(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
I woke early and slipped out of bed and crossed to sit in my chair to think. It was an hour before I rose to wake the girls and lead them out for our morning shower. The camp woke slowly and everyone got ready to move. As we got back on the road the girls walked beside the wagons in the cool morning air. I smiled when I saw a young Teresa strutting along and teasing them.

I summoned clear crystal and began making a large orb. I used beautiful scenes from my memories to fill it and a little later Teresa climbed onto the wagon beside me. I smiled at her and set the orb aside, “How are you feeling today?”

She grinned, “Horny.”

I grinned, “Jeremy can help with that.”

Teresa laughed as she lifted her dress and pulled it off, “He can’t get me pregnant though.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “riding to many horses when he was younger.”

She lifted my robe and turned to straddle me. I laughed and gestured and she was lifted into the air. I spread her legs and lifted them as I pulled her against my hard cock. She grinned and lay back on the air as I rubbed her very wet pussy. I lifted her slightly and pushed into her tight pussy. Teresa shuddered and groaned as her pussy squeezed my cock.

I caressed her hips before whispering a spell. Teresa gasped as lightning flickered around her nipples. What she saw and felt changed until she was looking at the giant between her legs with his huge cock stretching her pussy obscenely. I began moving her and she screamed as the huge cock fucked deep into her belly. Her clit rubbed along the cock making her jerk and spasm.

I was pulling out of her before thrusting back in and she was convulsing as she wailed and spasmed. She kept squirting cum on me as I fucked her. The giant’s huge hands kneaded her breasts and squeezed the nipples as his thick cock bottomed out in her. Teresa tossed her head and groaning as her body shook uncontrollably.

The monster kept fucking into her and she jerked with each thrust. She was almost continuously cumming and kept squirting as she howled and wailed. It was almost thirty minutes before I thrust into her and held her impaled as I began to spew a huge torrent of cum. Teresa screamed as the giant began pumping hot sperm deep in her.

She jerked and thrashed around as he held her and flooded her. It was a couple of moments before I stopped cumming and released the spell. Teresa sighed and then began laughing, “That was great mage. I may have to visit Paige and use her spell stone.”

I smiled and rubbed her pelvis as my cock continued to throb in her tight pussy. I murmured a keeping spell before lifting her off my cock and slipping her dress back on her. Jeanne was walking beside us with all the other women and grinned up at her mother. Teresa sat up in my lap and kissed me, “Thank you.”

I caressed her and let her move off me before looking down, “Gwen, come up here. I have a few tasks for you.”

As Teresa climbed down Gwen climbed up and a moment later so did Paige. She sat in my lap as I began showing Gwen how to animate the images in the orb I had made. It was awhile before she managed to control what she was doing.

Paige was leaning against me and finally turned to kiss me passionately. She looked at the orb, “could you create a scene of each woman that uses the spell stone and make it like this one so it slowly goes from woman to woman? We could use it to draw men in.”

I cupped her breast, “Bring me the stone.”

She shuddered and grinned while wiggling on my lap. I gestured and she lifted to float to the ground. I looked at a grinning Gwen and she reached over to rub my cock. I shuddered and took the orb from her, “Go see the caravan master to scratch that itch.”

She laughed and leaned against me to kiss me before climbing down. Pamela was climbing up as her daughter headed towards the front on the caravan. She grinned, “Brook told me about a spell you did last night.”

I smiled and pulled her against me, “If you look in my bookshelf you will see journal twenty four.”

She nodded and relaxed, “I have been watching your eagles while they hunt.”

I grinned, “today is a fowl day so they have been bringing mostly water fowl.”

Pamela smiled, “How do you keep them animated?”

I looked up at the eagles, “The sun.”

She followed my look and frowned, “But...”

I sighed, “A small yellowish red book on the top shelf will explain.”

Pamela glanced at Paige as she climbed up, “Might I join you when we stop for the day?”

Paige sat beside her and leaned close to kiss her cheek, “I’ll send him to your wagon.”

Pamela grinned and kissed her back before moving around and climbing down. I gestured and stripped Paige before she turned to straddle me as my robe slid up and out of the way. I sighed as my cock slowly impaled her tight pussy and I caressed her hips before taking the spell stone. I summon clear crystal and blended it into another orb.

I felt the spell stone and used the echos left by each woman. Paige selected which scene or creature the woman was fucking and I carefully imprinted it in the orb. There were way more women than I expected. Slowly Paige began to shake and tremble as her pussy rippled and milked my cock. When she became incoherent I stopped and moved the stones aside.

I held her and thrust her back and forth to fuck her and she finally screamed and thrashed around. She jerked and shook as I let myself go and started to pump cum up into her. She began wailing as my sperm continued to pump and flood her pussy. When I stopped cumming she was still twitching and shuddering. I held her and a couple of minutes later she sighed.

I glanced at Gwen as she climbed up beside us and lifted Paige before sitting her back on my lap. I pulled the spell stone and orb back and we went back to choosing scenes. When I finished, I sealed the orb temporarily and let Paige have it. After she left I relaxed and looked at Gwen, “Put the new spell in your journal and come back.”

She nodded and jumped down as I turned and began creating more charms and enchantments. Brook climbed up and waited until I was done. She grinned, “Can you show me how you animated the animals?”

I glanced at a pile of small dead sticks we were passing and summoned a couple. I melded them together as Brook watched and carefully shaped some of the wood into a small sparrow. I looked at Brook, “You do one.”

She nodded and smoothly created a small finch. I nodded and looked at my sparrow and dyed the body a light blue, the wings an emerald green and the head a bright red. I dyed the feet a gold color and the beak a blonde white color. I looked at Brook and she grinned and made the body of her finch yellow, the head red and the wings orange and the feet and bill were a solid black.

I nodded, “Now for the hard part.”

I began to animate the sparrow with spells like those on the eagles. When I finished the sparrow spread its wings and began singing. Brook was wide eyed but finally nodded, “I think I followed that.”

She took a deep breath and began to weave her spells into the finch. We she finished she held her breath and the finch shuddered and the began singing. Brook grinned and I nodded, “you change the regeneration spells for land animals, I use regular vegetation. They eat like any other animal but unlike other animals they can eat anything.”

I gestured to the phoenixes above us, “In some cases you need to add something. The phoenixes regenerate by the sun but need wood to regenerate their physical body too.”

Brook looked up and then shook her head, “I never thought I would do things like this.”

I nodded, “You are more then strong enough and just need someone to guide you. Go put the spells in your journal and finish the book you were reading.”

She grinned and kissed me before climbing down. As the sun rose higher the girls began moving from wagon to wagon. Tara climbed up with Ash and grinned as she leaned against me, “We divided the men up today.”

I grinned and murmured a spell that slipped ash’s dress off. Ash laughed and pulled Tara around and into a passionate kiss. I cupped Tara’s breast, “enjoy the sex Tara. When you are further along it will slow or stop. With six babies you will need to relax more and stay in bed as much as you can.”

She turned to cup my face before kissing me softly, “Teresa already told me.”

I grinned, “Teresa may end up sharing that bed if she has a litter too.”

Ash laughed, “Her tummy is bulging. She said tomorrow she is fucking each of the men and we don’t get any.”

I grinned and lifted Tara onto my lap as I shifted my robe out of the way. She lifted my cock and slowly impaled herself. Her pussy was warm and slippery as she wiggled to push it deeper. Ash moved over next to us and leaned against me, “Do me too.”

I leaned over to kissed her before murmuring the spell. Tiny flickering lightning danced around both of them and Ash shuddered and spread her legs as she leaned back. I glanced at Pamela as she walked beside the wagon and gestured to lift her. I removed her dress as she turned and Ash moved over. Pamela was grinning as she settled on the seat beside me.

I whispered a spell and she shuddered and reached to her pussy. She gasp and bent to look as her small clit grew and thickened. She shuddered when she wrapped her hand around it and stroked it. I grinned and gestured to Ash who lifted up and turned to straddle her backwards. Pamela’s large thick clit pushed into Ash and she spasmed as it sank into her.

I leaned over to kiss a shuddering Pamela and then let Tara begin to rock. She jerked as she felt my cock slipping in and out and started thrusting back and forth. Ash howled as she felt Pamela’s thick clit fucking deep into her. Pamela gasped and started jerking and thrusting in and out of Ash. I touched Pamela and she arched her back and wailed as she felt my cock and her clit as if they were fucking deep in her pussy.

Brook climbed onto the seat beside Pamela, “Can I join in?”

I laughed and summoned Gwen who was already naked and fingering her pussy. I stripped the dress from Brook as Tara, Ash and Pamela were spasming and howling. I whispered the spell to enlarge her clit as Gwen straddled her and kissed her hard. Brook screamed in her mouth as her clit grew larger and pushed into Gwen’s tight pussy. I expanded the other spells and a moment later they were all wailing as they felt a cock and two huge clit’s fucking them at the same time.

Tara was wildy thrashing around as she jerked back and forth. My cock slipping in and out as she began to squirt and convulse. Pamela was jerking erratically and kept thrusting her hips up to bury her clit deep in Ash and Ash was spasming uncontrollably. Brook was holding Gwen as she fucked up into her and Gwen was wailing as her body convulsed.

I finally thrust up into Tara and held her impaled as I began to pump huge, gushing rivers of cum. They all screamed as they felt warm cum flooding their pussies and jerked as they felt each one erupting deep inside them. I released the spells and held Tara as they continued to twitch and jerk for a couple of minutes. Pamela finally laughed, “My god that was amazing.”

The others grinned and Tara turned to kiss me, “Thank you master.”

I let them dress and relaxed as they left. It was early afternoon when we came to the next town. Paige and Melody slipped into costume and after checking with me, Gwen, Brook, Ash and Tara used one of their costumes too. The town people stared in awe as we went through. The open grassy area on the other side of the town was beside the now wide shallow stream.

I had Gwen summon the river stones for the fire platform and had Brook do the spell for the fire. Pamela was standing with me and watched with a grin. I walked to the stream and built a stone floor for our showers in the morning and Pamela sent out the camp wards. The four griffins sat at the four corners of the camp to watch as we set up the wagons. As dinner was started Paige came to pull me towards Pamela’s wagon. I grinned and turned her, “I already...”

She put her finger on my lips, “In her bed and do it right, no magic.”

I shook my head and opened the door. Pamela turned from a rich cherry wood bookshelf and grinned. I let my robe slip off and float to an elegant clothes stand, “My mate said I was to do it right and not use magic.”

She smiled as her robe floated off and went to drape over mine. She walked to me with a sway to her hips, “without magic can be fun.”

I put my arms around her and kissed her softly. She sighed and leaned back to look into my face, “For a powerful arch mage you are strange.”

I backed her to the bed and sat her down before kneeling, “Didn’t you know, all arch mages are different and strange.”

Pamela grinned as she lay back, “but not all arch mages let their non magical mate tell them what to do.”

I laughed before leaning in and licking through her pussy. She shuddered and spread her legs more as her hips lifted. I nibbled on her clit and looked up her shivering body. I smiled and licked her again and pushed my tongue into her moist, velvety hole. I nibbled on her inner lips before moving back to her clit. Pamela was shaking and jerking as her hips kept lifting.

I teased her clit and sucked before carefully taking it between my teeth and humming. She screamed and spasmed as she squirted and jerked around. I went back to licking her and teasing her clit as she shook. It was a few minutes before she covered her pussy and wiggled all the way onto her bed. I smiled and followed her and moved between her legs.

I kissed her and then lifted up and pushed with my hips. Pamela groaned as my cock pushed into her and I began to fuck deeper. She put her arms around me as her hips lifted to meet mine. Her pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered before putting her feet over my legs. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and shaking as her pussy rippled and milked my cock.

I kept fucking her with long, slow, deep thrusts, pressing against the back of her pussy. Pamela started spasming and then jerking as her pussy tightened. Soon she was bucking and thrashing around while wailing, I was burying my cock and grinding against her. When she sighed and began to relax I started fucking her with hard, deep thrusts. She shuddered hard and then screamed as she convulsed and twisted around under me.

She wet me several times as she jerked and shook. I slowed to long thrusts and she finally began to calm down. I kissed her and fucked her hard again and started grinding against her. She wrapped her legs around me as she clung to me and howled, “FFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK!”

I didn’t slow when she spasmed and started having a seizure. I was planting my cock nice and deep and finally shuddered with her as I began spewing cum. Pamela screamed as she felt warm sperm filling her and kept shuddering as her pussy milked the cum out of my cock. I jerked and shook as I pumped and spurted and finally sighed and just held her.

She shivered and shook me before giving me a kiss. I pulled out of her and moved off the bed and helped her up. We dressed and I led her out of her wagon for dinner. Teresa moved around the fire platform easily and I smiled as I sat with Jeremy, he grinned, “She is very happy.”

I smiled and nodded and watched Pamela move to help Gwen and Paige. It wasn’t long before plates were passed around and tiny cups of strong tea were handed out. Ash sat down and leaned against me, “All the men were horny today.”

I grinned, “I thought you divided them up?”

She giggled, “We did and got fucked over and over.”

I laughed and kissed her before sending my plate and cup to the large tub of water. They washed themselves and floated to Sasha as she was putting others away. I gestured to Gwen, Paige, Melody, Tara and Brook before I pulled Ash up. I grinned as the girls all giggled and laughed. I walked to the river and summoned stones and melted them together into a huge tub.

I floated it over beside the fire platform and then filled it with clear water from the stream. I grinned as I whispered a heating spell and then absently stripped all the girls as they floated to the tub. They all sighed and shuddered as they slid into the hot water and I turned to the others, “Anyone want to join us?”

The other women laughed as they stopped what they were doing to strip on the way to the tub. I removed my robe and slid into the water and sat back. Jill slipped onto my lap and lifted my cock before slowly pushing down, “Your girls drained Edgar.”

I glanced at him and he grinned, “Several times.”

The women laughed as Jill began to slowly thrust back and forth as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples, “I guess I could help you.”

She laughed and turned her head to kiss me. She caressed my face, “You do that whenever we ask anyway.”

The women laughed again and the men chuckled. I hugged Jill, “How could I ever say no?”

She wiggled and sighed before going back to fucking me. I let one hand move down under the water to start rubbing and caressing her pussy and clit. She shuddered and spread her legs as her pussy rippled and tightened. Edgar moved to sit beside us and leaned over to kiss his mate. She shuddered and groaned before beginning to spasm.

She started to thrust back and forth harder and faster. I slipped a finger inside her with my cock and she stiffened before going wild. She jerked and thrashed around as her pussy spasmed and kept squeezing. She was howling and wailing and I finally pulled her back and down and held her as I began to spew cum into her. Jill screamed as she felt my warm sperm pumping into her and clung to Edgar.

When I stopped cumming she continued to jerk and twitch for a couple of minutes. I held her until she sighed and turned her head to kiss me, “Thank you mage.”

I laughed, “Your welcome.”

She slowly lifted off my cock and moved onto Edgar’s lap. The caravan master cleared his throat, “At the next village we meet Jacob’s caravan. Like usual we will travel together as we head into the free states.”

He looked at me and bit his lip, “If possible I would like for you to fix their wagons.”

I smiled, “for a price.”

He looked at me and I shrugged, “Isn’t that your way?”

He grinned, “Yes.”

I looked at Gwen, “Tonight you will sleep with David.”

She grinned as David stood and moved to sit beside her. I nodded and looked at Pamela, “I need her satisfied tomorrow when I...”

Pamela grinned, “I know.”

I looked at Brook, “I want you to watch everything I do for the show. It is mostly illusion but you need to watch the details.”

She smiled, “yes master.”

I nodded and looked at Pamela, “You wish to learn?”

She raised an eyebrow, “What?”

I gestured to the river, “Tomorrow I will watch. I want you to summon a Siren through a portal.”

Her eyes widened and she looked at the men in the tub, “But...”

I held up a hand, “I will worry about the voice and smell, you need an ounce of her musk.”

She hesitated, “And then what?”

I grinned, “Send her away of course.”

Pamela grinned, “what are we doing with the musk?”

I gestured and Jeanne moved across the tub and onto my lap, “We are going to split it and save half. The other half I will talk you through distillation and transmution into a base to attract women.”

She grinned, “You have enough women.”

I cupped Jeanne’s firm breasts, “Not for me Pamela. To use as a base for one of Jeremy’s scents.”

I grinned at Jeremy, “a scent for men to attract women.”

Pamela grinned and then laughed, “And the other half?”

I smiled and began fingering Jeanne, “Distilling it for a woman’s perfume.”

Jeremy laughed, “Just warn me so I can make sure the bottles are sealed.”

Jeanne groaned and shuddered as I slipped a finger into her. I glanced at her and then back to Pamela, “Think you can do it?”

She laughed, “I’m still trying to think of how to get her to release the musk.”

I grinned and gestured to Jeanne and she floated up out of the tub. I turned her and Pamela slid over beside me. I rubbed Jeanne’s pussy, “A siren is much like a woman. When you get wet or aroused you release a musk.”

I rubbed Jeanne’s clit and teased it before looking at Pamela, “bring her to the surface of the water and caress her body as you kiss. You will be safe since they only eat men.”

I nodded to Jeanne, “you need her on her stomach. You lick her pussy and tease her clit like a normal woman. Slip two fingers into her and down behind the bone. It will feel exactly like a woman’s.”

Pamela reached out to rub a moaning Jeanne’s clit before slipping two fingers into her. She smiled a moment later and Jeanne gasped and began spasming. I smiled, “rub her clit and finger that soft spongy spot with your fingers, just be ready when she cums because she will spray her musk.”

Pamela continued to finger and rub Jeanne and a few minutes later her body arched as she howled and squirted a large stream of cum. Pamela grinned and leaned closer to lick her pussy before pulling her fingers out. Everyone was chuckling as Jeanne moaned and shivered. I lowered her back to my lap, straddling me but this time guided my cock to her pussy. I settled her and looked at Pamela, “Make sure you have a large bottle in case she sprays a lot of musk.”

She grinned, “It should be fun.”

I nodded, “Just remember to send her away before going to far or before she recovers.”

Pamela nodded as she sat back. I kissed Jeanne, “How is my baby?”

Jeanne grinned and kissed me hard as her pussy squeezed my cock, “She is doing fine.”

I caressed her hips and sides as she began to rock. Jeremy cleared his throat, “How much will an ounce of this musk distill down to?”

Jeanne’s pussy was spasming and milking my cock as she kept kissing me and rubbing her body against mine. I shivered and glanced at him, “If I distill it to essence it will be reduced to a tenth of an ounce.”

He frowned and Pamela laughed, “One drop of Siren musk would draw every male within a mile.”

I caressed Jeanne’s shuddering back as her pussy tightened, “You add one drop of essence to an once of perfume.”

Jeremy grinned, “I’ll have to give them a warning.”

I held Jeanne’s hips and thrust her back and forth as she jerked and shook. Brook sat beside Jeremy, “Warn the women that if they use to much they will have every man near her trying to rape her.”

Everyone chuckled and Jeanne clutched at me and spasmed. I held her and nodded to Jeremy, “If the man uses to much he will have the same thing happen.”

I shuddered as Jeanne started convulsing and Pamela touched me and whispered a spell. I recognized it and let her finish as I pulled Jeanne’s shaking body down. My cock swelled as I felt a tingling in my balls and then I was pumping huge, gushing torrents up into her. She howled as she felt cum pumping strongly into her and her body spasmed almost violently.

I shuddered as I pumped and spewed spurts of cum and Jeanne convulsed as it flooded her and poured out around my cock. When I finished cumming I held her until she sighed. I hugged her and gave her a kiss, “How is my baby?”

She grinned, “Swimming in sperm right now.”

I grinned and let her slowly stand and move over to sit back in the warm water. We talked and slowly everyone climbed out and headed towards their wagons. After the sun slipped away I stood and let the water drain from the stone tub back into the river. I picked up my robe and headed to my wagon, all the girls had already gone ahead of me.

They were snuggled together on the bed as I tossed my robe into the hamper and dimmed the light. I slid into bed beside Paige who turned and crawled onto me. She straddled me and put her head on my shoulder with a sigh. I grinned and caressed and rubbed her before relaxing.
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