Married to a woman I didn't love, I let myself be seduced by my daughter's girlfriends. The most recent was an African American named Destiny.
My Daughter's Girlfriends 5 - Destiny

Married to a woman I didn't love, I let myself be seduced by my daughter's girlfriends. The most recent was an African American named Destiny.

"Good bye Angie," Megan said as another of her girlfriends left. After shutting the front door Megan turned to me. "So what do you think of Angie?"

"She's nice. So I haven't seen Destiny for a few days. You should have her over again," I suggested.

"Oh, I didn't really think you…OK, I'll have her over," Megan stated.

Megan had lots of girlfriends and she liked to have them play here at the house with her. I liked it too. Megan was my darling 13-year-old daughter. I was 16 when she was born. My wife Alice was 18. We married two years later after I got out of high school. Though I hate my wife and she hates me, I would marry her again if it meant I could be with my beautiful daughter, watch her grow up as I have.

Alice is obese, to be kind. She spends all her time with her other obese friends, when she is not causing havoc here at home that is. All her friends are just like her, well all but one, Sally. She and I have gotten together a couple of times and I hope again someday. Though Alice and her other friends are in their early 30's, Sally is in her mid 40's, plump but in all the right places. I want to tell that story but this is about Destiny so it will have to wait.

Two days later Destiny came over to visit Megan in the evening. My wife was in the bedroom watching her soap reruns on the Soap channel. I decided to take the girls out for ice cream.

Destiny was African American. But she didn't have many of the traditional black features. Other than her nearly pure black skin color, she looked more like my own daughter than what I would have expected.

She was very young looking in the face, younger than Megan. Her black hair was straight and over the shoulders. She had high cheek bones that accentuated her beautiful smile. Her lips were much thinner than I would have expected too. She was a little more developed than my daughter. Though probably only 5 feet tall, I would guess she weighed 110 pounds. Her breasts were larger than Megan's, though not as big as Carmen's. Wow, I just caught myself comparing Megan's girlfriends.

When we got in the car we all sat in the front. Destiny sat next to me and Megan to her right. As I glanced at Destiny I could see down her blouse. She had on a thin white bra that showed her small nipples protruding. I felt myself start to take shape and had to adjust my pants. I pointed to something outside the car to get their attention as I pulled my pants out to fix the position of my hardening shaft.

When we got to the ice cream parlor I asked Destiny, "What's your favorite flavor?"

"There's so many here, I don't know," she mused. "Chocolate I guess."

I smiled, "I like chocolate too, and not just in ice cream." The thought of having this chocolate little girl excited me. "But you can have any flavor you want. Try something new." As I watched her it was as if she had never been here before, never had the chance to pick out a flavor on her own. She was like a little 6-year-old seeing ice cream for the first time.

"Pistachio, a good choice," I praised her. We sat at a table in the corner, a couple of tables away from anyone else. After a few minutes of talking Destiny excused herself to go to the restroom.

As soon as she was gone I asked Megan, "What's with Destiny? She's gorgeous and all, but acts like a little girl. She's in your class at school?"

"Well not exactly," Megan confessed. "She's in a lower grade, but don't hold that against her."

Megan made me feel a little guilty. "Of course honey. She is pretty. I'm glad she's your friend." I figured she must be Megan's age but was held back like Carmen. But her development made me think she was older than Megan, perhaps 14. It's just that she acted much younger.

It was becoming apparent that Megan had more than just a friendship in mind. "You know Megan, I do love being around your friends, but we can't let things get out of hand like in the past with Lindsay and Carmen. OK?"

"Sure Dad," Megan agreed. "I just know that you like looking and I want to give you lots of pretty things to look at. That's all."

"Good," I said as Destiny came back.

"What's good?" she asked.

"This ice cream of yours. I snuck a lick," I confessed. She giggled, like a little girl.

"What's so funny," I asked.

"You, licking my ice cream," she told me. "You left a drop on your nose."

"Well then you're just going to have to lick it off," I told her, leaning forward so she could reach me.

She didn't hesitate a moment. She leaned in close and I watched as a long tongue snaked out and licked the end of my nose. We all laughed. For a moment the thought of that tongue in my mouth gave me a jolt of excitement. I spoke before I realized it.

"You have a very long tongue, Destiny," I told her. She immediately sat back with a frown on her face, almost like she was going to cry. "No, no, I didn't mean it in a bad way. I like it, a lot. With a tongue like that I bet you are a great kisser." That sparked her up.

"I've never really kissed with my tongue before," she confessed.

If this conversation was going in that direction I didn't want to have company. "Let's get out of here." I got up and the two girls followed.

I decided to just drive around a bit. "Have you girls been up to Sugar Mountain yet?"

"Oh that's where my sister's boyfriend takes her when they want to, you know, do it." I didn't realize Destiny had an older sister. I wondered what she looked, hold old she was, how experienced.

"With a tongue like yours Destiny I would have thought that lots of boys would have brought you up here to kiss you." She blushed. I was being a little mean, teasing her like that.

"No one's ever taken me here, except you," she said to me. "Does this mean you're going to kiss me?"

I immediately pulled into a secluded area and parked the car. Turning to Destiny I said, "I would never take advantage of you like that Destiny." Not that I didn't want to, I thought to myself.

"You mean you don't want to kiss me?" she asked with a confused look on her face. "But I don't understand. I know how my dad's friends look at me, even my sister's boyfriend looks at me like that, like they want to, you know."

"Like what Destiny?" I asked her. Megan sat listening in silence.

"You know, like they want to do it to me," she tried to explain. I tipped my head sideways in confusion. "You know, sex. They want sex with me because I look older to them."

"I understand now," I comforted her, letting her off the hook. "They don't know what a beautiful person you are inside and out." She was smiling now. "I think we ought to get you back before your parents get worried. I don't want you to get into trouble."

With that I took off back to my neighborhood.

"I like your dad," Destiny said to Megan loud enough for me to hear.

"Me too," Megan agreed.

I took us back home because Destiny wanted to walk home from our house.

"I hope you come back soon Destiny," I told her as she was about to leave. Then I kissed her on the forehead. I would have liked to do more but I knew I couldn't. Once started I lose all willpower.

I liked the fact that my wife Alice spent so much time away from home. It gave me plenty of me-time, or even better time with Megan and her friends. That's what Saturday brought, and I was glad the friend this Saturday was Destiny.

"Hi Destiny," I greeted her as she walked in. "You're looking more beautiful every time I see you."

She giggled like a little girl again. "Thank you Mr. Martin."

"Listen Honey, when my wife's around then Mr. Martin is appropriate," I confirmed with her. "But when it's just you and me, or with Megan, then please call me Jerry."

"Now you and Megan go play," I gently ordered.

The two of them weren't gone too long before they were both back. "Mr., I mean Jerry, I was kind of hoping you would show us Sugar Mountain again."

"Well usually people go up there at night," I informed them. But then thinking out loud, "But I would guess now there wouldn't really be anyone else around. Is that alright with you?"

"That's what she wants, Dad," Megan said.

So we hopped in the car and were soon parking up at Sugar Mountain in a nice secluded spot. "Do you guys want to look around some?" I said to Destiny who was sitting next to me again.

"I was kind of wishing that you would show me what you meant about my tongue," Destiny softly pleaded.

"Sweetheart, it wouldn't be right for me to do that," I explained. "You're so young and I would be taking advantage of you. Besides, I could end up in jail for even touching you."

"All my dad's friends are always making remarks about me, saying how they would do this or that to me, humiliating me," she confessed. "But you are always so kind to me, so nice. You make me feel good about myself. And you could have done those things to me but you didn't. Don't you want to do those things to me too? Don't you think I'm pretty for real or were you just saying those things?"

She started to cry. "No, no, don't cry." I put my arm around her shoulder and brushed away a tear with my finger. "When I told you how beautiful you were I meant it. Even touching you like this, though, I could get in a lot of trouble."

"I would never tell on you, I promise," she assured me.

"Thank you dear," I told her. "But still it isn't right for me to hurt you."

"You do want me don't you?" she asked again.

I just let it out. "I want you more than you will ever know." I kissed away another tear on her cheek. When I was pulling my lips away she turned her head upwards and kissed me on the lips.

I was caught off guard, but I didn't pull away. The kiss was sweet and gentle. But then I felt her tongue slip into my mouth. She easily searched around with that long tongue of hers. I felt my resolve melt away. I had never kissed anyone with a tongue like hers. I sucked on it and then let her search around some more before I pressed mine into her mouth.

Before I even realized it I had my left hand massaging her right breast, and then her left. Our kiss continued with heavy breathing through our noses. I was afraid if I broke the kiss it would all be over.

I slipped my left hand down to her waist and up under her blouse. I was surprised and happy that she was not wearing her bra today. My fingers found a nipple and tweaked and pinched it.

Destiny moaned into my mouth and that brought me back to reality. I stopped our kiss. "Oh God I'm sorry Destiny, I shouldn't have done that, touched you like that."

She crossed her hands and grabbing the bottom of her blouse, had it pulled up over her head in an instant. "This is what I want," she demanded, grabbing my head and pulling it down to her breast. I opened my mouth and took in her left breast, sucking and licking. She was way more mature in her growth than the other girls. I thought Carmen may have been bigger but I wasn't so sure anymore.

As I fed at her breast, she managed to remove her shorts. She didn't waist any time either. She grabbed my hand and pressed it to her pussy. I felt a mass of hair and then the wetness from her slit.

"Take off your pants," she ordered. This was a different Destiny, not the little girl giggling over ice cream, but a demanding muse, bent on getting what she wanted.

"I'm getting in the back seat," Megan said as she exited the side door.

I was too far gone to stop Destiny now but I tried one last time. "We shouldn't do this Destiny."

"You want me don't you?" she asked. "Just like all the men that look at me. You want me even more than them don't you?"

"Yes, I want you," I confessed. "I want you more than anyone has ever wanted you."

By now I had my pants off and shirt as well. My rigid shaft pointed straight up.

"Then fuck me, Jerry, fuck me now." She didn't leave me any other choice. It was a command, not a request.

I slid out from under the steering wheel and into the middle of the front seat. Fortunately I had a bench seat. Destiny straddled me, facing me. She jerked her head to get her hair out of her face. All her movements now were those of an adult, not a little girl. I wondered if she had been watching her sister fuck. Placing her hands on my shoulders she lowered herself down to my hard prick.

She took a hold of my shaft and rubbed the head across her slit several times as if she had done this many times before. But Megan had told me that Destiny was a virgin.

When Destiny was ready she lowered her body down onto me, the head of my dick sliding into her pussy up to her hymen.

"I know this is going to hurt," she said. "But I want you to be the one to hurt me. I want this memory to be of you, not my dad's trashy friends, just you."

Then she plunged herself down hard, letting out a gasp of air, no more like a scream. She held herself there for a few moments, her pussy walls tight around the upper half of my dick. Then she began to move, very slowly, up and down. With each stroke it got a little easier and I went into her a little deeper.

After a couple of minutes of this she was settled down as far as she could go, or as deep as I could get. She was developing a steady strong rhythm now, still tight but with enough fluids that it was smooth sliding.

Destiny was in control, she initiated everything and was now on top of me, fucking me like no one ever has. We stared into each other's eyes, hers so dark even against her nearly black skin. I had wondered what it would be like to fuck a black woman. But now I realized the color had nothing to do with how it, just how it looked, my white cock going in and out of her black pussy. On second thought maybe it had everything to do with how it felt. Whatever, I just loved how she was making me feel.

I wondered what I had really done, other than be nice, to deserve this, being fucked by a girl so young, so beautiful.

Destiny was grunting with each downward thrust now, each one stronger and harder than the last. I didn't know where she was in her approach towards an orgasm or if she would even get there, but I knew that I would be there soon with my own climax.

For an instant I thought about her development and where she might be with her period cycle. Was there a chance that I could get this girl pregnant, I wondered.

"Oh Jerry," she exclaimed as she fell against me, crushing her breasts against my chest.

I wasn't quite ready to cum yet so I grabbed her waist and then rocked my pelvis up and down as fast as I could, driving my shaft in and out of her, literally bouncing her on my lap.

If she was having an orgasm before she came again as she screamed in my ear, "Oh God Yes."

Hearing her excitement was all I needed. I came. My hands held her down as hard as I could while I pressed my shaft upwards just as hard. I felt my cum shoot up my shaft and deep into her, shot after shot until my cum was squeezing out of her.

I held on tight while our bodies came down from our own personal highs. "My God Destiny," I began telling her, "that was the best fuck I have ever had."

"Me too," she said, then laughed since that was her only fuck, ever.

A few minutes later Megan told Destiny, "Climb into the back seat here where you can get dressed more easily."

Destiny obeyed as Megan got into the front seat. I knew what she was about to do. "Megan no, we shouldn't," I pleaded.

Megan took off her top and leaned down into my lap. I felt her take my waning shaft into her mouth and begin cleaning me off, sucking and drinking down my cum and Destiny's juices. I loved Megan but we both knew our incest was wrong. Even so I couldn't stop her. I didn't try.

Five minutes later Megan had me clean and hard again. She slipped off her shorts and mounted me. Unlike Destiny, Megan was facing away from me. She began grinding her ass in my lap with my prick buried deep in her cunt.

I pulled her back against my chest, massaging her small breasts as she continued to fuck me. Turning her head I kissed her, my own 13-year-old daughter, my tongue deep in her mouth just like my dick was in her pussy.

When we broke our kiss for air, Megan spoke, "Daddy, did you like fucking Destiny?" That seemed an odd question to ask while she was fucking me.

"You know I did honey," I replied. "Though she is a little more developed than you. You know you never have told me hold old she is."

"You don't know?" Destiny asked.

"I just assumed about 13 or 14 years old," I said.

"I'm 10," Destiny announced.

"What? But you are so…developed," I argued.

"My mom says I had precocious puberty, whatever that means," Destiny explained. "I guess it means that I developed sooner than other girls."

"Oh shit Megan," I exclaimed, "I'm cumin." The excitement I suddenly felt over the fact that I had just fucked a 10-year-old girl, even if she looked 14, was too much.

I held Megan tightly as I spewed out more of my cum, this time into my own daughter's pussy. I don't know if she came. I sort of doubt it as I didn't last too long. But the news about Destiny's age was too much of a surprise for me.

Megan got off me. "Thank you daddy. I love how you love me."

After we were all cleaned up, I drove the girls back home. Destiny assured me again that she would never tell anyone. Thinking about her age it all made sense, the little girl giggles that seemed out of place for a teenager fit right in for a 10-year-old.

I kissed her goodbye as she left, a long kiss on the lips. When she was gone I scolded my daughter for setting me up like that.

"Oh and what are you going to do, spank me," she teased. "Please!"

"Stop it Megan," I warned. "You have got to be more careful. Ten years old? And I can't fuck any more of your girlfriends. I'm going to get caught and you know as well as me that it is wrong. It's wrong for us too. It can't, it won't happen again."

"Well I'm still going to have my friends over," she stated firmly, "and if you don't want to look then that's your loss"

"Agreed," I said.

"I have lots of friends," she continued. "And I'm sure some of them you would die to know."

Over the next week I saw a couple more girls I hadn't seen before, friends of Megan. But one was out of place. She was a little overweight. The fact that she was tall for her age of 13 made it look even worse. She was a sad girl and it broke my heart thinking that her weight might be part of the problem, that kids at school were probably making fun of her.

Sandra was her name and I would never have guessed that she would be one that I got to know so well.

Then End (until I met Sandra)

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