hi im david im 14 and i live in las vegas. im 5'10 and im really skinny. i have brown hair that used to be styled like a skaters hair cut but it grew out even more so its not that long but you can tell ive got alot of it if our far away. but this isnt about just me...
i had just returned to my home town Las Vegas, to my mom's new apartment. i was in Colorado for so long living with my dad that i almost forgot how ghetto Vegas was. i was living with my dad in CO for 9 months because of some thing that had happened with our new room mates that i don't want to get into detail with right now. but i while i was staying out there i made a lot of friends. (which is really good for me because i'm low-self-esteemed kind of kid i grew up with an abusive family me and my sister fought constantly and my step father beat out mom quiet often.) but the one friend that really caught my eye and my mind was a girl i met on my very first day at my new school. her name was Angie. she was my best female-friend there. we both liked each-other a lot.

but we only admitted to it after i dated her little sister Naomi. they were both an odd pair of people. well everyone out in Colorado was odd. but those too girls were probably the oddest right next too my best friend Steven and I. i could fit in out there quiet well. Angie was about 5'9 long brown hair, and a little busty but she looks really skinny from far away, and had B-cup tits, she was also 14. Naomi on the other hand was 5'10 long brown hair, and not as busty as Angie she was actually skinny just with meat on her bones but she had a little bit of meat on her bones, she had small C-cups. she was only 12... any way, back to the story.

i got back to see my sister and her friends (she has a lot of friends, shes 15 and really independent unless shes at home.) smoking some of the weed they had gotten for a little welcome back party for me. i was happy to see all of them. we smoked the weed and had a great time. these kind of events went on for a few more weeks until about 2 weeks before my sister moved to Arizona to start back in school. she failed 3rd and 7th grade so she was leaving to start 8th grade out in Arizona to catch up. and she gave me her room because she was leaving soon and she was never home (she was always out with her friends) so i had a room all to myself. one day i decided to look around the room for any cracks or crevices that i might need to patch up. i was in the closet when i noticed a little button type thing in the wall.

"What the---?" i pushed it and a door opened right in front of me.
"What the fuck?" i said a bit startled. the room was just a regular room but it was big. it looked like it wouldn't have even fit in a small house like this but i did some-how. and it didn't even make the structure look bigger in any way. my first thought was to go and get my mom to show her that its there and we could make it so id have a room to myself and our room mates son would have a room to himself too. but that thought was quickly dismissed because of what i saw. it looked like 2 regular giant tubes but i looked at a panel in the middle and noticed its was a control panel. but for what? i had to see. i around the rest of the room for anything else but nothing was found then i went back to the machine. it looked easy to use. all i had to do was shut both doors to each of the tubes and pull the switch. i was experimenting with the machine for about 3 hours before concluding that it was a cloning machine. i was amazed. i didn't even think the government was good enough to make machinery like this.

i used the machine every so often for the next few months. just for skipping school i'd make a clone of myself and send him/me off to school. i had told my mom about it and she was fine with it only because we cloned herself so she wouldn't have to go to work either. my mom was cool most of the time, other then when she threw away my weed pipe which i had just got earlier that day from my sister. but the day came to when i heard Angie and Naomi were coming through town and wanted to see me. i was so happy to see them. mostly Angie because Naomi had become a bit of a bitch after she dumped me. but i couldn't just blame her. when we saw each other the first thing that came to mind was "i need to clone them." but i should have dismissed the thought as soon as it hit me. Angie always had a skill for being able to tell what others were thinking.

"sure" was the first thing that i heard her say. my mom had given me $20 to buy them something to eat and they're parents let them come with me alone for the rest of the day so we hopped on the bus and went to my house.
"are you sure?" i asked Angie and then looked at Naomi and asked her the same question
"we both are" Angie answered for her. i'm pretty sure Naomi would've become a total bitch about it and said 'no' just because. But Angie is usually the one to answer these kind of questions.

we got to my house and no one was there so we went up to my room and i cloned them both and then i had the clones wait in the secrete room as i stepped out with Angie and we both sat there akwarly for about 30 seconds when i finally got u and kissed her. it got awkward for a second then she kissed me back

"we shouldn't do this" she said smiling. but she knew it was going to happen
"to late." i said chuckling as i kissed her even more and we both fell onto my bed and sat there making out for about 5 minutes before i felt Angie's hand slide down to my crotch. she moaned and then i slid my hand down to her skirt and felt her soaking wet panties. i pulled my hand away and sat there smiling at her as she trailed along down to my pants and unzipped my zipper

"how long has it been?" i looked at her.
"since the last time we did it" she looked at e and smiled
"that's a while. but how long has it been since you've had any pleasure at all?"
"about a month. I've been too busy. what about you?" she said
"about a week" i said.
"sex or your hand?" she said giggling.
"that's none of your business" i said smilling at her. she just sat there laughing as she took out my 9inch.
"you've gotten bigger" she said smiling
"well its been, what, about 10 months since that happened? of course." i said smiling back at her as she started to lick the tip of my dick. she was blowing me for about 10 minutes before she got up and removed her skirt
"do you want to eat me out again or just get to it?" she asked as she removed her panties to reveal her sopping wet pussy.
"as much as i would love to do that, you sister is probably in the living room waiting for us so we don't have much time." i answered as she smiled even more
"i can fix that just wait until i'm done with you" she said as she got on my lap and slowly descended on my cock and started to moan even more until she was all the way down on it
"wow! its a lot thicker then it was" she said. i drove upward to get her to shut up and then started to fuck her as she went along with her usual dirty talking. i wasn't much of a turn on but it sure as hell wasn't a turn off. we were fucking for about 5 minutes when we heard a knock on the door and then it opened with my sister and her friend Kelli standing right there.
"what the hell get out of here!" i said as i threw a pillow at the door
"well now that was unexpected" my sister said as she closed the door. it got really awkward for a second before i broke the silence
"do you want to finish or are you done?" i asked Angie as she sat there still stunned from my sister's unexpected walk in.
"you can finish" she answered as she just sat there enjoying it

about 10 minutes later me and Angie were in the living room with my sister, Kelli, and Naomi.
"so why are you here? i mean its Saturday but you don't need to be here its your free weekend, isn't it?" i asked her as she sat there faded.
"Nahhh man, there's a party tonight and it starts soon so i wanted to see if you wanted to go." my sister (Donna is her name but some of her friends call her straw, given the fact our last name is berry)
"well i cant tonight i have to get these to back to they're hotel before 11pm" i told Donna
"alright man but were going to be here for a bit to get ready so you gotta wait to get laid until we're gone because we don't want to hear it" she said laughing
"David i cant believe you!" kelli said laughing her ass off.
"deal with it" i said chuckling and then got up to go make something to eat for everyone. i was just about to finish making some left overs when i heard the door shut. i walked out into the living room.
"where is everyone" i asked Naomi who was sitting on the couch alone
"Angie's in the bathroom and your sister and her friend left to the party" she answered. she had that voice that sounded like she was a dumb blonde but she was actually quite smart.
"OK well the foods ready so... you want some or are you not hungry" i asked her.
"I'm hungry just not for food" she smiled and winked at me. i smiled and gestured for her to follow me and i took her to my room. as soon as we entered my room she had me against the wall shoving her tongue into my mouth and her hand down my pants.
"hmm your big" she said with a seductive smile. all i could do was stand there and smile as she went down on me.
"can you fuck me or did Angie already take all you cum?" she asked with the little puppy dog eyes thing she did with me. it always got me.
"not all of it" i said with a smile as she started to blow me.
"your better then Angie" i said already getting close
"i've been told." she said with a smile. she continued to blow me with her wonderful skill that she only being 13 at the time had little time to practice. i grabbed her head and pulled her up to eye level and then kissed her as i reached my hands into her skinny jeans and fingered her pussy
"i want you inside of me now. but i want to eat our cum so save it for me." she said as she unbuttoned her pants and removed her panties and laid on my bed. i stood there mesmerism by her body. this was the first time i had gotten to see her completely naked and i wasn't going to pass up the chance to see her body. she was almost to D-cups already. i was stunned but i quickly got over it when i remembered i was just about to have sex with my ex.
"how long has i been for you?" i asked her. she looked nervous
"I've lied to you i'm actually still a virgin..." she said quickly. this took me by surprise because when we dated she kept telling my that she wasn't a virgin
"really? OK well do you want to do this or do you not want to?" i was really surprised actually because Naomi wasn't the lying type.
"i do. i really do." she said as she started to relax.
"OK ill go slow just for you." i said as i kissed her and then aligned my dick with her pussy and then started to push in slowly
"its gonna hurt. you know that right?" i told her
"yes just please get it over with" she said as she started to get wetter and wetter. i reached her hymen and stopped waiting for her to look at me. then i pushed inward breaking her barrier. she shrieked in pain. i kissed her to muffle the shrieking but right as i was about to start actually fucking her i felt a pair of arms go around my waist and lips go onto my neck.
"i forgot to shut the door. didn't i?" i said
"yep" Angie said slowly as looked at my dick as i drove it in and out of her little sister
"are you happy?" she asked one of us, but i don't know who either way we both answered the same thing.
"yes" Angie smiled and got up and walked out of the room. i felt myself getting closer
"do you still want it?" i asked Naomi
"yes." she said. so i pulled out and let her suck on my dick until i cam and then notice she was cumming too so i flipped over and made it a 69 as we both sucked up each others fluids. after we both sat there cuddling. Naomi had a smile on her face, i don't think she realized what she was saying....
"i love you." she said and then drifted off to sleep. the words just stuck in my head. when she dumped me i didn't think she still liked me... at all. after about 5 minutes of letting her sleep in my arms i got up and went to the living room to see
"well its about time. what happened?" she asked as if she didn't already know.
"she told me she loved me and then she fell asleep in my arms." i said smiling
"great." Angie said smiling back because she knew that since she was always getting more boy friends then Naomi would have one too.
"i cant be with her though" i said with a frown.
"well why not?" Angie asked
"because we live so far away." i told her then looked at he clock
"we have to go. i need to get you back to your hotel" i said as i got up to go get Naomi. i dropped them off and then went home to sleep. but then i realized.... i cloned them

that was part one :) i hoped you guys liked it. it was my first story so i would love some feed back. good or bad if enough people like it ill make even more

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The SHIFT key can be your friend.

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sooo, one you could have had slaves in the secret room, two the clones didn't do shit. wtf? you suck as a story teller.

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