(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
When I woke in the morning it was with all three of them draped over me. I caressed Paige’s bare butt and shifted until I was behind her and she was on her side. I pushed into her pussy and began to fuck her nice and slow. It wasn’t long before she shuddered in her sleep and thrust back. I smiled as her tight pussy squeezed my cock and slowly buried it and reached over her to cup her breast, “Small Dragon?”

I rubbed her nipple and she groaned and thrust back against me. I pulled back to fuck her with deep thrusts for a minute. When I buried my cock again she shuddered and her warm pussy contracted as she whimpered. I squeezed her nipple and Paige spasmed and thrust on and off my cock, “OOOHHHHH!”

She jerked and shuddered and finally looked over her shoulder, “My Mage?”

I grinned and moved over her, forcing her onto her stomach as I fucked her with long, deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and thrashing around as I held her pinned and pumped fresh warm sperm into her. She jerked with each explosion of cum and when I stopped she went limp and murmured, “fuck.”

I laughed and kissed her cheek before pulling out of her and climbing out of bed as Ash and Melody grinned, “Time for baths before we have company from the village.”

They slid out of bed and Paige wiped her pussy and looked down worriedly. I took her hand, “Come along assistant we need to get you clean.”

I wasn’t surprised to see the griffins splashing water on each other as we came closer to the river. Our morning shower was interesting because the griffins came to feel the warm water falling from above. I cleaned Paige and caressed her, “Don’t worry my young harlot.”

She grinned and stroked my cock, “if you get me pregnant the price will be very high.”

I laughed with Ash and Melody before chasing them out of the water. I made new gowns for the three before going to enspell another wagon. I thought of Paige’s words and grinned as I summoned my chair from inside the wagon and sat beside the pitch. I thought and thought before glancing at the fire. I grinned and began a summoning. Blacksmiths knew that by pushing red hot iron into a wood fire something from the wood helped make the iron stronger.

Well, I knew what it was and black unburnt charcoal spun around in front of me. It began to glow and threads appeared and then a thin almost transparent gown. Tiny glowing scales slowly began covering the gown like scales on a fish or… a dragon. I smiled as I stood and headed into the tent, “Paige?”

She followed me with a wide grin as she stripped. I gestured and the sleek black gown flowed down onto her naked body. I murmured a spell that made her and the gown shimmer and a golden skinned woman with flowing black hair stood in her place. Paige looked down at the new body and grinned, “Perhaps a slit up one thigh.”

I swirled my finger and she turned slowly, I shrugged and gestured. The gown seemed to open in a slit that rose from the hem on the left side up to her left hip. The bodice shifted and opened more to almost reveal her breasts as it plunged to her groin. The gown seemed to form to her as if it was her skin.

I nodded and began the next spell that made Paige slowly change and grow into the form of a small dragon. We worked on her movements, spreading the wings and breathing fire. I finally nodded and changed her back, “Put it with the other gowns.”

She grinned, “Just wait until the first show.”

I smiled, “After the first one we close up. We are going into the village to look around.”

Paige laughed as she walked behind the curtain and I walked out to sit in my chair. I was thinking about the bolts of cloth I had given Sasha. I smiled at Melody, “Would you go ask Sasha to come to me?”

She smiled as she walked away with a sway to her hips. Paige came out and began calling to the few villagers that wandered by. Melody returned with Sasha who was frowning. I gestured and pulled Sasha onto my lap before whispering into her ear, “If you make a dress and show me the buttons, I can change one that will enchant the dress. The dress will slowly shift and change colors at random.”

Sasha grinned at me and kissed me passionately before wiggling her butt and then standing, “I have just the one.”

She disappeared and I sighed, “What can I make now?”

Paige laughed, “Bored my mage?”

I smiled, “Yes.”

Melody grinned, “what about a pleasure booth?”

I looked at her as I thought about it. Melody whispered something to Paige and she giggled. I finally shrugged and summoned dried grass and brush as well and dead branches. Everything was floating in front of me when Sasha returned. I took the flowing gown with a smile and looked at the finely carved bone buttons.

On a bottom button I began to softly chant the spells needed to enchant and change the color of the dress. When I finished, I gestured and it floated back to Sasha. I winked, “We can arrange your trade later.”

She grinned and opened the top button on her dress suggestively, “I look forward to it.”

Men followed her as she walked away and women glared at the men. I looked back at my floating items and gestured as I murmured another spell that caused it to spin and weave into twin tents that were six feet by six feet each. I glanced back and gestured to the area between my wagon and my large tent. The two smaller tents flew in and turned to settle against my wagon.

I summoned several stones I had already collected and the first flattened into a larger disk. I created the image of a beautiful woman in an almost sheer form hugging gown. I thought of things she might do and sent the disk to the front of the first tent after imbuing it with the illusion. I repeated the spell with several more stones with pictures of other beautiful women.

Finally I started on the other tent, using the image of strong viral men. When I finished, Paige grinned at the crowd and began a whisper campaign with any men or women that drew near. I smiled as I stood and sent the chair back inside, “Not to much Paige.”

Melody was busy selling charms and necklaces but looked towards me and grinned, “Can I try it first?”

I laughed and waved, “Go ahead.”

As she slipped into the tent I crossed to speak with the caravan master who was talking to several men from the village. He smiled and nodded towards the horses, “They wanted to know how we came by the horses.”

I smiled, “Did you tell them it was because someone stole the real ones?”

He grinned, “Yes.”

One of the men cleared his throat, “How much would you take to make one of those for me?”

I shook my head, “I’m afraid they are only for show. What you need are real horses.”

He sighed, “To bad, I could use horses that don’t need to be fed.”

The caravan master laughed, “But these eat.”

They looked at him and then out at the horses. I slipped away and walked around to watch. Ash was dancing for a couple of men that seemed to love the way she moved. I finally walked back to my wagon deciding to start a show since there was a nice crowd. Melody was mussed and had a huge grin on her face. Paige looked a little jealous and sighed when I walked passed, “Put the merchandise away.”

To say the show was a success would be an understatement. People left talking about coming back for our next show. I waited for everyone to leave and Paige and Melody came out. I caressed Paige’s face, “Go try the tent and then we can go.”

She grinned as I looked at Melody, “Put everything in the wagon and go see if Ash wants to come with us.”

She nodded and headed towards the open area Ash used. I looked out at the horses and the four griffins that were lying together in the sun. I glanced up at the wooden rustle of feathers and nodded to the eagle looking down at me, “You can fly if you wish but return to the wagon.”

It bobbed its head before looking around and crouching. With a leap it was in the air and going higher. The other five followed it one after another until they were all gone. One of the camp wards screamed and I spun. I didn’t see anything as I headed towards the screaming ward. Finally, when I was almost to it I saw the snake. I stopped and squatted down, “This is not a place for you.”

It hissed angrily and struck but I was far enough beyond its reach, I gestured and it rose up. The caravan master stopped beside me, “Those are poisonous.”

I nodded, “And she seems angry.”

He grinned, “Perhaps you could put her on the other side of the river?”

I made a gesture towards the river and the snake began floating that way. The caravan master nodded to the wards, “They only warn?”

I nodded again, “When one of us comes close they quiet.”

He smiled and clapped me on the shoulder before heading back into camp shooing people as he went. Melody and Ash were waiting by the wagon with a grinning Paige. I gestured and the huge stream of leaking cum on her inner leg disappeared. I put an arm around her waist and we started for the village. It was much larger than the village that had been by my tower or near the mage council when I went there.

Neither Ash or Paige seemed impressed though. I bought fresh bread and pastries before we started back. Paige and Melody had been whispering off and on and Ash finally grinned, “Paige and Melody think I would be a good assistant for you.”

I laughed, “Paige is making less and less.”

Paige laughed, “I have already made more then I normally would in a year.”

I smiled, “And how is Ash going to assist me?”

She grinned as she looked at Melody, “She gets to dress in long stockings and corset as she comes out to sell tickets. Once the tent is full she stands with you and escorts us from and back behind the curtain. If we had chairs she could seat the people and sell souvenirs if you made some and…”

I laughed, “Enough. For the next show I will make some benches and you can think of souvenirs.”

There was a large crowd waiting when we reached the tent and Paige and Melody grinned before pushing Ash towards the pitch. I stopped her and led them into the tent. I sent Paige and Melody toward the stage as I looked at Ash. I gestured and her clothes opened and fell off her. She glanced back at the door but I ignored everything as I thought of how to dress her.

I grinned as I saw a simple lady bug and began a summoning. I shifted the shapes of tiny carapaces and a tight body hugging gown appeared to shape itself to her. I gestured to Ash and she shuddered as the gown seemed to open and wrap around her. There were no straps to hold the gown up as it shifted to fit against her skin. It came from just under her arms, over her breast, barely covering her nipples and seeming to plunge down to her pelvis.

The sides dropped down to her butt before coming together. As it went over her butt and around her hips it stayed tight against her skin as if it was a second skin. It covered her pussy showing just a hint of her womanhood before dropping down into a skirt, split from the right hip down to the hem. I nodded and whispered another spell that made Ash gasp as the gown sparkled as if the tiny scales were made of precious gems and I nodded, “okay, now you can go pitch the show.”

I turned and looked at the ground before gesturing and speaking another spell. Sections of the floor rose up to form benches and I turned to head towards the stage as Paige and Melody both grinned as they peeked around the edge of the curtain. The show was completely sold out and every single person was talking about it as they left. Paige and Melody appeared to hug Ash as they danced around and I grinned, “One of you is getting fucked.”

Melody sway towards me, “That would be me.”

Ash laughed, “Let me change while Paige starts selling charms and then I am trying your pleasure booth.”

I laughed and pulled Melody against me as we walked. She slipped out of her gown before the door was even closed. Ash laughed as she walked to her trunk and I dropped my robe as I stalked after Melody. She grinned as she fell onto her back with her legs spread and her arms out.

I moved over her and kissed her as I pushed into her tight pussy. She sighed and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock, “The man in the pleasure booth felt so real. I could feel his cock throbbing with need and… god this feels better.”

I laughed as I began to fuck her with slow, deep thrusts. Melody put her feet flat on the bed and started thrusting up. I loved her slippery, squeezing pussy and she started moaning and shaking after a couple of minutes. We never even heard Ash leave as we continued to kiss and fuck each other harder. It wasn’t long before she jerked and spasmed as her tight pussy gripped my throbbing cock.

I forced it all the way into her before beginning to spew and spurt ropes of sperm. She started convulsing as warm cum pumped into her fertile womb and then she howled, “YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

She bucked and jerked as I sent each strong spurt into her and then she lay still, “Will I get pregnant my mage.”

She was breathing hard and wouldn’t look at me. I laughed and slowly pulled out, “My lovely Melody, if you aren’t already pregnant then you will be.”

She smiled and looked at me, “Good. If my father finds me he can’t take me back.”

I smiled as I cupped a breast, “You belong to me and this caravan now.”

Melody laughed and shuddered before moving off the bed, “Come my mage. Paige will have lots of ideas by now.”

She was right, Paige had several ideas for souvenirs. Most I threw out but I did like the idea of creating small statues a few inches tall. River stones in the right shade helped and before the next show I had a large basket full of statues. The next show was different because in the very back I saw three mages from the mage council come in just before we started.

As everyone left I walked out not waiting for the girls. They were waiting for me and frowning, at least until the griffin walked by. They stared after it and one of the eagles on the roof mantled and they looked up. I waited and they looked at each other before facing me. Mage Trinity opened his mouth and a woman walked by with her husband, “Would you believe it, the potion closed the gash as if he had never hit his leg with the axe.”

The mages looked at each other again and I cleared my throat, “You wanted to say something?”

Trinity laughed, “Yeah, nice show.”

I smiled and bowed, “Thank you.”

I watched them leave and Ash stuck her head out, “Are they gone?”

I smiled and nodded, “Yes. They probably wanted to censor me but changed their minds.”

Ash grinned and caressed my chest before Paige and Melody came out. I patted butts, “go find out if we need to look for dinner.”

I crossed to one of the few wagons I had not enspelled yet. As I sat beside Jeanne after dinner everyone was laughing and talking about how well they did. Sasha came to sit in my lap, “Want me to pay you now?”

Paige laughed, “He is going to knock you up yet momma.”

Sasha grinned and smirked, “I hope so.”

Everyone laughed and Paige stuck out her tongue. I gestured and pulled and Paige squeaked as she sailed across to float in front of me. I smiled, “It occurs to me my assistant that you have a fear of getting pregnant.”

She blushed as everyone quieted, “Women die from having a child.”

I gestured and the hem of her dress lifted to her hip, “And do you think I would allow you to come to harm?”

She smiled, “No my mage.”

She took and breath, “But children also die of sickness. My own sibs…”

I slipped the straps off her shoulders, “And do you think I would allow your child to come to harm?”

Paige sighed, “No my mage, you are a good man.”

She looked around, “But we do not always do this well and times can be hard…”

I gestured and her dress slipped off. She gasped before relaxing as another dress was reveled. I smiled, “And do you really think that matters to me? I can summon fish from the water, birds from the air and beasts from the field. Do you not think I will care for our children or you?”

Paige bit her lip before straightening, “Are you asking?”

I lifted the hem on the new dress to her hip, “I am ever curious my lovely assistant. What would it take to make you feel good about having a child?”

Paige put her hands on her hips as everyone snickered. I smiled as I slipped the shoulder strap off, “Money?”

Paige finally laughed, “Very well my mage I will…”

I held up my finger, “Not so fast my lovely tart.”

Everyone laughed again as Paige blushed, “Tell me o lovely assistant. How did you manage to get an illusion to produce real sperm?”

Paige looked at me strangely, “It was your illusion.”

I gestured and again her dress was ripped off only to show another still on her. She grinned, “You are tempting me.”

I gestured and whispered a spell that made Sasha gasp in my lap and Paige jerk. I glanced at Sasha and smiled, “So…”

I looked at Paige as she continued to shudder and spasm. I nodded and gestured to end the spell. I looked at Sasha, “You felt a tingle, yes?”

She grinned, “Right where it counts.”

Everyone laughed and I smiled before rubbing her nipples through her blouse, “We will get to that.”

I looked at Paige, “What did you feel?”

She grinned and squirmed and everyone laughed harder. I nodded, “You wish an offer my assistant?”

Everyone was quiet and Paige smiled, “Life.”

Everyone whispered and murmured as I looked at Paige. I tilted my head, “That is a steep offer, are you sure?”

She lifted her eyebrow, “I am worth it.”

I nodded and stood with Sasha against my side, “Very well my assistant, I accept your life.”

I started for the wagon still with Sasha at my side and gestured behind me. Paige gasped as the narrow gold chain appeared around her throat and she settled to the ground. She didn’t know it yet but that chain would never leave her. I smiled at Sasha as I closed the door and gestured her clothes away.

My robe slipped off as I kissed her and backed her to the bed. She caressed my chest, “what did you mean, you accept her life?”

I cupped her breasts as I backed her onto the bed. I laid her back and murmured a spell as my hand passed over her pelvis. I smiled, “You are already with child.”

Sasha blinked and then smiled again, “You didn’t answer me.”

I moved over her and slowly entered her. When my cock was buried, I lay still and looked into her eyes, “Since the only way she would have a child was to be partnered, that is what I did. She is sealed to me as I am sealed to her.”

Sasha laughed and shook me, “You are a sneak. Are you going to get her pregnant?”

I began to fuck her slowly, “When she asks me.”

Sasha grinned and shuddered as her warm pussy squeezed my cock, “And what about me?”

I pressed against her hard, “You are already pregnant. For you I just get to enjoy your pleasure.”

Sasha spasmed and arched her back before dropping back to the bed. I smiled and started fucking her hard and deep. She jerked and shuddered as the muscles in her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock. She was shaking and tossing her head when I buried my cock to press and hump against her.

I didn’t try to hold back and a couple of minutes later Sasha screamed as my cock pushed into her cervix and I began pumping huge streams of cum. She bucked and jerked around as I pumped torrents into her rapidly filling belly, “YES!”

It was a few moments before I was finished and slowly pulled out. I lay next to her and caressed her lovely body, “Did you want more shifting dresses?”

Sasha laughed and turned to kiss me hard before caressing my chest, “You already have three women, mage.”

I grinned, “I wasn’t inquiring because of that. If you wish more dresses that shift color, bring me the buttons and I will enchant them.”

I caressed her pelvis, “You have already paid me.”

Sasha kissed me softly and then moved off the bed, “tomorrow.”

I smiled and watched her leave before laying back. Paige slipped in a moment later before moving to the bed. I smiled but didn’t look at her as she slowly stripped. She crawled onto the bed and caressed my chest, “Do you really want me to have your child?”

I reached out to pull her naked body against mine, “You set the price my lover. By now you know the necklace won’t come off. You are bound to me as I am now bound to you. You will have my children when it is time and not before.”

Paige put her head down, “Does that mean no other…”

I laughed, “That means you will only bare my children nymph. You are free to please others as you have always done. Is that not the way of your people?”

She laughed and straddled my hips, “Yes, but you are…”

I cupped her breasts and tugged on her nipples, “Chosen to become one of you.”

She shuddered as her tight pussy slid down my cummy cock. She rocked back and forth, “The necklace will change my costumes.”

I reached between her legs and rubbed her clit, “Those that do not know you, will not see it.”

She shuddered and her tight pussy squeezed my cock. She grinned, “So how did I make the pleasure booth cum for real?”

I laughed and pulled her down before rolling over so she was under me. I fucked her hard and deep and it wasn’t long before she was spasming and jerking. Her warm, tight pussy was squeezing and releasing my cock. She jerked back onto my cock pressing the head deeper into her before crying out, “YES!”

I shuddered as I pumped cum into her and Paige only jerked and twitched as she felt the warm sperm filling her. When I stopped cumming and pulled out, I laid beside her. I cupped one of her firm breasts as she caught her breath, “It happened because you were already tied to me and desired it.”

Paige sighed and turned to put her head on my chest, “I don’t want to get pregnant yet.”

I laughed and tugged on her nipple, “I know that my lover, now you know what I am willing to give you.”

She grinned and rubbed my chest, “Can you summon Melody and Ash?”

I gestured and murmured their names and a moment later Ash led Melody into the wagon. She looked at us on the bed, “Can we…”

Paige laughed, “You better. You’re our harlot and Melody is my wench.”

They grinned and then laughed as I gestured and their dresses slipped off before floating to their trunks. They climbed onto the bed and Ash straddled me as Paige held my cock for her. Her pussy was warm and tight as it slid down my cock. Ash shuddered, “Are we still…”

Paige reached over to feel her bare butt, “We are still a team. You two horny wenches only want him to fuck you. I don’t mind sharing and you know that. My offer was accepted only for the purpose of having and raising children.”

Ash grinned as she shuddered and her pussy contracted around my cock, “And you don’t trust a man to stay after you get pregnant.”

Paige grinned as Melody caressed her. Melody was looking at me, “I think he will stay and be a good dad.”

Paige smiled and turned to pull her between her legs. I rubbed Ash’s nipples and reached over to touch Melody before whispering a spell. She shuddered and gasped and then spasmed. Paige jerked in surprise and then Melody was lifting up and they were both looking between their bodies. I gestured and Melody thrust forward and Paige groaned as she spread her legs and wrapped them around Melody. Ash grinned, “What did you do?”

I laughed, “I temporarily grew Melody’s clit eight inches longer and about two inches wider.”

Ash laughed as Melody jerked and spasmed, Paige was shaking and thrusting up to get Melody’s clit deeper inside her. They were both bucking and erratically fucking each other. I held Ash and whispered another spell and she jerked and leaned forward as a ghostly image appeared behind her. She grunted as she felt her ass spread open and then looked at me with wide eyes.

I held her down on my cock as the specter started fucking her ass. Tiny bolts of lightning started striking her nipples and down on her clit. Tiny unseen hand moved all over her body, touching and caressing. Ash was jerking and twitching, her mouth was open but she only shook and tossed her head. Her warm, wet pussy was continuously squeezing my cock and she kept squirting on me.

Paige cried out almost at the same time as Melody and then Ash was howling and I groaned and started spewing cum into her. She fell on me before I even stopped cumming and lay still. I smiled and caressed her before banishing all the spells. I reached out to touch Melody and Paige as they panted and held each other. I slipped Ash off me but held her against me before putting up my wards and dimming the lights.
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