(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
I woke at the hint of dawn and turned to Ash and then Melody. I smiled and began waking them. Our shower was joined by several others as well as the griffins that seemed to like getting wet. After putting the tents away on one side of the wagon and bringing in the camp wards I turned to help others get ready to leave.

I enspelled the last wagon with wheels and then everyone was dressed in gowns and we were back on the road. The six eagles seemed to float in the calm air as they soared high above us. The good weather didn’t last, three hours after we started the clouds came in. I walked down the line adding awnings to each wagon before it started to rain.

The eagles had returned to the wagons and I was sitting beside Paige when it started raining and could only shake my head as I thought of the caravan moving through this in their old wagons.

Paige laughed and bumped me, “Hey?”

I looked at her and she grinned, “Can you do that spell on me like you did for Ash?”

I laughed, “Did she tell you?”

Paige smiled, “I was to distracted to notice but she told me this morning while we were packing up.”

I gestured to her and murmured the spells. Paige gasped and shuddered as she was lifted up. Her dress slipped off as a ghostly man appeared on the seat behind her. He pulled her back and her eyes went wide as her ass was suddenly opened and something pushed into her. The lightning and unseen hands felt and caressed her as a second specter appeared and reached down to lift her legs. This ghostly man was shorter and moved closer before thrusting with his hips.

Paige shuddered as he fucked her at the same time as the ghost in her ass. She was wide eyed as her body jerked back and forth and she kept spasming. I ignored her to watch the griffins walk by with their wings folded. They seemed happy and ignored the muddy ground as they walked through the rain. Paige stiffened and howled, “YYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

I smiled and gestured towards her. Everything stopped and Paige slumped down on the seat, “Fuck!”

I grinned, “You just did that.”

She grinned and moved closer to lean against me, “It was good but it wasn’t real. Their cocks weren’t you.”

I caressed her face and glanced at a passing tree. I smiled and whispered a spell, the fruit that appeared was only the first of many types or changed into something else. When the last one appeared, I gestured and a passing stump bulged before a barrel exploded out of it. I gestured to the fruit and it spun and blended together before pouring into the barrel with rain water.

I gestured again and a huge honey comb was suddenly floating beside us. I reached out to break off a piece and let the rest melt into the barrel. I turned and rubbed one of Paige’s hard nipples before handing her the honey comb, “Share with Ash and Melody.”

I gestured and she lifted off the seat and floated around to the door into the wagon. Ash and Melody were both riding in back and she could share the honey comb with them. I turned back to the barrel and whispered an aging spell and then a spell that distilled it several times. Another spell altered it even more and then I sent the barrel to the back of the wagon. I looked into the rain and leaned over to one of the griffins as it went past, “Would you look for a small, dark green stone?”

It clacked its beak and kept going. I started summoning fine sand that I melted and changed into different colors. After that I let tiny pieces of the molten glass bubble out and form into tiny shapes; birds, cats, dogs, horses, griffins, dragons. There were dozens of tiny bottles when I finished. I spun a silk bag from passing spider webs and placed the bottles inside. A griffin stuck its head under my awning to drop a small dark green rock onto the seat. I nodded, “Thank you.”

I glanced at the wagon in front of mine as it turned down a smaller lane and picked up the rock. I slowly and carefully shaped it into a teardrop. I shut everything out and began the long difficult spell I had thought of. As the stone began to glow the rain seemed to hesitate and then part around the wagon. The spell itself was easy but to make a stone that would imbue a potion was very hard and required more magic than a normal mage was willing to provide.

I shuddered when I finished and summoned the barrel of Vapor brandy. I filled the tiny bottles before carefully slipping the stone into the half empty barrel. I sat the barrel on the floor of the balcony and summoned more sand. This time after I melted it I formed tiny green tinted dryads. I used a dead tree we passed to make a polished standing chest that would hold a hundred of the dryad bottles.

I set everything thing aside and went back to making light wands and staffs as well as necklaces and the other charms. We didn’t stop for lunch as the narrow lane turned back into a wider road. I summoned fist sized stones since the constant rain had given me another idea. I carved each stone into the shape of a perched hawk. I changed the color of the stone into a red gold color to match a phoenix. The spell I imbued into the stone created a temporary flame that came from the bird’s beak.

I managed several dozen before I glanced up to see a village through the rain. As we rode through we could see the people staring open mouthed as we went by. The camp area was level but very rocky as everyone began settling up. I sent the camp wards out and gestured above us before using a spell that made a seemingly invisible roof. I put up our tents as Paige, Ash and Melody came out.

I looked around and created another fire platform and benches before starting another spell. All the rocks and stones shifted and moved around as they turned and flatting until the whole area we were in looked like it was a cobble stone square. I brought everything I had been working on around and gave it to the girls. I set the barrel beside the wagon and walked to the swollen river.

I shook my head at all the floating branches and other dead wood. A simple spell started bringing it to shore and then I went looking for the caravan master. He smiled as he gazed at the invisible roof over us, “How long will it last?”

I smiled, “A few hours.”

He nodded and looked at me, “What do you need?”

I pulled out a couple of gold pieces, “I was wondering if you could send someone into the village for whatever we need for dinner.”

He bowed and gestured to a couple of the men and a moment later they headed out into the rain. Georgia slipped under my arm, “Want to warm up?”

I grinned and kissed her, “I made something for you.”

She grinned back and caressed my chest, “What?”

I looked at Melody and Paige teasing David, “Take him to bed and warm him up you two.”

Paige looked at me and grinned, “He doesn’t know anything.”

I shook my head, “Teach him my lovely assistant and pray he tires before you.”

Everyone around the camp laughed and Paige looked at Melody as the young lad grinned, “Do you want to?”

She hesitated before looking at me, “But…”

I smiled and waved, “Go play, you are pregnant already.”

Her smile seemed to light the camp as she grabbed David’s other hand and pulled him towards our wagon with Paige. I looked at Georgia as I summoned the chest, “This will not be cheap my tempting potion maker.”

She grinned, “I’m sure I can make frequent payments.”

I smiled and felt her body, “my price is your daughter.”

She frowned as her hand covered her stomach, “I…”

I gestured and a small little girl appeared in front of us. Georgia stared at her and seemed to whisper, “Tammy?”

The little girl smiled and began to fade. Everyone in camp was quiet as Georgia looked at me, “What will you do with her?”

I laughed, “Teach her how to make real potions.”

Georgia grinned and then laughed as she shook me, “What is your new potion?”

I opened the chest to show the tiny empty bottles. I summoned the barrel and set it beside the chest, “Inside the barrel is a very special brandy called Vapor brandy. Each bottle holds less than a ounce. If you were to just sell the brandy, you could charge a gold piece for each bottle. There is a potion stone in the brandy. When the person drinks the bottle, it will regenerate any lost limb no matter how long it has been.”

I gestured and the hole opened and the stone floated out, “It must be recharged for a week before you try to make any more potions. Recharge it the same way as the others but do it everyday.”

She grinned as she reached for the stone. I let her take it before gesturing to the chest and barrel. We watched the brandy flow out and each bottle move out of the chest to be filled before returning. After the last bottle was settled, I closed the barrel, “There is still a little left for another time.”

Georgia looked at me and then started pulling me towards her wagon, “Let’s go make a daughter.”

Everyone laughed again and I smiled before sweeping her up into my arms, “You are already pregnant but we can pretend.”

She laughed as I opened her door and we went inside. I set her down and let her clothes slip away before sending my robe to join them. I pushed her back and followed her onto the bed to just feel her body. Georgia sighed and shuddered as I cupped her breasts, “Tammy was only one of the babies you carry.”

She shuddered as my hand went lower to slip through her pussy, “Later my mage.”

I laughed and rolled over between her legs before pushing into her. I fucked her with long, deep strokes and she started jerking almost immediately. Her warm pussy was constantly contracting around my cock as she thrust her hips up against me. It wasn’t long before she stiffened as her pussy clamped down on my cock and she cried out, “YES!”

I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and then buried my cock to press and hump against her. Georgia jerked and convulsed as her wet pussy spasmed. She became erratic and fucked back at me as if she couldn’t control herself. I went back to fucking her with long strokes but harder. It wasn’t long before she was bucking and tossing around.

I pressed against her as I came and Georgia howled and lifted her legs to wrap them around my waist. I spurted and spewed seven or eight large jets of cum into her before I stopped and slowly pulled out. I lay next to her and caressed her twitching body. She finally sighed and looked at me, “why is it you make me feel better than the other men?”

I smiled and rubbed her erect nipples, “I don’t know.”

She shuddered and grinned, “You should make another wagon for your pleasure booths instead of tents.”

I grinned as I slid out of bed, “Maybe I will.”

I gestured to my robe and her clothing as I turned to help her out of bed. I held her in my arms, “Tammy is only one of three babies you carry. The other two will be wild little things that take after their mother.”

She laughed and caressed my chest, “But Tammy will be different.”

I laughed, “No, she will be as wild as her sisters, but she will have magic and that is why she must be my daughter.”

Georgia grinned and turned to the door, “Make sure you train her good lover.”

I grinned as I followed her out. Dinner was cooking on the fire platform. I sat beside Jeanne’s mother and relaxed as I thought about what Georgia had said. I glanced up when I saw Ash come out of the caravan master’s wagon. She smiled as she crossed to sit in my lap, “He was feeling horny.”

I smiled and squeezed her before turning to look at the river. I blinked at the huge pile of dead wood and shook my head before patting Ash. She got off my lap and I stood and walked towards the river. The banks had risen several feet and I gestured to the ground and murmured a spell that caused the edge of the bank to rise another four feet.

I looked at the wood and smiled. I carefully pictured what I wanted and then began the spell. The pile of wood swirled and seemed to merge or blend together. Slowly it took shape into a wagon that was a little wider and twice as long as one of the regular wagons.

I gestured to the river and sand flowed up to form into skylights and colorful windows. The wagon seemed to shudder at a gesture and then the sides slid out and then they did it again and again as the wagon seemed to grow taller. I gestured to rocks that seemed to melt into shape and shift colors.

When I finished the sides slid into the wagon smoothly and the roof slowly lowered before I turned to the still huge pile of dead wood that had continued to grow. I began more spells of shaping and six huge stags the size of large horses took shape. I gestured and they headed towards the area the horses were in. I gestured to the huge wagon and it turned and began floating around to stop in front of my wagon.

I stretched and headed to the fire and hopefully dinner. Everyone was grinning at me as I found a seat and Jeanne brought me a plate, “The new wagon is for your pleasure booths?”

I smiled and shook my head as I took the plate, “It’s going to replace the tent for my show. Tomorrow morning I’ll open it up.”

She grinned, “I can’t wait to see inside.”

I glanced across the fire as Paige and Melody came out of the wagon followed by David who had this huge grin on his face. Paige and Melody both had this satisfied smirk on their faces and the whole camp started laughing. I moved the plate and pulled Jeanne onto my lap, “little nymphs.”

She grinned, “Of course, we all are.”

I kissed her and placed my hand over her tummy before whispering a spell. She shuddered and looked into my face, “Well?”

I smiled, “She is doing well.”

She kissed me softly before sighing, “I promised Edgar I would sleep with him tonight so Jill can have a break.”

I smiled, “I forgot to mention the side effect of regrowing a lost limb.”

Jeanne looked at me and then laughed, “I’ll tell Jill to thank you, Edgar as been fucking her a dozen times a day.”

I laughed as she walked away and gestured to the empty plate. It shimmered as it cleaned itself and then it headed towards the camp box beside the fire. I sighed and stood before walking back to the river and the waiting pile of wood. The next wagon I made was like the first but I made six large horse sized elephants with long curved trunks to pull it.

When I slipped into the wagon, Paige and Melody were cuddled up together and Ash smiled at me. I stripped as I heard the rain hitting the wagons. I slipped into bed beside Ash and she caressed my chest before glancing at the sleeping girls, “They didn’t want to admit David wore them out.”

I cupped her firm breast and kissed her before pulling her against me and gesturing the lights off and bringing up my wards. My dreams were filled with shifting warnings and flashes of power.
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