(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
It was early morning when I turned my head to look at Paige. I reached out to touch her as I spoke a spell of discovery. I smiled when I found she wasn’t pregnant and murmured the charm to prevent pregnancy.

I moved over Ash and turned Paige before settling between her legs. I pushed into her and she groaned and put her arms around me. I fucked her slowly and her eyes flickered open. She smiled and squeezed me, “Good morning my mage.”

I buried my cock to press against her as I kissed her, “Good morning my lover.”

She sighed as her pussy contracted and I went back to fucking her. She slowly stiffened as her pussy spasmed and then she exploded and started bucking and thrashing around. I fucked her hard with strokes that pressed my groin against hers. Paige screamed and shook like she was having a seizure as I started spewing cum.

She bucked harder and twisted around as she continued to howl. Her pussy clamped down to hold my pumping cock inside her. Her body spasmed almost violently with each explosion of cum and she finally lay under me panting. I stopped cumming and kissed her, “Thank you.”

She laughed and shook me, “Horny wizard.”

I grinned as I slipped off the bed, “Showers.”

It was a nice day with blue skies. Most of the caravan joined us in the river with the four griffins splashing everyone. I summoned spider webs and spun vibrant silk gowns and robes for everyone. I put out the fire platform and the ash moved before the phoenixes rose up and stretched their wings. They leaped into the air with cries to greet the sun and I brought in the camp wards and released the ward shield. When we left the whole village was out to watch and wave.

Each of my other wagons followed along behind mine. I began collecting small colored rocks and long sticks for charms. Jorge the jeweler swung up to sit beside me and I glanced at him, “running from Teresa?”

He grinned and then laughed, “No, she gives me every other day to rest.”

I laughed with him and he gestured to the tiny pink stone chain I was using. “I was wondering if you could perhaps make some chain like that for me.”

I smiled, “I still have a lot of the pink.”

He grinned, “I was thinking of a clear crystal or a milky white.”

I looked around before whispering a summoning spell. He cleared his throat, “Where are your… girls?

I laughed again, “Ash is walking up ahead. Paige and Melody are with Sasha and Tara is riding with Edgar and Jill.”

I glanced at the gathering crystals and began merging the clear ones, “The clear should make your gems and charms stand out.”

Jorge grinned, “I hope so.”

I sorted the other crystal, some I merged and some I absently shaped. I moved the stones around to the other side of the wagon and murmured the spell that had them unraveling in a thin delicate chain into Jorge’s lap.

I pulled dead grass to me and changed it to cotton before spinning it into a small bag. I slipped the dozens of tiny crystal shapes into the bag and handed it to Jorge. He was grinning happily when he climbed down and Ash climbed up. She slid over next to me, “I was walking with Eve.”

I smiled and gestured to the flowers she had collected, “And reducing the flowers along the way.”

She grinned and put her head on my shoulder, “Eve and Abraham wanted children but he is infertile.”

I looked at her and she looked into my face, “Can you help him?”

I shrugged, “It depends on why he is infertile.”

Ash looked down, “His cum is really watery and… I didn’t see any white stuff.”

I looked up to watch the eagles and phoenixes, “I’m not really a doctor Ash. If he isn’t producing any sperm, the white stuff, I can’t multiply it.”

She looked at me, “isn’t there anything you can do?”

I sighed as I thought and finally nodded, “maybe.”

She grinned, “Wait until I tell her.”

I grabbed her before she could climb down. I whispered Paige’s name and a minute later she trotted up beside the wagon, “My mage?”

I smiled, “Go drive the teacher’s wagon and ask him to come see me.”

She grinned and turned to drop back. I ignored Ash as I thought about what I was planning. I glanced at Abraham and Eve when they appeared and gestured as I murmured a spell. They both stiffened as they rose into the air to float beside me. I looked at them calmly, “The mother of my child has begged a favor from me. You wish a child yes?”

They looked at each other and Eve nodded. I sighed, “Now, here in front of me you must consummate yourselves to each other.”

I gestured and their clothes seemed to fade away. I moved them together and began a complicated spell. I ignored what they were doing as she wrapped her legs around his waist and his cock slid inside her. When I finished the spell I watched as Eve spasmed and screamed and he kept fucking into her. I waited until he stiffened and whispered the final word.

Abraham grunted and then screamed and Eve shook as white cum pumped into her and started pouring out and dropping to the ground. I gestured and they slowly pulled apart and Eve stopped leaking. I returned their clothes, “You will ache for a day or so Abraham. Eve? You only have a few minutes. Go lay down with your bottom raised.”

I let them down to the ground and sat back to rub my temple, “That was not easy Ash.”

She caressed my chest, “I will make it up to you.”

I smiled and gestured and her clothes fell away. Ash giggled and cupped her firm breasts, “What did you have in mind?”

She gasped as small hands started moving all over her body. I touched her and she stiffened and began spasming, “YYYYEEEESSSSSS!”

It looked like lightning was playing across her body as she jerked and shook uncontrollably. I released the spell and pulled her astride my lap as she panted, “Today I plan to amuse myself and watch you.”

Ash laughed and hugged me and gave me a hard kiss. I rubbed her nipples and opened my robe. I lifted her and then impaled her as she sat. I let her begin to move before whispering another spell that made her get a startled look. Every nerve in her body was sending pleasure signals and she screamed and howled as she squirted in my lap and started convulsing.

Her pussy was spasming around my cock as she jerked and shuddered erratically. I touched her mind and Ash howled as she was flying with a dragon, impaled on his huge cock. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy squeezed and released my cock. She twisted and turned as she felt and saw the dragon roll and climb as his huge cock pumped in and out of her.

I shivered and held her waist as I spewed cum deep inside her and Ash screamed as she felt the dragon pumping gallons of scalding cum. She jerked and wiggled and finally I stopped cumming and she sighed. I sat back and lifted and turned her to face away before placing her back on my lap and my still hard cock. She was still shaking as her body tingled.

I touched her head again and she stiffened as her pussy was stretched by the huge cock of a unicorn. She grunted and jerked as he hunched and fucked in and out of her slimy hole. I caressed her body as she kept lifting and fucking back onto my cock. She was breathing hard as the huge shaft punched deeper into her. She tossed her head and whimpered as the beast kept using her body.

Her pussy was spasming out of control as it tried to hold my cock inside her. I glanced at Paige as she climbed up beside us but continued to fuck Ash. She stiffened as she felt the stallion snort and paw, its huge cock swelling and spreading her pussy even more. The torrent of hot cum pumping into her belly had her howling again. I held her as I spurted and spewed against her womb. Ash dropped her head as cum spurted around the huge cock and sprayed out behind her.

I sighed as I stopped cumming and lifted Ash into the air in front of me before turning her. I spread her legs as she turned until her head was against my chest. I touched her temple and she stiffened and whimpered as the satyr walked between her legs. He bleated as his larger than average cock thrust into her completely. Ash jerked and shuddered as he started fucking her hard and bent to suck on her nipples hard.

The satyr kept pounding into her and she began convulsing as her pussy spasmed. Electric shocks seemed to explode from her nipples to her pussy. She was jerking around uncontrollable as the cock gradually began to swell and get bigger. Ash was incoherent as her body moved on its own and her slimy pussy fucked up onto the knobby cock inside her.

He thrust into her hard and held her hips as steaming cum erupting deep in her belly. Ash screamed as her body was wracked with spasms and her pussy clamped down to hold the gallon of sperm the satyr was spewing into her. She was panting as it yanked his cock out, releasing the flood of sperm. It ran out of her like a river and she spasmed once more, “FFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!”

I removed my finger from her temple and Ash shuddered as she returned to her body. Paige leaned over to kiss her, “having fun?”

Ash groaned and I caressed her breasts, “Need a break?”

She lifted her head and looked between her legs before groaning and looking at me, “God.”

Paige laughed, “What did he do?”

Ash shuddered and put her head back, “I asked him to help Eve and Abraham have a baby.”

Paige looked at me as I absently turned and lifted Ash. I moved her back onto my lap, “it is your debt.”

She leaned against me and groaned, “What’s next?”

I laughed, “Well, I was thinking of a griffin and then a troll.”

Paige grinned, “How many is she going to do?”

I rubbed Ash’s butt, “It depends on her.”

Ash looked up into my face, “What?”

I lifted her and pushed my hard cock back into her before pulling her close, “You wish to take advantage of me but not acknowledge the child as mine.”

Ash shuddered as her pussy tightened. She hugged me, “It is not our way to acknowledge the father of our children.”

I caressed her body, “And yet that is what your people do. I was chosen by Jeanne and her mother Teresa to father Jeanne’s baby. You chose me to father a child, just as Sasha, Georgia and Melody have done. Now you have helped Eve to choose Abraham.”

Paige leaned against me, “My mage? We do not acknowledge the father after the child is conceived because life is hard and men die. Our way is that all the men are the father. That is why we are free to love each and every man.”

I thought about it as Ash’s pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock, “Perhaps I am not as open to your ways as I thought.”

Ash shuddered, “Well, that takes time my mage.”

I smiled and caressed her back before touching her temple. She stiffened as she found herself on hands and knees. The lion size griffin behind her screamed as it landed and she looked back as its taloned feet gripped her shoulders and its hips hunched forward. The spiraled cock slammed into her and her pussy spasmed as it sank to her belly and lightning flashed through her whole body.

She was being fucked hard and deep. The cock seemed to rotated as it fucked in and out. The fur pounding against her ass and the feathers against her back made her body scream with tingling caresses. She jerked and convulsed as the wild beast fucked her and her abused pussy tried to hold the swirling cock inside. I started moving her on my lap, thrusting her back and forth to fuck my cock in and out.

Ash was screaming as her body was wracked with spasms. Her slimy pussy contracted as the griffin tightened its hold and hunched forward as it screamed. In the next instant she had huge, gushing torrents of hot cum pumping into her. She kept thrusting back onto the spewing cock as cum exploded out of her from around the cock to spray everything behind her.

She whimpered and moaned as the griffin cooed and slowing pulled out. I started her rocking on me and Ash shuddered as her pussy got wetter. I glanced at Paige, “She seems to have liked the griffin.”

Paige laughed as she rubbed her pussy, “You better make this into a booth.”

I cupped Ash’s breast as she looked around the clearing. She was suspended on two huge beams with her legs spread and her arms over her head. The crash of something approaching made her shiver in fright and she screamed as the huge troll cracked the trunk of a tree and stepped into the clearing. It grinned with rotting teeth and drooled as it looked at her and started lumbering towards her.

She jerked at the rope holding her until the troll stopped and huge hands reached out to caress her body. Ash froze and then blinked as she realized the hands were strangely gentle. The troll rubbed and fingered her slimy pussy with one huge finger. She shuddered and it grinned before starting to finger fuck her. Ash jerked and shook as her pussy squeezed its finger. It pulled its finger out of her and grunted, “feel good.”

She looked at the troll as it moved the huge groin cloth aside. Her eyes widened at the huge cock extending up to its belly. She jerked at the ropes as it edged closer and reached between them. She felt the huge mushroom head press against her whole pussy and then she grunted as the troll thrust up and she was impaled. He started fucking her with long thrusts and Ash was jerked around by the force. Her stretched pussy screamed as the huge cock fucked in and out.

She was panting and shaking when her body began to spasm and she squirted on the troll’s cock. She jerked and convulsed as it only grunted and kept fucking her. She was incoherent as it thrust up and stopped moving as the huge cock throbbed hard and then a fountain of hot cum erupted into her. Ash screamed as the troll jabbed in and out while spewing a river of scalding cum that spray down out of her.

Her belly was distended as her womb kept expanding. She was jerking as waves of pleasure crashed over her and then it was over and the monster yanked its huge cock out. Cum poured out of her as she hung limp and panting.

She fell and splashed into warm water. When she surface strong male arms went around her and pulled her against his smooth thick chest. Ash gasped as the merman rubbed her body and his growing cock began pushing into her. She spread her legs as it grew thicker and longer and his breadless face kissed her.

As they kissed, they sank and then he turned with her impaled on his cock and began swimming. Ash shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and she moaned as her whole body seemed to spasm. With each swoosh of his tail the merman’s cock fucked in and out of her. He continued kissing her and Ash began breathing air from his mouth.

His cool, thick cock pumped her pussy, stretching further until she felt it in her womb. She kept jerking and spasming as her pussy rippled and tried to milk the strange cock fucking her. I shuddered and Paige caressed my chest, “Finish it my mage.”

They were swimming faster now and Ash was breathing harder as she was fucked hard and fast. I held her hips and my cock jerked and then began spurting. Ash tore her mouth away as cool cum spewed inside her and they came out of the water in a huge leap. It kept pumping inside her even after they had fallen back into the water.

He brought her back to the surface as his sperm pumped constantly and a massive trail leaked from her pussy and began making a large white cloud in the water. It pulled out of her and caressed her body before turning and slowing disappearing below the surface of the water.

I pulled my finger away from her temple and lifted her to pull my sensitive cock from her flooding pussy. Ash groaned and I caressed her body, “Enough?”

She laughed and looked at Paige, “god that was incredible.”

Ash caressed my chest, “No more?”

I sighed, “For today.”

Paige grinned, “Use some gold for the spell stone.”

Ash laughed, “It will be something no woman will ever forget.”

I returned Ash’s clothes and began making more enchanted items. Ash kissed my cheek before climbing down and getting into the wagon. Paige shifted around next to me, “My mage?”

I glanced at her as I finished a light staff and sent it to the small bundle attached to the side of the wagon, “Yes?”

She smiled, “did you understand what I was saying about all the men being the father after the child is born?”

I smiled, “Yes.”

Paige looked into my eyes, “That goes for you. No matter the man to father a baby on a woman, you will be its father too.”

I smiled, “I understand.”

She nodded, “Good.”

Tara climbed up beside Paige, “Edgar is finally tiring.”

I grinned, “His fingers are completely regrown so the spell ended.”

She smiled, “Do you have anyone else master?”

Paige laughed as she climbed down, “Yeah, him and then young David. That boy really loves to fuck.”

I laughed as she walked around to climb in the back. Tara opened my robes and rubbed my cummy cock before turning to straddling me. My cock slipped into her slimy pussy and she groaned before starting to thrust back and forth. I cupped her firm breasts, “You aren’t tiring of this?”

She shuddered as her pussy clutched at my cock, “No, my husband never fucked me like any of the men here. He never lasted long enough to make it feel good.”

My cock sliding through her slimy pussy felt good and I started rubbing her clit as I held her with my other hand. It wasn’t long before she was shaking as her pussy spasmed and tried to squeeze my cock. I shivered as I felt her and caressed her sides and hips. Tara moaned and spasmed violently before her whole body went rigid. I cupped her breasts as she trembled and her pussy milked my cock. Slowly she leaned against me and sighed, “God I love sex.”

I held her hips and began fucking up into her, feeling a need to cum. Tara spasmed and jerked as I pounded in and out slowly getting closer. It took several minutes and then I pulled her down as she stiffened on my quivering cock.

I grunted as the fountain of cum erupting in her belly and she gasped. It didn’t take long for her womb to fill before expanding. Cum was forced around my spewing cock as Tara convulsed and howled, “YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

I shivered and shuddered as I emptied my balls temporarily. When I stopped cumming Tara sighed and slowly relaxed. She held me for a minute and then laughed and shook me, “That’s what I meant about feeling good.”

I let her climb off me and grinned, “Go rest with Paige and Ash.”

I watched her climb down and then thought for a long time about Paige and the other women I was with. I summoned more clear crystal and merged them together into a disk. Inside the clear crystal I carefully created the image of ten creatures. A Dragon, Unicorn, Satyr, Griffin, Troll, Merman, Sphinx, Minotaur, Centaur and a Werewolf. Like the other spell stones, I carefully began to craft each scene so that they merged one after another.

When I finished, I went back to making charms and enchantments. Late in the afternoon we pulled in beside the river and began setting up camp. I built another fire platform as dark clouds began appearing. The phoenixes landed in the flames before it began to rain. I set the wards out and helped the women start fixing dinner. Tara appeared looking tired and I smiled, “Where have you been?”

She grinned, “Getting royally fucked by David.”

I laughed as Teresa chuckled and the other women grinned. While dinner was cooking I went to the river to perform a capture spell for more wood. After I finished I glanced at the low cliff on the other side of the river. A thick crystal veins could still be seen. I murmured a spell and walked across the river and stopped to look at a huge crack filled with clear and milky crystal. I summoned a huge amount of crystal out of the crack including some pink.

I walked back across the river and into camp and set the boulders of crystal beside the wagon. I sat beside the fire platform to eat as it began to rain. I tossed up the rain shield and everyone sighed. Melody came out of Jeremy’s wagon and blushed as she crossed to the fire. Paige sat beside me, “About the baby…”

I touched her leg, “Listen to me Paige. When it is time and you become pregnant. One or more of our children may have mage powers. If they do, I will need to teach them even before the power develops. Like one of Georgia’s daughters our child must be mine to raise. That does not mean you and the others won’t be there but magic attracts magic. Your roll will be as his or her comforter.”

Paige leaned against me, “What about Ash and Melody and…”

I laughed and hugged her as I cleaned my plate and sent it to be put away, “The other babies do not show mage potential. You wished a life partnership which meant to bind myself to you. My magic is woven around you so you will be more likely to have children with magic.”

I gestured and the new spell stone came to me from the wagon seat, “Would you like to test it?”

She looked at the images in the crystal and grinned, “You need to do the other spell stones over in this clear crystal.”

I laughed and stood to stretch, “Bring them to me and I’ll transfer the spell, that would be easier.”

I spoke with the caravan master and Tony the Harper, well instrument maker before walking to my wagon. Inside Tara looked up from where she was curled next to a sleeping Ash. I smiled as I let my robe slip off and walked to my chair. It was late when Paige and Melody came in and Melody hesitated before undressing.

I watched as Paige undressed and headed to bed leaving Melody standing. I gestured and Melody walked to me and knelt, “What’s wrong?”

She glanced at Paige, “I… I was with Jeremy and… Edgar and Tony.”

I looked at Paige as she turned her back, “So?”

Melody bit her lip, “I didn’t do it with Paige.”

I gestured to Paige and she floated out of bed towards me as she stiffened. I pulled her onto my lap, “Was Melody with you when you fucked the Dragon?”

Paige opened her mouth and looked at Melody, “That was different!”

I caressed her, “How long have you been having sex?”

She looked at me for a minute, “since I was ten.”

I nodded and looked at Melody, “And how much experience does Melody have?”

Paige sighed, “Not much.”

I caressed her, “I know you like her and want to be with her when she has sex but she needs to experience it alone too. I know you want her to be your sister and she has become that. Share what you do alone and laugh at us men together.”

Paige grinned, “Yeah, Tony does take a long time.”

Melody grinned, “And likes playing with my butt.”

Paige laughed, “Did he…”

I shook her, “In bed and quietly so you don’t wake Tara or Ash.”

They nodded as Paige slipped off my lap and headed to bed whispering to Melody. I dimmed the light and went back to reading the next scroll. When I finished, I put everything away and slipped into bed beside Melody.
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