I was eight years older than Patricia. My name is Rick and Pat is my baby sister, well, step sister. I had taken an internship with a brokerage house, I worked mostly at night doing research for brokerage agents. I made good money and had several very good investments. I turned twenty when my step mom and my dad died and was the only one that could take Pat.

She was fourteen and a stunning copy of her mother. Pat had short blonde hair with firm breasts. It took three days to settle the estate and another two days to bury Dad and Pat’s mom. I took Pat home with me after putting everything in storage. I lived in a one bedroom condominium and let Pat take the bedroom while I slept on the couch. Since I only lived across town from my parents house Pat was able to continue at her school.

I would get home in time to fix her breakfast and take her to school before going to sleep. I always got up to bring her home from school and fix her dinner. It was a month after our parents had died that I got a call from a neighbor about a group of boys going into my condo.

I drove home quickly worried about Pat. When I walked in the front door no one was around and then I heard them in the bedroom. I pulled my bat out of the closet and walked into the bedroom. The boys around the bed were eighteen or nineteen and they were naked. Another boy was between Pat’s legs fucking her, “What the fuck are you doing!”

Everyone was suddenly scrambling and two started towards me and the door. I pointed the bat, “Stay the fuck where you are! I think the police will want to speak with you.”

That brought silence and one boy smarted off, “The whore invited us.”

I looked at Pat with the sheet pulled up to cover her body. I looked at the asshole, “She is fourteen. That means you assholes are going to jail for fifteen to twenty years as pedophiles.”

They looked at each other as I pulled my phone out, “Wait!”

I looked at Pat and she looked down, “Please Rick.”

I looked at her and then the guys, “Okay, listen close. If I even hear you were close enough to speak to her, I will find you. Get your clothes and get out!”

I stood away from the door and they started grabbing clothes before running out. I was pissed and looked at Pat, “You’re a whore.”

She didn’t say anything and I left to make sure the guys had left. I returned, “Get dressed.”

I pulled a pillow and blanket out of my linen closet. When Pat was dressed, I pulled her after me to my car. I put her into the car and started back to the office building where I worked, “When you are not in school you will be with me. When I go to work you will do you your homework and sleep on one of the couches. When we are home I will sleep with you. If you really need your pussy full of cock, I will fuck you.”

Pat was looking at me wide eyed, “but you’re my brother.”

I was silent as I drove, “I’m your step brother and we are related only by marriage. If you don’t like it I’ll contact social services.”

I glanced at Pat to see her looking at me. She grinned, “You can fuck me.”

I nodded, “are you on birth control?”

She nodded, “Mom put me on the pill when I was eleven.”

I reached over to open the glove box, “Get those condoms out.”

Pat looked at me, “I don’t like condoms.”

I smiled, “I am going to let some of the brokers fuck you and you will make them use the condoms.”

Pat looked startled, “You’re going to pimp me out?”

I glanced at her as we turned in, “You obviously want several men to fuck you.”

She grinned and then leaned over and kissed my cheek before slipping several packets of condoms into her purse, “Thanks Rick.”

I shook my head as I parked and got out of the car. I carried the blanket and pillow while Pat walked beside me. I checked in and led her up to the floor I worked on. I went to the office I shared and set the pillow and blanket on my desk. I turned and undressed while Pat watched and licked her lips. She stared at my thick cock before looking up into my face, “You’re bigger then anyone I have fucked before.”

I crossed to her and stripped her before turning her to kneel on the couch. I knelt behind her and slowly pushed my cock into her tight pussy. Pat grunted and shivered as I started to fuck her, “Fuck!”

She slowly pushed back as I fucked her, I used deep strokes that pushed my cock hard against her cervix. It wasn’t long before Pat was shaking and moaning while her pussy squeezed my cock. I slowly pushed into her deeper and she jerked, “OH!”

I started spewing a huge, gushing stream of cum. Pat shuddered hard as I held her hips and continued to spurt huge jets of cum into her belly. When I finally stopped she looked back and grinned, “You really need to warn a girl before using a garden hose to fill her.”

I smiled and swatted her butt before pulling out. I pulled her up and spread the blanket out on the couch, “get some rest, I’ll fuck you again later.”

I pulled my pants on and walked around the desk and sat down to start working. I glanced at Pat every once in a while and she was smiling. A couple of hours later I sighed and sat back. I glanced at a sleeping Pat and pulled my pants down. I walked to the couch and folded the blanket over the back and roll her onto her back before crawling between her legs. Pat sleepily put her arms around me as I pushed into her slimy pussy and started to fuck her.

I buried my cock and used short thrusts that had me pressing and grinding against her. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and her pussy was spasming. She was thrusting up to fuck me back as she continued to shudder. She went rigid a few minutes later and I fucked her long, hard and deep. Pat was wildly bucking and thrashing around as her pussy milked my cock and she screamed, “YES!”

I shoved into her and started pumping sperm against her abused cervix. Pat froze with a look of surprise and then spasmed as her pussy gripped my cock. I pumped and spewed large spurts of cum until my cock was only throbbing. I slowly pulled out and covered her before giving her a kiss. I went back to work and she grinned at me before relaxing and closing her eyes. When Pat woke up a couple of hours later and sat up, I looked at her. She blushed, “I need to use the bathroom.”

I nodded to the other door in the office and she stood to cross to it. She left the door open as she peed and then came back with a smile. She bent over the desk beside me and wiggled her butt. I grinned and stood up before moving behind her. I bent my knees and pushed my cock into her messy pussy before starting to fuck her with long strokes.

Each time I buried my cock in her tight pussy Pat would jerk and shake while her pussy squeezed my cock. I started rubbing her asshole and she shuddered hard as my thumb pushed in. I pulled out of her and pushed the head of my cock into her ass. I fucked just the head in and out of her ass and Pat started breathing hard and thrusting back to get my cock deeper.

When I was ready I pushed into her ass nice and deep. Pat froze and looked back in surprise until I started spurting cum. She jerked, “fuck!”

She thrashed around and fucked my spurting cock as her ass kept squeezing it. Finally she lay on the desk panting. I pulled out of her, “Go wash up.”

She laughed, “Damn. That felt… good.”

I smiled and followed her into the bathroom. After I was clean I went back to work and Pat went back to the couch. I was almost finished when a friend came in. I looked up from the computer and grinned as I sat back. He was looking at Pat under her blanket and I cleared my throat, “Pat?”

My sister opened her eyes and then followed mine to see Steve. I grinned, “Why don’t you take Steve to his office and… help him.”

She grinned as she pushed the blanket away, “Okay.”

Steve looked at me in surprise as Pat grabbed her purse and wrapped the blanket around herself and walked towards him, I nodded to them and went back to work. Fifteen minutes later Pat was walking back in with a big grin on her face. Four more times I sent her to someone’s office. I finally stopped working and had Pat get dressed before taking her home. I sent her to douche and shower while I made her breakfast.

I took her to school like normal and cleaned up before going to bed. I woke up to hands caressing my chest and opened my eyes to see Pat. She was naked and smiled before straddling me, she guided my cock to her tight pussy and sat back. I reached for her breasts and started rubbing and playing with her nipples as she began rocking. Her tight pussy squeezed my cock and I shuddered, “You’re home early.”

Pat smiled as she changed to thrusting back and forth, “We only had a half day because of some teachers meeting.”

She shuddered and groaned as her pussy tightened. I pulled her down and rolled until she was under me, “You need it harder.”

I started fucking her with long strokes and Pat grunted and thrust up each time I slid into her. She was shaking and twisting around as I fucked her. Ten minutes after we started I shuddered and pushed into her as my cock throbbed and began pumping huge, gushing streams of sperm. Pat grabbed me tight as she felt the warm flood of cum and screamed, “Rick!”

I spurted and spewed as Pat bucked and thrashed around. When I stopped cumming she was still shaking and twitching. I pulled out of her and laid beside her before turning her and spooning behind her. She shivered and sighed before moving away, “I have a project to do.”

I looked at her, “You don’t leave the apartment and you wake me if anyone comes.”

She nodded, “I know and if I get horny I come to you.”

I nodded and watched her walk out naked. I woke up a couple of hours later and slipped out of bed, I went to the bathroom and then headed into the kitchen. Pat was sitting on the couch fingering her pussy absently as she read some book and looked up at me. She grinned, “I was thinking of coming to wake you.”

I laughed and knelt between her legs as she spread them wider. I rubbed the head of my cock through her wet, slippery pussy and pushed in. She groaned as I pulled her hips closer and began to fuck her. She grunted when my cock hit her cervix and then shuddered as she lifted her legs into the air. I used long thrusts into her and Pat started shuddering as her tight pussy squeezed and milked my cock.

I buried my cock in her and started rubbing her clit. She gasped and began bucking and convulsing as her pussy grasped my cock. She wet me a couple of minutes later and I started to fuck her with long, firm thrusts. She thrashed around and jerked as she cried out and kept cumming. I finally thrust into her and held her hips as I started pumping huge ropes of cum.

Pat jerked and spasmed as warm sperm began to fill her belly. It was a minute before I was done and bent to kiss her before pulling out and standing, “I’ll fix dinner.”

After dinner I showered and dressed before grabbing Pat’s sleeping stuff, “Time to go.”

She had a dress on but nothing under it as she followed me with her school stuff. She leaned against me all the way to work. As soon as I closed my office door she pulled her dress off. I set everything down and laid her back on the couch before dropping my pants. I moved onto the couch between her legs and kissed her as I pushed into her cummy pussy.

Pat sighed and put her arms around me as she lifted her hips. I fucked her slowly until my cock was pushing her cervix open. I held her and began using long, deep thrusts and she shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I kept kissing her as she grunted and moaned. I fucked her hard for a few minutes until I felt myself getting close.

She was shaking and jerking around as she cried out into my mouth. Her body was convulsing as her wet, slippery pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock. She was moaning as she clung to me and thrusting up for my cock. I thrust into her and held her shaking body as I started to pump thick, strong spurts of cum. Pat jerked and lifted her hips as warm cum poured into her.

She squeezed me as I kept spewing and spurting until I was done. When I stopped cumming she shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. I kissed her before pulling out and moving off the couch, “start your school work.”

She grinned as she wiped some of the cum leaking out of her and put it in her mouth. While I worked Pat pulled a chair to my desk and did her homework beside me. When she finally sighed and closed her books I looked at her, “All done?”

She nodded and grinned, “I used an enema and put lube in if you want to fuck my ass.”

I smiled and stood to pull her back to the couch. I put her down on her hands and knees before moving behind her. I rubbed her pussy and fingered her clit to make her moan and shudder. I finally positioned my cock and started humping against her ass.

Pat reached between her legs to finger her clit as I kept humping against her. I pushed harder and she groaned as the head of my cock slipped in and then was pulled out. I kept doing that and it was a few minutes before I was burying my cock each time I pushed into her. She was jerking and spasming as her warm ass kept tightening around my cock.

I reached around and began fingering her clit as I continued to fuck her tight slippery ass. It was a couple of minutes before Pat cried out as she shuddered harder. I buried my throbbing cock and started to spew another load of cum. She arched her back and jerked as warm cum erupted deep in her ass, “AAAAHHHHH!”

When I was done cumming she continued to jerk and spasm as I slowly pulled out. I pushed her down on the couch before turning to get her blanket and covering her. I went into the bathroom to clean up and came back to start working. Pat had a satisfied smile on her face and it was awhile before she went to clean up. She came back and laid down and it was several hours before I sat back and stretched.

Pat was sleeping peacefully on her back with the blanket thrown half off. I grinned as I stood and crossed to her and sat beside her. I caressed a breast and bent to suck on a nipple. She groaned and shifted in her sleep. I caressed her body and smiled to myself, “You have a nice body little sister.”

I covered her before going to get a cup of coffee and going back to work. It was morning before I took another break. I glanced at the time and stood and walked to the couch and Pat. I folded the blanket back and caressed her before reaching down to finger her warm pussy. She shuddered and her hips lifted as she moaned. I grinned and moved over her and used my knees to spread her legs.

I pushed into her tight pussy and started to fuck her nice and slow. It was a minute before she put her arms around me as her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock. She shuddered and started lifting her hips as I fucked into her and began to hump and grind. She groaned and jerked when I fucked her with long strokes and then lifted her legs into the air.

I fucked her hard and she started wailing so I covered her mouth with mine. I buried my cock and humped and she clung to me as her pussy spasmed. I grunted and shuddered as I peed cum into her. Pat jerked and tilted her hips as she held me tight and sighed. When I stopped cumming her womb was bulging and she was grinning.

I kissed her before pulling out and she rolled off the couch and ran into the bathroom. I smiled and got dressed before going back to work. When Pat came out she grinned and came to kiss me before going to curl up on the couch. It was a repeat of the day before, she fucked Steve, Charles, Bob, Edward and John before I took her home.

While she douched and showered I made her breakfast. She walked into the kitchen and sat in my lap before pulling her plate over to eat. She leaned against me, “Its Friday.”

I smiled, “Really?”

She smiled, “you don’t work tonight.”

I held her and she grinned almost to herself, “What are we going to do?”

I gave her a hug, “Since you are grounded I will have to fuck you hard all weekend.”

She grinned and then laughed, “I was hoping you would say that.”

We ate together and then I took her to school. I took a nap when I came home and got up in time to go pick Pat up from school, as soon as I closed the front door she was stripping. I undressed as I watched her and after stepping out of my pants I reached for her. She grinned as I pulled her down to the carpet and rolled her onto her stomach.

I pushed her legs open before moving between them. I positioned my cock and pushed into her before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts. Pat was grunting as her pussy squeezed my cock. It wasn’t long before I was hitting her cervix and she jerked and tried to wiggle away. I wasn’t having any of that as I fucked her hard and deep.

She stiffened and then began bucking and struggling as her pussy clenched and she squirted. I kept fucking her as her cervix opened and my cock pushed deeper. She jerked and convulsed as she spread her legs and tilted her hips. It was another couple of minutes before I buried my cock and began to gush cum, Pat shuddered as her pussy tightened.

I pumped strong spurts of cum through into her as she kept shuddering. When I stopped cumming I kissed her bare shoulder and pulled out of her. I helped her up before turning to pick up my clothes. Pat grinned as she picked up hers and rubbed her bare breasts against me, “I know I’m grounded but... can Dawn sleep over?”

I looked at her and she grinned, “she has only had sex once and wants more. Her mom and dad mostly ignore her.”

I opened my mouth but she wrapped her hand around my cock, “Please, I’ll lick her pussy after you cum in her.”

I shuddered and Pat leaned against me, “She really wants you to fuck her.”

I sighed, “Is she on birth control?”

She nodded and I smiled, “okay, but you service her when, where and how she wants.”

Pat grinned, “Deal.”

I patted her butt and let her go before heading back to put my clothes on my dresser. I grabbed my robe before going to shower. When I stepped out a naked Hispanic girl Pat’s age was holding my towel and licking her lips. I smiled and took the towel, “You must be Dawn.”

She grinned as she stared at my growing cock, “Yes.”

I dried off and grabbed my robe before walking out, she followed me as I went to the bedroom. Pat was on the bed watching TV and grinned at me. I ignored her as I hung up my towel and turned to reach for Dawn. I turned her and sat her on the bed before kneeling, I pushed her legs open before leaning down and licking through her pussy.

She had a strong musky taste, I nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue into her before covering her clit. She gasped and shuddered as I began to suck and play with her clit with my tongue. It was almost five minutes before she jerked and spasmed. I stood and moved her up on the bed before crawling between her legs. I fitted my cock to her tight pussy and pushed.

I wiggled and pushed harder before my cock slipped into her. She groaned and shivered as it stretched her pussy and I started to fuck her. It was only a minute before she was bucking and thrashing around as she squirted and screamed. My cock hit the back of her pussy and she arched her back and wailed as I pushed deeper. I kept fucking her bucking body with deep, firm thrusts.

I started kissing her and humping into her each time I buried my cock. Dawn howled and struggled as I fucked into her, I finally thrust into her and held her as I began to pump strong, gushing streams of cum. She jerked and tilted her hips as she clutched me, “aaaaaahhhhhhhh!”

When I stopped cumming she sighed and shivered before giving me a kiss. I pulled out of her and rolled off the bed, “Lick her and then give her a douche and shower Pat.”

Pat laughed as she pushed Dawn back down and moved down between her spread legs. I went to the kitchen and looked at what I had before I sat to make a list of things I needed when I went shopping. I heard the shower as I headed back to get dressed. I waited for the girls to come in before having them get dressed too. The two girls giggled and whispered the whole time we were in the store.

As soon as I closed the front door, Pat was stripping as she pulled her friend towards the hall. I put the groceries away before going to the bedroom, they were on the bed naked watching a porn movie and I shook my head. I walked to the edge of the bed and pulled my sister closer. I reached for Dawn and had her straddle Pat. I rubbed both their slits before pushing into Pat.

I fucked into her slowly for a minute before pulling out and shifting her up. I pushed into Dawn and she groaned and shivered as I started fucking her. A couple of minutes later I pulled out and pulled Pat back. I pushed into her again and started fucking her with deep thrusts that made her moan and shudder as her pussy spasmed and grasped my cock.

After three minutes I rubbed her asshole and pushed her forward as I pulled out. I pushed into Dawn and started fucking her hard and deep and within a few minutes she was wailing and jerking around. I pulled out after four minutes and squeezed her clit before pulling my sister back as she bucked and shook, I pushed into Pat and fucked her hard and fast.

She was grunting and thrusting back and forth between me and Dawn and froze when I buried my cock to pump spurts of cum. She shuddered and spasmed and looked back when I pulled out after three. I shoved into Dawn to finish spewing and she grabbed Pat, “mmmm!”

When I stopped cumming I pulled out and caressed both slits, “come eat dinner.”

I fucked each of them five times before letting them sleep. Saturday was a repeat of Friday and I fucked them a dozen times. Sunday they were plotting as I rested and did our laundry. I thought Dawn would have to go home but she didn’t. I was making dinner when Pat came to rub on me, “Can Dawn come to work with us?”

I looked at her, “Won’t her parents say something? Tomorrow is a school day.”

She grinned, “I told you they mostly ignore her. They don’t care as long as they don’t get calls from school.”

I looked at Dawn standing in the doorway bitting her lip. Pat rubbed my cock through my pants, “She is going to service some of the guys.”

I looked at Pat as Dawn blushed and finally sighed, “Go give her an enema and get the new bottle of lube. Use your finger to get her used to something in her ass.”

Pat grinned, “okay.”

They were back by the time dinner was ready. Dawn kept wiggling around during dinner and after we finished I cleaned up and got ready for work. Pat and Dawn had two pillows and one large fuzzy blanket as we walked to the car. They sat in back and I looked at my sister, “Condoms?”

She grinned and held up her purse, “we have enough since you bought a whole new box.”

I nodded and they giggled and whispered as I drove to work. As soon as I closed the door of my office they were both stripping. Pat came to rub on me, “fuck Dawn first?”

I smiled and rubbed her butt, “So you can have some cream?”

She grinned as Dawn laughed, I undressed and pulled Dawn to my desk and sat her on the edge. I caressed her inner thighs as I kissed her and bent my cock. I pushed into her tight pussy as she groaned and began to fuck her. I did it with slow thrusts and it wasn’t long before my cock was pushing all the way into her. She groaned and laid back as I started fucking her a little harder and pushed deeper.

Her pussy spasmed as she jerked and shuddered and cried out. It was a couple of minutes before she began to thrash around and wail. She was completely incoherent by the time I needed to cum. Her spasming pussy was constantly tightening and squeezing my cock as I pushed all the way into her and held her waist as I pumped spurts into her.

She jerked and grunted as warm sperm filled her and when I stopped she smiled, “I like that part.”

I rubbed her tummy, “Remember to use condoms with the other men.”

She grinned and nodded before I pulled out. I glanced at Pat and grinned when I saw her laid back on the couch fingering her pussy. I helped Dawn off the desk and walked to the couch before moving between my sister’s legs. I pushed into her tight pussy and kissed her as I began to fuck her. She put her arms and legs around me as her warm pussy rippled around my cock.

I continued to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before I was fucking against her cervix. Pat jerked and convulsed as her tight pussy clenched and spasmed. She wet me as I kept fucking her a little harder and several minutes later she started bucking and struggling under me. I kissed her each time she tried to scream or wail and finally thrust into her and held her as she tilted her hips.

I humped and jabbed as I began to spew a gushing stream of cum. Pat shuddered hard as her pussy tightened and she sighed. I pulled out of her when I stopped cumming and kissed her, “now you both have cream.”

She grinned as Dawn giggled and I moved off the couch. I went to work as they lay in each others arms. I fuck them twice more before morning and got dressed a little before everyone began coming in. This time Pat and Dawn slipped out together each time I sent them with one of the men. They kept returning looking satisfied until Edward finished.

I folded the blanket and packed up and when they returned I led them out to the car. When we got home I sent them to douche and made breakfast for them. After they had washed and eaten I drove them to school and came home to sleep. For the next five years the girl went to work with me each night and fucked the five men each morning before they went to school. The day they graduated was the day Pat and Dawn threw away their birth control.

I retired five years later right after they had their second child each.
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