(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
I woke to Paige and Melody caressing me and rolling me onto my back. Paige straddled me as Melody lifted my cock and then she sighed as my cock slid into her. Ash laughed from the bed beside us, “Don’t take to long, the rain stopped and the sun is coming up.”

Paige grinned as she leaned forward, “We wanted to tempt you.”

I pinched her nipples and rolled to dump her onto the bed, “Not today nymph. If you let me cum inside you today, you will become pregnant.”

She was frowning as I stood. Ash and Melody looked at me and I sighed, “Today and for the next couple of days my power will grow. I need to warn the caravan master.”

I gestured to my robe and left as they got up. I found master Tenaver beside the fire and explained what would happen over the next few days. I watched the camp come alive and looked at him, “I will place a ward shield around the camp to keep creatures of magic away.”

He smiled, “We will just have to keep watch.”

I nodded before turning to see Paige, Melody and Ash behind the wagon. I smiled, “Come along you three, time for our morning wash.”

They grinned as I headed towards the river and the huge pile of wood. The four griffins were wandering around with their wings half open as if to dry them. I washed the three girls and summoned spider webs to make three new silk dresses. I looked at the wood as a new silk robe wrapped around me. I grinned as I had an idea and gestured to the wood before starting a spell.

Steam exploded from the pile and a large eagle or hawk looking bird formed. It seemed to burst into flame as it leaped into the air and another began forming. I watched a dozen before stopping and gesturing to the pile, staffs six feet tall began forming as I headed towards our wagon, “Paige! Melody!”

They looked up from the basket of charms by the tent. I gestured, “Go get your costumes and everything else out of the tent.”

They looked at each other and back to me. Paige opened her mouth and I gestured, “Now assistant. I need to pull the tent down and open the show wagon.”

They grinned and turned to go inside as I stopped by the wagon and gestured. I heard Ash squeak from inside and a moment later she was looking out. I smiled, “If you look in the last bookcase on the top shelf there is a thin blue book, I need it.”

She grinned, “You didn’t have to pinch me.”

I gestured, “When you’re done, you need to come watch how the new wagons are set up.”

She nodded and disappeared, I looked at Paige and Melody as they came out with their arms full of gowns and whispered a spell. The tent shimmered and then folded up before moving to lie beside the wagon. I removed the spell stones off the pleasure tents as Paige frowned and folded them up too. I looked at the space I had and gestured to the new show wagon before accepting the book from Ash and tucking it into my robe.

I walked to the back of the wagon as it moved into place and brought the girls with me. On the right was a small wood flap, when I lifted it there were two small flat stones, one red and one green. I touched the green and the top of the wagon seemed to lift up and grow taller. I looked at the girls as I put the cover down, “The red lowers the roof.”

They nodded and I moved to the other side of the door and touched a small green stone. The whole back of the wagon slid back and then left side slid out into an open booth. They grinned as I went to lower the legs like normal. Once the wagon settled to the ground I walked to the middle of one side and lifted another wooden cover to show several red and green stones.

I touched an inner green stone and the wagon shifted before the whole side slid out the width of the wagon. I walked to each end to press stones to lower legs before going to the other side of the wagon. I pulled that side out and went back to do it again on the other side before doing the other side one last time.

The girls were grinning with most of the others that had come to watch. I opened the door and led everyone in. I walked to the other end of the wagon and touched a diamond shaped green stone to make benches grow from the floor. A star shaped one caused the wall to slid towards the back of the wagon a few feet. I gestured to Paige and Melody who came to look through a curtained door. They turned to grin, “It’s bigger back there.”

Everyone laughed as I pushed her towards the room, “Hang your costumes up.”

The other wagon opened the same way but the door was on the very side at the back of the wagon and the booth was larger with shelves and cabinets. The inside was filled with seemingly empty wooden booths but the spell stones from the pleasure tents seemed to click beside the door screen giving it a different feel. There were a lot of empty booths but I could put something in later. I had Paige, Melody and Ash move the charms and enchanted item to that wagon.

I pulled my chair out before beginning the spell for the ward shield. When I was done I sat and opened the book Ash had gotten for me. I ignored the villagers that wondered in and through the camp as I read. I finally closed the book and sighed before summoning all the staffs by the river. I absently began reforming them into tiny Dragons, Griffins, Unicorns, Phoenixes as well as figures in our show.

Mostly I was pulling power from the earth. The creatures came to life when I finished and each one dropped to the ground before walking to Ash. Paige cleared her throat beside me, “My mage?”

I glanced at her and then at the large crowd. I nodded, “Go get ready.”

She grinned and turned to run towards the show wagon, “OKAY ASH!”

I smiled and stood before gesturing the staffs into a large pile. I walked into the show wagon as Ash started pitching the show. She didn’t really need to do much though, the people were more than eager to see the show. The new wagon seemed to breathe life into the characters. A man moved to grab Melody when she was a werewolf and I froze him and then changed Melody back. I gestured to the curtained doorway, “Back to your cage bitch.”

She went to speak and a growl came out which surprise her. I winked and then moved off the stage before releasing the man. I gestured and he rose into the air, “If you had been bitten I would have staked you to the ground until the first full moon and then killed you. Doubt not the creatures you see. I control them where you can not. You look upon Canus and see a beautiful woman. She looks the same as she did the day she was bitten three hundred years ago.”

I gestured to his seat, “Leave it again and I will leave you to your fate.”

I walked back onto the stage and turn, “The next creature you will see…”

Paige’s Draconus was so real the crowd almost ran when she roared, breathed fire and spread her wings. They were still talking about her as they left. I waited until everyone had left and Paige and Melody came out. I hugged Melody, “Sorry about…”

She laughed and kissed my cheek, “You were perfect my mage.”

I smiled and reached for Paige, “I need release Paige.”

She bit her lip, “You said…”

I smiled, “I can use…”

She laughed, “My butt.”

Paige looked at Melody, “Can you do that spell with Melody’s clit again? She can fuck my pussy while you…”

Ash laughed as she headed for the door, “I’ll sell the charms.”

I pulled Paige after me with Melody grinning as Paige held her hand and pulled her with us. When we closed the door in my wagon I gestured and our clothes slipped off. A murmured spell had Melody shuddering and Paige grinning as she pulled Melody towards the bed. Another spell made both girls shudder and stiffen as their bodies were flooded with pleasure.

I pushed Melody onto her back on the edge of the bed and then moved Paige over her. I positioned Melody’s large clit and pulled Paige down to be impaled. My cock was drooling like crazy as Paige and Melody spasmed and suddenly started fucking each other hard. I moved behind Paige and pressed against her ass. Before I could push into her, she lifted and suddenly shoved back.

I shuddered as my cock was forced deep into her pussy with Melody’s cock like clit. I fucked her hard with deep strokes. Both Paige and Melody were jerking and screaming as I ignored them to fuck Paige. I was almost incoherent with my need but a tiny bit of sanity returned. I pulled out and slowly pushed into her ass as she settled completely on Melody’s clit.

I held her hips and fucked her with long thrusts and she got into a rhythm. I pulled out and she thrust down and back to plant Melody’s clit as deep as she could. She would lift up and move forward as I thrust into her as far as I could. Paige and Melody were both just bitches in heat, jerking and spasming as their bodies were continuously overcome with pleasure.

When I yanked Paige down onto Melody as I shoved into her and began spewing a river of cum she howled as her pussy and ass contracted. I shuddered as I pumped wave after wave of cum. Paige was rigid as I slowly pulled out of her with a sigh. I caressed her butt and whispered a spell to clean us before ending the spell on Melody. I caressed both girls as they shuddered and panted. Paige looked at me after rolling off Melody and then grinned, “Horny wizard.”

I smiled and squeezed her clit before caressing Melody inner thigh, “You okay?”

She grinned, “I’m soaking wet and need you to fuck me.”

I smiled and looked at Paige as she kept spasming before lifting and spreading Melody’s legs. I pushed into her and started to fuck her with long thrusts. She was right, she was soaking wet and fucked up onto my cock hard. Paige laughed as she turned onto her side to cup one of Melody’s breasts.

Melody shuddered as her slippery pussy squeezed my cock. I fucked her hard as Paige slipped her hand down to finger Melody’s pussy. Melody stiffened and screamed as her pussy contracted, “YYYYEEEESSSSSS!”

I buried my cock and let Paige continue to rub her pussy. Melody was shaking and jerking as she convulsed. I had to move and pulled almost out of her tight pussy before thrusting back in. She arched her back and screamed as I went back to fucking her with long strokes. Paige moved half onto her and kissed her while still fingering her.

I used short thrusts and she was bucking and twisting in a minute. I pulled back and started thrusting into her more firmly, stopping to press against her. Paige groaned and shuddered as she wiggled on top Melody. A few minutes later I grunted as I felt the build up stop. I pressed into her and began pumping more cum then was possible into her belly.

Melody howled as warm sperm pumped into her. Paige held her jerking, spasming body as I pumped and spurted cum. When I stopped cumming, it was running out of Melody. I sighed and shuddered, “Thanks girls.”

Paige turned and laughed before kissing Melody and moving off the bed as I pulled out. I gestured and cleaned us up before helping Paige and Melody dress. I slipped my robe on and we went back outside. Paige replaced Ash and Melody moved through the crowd whispering to men and women. Ash walked to me with men drooling over her costume. She sat on my lap in the chair and wiggled to get comfortable. She leaned against me, “How often are you going to need release?”

I smiled, “It isn’t that easy. Right now my body is drawing magic from the earth and the aether. When it reaches a certain level my body will need to adjust and during that time… Release is one way to adjust.”

Ash grinned, “Well, you can adjust with me next time.”

I laughed and kissed her before rubbing her nipple, “Go change and check the others.”

She laughed and moved off my lap before strutting into the wagon. I sighed and gestured to the pile of staffs. I began making more animated figures and sent them to Paige. It was after lunch that we did another show. Ash almost glowed as she moved through the crowd to sell the small figures. This time the villagers seemed to behave and watched carefully as Paige or Melody came out.

When Melody came out close to the end wearing Paige’s costume for a Manticore it happened. I saw the flicker as my own need seeped out. I got myself back under control as a man lunged towards Melody. The Manticore stinger stabbed over her lion’s shoulder and he screamed. Melody stalked towards him as I gestured and threw up a barrier to keep her from the crowd.

I knew she needed a man because of my own need and watched as one claw flicked open. The man shuddered and looked up as it sliced through his clothing and ripped his pants away. She put the claw in his shirt and backed onto the stage before placing her other paw on his chest and pushing him flat. The crowd was still stunned silent as she moved forward over him and her haunches crouched. The man didn’t do anything and Melody growled, “Put it in human!”

He fumbled between them and then Melody sighed and shuddered as she almost sat. The man jerked and spasmed before he started thrusting up, Ash slipped up next to me, “Should you stop this?”

I shook my head, “Some of my need escaped.”

I looked at her as Melody in the Manticore body fucked her human prey, “I warned them the last time.”

Ash grinned, “They are going to talk about this for a long time.”

I nodded, “After she finishes with him, pull him out and send him to Georgia. Tell him the poison from the sting will kill him but she has the cure. Tell her he needs the potion to regrow a missing part of his body.”

Ash laughed softly and we looked back at Melody as she ground and fucked the man before he stiffened. Melody stopped moving as she roared and pressed down, “That’s it human, breed me.”

Finally Melody turned and started for the curtain with a white trail of cum dripping behind her. Ash hurried to open it and disappeared with her before coming back with Paige. The crowd seemed unsure as I began talking and Ash helped the man up and towards the door.

A young woman stood and followed them out as Paige roared and shifted to Draconus. When the show ended the crowd was more than ready to believe. Ash waited and then whispered, “The man’s wife wants to speak with you.”

I nodded and after everyone left Ash brought the woman in. Paige slipped out to open the other wagon and Melody was waiting behind the curtain. I sent Ash back to Melody and faced the woman who looked down, “I want you to change me.”

I smiled as I looked at her body, “Why?”

She bit her lip, “Look at me, I’m plain.”

I lifted her face with a gesture, “You are a beautiful woman.”

She looked into my eyes and whispered, “Then bind me and take me as your concubine.”

I opened my mouth and Melody spoke from the curtain, “It means you will be used by all in the caravan.”

The woman looked from me to Melody and Ash and nodded, “I accept that.”

I looked at her and turned to gesture as I whispered Paige’s name. I looked at Melody, “Are you alright?”

She grinned, “I never felt better.”

I nodded and looked at Ash, “Wait for me in my wagon?”

Ash grinned and headed towards the door quickly. Paige opened the door, “My mage?”

I gestured to the woman, “You and Melody talk to this woman. I… need Ash.”

Paige grinned as she came into the show wagon, “go get your release my mage.”

The woman looked unsure as I walked towards the door and Paige and Melody walked to her. When I walked into our wagon Ash was already naked and on the bed waiting. I shrugged my robe off as I moved over her and between her legs. She lifted her hips as I pressed forward and shoved into her all the way. I fucked her hard with deep thrusts that made her grunt. She wrapped her legs around me as she shuddered and her pussy started squeezing my cock.

I only lasted a couple of minutes before I buried my cock and began peeing a solid stream of hot cum. I was shaking as her womb expanded and she screamed. My cum was running out of her as I stopped cumming and sighed. Ash shook me and laughed, “You really did need release.”

I rolled and pulled her up on top of me before sitting her up. I held her waist and moved her back and forth as she spasmed and her slimy pussy contracted. She jerked and convulsed as cum ran out of her and her pussy tightened. She slowly became coherent and started rocking as she panted and shuddered. I wasn’t trying to hold back as my cock fucked through her slimy hole. I shuddered as once more I felt myself getting close and cupped Ash’s breast, “I’m cumming.”

She spasmed and groaned as she settled firmly on my cock just before it began spewing another solid stream of cum. Ash stiffen and howled as her insides were flooded again. I closed my eyes as the pleasure pain swept through me and gradually it stopped. Ash was breathing hard as I lifted her and let the cum pour out.

She groaned and fell onto the bed and snuggled against me. I whispered the spell to clean us and moved off the bed before turning to pull her up. She leaned against me, “How many times a day are you going to need this?”

I laughed as I summoned one of her dresses and my robe. When we came out Paige had the woman that wanted to be my concubine in the sales booth. She was watching everything they were doing. Paige glanced at me before finishing a sell to a woman. Melody was with a man that was coming out of the wagon. Ash kissed my cheek, “I think I’ll go help Melody.”

Paige turned to the woman and gestured before walking towards me. Ash slipped around her and began pitching the charms. I sat in the chair and took a breath before checking the ward shield. Paige settled into my lap and I absently caressed her body, “Well?”

She smiled, “Can you change her for real?”

I smiled and cupped her breast before looking at the woman, “Yes.”

Paige shuddered and then kissed my cheek, “Her husband is a greedy bastard that beat her. She needs this.”

I sighed and looked from Paige to the woman, “To be bound as a concubine to a mage is not easy.”

The woman stood straight, “I will accept what…”

I held up my hand, “A mage’s concubine must enjoy servicing men and not just accepting what is done to them.”

I sighed and patted Paige, “Take her to the booths and let her use each one. If she can come back after she finishes all of them and asks me again, I will do as she asks.”

Paige kissed me before standing, “Come on…”

I looked at the woman, “Wait my lover.”

I gestured to the woman and she gasped as she was lifted into the air. I gestured again and the long full bodied dress shredded. She started to cover herself but stopped and lifted her head. I looked at the bruises, scars as well as burn marks. I nodded and began a long spell, her body tightened and began changing.

Her hair became fuller and lightened in color. Her eyes slanted slightly and her cheeks leveled, her mouth became fuller and her nose became a short button nose. Her breasts firmed up and shrank a little and all the hair on her body disappeared. Her legs were toned and her feet became smaller.

I let her float to the ground and she looked down at her body with wide eyes. Everyone around us was staring at her naked body and I nodded to Paige, “If she can enjoy the booths and return as she is now.”

Paige took her hand and grinned before pulling her towards the wagon. I summoned a rock and flattening it into a disk before beginning to enspell it. What had happened during the show had given me an idea. When I finished I sent the spell stone with the Satyr to Melody who grinned and ducked inside the wagon.

I started another for men, this one had a green skinned Dryad. After that I made light staffs and charms. I stopped when Sasha sat on my lap and held out a small tin, “These are single buttons from sets.”

I grinned and pulled her close for a kiss before summoning spider webs and spinning a small silk bag. I took one button out of the tin and murmured the spell to enchant any dress it was attached to. I placed it in the bag and opened Sasha’s blouse to expose her breasts. She grinned as I cupped one and rubbed the nipple before gesturing to the bag, “The buttons that are enspelled must not be placed in a tin.”

She nodded when she stopped shivering and I took another button out. After I finished with each button I would stop to feel and caress her breasts. After I finished the two dozen buttons Sasha kissed me, “Do you have time to love me mage?”

I glanced back at the naked woman waiting and sighed, “No.”

I grinned, “I just put a satyr in the pleasure wagon.”

Sasha grinned, “In that case…”

She slid off my lap and headed towards the wagon. I waved to Melody, “Let Sasha use the satyr booth.”

Melody grinned and walked into the wagon with Sasha. Paige glanced at me as Ash was bartering with a woman. I nodded to the woman and she walked to me with a calm look on her face before kneeling, “I loved every one of them master and want you to bind me.”

I sighed and whispered a spell that brought an intricate silver filigree collar around her throat. It was almost like a second skin and elegant glyphs in the hallow of her throat spelled my name. I finished and looked at her, “Get a charm from Paige to prevent pregnancy. Find Jill and tell her I sent you to help her with Edgar.”

She smiled and stood up before walking towards Paige. I checked the ward shield before going to get us some lunch. Paige leaned against me as she ate, “Tara really needed to get away.”

I smiled and gestured to Ash and pulled her close. She grinned and rubbed my chest, “You are going to be very busy making new charms.”

Melody laughed, “I’m just glad he used a spell to keep the booths clean. The men really seem to like spending money in them.”

I grinned, “How was Sasha’s experience with the Satyr?”

Paige laughed, “She was wild eyed and still shuddering when she left.”

Ash and Melody both joined her in laughing and then I stiffened as I felt the ward shield being struck. I was moving before I realized it and whispered words of command that wrapped power around me. I strode past the horses, elephants and stags to stop several feet from the man standing with his hand on the ward shield. He smiled and dropped his hand, “smart choice mage.”

I gestured and it stiffened before bursting out of the form it had held, “It is Arch Mage, Dragon.”

The black dragon snarled before lunging towards me only to slam into the shield. I sighed, “Do you really wish to fight?”

It shifted back to the form of a man. He looked at me with narrowed eyes, “Show me your Glyph.”

I turned and waved the rest of the caravan back before turning and summoning the burning image of my glyph. The dragon sighed, “No. A barter?”

I smiled as I sat with my legs crossed, “What did you have in mind?”

He tilted his head, “I sense you have a mate bound to you.”

I nodded, “The earth doesn’t lie.”

He smiled and sat across from me, “Let me have her.”

I shook my head, “You know I can’t do that.”

He looked past me, “You have many females. I would provide her with a unique experience.”

I laughed and glanced back at Paige standing with Melody and Ash, “She is an adventurous wench, but I don’t think she would enjoy your cock ripping her open.”

He grinned, “We could work something out.”

I smiled, “What would you offer her?”

He looked at me sharply and then laughed, “I forgot she is gypsy.”

He smiled and looked towards Paige, “One mating. I will allow you to lock me into a smaller form and provide her with protection.”

I waited and he licked his lips before looking at me, “Her weight in gold.”

I grinned, “That will buy her, now buy me.”

He looked at me searchingly and then looked up, “The lost scrolls of the Arolus magi.”

I hesitated, “She has a fear of pregnancy.”

He grinned, “No chance…”

I held up my hand, “You and I both know there is a chance.”

He sighed and looked at Paige, “what do you propose?”

I glanced back, “allow her charm to work, you may examine it before she invokes it.”

He looked down and finally nodded, “Bring her.”

I turned and summoned Paige. She squeaked and started towards me. The dragon laughed, “You have a way with your mate.”

Paige stopped and hesitated before sitting, “My mage?”

I gestured, “This is a dragon. He won’t give his name of course. He wishes to better me and one way to do that is to cover my mate.”

Paige looked at the man, “I don’t think so.”

He grinned, “Not even for your weight in gold?”

Paige grinned and looked at me, “is it safe?”

I laughed, “He’s a dragon Paige. Of course it isn’t safe. His normal size would rip you open.”

I caressed her face, “He will consent to reducing his size and locking it. He will allow me to protect you if necessary and he will examine your charm to prevent pregnancy.”

Paige bit her lip and looked at the dragon, “I am tempted my mage.”

She looked at me, “But you are the one that needs release.”

I recognized her attempt to bargain more and so did the dragon. He laughed, “She is a formidable one mage.”

I grinned, “This is your choice my lover. Will you cuckold me out here for all to see with this dragon?”

She looked at the dragon for a minute and then nodded, “Yes.”

The dragon roared as it laughed, “Done Mage, give her to me.”

I shook my head, “not until the conditions are met.”

He shifted and exploded into his own form. Slowly he began to shrink until he was the size of a horse. His wings would still spread more than thirty feet and his tail extended back another length of his body. I nodded and murmured spells that would lock his form at this size. I turned to caress Paige as she shifted nervously.

I undressed her and placed my hand on her abdomen. I spoke other spells that would allow her body to stretch without pain or injury. I also whispered another before rubbing her nipple, “Go to your lover.”

Paige grinned and stood to strut to the dragon as if she did this every day. The dragon rose up onto his hind legs as Paige caressed his scaled chest. She reached lower to the slight slit in his armor and rubbed her fingers through it, “This is where I feel my pussy when my mage shifts my shape to a dragon’s.”

The dragon bent his head to watch her as his large cock slowly emerged. Paige was grinning happily as she began to caress and stroke it. He seemed to shudder when Paige bent over and sucked the end into her mouth. She stood and laughed throatily as she moved her body against his armored chest. One of his clawed front feet reached down to hold her against him as the other cupped her butt and lifted.

Paige spread her legs around his body as he slowly lowered her. She shuddered and groaned as his huge cock impaled her. He crouched and leaped as his wings opened and beat down. Paige was held tight against his belly by his front feet as he beat his wings to fly higher. She screamed as his cock began thrusting in and out with each beat of his wings. Sasha ran to me, “Mage!”

I kept my eyes on Paige, “She is fine Sasha. Just watch and listen.”

After he reached a thousand feet the dragon began a slow circle. Everyone could hear Paige howl and scream in pleasure as she demanded more. Sasha chuckled, “She was always a horny girl.”

She had said it out loud and everyone laughed. I watched as Paige writhed around and fucked the dragon as if this was how she did it every day. After almost thirty minutes he roared and straightened as he started to go higher. Less then a thousand feet higher he breathed a huge plume of flames as Paige screamed and he pump his cum into her.

Their returned was a lazy glide down and then the dragon dropped his legs to stand before me. Paige moaned as he lifted her off his slimy cock and huge buckets of cum flowed from her gaping hole. I walked forward as the dragon gloated and took a dazed Paige under my arm. I backed to the ward shield, “Satisfied?”

He breathed out smoke, “Very. She was a nice whore.”

I laughed, “It is to late to insult me dragon. You are only the last to taste her. She took a mere boy and then an old man, what matters a dragon to her?”

He sniffed and Paige straightened, “I loved your cock sweetie, but you really need to work on your technique. Fly higher, do rolls and flips or even dive but show a lady something.”

The dragon roared as it laughed and gestured to bring a small pile of gold and a dozen thick rolls of very old scrolls, “As promised.”

It seemed to bow towards Paige before springing into the air and growing larger. Sasha walked to Paige, “baby?”

I whispered a spell to clean the slimy cum from Paige and remove the other spells I had placed on her. She shuddered and then giggled, “That was fun my mage.”

I smiled and gestured for her clothes to wrap around her, “Perhaps my lovely assistant, but it was incredible dangerous too. Go wash the stink of his seed from you.”

She came to kiss me before letting Sasha lead her back to camp. I sighed and murmured a spell to move the gold and bring the scrolls to me before turning back to the camp. The sight of the dragon fucking Paige had given me an idea for another booth and I picked up an ebony stone on my way back to the camp. All four griffins were sitting around the inner part of the camp watching and I bow to one as I went past, “Thank you for guarding the wagons.”

It clacked its beak and stood to stretch its wings before moving out of the camp with the others. The eagles were still perched on the roof of my three wagons and the phoenixes still soared above us slowly. I opened my wagon and gestured as I released the scrolls. I sat in my chair and watched the camp calming down. I saw Tara a couple of times going in and coming out of Edgar and Jill’s wagon.

I slowly formed the new spell stone of a dragon fucking a woman. When I finished I absently sent it to Melody. Paige had returned from her mother’s wagon and the camp was almost completely back to normal. Ash was speaking to a young man who kept wringing his hat in his hands. I started working on charms again and Jeanne came to sit on my lap, “No one wants pictures done.”

I grinned and slipped my hand into her dress to cup her breast, “Need help?”

She shuddered, “What did you have in mind?”

I looked around before opening her dress and sucking on a nipple. I looked into her face when she stopped shuddering, “Do you have any portraits done?”

Jeanne grinned, “Several.”

I pulled her face close to kiss her, “bring me three.”

She caressed my face before slipping off my lap and walking towards her wagon. Ash cleared her throat and I glanced back to see her with the young man and a girl, “Yes?”

She grinned, “This is Abraham and Eve. The caravan master said they could travel with us. They are going to need a wagon.”

I nodded, “Tonight after things calm down.”

I glanced at the man, “What do they do?”

Ash grinned, “Eve can tell the future and Adam is a teacher.”

I smiled, “I’ll put the wagon in the space on the other side of the caravan master.”

She nodded and I stood and whispered, “Tara.”

She turned from talking to Jill and smiled as she walked towards me. She was still naked and strutted as if that was the way she was supposed to be. I glanced back at Paige, “Paige?”

She stopped talking to three young women and looked at me. I smiled, “I need… I will be with Tara.”

She grinned, “Horny wizard.”

I laughed as I turned and reached for Tara’s hand. I pulled her after me as I went into our wagon. I nodded to the bed as I let my robe slip off. I followed her onto the bed and caressing her body, “how do you like being a concubine?”

She laughed and turned to hug me, “I love it.”

I cupped a breast and rubbed her nipple before caressing down her body and fingering her cummy pussy. She shuddered as she spread her legs and thrust up against my hand. I kissed her as I moved over her and pushed into her slimy pussy. My need was beginning to be felt as I started fucking her with slow, long thrusts. I pushed against her cervix each time and Tara started grunting and shuddering.

I began fucking her a little harder and she stiffened as her pussy tightened. She went wild, jerking and twisting around as her pussy spasmed. I groaned as my body sought release and stiffened before I began to pump the solid stream of cum. Tara jerked as the torrent exploding into her and began filling her. I spasmed as the magic changed inside my body and Tara screamed as her womb expanded and cum flooded out of her around my cock.

I shuddered and shook as hands caressed my stiff body and then slowly sanity returned. Tara was panting under me as her body twitched and jerked, I turned my head to see Paige. I slowly pulled out of Tara and she sighed as cum poured out of her. I caressed her hips, “Still think you like it?”

She grinned and then laughed, “You just fucked me half to death and I loved every second.”

I moved off the bed and whispered the spell to clean her as I turned to Paige and pulled her close, “I still need…”

She laughed and shook me, “You just came more then the dragon.”

I smiled, “It’s the magic my lover.”

Tara cleared her throat, “Fuck me again master.”

I looked at her smiling face and Paige sighed, “No…”

I hugged Paige, “Tara can handle it.”

She smiled and began taking her clothes off as I turned and moved back onto the bed with Tara. I caressed her body and cupped a breast. I bent to suck on the nipple and she shivered. Paige laughed as she moved onto the bed, “Turn her over my mage and let her lick my pussy.”

Tara laughed and rolled over before going to her knees, “I’ve never licked another woman.”

I moved behind her and didn’t hesitate to push into her almost hot pussy. I fucked her with long, deep strokes as Paige moved in front of her and spread her legs. Tara started licking her pussy as she spasmed and shuddered. She was jerking back onto my cock each time I started to fuck into her. Her hot pussy would grab my cock each time I tried to pull out.

Paige moaned and shuddered as Tara spasmed. I fucked her a little harder and she jerked back to bury my cock. It wasn’t long before Paige was thrashing around and Tara was almost incoherent. I released the magic and let it course through me and shuddered before pulling back until just the head of my cock was in Tara. My cock swelled and jerked before I was suddenly peeing cum. Tara jerked and gasped, “FUCK!”

Paige lifted her head to see what was happening and then scrambled to her hands and knees beside Tara as a stream of my sperm squirted out of her pussy, “IN ME!”

I jerked back to spray cum over both of them before shoving my cock into Paige and burying it. She howled and stiffened, “YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

I pumped and spewed until it was running out of her and down her legs. I pulled out slowly and murmured the spell to clean them and remove my cum, “You shouldn’t have done that Paige.”

She sighed and she snuggled against Tara, “If I get pregnant, you have pledged yourself to me my mage.”

I moved off the bed and summoned my robe to wrap around me, “But it must be your choice my little demon lover.”

Tara laughed and Paige grinned as she followed me off the bed, “I made the choice my mage.”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples, “It must not be made in passion.”

Paige shuddered, “I’m always in heat my mage.”

I laughed and hugged her before given her a kiss, “At least this should be the last time for this phase.”

Paige looked at me carefully, “This phase?”

I smiled, “For the next day, the changes will be mental.”

She grinned as she turned to help Tara off the bed, “That is your area my mage. My concern is the body.”

I smiled and caressed her face before whispering a spell, “Go to the river and wash. Take Tara with you. Try the new booth.”

Paige grinned, “Ash said she wanted to try it first.”

I swatted her butt, “Go wash, the next show isn’t to far off.”

She laughed as she grabbed her dress and Tara’s hand before leaving. I was tempted to read the scrolls but knew I wouldn’t have time. I walked out and smiled at Jeanne sitting in my chair, “Sorry, I was…”

She laughed, “Giving Paige a good time?”

I grinned as I sat on the edge of the chair and picked up one of the portraits. I smiled at the lovely woman standing in a field of flowers. I put a finger on the painting and murmured a spell I had only read about. When I stopped the woman smiled and waved as I handed the painting to Jeanne.

She gasped as the woman sat down and started picking flowers. I smiled and took one of the other pictures as she watched enchanted. When I finished all three, I cupped her breast, “see if they want pictures done now.”

She looked up from my hand and grinned, “Same payment as Sasha?”

I laughed and bent to kiss her, “I will always accept that from you.”

Jeanne laughed as she stood and headed back towards her wagon. I sat in my chair and summoned a golden colored rock that caught my eye. Ash giggling and boasting about her dragon ride made me smile. I carved a slice through the rock until I had a flat disk.

I glanced at a griffin walking by and grinned as I began another spell stone with a griffin. When I finished I sent it to Paige and went back to absently making light staffs. Ash rubbed my shoulder a little later, “We have enough for another show.”

This time the crowd was more alert and wary but they also loved every character they saw. After it was over I had Paige and Melody close the wagon up while Ash handled the other stuff. Tara came out of the caravan master’s wagon and kissed him before strutting to me. I smiled because she was slowly making her way through the men in the caravan.

She was still naked of course and the villager that reached out to grab her suddenly made me stand. It was the one that Melody had stung as a manticore. His timing was way off because one of the griffins was walking by. A large clawed foot grabbed his shoulder and slammed him to the ground.

Tara was red faced but it changed quickly as the griffin’s clawed foot rested on his chest. She glared, “I am the Mage’s concubine! You touch me without his permission and he will remove your manhood!”

The man’s face was white and I recognized him as her husband. He stammered, “But…”

She spit on him, “I am not your property!”

She walked towards me as several of the men closed in on the man. The griffin released him and they yanked him up before shoving him towards the edge of the camp. The women began to start a dinner that one of the men had brought back. Slowly the villagers left and everyone gathered around the fire platform. Ash, Paige and Melody closed up the other wagon and were helping with dinner, Tara was moving around serving everyone.

I saw the two new people with the caravan master and sighed before standing and walking to the edge of the river. I glanced around and then stepped into the water and whispered a summons for dead trees. It wasn’t long before several appeared from down river and floated up to me against the current. I began a spell that blended several together and seemed to make them merge.

A wagon slowly formed and river sand flowed up out of the water to form windows and skylights. It floated toward shore and I started on another one. When I finished with the third wagon I began making tall horses. I changed it a little to dye them into different colors and when I finished there were eighteen colorful horses splashing out of the river and walking towards the other horses. I walked out of the water and smiled at the teacher, “See Paige, Melody or Ash and they will show you how to open your classroom.”

I looked at the wagons, “The first wagon is your living area, the second your wife’s shop and the third is the classroom.”

He grinned as I gestured and moved them towards the caravan master’s wagon. I walked back to the fire and caressed Tara’s naked hip as I passed her. All the phoenixes landed and settled in the fire before bursting into white flames. When the flames disappear only ash remained or so it seemed. I grinned at Paige and Melody teasing David again, “Take him to bed and get it over with Paige.”

She grinned and Melody laughed as she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the wagon. I sat and Sasha handed me a plate of food, “Eat mage.”

I glanced at her to see a grin, “What?”

She laughed, “I tried your dragon ride.”

I laughed and gestured to the wagon. A moment later the silk bag full of Vapor brandy floated out to me. I tossed several of the tiny bottles around and sipped one before starting to eat. I had just finished and sent my clean plate away when old Jeremy the perfumer sat down beside me, “Mage?”

I glanced at him, “Jeremy.”

He smiled, “You have helped the women and I was wondering if you would mind…”

I smiled, “You wish something special?”

Jeremy nodded, “If it wouldn’t be to much trouble.”

I sat back to think and finally looked across the river, “You normally use wild flowers correct?”

He nodded and I whispered a summons that brought me a huge pile of green grass. I absently formed a huge basket before transmuting the huge pile into rose petals. He grinned and moved to pick the basket up as I summoned another huge pile of green grass. This one I changed into petals from an orchid. He returned to get that basket and I summoned a gigantic pile of exotic wild flower petals.

These I shredded as he returned to watch. I pressed the mass together until the essence filled a bottle I created from river sand. I placed the mass of crushed flower petals in the river and brought the essence to me. I refined it and concentrated it before whispering a spell into the bottle. I handed the bottle to Jeremy, “You need tiny bottles for this.”

He frowned and I sighed before whispering a spell. A large stone rose from the river and floated towards us as it shifted into a small case. When it settled into his lap, he opened it to grin at all the tiny spiral bottles inside. I gestured to the bottle of perfume, “it will subtly change its smell until it is all evaporated.”

He bowed and grinned as he tilted the bottle to touch his finger to the perfume. He reached out to pull Tara close and dabbed the perfume between her breasts and leaned close to smell. He grinned as he stood with the case and put his arm around her waist, “Thank you mage.”

I grinned as he pulled Tara with him to his wagon and turned as Jeanne sat in my lap, “I have two pictures for you mage.”

I cupped her breast, “that was quick.”

She grinned as she opened her blouse and put my hand inside. I cupped her firm breast and played with the nipple, “I hope you are getting enough for them.”

She grinned and kissed me, “I always get enough.”

She stood and pulled me up, “Come.”

Ash laughed from Edgar’s lap and Jill shook her head with a grin. I let Jeanne pull me to her wagon and inside she pulled me across from her bed to a small seat. I sat and pulled her into my lap as she turn to pull the two new pictures closer. One was of Tara laughing happily by Jill and the other was of a woman standing with one of the griffins.

I took my time and enchanted both before setting them aside and standing. I pulled Jeanne to her bed and undressed her before letting my robe fall off. I followed her onto the bed and caressed her body while kissing her. She shuddered and grinned before pushing me onto my back and straddling me. As my cock pushed up into her, she shuddered and sat back.

She began to rock forward and lift up before fucking back onto my cock. I cupped her breasts and teased her nipples as she wiggled and spasmed. She felt almost hot as her pussy kept grabbing my cock. When she became erratic and started thrashing around I started rubbing her clit. She jerked and began to convulse, “YES!”

I tugged on one nipple as her pussy tightened and held my cock while she twisted and spasmed. When she sighed and began to slowly rock back and forth on my cock she had a big grin on her face. I smiled and caressed her hips and up to her breasts again. I cupped them and let a slight tingle of electricity move through my thumbs and into her nipples. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy contracted, “OH GOD!”

I held her waist and pulled her back and forth and she stiffened as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She was twisting and jerking around as I started thrusting up into her. By the time I was ready she was incoherent and shaking uncontrollably. I held her hips as I began pumping huge streams of cum and she howled as it exploded inside her.

I spurted and spewed and sprayed her pussy and finally sighed when I stopped cumming. Jeanne dropped to my chest panting and hugged me. When she caught her breath she lifted up to kiss me before lifting her hips. My cock came out of her and she moved off the bed, “Thank you lover.”

I grinned as I followed her out of bed, “Anytime.”

When we came out it was darker and only a few people were still up. I nodded to Edgar by the fire and he grinned as he held up his hand and wiggled his partially regrown fingers. I checked the ward shield and walked around the camp slowly. Tara was waiting beside my wagon and I smiled and opened the door for her, “Ready to sleep Tara?”

She stretched as she walked towards the bed, “Yes.”

No one else was here as I slipped my robe off and let her curl up on the bed. I brought my chair in and sat beside a bookcase. I dimmed the light around the bed and turned to pull the scrolls from a shelf. I whispered a spell as I removed a small journal from another shelf. I opened it to a blank page and broke the seal on the first scroll. As I began reading, the script began writing in the journal copying everything from the scroll.

I didn’t even glance up as Paige and Melody came in. They undressed and Melody crawled into bed beside Tara. Paige came to the side of the chair and bent to carefully kiss my cheek. She turned to join the other two in bed and left me to my reading. Ash came in much later and undressed before coming to kneel beside the chair. I finished the scroll and let it roll up as I absently stopped the copying spell and closed my journal. Ash cleared her throat, “The wagon was glowing.”

I smiled as I glanced at her, “A side affect of the power in the scroll.”

I caressed her face, “where were you?”

She smiled, “With the new couple. We were breaking in their new wagon.”

I grinned and turned to put the scrolls and my journal away. I stood and helped her up, “Bed time.”

The bed was comfortable and I was tired. Ash snuggled against me and put her head on my shoulder. My sleep if you could call it that was the half sleep of magic and change. New pathways opened and the spells and power of the scroll whispered through my mind.
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