(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
I woke to the shriek of the camp alarms and pushed Paige off me and struggled over someone. I started for the door and my robe wrapped around me as the griffins screamed. As soon as I walked out I tossed a light spell into the sky. The whole area around and beyond the camp was illuminated.

The griffins were battling armed men in city guard uniforms and a flight of arrows flew from a dozen bowmen. I gestured and the arrows stopped in mid flight. Another gesture and word of command and the archers screamed as they began to turn to stone. I murmured another spell and the men fighting the griffins were slammed to the ground.

The guard commander rushed towards me and I gestured. He was slammed to the ground like the rest of his men and quiet returned. Everyone from the camp was awake and outside carrying weapons. I glanced at Brook, “It seems your city has granted his request to attack us.”

She looked from the commander to me and nodded. I looked towards the city and whispered a spell that caused the light over us to brighten and spread to cover the entire city. I whispered a summoning for the city lords and turned to look at the cursing commander. I gestured and he was lifted into the air. He glared at me and snarled, “I will see you...”

His voice was cut off in a strangle and I glanced at Brook. She shook her head and murmured a spell at the other soldiers. They rose and floated together, those that still held weapons screamed and dropped them as they became red hot. I looked at the caravan master, “Your wish?”

He looked at the men coldly, “They attacked us as any bandit would. Hang them.”

I nodded and gestured and the men tried to struggle. A whispered spell brought huge columns of stone up through the earth. Brook gestured and the soldiers were placed around the columns. Grass wove together into rope and moved towards the men. Paige ran to me and touched my shoulder, “Wait!”

I looked at her and she bit her lip, “The men were doing as they were ordered. Make an example of the one in charge and let them go.”

Brook hesitated and I looked at the caravan master, “Master Tenaver?”

He was frowning and then nodded, “Make them watch and give an oath of pardon.”

I turned to look at the men before gesturing the ropes away. I slammed the commander against a column and drew a glowing glyph that appeared above him in the sky. I released him and he started kicking as the rope began strangling him. Four men ran towards us from the city gate, “STOP!”

We turned to look at them and one that was heavier then the others gestured to the commander, “He is the commander of our city guards, let him go!”

I smiled, “If I release him, I would have to destroy your city.”

His mouth dropped open and another man spun to Brook, “Do something!”

She shook her head, “I told you and the commander to let the caravan alone but he didn’t listen.”

A third snarled, “Then summon the mage council!”

I laughed and whispered a spell of command. Five mages appeared a moment later. I nodded to Trinity and the city lord moved towards them, “STOP HIM!”

Trinity looked at him and then at me, “What needs the councils attention?”

I nodded to the city lords, “They wish me to not execute the leader of these men. He attacked me and my caravan as we slept.”

He glanced at the commander strangling on the pillar before looking at the city lords, “Did you order the attack?”

The arrogant lord snarled, “What if we had!”

One of the other mages named Nature cleared his throat, “Then we would leave and your city would suffer whatever fate it deserves.”

The lords faces paled and Brook moved forward, “They were warned to leave the caravan alone.”

The council looked at her before looking at the city lords, “Did you disobey your mage?”

They looked at each other and one by one shook their heads. Trinity sighed and turned to the commander before murmuring a spell. Slowly his body began to change as it merged slightly with the column. When the spell was complete he was nothing more than a stone figure on the column.

Trinity looked at the white faced city lords, “This city is on notice. If one more report of aggressive behavior is reported, the Emperor will be notified and action will be taken.”

Trinity looked at me and shook his head, “For an arch mage you are a lot of trouble.”

I grinned, “We are supposed to be so you can study us better.”

They snorted and then they were gone, I turned to gesture towards the floating men. They dropped to the ground and I looked at the city lords, “We are peaceful people traveling the world. We have shows and things we sell to people. If your city does not wish to see or buy what we bring than we will leave.”

One of the lords sighed, “Master mage, we never had a dispute with the caravans. If our people wish to visit your camp they may.”

The arrogant one snorted, “We will prohibit your people from entering the city as is our right.”

I looked at him before nodding, “Very well.”

I looked at the soldiers behind them, “This was your only warning. Attack innocents again and the spell I left on you will complete your punishment.”

I looked at the city lords, “leave before I pass a judgement on you.”

They hesitated and one looked at Brook, “Come mage.”

Brook snorted, “I am tired of you ordering me around like a servant. I am a mage and go where I will.”

He stiffened, “Fine, you’re fired.”

I laughed and looked at Brook, “Summon your belongings in the morning my apprentice.”

She grinned and the man turned to stalk after the others that had already left. I turned to the caravan master, “Do you wish to stay?”

He was looking after the men and finally nodded, “We will try one day.”

I nodded and walked to the griffins and whispered a spell that healed the cuts and hacking they had endured. I murmured a ward shield before heading towards the wagon. I disspelled the light above us before opening the door and going in. Paige turned from the bed the others were all on. She crossed and touched my chest, “I’m sorry I interrupted but...”

I gestured and her dress slipped off, “You are part of the caravan, which means you have a voice.”

I slipped my robe off and pulled her against me, “You are bound to me which means I must listen to what you say.”

I caressed her body and Paige put her head on my shoulder, “but you have asked nothing of me that...”

I laughed as I backed her to the bed, “The promise is our child.”

Paige turned to looked at the bed and the others. She slowly turned to face me, “I want three babies my mate, daughters.”

I smiled and sat her on the edge before kneeling between her legs. I caressed her inner thighs and put my hand over her pelvis. I murmured a summoning spell and Brook reached out to touch my hand. She grinned, “So that’s how you do it.”

I ignored her and finished before pushing Paige down and leaning in to tease her clit. She shuddered as I kept licking and sucking. I nibbled on her inner lips and went back to her clit as she sighed and shivered. Ash pulled Brook onto the bed and Melody joined her in kissing and feeling her body. Tara moved down and pushed Brook’s legs open as she groaned.

Paige giggled and caressed my face, “Make sure the other cum is gone and remove my protection spell.”

I whispered spells as I moved up her body kissing her. She lifted her legs as I positioned my cock and slowly pushed into her. I fucked her slowly as her pussy tightened around my cock. I was using long, deep thrusts and Paige was grunting. She was shuddering and her pussy was grasping at me. On the bed Brook was spasming and thrashing around as Melody, Ash and Tara continued to ravage her.

I buried my cock deep and started to hump and grind against Paige. She was jerking around and convulsing as she moaned. I bent to kiss her before starting to fuck her hard. I used long thrusts and she kept shaking. I was trying to cum this time and her hips kept humping up to meet mine. I finally shuddered as I thrust into her and held her hips as my cock jerked and then began spewing a stream of warm sperm.

Paige jerked and lifted her hips as she screamed and spasmed. Her tight pussy clamped down as I covered her pelvis and murmured a keeping spell while still pumping cum. Her womb expanded and she kept twitching and shuddered as I finally stopped. I pulled out and turned her on the bed before whispering another spell. She shuddered and some of the cum began leaking out.

I kissed her, “It must be natural. I left only sperm that would produce a daughter.”

She pulled me down and kissed me before turning her head to see a panting Brook, “You should fuck your new apprentice.”

I glanced at Brook and smiled before moving over her while Melody, Ash and Tara moved away. She smiled and spread her legs but put her hand on her pelvis to whisper a spell. I ignored it and pushed my cock into her. I started to fuck into her tight pussy and she groaned as she hugged me tight. It wasn’t long before her body began jerking as she gasped. Her pussy tightened and she began thrashing around.

I fucked her with long, deep strokes and she continued to shudder and groan. I kissed her as she started to buck and thrash around before lifting her legs up. She held them up and spread them wide as I began fucking into her. I thrust into her hard and held her body as my cock began to swell and throb.

She was jerking and shaking as her eyes locked with mine. I grunted as I suddenly peed a huge torrent of warm sperm into her and she arched her back as she screamed. It went on and on as I filled her belly completely and then her tummy began to bulge. I shuddered hard and looked at her, “Always practice a spell before doing it. You pulled three eggs into your womb and not two and you already had two inside it.”

Her eyes widened as I kept looking at her, “now you need to live with it.”

I pulled out and she lay there for a minute and Tara grinned and laughed, “She can have her litter with me.”

Brook glanced at her and her eyes dropped to Tara’s pelvis. She looked up into her face and then grinned, “we’re just two horny bitches.”

Melody laughed, “We are all horny bitches.”

I caressed Melody’s body and listened to her sigh before pulling her on top of me, “the last spell stone needs to be monitored.”

Brook laughed as she turned onto her side, “I’ll say, any woman that uses it will be vibrating for days.”

I positioned my cock and pulled down and my cock pushed into Melody. I cupped her breasts as she began to rock, “I think I will make one like that for a man.”

They laughed and Melody shuddered, “How?”

I smiled, “Do you know why the booths are clean after a man finishes?”

Brook opened her mouth and then closed it. The other girls shook their heads as I touched Melody between the breasts and whispered a spell. She gasped as the small hands felt all over her body. I looked at them, “Because it is only in their mind, just as it is for a woman. With the man though his body thinks he has cum and will begin to make more sperm and semen. Each time he uses the booth it will build up.”

They were grinning at each other as Melody spasmed and her pussy rippled around my cock. She was fucking me erratically and moaning as invisible hands continued to feel her and play with her body. I held her hips as she almost fell off, “after four or five he will produce a huge orgasm.”

Paige laughed and reached up to tug on Melody’s nipple, “So we find husbands with wives that want to get pregnant and have them each use a booth and then put them together.”

They all laughed and Melody screamed as I held her with my cock buried and began spewing gushes of cum. She bucked and jerked and thrashed around as I flooded her body and then she slumped onto me when I finished and released the other spells. I held her twitching body and caressed her before looking at the others, “Each of you will be my model. Sleep now.”

I dimmed the lights and Melody slip off me. I relaxed as I thought of the men that attacked us. I finally rose and dressed before going out. I walked to look out over the river as one by one the griffins gathered. I finally turned, “thank you for protecting those I cherish.”

They bowed heads and glanced into the night, I nodded and they slipped away. I absently picked up a small rock and walked back towards the wagon. I lifted the ground and changed it into a comfortable chair before sitting. I rubbed the rock and let the magic flow through me and into the rock. It began to glow and change, shifting into a glassy texture that continued to shift and change color.

I whispered a spell and watched as tiny figures seemed to move in the stone. Slowly spell followed spell as I continued to let magic flow through me and into the stone.
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