(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
I woke to semi darkness and glanced at a window to see a faint hint of light. I smiled and looked at the girl half on me. I shifted and rolled her onto her back before moving between her legs.

I pushed into her warm, slippery pussy and started fucking her slowly. Paige groaned and shuddered as her arms came up to hold me as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around me. I used slow, deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before she shuddered and her tight pussy squeezed my cock. I grinned and kissed her passionately just as she screamed.

I held her shaking body and fucked her a little harder until I pushed into her and my cock erupted in a huge fountain of sperm that quickly filled her. Paige jerked and shuddered violently as I spewed and spurted cum into her belly. When I stopped cumming and sighed she laughed and shook me, “Horny goat.”

I grinned and pulled out of her, she gasped and shuddered as all the cum I had just poured into her ran out. I rolled out of bed, “Come along young assistant.”

She laughed as she followed me out of bed and reached for her dress. I caught her hand, “Not while you are such a mess.”

I gestured and her dress came to me and then a towel floated across the room. I walked out the door, “follow me.”

I led the way to the nearby stream and walked in and turned to Paige. I smiled and whispered another spell and water rose up above us and it began to rain but it was a warm rain. She laughed and rubbed my chest, “Now you are really worth something.”

We washed and then I dried her before handing her the dress that had been floating beside the river. As soon as it settled on her it shimmered and changed color. I grinned and gestured as I did another spell and the dried grass beside the stream rose up and wove into a new robe that wrapped around me. The camp slowly came to life as wagons were hitched. I did a spell that collapsed my tent and folded it before it began to shrink. It lifted and fastened itself to the side of my wagon.

I followed the others as they headed down the track away from the village. At first I walked beside the wagon, gathering sticks with Paige. She also picked up small stones that were different colors, by noon I was riding in the balcony. At first I made wands and walking sticks as Paige sorted the small stones she had found. I finally grinned and took a small blue stone from her. I murmured a summoning spell and small stones began floating to us.

When her basket was full I cancelled it. I shaped the small stone I still held into a teardrop with a tiny hole. As she watched I enspelled the stone with the same spell I had used on her the night before. I turned to gesture at a huge, dark green stone we were passing and it began floating beside us. I watched as it seemed to shiver and then a thin delicate chain made of the stone floated to me.

I grinned and threaded the chain through the hole in the blue teardrop. I put the ends of the chain together and they clicked into place. I handed it to Paige, “This first one is for you. It holds one hundred charges, each charge will last twelve hours. To release the spell just touch the blue stone and whisper ‘No Child’ and it will protect you from getting pregnant.”

She grinned as she slipped it over her neck, “Thanks.”

I nodded and went back to watching the large green stone as it slowly became smaller. Each small section of chain that floated to us Paige tucked away. When the stone was gone, I sent her to look for longer sticks to make staffs. I went to work shaping the small blue stones until the wagons ahead of me turned and began to form a circle for the night.

I headed towards the river after my wagon settled onto its legs. I watched and gestured while whispering a spell. It looked like a glowing net was moving through the water and then it lifted up. Two dozen large fish flopped around as I turned and headed back to camp. Everyone looked and then several women came forward to clean the fish.

I summoned large stones into a platform in the center of the wagons. I did another spell that made the platform steam and then explode in flame. I smiled at Jeanne, “the sides are good for cooking if you give it a little while to heat up.”

She went to her toes and kissed me, “It’s great.”

I walked to the caravan master’s wagon and began enspelling it. The sides blurred and then seemed to flow together. Window openings appeared and sand seemed to crawl from the river. The sand melted and shifted into colors that filled the empty window. The wagon lifted and the wheels and undercarriage rolled away. Four thick sturdy legs floated to the wagon and melted into place. A small red stone jumped from the ground and spread out flat at one corner as the wagon settled onto the legs.

I moved to the stone as I finished with the spells and touched it making it glow before I turned to walk to the other corner. A green stone hopped up to spread out like the red one and I touched it, making it glow. I turned to the crowd and the caravan master, “It’s simple, touch the green stone and say ‘lift.’ The wagon will rise up. Touch the red stone after lowering the legs and say, ‘lower.’ The wagon will settle onto its legs.”

The caravan master grinned, “My thanks.”

The evening around my fiery platform was filled with people relaxing and talking more openly. I carved another large colored stone into another lantern and enchanted it before gesturing. It floated across to Sasha and she grinned as she took it. I sat back and relaxed and a black haired young woman swayed to me. She smiled and turned to sit in my lap. She leaned back and pulled my arms around her, “I wish a baby my lord mage.”

Paige laughed from beside her mother, “Ash, you just want him to fuck you.”

Everyone laughed and Ash grinned, “True.”

I grinned and stood holding her against me, “In that case…”

She grinned as she turned in my arms and everyone else laughed again. I turned and took her hand and pulled her after me. I led her to my wagon and turned her to face me after we were inside. She slipping her dress off her shoulders and backed to the bed. I waved and my robe slipped off and floated across the room to drop into the whicker basket.

I followed the beautiful girl onto my bed and kissed her as I began caressing her body. I pulled back and grinned before whispering a simple spell. Ash spasmed and her back arched, “OOOOHHHHH!”

I knew her nipples and pussy were being flooded with sensations that shocked her and excited her body. My hand drifted up and down her body as small flickers of lightning danced from my hand to her body. When I held my hand above her pussy she jerked and spasmed hard while screaming, “AAAAAHHHHHHH!”

I smiled and dismissed the spell and kissed down her shivering body. I moved between her legs and licked her pussy before covering her clit and sucking. She jerked and shuddered erratically, “MMMMmmmm!”

I opened her pussy and pushed my tongue up inside her. I nibbled on her inner lips and licked through her pussy again before going back to teasing her clit with my tongue. It was awhile before Ash arched her back and screamed, “YYYEEESSSS!”

I moved up her convulsing body and slowly forced my cock into her. I started fucking her and pressing against her. Her arms held me as she continued to shake and her pussy contracted around my cock. I fucked her with long, deep strokes and kept pressing and grinding against her. I ignored her jerking and moaning and fucked her hard for a few minutes.

I groaned and thrust into her and pressed against her before spewing huge ropes of sperm through into her fertile womb. Ash screamed and froze as she felt warm cum flooding her. I pumped and spurted cum until I was finished and shuddered in pleasure. I kissed her as she slowly relaxed with a sigh. “Did you want a boy or girl?”

She smiled and squeezed me with both her arms and her pussy, “A boy.”

I pulled out of her and sat beside her placing my hand above her mound before whispering the spell. Ash shivered as my sperm seeped out of her womb and a moment later I sat back. The door opened and I turned to see Paige slipping her dress off. She walked to the bed with a sway to her hips, “You’ve satisfied her my mage, now I get to do you.”

I grinned and pulled her close and sucked on a nipple. Paige shivered and ran her fingers through my hair. I turned and pulled her onto the bed beside a smiling Ash and caressed her body. She pulled on my arms until I was over her and between her legs. I nudged her pussy, “Did you use your charm?”

Paige grinned and nodded, “Before I opened the door.”

I pushed and forced my cock into her tight pussy. She shuddered and moaned and Ash laughed as she turned on her side to watch. I began slowly, enjoying her warm, tight pussy. A minute after I started, her pussy squeezed my cock and Paige shuddered, “AAAHhhhhhh!”

Ash caressed her face as I kissed her and kept moving. The slow thrusts had become deep, firm thrusts into her. Paige was jerking and her body twitched in spasms that racked her whole body. Her pussy was wet and kept gripping my cock each time I tried to pull out. Finally I was fucking her hard and deep and she was grunting.

Five minutes later her body stiffened and went rigid. Her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock as she screamed, “YYEEEESSSSSSS!”

I shoved into her and shuddered as my balls tightened and I began pumping huge spurts of cum. Paige gasped and jerked violently as warm cum flooded her body, “FUCK!”

I jabbed into her with each jet of cum and Paige finally just relaxed as I lay on her. She was breathing hard as I kissed her softly, “Thanks nymph.”

I pulled out and she shuddered as all the cum I had just put inside her, ran out. She grinned, “That was very good my mage.”

Ash laughed and rubbed her belly, “But you’re wasting it.”

Paige smiled and then pulled and pushed me towards Ash, “Fuck this harlot my mage.”

Ash laughed again and pulled on me, “Yes mage. You’re still hard, fuck me.”

I shook my head and gestured. Ash giggled as she was flipped over and I lifted her hips before pushing into her slimy pussy. I used deep thrusts that had her shaking in minutes and her warm pussy began squeezing my cock once again. She started thrusting back each time I pushed into her and finally she jerked and spasmed as she cried out, “YES!”

I shoved into her and waited for her to stop shaking before going back to fucking her with long, deep thrusts. Paige laughed, “You look like a sex starved harlot Ash.”

Ash shuddered and shoved her butt back, “I am!”

I laughed and fucked her with deep strokes, planting my cock deep inside her each time. She groaned and her tight pussy squeezed my cock as she shuddered again. I fucked her hard for a few minutes and then pulled out of her and rolled her onto her back. She arched her back and screamed when I pushed back into her a moment later, “YYYYEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

Paige laughed, “Fuck the strumpet my mage.”

I was close and fucked Ash hard as she lifted her legs into the air. I held still as my cock throbbed and released large spurts of cum. She shuddered and wrapped her legs around my waist as I continued to spurt and pump cum into her. She was spasming and twitching as I finished and lay holding her. Paige caressed her hips and Ash shivered as she slowly let her legs drop to the bed.

I smiled and pulled out before lying on my back. Ash turned to snuggle against me but Paige straddled my waist and fitted my cummy cock to her tight pussy. She pushed back until I was all the way inside her and then sighed and lay on my chest. I smiled and caressed her naked body, “you know that spell can only take so much.”

Ash laughed and Paige grinned before kissing me, “Sleep my mage.”

She put her head on my shoulder and I relaxed caressing her softly.
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