All Good Things...
My apologies for the amount of time that has passed since part 2. I have either out of the country or dealing with other issues which did not allow me access to certain websites. Things have been crazy. The good news is I have wrapped up part 3 and going full steam into part 4 which should be available by this weekend, if not sooner.

As usual, I will preface the following story with this bit of knowledge: Everything below is the truth. With this comes several potential issues that some readers may not like. 1. The dialogue - the reality of it is this; we were young and it was the first time something like this happened for either of us. The dialogue is awkward due to the fact that it really was that awkward. 2. I have stuck to the story as it actually happened and have relived it as I wrote it. This can also result in a longer story than it could have been, but again, I wrote it as it occurred without embellishment. And lastly, 3. If something didn't happen, then I didn't add it in. Everything written is what happened for better or worse. If this is well received, I may write more in the same fashion which chronicle our other encounters or I may write about different ones. But I promise this; they are factual and accurate. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 3 - All good things...

A little over a month went by before Cindy and I had an opportunity to spend time together alone and both she and Jen had celebrated a birthday. Our parents were coming up on their fifth wedding anniversary and were planning on going out of town for a week. They made arrangements for Jen and Cindy to stay with their Aunt, but agreed that I was old enough to take care of myself while they were gone. Now imagine having the run of your house for a full week while your parents were out of town. I was thrilled. A full week with no one to answer to, no one to share the TV with, and no one to stop me from pretty much just acting like a fool if I felt like it. This also meant a week without getting to see Cindy which was quite a bummer. School had started a couple of weeks earlier so I would see her there, and I had a standing invitation to have dinner with them at Aunt Julie's, but that was different.

Our parent's left early on a Saturday for the airport, which was a couple of hours away, and Aunt Julie had come by to see them off and take the girls over to her place. I was left with the keys to the small truck so I could drive myself to school and back and get around town if the weather turned bad. They also warned me that they had recored the milage on the truck and to not take advantage of this responsibility. I assured them I would not. Everyone did the hug/kiss routine and off they went. Aunt Julie once again extended the offer to come over anytime and then she and the girls took off.

The first three days were fairly routine for me. Reading, TV, or just hanging out with friends. School of course on Monday. I saw Cindy at School on Wednesday and she said Aunt Julie agreed to let her spend the night with her friend Wendy on Friday night. She then asked Wendy if she would cover for her so she could go on a double date with me and another brother/sister we had met at the mall in the next town over. Her friend readily agreed to cover for her, thinking Cindy would be off on some grand adventure and fill her in on all the details when she returned. I don't think it ever occurred to Wendy that anything inappropriate would happen since I was going also. The end result was of course the two of us having an entire evening to ourselves at home without having to sneak around or be quite.

I parked a short distance away from her friends house and waited with the lights off, careful to turn off the interior cab light, external truck bed light, and not to step on the brakes for fear of being seen. In small country towns, a truck near a house after dark is a quick way get a passerby's attention. She showed up about thirty minutes after I arrived and quickly hopped in the passengers seat. Since she was spending the night at Wendy's she couldn't really get dressed up for the date so she told Wendy we were heading back to our place so she could get ready. We chatted for a bit and decided to tell Wendy that our dates had cancelled and we decided to stay in and watch a movie instead. This would help make the story more believable since there would be no details to remember. We only lived a few minutes away from Wendy's so it didn't take long to get there. I parked the truck under the covered parking and we inside.

Cindy said she had to grab something from her room real quick and headed off. I went to the kitchen to grab us a couple of drinks and headed back to my room. I had just set the drinks down when I heard Cindy's footsteps behind me. I turned around and she was standing there with nothing on. I'm sure I had a stunned look on my face because she started laughing at me which only served to cause her chest to jiggle up and down.

"OK, so I didn't really need to grab anything from my room. I just needed to take the phone off the hook and I also wanted to see the look on your face when I walked in naked." she said still laughing.

"Damn." I said, "You look amazing."

"Really, you really think that?" she said in a curious tone.

"Oh lord yes. You have no idea how great you look." I told her.

She blushed a little bit and commented "You seem to be wearing way too many clothes."

"I think you might be right. Would you like to help me with that problem?" I asked.

As I stood there and admired her body she came closer and took the bottom of my shirt and attempted to pull it over my head. I kneeled down just enough to allow her to pull it off and then stood back up. She then reached for my jeans and undid them as well. Once they were undone, I kicked off my shoes and she hooked her thumbs in the belt loops and pulled them down as far as she could which was halfway down my shins. At this point she was on her knees right in front of me. I lifted one foot at a time out of my jeans as she held them down for me and once they were off she tossed them over in the corner with her clothes but didn't get up. She just knelt there and ever so slowly leaned forward and placed one kiss on my shaft. It felt amazing and I immediately became fully erect. Cindy watched intently the whole time and reached forward and started to slowly stroke me. She leaned forward once more and this time gave the tip a slight lick and kissed it.

She slowly kissed her way up my stomach and chest and, for the first time, we actually started making out. We kissed and ran our hands over each other for a few moments and then naturally moved over to the bed and slide into our massage routine. It started off the usual way with Cindy laying face down and me straddling her and rubbing her down with mineral oil, but this time we were starting off naked rather than building up to it. It was a whole new game at this point. No more desk lamp to see by, the room was as bright as ever and I was really enjoying the view I had, especially when I had worked my way down to her ass and the back of her legs. I finished working my way down to her feet and gave her a soft pat on the ass and was rewarded by her quickly flipping over to her front. This time she had her legs apart so I ended up kneeling right between her legs and rubbing her chest. Each time I leaned forward the head of my dick would brush up against her pussy. It was a very nice feeling indeed. I worked my way down her chest and stomach until I was in position to start rubbing her pussy but then decided to try something different. Just as I was starting to rub up and down her slit and making gentle circular motions against her clit, I leaned down and licked her from bottom to top.

Her response was just as I had hoped, "Mmmmmm, do that again."

I did it again but this time kept my tongue on her pussy and went up and down a couple of times while still massaging her clit. I then moved my fingers out of the way and took the entire upper portion of her pussy in my mouth and softly sucked while I used my tongue to quickly flick her clit. I slowly inserted one finger up in her pussy and moved it slowly in and out while I continued to lick and suck on her. I felt her hands on the back of my head and she began running her fingers through my hair which I took as a sign to keep on doing exactly what I was doing. And believe me, I had no intentions of stopping. I continued what I was doing and in no time at all, several things happened at once: her hands gripped my hair, her hips and thighs started quivering, and since no one was home this time, she became very vocal in how it made her feel. It started off as a soft and low moaning noise and quickly built to a loud drawn out scream of pleasure. I glanced up and her mouth and eyes were wide open and she looked like she was in another plane of existence. Her eyes were open but it was like she wasn't seeing anything. I went back to doing what I was doing until she finally went limp on the bed. She lay there breathing very heavy for a bit then looked at me and just said "Oh my... Wow.... That was... Just... Wow."

She couldn't have stroked my ego any more than that comment. My first time going down on a girl and this was the result. Oh hell yeah! I'm definitely going to do this as often as I can. I realized that for the first time I was actually inches away from her pussy. I had done it on impulse without really thinking about it but now I took the time to enjoy the beauty of a woman's sex. I eventually crawled up next to her and said "So I take it you enjoyed it?"

"Are you kidding me?" she replied. "My God, you can do that whenever you want to, just say when and where."

"Good, because I found it to be fairly enjoyable myself." I said. She looked over at me and said "Stay right there, I'll be right back." She then sat up and walked out of my room, still naked as the day she was born.

She returned shortly with a small candle which she promptly lit with a lighter. The relaxing smell of lavender started to fill the air. We both took a few sips of the drinks I brought in earlier and she said she was ready for something different.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Like this..." she said as she placed one hand on my chest indicating I should lay back on the bed. She slowly started rubbing my chest and moving her hand down towards my cock. She gently took it in her hands and started stroking it.

"So what is it called again when you suck on it?" she asked.

"A blowjob." I informed her.

"Silly name." is all she said. She continued to stoke me and I just lay there and enjoyed it. She lay down next to me on her side, propping her head up with one hand and stoking me with the other. She was laying upside down next to me so her head was right next to my shaft and she seemed fascinated by the whole process.

And then, the words I had been dying to hear came out of her mouth: "I want to make you cum again but this time I want to use my mouth and hands. Just be sure to warn me before you do because I like watching it when it shoots out."

I tried to be as cool as possible and replied "I'm ready when you are." Inside I was doing cartwheels. She sat up next to me and, leaned forward, took my member in her right hand and took the first couple of inches in her mouth. She started slowly at first and without really having a technique, I found out rather quickly that unlike all the porn movies, not everyone is a "Natural" at giving head. The first couple of times her teeth brushed me it caught me off guard but the third time I actually flinched a little.

"What's wrong" she asked.

"Nothing really but keep in mind that is a sensitive area. Try to cover your teeth a little bit. Imagine trying to suck on a popsicle without leaving any marks on it"

"Oh, got it." she replied and went back to what she was doing. I was afraid to say something at first for fear of her not wanting to continue but it had just the opposite effect. She really was trying to master the craft of giving head and I was a more than willing tutor.

It only took her a moment or two to settle into a groove and once she did, it was pure bliss. I grabbed a pillow, doubled it up and placed it under my head so I could watch her. There are few things in this world I find sexier than watching a beautiful female give me a blowjob. It was almost sensory overload with the smell of the lavender, the feel of her mouth on my cock, one of her hands on my balls, the other holding the base of my cock, and the sight of her tits as they gently rocked back and forth as she worked her magic. She glanced over for just a moment, saw the look of bliss on my face, gave me a wink and continued on. She alternated between sucking on me and stroking me spending about a minute on each. The fifth or sixth time she was going down on me she could feel me starting to tense up and she looked at me for her queue.

"Almost there" I said.

She sat up and continued to quickly stroke me. The look she had was of high anticipation. This girl loved what she was doing and man did it show. I finally couldn't hold back anymore and I started erupting. She wrapped both hands around my shaft, aimed my cock at her chest and continued without slowing down. I shot off three or four really good loads covering one of her tits real good and part of her stomach. Once I was done she finally slowed down a bit and squeezed out every last bit like she was milking me for gold. She really had a thing for this which worked out really well for me. She softly stroked me a few more times and then looked down with a big grin on her face. She took her right hand and slowly scooped up the cum on her stomach and looked at it. She then placed the same hand on the left breast which had nothing on it and rubbed it in, and then did the same with the right one. She then slowly looked at her hand again and licked one of her fingers.

"Not bad." she said with a look of satisfaction.

"Not bad at all" I replied. We both laughed, her chest again swaying side to side. I love watching a topless girl laugh.

"I'm hungry." she said as she stood up.

I quickly said "Tell you what, you go clean up a bit and I'll go heat something up. We can snack on something and then decide what we want to do next."

"I think I know what I want to do next already." she said softly as she walked out of my room and down the hall.

For some reason my mouth had become very dry so I finished off my soda. I headed into the kitchen, grabbed another soda, and turned on the oven for it to preheat. I then grabbed a box of pizza rolls from the freezer and proceeded to spread them out over a tray. I heard the side door near the carport open and close and hollered "You really shouldn't go outside like that!"

From down the hall I heard "Outside like what?" I turned around in shock just as Aunt Julie entered the kitchen. She stood there for a moment, stunned, when she realized I was wearing nothing but the soda I held in my hand. I nervously glanced toward the other hallway which was between us and just as I feared, Cindy came walking in without even glancing toward Aunt Julie.

"What did you say?" she said

I stood there staring at her with what must have been absolute fear because she got a very confused look on her face and then her eyes got very wide. She slowly turned her head toward the side door hallway and saw Aunt Julie for the first time. If Aunt Julie was stunned to see me in the kitchen naked, imagine what her reaction was to see Cindy walk in. To her credit, she simply exhaled, hung her head down and said "That explains why the phone is busy."

Cindy and I just stood there not knowing what to do. Aunt Julie looked up and said "For God sake, go to your rooms and get dressed." We stood there for a second more still in shock until Aunt Julie screamed "NOW!".

We sprinted to our rooms and got dressed. My mind was racing a mile a minute. Why was Aunt Julie here? How much of a beating would I be getting? Would I get one at all? Would she tell our parents? If she did, would it destroy their marriage? Too many questions and no answers. I was terrified. Still in shock, I returned to the kitchen.

Aunt Julie was sitting in the middle seat at the table with Cindy at the head of the table. I took a seat at the opposite end from Cindy, not wanting to piss off Aunt Julie. We sat there for a moment while Aunt Julie just looked back and forth between us. It seemed like she was about to say something a couple of times but kept stopping herself.

"This is not how I expected this evening to turn out" she eventually said in a calm measured voice. "First a call from the hospital and now this." She did not elaborate on what the call from the hospital was regarding but Cindy and I made eye contact and we both started to get concerned.

"Look. I know kids your age do stuff like this and, thank goodness, there is no blood relation between the two of you. I will speak of this no more and the two of you will cease and desist any further activities of this nature immediately. Is this clear?" Neither Cindy or I were in any position to negotiate and both glumly nodded our heads. "What happened, happened. It will remain between the three of us as far as I'm concerned. I just hope that you two were careful."

I looked up sheepishly and said "It never got that far Aunt Julie."

"I don't want any of the details but thank you for that bit of knowledge at least." She paused again, as if she really didn't want to say what she had to say next.

"Kids, there was an accident while your folks were on vacation. Cindy, your mother is in bad shape" She looked over at me and her eyes started to tear up. "I'm afraid your dad may be in worse shape"

I sat there stunned. It took a bit for it to sink in but from the way she said it, I expected that it meant the worst.

"I need you to pack some clothes. We are all heading to the airport tonight and it's a couple of hours away. Uncle Roger is home now making hotel and flight arrangements."

Cindy got up and ran to her Aunt, sobbing. I continued to sit there.

Aunt Julie looked over at me and softly placed her hand on mine, quietly saying "Go on now, get your things together. We need to hurry."

I nodded OK and shuffled down the hallway.

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