(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
When the sun started to rise I shifted and moved out of bed. I woke the girls and waited to lead them out.

Slowly the others in the caravan emerged as we waded into the stream and I started our morning warm shower. I summon dead grass to weave into new gowns and robes before going to let Pamela and Brandon wash while I watched the babies. When I came out Paige, Melody, Ash and Tara had already harnessing our three wagons. As we started on our way I leaned back and glanced around at the fields we passed through.

I summoned small crystals and began to meld them together and shifted their color. I started making phoenix stones and glanced at Brook as she climbed onto the seat beside me. I smiled and finished the simple spells before adding the one I had been working on to the growing collection of other stones, “The girls told me you like the caravan master.”

She smiled as she absently started repeating what I was doing, “Yes, he relaxes me.”

I smiled, “put your things in his wagon.”

She glanced at me, “You don’t mind?”

I shook my head as I started on another fire maker, “You only ask me to teach you Brook.”

I looked at her, “You are a mage, not a youngling. I can teach you without worrying about you leaking magic or accidently changing those around you.”

I smiled again, “Besides, with Paige, Melody, Ash, Tara and Gwen...”

She laughed, “They keep you drained.”

I grinned, “Yes.”

She finished and sent the stone she was working on into my growing pile, “I wanted to read up on transmutation.”

I waved and she turned to climb down as Gwen waited and then climbed up. Her crystal birds were singing as they flew around her and landed behind me on the roof. She grinned and leaned against me, “What do you want me to work on today?”

I smiled, “levitation and manipulation of objects. Form a dozen crystal orbs the size of your fists. Let each orbit around a central one in different patterns. As they move you are to go from one to another and change the orbs color.”

Gwen grinned and nodded as I absently reached out and cupped a firm breast, “make sure you remember to keep your shield up.”

She shivered and glanced around, “We aren’t in the free states yet.”

I smiled and whispered a spell to create a fog around us before removing her gown and my robe, “come here.”

She grinned as she turned to straddle me and rub her naked body against mine. I lifted her and rubbed the head of my cock through her slit before pulling her down. She shuddered as her warm pussy squeezed my cock and started to rock and thrust back and forth. I continued to caress her hips and reached around to start fingering her asshole.

Gwen shuddered as she wiggled and humped back and forth. She kissed me passionately as her pussy spasmed and murmured a spell. I smiled as a second cock grew out of me and started pushing against her asshole. It was a minute before she jerked and spasmed as it slid into her and grew larger. I held her as she convulsed with both my cocks throbbing deep inside her.

It was a couple of minutes before she began to move again. She was still a little erratic as she rocked and thrust back and forth. Both her tight pussy and ass kept spasming and squeezing my cock and I grinned as I rubbed her nipples and gave them a squeeze. Gwen gasped before suddenly jerking and thrashing around. She kissed me to keep from screaming.

She squirted and her pussy tightened and grasp my cock as I tried to hold her. She was totally erratic and almost incoherent as she jerked back and forth. Her control of the spell slipped and the second cock faded away. I held her hips and thrust her back and forth for several minutes. She wailed and spasmed as I finally held her close to spew a gushing fountain of cum.

She jerked and shook as cum pumped into her and I smiled and shivered as I hugged her. I whispered a keeping spell and she shuddered and then giggled. I let her go and she finally stood and carefully turned to sit beside me. I returned her gown and my robe before letting the fog around us fade away. She leaned over to give me a soft kiss before leaving.

I glanced around and started summoning dead wood. As each stick, branch or dead tree reached me, I melded it into a huge floating sphere. When I saw Tara walking by I smiled and gestured. She jerked and then grinned as she turned her head to see me, “My mage?”

I pulled her to me and around to sit on my lap, “And where were you headed?”

She grinned, “To see Jorge.”

I caressed her body over the gown she wore and the tiny bugle at her pelvis, “don’t over do the walking.”

She shivered and leaned against me, “I won’t.”

I glanced down at Paige and Ash before letting Tara float down. I set her down carefully as Ash climbed up and sat on my lap. Paige sat and took my hand, “Last night Ash and Melody said they wished to be your mate.”

I smiled and pulled Ash against me, “I remember.”

Paige squeezed my hand, “As your first mate, Ash and I have bargained and now I have brought her to you.”

I smiled, “So I see.”

Ash leaned against me, “I wish to make our arrangement permanent.”

I cupped one of her firm breasts, “Did the two of you consummate your bargain?”

Ash grinned, “not yet, Paige wants to lick your cum out of me.”

I laughed and squeezed Paige’s hand, “but it should work both ways.”

Paige grinned, “I was hoping you would say that.”

I smiled as I glanced around and gestured. A curtain of fog appeared around the wagon again and Ash grinned as she stood and lifted her gown to her waist. I opened my robe as she straddled me and slowly sat on my cock. I pulled her close and held her as she shivered. I looked at Paige, “You weren’t to larcenous were you?”

Ash laughed and Paige grinned, “No, we all agreed to share you and mother the children equally.”

I reached out to caress her face, “and Tara?”

Paige grinned, “We tried but she still wants to be your concubine. The children will be shared and mothered by all of us though.”

I nodded and held Ash’s waist before moving her back and forth, “No magic this time.”

She shuddered as her pussy tightened and laughed and kissed me, “just fuck me mage.”

I caressed her hips and then went back to moving her back and forth. Her warm pussy kept grasping my cock each time it was buried in her. After a couple of minutes Ash shuddered and moaned before starting to shake. Her tight pussy spasmed around my cock as she wet me. I slipped a hand between us to rub her clit and she started convulsing.

Her pussy spasmed and kept squeezing and letting my cock go as she jerked back and forth erratically. She wailed and finally hugged me tight as her body kept shuddering and shaking. I grunted as I started pumping and spewing cum deep inside her. She sighed and kissed me passionately as I finished spurting. I caressed her one last time before letting her stand and move over to Paige’s other side. Paige had her gown lifted above her waist and was fingering her pussy.

She stood after Ash sat and I pulled her onto my lap before spreading her legs over mine. She lifted up and I fitted my cock to her tight pussy before she slowly pushed down and sat. I cupped a breast and reached around and down to rub her clit as Ash slid over next to us. Paige shuddered and moaned as she thrust back and forth and her pussy rippled and kept squeezing my cock.

I rubbed and tugged on her nipple and she jerked erratically and shuddered, “YES!”

Ash giggled and reached over to pull Paige’s dress open and suck on her other nipple. Paige spasmed as her pussy squeezed my cock repeatedly. She wet me as she wailed and clutched my hand, “AAAAAHHHHH!”

I shook my arm free and held her waist before pulling her back and forth. She jerked and spasmed as she kept wetting me and howling. It was several minute before I pulled her back and down before pumping spurts of cum. Paige jerked and shook when she felt warm cum flooding her and then she relaxed against me and just sighed. When I stopped cumming she turned her head and kissed me softly, “thank you my mage.”

I smiled and gave her a kiss, “any time temptress.”

She grinned and stood, letting her gown drop and straightening her top. I lifted the fog as they climbed down and grinned when I saw Thomas grinning up at me, “Edward said to ask you about finding some wood.”

I gestured to the sphere, “What kind?”

He looked up and grinned wider, “I was looking for cherry.”

I thought about the feel and looked at him, “How much do you need?”

He walked beside the wagon as he thought and then made hand gestures. I looked up and separated a piece from my sphere that was twice as large. I murmured the spell to transmute it before letting it float down into his arms. He was grinning happily when he turned to walk back towards his wagon. I sighed and sat back as I closed my robe and started summoning copper and tin ore to make bronze and crystal for eyes.

I made four more guards before stopping. The eagles weren’t having much luck hunting but David was. He was riding on one of the centaurs and using a sling to hit rabbits. Tara climbed up onto the seat with me and sighed as she relaxed, “it’s hot.”

I smiled and whispered a spell that caused a light mist to surround her. I also removed her gown and she grinned and cupped her breasts. I opened my robed, “come here.”

She moved and straddled my legs before I lifted and positioned my cock. She sat slowly, letting my cock push up into her cummy pussy. I reached around her and cupped her breasts, “how many have used your services?”

She smiled back at me, “Only four.”

I rubbed her nipples as she slowly rocked and thrusts back and forth while her pussy tightened and rippled around my cock. She sighed and shivered as I moved my hands to her waist. Her pussy continued to spasmed and grasp my cock as she started breathing harder. She jerked and shuddered hard as her pussy tightened around my cock and she wailed into my shoulder.

I held her as she kept shuddering and shivering. When she relaxed and started moving again I rubbed her back and moved my hands back to her waist, “Want to see how many times you can cum before I do?”

She grinned and leaned against me to give me a kiss. She thrust back and forth, rubbing her pussy on me. It was only a couple of minutes before she became erratic and started spasming as her pussy clenched and squeezed my cock. She kissed me as she howled and continued to jerk. It was almost a half hour before I pulled her hips down as I started to pump spurts of cum.

Tara had cum seven times and was completely incoherent as my warm sperm gushed into her. When I stopped cumming she groaned and leaned against me panting as her pussy rippled and began to leak. I held her and waited until she slowly lifted until my cock came out and then sat back down. I held her as she leaned against me and put her head on my shoulder.

It was a minute before she sighed, “Paige asked me to be your mate.”

I hugged her, “She told me.”

She sighed and sat up to look into my face, “I... I want to wait.”

I caressed her sides, “You are bound to me already Tara. A concubine isn’t normally allowed to have sex with other men. I think that is something you needed to experience. The term concubine means lesser wife. If or when you want to change tell me.”

She smiled and gave me a kiss, “I will.”

I patted her hip, “want to rest in the wagon?”

She smiled, “That would be nice.”

I dismissed the mist and returned her gown before gesturing and floating her up and then back before lowering her to the back door of the wagon. I sighed and closed my robe before starting to make charms, light staffs, stone necklaces and wristlets. I even made a few polished wooden lanterns. It was a couple of hours before the sunset that we stopped in a large clearing.

As Paige and the others unharness the wagons I sent out the wards. I watched as Gwen summoned the stones for the fire platform. I had her wait as I brought more stones to make a wide stone floor around it. She created the fire on the platform and a moment later the phoenixes cried out before coming down to land in it. I sent her to bring the book of birds before moving to Jacob.

I used the wood in my sphere to change one of his wagons before summoning sand for glass. When I was done I sat with Pamela and the babies and watched Gwen slowly create another chirping bird. The women moved around the platform cooking dinner as Pamela finished feeding the babies. I rocked them to sleep as I reached out with Gwen and brought all the dead wood and grass we could reach.

We merged it with my sphere and then we worked on crystal and bronze. Pamela and Brook started creating more centaurs as Gwen helped me make guards. When she tired I grinned and pushed her towards one of the men, “eat and then enjoy someone.”

She grinned and laughed throatily before strutting towards the man. The men seemed to relax and the women flirted with everyone. As it grew dark the eagles landed and the night hawks took to the sky. I stood and stretched before patting a passing griffin and heading towards my wagon. Melody slipped her hand in mine before I reached the door and squeezed it.

I smiled and stripped her after closing the door and sending my robe to the basket. I followed Melody onto the bed and glanced back as Paige and Ash slipped in. I smiled and caressed Melody’s tummy and pelvis before cupping a breast, “you still wish to be my mate?”

She smiled and nodded and I rubbed an erect nipple before turning and gesturing to Ash as she crawled onto the bed. She gasped as a narrow gold chain like the one around Paige’s neck appeared around hers. I turned back to Melody and kissed her before murmuring a spell to clean her as I moved down her body. I pushed her legs open and started licking her pussy as Paige and Ash laid beside her and held each other.

Her hips lifted as she pushed her pussy up. I caught her clit between my lips and nibbled before sucking and wiggling my tongue against it. Melody was writhing around and jerking before I finally moved up her body. I kissed her and slowly pushed into her warm pussy and she put her arms around me and sighed. I continued to kiss her as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts.

She shuddered as her pussy grasped my cock and her hips began to lift to meet mine. It wasn’t long before she was panting and shaking as she became slipperier. I took my time and continued to fuck her slowly. A couple of minutes later Melody started bucking and convulsing as her pussy tightened, “YES! FUCK ME!”

She clutched me as she wrapped her legs around my waist and Paige and Ash laughed. I kissed her passionately as I started fucking her hard and deep. She started twisting and squirming as I kept planting my cock deep inside her and pressed. A few more minutes and she squirted again and howled as she went back to bucking and thrashing around, “AAAAAHHHHHH!”

I fucked her steadily as I felt myself coming closer to release. I finally buried my cock and kissed her as I began to gush cum. Melody stiffened and started jerking and sighing with each strong spurt I pumped into her. When I stopped cumming she groaned and slowly relaxed onto the bed. I gave her another kiss before whispering the spell that brought another narrow gold chain around her throat. I pulled out of her and smiled as I reached for Paige.

Ash grinned and pushed her towards me and she laughed as she turned and lifted her butt, “Fuck me this way my mage.”

I grinned as I moved behind her and rubbed her butt before shifting and positioning my cock. As I pushed into her, Gwen and Tara slipped into bed. Melody pulled Gwen against her side as I began to fuck Paige nice and slow. I fucked each of them once more before we went to sleep. I woke to my chime and glanced across the room at Pamela, I slipped out of bed, “Not with the babies?”

She smiled, “Brandon is up and watching them. I thought I remembered this book and wanted to read it again.”

I smiled, “you are welcome any time.”

I turned and started waking the girls as Pamela left with the book. Since we didn’t have a stream I warmed one of the large troughs of water and the next thing I knew it was full of splashing women. I watched the babies as Pamela and Brandon took a bath and she came back giggling, “The griffins are dunking their heads and squirting water at everyone.”

I grinned and left to harness my horses. I had Gwen help me when I changed one of the wagons before the caravan started off. This time I had Gwen sit with me as we started and I began making more guards. She summoned crystal and melded it as I brought more wood, copper and tin to make bronze. I saw more centaurs and knew Brook was helping Pamela make them.

I had Gwen make another bird as I stopped for awhile. She whispered a spell and her other birds flew up to land behind us. She smiled and pulled out a small drawing, “I copied this one.”

I smiled and watched as she carefully carved the small bird from our crystal before murmuring the spells. It shivered as it came to life and then chirped before leaping into the air. I followed its colorful flight before smiling at her. She grinned and gestured before slipping her gown up and off. My robe opened when she gestured and I laughed as I gestured to summon a light fog, “remember to block peoples view.”

She snorted, “That’s stupid.”

I pulled her astride me, “True, but we don’t need to make trouble for the caravan.”

She lifted up and positioned my cock before wiggling and pushing down. Slowly my cock pushed into her warm, tight pussy before she began rocking. Her pussy began grasping my cock as she kissed me. I kept caressing her hips and back as she became erratic and tighter. She groaned and started convulsing as her pussy milked my cock.

She was rubbing her hard nipples against my chest as she moaned and shuddered. I held her hips and began to pull her back and forth and she wailed and spasmed as her pussy tried to grasp my cock. I enjoyed her warm pussy as my cock fucked her and she held me as she moaned incoherently. Every couple of minutes I thrust up and she would scream as she bucked and thrashed around on my lap.

It was awhile before I shuddered and held her trembling body as I began to spew thick streams of cum. Gwen howled and jerked as warm cum fountained into her and clung to me as her pussy tightened around my cock. When I stopped cumming she was leaking and sighed. She looked into my face before caressing it and whispering the mating spell that brought a narrow gold chain around both our throats.

I smiled and kissed her before letting her lift off my cock. She shivered and grinned before summoning her dress and closing my robe. She started climbing down, “I’m still working on the crystal spheres.”

Paige, Melody, Gwen and Ash are still my mates and Tara is still my concubine. We have a few more wagons now of course and our shows seem to draw larger crowds.
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