(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
I smiled and waited before carefully slipping out of bed and dressing. When I slipped into Pamela’s wagon she turned from her chair and smiled, “I thought you might come.”

I smiled as I looked at Gwen and absently gestured for a blanket to cover her. I gestured to the bed, “Sleep.”

Pamela stood and held out my son, “They will need to be fed.”

I nodded and cradled one of my babies and sat in the chair, “I know.”

It was a long night as I sat and took care of the babies while Pamela and Gwen slept. Pamela woke early and slipped out to wash and go to the bathroom. She grinned when she took my place and started nursing one of my daughters, “I’ll move them outside later this morning.”

She looked at the bed, “Take your apprentice to bed and take care of her.”

I smiled and gestured to make Gwen rise and float after me. When I closed the door of our wagon Paige lifted her head, “Where were you?”

I smiled as I sent Gwen to the bed and stripped the robe off, “watching the babies so Pamela could sleep.”

She smiled and put her head down, “like a good dad.”

I slipped into bed beside her and caressed her body before turning to move over her and slowly pushed into her pussy. She shuddered and hugged me as I began to fuck her slowly. After a couple of minutes she shuddered and lifted her legs to wrap them around my waist with a sigh. I was fucking her with deep strokes and kissing her as she began to shake and then jerk.

Her pussy tightened and started squeezing my cock each time I pushed into her. It was several more minutes before Paige moaned as I kissed her and pressed against her while I spurted and pumped cum into her. She shuddered and jerked, “in a hurry this morning?”

I groaned as I filled her and cum began to leak out and kissed her again, “yes.”

She groaned as I pulled out and lay beside her and caressed her body. I glanced at the others as they stretched and grinned before moving over Gwen. She hugged me as I forced my cock into her almost hot pussy and started fucking her with deep thrusts. She groaned and clung to me as her pussy spasmed and tightened.

I used long strokes as she whispered a spell and began to jerk harder as my cock became larger and stretched her more. Brook laughed and reached over to remove the spell, “you don’t need him bigger.”

I buried my cock and held Gwen as she shook and shuddered. I jabbed and humped into her and she began to jerk and spasm. Her pussy rippled and kept grasping my cock. I pulled almost out of her before starting to fuck her with long thrusts. She was lifting and thrusting her hips up to meet mine and we began to fuck harder. She was breathing hard and continuously jerking as she came constantly.

She wailed and howled as she clutched me tight and I finally pushed into her and held her as I began to spew another load of cum. I pumped and spurted and spewed until cum was leaking around my cock. Gwen shuddered and sighed with each spurt and when I stopped she dropped to the bed. I kissed her before moving off her and out of bed, “time to get up and wash.”

The morning shower was crowded as the other men and the few women hesitantly joined us. I had Brook and Gwen help summon dead grass and weave new gowns and clothes. The Night Hawks landed with screams that were echoed by the phoenixes as they leaped out of the fire and into the air. Even the six Eagles screamed as they leaped and spread their wings. Just to make things interesting the griffins stood on their hind legs to give their loud, deep throated screams.

I grinned as I helped Sofie with her gown and wrapped a new robe around myself. As everyone went about morning chores like feeding the horses, I stood with Gwen and pulled in power before beginning a summoning, this time for any dead wood that was near. I squeezed her shoulders as the pile of dead wood began to grow again.

She started whispering the spell I had taught her and the wood seemed to shudder before melding together. I stopped the summoning when I felt no more wood coming and watched Gwen weave the wood together into a huge block. When she finished I hugged her as she sighed and turned to Jacob, “Which wagon is next?”

He grinned and pointed one out. I brought in sand for glass and then had Gwen touch me to follow as I began the spells. It wasn’t long before the new wagon rested on its legs and I looked at Gwen, “After you eat, get your journal and write the spells. Make sure you describe what we did and how it was done.”

She grinned and nodded before heading towards the fire platform. I looked at the four guards standing on the other side of the camp and turned back to the huge bock of wood began murmuring a spell of transformation. Brook slipped up and put her hand on my shoulder to follow what I was doing. When I finished the block of wood was darker and Brook grinned, “I always had trouble with transformations but you make it seem easy.”

I smiled and put my arm around her waist as I led her towards the fire, “It take practice.”

She smiled, “Pamela said something about making Centaurs.”

I nodded, “She was going to right before she became distracted and quickened her pregnancy.”

Brook laughed and hugged me before letting me go to accept the plate Teresa was offering. Tony was tuning a new harp and I saw Sofie lift her head. I took the plate of food Jeanne handed me and gestured to Sofie. She looked at me as she rose up from her seat and floated around to sit beside Tony. He looked at me and then grinned as he turned back to his harp.

A couple of minutes later he began a soft melody and Sofie’s voice seemed to blend with the music. Everyone paused but this time Tony seemed to know what to do and wove the melody into beautiful music. After eating I caught Paige and Melody, “Set the wagons up.”

They grinned and headed to do as I told them. I gestured and Pamela’s wagon opened. I peeked in and whispered, “Are they sleeping?”

She glanced at me from her chair and smiled, “Yes.”

I grinned at Brandon in the bed, “I was going to start on the guards again.”

Pamela grinned and stood, “I’ll get with Brook.”

I left and absently created several chairs behind my wagon and sat. I murmured summoning spells for the copper, ore and crystal. As it came to me I merged it together until I had two very large balls, one of bronze and one of crystal. I ignored Pamela and Brook as they sat and absently pulled Gwen onto my lap. I pulled wood out of the huge block and began forming a new guard as Gwen followed what I did.

On the second one I had her make the eyes and sword. It was a couple of hours before Paige bent over my shoulder. We had just finished another guard and she kissed my cheek, “We have a lot of people waiting for the show.”

I smiled and patted Gwen’s hip, “Go see if one of the men would like to...”

She laughed as she slid off my lap, “scratch my itch.”

Paige laughed and turned as I stood, the crowd seemed excited as they began coming into the wagon. Ash directed everyone and stood a few of Jacob’s people in the back. By the time the show was over the crowd was murmuring and clapping. Ash sold all the souvenirs she had brought. Paige and Melody slipped out after the crowd left and came to kiss me.

Pamela was back with the babies and Brook was helping Sasha. I sat and turned as Gwen came out of a wagon, she was grinning as she crossed to me. I nodded to one of the other chairs, “do one of your birds.”

She nodded and I relaxed to watch as she brought crystal and merged it before carefully shaping the bird. She used a lot of hand gestures as she worked and kept closing her eyes to help her remember.

When she finished, the bird spread its wings and began to sing. It flew up to the top of our wagon beside the Night Hawk and the two wooden birds and continued with its song. I smiled and nodded, “Very good. Next time bring the book and look at the bird you want to create, at least until you have each one memorized.”

She grinned as she looked up at the bird and I gestured to our wagon, “Get your journal and go see Abraham.”

Gwen nodded and went to do as I told her. The huge block of wood was almost gone. I turned and smiled as Tara crossed to me with Jeanne. She slid onto my lap and leaned against me as Jeanne smiled, “I have a couple of paintings.”

I bent my head to suck on one of Tara’s nipples and glanced at her slightly bugling pelvis. I smiled and rubbed the bulge, “I think my lovely concubine you need to start wearing a robe. See Sasha and have her design it, my treat.”

Tara grinned, “are you sure, I don’t mind being naked anymore.”

I kissed her, “After you have the babies.”

She kissed me passionately before moving off my lap and walking towards Sasha’s wagon. I reached for one of Jeanne’s paintings, “And how is my baby today?”

She grinned, “making me sick.”

I smiled and touched the painting before whispering a spell to bring it to life. I set it aside and pulled Jeanne onto my lap. I gave her a soft kiss before covering her stomach and murmuring another spell. I took her other painting, “You could have asked Brook or Pamela to help with that.”

She grinned and pressed against me, “But this way I get to tease you.”

I smiled and touched her painting as I murmured another spell. I handed both paintings back to her and she wiggled on my lap before standing, “I have a customer waiting.”

I grinned and watched her walk away before turning as Brandon slipped out of Pamela’s wagon, he grinned before crossing to Edgar’s. I turned as Tony and Thomas began playing music together, Sofie was with them looking satisfied. She leaned against Tony and her voice began a different siren’s song. This one seemed to tug at the heart and people began coming near to listen.

I smiled as two of Jacob’s men and Teresa joined the song with two more harps. Teresa’s voice rose as a counterpoint to Sofie’s. Jill and Ash moved through the crowd and their voices joined the others. Paige and Melody joined the song from the wagon and then Tara. Sofie’s voice still rose above the others and seemed to weave each new voice into the song.

By the time the song stopped it almost seemed to drift away on the wind. I stood as the crowd moved forward to drop coins at their feet. I moved through them and pulled Sofie up and looked into her eyes. I nodded at what I saw and smiled before looking at Tony and holding her hand out to him, “She needs you.”

He looked from me to Sofie before smiling and pulling her onto his lap and hugging her. I caressed her face before turning away and crossing to catch Paige as she came out of the other wagon. She grinned as I swept her up with a gesture, “My lovely assistant, would you like a show?”

She reached out to touch my face, “Here?”

I laughed and turned before created thousands of sparks that flashed and snapped and popped. I gestured and they lifted into the air and swirled into the shape of a Dragon that seemed to roar. I gestured again and it shifted into a lovely mermaid in a sea of blue sparks. I began going through different creatures and scenes. Brook slipped up next to me and seemed to breath her own sparks out into another creature.

A few minutes later as the crowd grew larger, Pamela slipped up to join us. I gestured to Ash and her gown shifted colors as she laughed and moved below the sparks and began a dance. A minute later Teresa and Tara joined her and the dance slowed and changed. Jill and Melody slipped into the dance as the display of sparking creatures grew and began moving as if alive.

Tony’s music slid into the dance and Sofie’s haunting voice joined the music. Paige hugged me before stepping down and into the dance. Her’s was different, she became the center and the others moved around her. She moved with a tempting sway to her hips and lifted her voice in an old song that almost seemed to quiet Sofie’s. I shifted the sparkling display above her to match the song and dance.

As Paige’s song drifted away the sparks above faded. I shook my head and bowed to her, “Nicely done temptress.”

Paige laughed as she spun and came to kiss me as the crowd drifted away. She waved at Melody and pulled me across to our wagon, “now I get my treat.”

I laughed as she pulled me into the wagon and gestured her gown off as my robe slipped to the floor. I backed her to the bed and sat her down before kneeling. I pushed her legs open and bent to lick through her pussy before sucking on her clit. Paige shuddered and groaned as I kept sucking and I started to tease and nibble.

Small transparent creatures appeared and started to suck on her nipples and she arched her back and howled as she squirted. She kept jerking and thrusting her hips up as Brook slid onto the bed and leaned over to kiss her passionately. Brook finally laughed and reached down to push my face away. I stood and gestured both of them up onto the bed.

I moved onto the bed and between Paige’s legs before pushing into her pussy. She groaned and hugged me as I started to fuck her. I rolled over so she was straddling me and Brook laughed as she whispered a spell and moved behind her. Paige grunted and I felt a cock push into her ass. Brook started to fuck Paige and she jerked back and forth to fuck both of us.

Brook jerked and shuddered as she moaned and fucked her hard and deep. Paige thrust back and forth and her pussy began to spasm and squeeze my cock. She wailed and shuddered as Brook jerked and started becoming erratic. Brook howled and spasmed hard as Paige started convulsing. I murmured a spell and held Paige’s hips and let myself go as I fucked up into her hard for a minute.

I thrust into her and gushed cum and both Paige and Brook screamed as warm cum suddenly erupted deep inside them. When I stopped cumming Paige sagged on me and Brook groaned and shuddered as she moved back and pulled her engorged clit out of her ass. Paige rolled off me and I came out of her. She grinned and held her arms out to Brook, “Thanks Brook.”

I shook my head as Brook moved into her arms and moved off the bed, “did you want me Brook?”

She grinned at me, “Not now, Paige can help me.”

I smiled and brought my robe to me before leaving. Melody grinned at me from the other wagon as Ash bargained with a villager for a stone lantern. I did another show before lunch and then sat outside in a chair as Pamela brought the babies out in cocoon like cradles. The girls were asked politely by the other men and slipped away in ones and twos.

I absently summoned sand from up and down the stream. As it swirled around and grew into a large ball I melted it. I made several small barrels and one large one. I summoned a green vegetation and absently pulled Gwen across the camp and into my lap.

I transmuted the vegetation into different fruit and gestured to spin it. I blended it together before pouring into the large barrel. I whispered a spell that brought a honey comb and gestured again, it melted into the barrel. I whispered an aging spell and then a spell that distilled it several times. Another spell altered it even more and when I was satisfied I lifted the large barrel.

I poured the new batch of vapor brandy into the smaller barrels. I melted the large barrel as Gwen watched and began making tiny bird shape vials. Gwen summoned spider webs as I watched and spun it into a large silk bag. I put the tiny bird vials into the bag and kissed her, “Send it to Georgia.”

She grinned and turned to gesture and the bag floated across to Georgia. She was bargaining with a villager who started when the bag floated up. Georgia peeked into the bag and then smiled and waved at me before taking the bag and continued her bargain. Gwen laughed and turned to kiss me before slipping off my lap, “I promised David I would spend time with him.”

I rubbed her butt before she walked towards David by Teresa’s wagon. I turned to look up when Ash touched my shoulder, “your turn my mage.”

I grinned as I stood and embraced her, Paige and Melody were at the other wagon with a small crowd waiting for a show. I kissed her and turned towards our wagon, “Business seems slow.”

She nodded, “It is.”

I closed the door behind us and watched as Ash slipped out of her dress. She backed to the bed, “I cleaned my pussy.”

I smiled as I slipped my robe off and sent it across to hang itself up. I stalked after her as she backed onto the bed and laid on her to kiss her. I started kissing down her body leaving tingling little sparks that split and multiplied. I sucked on her nipples and she shuddered and arched her back, “mmmmm!”

I continued kissing down her body as she spread her legs and lifted her hips. I kissed her clit before opening her pussy and licking through it. I pushed my tongue into her and started nibbling on her inner lips as she shuddered and moaned. Sparks were attacking her clit and Ash was jerking and spasming as I began to tongue fuck her pussy.

I finally covered her clit and sucked it in before using my tongue. She arched her back as wiggling lightning slipping up inside her. She bucked and thrashed around as it exploded and began shocking the inside of her pussy. She screamed as I kept sucking on her clit and finally pushed my face away. I grinned and banished the lightning as I turned her over and spread her legs.

I moved up over her and pushed into her wet, slippery pussy. I started to fuck down into her and Ash began lifting and thrusting back. Her pussy kept squeezing and clenching around my cock as I fucked into her deeper. It was only a couple of minutes before she wailed and began to convulse as she squirted. I shifted and started to fuck her hard and deep.

Ash jerked and twisted, she kept thrusting back each time my cock fucked into her nice and deep. I buried it and started humping and pressing against her. I kissed her again before pulling back and starting to fuck her once more. A few minutes and she was jerking and spasming as she convulsed. Her slippery pussy was squeezing and grasping my cock as she howled.

I fucked her hard for another few minutes before thrusting into her and gushing cum. Ash jerked and spasmed as warm cum pumped into her from my throbbing cock. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and sighed as she began to relax. She smiled and turned as I pulled out and caressed me before giving me a kiss, “You’re the best my mage.”

I kissed her back, “I better go do another show.”

Ash sighed and slipped off the bed, “At least we have a week after we leave here before we reach another village.”

I brought her gown to her and helped her dress before putting my robe on. We had a crowd waiting for a show and Paige grinned as she climbed into the show wagon. Pamela turned to smile before sending the babies floating into her wagon. Brandon chuckled, “Ash was a little loud.”

Ash grinned as she went to start accepting money and sending people into the show wagon. Melody closed up the other wagon and slipped in to get ready with Paige. The show went over very well and not even one man tried to touch. After it was over I had the girls close up the wagon. I brought Brook and Gwen to the stream as the villagers left.

I nodded to a part of the stream with slow moving water, “See the slimy moss on the rocks?”

Brook smiled and Gwen nodded, “yes.”

I looked at Gwen, “use your magic to feel it and then I want you to weave it into a bolt of cloth.”

I glanced at Brook, “watch her but don’t help. I want you to learn to feel her magic without touching her. One day you may have your own apprentice.”

Gwen was frowning as I turned to walk back to camp. I walked up behind Sasha and put my arms around her, “What do I own you for Tara’s gown?”

She smiled as she leaned back against me, “With all the cloth you have given me?”

I hugged her, “I wanted Tara to feel...”

Sasha laughed, “She knows. She is a changed lady from the girl she was. She might enjoy the other men but she watches you.”

I smiled, “Thanks Sasha.”

I walked to Georgia as she put her potions away. She was bent over a chest and I grinned as I stopped to rub her butt, “Hey pretty lady.”

She grinned as she looked back at me, “The men kept me busy last night.”

I laughed as she turned and slipped into my arms, “The men kept all you women busy last night.”

Georgia grinned and kissed me, “True.”

She glanced around, “Not much business here.”

I nodded, “we closed up the show wagon.”

Tony was sitting beside the fire platform with Sofie tuning a new lute. All the men seemed to be sitting around mending clothing or harnesses. Georgia hugged me, “Take Melody to bed.”

I glanced across at the other wagon, “Where did Paige go?”

Georgia smiled, “She’s in with Pamela.”

I nodded and let her go as I headed towards Melody, “Ash? You and Melody close up.”

They grinned and began closing the wagon. I waited until they were done and caressed Ash’s cheek before reaching for Melody, “I could use you Melody.”

Ash laughed as she walked towards the fire, “Have fun.”

Melody was grinning as I pulled her into our wagon. She slipped her dress off and I sent my robe away. I stalked after her onto the bed, “Not having fun today?”

She lay back, “I think we wore the others out last night.”

I smiled as I laid beside her and caressed her body, “didn’t want to see the babies?”

She shivered and grinned, “Someone had to mind the store.”

I kissed her softly and bent to suck on one of her nipples. She moaned and shivered, “I’m messy.”

I smiled and kissed her again, “I’ll lick you next time.”

She grinned, “want to fuck me from behind?”

I tugged on a nipple, “is that how you want it?”

She nodded as she shuddered and I gestured. She flipped over and laughed as she raised her hips. I put my hand on her lower back and pushed her down before moving over her. I slowly pushed into her as she spread her legs and groaned. Her tight pussy spasmed around my cock as I began to fuck her. Each time I buried my cock she would shudder as her pussy tightened.

It didn’t take her long to start convulsing and jerking. She started wailing into the bed as her body writhed and spasmed. I moved up so I was fucking straight down into her. Melody stiffened and then started bucking and thrusting up and back. A moment later she screamed as she squirted and her pussy clenched tight around my cock.

I started fucking her with long thrusts and she kept howling as she jerked and struggled. Every couple of minutes she was spasming and thrashing around. She squirted several times before I finally moved back and started fucking straight up into her. She was grunting as I fucked her hard and deep and a minute later thrust into her and started spewing cum. Melody jerked and tilted her hips as warm cum erupted in her belly, “YES!”

I kissed the back of her neck and her bare shoulder as I pumped wave after wave of cum. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and laid beside her to caress her as she panted and tried to catch her breath. She grinned when she looked at me, “You’re the best.”

I laughed and moved to kiss her before pulling her off the bed, “Lets go see what the hunting eagles brought us for dinner.”

She grinned as she turned to slip her dress on. She held my hand when we went out and walked to the fire. Pamela had the babies out again, they were all bundled up. Melody left me to go see the baby Paige was holding. Teresa was preparing a lot of grouse and large game birds with Jeanne, Sasha and Georgia helping. I walked to the edge of the stream and looked across. Brook slipped up beside me and I grinned, “You drag a couple of men off today?”

She grinned, “it is nice to do it and not worry about what some shopkeepers wife will say.”

I nodded and turned, “GWEN!”

She looked up from the baby she was rocking and frowned before Pamela touched her and shielded her. I shook my head and gestured before looking at Brook, “Do you know how to link?”

She grinned, “Of course, but I only did it a few times.”

I looked at Gwen as she stopped beside us blushing, “I’m sorry master.”

I sighed, “we are going to link and do a summoning. I want you to watch and follow what we do before joining us.”

Her eyes lit up and brightened, “okay.”

Brook grinned as she reached for my hand. I nodded to Gwen, “Put your hand on ours.”

I waited and then glanced across the stream, “A simple summoning Brook. We want any dead wood in that direction.”

I took a breath and murmured the spell as I pulled Brook into my awareness. Her strength joined mine as I reached out. Slowly I found dead branches and then a couple of trees. Suddenly Gwen pushed into our awareness and I had to juggle before smoothing her consciousness. I reached out and this time we were reaching a lot further.

Branches and even dead trees began moving towards us. A moment later Pamela smoothly slipped into the mage link and the trees and branches almost flew towards us. More joined them and then others until a huge pile settled to the ground to the side of the camp. I gently pushed Pamela out and then Brook. I held Gwen as I murmured the spell that began melding the wood.

Slowly the huge pile merged together until it was a solid mass. I pushed Gwen out and took a breath as she shuddered. I caressed her face before looking at the quiet camp trying to ignore us. I grinned, “She’s safe if one of you men would like to take her to bed and work off her excess energy.”

Pamela laughed as she headed towards her babies and Brandon. Brook grinned, “I wouldn’t mind a ride either.”

The guys laughed as several headed towards us. I caressed Gwen’s cheek, “After you finish, check your shields and write down the lessons in your journal.”

She grinned and kissed me before running to grab two hands. I walked back to sit beside the fire and Pamela, “I forgot what it was like when I first started.”

She laughed and gestured to send one of the babies to me, “that was a perfect lesson.”

I held my daughter as she wiggled and squirmed and looked at a happy looking Brandon with another baby, “You like Brandon?”

Pamela smiled as she looked at him and nodded, “Somehow he isn’t angry anymore. I think in a couple of months I will even ask him to give me another child.”

I smiled as I sent my now sleeping daughter back to her cradle, “he doesn’t have to worry about how to live or making sure you have what you should.”

She grinned and sent one of the other babies to me, “Since you have the touch to put them to sleep.”

I shook my head as I held my child, “For an hour maybe.”

Pamela grinned and turned as Jeanne brought her dinner. A few minutes of gentle rocking put the baby to sleep and I went to get dinner. A beautifully gowned Tara came to sit beside me as I ate and leaned against me, “Take me to bed after you finish?”

I smiled and leaned over to give her a soft kiss. I cleaned the plate after I was done and stood to lead Tara towards the wagon. Sofie walked beside Tony carefully as they came out of his wagon and smiled at me. Tara whispered, “Sofie enjoys loving him very much.”

I smiled and followed her into the wagon, “I thought she would.”

Tara slipped her gown off and went to hang it up as I removed my robe and moved onto the bed. She came to lay beside me and caress my chest. I caressed her tiny bulge and then leaned over to suck on a nipple. She shuddered and then laughed, “Pamela let me help feed the babies.”

I grinned and tugged on a nipple, “She helped you produce milk?”

Tara shuddered and turned to straddle me, “Yes.”

I smiled and lifted my cock and she pushed down. She shuddered as her warm pussy slid down my cock and then she sighed and began rocking. It wasn’t long before she started to become erratic. Her pussy was spasming and grasping my cock. When she jerked and started convulsing I pulled her down to caress her hips and back. She kept shuddering as her pussy squeezed and tried to milk my cock.

When she stopped cumming I pushed her up and caressed her pelvis as she started thrusting back and forth. She came four times before I felt like cumming. I fucked up into her shaking body as I held her hips and she smiled as she looked into my eyes. I began spurting and gushing cum into her and she jerked and shuddered as her pussy tightened and clenched to hold my cock.

Cum was leaking around my cock as Tara sat back and shivered. I turned to put her on the bed before giving her a kiss. She grinned and hugged me before letting me go. I smiled as I slid off the bed and pulled her with me, “Come to the fire.”

After dressing we went out and I let her go to help Sasha with some patterns she was cutting. I pulled Paige to me and onto my lap as I sat. The phoenixes were down for the night and the night hawks were up. David and Brandon were playing catch with three of the griffins to the side of the camp. A couple of the large caravan guards were carrying large barrels of water with Teresa leading them.

I kissed Paige as Melody sat and leaned against me and looked at Pamela as she hummed a tune and created dancing lights over the babies cradles. I smiled, “Show me your Centaurs?”

She grinned and finished what she was doing before bumping Gwen as she left Dan the bear. She whispered and then turned and began the spells to separate some of the wood. I could feel her spells and then Gwen began to summon crystal and merge it. Pamela transmuted the wood into a blonde iron wood before giving it shape.

Everyone was watching as the horse tall centaur took shape. Pamela absently accepted the bluish crystal eyes Gwen made and brought the being to life. As it stretched and looked around she began another. I cleared my throat, “only four centaurs for tonight.”

Pamela glanced at me but I nodded to her daughter. She smiled and nodded as she continued working on the next centaur. After the last one was done she sighed and looked at our babies. She gestured and the cradles lifted up to float back into her wagon. I looked at Teresa as she brought more water into camp, “Why the barrels of water?”

She smiled as Jacob snorted, “We leave the stream tomorrow for a couple of days.”

I shook my head and glanced at the still huge chunk of wood. I started murmuring a spell and wood spilt off and began shaping itself into a large wagon wide trough. I added extendable legs like the wagons and made it float before sending it to the stream.

Water fountained up and began filling it before it finally floated out and stopped behind a wagon. Paige laughed and kissed me before I caressed her firm body and started another. Brook came to sit with me as she held master Tenaver’s hand. She began to make floating troughs like mine.

We stopped after six and I stood pulling Paige up with me, “Time for bed.”

She grinned as she pulled me after her and Melody laughed as she ran to grab my other hand and pull me faster. I glanced back as Ash kissed one of the men before following us. Tara kissed Sasha’s cheek before walking towards the wagon too. Paige barely hesitated after we came though the door to throw off her clothes. I undressed Melody and let her go before turning as Ash and Tara came in.

After they were naked I removed my robe and followed them to the bed. I laid beside Paige and glanced back as Gwen came in. She smiled as she tossed her clothes off, “You can start without me, Dan the bear did me really good.”

Paige laughed as she pulled my hand to her breast, “the free states are more backwards my mage. Until we return to the Empire, only one of us will take care of you during the day. No villagers will be allowed in camp at night so sleeping together won’t matter.”

I rubbed her nipple as I looked at the other girls, “So each of you have to pick a man to spend each day with?”

Paige and Ash nodded and I smiled, “Poor men.”

They laughed and Paige sighed, “Brook likes master Tenaver a lot.”

I pulled her onto me and sat her up before lifting her and positioning my cock. I pulled her down and onto my cock before cupping her breasts. I looked at the other girls, “Did she ask...”

Ash moved to touch my lips, “No, she thinks you won’t care since we are yours.”

I smiled at her and reached out to caress her cheek, “I care only if she gets hurt.”

Paige started to rock slowly, “The caravan master will love her very much.”

My cock rubbed on her cervix as Paige shuddered and jerked and I touched both nipples as I whispered a spell. Sparks and lightning spread and she spasmed before wailing. I smiled and looked at Ash, “I will talk to Brook tomorrow.”

She nodded and absently reached between Paige’s legs to squeeze her clit. Paige screamed as her pussy tightened and began to convulse. The girls laughed as I held her twisting thrashing body. The sparks and lightning began jumping from her nipples to her clit and she howled as she kept jerking and spasming. I held up a finger and whispered another spell.

A glowing worm that looked like a thick cock grew from the tip. It finally twisted and broke before dropping onto my stomach. The girls moved closer to see what it was going to do. It wiggled and crawl down between Paige’s legs and through her already stretched pussy. She grunted and lifted up a second later, “OOOHHH.”

They laughed as the glowing worm began pushing against and wiggling into her ass. Paige spread her legs more and rocked erratically as she shuddered. She jerked as her eyes widened and then she was twisting and spasmed as she thrashed around on me frantically, “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!”

She squirted a couple of times before I banished the spells and pulled her down. I caressed her body as she shuddered and moaned. I shifted until she was under me and fucked her slowly. She hugged me and sighed as her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock. Every couple of minutes she would shudder and jerk as her pussy tightened. I finally pushed into her and held her as I started spurting and pumping cum.

Paige shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She was leaking when I pulled out and sighed before turning to snuggle against me. Ash snuggled against my other side and put her head on my shoulder, “it’s strange. You always have enough if we need you. You make sure each of us is treated nice and are cared for.”

She lifted her head to look at me before smiling and putting her head down, “Maybe I’ll get with your mate and bargain with her to mate with you permanently.”

I smiled and caressed her as I saw Melody bite her lip, “You to Melody?”

I held Paige and squeezed her to kept her quiet. Melody looked into my face and lifted hers to look at Paige before whispering, “Yes.”

Paige grinned as I reached out to caress Melody’s face. Gwen sighed, “Even when I fuck one of the other’s I think of you.”

Paige lifted her head to see Gwen before smiling, “You are sealed to us and have been neglecting me.”

Gwen looked at her and Melody giggled, “she just wants to lick your pussy Gwen.”

Gwen grinned and then giggled as she cuddled with Tara, “just wait until tomorrow.”

I let my thoughts wonder as we relaxed and they fell asleep. I could look through the eyes of the griffins or one of the guards as they sat cross legged staring into the night. Even the night hawks seemed relaxed as they soared silently above.
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