(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
First thing in the morning were showers with almost everyone. It was raining cold icy rain except in our warm almost hot shower that seemed to heat everyone up.

When I put the fire out the phoenixes rose again but seemed to hiss before leaping into the rain. I summoned the pile of wet wood from the river and lifted the boulders of crystal before we started. Tara rode beside me as Paige and Melody rode in back. Ash kissed my cheek and headed for the caravan master’s wagon. I carved a small three inch tall block of milky crystal and smoothed it before closing my eyes and murmuring a simple enchantment.

Tara gasped and I looked at her and smiled before looking at the tiny figure of Piros inside the crystal. She waved and burst into flame. A minute later she was back to her human form. I set it on the seat, “Watch.”

The milky color fogged the crystal and Tara grinned, “You only see it when you hold it?”

I shook my head, “Touch.”

I made a few more and then started creating light staffs since they were so popular. Paige and Melody ran around and climbed up to squeeze onto the wagon seat. Paige was grinning as she held out the spell stone, “Can I try this?”

I opened my robe and pulled Tara onto my lap to make room on the seat. I caressed her cold naked body and touched my necklace around her neck to whisper a warming spell, “Your going to catch cold.”

She grinned, “I know something that will warm me.”

I looked at Paige as Tara lifted up to put my cock inside her, “Melody, hold the crystal. Paige, touch the dragon.”

Tara slowly impaled herself on my cock as she sat down. Paige grunted and lifted her legs and spread them as if she had a man or something else between them. She was jerking and shaking and a moment later she screamed and began spasming. I smiled, “The dragon just came in her.”

Melody grinned as I cupped Tara’s breasts, “How old are you Tara?”

She shuddered as she pussy rippled, “eighteen.”

I caressed her body, “Why haven’t you had a child?”

Tara shook as Paige grunted and pushed back against the seat for the unicorn cock filling her. Tara looked back at me, “We tried but it just never happened.”

I held her and put my hand over her pelvis. I whispered a spell and Tara shivered. I looked into her face, “Did you know you have six eggs in your womb? That is very unusual.”

She grinned and wiggled on my cock, “I haven’t used the necklace today.”

I laughed, “Let’s see; me, the caravan master, Jeremy, Jorge, Tony and David.”

Tara leaned against me, “One for each of you?”

I glanced at Paige as she howled with her legs spread and raised, “I think the Satyr just filled her.”

I cupped her breast, “Choose a father?”

She sighed, “I am not caravan people but is it possible to have more than one father?”

I shivered and thrust up against her cervix, “I can make it so.”

Tara grunted and spasmed as her pussy tightened. Paige had her feet together and pulled up as she grunted and jerked under the griffin. I whispered a spell as I held my hand on Tara’s pelvis and thrust into her when I finished to spew a fountain of cum. Tara jerked and screamed as cum poured out of her around my cock. When I stopped cumming I cupped her breasts, “You have two hours to get each man to cum in you.”

Tara kissed me and lifted off, “Which one should I…”

I caressed her hip, “Start with the caravan master and work back.”

She grinned and jumped down before turning to run through the rain to the front of the caravan. Paige howled as she spasmed and I glanced at her, “Which image is lit?”

Melody grinned, “still the griffin.”

I nodded and Paige screamed and jerked as her arms and legs went out like she was spread eagle. She was jerking and Melody looked at me, “Is something wrong?”

I shook my head as I went back to making souvenirs, “She just saw the troll.”

A minute later Paige was purring and spasming, “YES! FUCK ME!”

Melody laughed, “That sure is a mean troll.”

When the troll was done Paige slumped and panted. She jerked and grabbed and then grunted as her legs lifted. She was grunting and spasming, twisting and bucking as Melody absently tugged on a nipple. I smiled and carved off an orb of milking crystal three inches across. I reached across Paige to touch the crystal spell stone with the orb before whispering a spell.

I set the orb on the seat and went back to what I was doing. When Paige groaned and shuddered before turning her head to look at me, I stopped and picked up the orb. I finished the spell and held it out to Paige, “To remember it.”

She groaned as she sat up and took the orb. A moment later she and Melody both gasped. I grinned, the orb had cleared and a scene inside showed her impaled on the Dragon’s cock as he flew. One by one it went through each scene she had experienced and they watched as they fingered themselves. Melody grinned, “Make one for me?”

Paige laughed and cupped the back of her head for a deep kiss. She looked at me and grinned, “Can you make it so that we can just touch a crystal and copy what they do ourselves?”

There was a lot more white or milky crystal than clear so I gestured and began making three inch cubes that floated to the seat. I brought some of the wet sticks and limbs close and merged them before creating a chest. The lid opened and the cubes of crystal began stacking themselves.

I brought the spell stone to me and touched the center and murmured another spell. I handed it to Paige and carved another orb like hers. I smiled and handed it to her as I looked at Melody, “Come here my lover.”

She grinned and carefully stripped and pushed her dress under the seat. She moved over Paige and straddled me. I pushed into her and stood with her impaled before gesturing and laying her back on solid seeming air. I held her hips and started fucking her hard. She grunted and groaned and a minute later she was meeting my thrusts. Her upper body was getting wet from the rain but she didn’t care.

I slowed until I was pulling out of her before thrusting all the way back into her. Melody began quivering and jerking as her pussy tightened. I fucked her hard again and she stiffened before thrashing around and bucking as she howled, “MMMAAAAGGGGGEEEEEE!”

I buried my cock to hump and grind against her and she continued to shudder as her pussy spasmed on my cock. Every couple of minutes I changed what I was doing as Melody became more incoherent and shook more uncontrollably. Finally I thrust into her and spewed a huge stream of cum. Melody arched her back and screamed as her pussy contracted, “I’M CUMMING!”

I pumped and spewed and sprayed and spurted and cum ran out around my cock as I stopped. I pulled out of her shuddering body and turned her to float to the seat. Paige laughed, “You should be a spell stone.”

I smiled as I sat and gestured, Melody’s hand reached out to touch the spell stone and her legs lifted and seemed to wrap around the dragon as she was suddenly impaled. I nodded to Melody’s orb, “touch it to the center when she is done.”

I filled the wooden chest and sent it around and into the other wagon. When Melody finished and lay back on the seat panting Paige bent to suck on her nipples, “Want to go back to our bed?”

Melody laughed, “Only if you promise to hold me until I recover.”

Paige grinned and turned to climb down with Melody following. It was still raining but the griffins seemed happy, the phoenixes seemed to be flying above the storm and the eagles had tucked their head under their wings. Ash led Tara back and they climbed up beside me. The huge boulders and pile of floating sticks and limbs had been reduced to a much smaller size. I smiled at Tara, “How did it go?”

She grinned as she caressed her pelvis, “I got them all.”

I smiled and reached out to pull Ash against me, “How was the caravan master?”

Ash sighed, “Okay, we should be coming to a small city soon.”

I looked at Tara, “Why don’t you go lay down in the wagon with Paige and Melody.”

She nodded and climbed down, I pulled Ash onto my lap and slipped my hand into her dress. I cupped her breasts and felt her body as she smiled and leaned against me. As we approached tall stone walls the caravan turned into a wide grass area. There was a steep bank that dropped a dozen feet down to the river but no way down. We began setting up camp and after I unhitched and released my three teams I created a shield over the camp.

I went to the river and began summoning river stones to create a fire platform. Subtle shifting of the earth brought stones up to form steps in the steep bank. They descended down to the river and then created a shelf twelve feet wide and six feet out into the river, it was also two feet under the rushing water.

I went back into camp and sent the camp wards out. The phoenixes dropped down through the rain to land on the fire platform. Like the day before they burst into flame and the piles of ash settled onto the platform. Paige and Melody were showing their crystal orbs to everyone and I wasn’t surprised when the men began pulling women into wagons.

I glanced up as the rain slowly stopped. Tara came out of Tony’s wagon grinning and walked to the fire platform to start helping. The sun peeked out and everyone moved outside. A group of soldiers left the city gates and walked towards the camp and the caravan master sighed, “They always make us post a bond. They say travelers are thieves and vagrants.”

I grinned, “tell them the first man that says that where I will hear it will be very sorry.”

He grinned and we turned as they walked up. One better dressed then the others had been looking at the wagons and turned to the caravan master, “It seems you are doing well. If you wish to stay you need to post a bond of ten gold pieces and if...”

I gestured and he froze and rose a foot off the ground, “listen closely. I am an arch mage and this is my family. You will show respect or I will turn your city to rubble and sand. We will pay no bond and any person we catch stealing we will deal with. If you and your city do not wish to see what we have then they can stay away. We will be staying a day, after that we will be on our way.”

I released him and let him drop to the ground. The other guards moved together and the man I held glared, “The mage council...”

I smiled and gestured to shut him up, “Will do nothing. As I said, I am an arch mage and you are insulting me and my family. Now go before you anger me.”

He spun and stalked away with the others following. The caravan master shook his head, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

I grinned, “You think he will try to keep people away?”

I laughed and pointed to the walls of the city where people stood watching before gesturing to the clearing sky. It seemed to sparkle and the clouds shifted into shapes of dragons and other beasts that seemed to chase each other away. He grinned and we turned back to help with dinner and I helped Paige, Ash and Melody set the wagons up. Paige grinned as she brought out the silk bag with my vapor brandy.

As it got dark a few people from the city appeared to walk around the camp and talk to everyone. They avoided me though which was fine, Paige and Melody made some money on a few men that went into the pleasure booths. A silk robed mage appeared and sat beside me at the fire, “This is most impressive. They don’t even have a clue how the simplest things can tell one the most.”

I was working on another stone lantern and smiled, “But it is the simple things that make it worth doing.”

She glanced at me, “The guard commander wanted to complain about you to the mage council.”

I grinned, “So he said.”

She laughed, “He’s an arrogant asshole. When I explained that the normal rule didn’t apply to you, he wanted to send you packing with arrows. I explained to him that it would give you cause to unleash your power on the city.”

She sighed, “I explained to the city council that you would be responsible for those traveling with you.”

I nodded, “I accept that.”

She looked around, “You have a show?”

I grinned, “illusions, charms and enchantments.”

I looked around, “We sell a few potions to cure or heal. Enchantments that change a dress’s colors or pictures that move.”

She nodded, “Any regeneration potions?”

I looked at her, “in a bottle of vapor brandy.”

She grinned, “That is one I can’t do. I’ll let a few people know.”

I nodded as Ash walked up and sat on my lap. She smiled at the mage, “Who’s your friend?”

I caressed her hips, “She is the city’s mage.”

Ash leaned against me, “Everyone wants to try the new spell stone.”

I grinned, “And make a crystal?”

She laughed and looked at the inquiring Mage, “It’s ten creatures fucking us from a dragon to a Merman.”

The mage grinned at me, “Really?”

I shrugged, “A simple enchantment that creates images in the mind.”

She smiled at Ash, “Mind if I try it?”

I looked at her as Ash laughed and stood, “Sure, we put it in a booth.”

I grinned as Ash led the mage to the wagon. I sent the new lantern to hang on a wagon and stood. As I was walking to my wagon Eve walked up beside me and slipped her hand into mine, “Would you fuck me mage?”

I smiled, “Now that you are safely pregnant?”

She grinned, “Yes. Tara is with Abraham right now and I am horny.”

I led her into my wagon and she grinned as she looked around, “It even looks like a mage lives here.”

I turned her and slowly undressed her before sending my robe to a basket. I led her to the bed and laid her down before sitting and feeling her body. When I fingered her pussy it was wet and almost hot. She shuddered and smiled as she caressed my face and I turned to move down between her legs. I kissed her erect clit and licked through her pussy.

I pushed my tongue into her and then began to tease and suck on her clit. Eve started shuddering and lifting her hips as she moaned. I kept licking her and nibbled on her pussy lips before going after her clit seriously. After a few minutes she began jerking and spasming and I moved up her body. I kissed her as I pushed into her and she clutched at me.

I started fucked her slowly and from the first stroke she was fucking me back. Her pussy was warm and slippery and my cock fucked into her velvety softness easily. Soon we were fucking each other harder. I was almost pulling completely out of her before burying my cock. She was shaking as her pussy spasmed and tried to milk the cum out of my cock.

When I finally thrust into her and held her as I began spewing cum she screamed. She was bucking and thrashing around as I peed cum into her and then she was thrusting her pelvis up, “CUM IN ME!”

I spewed and pumped cum into her as she held still and trembled. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed on the bed, “No wonder the women love fucking you.”

I smiled and kissed her before pulling out and laying beside her. I caressed her body and she smiled before turning to kiss me. She crawled off the bed, “Abraham will be finished by now and I wanted to star gaze tonight.”

As she opened the door Paige, Melody, Ash and Tara were there pulling the grinning mage with them. I smiled as they pulled her into the wagon. They stripped as they climbed onto the bed and I watched the mage as she undressed and sent her clothes to the stand by the door. Paige crawled up my body, “Brook wants you to teach her.”

I caressed her hips as she sat up straddling me, “Brook?”

The mage laid on the edge of the bed, “Me.”

I looked at her and Ash cleared her throat, she was holding Tara, “She also wants you to get her pregnant.”

I looked at Brook, “You are already trained.”

She shrugged, “the mage that trained me was barely stronger than I am. I look at your spells and see more than I thought was possible.”

I nodded, “how was the spell stone?”

She laughed, “I will never forget it.”

I caressed Paige’s hips as she laid down and put her head on my shoulder, “Tired?”

She nodded, “I’m sorry, we made a round of all the men.”

I held her, “Then I will take my turn in the morning.”

Melody snuggled against me, “One of the griffins was even rubbing on me.”

Brook snorted and moved closer to snuggle against my side, “You were reaching under him and rubbing his cock.”

I laughed and squeezed Paige as I looked at Melody. I put up my wards and dimmed the light.
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