(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
I sat up at the loud yell outside the wagon and threw off the covers before summoning my robe on the way to the door. I walked out to see huge growling wolves in the firelight. One man was down and two others stood over him.

I gestured as my body seemed to grow taller and change. A wolf was flung into the night only to splash into the middle of the river. I stepped towards them and reached out as my body burst into flames. The wolf yelped as it rolled away with its fur smoking. The other wolves turned to flee as I stomped after them. Finally it was over and I turned towards everyone.

I stepped forward letting the illusion drop away and suddenly everyone was laughing. I knelt beside the wounded man and frowned at the missing fingers. I gestured Georgia away with her small vial of healing potion. I began a long whispered spell that was in several different languages.

When I finished the bleeding had stopped and I smiled, “you’ll be hungrier than normal. Over the next few days you’ll feel bumps growing where your fingers were. It will itch like crazy but don’t scratch, it’s the fingers growing back.”

He looked at me and grinned, “Really?”

I nodded and stood, “Are there anymore of those wolves around?”

I looked around and the caravan master laughed, “Not anymore.”

Everyone joined him and I smiled. Paige slipped under my arm, “That was an illusion wasn’t it?”

I nodded as I turned towards the wagon, “Yes.”

I glanced at the horses and smiled to see them still eating as if the wolves had never been here. Melody slipped up against my other side and I looked at her, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

She grinned, “Well, he sure tried to pound my tight pussy and he sure had a lot of stuff to squirt into me.”

Paige laughed and grabbed Ash’s hand on the way past her, “And he wanted to fuck my ass, the horny old goat.”

Ash grinned and then laughed, “The caravan master?”

Paige nodded as I released them so they could enter the wagon. I followed them in and let my robe slip off before watching the three strip and climb into bed. I followed and laid back, “I think we need some large sticks to make camp wards.”

Paige put her head on my shoulder, “tomorrow my mage.”

I nodded and absently caressed her body. It wasn’t long before their soft breathing told me they were asleep. I climbed out of bed and dressed before slipping out. A couple of men holding bows looked up and smiled. One grinned and looked towards the horses, “The stupid wolves tried to bit the horses.”

I smiled as I sat and held my hands out to warm them, “The teeth marks will fade and disappear.”

They laughed and went back to watching the fire. I sighed as I looked into the darkness before beginning to murmur the summoning spell. The pile of long sticks at my feet grew and grew until I stopped. I picked one up and gestured to another which rose and seemed to lean towards the first. Another followed the second stick as I turned the one I was holding. A last stick joined the others to form three legs.

I nodded and murmured another spell that made the sticks blur and merge together. Each lengthened or grew shorter until all three legs were the same size. I lifted it and stroked it which made it close the three legs. Jorge and Tony had been watching as I did this and grinned. As the night wore on the pile of sticks shrank and the pile of three legs sticks grew.

I finally stood and gesture to my wagon and the pile lifted and drifted towards the side. When I walked into the wagon I smiled to see Melody’s bare butt lifted in the air. I thought about what Paige had said as my robe snuck away. I whispered a spell and Melody shuddered and sighed. I moved onto the bed behind her and rubbed the head of my cock against her tight ass.

I pushed and relaxed, pushed and relaxed. Melody groaned in frustration and thrust back when I pushed again. Suddenly my cock was pushing into her tight slippery ass. She shuddered and moaned as she pulled away and then thrust back again.

I caressed her and rubbed her butt and hips as she kept fucking back onto my cock. She continued to shake and shudder and Paige finally lifted her head. She looked at Melody and then at me before smiling. She moved back to see my cock in her ass and looked into my face in surprise, “You aren’t hurting her.”

I smiled, “She feels only pleasure.”

Paige grinned and reached between her legs to rub her pussy. Melody jerked as if shocked and cried out, “YYYEEEESSSSSS!”

Her ass tightened and she jerked and spasmed as she lifted her head and looked back. Ash lifted up and looked at us as Paige giggled and Melody moaned. I slowly buried my cock and then pulled out. A simple spell cleaned us as I turned Melody onto her back. She was smiling as she spread and lifted her legs, “That felt really good.”

Paige laughed as I moved over Melody and pushed into her pussy. I started fucking her nice and deep and she began lifting her hips to meet each thrust. Her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock as her body shuddered and jerked. I slowed and buried my cock to just press and hump against her as Paige and Ash both caressed our bodies.

I finally groaned and pressed into Melody as my cock started spewing cum. She jerked and spasmed as it splash into her and squeezed me tightly, “YES!”

Everyone seemed happy in the morning and the man that had been hurt, (Edgar) had Jill and Sasha hanging off him. Several of them joined us in our morning shower and we got on the road a little later than normal. This time Ash walked along side the wagon singing a song the other women echoed from other wagons.

Paige sat on the seat beside me guiding the horses (not that they really needed it) as Melody ran errands. I went through all the sticks from the day before and did several more necklaces and charms before Paige nudged me, “Jeanne wants you.”

I glanced from her to the wagon in front of us and smiled to see Jeanne waving. I jumped down and walked forward before climbing onto the seat beside her. She grinned and reached out to open my robe after I sat and then step over my legs and lifted her dress.

She sat down slowly as I held my cock and guided it to her warm, wet pussy. She groaned and shuddered as she leaned back and started to rock back and forth. I held her and cupped her breasts, “How come you don’t have any children?”

She shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock, “Our life is hard my mage. I have had three children. Two I lost to sickness and the third I gave to a wealth family to raise as their son.”

I sighed as her slippery pussy slipped back and forth, “That won’t happen now.”

Jeanne laughed and her tight pussy spasmed. She looked back at me, “You have already made our lives much better.”

I shivered as she began to lift and thrust back down harder. I moved my hands to her waist as she fucked my cock harder and her body started jerking and spasming before her pussy suddenly contracted and clamped down on my cock. I jerked and shuddered as I spurted cum into her and Jeanne cried out, “YES! FILL ME!”

I could hear everyone cheering and laughing as I kept spewing cum into her and she was grunting with each warm gush I put into her. When I stopped cumming she laughed and looked back, “Thanks.”

Sasha and Georgia were walking along side as she lifted up and moved back to the other side of the seat. She pulled the reins from the corner and reached out to caress my face, “you need to work with the new girl.”

I laughed as I climbed down, “I did that last night.”

Georgia caressed me as I let the wagon pass and started walking. I glanced at all the dead grass and climbed up onto the wagon seat beside Paige and Melody who was kissing her. I gestured and murmured a summoning spell and all the dried grass rose up with water from the river to float along beside the wagon. The ball grew larger and larger as we went until Sasha laughed from the wagon behind us, “Are you trying to create a new moon?”

I grinned and looked back before I began to spin and change the grass into huge bolts of cloth. As each one finished it would float back towards Sasha who would capture it and shove it through the opening behind her and into wagon. When all the grass was gone, I grinned and began another summing and this time it was spider webs that began gathering.

I looked at Melody as an idea came to me and laughed. I looked at Ash walking beside us, “Would you ask the Caravan master if he has any tanned rabbit fur?”

She grinned and quickly strode towards the front of the column. I looked at Melody, “Ready for your next creature?”

Paige grinned, “What are you going to turn her into?”

I gestured to a small milk white rock we were passing and a small piece broke off and came to me. I looked around and frowned before whispering a summons. A medium sized black glass like rock broke the surface of the distant river and floated towards the wagon. I glanced at the growing ball of spider silk and murmured the spell to make it weave and change into a large bolt of vibrant blue silk.

As it floated towards Sasha, I started working on the black rock. Slowly it unraveled into a fine black chain. I set the chain in my lap and gazed at the milky white stone and slowly it shimmered and changed into a tiny ball. I turned to measure Melody while humming and she and Paige grinned at each other.

I broke the proper length off and murmured the locking spell as I placed each end in the tiny milky stone ball. I looked at Melody, “It is like the lock on the bracelets.”

She grinned as she put it on, “What does it do?”

I smiled and looked at Ash walking back towards us. She had a big grin on her face as she tossed up a rabbit skin, “He said you get to find dinner tonight.”

I sighed but accepted the rabbit skin. I brushed it and it changed color to a solid white. I nodded and looked at Melody, “Take your clothes off.”

She blushed and looked at Paige before doing as I told her. She stood up between Paige and I totally naked and I held up the rabbit skin before whispering a spell. The skin grew and grew and moved to wrap around Melody like a tight gown leaving her nice cleavage exposed. I started the spells and her exposed skin looked alabaster white making the black necklace stand out.

She aged slightly and her hair turned raven black as it grew down to her butt. The column slow and stopped and I gestured to Melody. She lifted with a squeak and floated to the ground as I climbed down. I walked around her and smiled, “perfect.”

I gestured to the necklace, “Take the necklace off.”

She shrugged and did as I told her and screamed as her body began to change into a large black wolf. When it finished she was sitting on her haunches panting and I shook my head, “You have to scare them. Growl and snarl.”

Instead she whimpered and barked which made Paige laugh as she swung down beside us, “Look at your feet and stand.”

The others came closer to watch, several holding daggers and knives. I shook my head and waved them back, “It’s an illusion.”

After almost an hour Melody was snarling and growling and I nodded before gesturing. She straightened as her body returned to normal and stretched, “That isn’t going to happen every time I take the necklace off is it?”

I shook my head, “Only when you wear the costume.”

Melody quickly slipped out of the gown to chuckles from everyone, revealing her own body again. She hesitated before unlocking the necklace and pulling it off. She grinned when nothing happened and I smiled. The caravan master laughed and turned to head back to the front, “another couple of hours before we reach the next village.”

I gestured for Melody to put the gown and necklace away before climbing back into the seat. It wasn’t long before we came out into open fields. I glanced at several bare tree stumps and grinned before whispering spells. From the heart of each stump a large bulge grew and then a huge eagle burst forth. They screamed as they leaped into the sky and started flapping their wings.

It wasn’t long before one dove towards something in one of the fields. When it lifted into the air again a fat rabbit was in its claws and everyone started clapping. Six wooden eagles flew over us and kept hunting, when they made a kill the rabbit was dropped beside my wagon where they seemed to slip out of their skins and clean themselves. When we went through the village, Piros walked along beside the wagon on one side and Aquaria walked on the other.

As soon as we pulled into the new camp site, I gestured and the wooden sticks jumped down and marched out to the very edge before sitting on their three legs. We set up camp and I set up my tent. I brought in more dead vegetation before expanding it. The six eagles landed on the wagon roofs and mantled before sitting still. I let Paige and Melody set up the stage inside and prepared a pitch area beside the tent entrance.

Beside the camp area were four huge dead gnarled Cyprus trees. I went to one of the wagons and spent a little time enspelling it before walking out to look at the four trees. I was thinking of the wolves, the wards would warn us and block lesser creatures but…

I gathered my power around me and began chanting a complex spell. The trees ripped out of the ground before shaking the dirt off. As they walked towards me they blurred and melted and seemed to gather in on themselves. When they raised and spread their huge wings it was with a roar that shattered the afternoon.

They folded their wings as they stopped and the blur around them dropped away. I reached out to pat the beak of the closest griffin and turned back to the camp. Everyone was standing beside the wagons looking and I grinned, “Watch griffins.”

They grinned as I continue towards the river. Like before, I summon large stones and sent them to the center of the camp. The four horse tall griffins walked through the camp and I smiled as the only boy in the caravan reached out to pet one. Georgia slipped up beside me as I raised the ground to make seats around the fire and sit down. She grinned as she sat in my lap and held out an apple, “Can you make some apple brandy?”

I caressed her body before taking the apple. The other women were moving around getting ready to prepare dinner. I tossed the apple into the air and it slowed before stopping. I closed my eyes and began a summoning. I opened my eyes and grinned at Georgia as she wiggled in my lap, “Careful.”

She laughed like a little girl and I glanced up at the mass of greenery floating with the apple. I gestured towards the river and both water and sand flowed towards me. The water mixed with the mass as it changed into apples and the sand melted and swirled into a large fancy bottle. The apples vibrated and then seemed to change into brownish liquid that poured into the bottle with the water.

I finished the spell and gestured to the small bit of waiting sand. It blurred and melted into the form of a songbird. I gestured again and it floated to the bottle neck and settled. Georgia grinned, “Know any love potions?”

I laughed and shook her, “Only lust potions and you have enough for both of us.”

Georgia laughed with the other woman before standing, “Want to come to my wagon?”

I stood to put an arm around her waist and held her against my side as we walked towards her new wagon. As soon as the door closed behind us she was slipping her dress off her shoulders and stepping out of it. She smiled over her shoulder as she walked towards the bed. I let my robe slip off as I followed her and put my arms around her naked body.

I cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples as she pressed her butt back against me. She laughed and moved onto the bed on her knees and bent forward. I smiled and started rubbing her pussy and her hard erect clit. Georgia shuddered and her pussy started opening and closing. I laughed and whispered a spell that made tiny arcs that looked like lightning appear and begin to flash and strike her pussy.

Georgia screamed and shuddered violently as she came and squirted. She spread her legs as the lightning moved up and down striking her pussy and ass over and over again. She was convulsing as her girl cum ran down her legs freely. I laughed and dismissed the spell before pushing into her and slowly burying my cock. She jerked and arched her back as her pussy contracted around my cock, “YYYEEEESSSSSSS!”

I held her hips and fucked her with deep, firm strokes. Georgia continued to spasm out of control as her head dropped to the blanket and she screamed again. I started rubbing her ass as she started thrusting back to meet my thrusts into her. She jerked hard as her wet, slimy pussy tightened again and she shuddered. I didn’t even try to hold back and a few minutes later buried my cock as sperm began to boil up out of my balls.

Georgia jerked hard and her pussy clamped down as my cock fountained and began spewing huge, torrents of warm cum against and through her open cervix. She lifted her head to howl as her body vibrated and shook, “YES! FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED!”

I pumped and spewed and then spurted and finally just held her shaking body as my cock only throbbed. Georgia sighed and moved forward to lie on her stomach, “I love getting fucked by you mage.”

She laughed as she rolled onto her side to look at me, “Perhaps you will give me a daughter this time.”

I smiled as I sat and reached out to caress her tummy, “Did you want a daughter?”

She covered my hand, “If it happens.”

I bent to give her a kiss and then glanced at her stomach before gesturing. Sperm ran out of her and she shuddered before frowning. I grinned as I stood and gestured to my robe, “I left the sperm that could provide a daughter.”

She grinned, “Could you do that with one of your potion stones?”

I laughed as I opened the door and left. Paige looked at me as I came out and grinned as she pet and caressed one of the griffins. We had a few villagers come to the camp to look around. Ash had started to go dress in her dancer’s costume and I grinned before stopping her. I summoned spider webs and spun them into a bright red revealing costume before slipping it onto her and removing her plain dress at the same time.

She danced while we talked and she sat in a few laps as I carved a yellow lion lantern and sent it to its new owner. Tiny thumb sized cups of apple brandy were past around, even to the few villagers. Paige and Melody moved around the fire finally and pulled me up.

I had been watching one villager that had been watching the horses but pretending he wasn’t. I smiled and followed the two girls to our wagon. Paige caressed my chest when the door closed, “Would you fuck my ass like you did Melody?”

I touched her check, “If you wish.”

She grinned and Melody pulled her toward the bed as she began pulling her clothes off. I let my robe slid off as I walked towards the bed and gestured to Melody and Paige. They both gasped as they rose into the air and Melody’s dress slipped off.

I leaned forward and sucked on one of Paige’s nipples before moving to Melody and doing the same thing. I laughed and concentrated before whispering a spell. I seemed to step away from myself and there were two of me. Paige laughed, “Now we are in trouble.”

I/we gestured and both Paige and Melody spread their legs as tiny tongues appeared and began licking all over their bodies. Another gesture brought hundreds of tiny lightning bolts that danced around them. Paige was the first to shudder violently as her body went rigid, “YYYEEEESSSSSSS!”

I gestured and twirled my finger making her spin around as Melody started convulsing and screamed, “I’M CUMMING!”

She was spun around and bent over like Paige and I moved behind Paige and pressed my cock to her warm, pink asshole. I whispered another spell and pushed into her. Paige jerked and shuddered as her warm ass tightened, “FUCK ME!”

I glanced at Melody as the other me fucked into her tight pussy and she arched her back, “YES!”

I fucked Paige with the same strokes that my other self used to fuck Melody, slow and deep. She was shaking as her ass continued to tighten around my cock. She kept trying to thrust back but it was like she was tied. The small tongues and lightning continued and both Paige and Melody were incoherent with pleasure. I concentrated and slowly buried my cock as it began to throb.

When I began to pump huge torrents of cum both Paige and Melody screamed and jerked around. When they went limp, the lightning and the tongues disappeared. I finished cumming and slowly pulled out before glancing at Melody. My other self had pulled out and cum was running down her legs. I sighed and whispered a spell that cleaned us before I sent both girls to bed.

My other self faded away as I moved to a chair and sat down. I watched the two girls move together in their sleep until they were holding each other and dimmed the light. I looked at a flush faced Ash when she came in and smiled, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

She grinned as she carefully removed the new costume, “I love to tease them but it makes me horny.”

I held out my hand and she walked towards me with a sway to her hips that made me smile. She straddled me and lifted my hard cock to position it. She sat down and shuddered as it pushed into her. I cupped her breasts and she caressed my face before looking at the bed, “I would have thought they would still be awake.”

I closed my eyes as she began to rotate her hips and rock, “They got what they wanted and fell asleep.”

Ash laughed and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. She began to get erratic and added thrusts back and forth to the mix. I caressed her firm breasts and tugged on her nipples just as her pussy tightened. She gasped and jerked before convulsing like she was having a seizure. “ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!”

I released myself and began to pump large spurts of cum. Ash spasmed and gasped as she felt the warm sperm explode against the back of her pussy. I let her jerk and thrust as her pussy milked cum from my leaking cock and finally she groaned and shuddered. Her pussy got much tighter as I stopped cumming and she leaned into me, “mmmmm!”

I caressed her soft skin as she sighed and a gesture sent her floating towards the bed. She turned and snuggled against Paige and a moment later she was asleep. I sighed and stood as my robe swam up my body and wrapped around me. The man I had seen watching the horses seemed to haunt me. I stepped out to a darker camp with one guard by the fire.

I glanced around feeling the night around me as I wrapped myself in darkness. The alarm from my wards screamed just before several men began screaming. I gestured to the sky as I stepped out of darkness. A large bright light exploded above the camp as I walked toward the area where the horses were. Behind me men and women were scrambling out of wagons.

I knew people would even be coming from the village too. I stopped in front of the griffins. Three had taloned feet on the chest of a man. The fourth held a man in the air, its beak holding an arm. On the ground in front of it was the man I remember. He was cowering and had a huge rip across his stomach. I smiled and moved forward, “Release it.”

The griffin opened its beak and the man dropped to the ground. I gestured as the other griffins stepped back and the men screamed as they were dragged over with the other two. I ignored everyone as I stood watching them, “You would steal from me?”

The one with the belly wound whimpered, “We are servants of the mage Tran.”

I smiled and gestured, above them appeared a faint glyph. I murmured a spell as torch baring villagers began drawing closer. The men began to stand and the griffins growled making them drop back to the ground. When I finished there was a flash and an older man stepped out of the night, “WHO DARES!”

I gestured and my brightly glowing glyph appeared between us, “I do!”

He froze as he looked from the glyph to me. I nodded, “Do you wish to dual?”

He swallowed and shook his head, “No.”

I nodded and gestured to the men on the ground, “Your men tried to steal what belonged to me. You have signed and sealed them. You are responsible.”

He almost looked frantic, “I didn’t…”

I gestured as the villagers murmured angrily, “You signed and seal yourself to them.”

He looked around like he was looking for a way out and I gave it to him, “you will leave here and go to the mage counsel. You will accept service for five years, one year for each man. If you refuse I will deal with you as I see fit.”

He nodded hastily and turned to run into the darkness. I murmured a spell and he yelled in the distance. I looked at the men on the ground and then at the villagers, “They have been caught trying to steal and are now subject to your laws.”

It seemed like the whole village growled before surging forward. I turned and gestured to the griffins, “You did very good.”

I headed back into the camp and everyone followed. I sat beside the fire as they gathered around. I sighed, “They wished to steal the horses.”

Several men snorted and then Sasha laughed, “Why was he afraid of you?”

I glanced at my hands in my lap, “Because I am what he can never be.”

I looked at the faces of my friends and those I had come to think of as family, “I have told you that I am an arch mage. I am the youngest ever to achieve that rank. There is only a handful of arch mages and of those, only two as strong as me and I have not yet reached my full strength.”

They looked at each other and the woman Teresa walked forward to caress my face, “Then you will be the greatest of us.”

Everyone laughed and came to slap my shoulder which made me blush. Ash pulled me up, “Come my mage.”

Paige wormed under my arm, “Can you turn me into a small dragon?”

I laughed and reached down to rub her butt, “You already are.”

She grinned as Melody laughed and I chased them into the wagon.
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