(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
As the sun began to rise I started harnessing the animals. I slipped into my wagon and smiled on the bed. The girls were asleep and holding each other. Gwen was on the edge and her cute butt was sticking out. I slipped my robe off before moving to the bed. I rubbed through her warm pussy and smiled at her moan. I slipped onto the bed behind her and positioned my cock.

I held her hips as I forced my cock into her tight pussy. She groaned and pushed her butt back as I started to fuck her slowly. It was a few minutes before she moaned and shuddered and then turned her head to smile at me, “Good morning.”

I buried my cock and reached around her to cup a breast and kiss her bare shoulder, “Good morning my apprentice.”

She sighed and pushed her butt back and I started to fuck her again. I was almost pulling out of her before thrusting back in. A few minutes and Gwen jerked and arched her back as she squirted and her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She shuddered hard and began to shake as I thrust into her and held her bucking body.

I finally pulled out of her and rolled her onto her back and moved between her legs. I kissed her as I pushed back into her tight pussy and started to fuck her. I used long, deep thrusts and each time I buried my cock I humped and ground against her. Gwen was spasming and started wailing as she lifted her legs into the air. I fucked her hard and deep and she was constantly jerking as her wet pussy spasmed around my cock.

The others were sitting up to watch and laughed as Gwen howled and began bucking and thrashing around. I shielded us when her magic started to reach out and fucked her hard. I finally buried my cock and held her as I began to gush a huge load of fresh cum. She arched her back and screamed as her pussy clamped down to squeeze my cock, “YYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

It was a minute before I was done and cum was leaking out of her. I pulled out after kissing her, “You still need practice shielding.”

I slipped out of bed, “Time to wash.”

The whole caravan came out for the warm shower, even Brandon who had a red face. Pamela had a huge grin on her face and hugged me and rubbed her bare breasts on me, “Can he stay?”

I caressed her hips and glanced at Brandon as my girls washed him. I kissed her and pushed her towards master Tenaver, “Ask the caravan master.”

I pulled Sofie to me since she was floating and barely touching the ground. I caressed her body, “Hungry or horny?”

She grinned and caressed my chest, “Both?”

I caressed her hips and then her pelvis, “After we eat breakfast and start moving we can take care of your itch.”

She grinned, “Paige and Melody said I should let the boy David have me.”

I laughed and hugged her, “You are going to be tired and satisfied after.”

Sofie looked across at David as he teased Teresa, “I hope so.”

I laughed and washed her before letting the showering water stop. I summoned grass with Pamela, Brook and a hesitant Gwen. I let Gwen watch again as I carefully wove and changed the grass. We made new gowns and robes as well as pants and a new shirt for Brandon.

Breakfast was quick and then I dismissed the ward spell. We were barely on the road when I heard Sofie’s song. I smiled as she kept faltering and a few moments later she was wailing. Tara climb up beside me with a huge grin, “We made sure David would be safe.”

I laughed and absently pulled her naked body against me, “And is she enjoying the experience?”

Tara laughed, “yes.’

Ash climbed up to sit with us, “Your former siren seems to like fucking.”

I slipped my robe off and pulled Tara onto my lap, “She is making me horny.”

Tara and Ash both laughed and I turned Tara and cupped her breasts. She lifted up and positioned my cock before slowly impaling herself. She sighed and leaned back against me, “Jeanne said the other caravan has more men.”

I held her as she slowly rocked back and forth, “That is what I was told.”

Ash moved over and leaned against me, “They are nice and very protective. Of course they will be really horny when we first meet up with them.”

Tara groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. I kissed her shoulder as she changed to thrusting back and forth, “You have the choice my concubine.”

She smiled back at me and thrust back and forth hard. I shuddered as her warm pussy slipped on and off my cock. I whispered a spell and cupped her breasts. Tara jerked and gasped as she felt more hands touching and caressing her body. She felt another cock thrusting into her already full pussy and lifted her legs and spread them. I kissed the back of her neck, “take that.”

She laughed and shuddered as the unseen cock started fucking her. Ash laughed and kissed me, “I want to do that.”

I gestured and her dress pulled up and off before folding itself. I touched her pelvis as Tara jerked and shuddered. I whispered the spell to engorged her clit and made it grow thicker and longer. Ash shuddered and groaned and then kissed me passionately. I released the other spell on Tara and she sighed as the other cock was no longer stretching her.

Ash stood and I carefully shifted and turned on the seat. I pulled Tara down as I lay back and Ash moved between her legs. A moment later I felt a thick cock like clit pushing into Tara with my cock. She grunted and shuddered as Ash kissed her and started to hump and thrust. They were both wiggling and jerking almost as soon as they started.

I held Tara as Ash fucked her and Tara jerked and thrust up. Ash was jerking and spasmed as her clit rubbed the length of my cock. She kept kissing Tara as she ground and humped in and out. I smiled and whispered another spell, Ash stiffened as she felt the thick cock spreading her pussy and pushing into her. She jerked and spasmed as she held Tara and screamed.

They both spasmed and started jerking as two cocks stretched and fucked their pussies. They were cumming almost constantly and I finally shuddered and held Tara as I pulled her hips down. My cock was jerking and throbbing and then I peed a torrent of cum. They both howled as they felt warm cum erupting deep inside them.

I spewed and pumped and spurted and lay back to hold the two as they continued to spasm. I dismissed the spells and slowly Ash’s clit shrank and pulled out of Tara. They both sighed and shuddered and I laughed and Tara grinned. Ash moved back and Tara lifted up and my cock came out of her. I dressed Ash and they both kissed me before dropping back to the ground.

I sighed and started making charms and a few minutes later Gwen grinned as she helped a tired looking Sofie. Sofie was half floating as Gwen helped her walk, I gestured and Sofie rose up and sat beside me. She grinned and waved as Gwen ran towards the front of the caravan, “David was very energetic.”

I laughed and leaned over to kiss her. Melody climbed up and absent kissed Sofie before sitting down, “Brook and Pamela are both working on charms.”

I had been thinking about last night and glanced up at the phoenixes flying high above us. I looked beside the stream we were following and grinned when I saw the huge stump from a black Cyprus. I murmured a spell that pulled the roots loose before summoning it to me. It floated beside the wagon as I thought and then I carefully separated part of the wood. I summoned clear crystal and melded it into a large globe to make it easier. I split off two small orbs and formed them into eyes and then formed the wood into the shape of a large hawk.

Brook, Gwen and Pamela appeared as I crafted the hawk and set the spells I wanted. It screamed as it spread it’s wings and I tossed it into the sky. I gestured to Gwen and she squeaked as she was lifted and floated up onto the seat. She squeezed in beside me and Sofie and I nodded to the huge stump, “Use the hawk you just saw. Separate enough to meld the shape into another.”

Gwen frowned and stared as she murmured and a large piece came away from the stump. She continued to frown as she concentrated and whispered the spells to shape it. I watched and blended my magic with hers to guide and show her the correct form. Next were the other spells to animate and bring it alive. She was sweating by the time we finished.

The hawk mantled and I tossed it into the sky. The other hawk was riding on the wagon in front of us with it’s head under a wing. I caressed Gwen when she sighed wearily, “Go rest.”

Sofie moved over after she climbed down, “She is very good.”

I smiled and looked at Brook, “Your turn.”

I pulled Sofie onto my lap and pulled her dress up to finger her messy pussy as Brook began. She was much more confidant and her spells seemed to flow together nicely. When the hawk flew into the sky Sofie was shuddering and jerking. I smiled as Brook grinned and watched the soaring hawk, “not bad.”

I looked at Pamela and raised an eyebrow. She stuck her tongue out and turned to craft a beautiful hawk. I moved my robe as Sofie panted and jerked and turned her to straddle me. I fitted my cock to her tight pussy and she hurriedly pushed down to impale herself. She groaned and leaned against me as Melody climbed up and moved over against us.

I kept watching Pamela and Melody turned Sofie’s head and started kissing her and caressing her. Sofie rocked and thrust back and forth as her tight pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock. She was constantly jerking and shuddering as she wailed. I caressed Sofie’s body as she panted and shook, her messy pussy rippling around my cock.

Pamela finished and laughed as the hawk took flight. She looked at me and then Sofie before grinning, “your turn.”

I pulled Sofie tight against me so that my throbbing cock was buried nice and deep. I gestured and the stump and globe split and I crafted another hawk before starting the spells. It was a little harder to concentrate with Sofie’s pussy milking my cock. When my hawk screamed and leaped into the air Pamela grinned and shook her head, “My master tried to teach me how to separate mind from body but I don’t think I could do that.”

I grinned and turned to Sofie and held her hips before thrusting her back and forth hard and fast. She wailed and started convulsing as her pussy contracted around my cock. I shuddered and pulled her down as my cock erupted and a fountain of cum gushed into her. She froze with a look of wonder as her body jerked and shuddered. It was a minute before I was done cumming and Sofie sighed and leaned against me.

I caressed her body as she panted and tried to catch her breath. She shuddered and slowly lifted up before sitting back on my lap after my cock came out of her. She finally sighed and her body relaxed and I tilted her head to see her face. I looked at Melody and then down at Pamela, “She’s asleep.”

Pamela smiled and gestured, Sofie lifted up and floated down as Pamela turned to head for her wagon. Melody leaned against me, “She doesn’t know how to say or show it but you are what she wants. She enjoyed David and having sex but she relaxes with you and lets go.”

I kissed her cheek before turning back to the stump and crystal globe. When I stopped I had eight large night hawks resting on wagons. I relaxed and smiled at Melody, “Honey girl?”

She looked at me and shook herself before grinning, “My mage?”

I gestured to my lap, “Would you help me?”

She laughed as she slipped her dress off and turned to straddle me, “I thought you would never ask.”

I caressed her hips as she positioned my cock and slowly impaled herself. She wiggled and pushed and then began to rock as her warm pussy rippled around my cock. I hugged her and gave her a kiss before leaning back. It was a few minutes before Melody’s breathing became ragged and her rocking started to get erratic. She was twisting and wiggling as her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock constantly.

She was convulsing and spasming as her tight pussy grasped my cock when Gwen climbed up beside us. She grinned and pulled her dress up to finger her cummy pussy. Melody shook and spasmed as she came four times before I held her waist and spewed large spurts of cum. She pushed down onto my pumping cock as her pussy contracted and gripped my cock.

When I stopped cumming she slumped against me with a sigh. I held her and caressed her before looking at Gwen, “ready for another lesson?”

She let her dress down and grinned, “sure.”

I smiled, “In my bookcase is a small thick book. It is light green with a bird on the binding, it has every bird description in it. You will use crystal to make a new bird from the book each day. They are to be one hand tall and you are to alter the color of the crystal to match the description of the bird.”

Gwen grinned and kissed my cheek before turning to leap off the seat. I shook my head and lifted Melody off me. She didn’t bother with her dress as she leaned against me. I went back to making charms and thinking. The sight of a large pile of wood creating a snag in the river gave me an idea. I gestured to summon it and it took several moments to twist and jerk itself free.

Piece at a time I melded it together and formed some of it into a ten foot soldier. I used crystal for eyes and summoned copper and other ore into a huge sphere to melt some and create a large bronze sword. When I finished he dropped to the ground and started walking beside my wagon before striding ahead. I grinned at Melody as she stared after him, “A caravan guard.”

She grinned and turned to climb down, “Wait until I tell Paige and Ash.”

I laughed, “Tell Paige to join me.”

I turned back to the floating wood and began making another guard. Paige was climbing up beside me a few minutes later and waited until the ten foot tall caravan guard was walking away, “You wanted me my mage?”

I smiled and absently pulled her onto my lap, “see if your costumes will fit Sofie, Tara and Gwen.”

She grinned, “I think they will fit Sofie and maybe Gwen but I’m not sure about Tara.”

I nodded, “She is a little taller. Try anyway and let me know.”

I kissed her softly, “come back so I can molest you.”

She grinned and wiggled before moving off me and climbing down. Pamela climbed up almost as soon as she was gone and smiled as she watched me create another caravan guard. She nodded, “How many are you going to make?”

I shrugged and set the new guard down before looking at her, “I don’t know. Since they can continue the animation spell without me I can make a lot.”

She frowned, “Your own private army?”

I shook my head, “The spells are specific. They can only go so far from the caravan and will only defend it when attacked.”

Pamela nodded and smiled, “In case of more werewolves or bandits.”

I nodded and watched one of her hands pull her dress up to caress and rub her pussy. I smiled, “need something?”

She grinned, “Brandon fucked me silly last night but I could use more now.”

I glanced back at her wagon, “Where is he?”

She laughed, “Fucking Tara.”

I smiled and gestured to her dress. It spilt open like my robe and Pamela turned to straddle me as I opened my robe. She sat on my cock with a sigh and shiver before rocking, “I was going to make a set of centaurs to hunt and accompany us.”

I caressed her hips and sides, “Sounds good.”

She sighed as her warm pussy squeezed my cock, “I’ll have Brook help me.”

I held her hips and thrust her back and forth. Pamela jerked and shuddered as her pussy tightened, “yes!”

I smiled and hugged her as she kept shaking before touching her and whispering. She looked at me as she felt my cock begin to fuck in and out. She laughed and shook me as she spread her knees and pressed down. I reached between us to rub her hard clit and Pamela began to wail and howl as her body spasmed and jerked. Small lightning flashed from her nipples and she began to convulse.

I stood and gestured as she lay back in the air and started thrusting into her harder. She lifted her spread legs as my thrusting cock stretched her pussy. It wasn’t long before she was incoherent and jerking around out of control. I shielded her as she pulled magic in until she glowed with power and unused magic.

I thrust into her and held her as my cock seemed to erupt in a thick stream of cum. Pamela howled and thrashed around as warm sperm filled her and her pelvis began to bulge and then grow larger. I pulled out of her and sat as I summoned discarded animal hair and transformed it as she continued to spasm and howl as her tummy grew larger. I spun and began weaving the hair before looking at Paige and a white faced Gwen beside the wagon, “Go get Teresa quickly.”

I caressed the inside of Pamela’s thighs, “Release the magic now Pamela.”

She screamed as birth water flowed out of her. I whispered another spell to block her magic as she screamed again. I looked at Teresa climbing onto the seat beside me, “She quickened her pregnancy.”

Teresa reached for her, “this isn’t the place to give birth.”

I smiled as I moved Pamela’s floating body to her, “it matters not right now.”

She frowned and I glanced at everyone beside the wagon, “Perhaps someone could have the caravan master stop?”

Melody nodded and ran for the front of the caravan. I set the large piece of wood and the sphere of bronze down that had been floating beside the wagon before climbing down and gesturing to Pamela, “Come along mother Teresa.”

She glared as Pamela floated down and to me. I started back towards her wagon, “get the door Gwen. Brook? I have her shielded but we will need a ward shield around her wagon.”

I floated her into her wagon with Teresa behind me. Brandon was reading a book and looked up in surprise, “What’s happened?”

I smiled as I laid her on her bed, “She quickened her birthing time.”

He stood as Georgia, Sasha and Jeanne came in and then all the girls were coming in. I gestured to the door, “Perhaps you should wait outside.”

He nodded and Teresa gestured, “You too.”

I smiled and crossed to sit on the edge of the bed, “I would mother but Pamela will need me.”

She looked at me and I sighed, “She has the strength of an arch mage Teresa. She is giving birth and has no control of her magic right now.”

Teresa nodded and started telling the others what she needed. I held out the four soft fleece blankets, “when the babies come.”

Gwen slipped under my arm, “Is she going to be okay?”

I smiled, “yes. She is just giving birth.”

Jeanne looked at me, “women and children have died giving birth.”

I shook my head, “Not with a mage to assist.”

It didn’t take long and then the babies were here and I made sure the bleeding stopped. Pamela was coherent now and smiled tiredly as she held one, “You are something else mage.”

I hugged a grinning Gwen and Tara, “I’m not the one to desire our children’s birth here and now. I would have been content to wait.”

I let each woman have their moment before touching Teresa. She looked at me and I pulled her back before whispering a spell that cleaned Pamela up and removed the child birth. She smiled and kissed my cheek before gesturing the others out. I pushed Gwen to her mother and removed the shield I had placed around Pamela. Outside everyone was practically dancing but the caravan master got everyone going.

Brook slipped onto the seat with me and a few moments later Paige, Ash and Melody crowded on too. I smiled and gestured to Paige and brought her to my lap. She sighed and leaned against me, “I almost wish I could have mine that quickly.”

I hugged her, “Most women mages can’t do that. It requires a balance to keep the unborn child safe and normal while quickening it’s growth.”

She nodded and I hugged her before summoning the wood and bronze I had left and made another caravan guard. When the village came into sight Paige, Melody, Tara and Ash slipped away to put on their costumes. The grassy area on the edge of the village already had a dozen wagons. I touched Brook’s hand as I stopped, “Bring Sofie out.”

She smiled and nodded as she climbed down and I began helping set up. I gestured and moved the fire ring they had already set up and created another fire platform. There were a lot of greetings and hugs as we set up our wagons. When I was free I stopped beside Sofie, “How are you doing?”

She smiled, “A lot of these men keep kissing me.”

I grinned and bent to give her a long passionate kiss, “Like that?”

Sofie sighed and shuddered, “Not yet.”

I grinned and caressed her face as Sasha and Jeanne sat down beside her with baskets of roots. I shook my head, “I think I will go see Pamela.”

Gwen was still with her and a set a cradles was beside the bed. I smiled and sat on the edge of the bed, “I wish you had warned me.”

Pamela smiled and looked at the cradles gently rocking back and forth, “I didn’t plan it.”

I caressed Gwen’s cheek, “At least we had the women here to help.”

Pamela nodded and sighed, “Now I get the hard part.”

I smiled and pulled Gwen off the bed, “I’ll have the girls bring you dinner.”

She nodded and smiled, “Gwen has been sneaking rubs to her pussy.”

I nodded as I pulled her after me, “I am going to take care of that.”

I only stopped long enough to ask Jeanne to send dinner in for Pamela. I pulled Gwen after me and into our wagon. She slipped her dress off and backed to the bed, “I’m really horny.”

I let my robe fall as I moved after her and onto the bed between her legs. I kissed her as her hand moved and positioned my cock. I forced my cock into her wet, slippery pussy and started to fuck her. Gwen groaned and shuddered as my cock sank deeper and I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts.

When she started wailing as her body jerked and spasmed I buried my cock to grind and hump. I finally had to pull almost out before starting to fuck her with long, hard, deep thrusts. Her wonderfully warm, tight pussy was spasming and squeezing my cock almost constantly. Gwen lifted her legs and spread them as I continued to fuck her.

I started using firm strokes and stopped to press and grind against her. She continued to thrash around and jerk as she got wetter. Her pussy was spasming and squeezing my cock as if it were milking it. It was several minutes before I just fucked her hard and buried my throbbing cock. Gwen clung to me and screamed as I spewed a gushing torrent into her.

She jerked and thrashed around as warm cum flooded her and yelled. When I stopped cumming she kept shaking for another couple of minutes before calming. I kissed her softly and pulled out before rubbing her tummy, “better?”

Gwen grinned and nodded, “Yeah.”

I moved off the bed, “Dinner and then you can go back to helping your mother.”

She smiled and gestured and her dress floated to her and slipped onto her. We came out to women moving around the fire platform and a dozen men I didn’t know trying to help. I crossed to Tara who had a man behind her feeling and caressing her butt. She looked at me when I gestured and he snatched his hand back as if burned. I kissed her cheek, “need a break?”

She looked at the man rubbing his hand, “I don’t think they have seen other women in awhile.”

I smiled and looked around, “They don’t have any women with them?”

Tara laughed, “They said thank god and went with Teresa into her wagon.”

I laughed and glanced at the caravan master as he walked towards me. A man followed and another floated along behind with Brook beside him. I grinned and turned to face the caravan master and he nodded to the other man, “This is Jacob.”

I bowed, “Master Jacob.”

He smiled and returned my bow, “Edward said I would need to bargain with you for you to work on our wagons.”

I smiled and nodded as I looked at the man floating behind them with Brook. Jacob turned and sighed, “Your apprentice decided my son William was a little to forward.”

I grinned at Brook, “Actually Brook is a full mage. She is my apprentice only while she studies.”

Brook grinned, “young Mr. William seems to have more hands then I could count or catch.”

I laughed and turned to look around, “Perhaps I should introduce my ladies and provide important information to save your men.”

Jacob chuckled with the caravan master. I cleared my throat before raising my voice, “I would like to introduce some of my ladies and provide warnings where needed.”

I gestured to Brook, “This is Brook, a full mage that is studying with me. If you wish to have sex, ask and always be nice.”

The men around the fire grinned and I looked at Gwen as she ate, “The young woman eating beside Paige who you probably know, is sealed to me and my apprentice. Like Book I would ask her and be nice. I will give you this warning, she is new to her magic, if things begin flying around or changing while you and she are... making love. Call me, Brook or her mother Pamela.”

I looked at the men, “She will be and is horny a lot so don’t be afraid to ask her. Her mother just gave birth and is in her wagon. Pamela is an arch mage but don’t be afraid to ask her too.”

I nodded across the fire at Sofie sitting on a man’s lap, “Sofie was a siren until she changed. Always treat her nice and try to make sure she receives as much pleasure as you.”

I smiled at Tara, “The naked woman that has been fending your wondering hands is Tara. She is sealed to me and is my concubine. Her former husband was an abusive man, she enjoys it more when you take your time while making love.”

I nodded to Melody as Paige pushed a young man away from her, “The last one you don’t know is Melody. She is one of my assistants and my lover, she is also Paige’s lover and companion.”

I looked around, “Paige is sealed to me and she is my mate and Ash is one of my lovers. Ask any of the women instead of demanding and I think you will have better luck.”

I looked at Jacob, “now what are you offering as a trade?”

He grinned, “We will do all the camp chores?”

I laughed as the caravan master grinned. I finally nodded, “one at a time though.”

Gwen slipped into her mother’s wagon and Tara, Ash, Sofie, Paige and Melody went with some of the men. Brook stripped William and he was quietly rubbing her back beside the fire. I had eaten and stood beside the stream moving the smooth river stones to make someplace to stand in the morning. I glanced at Jacob when he stopped beside me but continued what I was doing.

When I was done I concentrated and summoned dead wood from as far as my magic could reach but made sure I wasn’t pulling anything from the village. I waited and then began shifting the wood as it reached me and merging it together. The block of wood slowly grew larger and larger as more and more dead wood appeared.

Several people from Jacob’s caravan came to watch as I set the huge lump of wood down. I began to summon sand from the river and poured it onto the ground beside the lump of wood. I looked at Jacob, “Which wagon is first?”

He grinned and turned to point it out and I gestured and brought it towards me. I started the spells that blurred the wood and more moved from the lump to fill in as the wagon’s shape changed and grew. Sand rose and turned to molten glass as it went into empty windows. I brought a few colored stones from the stream and finished the spells on the wagon.

I relaxed and nodded to Jacob before thinking and starting more spells that pulled at the lump of wood. Shapes stepped out of it as I continued to weave spells. When I stopped and slowly relaxed eight rainbow hued unicorns stood stomping their feet. The crowd clapped as I glanced at Jacob and carefully explained how to open and set up the wagon.

He went to move the wagon and set it up again and most of the people went with him. Brook and William had disappeared as I turned to head towards Pamela’s wagon. She was sitting up with Gwen and I grinned to see both breast feeding the babies. I created a chair and sat beside the bed, “did you do a regen spell?”

She grinned, “Yes and I’m as horny as Gwen.”

I smiled and reached out to caress one of my daughters, “they are beautiful.”

Pamela laughed, “and all they do is eat, sleep and poop.”

I grinned, “have you checked them?”

She smiled and nodded, “none with potential.”

I nodded, “ask Eve for a seeing.”

Pamela laughed, “They will be what they decide to be.”

I smiled as I stood, “But if we know what that will be, we can help them.”

I left and went to my wagon and opened the door to see Sofie and Tara in bed. I smiled and removed my robe, “done already or just hiding out?”

Tara grinned and Sofie looked curious. I moved onto the bed and gave her a soft but passionate kiss, “did the men make love okay?”

She grinned, “He was very nice and kept doing it until I came eight times.”

Tara laughed, “Mine was the same and very polite after you talked to everyone.”

I grinned and leaned over to give her a kiss. Tara pushed me onto my back and smiled at Sofie, “Our turn to take care of you.”

They moved around until one was on each side and then they started kissing and rubbing their bodies against me. I smiled and relaxed, caressing one or the other when I could. Sofie finally turned and straddled me as Tara guided my cock to her pussy. I slipped in easily and she wiggled and pushed down until I was all the way in. She sighed and started to rock back and forth, “I like feeling a man in me.”

Tara laughed and sat up beside her to kiss her and rub her nipples, “We all do.”

Sofie shuddered as her pussy tightened and then she grinned, “But now we get more.”

I laughed and reached between us to rub her hard, erect clit. Sofie keened and started to sing as she began shuddering. I smiled and kept fingering and rubbing her clit. She became erratic and spasmed as her pussy tightened. Tara held her up and grinned as she kept shaking. Sofie’s song seemed to weave through our minds but I stayed focused.

I glanced at the door when it opened and let my seed go. Sofie froze as warm cum gushed into her and then she started jerking with each large spurt. When I stopped cumming she sighed and slowly lay on me. Tara shook her head and turned to look at the crowd of men. She grinned, “one at a time please.”

They were shaking their heads as I kissed Sofie and moved her off me, “They are entranced Tara.”

I moved off the bed and summoned my robe before moving out of the wagon, “All of you look at me.”

I murmured and began a spell that made them sigh and shudder. I smiled, “I’m sorry my friends, I did tell you Sofie had been a siren.”

They chuckled and turned to go back to their wagons. Paige and Melody slipped under my arm and I gave them a hug before turning to go back in. I slipped my robe off and crossed to the bed and crawled on before giving Sofie a kiss. I turned and rolled as I grabbed Tara and she laughed as she ended up straddling me. I glanced at the door as Ash and Brook came in together. Tara positioned my cock and began thrusting back and forth, “is everyone full of cum?”

The girls laughed as they cuddled together in the big bed. Tara wiggled and twisted as she fucked me and then she started rolling her hips. I reached up and let magic sparkle and shock her nipples and she jerked and started to spasm. Paige laughed and reached between her legs to squeeze her clit. She thrashed and twisted around almost violently as she wailed and wet me.

Her pussy spasmed and rippled as it grasped my cock. She was fucking my cock erratically and continued to moan and shudder. Tiny flicking sparks kept bursting against her nipples and had spread under her breast and down to her pelvis. Tara was almost completely incoherent as she kept jerking and shaking while her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock.

It was a couple of minutes before she stiffened suddenly and wailed as my cock swelled and began jerking as cum erupted and spewed deep inside her. She was convulsing as warm cum pumped and spurted and sprayed before beginning to leak around my cock. I held her hips as I poured cum into her and after I was done she dropped onto me with a sigh.

I caressed her body as she lifted her hips and slid to one side. I dimmed the lights as the women shifted around and snuggled with each other. Paige put her head on my other shoulder and after awhile they were all breathing deeply as they slept.
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