(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
I woke early and looked at Paige moaning and rocking on me. She was still asleep as she kept pressing her pussy down to rub my hard cock. I shifted and pushed up with my hips and my cock pushed against her wet pussy. She groaned and pushed back to force my cock into her. I shifted and my cock sank deeper as she shivered. She fucked back and forth slowly as she continued to moan. Her pussy began squeezing my cock each time she sank it into her.

I turned to see Melody lifting her head and then one by one the other girls. Brook grinned and sat up to watch and Tara sat up behind her and put her arms and legs around her. Tara hugged her as she watched over her shoulder. Ash turned Melody and pulled her back against her as she reached around to cup a breast. Paige shifted and moved down more to push my cock completely into her.

She was still rocking slowly with my cock buried in her tight, warm pussy. She started to shudder harder and her pussy rippled and spasmed as it milked my cock. After several minutes she jerked and started convulsing, “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!”

She clutched at me as her body jerked and shook. She wet me as her pussy contracted and got tighter, “MAGE!”

I groaned and pulled her hips down as I began to spew a huge, gushing load of cum. She jerked hard and ground on me as warm cum pumped and flooded her pussy. It was a couple of minutes before she sighed and looked at me, “You could have woke me up first.”

The others snickered and she looked at them. Melody grinned, “You raped him in your sleep.”

Paige looked at me as she blushed and then giggled, “I was dreaming I was fucking him anyway.”

I kissed her and lifted her hips until my cock slipped out, “Showers.”

Everyone came to shower and I had to smile at Gwen. She looked tired and David had a large grin that wouldn’t leave. Pamela bumped my shoulder, “I think that young man has way to much stamina.”

I grinned, “Want to sleep with him tonight?”

She snorted and then laughed, I had Brook and Gwen watch as I brought spider webs and created new robes or fancy gowns for everyone. Pamela watched to and shook her head, “I never thought to use magic as easily as you and for everyday things.”

I nodded to Paige, “Set up the other wagons.”

After everyone left I looked at Pamela, “Ready to try the siren?”

She took a breath and nodded before wading out into the stream. I carefully crafted a ward shield along the edge of the stream. I watched Pamela murmur the spell that opened a portal and then began the spell to summon the siren. A moment later a siren poked her head through the portal and looked around. She slipped through and her long fish tail slapped the water of the stream.

Pamela closed the portal and moved closer slowly. She caressed the siren’s beautiful face before kissing her. I smiled as the siren sighed and tugged at Pamela’s silk robe. I gestured and the robe slipped off and floated towards me as Pamela pressed her body against the siren’s. They kissed and held each other before Pamela shook herself.

She cupped the siren’s full breasts before kneeling and sucking on a nipple. The siren shuddered and a hint of sound almost slipped through my ward shield. Pamela turned her and lifted before kissing down her body. The siren looked over her shoulder as Pamela opened her pussy and licked. Even from behind I saw the siren jerk and thrust back.

Pamela began licking and nibbling and there was a moan as the siren began to shudder. It was a minute before Pamela sucked in her clit and she screamed. She jerked and shook as Pamela slipped two fingers into the her and whispered a spell that created a large jar. She went back to licking the siren’s clit and fucking her fingers down into the her.

The siren began to convulse and then jerk back and forth. She stiffened and Pamela moved the jar as the siren started shuddering. She began to squirt a solid stream of cum that Pamela caught in the jar as she kept fucking her with her fingers. The siren jerked and shook and thrust back to spew another huge stream of cum. She was mouthing something but no sound came out. Pamela caught the third stream and the forth before the siren pulled away.

Pamela created a lid for the jar and murmured the spell for the portal. I watched but shook my head as the siren only lay in the shallow water shaking. I whispered a spell that blocked the smell and sound before wading into the stream. Pamela looked at me with wide eyes as I came near. I shook my head, “You let her keep cumming to long.”

I slipped my robe off and handed it to Pamela as I moved towards the siren and lifted her hips before shoving my cock into her cold slippery pussy. I fucked her with long, deep thrusts, it wasn’t long before she began singing. She swayed and thrust back as her pussy became warm. Her body shimmered and blurred as my cock fucked in and out.

A few minutes and her song was a cresting like waves. She was spasming and jerking as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. Her slimy pussy felt hot as the song broke and she screamed. She started convulsing and her scream turned into a wail. I didn’t slow as I continued to fuck her. I was almost pulling out before fucking back into her all the way. Soon she was trembling as her wail changed into a howl.

I buried my cock deep inside her and began to pump and spew a torrent of sperm. She stiffened and her whole body seemed to vibrate as she felt warm sperm flooding her. I spewed and spurted and pumped and then sighed and caressed her hips before pulling out. I lifted her and turned her as her body shifted and changed. She clung to me as she slowly became human. I stood and absently closed the portal. Pamela stared, “She’s human?”

I smiled and picked her up in my arms, “not many know a siren can become human. You started her change by taking the pleasure too far, if left like that they die.”

I whispered a spell that washed us both clean before I started walking. I dismissed the ward shield spell and the siren whimpered, “stay with me?”

I smiled as I carried her, “if you stay with me.”

She nodded and sighed, “I will miss the ocean.”

I gestured to the wagon and my chair squeezed out when the door opened. I looked at Paige, Melody and Ash, “What is your name?”

The siren caressed my face, “Sofie.”

Paige frowned as she came closer and I stood to embrace her and give her a kiss, “My mate, this is Sofie. Our project didn’t exactly work as planned.”

Paige grinned and looked at Sofie. I caressed her hip, “because she allowed herself to enjoy the human pleasures and let a human breed her, she has become human. She is pregnant Paige, I don’t know with how many yet. We will need to help her, teach her to walk and...”

Paige ignored me to bend and caress her face, “My mate was very good yes?”

Sofie looked at me and nodded and Paige grinned, “We are teaching the other men of the caravan. Would you like to help?”

Sofie hesitated and then smiled, “Human males are easy.”

Ash laughed as she stopped beside the chair, “All women in the caravan know that. The ones here we teach to please us.”

Sofie looked interested, “How?”

Brook laughed as she created a couple of chairs beside Sofie’s, “Well...”

I shook my head and turned to go find Pamela. She was beside the fire and looked at me as I stopped beside her. She glanced across at Sofie, “I made a mistake that could have killed.”

I smiled, “You made a human mistake and not a mistake of magic.”

Pamela looked at me and I nodded to my wagon, “If you read as much as I have and knew what would happen, the same thing could still happen. It was a delicate balance that should only be walked carefully. I picked sirens because they have become more numerous and losing one would not hurt them.”

Pamela sighed and lifted the completely full jar, “She sure came a lot.”

I grinned, “So did I.”

I sighed and glanced at the small crowd that was finally starting to gather. Paige had slipped a gown onto Sofie and moved the chair back beside the wagon so they could talk. Tara was helping Sasha by modeling a gown that kept shifting color. I sighed and murmured a spell ward around us. I summoned sand and melted it before creating a series of seven vials with glass tubes going from one to another.

Pamela was watching as I finished. I took her jar of musk and opened it. I carefully poured half into the first large vial before closing it and washing it clean. I nodded to Pamela, “First you need to shift your awareness to understand what the musk is.”

I watched as she nodded and frowned before whispering her spell. She leaned close and a few minutes later her eyes widened, “OH!”

I smiled, “Now we can begin. Heat the first vial while imbuing the musk and as the liquid condenses in the second start it and so on.”

Pamela grinned, “This I know.”

I watched as she speeded up the process and each vial filled with steam. As the last vial slowly filled I waited. I finally touched her shoulder, “Enough. Now concentrate on the essence and change it.”

Pamela nodded and whispered her spell and the vial shimmered as it vibrated. I smiled, “Now you need a stopper.”

She grinned, “So every woman around you doesn’t rape you.”

I nodded and used more sand to replace the last vial before cleaning the others. I poured what remained in the jar into the first vial and began to heat it. It wasn’t long before the last was full and I created a stopper. I melted everything else, destroying what had been used. Pamela frowned, “My master would have just scoured everything and cleaned it.”

I smiled as I finished and then turned the melted glass back into sand, “This is safer.”

Pamela smiled and nodded, “True.”

I glanced at my show wagon, “It looks like I have a show to do.”

She grinned, “I’ll show Jeremy what he needs to do.”

I dismissed the ward and started for the wagon, “Paige!”

She looked at me and grinned before telling Ash, Melody and Sofie. Brook was reading in a chair with a man floating around above her. She stood, “Master this... person demanded I let him fuck me.”

I glanced at the whimpering man, “the manticore hasn’t had a man in a long time. You could let her have him.”

I noticed a woman standing to the side with a satisfied smile on her face. Brook was looking at the man thoughtfully, “I don’t think he would satisfy her and you know what she ate last time that happened.”

I sighed, “You’re right.”

I looked at Ash ushering the people into the wagon, “is he married? You could use his wife while he watches?”

The watching woman stopped smiling and straightened. The man was nodding his head and Brook finally nodded, “That would work, I wanted a woman to test that new spell stone.”

I nodded, “Well, summon her and after the show you can use her and let him and the other men watch.”

I walked into the wagon and down to the stage. Paige and Melody had moved Sofie down to the first row and I smiled before stepping up onto the stage. The show went perfectly and even Sofie was convinced. As Paige walked off for the last time I glanced at the door to see Brook with the man and his wife.

She had been watching and pushed them down the isle. I had been playing along with her and when she reached the stage she snarled at the man, “Kneel!”

She pulled his wife onto the stage and came to whisper, “Would you believe that after I told her, she wanted to do it?”

I glanced at the woman and sighed, “did you get the spell stone from the other wagon?”

She pulled it out of her gown and I bowed and looked at the crowd before stepping down. Brook pulled the woman to the center of the stage, “witness this man’s wife paying for her husband’s disrespect of a mage!”

She released the spell stone and it floated in front of the woman, “touch it.”

I felt Brook weaving magic as she barely whispered. The woman touched the stone and the stage seemed to disappear. The crowd gasped to see the woman impaled on the dragon’s huge cock as it flew. She screamed and wailed as her body was jerked back and forth. Scene after scene unfolded with creatures taking the woman. When it stopped the man was sobbing as Brook moved in front of her. I felt Brook’s magic helping her recover.

She moved slowly off the stage and several women glared at Brook as they hurried forward. They led the woman away and I heard them whispering, the men left and I finally gestured to the lone man, “Never insult a mage again. Now leave before you face my punishment.”

He left slowly and Brook grinned as she came to stand beside me. Paige and Melody came to stand with us and Sofie cleared her throat, “The woman seemed to enjoy that.”

Paige, Melody, Ash and Brook all laughed and I bent to lift Sofie, “She enjoyed it very much but wanted her husband to suffer.”

I carried her out and Paige and the others went to the other wagon. Brook slipped inside to replace the spell stone and I set Sofie down beside the wagon where she could see and talk to the girls. I started walking around and talking to the others in the caravan. I slipped up behind Georgia and held her, “How is business?”

She looked back at me and smiled, “Slow.”

When I turned to look back, it was to see a crowd of women slipping into the wagon with Paige, Melody and Brook. Georgia turned in my arms and kissed me, “There are a few more men with Jacob then women. We usually travel together through the free states and winter with them.”

I caressed her hips, “your telling me because?”

She smiled, “Your girls will have more men to service.”

I kissed her softly, “Only if they choose.”

She nodded, “That is our way.”

A large man limped up, his lower leg heavily bandaged, “I was told you had a miracle potion that can regrow limbs or make cuts disappear?”

I let Georgia go and she bowed slightly to the man, “We have those potions sir but they are very hard to come by and...”

The man waved away her words, “I expect you to sell it for all my gold. I will pay a silver.”

Georgia snorted, “the price for the potion you want is a gold piece.”

He smiled, “And you will be gone long before I find that it doesn’t work.”

I laughed, “actually the price she told you isn’t for the magic in the potion. Its for the vapor brandy the magic is imbued in.”

The man looked at me and then at Georgia, “You have real vapor brandy and you wasted it on a cheap potion?”

She laughed, “No, the magic potion is real.”

The man looked around and then sat on one of her stools before slowly unwrapping the bandage. The pants leg had been cut open and the lower leg was ripped to the bone. The cut went from his knee to above his ankle. He looked at Georgia, “And it will it fix this?”

Georgia looked and then nodded and he looked at me, “How long?”

I grinned, “a few days maybe, just don’t be surprised if you want sex all the time.”

He grinned and then laughed before fishing out his pouch. I kissed Georgia’s cheek and crossed the camp to Gwen. She was with Abraham and he was having her read something beside David. I absently whispered a spell that shielded her and she stopped and shuddered. I caressed her cheek, “you are projecting. Keep a shield up.”

She nodded and I turned to Tara as she slipped her arm through mine, “these villagers are very cautious.”

I nodded and let her lead me towards Sasha. I smiled, “Does Sasha need my help?”

Tara grinned, “she’s horny.”

I hugged her, “And you aren’t?”

She shook her head, “Not really.”

I kissed her cheek, “Go sit with Sofie and rest then.”

She turned and walked towards the wagon as I walked into Sasha’s booth, “need something Sasha?”

She grinned and closed the chest she was looking into, “The women aren’t going to buy anything and I could use you.”

I took her hand and let her lead me to her wagon. As soon as the door closed behind us she slipped her dress off. She walked to the bed and turned as I followed and let my robe float to her clothes stand. I crawled onto the bed after her and she spread her legs as I leaned down to smell and then lick her pussy. I began to nibble and tease her clit and she started shuddering. I kept stopping to lick through her pussy and push my tongue up inside her.

She finally jerked and shuddered hard before covering her pussy with one hand and trying to pull me up her body with the other. I moved up and positioned my cock before pushing into her and kissing her. I started to fuck her with long strokes and Sasha lifted her hips to meet each thrust. She was holding me tight as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock repeatedly.

I buried my cock to kiss her as I pressed into her and humped and she groaned and started spasming. Her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock as it tried to milk the cum out of me. I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist as she kept thrusting against me. Every couple of minutes she would jerk and spasm as her pussy squeezed my cock.

She was wailing and howled as she bucked and thrashed around and finally I thrust into her and held her as I started to pump cum into her. Sasha jerked with the first warm spurt as it slammed into her and then she screamed and lifted her legs into the air, “YES!”

I held her as I finished pumping spurts of cum. I kissed her when I stopped cumming and slowly pulled out. I slipped off the bed and brought my robe to me. Sasha sighed and moved to follow me, “I think I am going to just pack everything up now.”

I grinned and left as she was dressing and saw there was barely anyone in the camp. I sighed and gestured to Paige. She squeaked as she floated towards me and the other girls laughed. I caught her in my arms, “Close up the wagons.”

She nodded and held me before giving me a kiss and slipping away. Pamela slipped her arm into mine, “There is something about these villagers.”

I nodded, “Perhaps a wards shield tonight would be in order.”

She looked at me and finally nodded, “You feel it too.”

I looked around, “Yes.”

She looked into the distance and nodded before letting me go and walking towards the fire. I sighed and walked across to lift Sofie in my arms, “How are you doing?”

She smiled, “it is strange here but the other women have shown me things I never understood.”

I smiled as I carried her to the benches beside the fire, “about sex?”

She nodded and then laughed delightedly, “and how much pleasure it can give.”

I glanced around to see the others closing up their stalls and coming to the fire. It was a moment before I saw the large man Georgia had sold the potion to. He was limping slightly as he walked back into camp and headed towards the fire. He looked around and walked towards me and stopped, “Your potion seems to be working so I thought it only fair to warn you.”

I glanced at the caravan master as he stopped beside me and then looked at the man. He looked around, “The village has werewolves.”

I frowned, it explained a lot. I looked at the man, “The cut on your leg?”

He shook his head, “A stupid accident with an axe.”

I nodded and summoned Pamela and Brook. It was a moment before both stopped beside us. I gestured to the man, “He just told us there are werewolves in the village.”

Brook hissed and Pamela straightened. I nodded to Brook, “Notify the council.”

She nodded and moved away. I looked at Pamela, “We’ll take turns tonight.”

She nodded and I looked at the man, “would you like to stay with us tonight?”

He frowned and gestured to the wagons, “How safe would it be?”

I smiled, “Since there is an arch mage and two full mages I would say safer then your house in the village.”

He nodded and hesitated before sticking out his hand, “I’m Brandon.”

I took his hand and then he shook hands with the caravan master. As master Tenaver took him aside to talk with Edgar, I touched Pamela, “We keep him in the school wagon and use a watch spell.”

She smiled and nodded before turning, “I’ll let all the women know.”

I sighed and looked around before murmuring the spell for a ward shield. I summoned the four griffins and told them what to watch for and to stay inside the wagons. I walked out and carefully crafted a ward shield around the animated animals. I sent the eagles up to search for rabbits or grouse and went back to summon my girls to me.

They looked at each other and I absently whispered a spell to help Sofie stand. I looked at each of them, “Do not leave the camp...”

Paige nodded, “Pamela told us...”

I gestured to stop her, “Quiet. Do not leave the camp. The man Brandon may or may not be infected. You are not to be alone with him. You are not to get close to him.”

Tara whispered, “It isn’t a full moon tonight.”

I looked at her, “A werewolf turns at the first full moon and after that it can change on any night.”

I sighed, “Brook will stand guard with Pamela and I tonight. The rest of you will stay in the wagon.”

I sent them to help the other women and looked at Brook as she walked to me. She sighed, “The council will be sending a few mages to ward shield the entire village and start a hunt. They asked that you make sure no one leaves before then.”

I sighed as I looked towards the village and shook my head. I thought and started a confusion spell and sent it to surround the village before setting a counting spell. I wasn’t surprised to find a couple of people missing. I murmured a spell to summon them back to the village before sitting. Mostly the villagers stayed away but a few came to the camp.

I let each into camp after warding them. The prey the eagles brought back kept the girls and women busy. The woodsman Brandon watched the eagles with a big grin. As darkness fell everyone slipped into their wagons. I stood with Pamela and Brook and took a breath. Pamela had already placed a watcher spell in the school wagon. I murmured another spell as they both watched carefully.

A full moon seemed to appear right above the camp. I sighed and glanced up before looking at the two, “That is only the visual manifestation.”

They nodded and we looked at the cloud like display that showed the inside of the wagon. The man was resting comfortably on the cot I had made. I sighed and looked at Pamela, “At least we know one is safe.”

She nodded and absently gestured and a comfortable chair appeared for her to sit in. I smiled and created two more. It was only a few minutes later that the howls began. I nodded as Brook jerked and Pamela smiled. I relaxed back into the chair, “They will come here.”

Pamela nodded and grinned, “We can use the water to hold them.”

Brook looked at her and then grinned, “Like floating embryo sacks.”

I nodded, “Use a thin outer crust of crystal.”

I whispered a spell that started bringing crystal to us and Brook and Pamela began merging it. The first attack against the wards brought the griffins to that side of the camp. I stood with Pamela and Brook and gestured, “This will be something to get our attention.”

I nodded to Brook and she looked out at the stream before summoning a solid stream of water. She formed a large hallow globe of crystal with the inside lined with water. She took a breath and started towards where the ward had been struck. A huge snarling wolf was struggling in the air. Brook gestured and the globe flew towards the wolf. Suddenly Gwen was beside me, I grabbed her and whispered, “Stay shielded and just watch.”

She nodded as Brook opened the globe and it swallowed the wolf. The globe closed and I turned as the ward shield was hit by several wolves behind us. Pamela jerked and then shivered, “Stupid wolves.”

I smiled as Brook walked back with the globe floating behind her. I held Gwen’s shoulder as her mother created another globe and put water in it. I nodded, “the water is enspelled to create air.”

Gwen looked at me and went with me as we walked to the other side of the camp. The three wolves snarling in the air howled when they saw us. I put Gwen’s hand on my shoulder, “Just watch.”

I formed another globe as Pamela captured one of the wolves. I filled the crystal with water and enspelled it. I sent it towards one of the other wolves and opened it to capture the wolf. I jerked slightly when the ward shield was struck several more times. I nodded to Gwen, “You saw how it was done.”

Brook set her captive down and summoned more crystal. Pamela brought her’s back to rest beside the other as Gwen took a breath and began to form her crystal globe. Brook melded the crystal and created another globe as Pamela started another one as well. Gwen brought water from the stream and I watched her craft her spell before she sent the globe to capture one of the wolves.

I nodded as she brought it back and almost absently crafted another globe and filled it before turning to walk to the other side of the camp. I sent the globe out to catch one of the four wolves snarling there. Brook and Pamela joined me and then Gwen with a newly formed globe. We set all the globes together and sat down to wait. Brandon was sitting on his cot and looking at the door as he held his dagger.

It was midnight when the council mages appeared and by then the eight werewolves were just crouching and staring. The mages walked to the edge of the ward shield and waited. I opened the shield and they came in and looked at the crystal globes. One pulled out a potion and murmured a spell that made it grow and double until he had enough.

He sent a little into each globe and the werewolves started screaming and writhing around as they began to change. They murmured and a portal appeared before they sent the globes through and nodded to me as they followed them. I looked at the watcher spell to see Brandon watching from the door, I looked at school wagon and he finally walked out. I turned and kissed a tired looking Gwen, “Go to bed.”

She yawned and Brook smiled as she reached out and took her hand. They walked back to our wagon and I turned to Brandon. He stopped in front of Pamela and I, “Was that all of them?”

I nodded, “The mages swept the village for any that may have been bitten.”

Pamela gestured to the full moon, “The spell would force any werewolf to change.”

He looked up and frowned as he turned to look at the horizon where a half moon was just coming up. I kissed Pamela’s cheek, “Go to bed, I’ll watch for the rest of the night.”

She grinned and reached for Brandon’s hand, “Since he is regenerating I’ll help take care of his needs.”

I grinned as he looked surprised and followed as she pulled him after her. I walked to the chair I had made and sat before leaning back. I was barely relaxed when Paige slipped out of the wagon and came to sit in my lap, “Gwen said it was over.”

She wiggled and then lifted up and opened my robe before lifting her dress. She positioned my cock and slowly impaled her pussy before sighing and leaning against me, “I was afraid for you my mage.”

I cupped her breasts through her dress as her warm pussy squeezed my cock, “There was nothing to worry about my young mate.”

Paige sighed, “We will be joining Jacob soon.”

I glanced at her and she smiled, “He wanted to bed and breed me.”

I kissed her and relaxed, “He is to late.”

She shuddered and began to rock slowly, “Could a werewolf fight the change spell Gwen told me about?”

I started rubbing her nipples, “no.”

Paige turned her head and kissed me, “Then come to bed.”

I caressed her body, “Tomorrow my mate. We pulled all those that were in the village but there may have been another outside the village. The one that started it.”

She groaned and started rocking and thrusting harder. Her pussy grasping and squeezing my cock as she started to become erratic. The feel of her warm pussy sliding up and down my cock felt very good. I kept caressing her as she jerked and started convulsing. She was a lot wetter as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. The fourth times she began to convulse and jerk I held her down as my cock throbbed.

Paige shuddered and looked at me as I closed my eyes and began to pump gushing spurts of cum. She pushed down and grunted as cum began spewing against and into her womb. She kept shaking and groaning as I flooded her pussy and finally slumped against me when I stopped. I held her and caressed her body, “Go back to bed.”

She sighed and turned her head to kiss me before slowly standing. I watched her walk back to the wagon before turning my head to look at the nearest griffin. He seemed to smile and nodded before turning to look into the night. I stood and fixed my robe as I followed his look and saw the glowing eyes. I gestured and murmured a freezing spell as the huge wolf spun and started to run.

It only got a dozen feet before being caught. I created another crystal globe and sent it out to capture the werewolf. After I brought it back I absently opened the portal to the location the council mages had used and sent the globe through. I whispered a seeker spell that followed the globe to tell the mages about the new globe and sat back in my chair and relaxed.
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