(For Brooklyn and Gwen)
I was considered a prodigy and completed my apprenticeship before I was in my teens. By the time I was eighteen I had earned the title of arch mage. I was six feet tall and had long brown hair and hazel eyes. I had been spending most of my time in my tower when the small caravan of gypsies arrived at the nearby village.

I had been out walking when I saw their colorful wagons. I walked into their camp as they put up a tent displaying cheap garish items and brightly colored beads and crystals to sell to the villagers. Right away I saw all the women and girls. Up until then I had only seen older women or girls that were covered completely. These women and girls thought nothing of baring shoulders and legs.

They tried to sell things to me of course but I ignored their efforts and sat by their fire. I talked to their caravan master and smiled at their stories of adventures. That afternoon I saw the dancing for some of the village men. It was an erotic and teasing dance that inflamed the men before they went home to their wives. They sold bottles of herb medicine or just herbs. I sat most of the night listening to them talk when an older woman finally touched my shoulder, “Come with me.”

I stood and followed her to a wide brightly colored wagon where she gestured, “Jeanne needs a man.”

I looked into her calm face and then at the wagon, “For what?”

She touched my face and then smiled gently, “Her husband was killed by a bandit. She wishes to have a child.”

I looked at her and knew my face was red, “I have never been with a woman, grandmother.”

She laughed, “We all knew that. You are a strange and gentle man. Go to Jeanne and she will teach you.”

I looked at her and she gave me a gentle push. I turned and climbed the steps and quietly opened the door into the wagon. A beautiful black haired woman lay naked on top of a narrow bed. She smiled and held her arms out to me. I hesitated before dropping my robe and walking closer. I could see her aura and whispered a spell to check for disease.

She spread her legs as I stopped by the bed. I looked at her black haired pussy and murmured another spell that made her shiver as the hair around her pussy disappeared. I carefully moved between her legs and leaned down to kiss her pussy. The musky scent made me groan as I licked through her slit. She tasted even better then she smelled.

She groaned as she felt me licking her and then I began sucking and teasing her clit. It wasn’t long before her back arched and I couldn’t wait. I lifted my head and moved up her body, positioning my cock. I slowly pushed into her and she groaned as my cock spread her pussy open and slowly pushed into her. I shivered as I pulled back and started to fuck her with long, deep strokes.

Jeanne lifted her feet and put them over the back of my thighs as I fucked into her nice and deep, stopping to grind against her pelvis. She shuddered and groaned softly, “Yes fuck me.”

I smiled and pulled almost out of her before shoving back in. She jerked and shivered as I started fucking her hard. A minute later I slowed to fuck her with deep strokes and she shuddered harder, “ooohhh, Yes!”

With my big cock, I had been careful not to push to hard. As I felt myself getting close I shoved into her harder. Jeanne jerked and her eyes opened wide as my cock throbbed and began pumping huge, thick spurts of cum. Her arms tightened around me as my cock spewed and spat. When I stopped cumming, I sighed and slowly pulled my cock back. She laughed and shook me, “Thank you.”

I smiled shyly, “you are welcome.”

I pulled out of her and moved next to her to just feel her womanly breasts. She shivered and smiled at me, “suck on them.”

I smiled and leaned over to do what she asked and felt her body shudder. She kept moaning softly and finally pulled me over her again. Her hand reached between us and then I pushed back into her. This time I just fucked her with long, slow, deep strokes. In a couple of minutes she was shaking and her pussy was grasping my cock. She arched her back and started shaking, “Yes!”

I didn’t even slow down as I continued to fuck her wonderful pussy. When her body began spasming a few minutes later she shook her head. “Fuck!”

Her pussy tightened and she started shoving it up harder as if to get me to push into her deeper. I leaned down to kiss her as I began to fuck her harder. I was slamming into her and wasn’t surprised when the head of my cock pushed deeper. I fucked in and out of her feeling the slipperiness of my cum. I finally couldn’t hold back and buried my cock and held her as I spurted more cum into her waiting fertile womb.

Jeanne jerked as she felt my warm sperm filling her and shook her head. I pumped rope after rope of sperm into her until I was done and pulled back. I stayed in her as we both caught our breath and then pulled out. I moved to sit beside her and rub her tummy, “Do you want a girl or boy?”

She smiled as her hand joined mine, “A girl.”

I smiled and then concentrated as I looked at her pelvis before starting a fairly simple spell. Her hand tightened on mine, “What are you doing?”

I finished my spell and looked into her face, “Making sure you have a girl.”

She looked at me and licked her lips, “You are a mage?”

I caressed her closest breast and tugged on a nipple, “I am an Arch Mage.”

She shivered as I played with her nipples, “This does not make you weaker?”

I laughed because I had heard this many times. I shook my head, “No. You have given me a wonderful gift.”

She smiled and then grinned, “If you traveled with us we could give you more.”

I smiled and bent to suck on her nipple, “More?”

She shuddered and then cupped my head. She lifted it so I would have to look at her and she nodded, “Your seed would be welcome by every woman.”

I caressed her body, “And if I just want to love one of you?”

She laughed and caressed my face, “You would be one of us. That would be expected.”

I bent to kiss her softly before standing and gesturing to my robe. It rose off the floor and wrapped around me as I turned back to look at her, “I will think about your kind offer.”

I walked out and slipped into the night. I was thinking about everything I knew of the gypsies. The idea of travel seemed to draw at me, I walked through my spell curtain and into my sparse seeming home. I looked around and then grinned as I walked back into the night. I concentrated on what I needed and then began a summoning.

It took the rest of the night to gather everything I needed and begin spells that made the trunks of the dead trees that had been brought seem to melt. Slowly they formed into the shape of one of the house like wagons the gypsies used. Windows appeared and sand shifted and melted as it moved into the vacant windows in the wagon and colors moved around until pictures appeared.

The wagon didn’t have wheels, it had four sturdy legs that folded up along the sides. The wagon had a sloping front and back and had a flat bottom. The top was arched with a smoking chimney in the middle. The front also had a balcony with a seat for the driver. The hard parts came later, the animated wooden horses and the inside of the wagon that seemed twice as large as the outside. I moved all my belongings into the wagon, including my large comfortable bed.

I breathed a sigh when I finished and left to walk back to the gypsy’s camp. The animated horses followed and stopped when I gestured. There were a couple of men moving around repairing harnesses and making coffee. I spoke to the caravan master by the fire and told him what Jeanne had offered and he grinned, “And you would join us? Traveling the world is dangerous mage.”

I nodded, “I am aware of that. I would like to see more of it and can make my own way.”

He nodded and ducked his head before grinning, “You will need a wagon.”

I smiled and whistled, it was a few minutes before the animated horses pulled my floating wagon into camp. The caravan master’s mouth dropped open and then he closed it and looked at me speculatively, “Could you do that with our wagons?”

I laughed, “How much should I charge for that?”

He grinned and then laughed as he pushed on my shoulder. I put my wagon beside another and lowered the legs before letting the wagon slowly lower onto them. The legs shortened or stretched to make the wagon level. I moved around the camp as everyone began getting ready for a new day. I saw Jeanne washing clothing with two other women and walked up behind her. The two other women saw me and stopped talking.

Jeanne stood and turned just as I reached her. I smiled and caressed her face, “I have decided to accept your offer. I have spoken to your caravan master and he has agreed to let me travel with you. Now all I need is a tent and an assistant.”

She smiled and looked at the other women before gesturing, “This is Georgia and Sasha.”

Sasha was older, “My daughter Paige would be a good assistant.”

Jeanne and Georgia both laughed and Sasha grinned, “Of course she might try to milk you of all your seed.”

I grinned and Jeanne leaned into me and gave me a soft kiss. She looked into my eyes, “I will make sure you do not regret this.”

I caressed down her side and then her tummy, “I won’t regret it.”

She looked up from my hand and then smiled. I nodded to the others, “I need to find something to… sell.”

They grinned and Georgia held up a twig, I laughed and took it from her. I felt it and then concentrated and whispered a spell. The twig straightened and a small bulb formed at one end. I handed it back to Georgia and she took it carefully as all three women looked at me in awe. I bowed, “Say, light my way.”

They looked at each other and Georgia looked at the short thin wand, “light my way.”

The small bulb on the end flashed and a small flame appeared. They were wide eyed as I stuck my hand in the fire, “An illusion. Say, bring me darkness.”

Georgia whispered, “Bring me darkness.”

The wand returned to the way it was before without the flame. They looked at each other and then grinned. Sasha moved closer and caressed my chest, “I would like one of those.”

Jeanne and Georgia both snorted and then laughed. I caressed Sasha’s face, “I’m sure we can work something out. You said your daughter might be a good assistant?”

She nodded and I turned towards the camp, “And where might the little harlot be?”

They laughed and pointed to a beautiful red haired girl. She looked maybe fourteen or fifteen. I smiled and bowed before heading towards the girl. She saw me coming and turned from sweeping a wagon’s steps. I bowed, “Paige?”

She nodded and looked past me at her mother, “You’re the mage Teresa brought to Jeanne.”

I nodded, “I will be traveling with you. Your mother said you would make a good assistant.”

She grinned, “What’s my percentage?”

I looked at her and murmured a spell that made her dress shift colors and lengthen. It looked like a stunning gown that was bare in the back. Her eyes were wide as she looked down at the gown and then back at me, “Money?”

It was hopeful and I grinned, “Half the entrance fee.”

I looked around and sighed, “We need a tent.”

Paige shrugged, “We lost the last one in a storm and the other isn’t that large.”

I smiled and gestured to a nearby thicket, “We need a bundle of sticks.”

She looked at the thicket and then looked at the gown before sighing and wiggling out of the gown to stand in front of me naked. Her body was lovely and I smiled as she pinched a nipple and shivering before walking naked towards the thicket. I shook my head and walked to the empty side of my wagon. I carefully engraved symbols in the earth.

The spell I used worked on dead grass and other plants that seemed to float towards me from the edge of the camp and shifted their structure to thick brightly colored canvas. Thick gnarled branches floated out of the nearby woods and straightened into tall poles.

When I finished the spell, a large brightly colored tent stood beside my wagon. I nodded and walked inside. On one end was a raised platform with red velvet curtains. I grinned and then turned as a naked Paige walked in with an arm full of sticks. She was wide eyed and I gestured, she walked to me and I took the sticks and set them on the edge of the stage. I looked at her naked body and grinned as I reached out to rub an erect nipple, “You better get dressed before I fuck you.”

She grinned, “Tonight.”

I wandered around the camp collecting dead grass and bushes as well as sticks and a few thick branches. Beside a nearby river I found both crystal and several large colored stones. I pulled Paige into the tent and used the collected dead grass to created several different gowns. I explained what she was to do when wearing each one and we hung them on a rack behind the curtains.

I sat on the back steps of the wagon and thought about spells. I used my magic to straighten the sticks into small wands. One at a time I enchanted them and placed them in a woven basket. The thicker branches I turned into fancy staffs or walking sticks and placed more enchantments in them. Some of the town’s people were wandering around the camp and I sat Paige beside the tent entrance. She sold the enchanted sticks and staffs as well as told of my magic show.

Our first show was to a full tent. I stood on the raised platform and brought a red velvet gowned Paige out. It didn’t look like her, it looked like a full bodied red haired woman, “This is Pirios. The form you see is an illusion. Pirios is a creature of fire.”

I whispered a word and the secondary illusion on the gown exploded. Fire wreathed the form making it so that her naked form could almost be seen through the flames. Her eyes were red glowing embers and she breathed small bluish flames. Of courses someone tried to touch her saying it was fake. His yell as he yanked back his singed hand was enough to convince the crowd. I whispered and the woman was back, she swayed closer to the man, “Come bed me human?”

He swallowed and hastily moved back into the crowd. Paige sighed and turned to walk behind the curtain while I talked about the next creature I would show. I had only had time for six, but they were each elaborate and realistic. We only did two shows and Paige sold all the sticks and staffs. After everyone had left we sat with the others around the fire.

I brought a large stone and crystal and sat absently carving and shaping it with magic. It was a dark green granite like stone. I shaped the stone into a fancy lantern with a piece of milky crystal inside. The spell was similar to other illusions but more enduring. I gestured and it floated across to Jeanne while everyone stopped talking. “Hang it on your wagon. Use the same words to light it as the ones I told Georgia.”

She smiled and looked at the lantern, “Light my way.”

It blazed up with white light and everyone clapped. I bowed and stood, “Master Tenaver? You said we leave on the marrow?”

He nodded and I turned to my wagon. I had only taken a step when Paige slipped her arm through mine, “Master Mage, tonight you are mine.”

I smiled at her and led her to my wagon. When she walked in, she was wide eyed and stared at everything. I waited and then pulled her to my wide bed and turned her before pulling her dress off. I let my robe drop and gestured, it rose and floated across to a woven basket and fell in. I smiled as Paige climbed into bed and lay back with her legs spread. I sat and stroked her body, “You are very beautiful Paige.”

She smiled, “Come fuck me.”

I shifted and moved down before moving between her legs. I rubbed the sides of her pussy before licking through her slit. I nibbled on her labia and pushed my tongue up into her. Paige shuddered as I licked through her pussy once more. I covered her clit with my mouth and teased it while sucking. Her body was racked with spasms as she moaned, “mmmmm!”

I smiled and moved up her body. She was grinning as I kissed her and lifted up to push my cock into her. I had to push a little harder before my cock forced her pussy to spread open. Paige groaned as I slowly pushed into her, I shivered at her tight pussy as it squeezed my cock. I kissed her as she shivered and put her arms around me. I began to move slowly and she jerked and spasmed, “Yes!”

I smiled and fucked into her deeper and she kept jerking. She began to get slippery as she got wetter. A few minutes after I started she arched her back and thrashed around while her pussy rippled, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I slowed to long thrusts into her shaking body and she tossed her head as I slowly pushed against the back of her pussy and stopped moving, “Paige? Do you wish to have a child?”

She shuddered as her pussy clamped down around on my throbbing cock and groaned, “I….”

I could see her doubt and held her as I began pumping huge, gushing torrents into her. She jerked and shuddered and bit her lip and looked away. I laughed as I filled her belly, “I’m a mage my young nymph. This is just for you to enjoy.”

She laughed and shook me as I slowly pulled out of her. I covered her pelvis as I lay next to her and whispered a spell. Paige shuddered and gasped, “ooohhh!”

She looked between her legs as the cum ran out of her. She grinned and looked at me, “If you make wands that can do that, we could make a lot of money.”

I cupped her breast and rubbed her nipple, “how about a small colored stone on a thin stone chain necklace.”

Paige shivered and caressed my chest before turning over and lifting her butt, “Fuck me.”

I grinned and moved behind my lover and slowly pushed my cock into her tight pussy. She was slippery and almost hot as I started to fuck her with long thrusts that made her grunt. I buried my cock to press tight against her. Paige was shaking as her pussy squeezed and contracted around my cock. I started pulling my cock out before slowly pushing into her. It was a few moments later when she jerked and spasmed, “aaaaahhhhhhh!”

I held her hips and fucked her hard. I didn’t stop or slow down until my balls tightened and then I shoved in and held her shaking body as I spewed huge ropes of cum into her. She gasped and jerked as she felt each warm spurt of sperm. She was still twitching when I finished and pulled out. She sighed and shuddered as the cum poured out of her. I lay next to her and caressed her bare butt and she turned her head, “one time is good for all night?”

I smiled and leaned in to kiss her cheek. She rolled and put one leg over me before caressing me. She caressed my chest slowly, “This was more pleasurable than my first time.”

I laughed and rubbed her butt and relaxed, “Sleep nymph.”

She put her head on my shoulder and a moment later she was snoring. It almost sounded like a purr and I had to smile before relaxing and murmuring my wards for the night.
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