(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
With everything that had happened a large crowd filled the wagon. After the show I went to the river and summoned any dead trees that were close. I also summoned dead grasses, spider webs and sand. I moved to our wagon as city people moved through the camp.

I began spells that merged the dead trees and the wagon grew longer and a little wider. The sides slid out like on the other two wagons and sand melted into glass to fill wider windows and skylights. I gestured and the door opened and the room seemed to shimmer and double in size. The bed grew wider and new silk sheets slid into place. I shifted everything around as new standing closets grew and soft thick carpets wove together.

When I stopped and sighed and Brook chuckled, “I thought it would be hard but you weave the spells together to support each other.”

I turned and smiled, “Finished the scrolls?”

She grinned, “They are very enlightening.”

I nodded and gestured inside the wagon, “In my bookshelf is a large thin green leather bound book called minor transmutations of matter. Read it and tonight you will perform one of the spells for me.”

She bowed, “Yes master.”

I turned as Jeanne walked up, she caressed my chest, “I have two pictures done...”

I pulled her close and kissed her, “bring them and you can pay me later.”

She grinned, “I was hoping you would say that.”

She turned and walked back towards her wagon and I turned to watch Paige and Melody explaining something to Gwen. I sat in my chair and gestured across the camp at Tara who was talking to Jill. She was grinning as she floated towards me and men turned to watch her naked body. I pulled her onto my lap, “The new girl Gwen will need and crave sex. Stay with her and help her for the next couple of days.”

She caressed my chest as she glanced over my shoulder, “Why does she need sex?”

I cupped her breast and tugged on the nipple, “She is coming into her power late. The magic that she draws into herself will make her crave a man inside her.”

Tara shuddered and kissed me, “I will take care of her.”

I reached between her legs as she parted them, “how do you feel today?”

She shuddered as I rubbed her pussy, “Frustrated, the men are all busy.”

I grinned and kissed her before pushing her off my lap, “See Paige or Melody about using a booth.”

She looked into my lap, “You could help me.”

I laughed as a large man stopped and rubbed Tara’s butt, “What will it cost me, Doss?”

Tara turned to face him, “Since I am the mage’s concubine it would probably be your manhood.”

His face turned white as he looked at me, “I didn’t... I need to go see...”

He turned to rush off and I laughed, “Where is young David?”

Tara’s eyes lit up, “I’ll find him.”

She headed towards Jeremy’s wagon and Jeanne passed her and stopped beside my chair. She sat in my lap and put one small painting aside before showing me the other. After I finished enchanting both she kissed me and rubbed my chest, “dinner time?”

I laughed, “In that case I better catch Tara.”

She laughed and wiggled on my lap, “Get one of your women to help.”

I looked back as she stood and smiled, “Paige?”

She turned from talking to Gwen and saw me stand and walk towards the wagon. I slipped my robe off and smiled at Brook as she sat in a comfortable chair reading by a window. I turned as Paige came in and gestured, her dress slipped off as she walked to the new wider bed. She grinned as she crawled on and laid down, “This bed is much better my mage.”

I moved onto the bed and kissed her, “Are we doing well with your trinkets?”

She laughed and pulled me between her legs, “Very well.”

I kissed her and pushed into her. Paige groaned, “Gwen said you fucked her seven times.”

I laughed and slowly buried my cock, “It was a claiming Paige. She pulled the magic through me and into her. It kept us both refreshed and I couldn’t stop until she learned to control the magic.”

Paige shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock, “And she will fuck you like that each day?”

I began to fuck her with long strokes, “She will need sex my young lover but not always with me. She has the control and needs to learn to hold it and keep it. She will be my mate and concubine until she has learned it.”

Paige grunted and thrust up as she shook, her tight pussy spasming around my cock. I pushed into her nice and deep and used short, slow, jabbing thrusts. She jerked and shook as her pussy constantly squeezed and tried to milk my cock. I finally went back to fucking her with long strokes and Paige arched her back as her pussy clamped down, “YES!”

I fucked her hard and kept pressing against her shaking body and Paige started thrashing around. It was awhile before I buried my cock and began spewing large spurts of warm cum. She screamed and spasmed as she felt it pouring into her and thrust her pussy up. When I stopped cumming I kissed her and pulled out. I lay beside her and cupped her breast, “I bound myself to you my lover and now Gwen is bound to me, she is our mate.”

Paige shuddered and turned to caress my chest before rolling out of bed, “Then we will make her welcome.”

I moved off the bed, “Thank you lover.”

She grinned as I replaced her dress. “It will be fun after we close the wagons.”

I shook my head as Brook laughed and wrapped my robe around me, “Go get ready for another show.”

I followed Paige out and glanced around at the large crowd. Paige and Melody headed into the other wagon as Ash closed up with Gwen helping her. I walked to them as I whispered a guarding spell before going to the show wagon. I shielded Gwen just in case as she sat in the front row. The show was completely full and the crowd loved it. After it was over I pulled Gwen after me and got Brook.

I led them both to the river and down the steps. I began by creating four pillars of water that rose up twenty feet above us. I watched Brook and she did it easily before grinning at me. It took Gwen several tries before she got one pillar, but as soon as she got one the others rose up gracefully. I nodded and let her release them before bringing up the pillars again and forming a solid roof.

Brook was grinning as she watched and then copied it. It took Gwen a dozen tries before she managed it. Next I went over causing the water to heat up to a warm temperature. When I finished they were both capable of creating the showers we use in the mornings. I led them back into camp and we shook our heads at the crowd of people. After another packed show was a nice lunch a shopkeeper brought out.

The people were in awe as the phoenixes and eagles flew high over us. The eagles made a few hunting trips across the river and returned with a dozen fat rabbits. Tara was smiling as I gestured to pull her towards me. I slipped into the wagon with her and out of the crowd of people. I caressed her naked body before letting my rode slip off. She kissed me and turned to kneel on the edge of the bed before putting her head down.

I rubbed her butt and cummy pussy before positioning my cock and pushing into her. She groaned and shuddered as I began to fuck her with long thrusts. Her pussy started squeezing my cock as she pushed back. I fucked her hard for a minute and Tara stiffened before jerking and shuddering hard, “YES!”

I grinned and pulled out before turning her and rolling her onto her back. I moved over her and pushed back into her. She sighed and held me as I began to fuck her, “I love you my mage, you fuck me so good.”

I kissed her and went back to fucking her with long, slow thrusts. Her warm, wet pussy was squeezing my cock each time I pushed into her and she began to shake again. She started jerking erratically and thrashing around as she howled, “YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!”

I thrust into her and held her spasming body as my cock jerked and throbbed inside her. When she began to relax I started fucking her again. Tara made it through four orgasms before I held her as I began spewing a huge stream of cum. She jerked and lifted her hips, “YES! CUM IN ME!”

I pumped and spurted and shuddered when I was done. Tara squeezed me and grinned as I pulled out of her. She had cum flowing out of her as she followed me off the bed, “Thank you my mage.”

I caressed her hip and kissed her, “Thank you Tara.”

Everyone was kept busy throughout the afternoon. I even did three more shows before having Paige close up the wagon. There was almost a steady stream of men and women in and out of the other wagon until the girls finally stopped. I was sitting in my chair with Gwen on the arm as I summoned sticks or rocks to make more charms. There were still a lot of people in the camp but they were slowly leaving. Melody slipped onto my lap, “I’m horny.”

I grinned and nodded to Gwen as she shaped small hollow crystal globes and filled them with water. She whispered the spell I had taught her and the water shimmered. I nodded and reached out to touch it, “light my way.”

It glowed softly and Gwen grinned. I nodded and touched it again, “bring me darkness.”

The glow stopped and I stood with Melody, “enough for now. Go help the women fix dinner.”

Gwen nodded and started putting everything away. I led Melody into our wagon and undressed her before removing my robe. She laid back in the bed, “We were really busy today.”

I moved over her and kissed her before sliding down her body, “and you didn’t even get to use a booth.”

She sighed as I licked through her pussy and teased her clit. I pushed my tongue up inside her and nibbled on her small inner lips as she shuddered. I went back to her clit and started sucked and wiggling my tongue and Melody stiffened and then began spasming. I kissed her clit and moved up her shuddering body and slowly pushed into her.

Melody clutched at me as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Every time my cock was buried deep inside her, I would press and grind. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and jerking as her pussy kept squeezing my cock. I rolled over and pushed her up and she began thrusting back and forth almost violently as she grunted.

I touched her nipples and sparks began crackling and shocking her. Melody jerked and arched her back as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock tight, “YYYYEEEEESSSSSSS!”

She was rocking and thrusting erratically and her body continued to jerk and shake. She squirted a little as her spasms turned into convulsions and I pulled her down to roll over again. I fucked her hard and deep and a couple of minutes later buried my throbbing cock. I held her as I began spewing a torrent of cum and Melody jerked and clutched at me.

When I finished, I kissed her as she began to relax. I slowly pulled out and caressed her body before moving off the bed, “Come my lover.”

She grinned as she slid off the bed and embraced me. She kissed me and turned to look for her dress as I brought my robe to me. I slipped her dress on her and we went out. There were still a few city people around as we walked to the fire platform. The women were making dinner as the phoenixes screamed and began landing in the flames. I gestured to Brook and she crossed to me. I looked at her and she grinned as she sat, “It was your handwriting in the book?”

I nodded and she looked into the fire, “I am just realizing how pathetic my former master was. The way you explained and described how to do things made a lot of things clearer.”

I nodded, “Which are you going to show me?”

She laughed and summoned a large stick. She straightened it and created a small wooden orb on the top. She caressed it as she whispered a spell and the stick shimmered and slowly changed into clear crystal. She touched the small orb as she whispered another spell and it changed to a milky color. She looked at Ash as she walked closer and held it out, “A light staff you can sell.”

Ash grinned and took it as Brook looked at me. I nodded, “there is a thicker green book beside where that one was. Read the first chapter and tomorrow you will change fire into ice.”

Brook blinked and nodded, “Yes master.”

I turned as Jeanne walked towards me with a plate of food. She was grinning and had a tempting sway to her hips. Brook grinned, “Mind if I take a turn next?”

I rubbed her leg, “no.”

Jeanne turned and sat in my lap and started feeding me, “I have three more paintings I am working on.”

I laughed and cupped one of her breasts, “bring them to me in the morning.”

She shuddered and grinned before going back to feeding me. I glanced around and stopped Jeanne before murmuring the shield ward spell. There was a sense of something seeking and I moved Jeanne off my lap. I moved out of the camp in time to see a flash as a mage appeared. She was tall for a woman with black hair and large breasts. She looked at me and her eyes narrowed, “where is my daughter?”

I smiled, “You would be Pamela?”

She nodded and I opened the shield, “Gwen came to me leaching my magic uncontrolled.”

Pamela looked at me as she walked in, “Leaching? How strong?”

I smiled again, “for an emerging mage she is very strong.”

She stopped in front of me, “and you took her?”

I shrugged, “You know as well as I the best way to give her control.”

Pamela frowned and nodded. She took a breath, “how many times did it take?”

I laughed as I turned with her beside me, “Seven.”

She gasped, “Seven!”

I started toward the fire and the people waiting, “Seven and she preformed a holding spell to conceive on her first try.”

Pamela grinned, “the little vixen.”

Gwen broke free of Paige and Melody and ran into her mother’s arms, “Momma!”

Everyone was whispering but started breaking up. I looked at them holding each other and sighed before walking towards the river, “BROOK!”

She ran to my side as I stopped overlooking the river, “Summon the sand we will need to make windows in a wagon as well as dead grass and spider webs.”

She grinned and started as I reached out to bring dead trees and limbs. By the time I was done Pamela and Gwen were standing behind us. I glanced at them as I began merging the wood together. Pamela’s eyes widen and then narrowed as I split off what I needed for a wagon. I began the spells that began to shape the huge block into a wagon like mine.

I looked at Brook and she grinned as she murmured spells that made the sand she had collected blend and melt into glass. She was a little elaborate but the glass moved into place smoothly. Next she opened the wagon door and smiled at the wide empty bed frame. She wove the dead grasses together and transmuted it into a thick mattress and then a carpet. She cleaned and dyed the spider silk before weaving it into sheets that slipped onto the bed followed by warm blankets. I nodded, “very good.”

I turned back to the remainder of the wood as I split it into eight forms. Each shifted and changed until eight winged horses stood in front of the wagon. I began the harder spells to bring them to life and finally sighed when I finished. I looked at Pamela, “I imagine you would like to stay.”

She laughed and hugged Gwen, “and learn.”

I nodded and looked past her to Paige, “My mate will show you how to open and set up your wagon and show you where to put it.”

I headed to see the caravan master and talk to him about having Pamela stay with us. He was more then willing to add another mage and almost seemed pleased. Jeanne slipped her hand around my arm when I finished and grinned as she pulled me towards her wagon, “My turn mage.”

I swept her up and carried her the rest of the way. When I closed her door I set her down and stripped her and dropped my robe before following her onto the bed. She grinned and caressed my chest as I moved over her and kissed her. I moved down her body stopping to kiss and suck on her nipples before moving lower. Jeanne moaned and shuddered as I licked through her pussy and nibbled on her clit.

I pushed my tongue up inside her and licked her again before nibbling on her inner lips and then sucking on her clit. I teased it and wiggled the tip of my tongue back and forth before gently bitting. Jeanne arched her back and screamed as she squirted and began convulsing. I moved up her body and kissed her as I pushed into her. I started fucking her with long thrusts as I kept kissing her and she continued to shudder and shake.

It wasn’t long before she was incoherent and spasming as her pussy tightened and began milking my cock. I started fucking her hard and Jeanne stiffened and then began thrashing around and jerking as she howled. A couple more minutes and I thrust into her and shuddered as I began spewing torrents of cum. She clutched at me and jerked as I flooded her belly and sighed.

When I stopped cumming I kissed her softly before slowly pulling out. I caressed her body as she caught her breath and then moved off the bed and helped her dress. I summoned my robe and we left. Paige slipped under my arm as Jeanne kissed me and walked away. Paige grinned, “She really wanted that.”

I squeezed her as we walked to the fire, “How did it go with Gwen and her mom?”

She grinned, “Great, her mom seems nice.”

I laughed and turned her to kiss her as Tony walked around handing out small bottles of Vapor Brandy. Paige kissed my cheek, “I promised the caravan master he could fuck me.”

I patted her butt and turned to Brook as she walked up. I sat and she joined me and held up the brandy, “they said you made this?”

I smiled and summoned a bucket load of sand. I swirled it together as it melted and changed to a sky blue color. I gestured and it seemed to bubble up and shape itself into a small barrel, “Vapor Brandy is not to be put in wooden containers. I used a wooden one last time and I shouldn’t have.”

Brook nodded as the barrel cooled. There was a small blue bird on one side of the top and a small hole on the other side. I concentrated and summoned an apple. Gwen and her mother walked up as I brought other vegetation, I began transmuting and changing it into different fruit. I gestured and the fruit spun together and blending into juice before pouring into the small hole in the top on the glass barrel.

I looked at Brook and then Gwen and her mother who were watching intently. I reached out and summoned a large honey comb and a couple of minutes later it floated out of the night. I let it melt into the barrel and then murmured an aging spell and then the spell that distilled it several times. A last spell altered it even more and then I created a glass stopper that threaded itself into the hole.

I smiled at Sasha, “If you need more take it from this barrel. I think tomorrow I will have Gwen and Brook work together to repeat what I just did.”

Pamela chuckled before she sipped from the small bottle she had been given. Brook grinned as she stood and took my hand, “My turn master.”

I stood and let her lead me to our wagon, she slipped her robe off at the same time as me. She grinned and rubbed her pussy before moving onto the bed and laying back. I followed her and rubbed her extremely wet pussy. She groaned and shuddered as she gestured and I was sliding up her body. I grinned as I kissed her and pushed into her warm pussy.

Her body stiffened and then her back arched as her pussy spasmed and tightened. Brook started jerking and shuddering as she dropped to the bed and I began to fuck her hard and deep. She clutched at me and howled as my cock started hitting the back of her pussy. She was thrashing around and convulsing when I buried my cock and started to hump and press against her.

It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered hard one last time and sighed as she relaxed. I grinned and kissed her before starting to fuck her again, “letting it build up?”

She hugged me as her hips lifted and her pussy tightened, “Yeah.”

I was pulling completely out of her before slowly thrusting all the way in and grinding. A few minutes later she was spasming and jerking again as her pussy squeezing my cock. I started fucking her hard and deep and Brook stiffened as she arched her back. She was panting and looked at me as I buried my cock to press against her.

I grunted as I began spewing huge, gushing torrents and she howled as she began thrashing around. Her pussy tightened as I continued to pump large streams of cum into her. When I stopped cumming I held her shaking body as she kept twitching and jerking. When she finally sighed and relaxed I kissed her and pulled out. I lay beside her and caressed her body as she caught her breath and smiled.

I glanced at the door as the others began coming in and smiled as Ash stripped and dropped her clothes as she walked straight to me. Paige and Melody both laughed as they undressed and Brook chuckled, “Ash’s turn.”

She stalked onto the bed and up my body before kissing me hard as she spread her legs and pushed back. My cock was pressing against her warm pussy and slipped into her. She shuddered and pushed back more before sitting up. I cupped her breasts as she began rocking and thrusting. She groaned as Paige slipped onto the bed with Melody and cupped the back of her head to kiss her passionately. Ash rocked and thrust back and forth harder as she fucked me.

Her tight pussy was continually squeezing my cock as she began to shake. Paige kept kissing Ash as Brook reached out to touch her nipples leaving a tiny storm of lightning behind. Ash stiffened and howled as she wet me and her pussy contracted. She was jerking and wiggling as she lifted and slammed back onto my cock. She was twisting and jerking around as she rocked and her wet pussy tightened.

I started thrusting up into her and Ash spread her legs more as she howled and continued to spasm. I pulled her hips down as I felt my balls tighten and grunted as I began spewing another load of cum. Ash screamed and her pussy squeezed my pumping cock and she started convulsing. She lay on me panting when it was over and grinned as Paige and Melody turned their attention to each other.

Tara slipped into bed beside Brook and hugged her, “Gwen is sleeping with her mother.”

I dimmed the lights and brought up my wards as Ash slipped to the side and Brook snuggled against me, “She’ll be in first thing in the morning.”

Brook chuckled, “I had a female mage as my master, Gwen is lucky.”
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