(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
I woke to Ash moving off the bed as someone outside began yelling. I followed Ash and slipped my robe on before leaving. The camp was astir and angry, someone had come in and stolen all the horses. I looked towards my horses to see them standing together. I sighed and looked at Paige, “I won’t be good for much. You will need to drive.”

She looked at me with wide eyes as I walked to the edge of the camp. I began to concentrate on what I needed and then began a summoning. I brought mostly large tree stumps and large dead trees. Once I had everything I started the spells that made the wood seem to melt and flow together into individual shapes that took on the forms of huge draft horses.

Once I had them set, I began to animated the wooden horses until one by one they snorted or stomped their huge feet. When I stopped, it was with relief. I looked at those that had become my friends and smiled, “These should work.”

They looked at each other and the caravan master cleared his throat, “What commands do we use?”

I laughed as I turned to the camp, “harness them like regular horses.”

I shrugged out of my robe, “Come wash Paige.”

She laughed and ran to catch up before taking my hand. Ash caught us at the river and slipped under the falling water with a child like giggle. Soon it was everyone and it almost looked like it was raining. I was feeling good and when I walked out of the river I summon dead grass until there was a huge pile. One by one I wove fantastic gowns and suits until everyone was dressed richly.

When we reached the road and started off, there were several people from the village out to stare in amazement as we went by. I rested beside Paige as we rode and Ash walked or visited other wagons. It was after our noon stop that the caravan master told me that the next village was three days away. I was refreshed and recovered from my morning spell casting and sat back on the seat and looked at Ash walking along happily. I grinned, “Find me some brightly colored rocks.”

She grinned and started watching the ground. I turned and gestured to the small pile of pink chain. I had broken it off of the huge pile I had made yesterday. I smiled and reached for Paige’s wrist. I measured and separated the chain and then used the length to measure six more. Ash jumped and climbed up onto the balcony seat and held out several bright rocks.

I took them and tucked all but one away before concentrating. The small red rock shivered and broke. Two tiny pieces floated to me as I held a small piece of chain. One flowed and became another link with a larger straight piece. The other piece became part of the other end and looked like it was hollow. I grinned and started whispering a spell and then another. I put it around Paige’s wrist and pushed the two red pieces together, “Lock.”

I turned and started doing it all over again, this time putting it around Ash’s wrist. I grinned, “If you are having sex and want it to be… better, whisper ‘My Pleasure’ with a finger on the chain. Lock or unlock while touching the colored stone will open it or lock it.”

They grinned at each other as I started making more. By the time we pulled into the small area by the river that afternoon I had a small pile on my lap. I headed towards the river and summoned another net like I had done before and the women came to help clean the fish I caught.

I gestured to the bank filled with thousands of large smooth river stones and they rose up to follow me back to camp. Paige collected sticks and dead tree limbs before it got to dark. I did a repeat of enspelling another wagon and making another lantern before setting beside Georgia, “Tell me about the potions you sell?”

She grinned as she poured a tiny bit of liquid into a small vial, “Its just herbs with a tiny bit of brandy.”

I smiled, “You just make them think it will cure them?”

She laughed as several others joined her, “Or make a man fall in love…”

“Or woman…”

“Or perform better…”

“Or get them pregnant…”

“Or get rid of an unwanted child…”

Everyone was nodding and I sighed, “Making them lose…”

Georgia covered my hand, “We refuse to cause that.”

I nodded and absently summoned a piece of crystal on the ground, “How would you like to make a real potion?”

She looked at me as everyone went quiet, “How?”

I smiled, “use your herbs and brandy but heat it with this in the pot.”

I looked at the crystal and brought my power in before starting to chant. The crystal began to glow and change until it was a small crystal egg that seemed to hum and glow by itself. I handed it to Georgia, “It will cure most common sickness.”

I stood and looked around for Paige, “Maybe tomorrow I will show you how to make a true potion.”

I headed towards my wagon as they started talking. I walked in to see Ash and Paige in bed with another girl. Paige was jerking and shuddering hard as Ash kissed her and the other girl fingered her pussy. I stripped and moved onto the bed caressing the new girl’s pussy as I lay beside Paige. She jerked and shivered before looking at me with wide eyes, “OH!”

Paige saw me and groaned as she hugged me, “This is so good!”

I smiled, “Playing with the new charm?”

She nodded and Ash laughed, “She came a dozen times so far.”

I looked at the girl, “I’m…”

She grinned, “Paige’s mage.”

I laughed, “Or she is my assistant.”

Ash and Paige grinned and Paige pulled the girl up her body, “This is Melody.”

I reached out to rub her pink nipples, “Hello Melody.”

She shivered and then moved to push me onto my back. She straddled my waist, “I’m a virgin.”

I held her waist, “I haven’t seen you before.”

Paige and Ash laughed as Melody positioned my cock, “That’s because I ran away from home to join you.”

She wiggled and pressed and finally sat down hard driving my cock into her tight virgin pussy. Melody screamed and tried to pull back. I held her and whispered a spell as Ash and Paige sat up quickly. Melody was wiggling and struggling and I finally shook her, “Stop!”

She looked at me with wide eyes and I sighed, “Does it still hurt?”

She blinked and then looked between her legs, “um, no.”

I touched her bare chest and whispered another spell, “Now you can rock back and forth.”

Melody hesitantly lifted up and got a surprised look on her face before she thrust down and back impaling herself, “OOOOHHHH!”

Paige grinned with Ash and they came to hug and hold Melody as she began rocking and fucking my cock. She started becoming erratic as her tight virgin pussy spasmed and rippled. She was jerking and shaking as her eyes widened and then she started bucking and twisting around as she howled, “OOOOOHHHH... FFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK... MMMMMMMEEEEEEEE!”

I moved Ash and pulled Melody down before rolling. I thrust into her as she continued to thrash around and cry out. I fucked her with long, deep thrusts as her body jerked and spasmed out of control. I finally pushed into her before spewing a huge flood of cum. Melody froze in surprise and arched her back as I slowly pumped her belly full of cum for the first time. When I stopped cumming she sighed and dropped to the bed. I smiled and kissed her before slowly pulling out. I lay next to her, “Did you want a child Melody?”

She groaned and then laughed, “It doesn’t matter my wonderful mage lover.”

I looked at a grinning Ash and Paige and they came closer to caress her. Paige kissed her and Ash turned to push me onto my back. She straddled me and reached for my cock. As my cock pushed into her, she groaned and shuddered before leaning forward. I reached up to cup her breasts and hold her. Her pussy seemed to continuously spasm around my cock as she jerked and shook. She closed her eyes and seemed to have trouble making any noise. I thrust up and Ash jerked and screamed, “YES!”

Her body was racked with convulsions as her pussy contract tightly. Ash continued to spasm violently and I finally pulled her down and rolled so she was under me. I ignored her attempt to scream as she kept shaking. I fucked her hard and deep and her pussy felt almost hot. I buried my cock inside her and began pumping cum into her. She stopped moving as her body became rigid.

Ash looked at me and I carefully kissed her as I pumped another jet of cum into her. She groaned and slowly her arms tightened and held me as I finished cumming. I pulled out of her and she spasmed and jerked as I continued to hold her. I smiled, “Next time, just use the charm once.”

She nodded haltingly as I lay beside her. I put my hand on her chest and dispelled the charms. Ash sighed and slowly relaxed as Paige moved over us to lie beside her, “We just wanted…”

I smiled, “I know what you wanted Paige. Never forget magic can come at a price. I made the spells and charms weak so you and others would not hurt yourself. I see now I will have to go back and put limits on some of the charms.”

She grinned as she put her head on Ash’s shoulder, “I think we learned a lesson.”

I nodded as I turned onto my back and pulled a hesitant Melody against my side, “Sleep.”
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