do it again if I had to. As I laid in the hotel bed, cum dripping from my stretched out asshole, I watched as the couple disappeared from my room, both of them blowing me kisses before the closed the door.

I thought about everything that happened. The ass fucking, both mine and hers. The cock sucking I performed on m, and she performed on me. And the beautiful feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock. I even reflected on how good it felt to have a man squirt his seed in my ass. A few moments passed before I looked to my phone and said out loud, "Thank you Tiffany, without you this wouldn't have been possible."

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2013-12-13 20:27:45
Some one sexy me gwayl

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2012-08-07 13:17:36
good one....liked it,,,keep writing more


2012-08-07 11:36:42
O, and the title should be sexting anonymous, but my iPad likes to correct words that are spelled perfectly fine into entirely differ words from time to time. Lol


2012-08-07 07:37:01
You know, I thought that was a poor description when I wrote it, but I'm kinda serious. Not the whole outer circumference of the can though. An ex of mine used to joke that if she cut off the top of a soda can, the somewhat smaller circle that has all the refund information on it, that I couldn't stick my hard cock in without scratching myself. We. Did one day, and I scratched it, not bad, not like so tight that I got cut and bled, but I could definitely feel the can. Sorry about my description there. As for the whore, she's actually real, not one of my ex's personally, but based off a friends. My friend, put up with her shit cuz she really looked amazing and he claims the sex was great. For the record though, it was the whole setting thing that led to his finding a new girl and dumping the slut.


2012-08-07 01:53:03
You had me interested until you started laying down bullshit like this: Now I'm not the biggest guy in town, but I've got a decent size to me. Little more than 7" long and almost as thick as a soda can.
As thick as a Soda Can? Right. Maybe a mini-Redbull can but not a soda can.
Also, the chick is a total slut. If she says: Well fuck you too then. After all the shit I've done for you, you can't just send me a dirty text to make me happy! You're a fucking loser, sometimes I swear I can't remember why I let you touch me at all. You know what, fine, maybe I'll find someone else to sex with!
Your text back should be: Good-riddence.
Would a chick ever stand for a dude doing that? NO. So don't be a pussy. Dump her ass.

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