(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
I woke as a body crawled onto mine and stroked my cock. I opened my eyes to see a frustrated looking Gwen. I sighed and gestured and she lifted up and straddled my body. I held my hard cock up and rubbed it through her pussy before letting her down to be impaled. She sighed and shuddered as her wet pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock.

I cupped and kneaded her breasts as she began to rock and thrust almost desperately. Brook shifted and reached out to rub and caress her pelvis and tummy, “slowly Gwen.”

Gwen groaned and shuddered, “But...”

Brook rubbed her clit, “you have a cock inside you. Go slow and savor it.”

I tugged on her nipples, “Today you will go to Tara when the urges hit and she will find a man for you.”

She groaned and spasmed as her wet pussy tightened. Paige lifted up from holding Melody and moved to straddle me behind Gwen, “I talked to the caravan master and he wants to fuck you.”

Gwen shook as she rocked on me erratically. She began shaking as I started thrusting up into her. It wasn’t long before she was incoherent and her pussy was grasping my cock hard. I held her down as my cock began to swell and then I was spewing a huge fountain of cum up inside her. She stiffened and then began twisting and thrashing around as she felt warm cum flooding her.

I pumped and spurted and spewed until I was done and then Gwen sighed and slowly lay on me. Her mother cleared her throat and I turned my head to see her sitting in my comfortable chair. She smiled, “That was well done.”

I caressed Gwen as she sighed and Paige laid down beside us and pulled her off and against her. Pamela stood and let her robe drop as she crossed the wagon and moved over Tara and Brook before straddling me like her daughter had. She smiled as she stroked my slimy cock, “I hope you don’t mind but it has been a long time.”

She lifted my cock and slowly sat on it. Her pussy was tight and warm and she sighed and shivered before leaning forward and beginning to rock. It wasn’t long before my cock was buried as she shuddered and groaned. She looked at me for a minute and then put her hand over her pelvis to whisper a spell. I smiled and reached up to caress her breasts, “You could end up with a lot of babies that way.”

She began to rock and thrust as her wet almost hot pussy contracted. She smiled as she looked at Gwen, “we wanted more children but things... always seemed to get in the way.”

I caressed down her body as Gwen and Paige watched and covered her pelvis. I felt within and sighed before murmuring a keeping spell. Pamela groaned and spasmed and began convulsing. Her pussy rippled and contracted as she jerked and shook. I pulled her down and shifted around until she was under me. I began fucking her with deep thrusts.

It wasn’t long before her sighs became deep moans and as my cock began fucking deeper she screamed. She started convulsing and thrashing around as her pussy tightened. Her legs were kicking in the air as she lifted them and continued to wail. I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and Pamela only jerked and spasmed harder as she kept howling.

It was a long time before I thrust into her and grunted as I began spewing huge, gushing torrents. Pamela stiffened and lifted her hips, “YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!”

I shuddered as I filled her womb and it expanded to make her pelvis bulge. I pulled out and moved over as she kept shuddering and twitching. I cupped a breast and bent my head to suck on a nipple. I caressed her pelvis before moving off the bed. I walked towards the door as the girls struggled out of bed. Everyone in the caravan was there as I began the morning showers.

Pamela actually grinned as she turned Gwen and began washing her. I summoned more dead grass and leaves and spun them into soft cotton gowns and robes. I stopped at Jeanne’s to enchant her three painting as her customers waited. We closed up the wagons and began harnessing the animals. When we started off it was around the city walls with the people looking out to watch us pass.

I had Tara and Ash sitting beside me, Paige and Melody were riding the show wagon and Brook was on our other wagon. By the time we were completely around the city I was summoning sticks and limbs as both Tara and Ash slipped off the seat. I glanced at Brook as she climbed up and a minute later Gwen was too.

I smiled as I went back to what I was doing and a moment later Brook was copying me. It took Gwen a little longer but she finally managed it. An hour later Gwen shivered and absently rubbed her pussy, I smiled and summoned Tara. She walked up beside the wagon and I gestured to lift Gwen and send her floating down. She grinned and took Tara’s hand as she started for the front of the caravan. Brook chuckled, “At least she is safely pregnant.”

I reached out to touch Brook’s pelvis and looked into her face as I felt within, “Only twins.”

She grinned, “I know.”

I went back to making charms and enchantments and a little later Gwen returned grinning. She climbed up and sighed as she sat down. She watched what I was doing with the small stones and began to copy me. Brook laughed, “See how much easier it is if you relax.”

Gwen grinned but didn’t stop. Young David came riding by on one of the griffins and I shook my head at how they were becoming more real and interacting with the caravan. I let Brook and Gwen take a break and even before they had climbed down Georgia was climbing up the other side. She grinned and lifted her dress as she sat beside me, “I’m horny mage.”

I smiled and pulled her closer before slipping a finger through her wet pussy. She groaned and shuddered and leaned against me. I opened my rode and gestured to her dress and it slipped off. She turned and straddled me and positioned my cock before slowly sitting. I cupped her breasts as she began to rock and fuck my cock. Her wet, slippery pussy started squeezing me as soon as I was inside her.

I shuddered as she began fucking me harder and my cock started hitting her cervix. She began jerking and thrashing around as she wet me. Her pussy seemed to contract and she let out a long moan. I held her hips and began thrusting up into her and she stiffened before jerking and shaking harder.

I pulled her down on my swelling member and then started pumping cum into her. Georgia jerked and spasmed as she felt warm cum gushing into her and leaned against me with a groan. I held her and caressed her naked body until she sighed and shivered one last time. She kissed me softly, “Thank you mage.”

I hugged her and let her stand and move over before I gestured and slipped her dress back on her and she climbed down. I glanced down a little later to see Pamela smiling up at me before she climbed up. She sat and sighed, “This is much better then before Darius interrupted our life.”

She smiled at me, “Gwen showed me some of the charms and enchantments you taught her.”

I nodded, “Tonight she won’t enjoy sitting down and writing all of it down though.”

Pamela laughed, “maybe not.”

She looked at me, “May I look through your books later?”

I smiled, “of course.”

She leaned over to kiss me and then swung off and dropped to the ground as Brook and Gwen both came back. I was having them make bolts of spider silk and regular cloth when the bandits attacked. We were moving through a patch of forest when they came out of the brush. What they didn’t expect was the four huge griffins, the eagles, the phoenixes and the mages.

The eagles and phoenixes screamed as they dove. I threw lightning one way while Brook threw a ball of fire another. Gwen panicked like most young mages, she threw a ball of pure energy that crackled and spun lightning as it arched through the air. It exploded when it hit a man and sparkling energy reached out for two more rushing past.

I threw up a barrier around the caravan to keep the bandits away as explosions and screams came to me from the behind where Pamela was. As quick as it started it was over, men lay smoking or sprawled on the ground. I calmed Gwen before dropping to the ground and moved forward.

The only one hurt seemed to be the bandits, although Abraham did have a nasty cut, but that was from his own dagger. The caravan master was shaken but grinned, “you earned your keep this day mage.”

I grinned and slapped his shoulder before heading towards my wagon. The rest of the day was spent keeping Gwen focused and making stone necklaces. Brook was amused and worked on other charms or enchantments. Tara, Paige, Melody or Ash kept making trips back and forth along the caravan. Tara even took Gwen a couple of times to visit David, Tony and Edgar.

Our camp that night was beside a smaller stream in a small grassy meadow. I had Brook and Gwen watch as I created the fire platform. Pamela was watching and kept nodding and smiling, she disappeared into my wagon after that. Sasha slipped her arm through mine when I finished, “I want to thank you for the new bolts of cloth.”

I smiled as she pulled me after her and into her wagon. I slipped my robe off and Sasha undressed on her way to the bed. She grinned before turning and bending over. I walked up behind her and caressed her hips and then down between her legs as she shivered. I pushed her forward onto her bed and pushed my cock into her pussy as she put her head on the bed.

Her pussy was almost hot and tightened around my cock as I began to fuck her. She was slick and my cock pushed all the way into her. When I pulled back she groaned as her pussy squeezed me. I whispered a spell and Sasha shuddered as invisible hands caressed her body as I kept fucking her. I used long, deep thrusts and she continued to push back.

I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and she started jerking and convulsing as her pussy got wetter. I slowed and used long strokes that made her stiffened before jerking and spasming. I pulled out of her and rolled her over before spreading her legs and lifting them. I pushed into her and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. I pressed and humped against her each time I thrust in.

Sasha stiffened and then began to thrash around and convulse. I started to fuck her a little harder as she squirted and began bucking as she howled. I finally thrust into her and started gushing torrents of cum. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy was filled and cum began leaking out. It was a minute before I stopped cumming and pulled out. Sasha sighed and let her legs drop to the bed. I caressed her pelvis and hips and she smiled, “Thank you my mage.”

I bent and kissed her before standing as my robe wrapped around me. Dinner was almost ready when I sat down beside the fire platform and summoned small sticks. I built a fire and summoned Brook. She came from helping with dinner and I nodded to the fire, “can you change it to ice?”

She grinned, “You write the explanations so they make sense.”

She murmured the spell and the small flames flickered and froze. I was also watching the fire platform and her spell didn’t touch it. I nodded and gestured the frozen fire away and into the river. I smile, “Nicely done. Have you finished reading the book?”

She shook her head and I patted the stone bench beside me, “Finish it and I will give you another task.”

Brook smiled as she sat, “I never thought I could do something like the fire transmutation.”

I smiled, “You have the potential to be a very strong mage.”

I glanced across at Tara leading Gwen out of Jorge’s wagon. I gestured and she spun and squeaked as she and Gwen were lifted and floated towards me. Brook grinned and kissed my cheek as she stood and went back to helping with dinner.

I pulled Tara onto my lap and sat Gwen beside me. I cupped Tara’s firm breast and looked at Gwen, “In my wagon on the top shelf of the bookcase is a thin blue journal, it is blank. I want you to put your name on the binding and list the spells you have learned. You will give a detail description on how to do each spell. I will look at it tomorrow night.”

She frowned but nodded and I turned to kiss Tara, “Have you been taken care of?”

Tara smiled and kissed my cheek, “Yes and Gwen has too.”

I hugged her and let her go, “Both of you go help with dinner.”

I went looking for Paige and found her teasing David with Melody. I shook my head and gestured before turning to walk to our wagon. Paige was grinning as she floated through the door behind me. She had started stripping her clothes off even before the door closed. I dropped my robe and followed her to the bed before letting her drop.

I smiled as I moved between her legs and pushed into her cummy pussy. I kissed her as she put her arms around me and whispered a spell. To Paige she was impaled on the huge cock of a dragon. She wrapped her legs as I crouched and leaped into the air. She screamed as my huge cock stretched her pussy and pushed all the way into her.

Each stroke of my powerful wings plunged my cock into her as I flew higher. I began to spiral as I got higher and kept pumping my cock into her releasing pre cum that flooded her, making her pussy slimy. I flipped and dove for the ground as Paige howled and spasmed, her pussy squeezing and grasping at my plunging cock.

I turned the dive into a loop as I spun. I held her with my front legs as my cock fucked in and out of her jerking spasming body. I began to climb higher as she wailed and convulsed. She kept squirting cum as her pussy rippled around my cock. I started banking sharply and rolling as I fucked her. I roared and extended my head and reached for the sky.

I fucked her hard as I flew higher, it was much later that I breathed as huge fountain of flames as I buried my cock and began pouring hot cum into her belly. She jerked and screamed as she felt cum burning inside her. It was pouring out of her as her womb expanded and her belly began to bulge. I spun and dropped toward the ground far below as Paige clutched at me and whimpered.

I backed winged as I landed and the spell dropped away and I was between her legs with cum leaking out of her. I kissed her and she shuddered as I pulled out and lay beside her. She turned to look at me and then grinned and hugged me before rolling out of bed. I followed and chuckled as Paige stopped to look at the huge flood of cum that came out of her.

I gestured and the rest flowed out as she gasped and shuddered. I wrapped her in her dress and pulled on my robe. I took her hand as the cum seemed to evaporate and led her out. Dinner was rabbits from the eagles, Teresa, Sasha and Jeanne had done something so that it was one of the best meals I had ever eaten. I watched as Teresa moved around limping and frowned.

I barely glanced at Pamela as she sat beside me. I finally nodded and stood to murmur the spell for a ward shield. I began summoning items, Pamela gestured everyone back as I began to let magic flow into and through me. I created a small bottle beside a large beaker and began filling the beaker and extracting the waste. It was over an hour before I stopped.

I created a flame to heat the beaker and added a small spiraling glass tube that led back to the beaker. I poured magic through me and into the beaker. The beaker began to glow and fill with vapor. I whispered a last spell and the beaker was suddenly freezing cold and the flame was gone. I removed the tubes and gestured to pour a glowing rainbow into the small bottle.

I looked at the crowd of my family and gestured to Teresa. She looked at me for a minute and limped to me. I reached out and took the small bottle and handed it to her, “Drink it all.”

She frowned and looked from the bottle to me, “What will it do?”

I smiled, “Restore youth.”

Teresa looked at the bottle and slowly drank it. I waited until she was done and then took the bottle. I caressed her cheek, “You will feel a little tired soon. When you wake in the morning you will feel and be younger. I should warn you that there is a side effect. Be careful when you and Jeremy have sex. Your body will regenerate and you will release several eggs into your womb.”

She grinned, “you mean I could get pregnant?”

I smiled, “yes.”

Pamela laughed, “with a whole litter.”

Teresa grinned again and turned to Jeremy who was grinning. I created a mage fire to one side and sent the beaker and bottle into it. Pamela had spun to watch with wide eyes. (A mage fire is extremely dangerous and can take on a life of its own.) Once everything was destroyed I stretched, “Time for bed.”

I dismissed the fire and headed towards my wagon. Ash slipped under my arm as Gwen did the same on the other. I stripped when I came through the door and turned to Ash. I undressed her and turned to Gwen and then it was Melody’s turn. One by one the girls let me undress them. I grinned and turned to gesture and they all shifted around on the bed.

The magic that had flowed through me had made me very horny. I whispered a spell as I lifted each girls legs and spread them. I moved closer to the bed as my body seemed to shimmer and split. I moved over the girls and positioned my cock before pushing into them. I started fucking them slowly with long, deep thrusts. I felt warm tight pussy tightening and squeezing my cock.

They began groaning as their hips lifted to meet mine. It wasn’t long before I was thrusting against the back of their pussies. They were shuddering as I whispered spells and unseen hands caressed and teased them. Tiny lightning danced around their nipples and pelvises. I was fucking them harder with deep, firm thrusts. They moaned and cried out, screamed, howled and wailed.

Their wonderfully warm, wet pussies were spasming and milking my cocks as I banged on their wombs. It wasn’t long before they were all screaming and convulsing and having a seizure. I shuddered and fucked them hard for a couple of minutes before burying my throbbing cock. I held them tight as my cock swelled to almost twice its girth.

I jerked and jabbed deeper as I peed huge streams of almost hot cum. They howled and wailed and screamed as cum exploded into them and began flooding their wombs. I jerked and shuddered and kept pumping cum. When I was finished cumming they were all moaning and shuddering and twitching. I pulled out and gestured to move them all together on the huge bed. I banished the other spells as I slipped into bed exhausted and turned to hold Paige as the lights dimmed.
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