(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
The sun was rising when I finished and looked at the small orb. I turned and opened the door to my wagon and walked in as I slipped my robe off. I gestured and the orb floated to my table as I walked to the bed.

I smiled and crawled on and moved over Tara. She was on her back and I spread her legs before pushing into her. She groaned as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She put her arms around me, “mmmmm!”

I pushed into her deep and humped against her as I kissed her softly. I went back to long, deep thrusts and she started shaking. I grinned and kissed her again before fucking her hard. She stiffened and then started thrashing around as her pussy tightened, “YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

I shoved into her and held her was I began to spew cum. She jerked back and forth and spasmed as I filled her belly and cum began running out of her. I sighed when I stopped and she grinned and hugged me, “Good morning master.”

I kissed her and started moving off the bed, “Paige?”

She was smiling as she followed me out of bed, “Yes?”

I headed towards the door, “I’m afraid you girls are going to be used a lot today.”

She laughed as they all followed me towards the door. Ash pulled Brook’s robe away and tossed it into the basket. I walked through the camp as it began waking up and then down the steps to the river. I summoned and heated the water for our morning shower and pulled Paige close, “I was working with and letting magic use me as a channel...”

Brook gasped but I ignored her, “My body will be constantly regenerating and...”

Paige sighed as she pulled Tara to me, “We remember Edgar.”

I smiled as I started washing Tara. Brook looked at me strangely, “you are strong enough to let magic flow through you?”

I cupped Tara’s breasts as Melody laughed and pulled her away before taking her place. Others came to joined us and Brook blushed at first but then just grinned. I glanced across the river at the forest and summoned spider webs. Brook stiffened but everyone else ignored it as I spun it into a ball, “Put your hand on my shoulder Brook.”

She moved closer and did as I told her. I cleaned the silk and wove it into cloth before creating robes and gowns. As each moved towards the person it was meant for I added color. I walked out of the river and climbed the steps with everyone else.

The griffins were resting in camp as the women began preparing breakfast. I dismissed the ward shield and sat beside the fire platform. I glanced towards the city as a small crowd started for us and then looked at Paige, “Someone needs to watch the trade wagon.”

She grinned and stood after whispering something to Melody. As people began wondering through the camp I moved to the chair I had created and summoned some of the sticks and stones. Brook sat beside me and touched me as she closed her eyes. I knew she was following what I was doing just as I knew she was monitoring my body.

As I finished each charm or enchanted item it was sent floating to Paige, Melody or Ash. I finally stirred and stood, Paige was talking to a young woman that had just come out of the wagon and she grinned. She took her hand and walked to me, “My mage? This woman needs you.”

I looked at the blushing woman and then looked at her and she grinned, “Go ahead.”

I looked at Brook who was grinning, “Practice the light staffs.”

I took the woman’s hand and led her into our wagon. I waved and her clothes dropped away. She gasped as I let my robe slid off and caressed her body. I laid her back on the edge of the bed and knelt between her legs. She was still looking at me wide eyed as I whispered a spell. She shuddered as she felt the hands caressing her and I bent to lick her pussy.

She shuddered and groaned as I teased her clit and nibbled on her pussy. It was several minutes before she stiffened and then spasmed, “FUCK!”

I moved back and gestured, she slid completely onto the bed and I followed moving between her legs. I kissed her softly as I pushed into her hot pussy. I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts and she clutched at me, “YES!”

I kept kissing her as I fucked her grasping pussy and she began to spasmed and jerk. Her pussy tightened and tried to milk my cock as I buried it. She stiffened and then arched her back as she squirted and screamed, “FUCK ME!”

I grinned and kissed her as she panted and then started fucking her hard and deep. She was jerking around and convulsing as she wet me again and her pussy tried to clamp down and hold my cock. A few minutes later she groaned as I buried my cock. It was throbbing and jerking and she clung to me before screaming as I peed a thick stream of warm sperm into her. She was jerking and spasming and her pussy grasped at my pumping cock.

Her womb was swollen with cum when I stopped and she shuddered and sighed. I pulled out of her and gave her a kiss before helping her off the bed, “Thank you for helping me lovely lady.”

She grinned as I summoned her clothing and they seemed to just wrap themselves around her. When we came out there was a larger crowd of people. The woman slipped away and I headed towards the other wagon, “Paige?”

She looked up, “A show?”

I nodded and she glanced across the camp, “Melody is with the Caravan master.”

I sighed, “I’ll wait.”

I summoned a piece of clear crystal and sliced a large disk as the people watched and whispered. I gestured and Paige squeaked, “Mage!”

I ignored her to strip her and touched her and whispered a spell before letting her clothes reappear. On the outside of the crystal disk appeared a picture of a nude Paige. She grinned before going back to helping a woman. I murmured the spells for a pleasure stone and then looked at Ash and she grinned, “My turn?”

I gestured and her clothes disappeared as she walked to me. I touched her and repeated the spell I had used with Paige. I kissed her cheek as her clothes appeared and she grinned as she watched herself appear in the crystal. I glanced around and gestured across the camp to a naked Tara talking with Sasha. She spun and started floating towards me and grinned.

After Tara it was Melody who had finished with the caravan master, then it was Brook who was grinning. After that I did, Jeanne, Georgia, Sasha, Jill, and Eve. I looked around at the huge audience and held up a hand as I summoned two gold pieces, “Would two of you ladies like to earn a gold piece?”

The crowd was grinning and a young woman stepped forward. I gestured and her clothing vanished before I reached out to touch her and create her image in the crystal. I brought her clothing back and handed her a gold piece. I looked into the crowd, “Anyone else?”

This time it was a girl and I added her image to the others. She stayed by me as I repeated the spells used on the females disk. When I was done I sent it to Paige, “Time for a show.”

I glanced at the girl and she smiled, “Can I stay with you?”

I glanced at Paige to see her closing the other wagon, “We will talk about it.”

I led her into the other wagon and sat her in the front as the crowd slowly began filling it. As the show began I felt the shift in the flow of magic and glanced through the crowd. Brook was standing in back and even she felt it and was looking around.

I looked at the girl that had asked to stay and quickly gestured and summoned a shield around her. I watched her sigh and relax and finished the show. As the people were leaving I walked to her as Brook came closer, “What’s your name?”

She smiled, “Gwen.”

I nodded and looked at her aura, “You can stay Gwen.”

She grinned, “Can I be a concubine like the other woman?”

I shook my head and laughed, “That is a choice each woman must make. Are you ready for every male in our caravan use you?”

She looked at Brook and then at Paige, Melody and Ash as they came from the back of the stage, “yes.”

I nodded, “and have you had sex before?”

She frowned and shook her head, “But I’m always horny.”

I laughed and looked at Brook who was grinning and then at Paige, “She is shielded, take her to the booth with the larger spell stone.”

Paige grinned and reached for her hand. I watched them leave with Melody and Ash and looked at Brook, “She needs to be trained. She is or will be, very strong.”

Brook nodded, “She was siphoning your magic.”

I nodded and we walked out, I sat in my chair and brought the last scroll of Arolus and my journal. I was just finishing when Brook, Paige and a dazed looking Gwen appeared. I summoned all the scrolls and gestured to Brook as I stood. She shifted and froze before slowly looking at me. I nodded, “Sit and read. Shield yourself well and allow no one to touch you.”

She nodded and I released her and reached for Gwen. As Brook sat with the scrolls I began undressing Gwen. I smiled at Paige, “I must bind her my mate.”

Paige grinned and rubbed her now bare butt, “Don’t be to long.”

I shook my head, “This time I will take much longer then any time before.”

Paige looked at me and then at Gwen, “You said she was shielded. From you or...”

I took Gwen’s hand, “From the pull of magic Paige and I must remove it.”

Paige sighed, “We’ll keep watch.”

I gestured to the wagon and murmured the spell for a ward shield. I led Gwen into the wagon and closed the door as I removed her shield. I gestured and she shuddered as she was suddenly lifted into the air. Tiny flickers of lightning played over her body and she gasped and spasmed as she spread her legs, “yes!”

I pushed her towards the bed as the spell continued to wrap around and into her body, “This spell will increase the pleasure you receive.”

She groaned as the spell changed and tiny unseen hands began caressing and feeling her. Her hips bucked and jerked as a trickle of cum began leaking out of her. It was only a few moments before she arched her back and thrusts her hips up, “YES!”

I slipped my robe off as she settled to the bed and moved over her. I kissing her as she groaned and whispered, “let the magic enter you.”

I kissed her softly before beginning to kiss down her body. I stopped to lick and then suck on her nipples and move to one side. I caressed down to her hips and then over her pussy lightly. Gwen moaned and shuddered as I moved to her other nipple. I slipped a finger through her already wet pussy and across her erect clit. She gasped and arched her back as a massive shock raced from her clit through her body.

She was jerking and spasming as her hips lifted off the bed. I slipped a finger into her and found no obstruction. I pushed it all the way into her and pressed my palm against her clit as I bit her nipple. She stiffened and then thrashed around as her tight pussy clamped down on my finger, “YYEEESSSS!”

She jerked and shook and spasmed as I began finger fucking her and rubbing my palm across her clit. I went back and forth on her breasts and kept sucking on her nipples as I fingered her. I finally kissed down her body and moved between her legs as I pulled my finger out of her wet, slippery pussy. I caressed her inner thighs and kissed and licked them, moving closer to her waiting pussy.

I finally licked through her slit and Gwen screamed and arched her back as jolts of pleasure shot through her body. She bucked and spasmed as I rubbed her clit and used both hands to spread her pussy open. She was small and pink and very wet as I leaned in and pushed my tongue into her. She gasped and jerked, “YES!”

I grinned and licked her and nibbled on her small inner pussy lips. As she shuddered and shook I covered her clit and started teasing it. Gwen grabbed my head and held it against her pussy as she screamed again. I continued to tease her clit as she bucked and shook and then I sucked. She stiffened and then went wild, “OOOOOHHHHHHH!”

She was bucking and thrashing around as she thrust her hips up again and again. I moved up her body and kissed her, sticking my tongue into her mouth. I thrust and my cock was slowly forced into her very tight pussy. Gwen groaned and shuddered as we kept kissing and my cock sank deeper. I pressed against her before pulling back and beginning to fuck her.

I was using long thrusts that almost pulled my cock out of her before I pushed back in. My cock kept pushing against her cervix and slowly it opened. She was spasming uncontrollably as I fucked her and kept grinding against her groin. She kept stiffening and then thrashing around as her already tight pussy squeezed my cock over and over again while squirting cum.

I finally thrust into her and held her down as I began to pee sperm. Gwen howled as I pumped a huge torrent of cum into her belly and jerked around violently. I spewed and spurted and finally stopped with her tummy bulging slightly. I pulled out and she sighed as the deluge of cum poured out of her. I moved back and gestured and she flipped over and her hips lifted off the bed.

The flow of magic through me and into Gwen was regenerating me as it filled her. I whispered a spell that held her hands and spread her knees as I moved up. I pushed back into her cummy pussy and began to slowing fucked her again. She groaned and her body shook but she couldn’t move or pull away. I began to wipe cum on and against her asshole as I fucked her and she tried to push back as it seemed to gape slightly.

One finger pushed into her ass and she groaned as her body was racked with spasms. Her ass squeezed my finger as I fucked it in and out, adding more cum almost each time. I fucked her hard for a minute and Gwen screamed as her pussy contracted on my cock. I pushed a second finger into her ass and she jerked and pushed back, “More!”

I laughed and pulled my cock out of her cummy pussy and slowly forced it into her ass. She groaned as she shuddered and I began fucking her ass deeper. It wasn’t long before I felt her try to shift the flow of magic and blocked it causing flicking lightening to dance around her body. She arched her back and squirted as she howled, “FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK!”

I was using long, deep thrusts into her and buried my cock as my balls churned and then I was peeing a huge stream of warm cum deep in her bowels. Gwen froze and then jerked and tried to thrash around as I pumped and spewed and spurted. When I stopped cumming she was almost limp as I caressed her hips, “don’t shift the flow of magic, use it. Bring it into yourself to strengthen and restore yourself.”

She was panting as I pulled out of her and released her. I moved back and turned her over before letting her fall to the bed. I moved up to kiss her as she put her arms around me. I could feel her trying to do as I told her and sighed before pushing back into her pussy. I began fucking her again as she shuddered and groaned. I put my head next the her and whispered how to change the magic she felt and create the spells she needed.

It was only a few minutes before she was bucking and jerking around as her pussy squeezed me. She had her arms and legs wrapped around me as she screamed and spasmed. I started fucking her hard as I shifted the flow of magic and brought it into me to restore me. Gwen kept shaking and grunting as she began to fuck me back.

Our groins pressed into each other as I fucked her with long, deep thrusts. Her pussy grasped my cock each time it was pulled out. She was shuddering and thrashing around several minutes later when I again thrust into her and began pumping another stream of warm sperm. Gwen clutched at me and the magic filling her and reached out to pull at me as well.

I pulled out when I stopped cumming and shifted before lowering my cock and slowly pushing into her ass. She stiffened and spread her legs real wide and lifted them in the air, “HOLY FUCK!”

I started fucking her slimy ass with long thrusts and she began jerking as her ass tightened. Gwen clutched me as magic weakly tried to weave around us. I kept fucking her as I pulled it apart and lightning again sparked around her body. She jerked and twisted as her ass squeezed my cock again, “AAAAAHHHHHH!”

I let her go as I lifted up and began to fuck into her ass with long, deep thrusts. She jerked and began having convulsions as her body was enveloped in more lightning, “YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSS!”

When I finally came with another thick stream of cum she was barely conscious and shivered as her ass relaxed. I pulled out and turned her onto her stomach before lifting her hips. She groaned, “Again?”

I caressed her hips as I rubbed the head of my cock through her leaking pussy, “until you can control it my concubine mage.”

She shuddered and pushed her butt back at me as a spell wrapped around her. She shuddered hard before looking back in surprise, “What did I do!”

I laughed and pushed into her sloppy pussy, “You used the magic to revive yourself.”

She grinned and then gasped as I started thrusting in and out, “shit!”

I laughed and pulled out before laying beside her and gesturing so she would lift, spin and straddle my waist as she sat up. I fit my cock to her pussy and she sat down with a sigh. She started rocking and thrusting as her body began to vibrate and shudder. I reached up and touched her nipples and she froze with wide eyes and then she screamed as her body was encased in sparkling energy.

Her pussy spasmed and she began shaking and convulsing. I let it go on and Gwen continued to twist and jerk as her tight, slimy pussy milked my cock. Part of the spell was touching me as I pulled her hips down. My cock began to swell and the cum churning in my balls erupted as I released the spell. She lifted her head and howled as cum peed into her, “MASTER!”

She was shaking and shuddering until I stopped cumming and then she sighed and slumped. I cupped her breast, “Lift up and put it back in your ass.”

She grinned and lifted up off my cock ignoring the flood of cum that followed. She positioned my cock against her ass and slowly sat. She had so much cum in her that my cock slid all the way into her and she shuddered and groaned. I squeezed her nipples and let the magic envelope her again. Gwen jerked and stiffened as she thrust up and down on my cock.

She was breathing hard as she tossed her head and continued to shake. Her ass was spasming on my cock as she fucked it and I reached down to rub her clit. Gwen bucked and screamed as her ass tightened painfully and she squirted cum, “YES!”

She kept thrusting back and forth as she jerked and convulsed. The tingling lightning still enveloped her body and she looked down almost pleadingly and I shook my head. She began rocking as she fucked my cock. It was almost pulled out of her before she thrust back down to impale herself. It was another ten minutes of screaming, shaking and convulsing before I released the spell, I pulled her down and rolled before fucking her ass hard.

Gwen lifted her legs and spread them wide and a moment later I began peeing cum into her ass again. She jerked and howled as she felt the almost hot cum pumping into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and began lowering her legs. I slowly pulled out of her and a river of warm cum followed. I rolled her over and lifted her legs to her shoulders as I pushed my slimy cock back into her sloppy pussy.

The magic flowing through me and into Gwen was already regenerating us. She shuddered as my cock pushed into her and I began to fuck her. My cock was buried deep in her and she was already shaking. I used short, slow, jabbing thrusts that pressed my groin against hers each time. It wasn’t long before her pussy tightened and she began jerking.

After several minutes she was convulsing and her magic enveloped her and the cum filling her was expelled. I grinned and kissed her hard as I release her legs and she wrapped them around me, “this time it stays in.”

Gwen groaned and clutched at me as I changed to long, slow, deep thrusts. Her pussy began milking my cock each time I was buried inside her and she started panting. I buried my cock and used short, jabbing thrusts that pressed my groin tight against her. Before long she was twitching and shaking. A few minutes later she arched her back as her tight pussy tightened, “YES!”

I fucked her hard as I felt myself getting closer. Gwen jerked and spasmed as my cock fucked in and out of her cervix and finally I thrust in and held still. My cock began to swell as it throbbed and then I grunted as I spewed a huge stream of cum. She screamed as it pumped into her and I felt her magic around my cock as she held it in her. Her womb expanded and her tummy began to bulge and then I was done cumming.

I kissed her as she shuddered and groaned almost incoherently and pulled out. None of the cum I had just poured into her leaked and Gwen groaned again as I stood beside the bed, “clean my cock and suck me.”

She turned and went to her knees as she leaned over and held my cock. She looked into my face and smiled before beginning to lick all the slimy cum off. A couple of minutes later she finally put my cock in her mouth. As she was fucking my cock with her mouth she was stroking it. I wasn’t trying to hold back and let the pull of pleasure take me.

Gwen was fucking my cock all the way to her throat and teasing it with her tongue. I put my hand on her head knowing what I would have to do soon. It was a couple of minutes before my body spasmed and my cock throbbed. She didn’t hesitate to push my cock to her throat as I began spewing huge torrents of cum. I whispered the seeing spell and groaned at what I saw.

I was still spurting and pumping cum as I murmured the bonding spell. When I finished cumming I pulled out of her mouth. Gwen stroked my cock and kissed the head before looking into my face, “I felt something.”

I gestured to my robe, “A spell of seeing and of bonding.”

Her eyes widened and then she smiled, “Bonding? Me?”

I nodded, “Our mate Paige will need to be told.”

I touched her temple and showed her the paths of the future and she smiled as I pulled my finger away. I caressed her face, “you have old traces of protections spells on you.”

Gwen sighed, “My mom.”

I waited and she moved off the bed to embrace me, “My father was killed in a dual arcane and my mother... she was placed in thrall by arch mage Darius.”

I looked at her and caressed her bare shoulders, “Darius is not known to keep mages alive.”

She nodded, “I know but mom is strong and has protections...”

I tilted her head, “What is her name?”

Gwen looked into my eyes, “Pamela Demon Spike.”

I looked away, “She was on the brink of becoming an arch mage and was reported missing.”

Gwen caressed my chest, “He has her.”

I caressed her face and then nodded to the bed, “Rest, later we will begin your instructions.”

I pulled my robe to me after a whispered spell to clean up. I left and closed the door to see Paige standing close to Brook who had stopped reading the scrolls. I moved to Paige, “You felt the pull?”

She nodded, “Brook said to wait and you would explain.”

I glanced at Brook, “Finish the scrolls and go sit with Gwen.”

I caressed Paige’s face, “She pulls at me and her future is entwined with ours. I bound her as I bound myself, she is part of us now.”

Paige looked at the wagon, “Should I talk to her?”

I pulled her close and held her, “Her father was killed by a mage in a dual and her mother is being held prisoner. She is one of us now my lover.”

Paige grinned, “Does that mean we get to fuck her too?”

I shook my head, “She has an appetite Paige. She is our mate but she will need and want sex.”

Paige laughed, “She will fit in then.”

I glanced past her to see a man standing beyond the camp. By the feel I knew what he was and an idea who. I looked at Brook, “go inside with Gwen now.”

I moved Paige aside, “Keep everyone back.”

I started walking and brought up my protections. The mage smiled and then frowned. When I stopped in front of him he nodded towards my wagon, “The girl is mine.”

I shook my head, “She is a mage and bound to me.”

He snarled, “Listen to me you pup, give me the girl or I will kill you!”

I gestured with both arms and a dueling sphere sprang up around us, “You may try Darius but I am as strong as you so it won’t be easy.”

He slashed at me and I held a hand out to stop the sparkling dagger of magic. I waved and it shifted before stabbing toward Darius who was chanting another spell. He barely stopped the dagger and it splintered. Several splinters stabbing into arms and legs causing him to scream before throwing a white sphere of fire. I brought my hands together and the sphere was caught in red glowing claws before being thrown back.

Darius stumble and gestured, causing the fire to explode before reaching him. I whispered a word of command and the earth under him shot a tendril out to wrap around his throat. I murmured another spell as he fought the earth and finally pulled free. He opened his mouth to shout a spell and the air around his head turned to water.

I sliced with my hand and sharp shards of rock exploded from the ground as he gasped and freed himself. He screamed as sharp rock sliced his hands and feet off and then cut his throat. I continued with another spell that caused his struggling body to ignite in a tower of blue flame. The next spell whipped the ash away from his glowing body as a jar appeared.

The ash swirled and poured into the bottle as his body was consumed. As the last bit of ash swept away and into the bottle the tower of fire disappeared as did the dueling sphere. I turned towards camp and the crowd of people as the mage council stepped out of thin air. I tossed the jar of ash to Trinity, “Darius is gone.”

They looked at each other and turned to follow. I went to my wagon and opened the door, “come out Gwen.”

A moment later she came out with both Paige and Brook. She was looking a little frightened as I turned to the council, “Darius held her mother. As you see, she is bound to me and I will teach her.”

They looked at Gwen and Trinity nodded, “I will register her and send someone to look in Darius’s tower.”

I shook my head, “He had power Trinity, but used it poorly.”

He shrugged, “it is power that can overwhelm.”

I sighed, “if you free her mother tell her who Gwen is with.”

I watched them leave and turned to Gwen, “Tomorrow you will begin to service the caravan with Tara. Today you stay with Paige, Ash or Melody.”

She nodded and looked at Paige as I headed towards the show wagon, “Time for another show Ash.”
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