(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
I woke to Melody straddling my waist and lifting my hardening cock before sitting back. I cupped her breasts as she started rocking and pushing back to force my cock into her deeper. I slowly rubbed and pulled on her nipples, “You feel nice.”

She shuddered and moaned before thrusting back and forth slowly. Her warm slippery pussy moving back and forth around my cock felt wonderful. She became erratic a few moments later as her tight pussy squeezed me. She jerked and shuddered, “mmmmm!”

I continued to feel her breasts and rub her nipples and Melody started rocking harder. She was pulling forward and almost off my cock before pushing back and down to get my cock as deep in her as she could. She started jerking and spasming as she sat back, “AAAAHHHHH!”

I shivered as I felt myself beginning to get close. I reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit. Melody jerked violently and screamed as her pussy clamped down on my cock, “YES!”

I thrust up as my cock erupted and she gasped as she felt me pumping huge ropes of cum against her womb. She jerked and spasmed erratically as I spewed and spurted until my cock was only throbbing. Melody sighed and fell forward onto me, “I love getting fucked.”

Paige snickered and Ash laughed as they reached out to rub her bare butt. I laughed and hugged her, “Time to wash up.”

We splashed and played in the river before drying off. I made new gowns for the three girls and a colorful robe for me. Melody went from wagon to wagon with Paige as we got back on the road. Ash climbed up and sat beside me as I absently fixed the bracelets and began new wands and light staffs. These I changed by making the crown a lattice work with a milky piece of common crystal in it. I glanced down when Georgia came back beside us, “hi.”

She smiled, “Do you have a few minutes?”

I glanced around and she smiled, “Ash can drive.”

I looked at Ash and she whispered, “She’s horny.”

I grinned as I dropped off the balcony seat and took Georgia’s hand. I led her back and opened the door before climbing in with her coming in after me. She closed the door and turned as she started undressing. I let my robe drop and gestured to her clothing. They seemed to just open and fall away and she grinned as she backed me towards the bed.

I let her follow me onto the bed and she straddled my waist. She caressed and rubbed my chest before lifting my cock and positioning it. She sat back and down, pushing my cock into her warm, wet pussy. She shuddered as she began to rock and thrust back and forth. She was silent as she fucked me and I reached up to hold her breasts before rubbing her nipples. Georgia shuddered and her wet pussy tightened, “OOOHHHH!”

I grinned and pulled her down before rolling. I fucked her hard for a minute and she was shaking with spasms when I slowed. Her pussy was trying to milk my cock as she thrust up to meet each thrust into her. When I buried my cock to press and grind against her, she finally screamed, “YYYEEEEESSSSSSS!”

Her pussy was spasming as she bucked and thrashed around and I kissed her before fucking her with slow, deep stokes that kept her jerking. She was incoherent when I pressed into her twenty minutes later and began spurting and pumping ropes of sperm. She arched her back and howled, “YYYYY… EEEEE…SSSSSS!”

I spewed almost a dozen jets of cum before stopping and Georgia dropped to the bed panting. She grinned, “That is what I needed mage.”

I laughed and kissed her before pulling out and helping her off the bed. I gestured and her clothes floated to her and wrapped around her, adjusting themselves. When we dropped out the back, Paige and Melody were both grinning from the wagon behind mine. I gestured, “Come up here my assistant.”

I let Georgia go before walking up to the front of the wagon. When Paige and Melody caught up I had a lot of dead grass floating beside me. I looked at Melody and gestured to the grass. It flowed towards her and spun into a flowing blue gown. I smiled as we stopped and began a couple of spells as the wagon passed us and then another. Paige was grinning and Melody was looking down at herself. I finished the illusions and smiled, “Aquaria.”

Melody shimmered and looked almost like she was made from blue tinted water. I walked around her as she held out her arms to look at herself. Paige followed me and murmured about this or that. When I finished, I nodded and whispered the other command. A stunningly beautiful woman stood in her place. Paige nodded, “Perfect.”

I smiled and gestured to the gown and it rose off her, changing her back to Melody. I draped the gown over her arm before turning to start walking, “That is your first costume. You are now my helper and Paige’s assistant.”

I smiled, “I think we might even expand the tent and let Ash dance.”

Paige grinned, “What happens when she gets to big?”

I grinned back at her, “I provide her with a gown that will change her appearance.”

Melody and Paige both laughed as we finally caught up and I turned to climb up beside Ash. She smiled, “What’s so funny?”

Paige and Melody waved as they dropped back to climb into the wagon and I looked at Ash, “I told them that when you begin showing I will provide a costume to create the illusion that you aren’t pregnant.”

She grinned and leaned against me, “Thanks.”

I smiled and went back to making charms and enchantments. We had to cross the river at a wide point around noon. The water wasn’t really that deep and I got a lot of small brightly colored stones that were on the river bottom. The wagons I had changed crossed above the water and the others only shook their heads. Just before we camped for the night the caravan master downed a large deer so we had meat.

Like for the last two nights, I made a fire platform, enspelled a wagon for Sasha and relaxed to carve another lantern. When I finished, Georgia sat beside me. “We have heard of healing spells.”

I looked at her and she blushed, “Are there such that can close a wound?”

I nodded, “Several actually.”

She grinned, “Can you make me another stone like last night?”

I looked at Paige as she talked to Melody beside the fire, “Paige? I need that blue glass like stone you found by the river.”

She grinned and walked towards the wagon. I looked at Georgia, “I get ten percent of the price for each potion?”

She nodded, “that’s reasonable.”

I looked around and smiled at Melody, “Didn’t you say you saw some berries?”

She nodded and I gestured, “Bring me a sample.”

I relaxed and then grinned and gestured to a pile of dead grass that had been raked away from the fire. The pile rose off the ground and shifted and seemed to weave together as it began to spin. Water came from the river and soaked into the spinning mass. I murmured and it changed into a soft green color as mist burst out of it. The large bolt of cloth stopped spinning and I gestured to Sasha, “You were saying earlier that you needed cloth to make some new shirts to sell.”

She grinned and accepted the bolt as it dropped into her arms, “Thank you.”

I turned to Paige as she held out the large stone. I whispered and gestured and a small egg shape piece came off and I nodded to her, “Thank you.”

I held the dark blue glass like egg and thought about what I needed to do. I glanced at Georgia, “Each day you must place this in the sun or in a small open area if there is no sun.”

She nodded and I closed my eyes as I summoned my power. This wasn’t like a simple illusion or enchantment. I began whispering and chanting words to an ancient and powerful spell. Slowly I twisted it and shifted it into the small egg stone in my hand. I sighed and released my power when it was over and looked down at the glowing stone I held. I looked at Melody standing close by waiting for me and smiled, “Let me see?”

She set several small raspberries in my hand and I grinned. I looked out into the night and whispered a summons. As green leaves began fly towards me out of the dark they shifted and changed into raspberries. Roots began floating in and changed to turnips. I looked around and smiled at the large stone Paige still held. I gestured and it shifted and changed, growing wider and taller into a huge bottle.

Another gesture and the berries seemed to shimmer as they flew into the bottle and the turnips shredded and then white powder came out and poured into the bottle as the rest dropped into the fire causing it to flare. Water from the river floated closer and poured into the bottle and filled the bottle the rest of the way, Paige set the bottle down as it grew heavier. I murmured another spell and then grinned at everyone, “Now we have raspberry brandy.”

They grinned and I turned to Georgia and handed her the glowing egg, “Did you need vials too?”

She grinned, “Can you use that large white boulder from the camp entrance?”

I turned and gestured as I whispered a summons. A large chunk of the boulder floated out of the darkness and seemed to bulge before exploding into a hundred tiny vials. I gestured to Georgia before accepting a cup of brandy from one of the men. The vials gently floated to Georgia and dropped into her lap. I sipped the brandy and nodded before looking at Georgia again, “Just place the egg in a bowl of brandy for an hour before pouring the brandy into the vials.”

I stood and gave Paige and Melody a taste of brandy before setting the cup down and heading towards our wagon where I had seen Ash disappearing. I was intercepted by Sasha as she put her arm around my waist, “Would you join me in my wagon?”

I smiled, “Of course.”

She was grinning as she closed the door behind us, “this is so much better than the other wagon.”

I smiled as I gestured and her clothes opened and dropped away before floating to a drape over a chest. I let my robe join her clothes as I followed her onto the bed. I caressed her body, “Do you need protection?”

She laughed and caressed my face, “Not from you.”

I smiled and cupped her firm breasts as I kissed her. She moaned as my hand caressed down her body to slip into her pussy. I slowly fingered her slippery pussy as I moved down to suck on her nipples. It wasn’t long before she was shaking as her hips began to lift. She was moaning and each time I slipped a finger inside her, she would shudder as her pussy tightened to squeeze my finger.

I slowly kissed down her body and she spread her legs wider. I kissed her erect clit before licking through her pussy. Sasha groaned and jerked as her hips lifted off the bed. I began teasing her clit and sucking on it as I used my fingers to hold her pussy open. I rubbed all around her leaking hole as she started spasming and having small jerky seizures.

I finally moved up her body and settled between her legs. I kissed her as she wrapped her arms around me and pushed into her with one long, steady push. She lifted her hips again as I buried my cock and pressed against her. As her pussy contracted, I began to fuck her with deep thrusts that made her grunt and shudder. I kept kissing her as she shuddered constantly, her hips meeting mine.

After a few minutes she froze and then jerked as her pussy tightened. Suddenly she was jerking erratically and thrashing around as she howled, “YES! FUCK ME!”

I fucked her hard and deep and she began to convulse and jerk around uncontrollably. I slowed to long, deep thrusts as I got closer to cumming. Sasha continued to spasm and hugged me tight as her pussy went crazy. I finally pressed against the back of her pussy as my cock erupted. She jerked and slammed her groin into mine as I spewed huge, gushing streams of warm cum into her, “YYYEEESSSS!”

She wrapped her legs around me to keep me deep inside her as I kept pumping cum. She tossed her head and jerked with each warm spurt I put into her and finally sighed and relaxed when I was done. Her legs relaxed and dropped to the bed as I lay on her and kissed her softly. She smiled and absently caressed me, “Thank you mage.”

I laughed as I slowly pulled out, “I am the one to thank you Sasha.”

She smiled and kissed me before I slipped off the bed. I gestured to my robe, “I think Paige is a lot like her mother.”

Sasha laughed, “She’s a horny little harlot.”

I laughed as I turned to the door. When I walked into my wagon Ash smiled from the bed, “Paige and Melody are spending the night with one of the other men.”

I smiled as I stripped and moved to the bed, “Already bored with me?”

She laughed, “I think Paige just wants to show Melody how good you are.”

I lay next to Ash and caressed her body, “And you already know.”

She shivered as my fingers teased her clit, “Since I became a woman.”

I kissed her and leaned over to suck on her hard nipples. She groaned and pushed her chest into my face as my finger finally slipped inside her. Her pussy squeezed my finger as she shuddered, “ooohhhh!”

I moved up and kissed her before kissing down her body. Ash laughed and reached down to pull me up, “No my mage, I am more than ready, fuck me.”

I smiled as I settled between her legs, “Warming up without me?”

She grinned and then groaned as my cock pushed into her. I started slowly and enjoyed the way her slippery pussy gasped my cock each time I tried to pull out. Ash shuddered and spasmed each time I pushed into her. It wasn’t long before I was fucking her a little harder and she was panting. Her hips rose to meet each thrust into her and she was shaking and jerking.

Each time my cock pressed against her womb as I stopped to press and grind she would arch her back and shudder hard. The rhythm gradually became erratic and Ash was almost incoherent as I finally thrust into her much later and began spewing thick, gushing torrents of sperm. She went rigid and screamed as she felt the flood of warm cum pumping into her.

She bucked and thrashed around as I held her tight and continued to pump more cum into her. When I finally stopped she shuddered and sighed as her body slowly relaxed. She grinned and shook me before kissing me passionately. I pulled out and moved so I could roll her onto her stomach. I rubbed her butt and moved back over her as she looked over her shoulder.

She grinned and spread her legs as I pushed back into her warm, slimy pussy. I fucked her with long, deep thrusts and she was shuddering in moments. Her pussy kept grasping my cock as she thrust her butt back towards me. A few minutes later she jerked around like she was having a seizure and screamed into the bed, “YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!”

She bucked and pulled away only to thrust back to be impaled on my cock. She continued to shudder and spasm as I fucked her a little harder. Finally I buried my cock and began to pump more large spurts of cum into her. Ash sighed as her pussy clamped down and she started to shuddered lightly. When I stopped cumming she dropped to the bed and shivered before turning onto her side to grin at me. I lay beside her and gave her a kiss, “I’ll fuck you again in the morning.”

She laughed and snuggled against me and I held her as she slowly relaxed. I finally waved the light out and brought up my wards before closing my eyes.
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