New neighbors fall in love
Double Trouble


I was working on the final chapters of my latest book when I heard the moving van come to a stop outside. My former neighbors (a very nice elderly couple who had lived next door to me for several years) had retired to Florida a few weeks ago. I lived in a four unit, condo style town home. In fact, that's what the whole neighborhood was, and I was sorry to see them go. They were one of the few neighbors I had gotten to know, always having the bachelor writer over for dinner and telling me how much their granddaughter enjoyed my books. I met her once, a very cute eight year old who had me autograph the books she owned that were written by me. I got up from my computer and looked out the front window, watching the movers open up their truck and begin carrying boxes and furniture into the unit next door. I didn't see any signs of the owners of these belongings however, so I went back to my desk figuring I'd meet them when they got settled in.

I hadn't been working very long when I heard someone knocking lightly on my door. When I opened it I was momentarily speechless, for there on my doorstep were a pair of identical twin girls, smiling shyly at me. They were about nine or ten years old, each with long brown hair and dressed in shorts and tank tops, revealing well tanned, shapely limbs. "Hi!" said the one on the left.

"We're your new neighbors!" piped the one on the right.

I silently thanked my guardian angel for delivering these two pretty young things into my life, into a neighborhood sorrowfully short of young girls...into the unit next door!

The girl on the right was looking up at me rather curiously, her head cocked to one side, almost as if she knew what I was thinking. I realized I had been staring. I held out a finger and made a show of bringing it closer to my nose, following it with my eyes until they crossed. "I seem to have been sitting at my computer too long," I teased. "I'm seeing double."

They giggled at my small joke and the left one said, grinning, "You're not seeing double, we're twins! I'm Terri and that's my baby sister, Tammy."

Tammy gave her twin a withering look and said, "Will you STOP calling me that? You're only five minutes older than I am!"

Hoping to head off a sisterly battle I intervened. "I'm pleased to meet you," I said quite honestly. "I'm Tom."

Tammy, the girl on the right, looked at me strangely again. "I know," she said, as if I were stating the obvious. As soon as she said it her sister looked sharply at her and elbowed her in the ribs. Tammy's face immediately became worried, as if she'd been caught doing something she wasn't supposed to do.

"How do you know my name already?" I asked, wondering what was going on. Terri's eyes darted quickly around until they landed on my door, still standing open.

"There," she said, looking relieved, "your name's on the door: `Tom Jannings'."

Of course, I thought, it's right there for all to see. "You girls are pretty quick. You'd make good detectives," I said, smiling at them. "Are you all through moving in already?" I could see the movers starting to clean up.

"Almost," said Terri. "Mom's inside unpacking, but she said to `get out of her hair' for awhile."

"We were only trying to help," Tammy informed me, sounding slightly hurt that their efforts hadn't been appreciated.

"Is your Dad still at work or something?" I asked, wondering why he hadn't been mentioned.

"No..." said Terri, hesitantly. "He doesn't live with us anymore."

"He doesn't even want to SEE us anymore," said Tammy, looking dejected.

I could tell this was a sore topic, and knew they probably blamed themselves for their parents' separation. Young kids almost always do. I changed the subject. "Would you like to come in for a drink or something or shall we carry on our conversation in the doorway?" They looked at each other and finally Tammy nodded, as if to tell her sister it was okay to go in. I ushered them into the kitchen, noticing how they stared at the `Prince' poster on the wall of my living room, the one with a young, barely covered girl with her hands on her head, standing over Prince. As I got some glasses and ice they sat at the table and began their own questioning.

"Are you married?" asked one.


"You live here alone?" asked the other.


"Any girlfriends?"


"How old are you?"


"Don't you work?" They were obviously wondering why I was home in the afternoon on a weekday.

"Yes." I felt like I was playing twenty questions, being grilled by identical inquisitors.

"Well, what do you do?"

"I write books." I gave them their sodas and sat down.

"Thanks," they said simultaneously, then they looked at each other and giggled at their stereo effect. I looked at them closely and could see that if I got to know them better I would probably be able to tell them apart. There were subtle differences in their expressions and appearances, the way they smiled and carried themselves. I hoped I WOULD get to know them better! They were certainly very cute, and definitely sexy, both with dark brown eyes and expressive faces, and sexy, nymphet bodies full of girlish energy. I found myself staring at their slender frames, wondering how long it would be before they began developing tits beneath that tempting skin covered by their tank tops.

"How old are you two?" My turn for questions.

"Nine," answered the one I thought was Tammy.

"Almost ten," added her twin.

"Are you from around Chicago, or did you move here from somewhere else?"

"We used to live right in the city," explained Terri, taking a drink, "but we moved to here in Glenwood 'cause Mom got transferred."

"What's your mom do?"

"She's a nurse at the hospital," said Tammy proudly. Having a conversation with these two was like watching a tennis match. Tammy looked at me and smiled, as if to say she knew it, it's just the way they were.

"Hey!" exclaimed Terri, looking at me as if she'd suddenly realized something. "Are you the same Tom Jannings that wrote all those books we have?"

"Well, I don't know what books you have but I'm the only Tom Jannings that I know of." I grinned at her slyly. I really did love being recognized by my young fans. My books were written mainly for (and about) young girls, full of stories that showed them to be just as adventurous and daring as their male counterparts, not like other stories which often showed little girls as shy and sissy, only interested in sewing or dolls. My stories also were about everyday stuff like new siblings, school, divorce, even one about death. I always answered every letter I got from a reader, and also from appreciative parents who were grateful that my books had turned their kids onto reading.

Tammy was looking at me again. "It IS you," she said, sounding sure of herself. "We've got every book you wrote! I think they're really good, too," she told me candidly.

"Thank you!" I said, my ego always glad of praise from a young admirer. She had said that they had ALL of my books and I tried to remember how many there were.

"Eleven," said Tammy.


"That's how many books we have that you wrote." I heard Terri kick her sister under the table and she quickly said, biting her lip, "Um, I mean, you looked like you couldn't remember how many there were."

"You're right, I didn't." I couldn't help thinking that this girl seemed to be able to read me as well as she could read my books. Strange. "We better go now," said Terri, giving her sister a look I couldn't understand. "Mom's probably wondering where we are."

"Tell her to stop by later on for a cup of coffee, and let me know if she needs any help with anything. Feel free to come by yourselves anytime too," I added sincerely.

"OK, Tom," said Terri, politely putting her glass and her sister's in the sink. "See ya later!" I was glad she hadn't called me `Mr.Jannings'. Neighbors should always be on a first name basis.

As they left I found myself looking at their tight little buns and the smooth backs of their legs. Tammy turned around just then and smiled at me, before running to catch her sister. It seemed my life had taken an interesting turn, and there was definitely something strange about my new friends that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

Later in the day, I hadn't gotten very far with my book. My thoughts kept returning to Terri and Tammy, and it was hard to keep them separate from the girl I was writing about. I got up and started a pot of coffee brewing and was about to watch the news on TV when someone knocked on the door.

The girls were back with their mother in tow, a nice looking woman with brown, wavy hair like her daughters', about my age or maybe a little older. "Hi," she said, smiling and holding out her hand, "I'm Susan Gibson, your new neighbor. The twins said we had a celebrity living next door so we came for your autograph." She looked at the box the girls were carrying between them as I shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you Susan, I'm Tom Jannings but I guess they already told you that. Come on in, I just started some coffee a few minutes ago."

I led the way to the living room and the girls dropped their box on the floor, flopping down on either side of me on the couch while Susan took a chair.

"Did you bring me a gift or are you moving in with me?" I asked the girls jokingly.

They smiled and one of them said, "No, these are all your books."

"Well, just because my name is on them doesn't mean you have to give them back to me," I said, playing dumb.

"No, silly," said the other one (Terri?), "we want you to autograph 'em."

"You're supposed to ASK him, Terri" said her mother reprovingly.

"She would have," I said, coming to her defense, "if I wasn't having such fun teasing her." I grabbed her bare leg just above the knee and lightly squeezed, making her laugh and squirm. That's always been one of my favorite places to tickle a girl. "Why don't you kids come to the kitchen with me and we'll get something to drink while your mom rests her bones? You take anything in your coffee, Susan?"

"Black, please. Are you sure I can't help?"

"Positive. You just take it easy," I said, getting up. The girls followed me into the kitchen and I showed them where the glasses were, telling them to make themselves at home and help themselves to ice and pop while I got the coffee.

When we returned to the living room, Susan was standing by my computer desk, and I could see her looking at the bronze figurine of a nude girl laying on her side, next to my terminal. "Inspiration?" she asked. I was sure she had noticed the poster on the wall also.

"You could say that," I answered. I gave her one of the cups of coffee and took a pen from the desk before sitting back down between Terri and Tammy. I opened the box the girls had brought in and groaned. "You girls want me to sign ALL of these?"

"Please?" said the one on my left (Tammy?), giving me that pleading puppy dog look that little girls are so talented at, and which I'm totally defenseless to resist.

"We really do like 'em," her sister cajoled me from the right.

"They're our favorite books."

"Ah, flattery will get you everywhere," I said, digging into the box and beginning my task. They must have read the books often; most were
faded and dog eared. I came across the first one I ever wrote (dedicated to my parents) and noticed it was from the first printing, almost five years ago. "You guys couldn't have been more than five years old when this one came out," I observed.

"That's the first book they ever read by themselves," Susan told me proudly. "They were reading Mark Twain, Moby Dick, Nancy Drew, all before they were seven."

"And you like my books best?" My books sold well but I wasn't used to being compared to Mark Twain.

"Yeah, we really do," Tammy told me eagerly. "You write stories about little girls but your characters aren't just sissies playing with dolls. It's not like you're a grownup talking to a kid, either, using simple words and stuff. You know what I mean?" She wasn't sure if she was getting her point across.

"Yes, I do. That's why I put a glossary in the back of each book, so a kid can look up a word I used that she doesn't know."

"It's your fault I had to go out and buy a college dictionary for them," said their mother, grinning. "I've read all your books myself," she added, "and I always imagined a man with such insights and understanding of girls must have a dozen of them running around the house." I saw her
glance at the poster. "Tammy and Terri said you weren't married; I hope they weren't rude with all their questions." She gave each girl a stern look, who, of course, looked innocently back at her.

"No, they weren't rude at all. In fact, I asked my own questions too, just to get even." I grabbed a girl in each arm and tickled their sides, their giggling laughs like music in my ears.

Although I wanted to keep my arms around them in a hug I didn't want to risk being too forward in front of Susan, and returned to my task of book signing. "As to my so called understanding of girls," I told her, searching for a quick answer, "I guess it helps that I did have a younger sister when I was growing up. She was only nine years old when she was killed by a drunk driver. I guess I never really got over that. I try to look at the world through her eyes, wondering how things would have been for her had she lived." I could see that I was turning this meeting into a funeral and I needed to change the mood quickly. "It also helps that I don't have a real job," I added, giving her my best attempt at humor.

She laughed and said, "Yes, I suppose not having to go to work every day would definitely help keep you young. I certainly envy you on that count, but I'm also sorry to hear that you lost your sister at such an early age. That must have been very hard on you so young." She looked at me sympathetically, and I hoped my composure, and my thoughts, were genuine.

"My father is buying our condo for us, but it's still hard to make ends meet. I hate to accept charity like that, but this place is a lot better for the girls than in the city."

Terri and Tammy had sat quietly while we talked, very well mannered for nine year olds, I thought. I signed the last of their 11 books and held my arm out, with my wrist limp. "I may be a writer but this is the first time I've ever had `writer's cramp'."

They all laughed and the girls said `thanks' in stereo, laughing again. They asked about the neighborhood: where the stores were, where McDonalds was. Terri wanted to know where the nearest soccer field was while Tammy was interested in the library. They might be identical in appearance but they had two separate and distinct personalities.

They were both interested in the swimming pool by the clubhouse however, and eagerly asked their mom if they could go swimming tomorrow. She said she would be too busy unpacking to be able to watch them. I saw their faces fall in disappointment and seized the opportunity by the horns, volunteering to take her place.

"Are you sure you don't mind?" she asked. "They can be quite a handful."

Terri and Tammy gave her comical looks of indignation, as if such a suggestion were ridiculous. I assured her it would be no problem at all, and she gave her consent. Then she told the girls to pack up their books, thanking me for the coffee and getting up to leave. The twins thanked me again for signing all the books, telling me that they would keep them forever and never ever sell them. I told them to come get me when they wanted to go swimming, and told Susan to drop by anytime as they left. If I hadn't been the sort of man who was romantically inclined to younger girls I suppose I would have been attracted to her, instead. Such was not the case, however.


The next morning Terri and Tammy showed up at my door at ten o'clock; exactly when the pool opened, I might add. It was already 80 degrees outside, a typical, early August morning, and the girls were barefoot and wearing only their warm up gym suits. They said their mom wouldn't let them put on their swimming-suits until I said we could go, so I wouldn't feel obligated. I told them to go ahead and get ready and I'd take them when they came back, all the while trying to non chalantly gaze at their prepubescent bodies, so smooth and soft-looking, under those outfits, wondering about that young girl skin that I longed to touch. Before they left I said, "Wait a minute. I want to see if I have you two figured out yet." I looked at the girl on the right. "You're Tammy, right?"

"Right!" she beamed, obviously pleased.

"And, my dear Watson," I said, doing my Sherlock Holmes impersonation, "through the process of elimination I can deduce that your identical sibling is therefore the esteemed Terri."

"Elementary," said Terri, with the same British accent and an impish grin. Either they had read the books or seen the old movies with Basil Rathbone (THE Sherlock Holmes, in my opinion). These two were definitely not your average nine-year- olds. "We saw the movies," Tammy informed me, even though I hadn't asked. Her twin grabbed her by the arm and pulled, saying it was getting hotter every minute so let's get moving before we all melted. I watched them head back to their place, Terri still holding her sister by the arm, obviously agitated about something. Tammy said something that sounded like, "I can't help it! I LIKE him!" I didn't know what the problem was; I liked them, too.

I changed into my swimming trunks and just as I was grabbing a towel from the closet the girls returned. They knocked on the door and opened it themselves this time, coming inside to wait asking impatiently if I was ready yet. I turned to look at them, waiting to see what I could see.

I was hoping to see more exposed girl-skin, but they were each wearing those one-piece little girl bathing suits, the kind that covered up everything between their shoulders and their crotches. Their bodies were as identical as their faces: a light sprinkling of freckles on their narrow shoulders, their flat chests showing no signs of breasts yet, and their slightly rounded bellies with just the right amount of baby-fat, and long, gorgeously formed legs that were tanned and smooth down to their little feet. Simply beautiful. They still looked quite appealing, but I had hoped they would be wearing bikini-styled suits. My disappointment must have shown because Tammy looked down at her suit and back at me with a perplexed expression. "You don't like our swim suits?" she asked.

How to explain to her that a girl should be unencumbered by all that cloth when swimming? That she should show off as much of her beautiful
body as was legally permitted? That I wanted to SEE as much of her beautiful body as I could? "Oh, they're OK, I guess," I said, not wanting to hurt their feelings. "Personally though, I think those things look old-fashioned, not like the Sports Illustrated models that I'm sure you both will grow up to be, but these are okay. You're still a little young for that kind, I guess," I added with a sigh. They looked thoughtfully at each other, probably wondering why I made a big deal over swim-suits, no doubt, but obviously pleased at the compliment. I put a hand on each small shoulder and ran both down their backs, pushing them out the door and heading off any further questions.

There were a few other people at the pool and the twins threw their towels on a chair and tested the water with dainty feet. The antics began immediately as Terri pushed her `baby sister' in. Tammy came up spluttering, shaking the water out of her eyes as she tried splashing Terri, who ran back to the fence and made a running dive into the pool. They were in the deep end, but I could tell they were both competent swimmers as they treaded water, beckoning me to join them.

I threw my towel next to theirs and ran straight at them, doing a cannonball. I stayed under-water and swam for the shallow end, coming up to see them looking for me. They laughed when they saw me and swam over. I grabbed one and threw her light body into the air, watching her splash into the water with arms and legs akimbo and a gleeful scream. Of course, her twin wanted the same action and I gladly obliged. I took turns, throwing first one and then the other, my hands roaming freely over their slippery suits, delighting in the hardness of their little nipples when I casually brushed over them.

We played in the water until I was exhausted, but of course their own energy was boundless. One of them jumped on my back while I was heading for the side, intending to take a rest. "Where do think you're going?" she demanded, playfully.

"I need a break, Tammy," I said. As I said her name I wondered how I knew it was her, since I was unable to see her and their voices were exactly alike. I knew it was Tammy though, somehow.

"He's tired, Tammy," said her sister. "I think we wore him out already. He's old, you know."

Of course I couldn't let her get away with that, so with Tammy still on my back I whirled around and grabbed Terri, which was what she had intended by her jibe. I poked and dug my fingers in her sides, chest and belly, tickling her until she begged for mercy. I released her and she jumped on me in the shallow water, grabbing me around the neck and wrapping her legs around me and the legs of Tammy, still on my back. "Now we've got you," she said, stating the obvious. Tammy giggled in my ear.

I put my hands on her sides, running them over her water slick skin, my face inches from her. "OK, you've got me," I said, playing along.

"What're you going to do?"

"Let's dunk him!" said Tammy, and immediately they began pushing down on my shoulders, trying to get me to go under. I was standing in four or five feet of water, but I slid beneath the surface to make them happy. I had dunked them repeatedly, and it was only fair to let them do the same. When I came back up the girls climbed on me again, front and back, only now Tammy was in front.

"I know how to get you girls off," I teased. Not that I really wanted to; I could go several weeks at least before getting tired of being in the middle of a twin-sandwich, but their mother might want them back, eventually.

"Bet you can't!" said Tammy, smiling and hugging me tighter. I took a deep breath and sank to the bottom, taking them with me, and simply sat there, waiting. Tammy was the first to run out of air and break for the surface, followed a few seconds later by Terri. I stayed under for a while longer, watching them stand on their toes to keep their heads above water, admiring their suits tightening in their crotches, the cloth slipping into the creases of their young pussies. "No fair," they yelled, "your lungs are bigger!" I just smiled at them as I headed for the steps leading out of the pool. Tammy came at me again, intending to stop me.

"No Tammy," said her sister, looking serious, "let him take a break, HE really IS tired." I was, but I didn't think I looked it. I saw Tammy give her a surprised look, and Terri's expression looked exactly like Tammy's had yesterday, when Tammy had said she already knew my name. I wondered about it, as I went to the chair and grabbed my towel, sitting down as they resumed their play.

They seemed to be especially adept at reading other people's expressions. It didn't seem to be anything to be embarrassed about, although it could be unsettling at times. One of the neighborhood girls, Maryann, a very cute twelve year-old that I met here at the pool a year ago, came through the gate. She saw me and waved, smiling, and came over to say `hi'. She had on a tight bikini, showing most of her smooth body and legs. She was one of the reasons I came to the pool so often. "Hi Tom!" she said. "You'll never finish your book if you keep coming here every day." She wagged her finger at me, scolding with mock seriousness.

"I know, I know, but I promised my new neighbors I'd take them swimming while their mom finished unpacking." I pointed at Terri and Tammy,
frolicking in the water. Maryann studied them, sizing up the younger girls.

"Twins?" she asked.

"You're quick," I said teasing her. She swatted my shoulder in return.

"The one doing the dunking is Tammy, and the one getting dunked is Terri," I informed her. "How can you tell them apart?" she asked, obviously unable to do so herself.

I realized again that I was sure of which one was which, even though they were at the other end of the pool, and I didn't really know how I was doing it. I was absolutely positive though. "I guess it's because I've gotten to know them," I said lamely, not really believing it. They looked exactly alike from this distance, but I seemed to be able to tell them apart anyway.

Maryann accepted my explanation though, and tossed her towel on the ground before jumping in the pool. She was a friendly girl, and swam over to the twins to introduce herself. Soon enough, they were all playing together, splashing and having races, which Maryann won since she was older. The twins made her work for it though, being excellent swimmers themselves, and she climbed out of the pool to catch her breath, sitting on the edge with her feet in the water.

I found my eyes drifting over to her, admiring her golden tan and pubescent tits, which were just beginning to show the promise of things to come. But every time I looked at Maryann, Tammy would yell, "Hey Tom! Watch this!" and do a handstand or some other childish stunt. It was almost as if Tammy didn't want me looking at Maryann, but that sounded ridiculous.

I was almost dry when Susan came over to get the girls for lunch, telling them to get out of the water and asking if I wanted to join them. I thanked her but said I wanted to stay by the pool a little longer, and after she called two more times to the twins they finally came out, sensing her growing irritation. "Thanks for watching them," said Susan, as Terri and Tammy grabbed towels and dried themselves off, the water sparkling on their four-foot frames.

"No problem at all," I told her sincerely. "I had as much fun as they did." The twins flashed their sunny smiles at me, and that was all the thanks I really needed.

They said their goodbyes, and my eyes returned to watching Maryann, who was now swimming back and forth, doing laps. I felt someone looking at me and turned to see Tammy watching me over her shoulder as she walked away. Her eyes darted to Maryann before returning to me, and her epression showed she was frustrated, before she turned around again. Could she really be jealous? Don't flatter yourself, I thought, she's just upset because she couldn't stay here and swim. When Maryann left --making me promise to let her read my book if I ever finished it.

I went home and fixed lunch, not bothering to change out of my swim-suit, and ate a sandwich in front of my computer while playing a game. It was one of those role-playing games, where you take on the attributes of a certain character and have to find things, uncover clues, battle monsters, and save the world and some unfortunate princess from certain doom. I always chose to be a sorcerer in these games. Something about magic and casting spells attracted the boy in me, I guess.

I was battling a rather troublesome beast, trying to find the right spell to kill it before getting killed myself (again), when the twins knocked and came in, asking belatedly if they could do so. I was glad they felt at home here, opening the door without waiting for me to get up and answer it. I waved them over to me, noticing that they had changed back into their loose fitting gym suits, t-shirts and shorts, but they still looked sexy to me.

Both girls' t-shirts were halter-type and really too small for them, and when they came over to see what I was doing I put a hand on Terri's bare back beneath the shirt, loving the feel of her warm skin beneath my fingers. Tammy asked if they could play too, and I said sure, as long as I could be the sorcerer. They agreed to my terms, and I started the game over, punching in three players. I showed them the options, and Terri chose to be a warrior, while Tammy decided on the sorcerer's apprentice, which also had some magical abilities. Terri went and got a chair, but Tammy decided to sit on my knee, which was fine with me. I showed them how to control the figures and actions in the game, but since only one person actually controlled everything they had to tell me what they wanted their character to do, such as fight, talk, or cast a spell. We took turns at the keyboard however, to keep it interesting, and had arguments over what certain clues meant or where we should go exploring.

"Maybe I should write down some of these clues before we forget 'em," said Terri, while Tammy threw spells at a monster.

"Good idea, Ms. Watson," I said, making her grin. "There's paper and a pen right in front of you." We went over the clues we had already come across and Terri dutifully wrote each one down before taking her turn at the computer. I noticed they didn't argue about whose turn it was, unlike most sisters or little girls in general, but simply switched without saying anything. They certainly got along well with each other, I thought.

Tammy leaned back a little, still sitting on my knee, and I placed my hand on her shoulder, letting it rest there a few seconds before running it lightly over the soft, warm skin of her back. She turned her head and smiled at me, letting me know that she liked it. Even though we had only met yesterday it was like the three of us were old friends already, I thought, amazed.

As if to confirm this, Tammy moved back on my leg, leaning her back against my chest and sitting in my lap. I folded my hands across her belly as we leaned back in the chair, holding her against me in a loose hug.

She put her hands on top of mine, making herself comfortable, and the feeling of holding this warm, soft young girl against me filled me with pleasure. I was glad she didn't think she was too old for such cuddling. I moved a thumb in small circles over her smooth tummy, and felt the beginnings of an erection in my swim-suit. I hoped Tammy wouldn't be able to feel it under her butt, and I tried to relax and stop myself from getting turned on. Her naked skin against my own made that hard to do though. Terri, sitting at the computer, reached down between her legs and began absentmindedly fondling herself through her shorts, almost as if she were searching for something down there, but I couldn't tell from this angle. Tammy giggled when she saw her sister had let her attention wander and had gotten our characters into a bad situation.

"Better let Tom take his turn if you're going to play with yourself instead of the game," she told Terri tauntingly. Terri turned and gave me a reproachful look, as if it was MY fault her mind had wandered into some other area, then got out of the chair, pulling her shorts up tight into her crotch. "Can I get something to drink?" she asked, ignoring her sister's remarks.

"Sure Terri," I said, my voice shaking. "Help yourself. You know where everything is." She turned and went to the kitchen, and Tammy yelled for Terri to get a Coke for her, too. I was about to add that she get me a beer while she was at it when she returned, holding two cans of Coke in one hand and a beer in the other. "I thought you might want something, too," she explained, and handed me one of the Cokes, her eyes dancing with mischief as she tried not to smile.

"Thank you," I answered, "but I think I'll have the beer. We don't want your mother to beat me silly when we've only just met."

"You're no fun," she accused, pouting and giving me the beer.

"I'm old, remember? You said so yourself."

"I was just kidding," she said seriously. "Are you gonna take your turn or not?"

"No, I'll pass this time. Tammy, you can go ahead if you want." I tickled her sides, making her giggle and squirm in my lap, causing my dick to get even harder.

"OK," she said, getting up suddenly and taking Terri's chair. Terri immediately replaced her sister on my lap. Apparently I was being shared, I thought to myself. Tammy giggled. "What's so funny?" I asked her, as Terri leaned back against me.

"Oh, nothing," she said cryptically, as she took control of the game. Before I opened my beer I rolled the cold can over Terri's bare belly, making her yelp in surprise as I held it against her. We opened our cans and took a drink, and then we all belched in unison, making us laugh until we were out of breath. "Can I have a sip?" asked Terri, eyeing my beer hopefully.

"Okay, but just a swallow," I said, figuring it wouldn't hurt her. She took two giant gulps before I pulled the can away, and then performed a long, deep belch. "I suppose you want some, too," I said to Tammy.

"No thanks, I don't like beer," she declared, making a sour face. "It gives me a headache." She took another sip from her Coke before turning back to the game.

I put my can of beer on the desk and Terri sank deeper into my lap, hanging her right leg over the padded armrest of the chair and giving me a blood-stirring view of her crotch as the hem of her shorts rose upwards. Yielding to my instinctual desires I put my hand on her bare thigh, while my other hand rested on her stomach. Unable to resist her enticing flesh, and receiving no complaint from Terri, I started slowly moving my hand in small circles over the satiny, dreamy softness of her leg, boldly inching farther up towards the young girl's groin until I was stroking
from her knee almost to her crotch. She must have been able to feel my hard-on pressing into her back but she said nothing, and I noticed Tammy glancing over at her occasionally and smiling briefly. Daringly, I ran my hand to the edge of the fabric and stopped, my fingers tracing along the border. Terri responded by lifting her leg farther up on the armrest, spreading herself and letting me know I could continue. My fingers explored just under her shorts, expecting to make contact with her underpants and failing to find any as I touched the incredibly tender junction of leg and tender preteen vagina.

"Sorry," I apologized as I felt the girl's leg twitch reflexively. I moved my hand a safe distance from her crotch, hoping she would think it had been an accident. I couldn't believe I had been so daring, touching her so intimately when we had only known each other for one day! I had
been unable to pass up the opportunity, however.

"That's OK," she said calmly. "It just tickled." Tammy looked over her shoulder at us and smiled again, an uncomfortably knowing smile. Did they realize what I was thinking? That I thought they were the most incredibly beautiful girls I had ever seen? As much as I wanted to touch Terri there again I didn't dare; even though she hadn't complained I wasn't ready to start openly fondling her. I couldn't move that fast even if SHE wanted me to. Seeming to sense my hesitation, Terri sighed and lowered her leg so she could lean forward and grab her pop. Tammy cocked her head as if she were listening to something and said, "Mom's looking for us."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"Um...I heard her call. Didn't you?" She looked quickly at her sister, as if seeking confirmation.

Terri nodded. I hadn't heard anything, but then my ears were filled with a pounding heartbeat from touching her. "You better go see what she wants then," I told them, but just then someone knocked on the door.

"Come on in, Mom!" Tammy yelled, looking at me with a shrug. Susan walked in and I didn't have time to ask how she knew it was her, or how she knew they were here. My erection quickly wilted as I tried not to appear guilty of what I had just done.

"Are these two bothering you?" she asked, giving the girls a stern look. The fact that Terri was sitting calmly in the lap of someone they had just met didn't seem to bother her.

"No, not at all. We were just playing a game on the computer."

She laughed and said, "You realize you'll never get rid of them now, don't you? They've been badgering me to get one for quite a while now but they don't seem to understand how expensive it is. They have to settle for Nintendo." "Sometimes I think I use it more for playing games than I do for writing books," I grinned. "It's nice to have someone to play with for a change," I added, tickling Terri.

"Well, I need to get some groceries now that the unpacking is finished." She looked at the girls. "Come on you two. Leave Tom alone for awhile. I'm sure he has better things to do." Actually, I didn't. How better to spend one's time than with these girls?

The twins immediately protested. "Oh, Mom," said one. "Can't we stay home?" said the other. "No," she said firmly. "I'm not leaving you two alone. You're not THAT old, yet."

I was debating whether to volunteer to baby-sit when Tammy looked at me hopefully, obviously thinking the same thing. "I wouldn't mind watching them," I told her. "That's basically what I was doing before you got here." Tammy gave me a big smile, then watched her mother for the verdict.

She looked at Tammy, and something unspoken seemed to pass between them. She nodded, and said to me, "If you're sure you don't mind, I guess it's ok. I won't be gone long." She looked at Tammy again and then turned to leave, closing the door behind her.

"Thanks, Tom," said the twins in unison. "We promise we'll be very good," Terri added with a mischievous smile, her eyes twinkling. What was THAT supposed to mean, I worried? We continued the game, talking about school, their friends, and generally just getting to know each other better.

They were both very articulate; I was quite impressed with their vocabulary, and felt a small amount of pride that my books had helped. Tammy asked what my new one was about, and we paused the game so I could bring it up on the screen and show her. I let them read the beginning so they could get an idea. It was about a young girl who writes a computer program to do all her homework, and while that may sound like a good idea the girl wasn't learning anything that way. "But if she could write a program like that wouldn't she already be pretty smart?" asked Tammy.

"Yes, she's smart when it comes to computers but if the computer answers all her homework for her she doesn't learn about anything else."

They both pondered the pros and cons of this, which is what most of my books intend for them to do. In the end Terri decided the computer sounded like a good idea, but Tammy thought the girl in the story was only cheating herself. Before we knew it Susan was back with her groceries and the girls went off to help her. She thanked me for watching them and I told her with honest sincerity, "Anytime!"

Apparently Susan took me seriously, because the next morning she came over with a proposition. "I have to go back to work tomorrow," she began, "and I'm looking for someone to watch the girls. They seem to be quite taken with you; you're all they talk about lately. Would you be interested?" she asked hopefully.

Before I could answer she added, "I wouldn't be able to pay you very much, and my hours change a lot, but the girls are fairly well-behaved and I'm sure they wouldn't be too much trouble. In fact, they're the ones who talked me into asking you."

I couldn't believe this! Here was a woman I had only met two days ago and she was willing to practically give me her daughters! I hesitated, not wanting to appear overly anxious. "Well...Sure, I guess that would be alright. I'm home all day anyway, so it wouldn't be any trouble or anything."

She looked at me as if she saw right through me, just like Tammy did, but she looked relieved as well. "That would really be great, Tom. My mother was going to commute every day from the north-side, but she's not really comfortable with the twins." She hesitated. "They have a way of knowing...How to put this?" she frowned. "They're very good at sensing other people's feelings, and it makes some people uncomfortable." She looked at me as if this revelation might change my mind. It also seemed as if she wasn't telling me everything.

"As a matter of fact, I'd noticed that myself," I told her. "It doesn't really bother me. As far as paying me goes, you can forget that right now. Like I said, I'm at home all day anyways. Besides," I added slyly, "they might give me inspiration for another book."

"Well then we'll have to talk royalties," she joked, laughingly.

"Seriously Tom, I really appreciate this. You have no idea how much this helps." Shortly after she left, as I was sitting there in a kind of dumbfounded haze, the twins burst in with huge grins on their impish faces. "I TOLD her you'd say `yes'," Tammy informed me triumphantly, jumping next to me on the couch.

"Oh?" I looked at her skeptically. "What made you so sure?"

"I just knew," she said simply. "Wanna go swimming?" she asked hopefully. They were conveniently wearing their swim suits, I noticed. "Well, since you seem to know everything," I teased, "what do YOU think I want to do?" Tammy looked at me, her brown eyes penetrating.

"What you REALLY want to do is--"

"Tammy!" Terri yelled at her in warning, looking alarmed. Tammy's eyes twinkled.

"--go swimming." She looked at her sister innocently, and Terri scowled at her. Did the girl really know what I would have liked to do? Namely, love her intimately? These two had me completely off balance. I was used to the black-on-white girls printed in my books, not to
flesh-and-blood vamps who seemed to see right through me. I never knew where I stood with these two.

I shrugged it off and went to my bedroom to put on my swim-suit, glad that they appeared to like me as much as I liked them.


After Susan went off to work the following morning, giving me the phone number at the hospital and telling the girls to behave before leaving, I took the twins to play at a video arcade in town. Being with Terri and Tammy was making me feel like a kid again. I had always imagined the things I would like to do if I had a daughter, and now I had two nine year old girls looking to me for entertainment.

After the first couple of games, it was obvious that I would win, so on the next few missions, I veered slightly off course, hoping to even the score. Tammy watched me critically as I missed the shot and said, "You don't have to do that, Tom."

"Do what?" I replied innocently.

"You're missing on purpose. It's nice of you but you don't have to do it. We're not sore losers."

I should have known better than to try and fool her. "Sorry," I said, somewhat ashamed at having been caught. Then I teased her. "It's just that you guys seem to think that the HIGHEST score wins." They both came at me with arms raised, trying to look fierce. "Okay, okay," I laughed, retreating. "I take it back!"

After I beat them at that game, we went over to another one. Tammy and I played "Death Star" while Terri went off to play pinball. It didn't take long for me to realize that Tammy had played this before, as she deftly outmaneuvered aliens and attacking space ships while I floundered along. Then she seemed to suddenly lose her skill, losing lives as fast as I was. "You don't have to do that," I told her.

She looked at me with a guilty smile as she realized she had been caught doing the same thing I had done while playing the first game. I put my arm around her in a hug, and we both laughed. She then proceeded to get a zillion points to my several thousand. I didn't mind in the least, though.

When we were all out of quarters, Terri suggested we go check out the sports wear store. As we walked through the mall, I felt a small hand smoothly slip into my own, and I looked down to my left to see Tammy smiling at me. As Terri took my other hand, I was filled with a warm fondness for my young friends. Occasionally my eyes roamed over a girl passing the other way, but then I would feel a slight increase of pressure on my hands as the twins tightened their grips, as if to remind me they were there.

We found the sports store and wandered around inside, checking out the latest hundred dollar sneakers and fancy designer tennis outfits. Then I found myself looking at the girls' section of two piece swim suits, so provocative looking, and wondered to myself what Terri and Tammy would look like wearing them.

Terri came up beside me, looking first at the display rack and then at me. "You don't like our old swim suits, do you," she stated, looking up at me.

"Well, like I told you, I think they're kind of old fashioned." I wasn't sure what she would think if I suggested one of these, but then she suggested it for me.

"Do you think I'd look good in a bikini?" she asked, absentmindedly looking through the small, nylon bikinis as Tammy joined us.

"Whatcha doin'?" she asked Terri.

"Looking at swim suits," said her sister. She picked two miniscule scraps of cloth from the rack, bright red with a black and red polka dot top, and held them in front of her. She eyed me suggestively. "Could I try this on?"

As my heart beat increased, Tammy said she wanted to try one on too, but she wanted me to pick it out for her. I shakily looked through the display and pulled out a pink one with a pink and red skinny top. I knew they both had very little in the tit department, but it still should look sexy on them. "How's this?" I asked hesitantly.

She grinned and took it from me as they both headed to the dressing room. I was actually trembling in anticipation, knowing without a doubt how good they would look in them. If a good looking girl had to wear something when swimming, it should --by law-- be a bikini.

I heard giggling behind the door, and when it finally opened, I felt my eyes widen and my blood pressure rise. They had taken off all their clothes and were wearing only the small bikinis, tops and bottoms, as they stood watching my reaction with wide smiles.

"Well, what do you think?" demanded Terri, cocking her scantily clad hip to the side and striking a pose as Tammy placed her hands behind her head, doing the same. God, they were gorgeous.

The bikini bottoms were not too skimpy, but they had both pulled them up well into their little crotches and the thin material had slipped into each of their tiny slits. My eyes roamed up to their bikini halter tops and while their was almost no evidence of breasts, their nipples were very evident indeed. The bikinis fit perfectly in the rear as well, barely covering their small, perky butts. I don't think I've ever seen so much smooth, naked girl skin exposed in public before. I could see they would have to work on their tans though. Quite a bit more skin was revealed than with their shorts, leaving the area around their crotches a ghostly pale.

I felt myself getting an erection as I admired their slim, almost nude, nine year old bodies, and was astounded to see Terri start to strum a lazy finger around the seam to her bikini bottom, looking like she was trying to stretch it out of her pussy, but not trying too hard. She saw me looking at her and blushed shyly, placing both her hands behind her back.

Tammy eyed Terri's antics and then looked at the tightly stretched crotch of my jeans. "You like them a lot, don't you Tom," she said confidently.

I tore my eyes from the juncture of Terri's slender thighs. "I think you both look incredibly sexy," I blurted. I hoped they wouldn't mind if I thought they were beautiful. Tammy was obviously aware of the effect they had on me, and I was sure Terri did, too.

"Then you'll buy 'em for us?" asked her sister.

Just then a store clerk came by and noticed the two bikini clad girls in the dressing room. "Sir," she said, rather rudely I thought, "I'm afraid store policy requires bathing suits to be tried on OVER underwear. You'll have to pay for those even if they don't fit."

The twins looked at me guiltily, as if they had known this. "We were going to buy them anyway," I said, dismissing the clerk. "You girls put your clothes back on." I smiled at them. "Last one to the pool is an old maid!"

When we got back home, we wolfed down sandwiches for lunch and I snipped the tags off their new bikinis before we all changed. When the girls emerged from the bathroom, I was again impressed with their well proportioned nymphet bodies. They looked adorably sexy in the tiny suits.

Once we were all in the pool my hands seemed to have a will of their own as they sometimes brushed over the twins' little bikinis, roaming as well all over their exposed slippery skin. We all decided to take a break after a while, and each of us grabbed a lounge chair on the side of the pool, letting the hot afternoon sun dry us off. The girls were lying flat on their backs on either side of me, but I kept my chair slightly raised so my eyes could roam the same way my hands had done.

I saw Maryann arrive, and she walked over when she noticed us. Normally I would have gazed at this beautiful specimen of young female beauty, but just then Tammy put her arms behind her head, using them for an improvised pillow and stretching herself out in the process. Maryann was talking but I hardly heard her as my eyes wandered over Tammy's semi-nude body. I enjoyed just watching her breathe: each intake of air expanded her thin chest, and I began to notice nipples where before they were flat.

I mumbled something in reply to Maryann, who astutely noticed that I wasn't paying attention to her and wandered off. Tammy looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and I could have sworn she looked rather smug, as if she had beaten the competition.

We spent the rest of the afternoon there, occasionally jumping in the pool to cool off, until their mother finally came home from work. She walked over when the girls called to her, still wearing her white nurse's uniform, and they proudly showed off their new swimsuits. My thoughts raced as I realized that in the heat of their purchase I had failed to consider her reaction to the skimpy outfits, or my explanation for buying them.

"My, don't you two look sexy?" she smiled indulgently, echoing my own comment as she looked at her scantily clad daughters. I lowered my head nervously as her eyes shifted to me. "You really shouldn't have gone to the expense, Tom," she said. "Summer's almost over."

The girls were looking at me with amused expressions, waiting to hear my explanation. "Well..." I coughed, not sure what to say.

"We told him we needed new ones," Tammy piped up, coming to my rescue. I had thought of saying that myself, but it wasn't really true and I didn't want to get the twins in trouble. Our eyes met and I silently thanked her. I thought I heard `You're welcome', but her lips hadn't moved.

Susan looked at her doubtfully, not quite believing it. "There wasn't anything wrong with your old ones," she said. "They still fit." She turned back to me. "Don't give in to them so easily, Tom," she scolded. "You'll spoil them. They do look cute though, don't they?" she added suggestively.

I shrugged and smiled helplessly back, still not sure how to answer. She laughed and gathered up the girls' towels, leading them home for dinner. I watched as they trotted along behind her, admiring their saucy, barely covered little bottoms. Terri turned to wave goodbye, her face lit up with a warm smile. I was honest enough with myself to admit that I had fallen completely in love with the two of them. It was more than a sexual attraction, though that was certainly part of it. I wanted to make them smile and laugh, teach them what I knew of life and guide them toward adulthood, give them presents so they would know I cared for them, protect them from harm, hug them, and kiss them. Making Terri and Tammy happy made ME feel happy, too. If you put aside our difference in ages, was the love I felt for them any different than that felt between adults? Love is love, regardless of the age of the people involved. As long as it's mutual, why should anyone care?

As I walked home, I wondered if it WAS mutual. The twins had shown there fondness for me by holding my hands --the simplest form of affection--as we walked through the mall. They seemed to flaunt their sensual bodies within easy reach, almost daring me to touch them, as if they knew I found them immensely attractive. Aside from a short fling with a young cousin many years ago however, I had no experience in dealing with a young girl's affection, other than in the realm of fantasy, and I didn't know how to respond. I wasn't sure what Terri and Tammy wanted, or if I dared to provide it...


After taking a shower and eating dinner, I changed into a pair of sweat pants and went to work on my book. My publisher had been nagging me about it, so I figured I better try and finish it. Right around sunset the twins brightened my evening by putting in an appearance.

"You busy?" Terri asked from the open door, seeing me at the computer. Her mirror image stood beside her, both of them shoeless and wearing only spandex tube tops and their favorite short-shorts.

I wondered if they ran about half naked all the time, or only when they were around me. I dreaded the coming of winter, when they would be forced to cover up. "No, I'm not doing anything that can't wait a while longer," I told her. "I'd rather you came in than let all the cold air out." I eyed the open door.

"Oops, sorry!" She pushed her sister inside and quickly shut the door. "Mom yells at us all the time for the same thing."

"I wasn't yelling," I said as they came over. "I was merely voicing an opinion." I noticed their hair was damp; they must have just taken a bath. Together, I wondered?

"Mom's watchin' some dumb movie," said Tammy, "so we came over here."

"You guys want to play that game we started, I suppose?"

"I was hoping you'd say that." Terri grinned and eyed the computer. I grabbed her in a hug and tickled her hips, but instead of laughing she winced in pain, her breath hissing between clenched teeth.

"What's the matter?" I asked worriedly, quickly letting go.

"We got sunburned," Tammy explained. She pulled up her tube top and showed me a wide red spot just under her nipples down to her waist. Then she pulled down her shorts a little and showed me a band of bright pink flesh running around her lower back and belly. Terri lifted the hem of her shorts to display a similar sunburned strip on her upper legs. I also noticed they weren't wearing any underpants, and I thought I got a quick glimpse of that tender patch of skin just next to Terri's vagina.

"I should have given you girls some sun tan lotion today," I said, feeling guilty about letting the sun shine mercilessly on tender skin that had never seen the light of day before. "You're new swim suits didn't help much either. Have you put any sunburn cream on?"

They both shook their heads no, so I headed for my medicine cabinet, intent on easing their discomfort. "Here," I said, handing Tammy the small bottle of lotion. "Put some of this on."

She pulled off her top and pushed her shorts down about two inches. She reached for the lotion, then hesitated. "Would you put it on for me?" she asked shyly, looking like a helpless little waif.

"Sure, if you want." I tried to keep my voice calm as I opened the plastic bottle. "Stand here next to me so I can rub it into your chest and tummy for you." She came right over and I began rubbing some lotion into my hands first to warm it up, then began applying it to her delicious looking body. I tenderly smoothed it into her tummy and then rubbed it over her upper chest and into her nipples.

"I didn't get burned here! But it still feels good, though. You've got nice hands, Tom," she said with a contented smile.

"OK, pull down your shorts a little."

Terri eyed the situation critically as Tammy lowered her shorts a few inches. "It'd probably be easier if she laid down on the couch," she suggested. I queried Tammy with a look and she shrugged back, so I walked over to the couch. "Sit down and Tammy can lay across your lap," Terri told me, trying to be helpful.

Following her instructions, I sat down and Tammy climbed over me, stretching herself across my lap and placing her belly across my legs. I watched her thinly covered bottom squirm as she made herself comfortable, resting her head on her arms. Terri watched as I lifted the waistband of her sister's shorts, about to squirt some lotion on the sunburned skin.

"Hang on a sec," she grinned mischievously, her eyes lit with inspiration. She grabbed the waistband from me and jerked it down, exposing Tammy's perky little butt completely. "HEY!" Tammy objected, yelling at her twin. She twisted her head around to see what Terri was doing.

What Terri was doing was trying to pull off her sister's shorts, but they were caught underneath the girl's hips. "Help me out," she laughed, looking at me. Who was I to argue? I put a hand under each side of a protesting Tammy and lifted. Terri quickly de-pantsed her sister, pulling the shorts completely off and leaving me with a naked nine year old girl lying face down across my lap.

"Two against one!" Tammy complained. "No fair!" Terri taunted her by dangling the shorts in front of her face, just out of reach. "C'mon Terri, give 'em back!"

"Tell you what," Terri bargained. "You can pull off mine when it's my turn."

Tammy considered this, and decided it was fair. "Promise?" she asked, just to seal the deal.

"Double-promise," said Terri firmly, bending over and giving her a kiss on one cheek, then Tammy turned her head and they kissed at the other cheek, in some kind of European style twin ritual.

Satisfied, Tammy relaxed again, giving me my cue that I could proceed with the ministrations. I shakily squeezed out a small dab of lotion on my fingertips, gazing at the pale, rounded posterior of my little girl friend. There was a two inch strip of pink skin running around her waist, just above her crack, and likewise around the tops of her legs, just below her little bum, leaving a triangular patch of pale skin between. I gently touched the lotion to the inflamed skin on her lower back.

"Ooooh, that's cold!" Tammy squealed. I softly rubbed the cream into her skin, watching her little bottom flex and twitch as she squirmed against me. All of this activity in my lap gave me an erection, and occasionally the girl's hip rocked against it, making me even harder. "Feel better?" I asked her, putting some lotion on the backs of her legs, rubbing just the edges of her soft buttocks.

"Uh-huh," Tammy sighed, spreading her legs apart slightly as I stroked down between them. My fingertips touched her little girl crack, and she jerked her legs back together, giggling "That tickles!"

Terri had been watching silently, but now she sank to her knees on the floor beside us, dropping her sister's shorts. "Put some on her back," she told me softly.

I obliged, squirting a thin stream of lotion from Tammy's neck down to her butt, the coldness of it making her back and shoulders ripple beneath her soft skin. Terri tenderly massaged the cream into her sister's back, smiling fondly at her. She obviously cared deeply for her `baby sister', and I felt an emotional lump in my throat watching her.playfully, I sprinkled some lotion on Tammy's bottom, gently stroking her baby soft globes. "Hey," Tammy laughed, "my BUTT isn't burnt!"

"Ooops, I guess you're right. I know a way to make it LOOK burned, though." So saying, I slapped her bare behind; soft enough so that it wouldn't hurt, but hard enough to make her yell and jump in surprise. Terri laughed wickedly. "Yeah, spank her!" she enthused, sisterly love forgotten. With her approval, I smacked her sister's rear end again. "OWWW! HEY!" Tammy yelled in distress, realizing her twin had turned traitor. "I'll tell Tom to spank YOU when it's your turn!" she threatened.

That wiped the grin off her face. She looked at me worriedly. "You wouldn't, would you?"

"Of course I would," I teased. "This is fun!" I swatted the bouncing butt again for emphasis, and gave it a little pinch for good measure, watching the two halves clench tightly together as Tammy squealed again. I was enjoying myself immensely.

"Maybe that's enough," said Terri diplomatically. "I don't want her to get too even."

"Well, okay," I relented. "If you insist." I laughed as Tammy turned her head to scowl darkly at both of us. "I'm sorry Tammy," I told her, "but I just couldn't resist." What little girl lover could?

"Hmmph!" she grunted, her pride wounded more than her posterior. Not wanting her to be angry, I tickled her sides. She squirmed and tried to hold in her giggles, but they soon burst out. "Forgive me?" I asked, digging into her armpits and causing another fit of wiggles and laughter from the naked girl.

"Okay, okay," she shouted. "I forgive you! Stop tickling me! You're driving me NUTS!"

"All right then," I smiled. "I just didn't want you to hold a grudge." I stroked her bare back and she smiled over her shoulder at me, letting me know that she was having fun too. I looked at her sister. "Your turn?" I asked.

"But you didn't do her front," Terri pointed out. Nobody said anything as we realized Tammy would have to roll over on her back for this. "It's okay, Tammy," Terri said, sensing her sister's reluctance and trying to reassure her. "I'm your sister, here, and besides, Tom is like our uncle now."

"Are you gonna let him do YOUR front?" she wanted to know first. "Sure," said Terri, shrugging. "I'm sunburned there, too."

"Okay then." She lifted herself off my lap and slowly turned over, placing her hands modestly between her legs before laying back down. Terri gently tried pulling her sister's hands away, but Tammy resisted. "It's okay," she said again, trying more firmly.

This time, Tammy reluctantly allowed her twin to remove her hands, placing them behind her head and arching her back across my legs. I swallowed hard as my eyes wandered over the naked nine year old girl's body, her tender little vagina hidden beneath that tightly clenched pussy slit, waiting to be exposed. Her small, virginal slit looked like just a thin line, shiny with perspiration.

"You're a beautiful girl," I told her quietly. She blushed prettily and then she smiled, letting me know she liked the compliment.

Terri handed me the bottle of lotion, reminding me of my task. The sunburn continued here in the front, making a pale, triangular outline around her hairless vee, with a one inch strip running around her hips. I put some lotion on my fingers and gently stroked the pink band of skin on her belly, making her stomach jump as the soothing cream did it's work. I widened my massage, caressing the girl's entire tummy, going briefly south to nudge her puffy little mound and making her giggle in surprise. My hard member was throbbing mightily, but relief would have to wait.

I continued downward, putting more lotion on her legs. I winced in sympathy as I saw the burn going around her tender thighs, just short of her crotch. Gently I spread her legs, rubbing their innermost parts, occasionally brushing the edge of her tiny slit and making her legs tremble, while my other hand continued stroking her bare belly.

All of this stimulating attention was apparently having an effect on Tammy: Her legs were slightly parted and her little slit was now more moist than before. Then as I continued to rub very close to her crack, the folds of her small slit opened slightly, almost before my eyes. I continued my efforts, rubbing lower and daring to tickle the skin below her pussy and making her squirm. I watched, enthralled, as her tiny slit widened some more, and the tiniest clit I had ever seen began to emerge. I was so turned on that my cock must have felt like a bar of steel beneath her backside. It was an adorably sexy sight: the gap between her legs was an exaggerated vision as I stared at her blossoming pussy.

As I continued to stroke around her excited pussy, but not actually touching it, Tammy finally put her own hand over her mound and rubbed a couple of times, and moaned. Embarrassed at her obvious excitement in front of me and her sister, Tammy said, "I guess I am getting kind of excited by all this," and she made a move to cover herself.

But Terri stopped her, saying, "It's okay, I'm getting excited too," she told her sister, drawing our attention to her own hand playing at her crotch in her shorts.

"Well, since everyone is 'fessing up, I guess I'm a little excited, too," I said, smiling as they curiously looked at the crotch of my sweat pants, my hard-on obvious. They were so calm and relaxed that I didn't mind admitting it.

Terri impulsively reached out and squeezed my dick through the fabric, startling the crap out of me. "It's BIG," she giggled, her brown eyes wide. She softly petted my boner, and then said, "And HARD, too!" "Well, it's you girls' fault if it is," I replied to them both. "If you both weren't so darned sexy I wouldn't be so turned on!" Since we were all being so honest with each other, I decided to wait and see how far this was going to go.

"I think I'm more excited than Terri is, 'cause my little cunny spot is starting to feel real good. Right here on this spot at the top." She was now touching the tip of her little clitoris, and she shuddered again as she did.

Just then Terri reached over to Tammy and touched her sister's pussy, feeling for that spot. She apparently found it and nodded in agreement, leaving one last stroke up through her slit and ending at the clit. And Tammy took it so calmly that I imagined she had been touched this way before.

"But I think mine is just as excited as hers is, Tom," she said, returning her hand to her own shorts covered crotch, playing with it thoughtfully. "And I think my cunny spot is getting wet, too! Isn't it Tom?" she looked up at me. Then unbuttoning the top buttons of her shorts she started my hand into the top of her shorts.

"Mine's wet too, and besides he was still putting on MY lotion!" Tammy declared, insulted. She pushed my hand away from Terri's shorts and sat up in my lap, putting her arms around my neck and surprising me by kissing my cheek. "Thanks Tom," she smiled. "My sunburn feels better now."

I hugged the naked girl to my chest, but unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy it very long because Terri yelled, "My turn!" jumping up and hooking her thumbs in her shorts, about to pull them down.

"Hey, you promised!" Tammy pouted, feeling cheated.

Terri rolled her eyes comically and held her arms out away from her body. Tammy laughed delightedly at the chance to strip her twin, thereby evening the score.

She climbed off my lap and got down on her knees behind Terri, grabbing the bottom of the shorts and yanking them down. Unfortunately for Terri, Tammy hadn't unbuttoned the shorts all the way, and as she tried to yank them down her thighs, the rough material of the shorts accidentally scraped her sister's sunburned area on the inside of her legs. She yelled out in pain, quickly unbuttoning the shorts the rest of the way herself and dropping her shorts to the floor. "JESUS!" she swore, her eyes watering in agony as she gingerly touched her nearly raw thigh. "You could have skinned me alive!" she shouted at her twin.

"I'm sorry," Tammy apologized meekly. She moved her sister's hand away to make sure the skin wasn't broken, and I watched, amazed, and more than a little jealous, as she knelt forward to kiss her sister's thighs, planting a smooch right where they joined Terri's body. "Better?" she
asked hopefully.

Terri looked pointedly at me, as if reminding her sister that I was there.

Tammy turned, biting her lip worriedly, realizing I was now aware that their love for each other went beyond mere affection into the realm of intimacy. I smiled reassuringly at the two naked sprites, the one kneeling before the other, letting them know their secret was undoubtedly safe with me. "You okay?" I asked Terri, looking at the small reddened area between her legs.

She gave her sister a withering look. "Yeah, I'm okay, I guess." She was rubbing her sunburned waist; apparently the quick descent of her waistband had also scraped against her there.

"Come here and I'll put some lotion on that," I suggested, eager for a repeat performance.

Smiling impishly, she promptly laid down on her back across my legs, placing her hands behind her head as Tammy had done, but raising her knees slightly and spreading her legs wide, giving me a heart stopping view of her tender, bald little girl vagina. Obviously, she was the less inhibited of the two.

"Am I beautiful, too?" she demanded, as my eyes wandered over her nude, slender frame. The question had no meaning, really. Physically, what one was, so was the other, right down to their sunburns. She just wanted the compliment.

I nodded my head shakily, not sure how much more of this I could stand. My dick was aching for release. "Very beautiful," I told her, as I repeated the creamy ministrations on her soft, young flesh. Her little girl slit also was a sight to behold as I rubbed around it.

It was also very tiny, but had begun to blossom open, showing a hint of moisture in the outer folds, just as Tammy's had done. Their hairless pubes were almost identical down to the sheen of perspiration faintly visible on the surface.

Sensing that she wouldn't mind, I placed my hand over her mound, covering it completely as my fingers fondled her tiny crease, my middle finger pressing warm and snug against her slit. I was rewarded with a soft, barely audible moan, as Terri slightly raised her hips, increasing the pressure against my hand.

Tammy crawled over and held out her hand for some lotion, so I squeezed some out for her. I watched her massage the cream into her sister's chest, seeming to pay close attention to Terri's nipples. "She likes havin' her titties rubbed," she told me, as she fingered the tiny tips, the stimulation causing them to poke out slightly from her sister's chest.

I felt Terri's body stiffen, her little vagina pulsing insistently against my fingers. I started stroking it, running my palm over the tight, dry skin, still pretending to be doing just a sterile massage to her not-so-sterile sex parts. But Terri was now pressing herself harder into my palm. I could feel her small clit begin to pulse each time I stroked down the short length of her pussy slit, as she started rocking
her hips slightly to increase the sensation. She seemed quite comfortable doing these motions to increase her pleasure, I noticed.

"It seems like there might be a little abrasion right here," I said, looking for, but not needing, any excuse to continue this delicious fondling of her pussy. I leaned in closer, sliding her outer pussy folds more apart with my forefinger, and wiggling the pink flesh inside gently.

Oh, yeah, but what you're doing makes it feels so much better," Terri whispered.

Tammy was still playing with her sister's tiny titties, and I began rubbing down farther into Terri's crack, touching that soft, pliant bridge of skin between her pussy and her ass hole, my thumb gently remaining in her pussy opening. Terri moaned loudly, her breath increasing as she squirmed on my lap. Her eyes were closed tightly, her face slightly grimacing as her pelvis strained up against me, moving faster now as she quickly approached a climax.

Groaning with the effort, she pushed her pussy up hard into my stroking palm, and immediately my middle finger slipped into her pussy, up to the first knuckle. she began emitting girlish squeals of bliss, as her little love slit was partially penetrated by my finger. Watching and feeling the quivering, orgasmic little girl was too much for me: I felt my sperm rise, spurting into my pants as I quietly moaned in relief. Tammy seemed to be trembling a little also, but I couldn't be sure.

Terri's orgasm quickly shuddered through her, and she slowly collapsed back down into my lap, her breath slowly returning to normal. I pulled my finger out of her virginal canal and marveled at the slickness from this prepubescent beauty. I continued to cup her recovering mound, and Terri was deep in post orgasmic bliss. She sighed happily, opening her eyes to look at me. "You came, too, didn't you," she breathed softly. Both girls stared at the wet spot in my crotch.

"Yes, I did," I confessed, unable to deny the obvious. Surprisingly, I wasn't embarrassed to admit it. They seemed quite pleased that I had enjoyed their bodies so much, and were curious about what my penis looked like.

"Can we see your...penis?" Tammy asked shyly, her eyes curious. Terri rolled off my lap, so I could show them. Put at ease by their calmness, I stood up and lowered my sweat pants, showing them my now limp penis and the wet puddle in my shorts.

Terri reached out a small hand, and took a sample. "Did we make it do that?" she asked, thoughtfully rubbing the jism between her fingers. "Yes, that's what happens when a man has an orgasm. Girls have orgasms too, like you just did, Terri, and you had something wet come between your legs too, didn't you?"

"Hey," Tammy complained, "how come you didn't give ME an orgasm when it was MY turn?" Her sense of fairness had once again been violated. I shrugged, but Terri said, sounding superior, "It's 'cause I'm OLDER, baby sister," as if this entitled her to special treatment. She stuck her tongue out at her twin, and I had to laugh.

"Only five minutes," Tammy reminded her, glaring. "And if you call me `baby sister' again I'll hafta' hurt you."

Naturally, Terri said it again. Tammy jumped on her, and they began wrestling on my living room carpet. They were both giggling, so I knew they weren't really serious about it. I stepped over the two naked girls and went into the kitchen to clean myself off. When I returned, Terri had her sister's arms pinned to the floor under her knees, her still wet little pussy right in Tammy's face. "You know the rules," she grinned.

"Kiss me there!" If those were the rules I would willingly lose every time.

Tammy tried to look disgusted, but an almost eager grin broke out as she raised her head, planting a kiss on her sister's wet shiny pussy. She didn't seem to mind losing, either.

Terri got off of her and they both stood up, their faces flushed from their girlish exertions. Tammy looked at the clock on the wall and frowned, "Mom's movie's over. We better get back home."

"Tom didn't put any lotion on my back yet," Terri protested. I sat down and pulled the naked girl between my knees, holding her still with a hand on her bare belly as I lovingly applied the cream to her backside. I pinched her little butt when I was finished, making her yelp and thrust her hips forward.

"You didn't spank her," Tammy said, disappointed. Terri quickly jumped out of reach, afraid I might decide to make her sister happy.

"We'll get her next time," I promised Tammy, winking at her. Tammy nodded eagerly, and Terri scowled at her for wanting to get even.

They gathered up their shorts, pulling them up their slender legs, and I was relieved to see Terri's crotch was once again dry. I didn't think it wise to send her back to her mother with a wet spot coming through her shorts. "We didn't get to play the computer game," she said, remembering why they had come over in the first place.

"It'll still be here tomorrow," I told her. Actually, I hoped we'd be distracted again. Tammy came over and gave me a hug, kissing my cheek again as I hugged her back. Her freely given affection filled me with love. Not wanting to be one-upped, Terri did the same.

"Oh," said Terri, remembering something. "Mom said to tell you she isn't going to work 'till later in the morning."

"Okay," I said, giving her one final squeeze before reluctantly letting her go. "Just be sure and come over when she leaves so I'll know it's my turn to watch you."

"Okay, Tom," she smiled as they headed for the door. "Good night!"

"Good night Tom," Tammy echoed. "Oh, and thanks!" she added.

I said good night to my young friends, almost adding `I love you' on the end, but the door closed behind them before it came out. With a contented sigh, I sat down by my computer again, wondering what adventures tomorrow would bring.


I managed to finally finish my book that night, staying up until well after midnight. I spent the next morning proof reading it, changing a word here-and-there, waiting for the girls to come over and announce their mother's departure. Around 10:30, I heard the front door open and the sound of light steps coming up behind me. I was in the middle of reading so I didn't turn around, and a small pair of hands reached around to cover my eyes. "Guess who!" giggled a high pitched, cheery voice.

"Elementary, Watson," I chuckled. "It's Tammy!"

"Awww, how could you tell?" she said, disappointed at being unable to fool me. She came around the chair and leaned her hip against the side. She was wearing cut offs this morning, and a bright white t-shirt that showed off her tan nicely.

"I don't really know how I could tell," I told her honestly, not having the faintest idea how I did it.

"Even our teachers can't tell us apart," she frowned, wondering about it. I pointed out that her mother could, though. "Yeah, but she's our mom," she explained.

I asked her if her mom had gone off to work, and she nodded. "Where's your sister?" This was the first time I'd only seen half the set.

"She's outside somewhere," Tammy shrugged. "Did you finish your book?" she asked, indicating the computer.

"Yep, all finished. Well, almost. I'm still putting some finishing touches on it. As soon as I'm done we can all go swimming if you want."

Tammy grinned in agreement and asked if she could stay here and watch me work. I told her it wasn't very exciting to watch, but she was more than welcome to stay if she wanted. She beamed a happy, little smile and promptly sat on my lap. I realized she just wanted to be with me, and it didn't matter whether what I was doing was interesting or not. While it made typing on the computer a bit awkward, I felt quite happy myself. Her clean, fresh smelling, sun bleached hair just below my nose was a bit distracting though.

We both sat there quietly, my arms reaching around her to work the keyboard, as I continued where I had left off. After a few minutes of this, she craned her neck to smile contentedly at me, and impulsively I kissed her smooth forehead. `I wish you were my dad,' I heard a small voice say. At first I smiled back at her, feeling quite pleased by her fondness for me. Then I realized that she hadn't actually SAID anything. Her mouth was shut, and her lips hadn't moved a tiny muscle. My expression changed to one of surprise, and Tammy's to disbelief. She quickly got out of my lap, saying in a shaky voice, her face suddenly pale, "I'm g-gonna go find Terri." She started backing towards the door, breathing fast like a frightened animal.

"Tammy, wait a minute." I definitely wanted to find out what was going on here. All of a sudden she bent sharply forward, her breath whooshing out of her as if someone had punched her in the stomach. She grimaced in pain.

I jumped out of the chair and ran to her, kneeling down and putting a hand on her shoulder. "What is it? What's the matter?" "It's Terri!" she cried, her face now filled with panic. "She fell out of a tree!"

"How do you--"

"C'mon!" she said, bolting for the door as I ran along, bewildered, behind her. Tammy headed unerringly to the back of a building two units over, where we found her sister laying on the ground beneath the low branches of an apple tree, groaning. I quickly went to her, expecting the worst and wondering what bones were broken. "Don't move!" I ordered the girl as she tried to sit up. Tammy stood tensely to one side, watching with concern.

Trying to find out how she felt, Terri sat up anyway. "I'm okay," she said, reaching beneath her to rub her butt. "Just got the wind knocked out of me."

Almost laughing with relief, I tousled her hair. "Please, don't do that anymore," I begged. "You scared the crap out of me." "It's not like I did it on purpose," she frowned, looking pointedly at her twin.

I turned to see Tammy watching me, her face still quite pale with worry.

"Relax, Tammy. She's okay." I looked back at Terri, whose expression now mirrored her sister's, nervously biting her lip. I realized that Tammy wasn't worried about her sister, she was worried about ME. Pieces of the puzzle started fitting together inside my head as I looked at the two of them, and Tammy now grew quite alarmed, her lower lip trembling. I made a startling conclusion, and tested it. `You can read my mind, can't you?' I thought silently at her.

Her reaction startled me even more. She started crying, hot tears of shame running quickly down her tender cheeks. "I'm sorry!" she wailed, her face flushed. "I can't help it!" Whimpering, she quickly ran back the way we had come.

I turned, totally confused, to Terri, who was glaring at me angrily.

"Damn you!" she swore at me, her face livid. "What did you say to her?" Her curse felt like a slap to the face and she flinched as much as I did, getting to her feet as she started crying also. "You're just like our father!" she yelled accusingly before running off after her sister.

Stunned, I sank to the ground with my thoughts in a whirl, as I tried to figure things out. Tammy had obviously heard my unspoken thought, and just as obviously Terri hadn't. Looking back, I realized that it had been Tammy who knew my name before I had told them, Tammy who seemed to answer questions before I asked them, yet Terri seemed to know how I was feeling, if not what I was thinking. I couldn't believe it had taken me this long to figure it out, but they were very good at making up excuses for their abilities, and had clearly been trying to hide them.

Telepathic twins? Incredible, but not unbelievable. I had heard of twins who were able to communicate between themselves, but this was a step further. More importantly, why were they so upset at my having found out, and how was I like their father? Were they afraid I wouldn't like
them any more? They certainly already knew my biggest secret, that I was a little girl lover, and had probably known it from the first time we met, and they still liked ME. I was more than a little embarrassed to realize that Tammy, at least, had heard my thoughts about their sexy bodies. But instead of running away screaming they had almost seemed to encourage me.

I had nothing else to hide, really. The fact that at least one of them was a mind reader didn't really bother me. Instead, I wanted to find out more about my extraordinarily gifted young friends.

I got back up and headed to their house, hoping that was where they had run off to. The door was unlocked so I let myself in, and I could hear a muffled sobbing coming from the back rooms. The door to their room was closed, but now I could hear the heart breaking little sobs much clearer as I stood outside, hoping I could get a clue as to the cause of their distress. "Don't cry, Tammy," I heard Terri say. "He just wanted to have sex with us anyway." Ouch. That hurt. Serves me right for eavesdropping, I thought ruefully.

"That's not true and you know it!" Tammy said hotly. Then, softly, "He's outside the door."

"Go away!" Terri shouted. I wasn't going to be gotten rid of that easily. I opened the door and saw them sitting on the bottom half of a bunk bed, Terri with her arm protectively, soothingly around a sobbing Tammy. It broke my heart to see her stricken little face all flushed and wet with tears.

I sank to my knees in front of them. "Why are you so upset that I found out about you?" I asked her gently.

"'Cause now you think we're freaks!" Terri said defiantly, hugging her sister tighter.

"But that's not true," I said, defending myself. "I never once thought that. Can't you read my mind too?"

Terri shook her head no, looking at me doubtfully. "I'm an empath," she told me. "Tammy is the telepathetic one."

"TelePATHic," Tammy groaned.

"That's what I said."

"No, you said...Never mind." She frowned in consternation at her twin, sniffing and wiping her face with the back of her hand.

I looked at Terri. "You're empathic? You mean you can tell how other people are feeling, but you can't hear their thoughts?"

Terri nodded. "You know, like that lady on `Star Trek: The Next Generation'?"

"You mean `Troi'?" I was a big trekkie fan.

"Yeah, that's the one." She grinned slightly, impressed by my knowledge. "She's the counselor for the whole ship!"

"Well then, you should be able to tell if I'm lying or not, right?"

"Yeah..." she said slowly.

Tammy was also looking at me, her face filled with hope. "You...You really don't hate us?"

"Hate you? Why would I hate you?"

They were both silent for a long time, looking at the floor. Finally, Terri whispered softly, "Our daddy called us freaks."

"That's why he left," Tammy added, another tear running down her cheek.

Silently, my heart filled with compassion, I took a girl in each arm and hugged them tightly. Both girls clutched me almost desperately back, and I knew they could feel my love for them. How a man that had helped create such beautiful, gifted young girls could call them `freaks' was beyond me.

"You're angry," Terri said, pulling away and looking afraid, as if I might be mad at them.

"He's mad at our dad, not at us," Tammy explained, letting me go. Then she bit her lip, realizing she was reading my thoughts again.

"It's okay, Tammy," I said, reassuring her. "I really don't mind."

"You don't?" she said doubtfully, finding it hard to believe.

"You can tell that I don't, can't you?" She nodded slowly. "Did you really think I wouldn't like you anymore?"

They explained how most people were terrified of having their thoughts read, of having their innermost secrets discovered. "You already know my biggest secret, and you still like me," I pointed out.

Terri looked confused, and Tammy explained, "He means that he likes young girls like us." Terri shrugged, non-plussed, as if that weren't nearly as bad as other peoples' secrets. I shuddered to think what these girls had been exposed to, from an early age: all of the hate, lies, anger, lust; all gleaned from the minds and emotions of others. No wonder they weren't bothered by my attraction to them. It was a credit to their mother's love that they were sane.

Tammy was watching me. `We're doin' ok,' she thought at me, making me jump. "I'm sorry!" she said out loud. She looked like she was going to cry again.

"It's ok, Tammy," I told her again, wiping a tear from her cheek with my thumb. "It's just going to take some getting used to. That's all. Did you two really think you could keep this a secret from me?"

"We were gonna try," Terri admitted honestly, "but Tammy kept goofing up."

"You did too, once!" Tammy retorted. She sensed I didn't remember when this was. "In the pool, that first day," she explained. "Terri said you were tired."

I thought of something else. "Now that I think of it, she always seems to start getting sexy acting just when I'm thinking something sexy about one of you, too. That's not a coincidence, is it?" Terri looked bashfully at the floor, and I knew it wasn't. "That could be embarrassing, when you're watching a sexy movie with someone else."

"It only happens when I'm around someone I really like. I kinda get `connected.'" She smiled shyly at me, blushing.

"Do you really think I only want to have sex with you?" I asked her, remembering what I had heard her say while I stood outside the door. She shook her head, ashamed that I had heard her. "I can tell you really love us," she said softly. "I only said that to try and make Tammy feel better." She looked at me, her face apologetic. "I'm sorry I swore at you before. I know I hurt your feelings."

I hugged her again by way of forgiveness, and everything was all right once more.

Now that the crisis was over, I asked them to explain their abilities. Apparently they could communicate together telepathically, but only Tammy was capable of hearing others. Tammy was also able to make her mother hear her, if she projected a thought at her, but no one else. That was why she had been so surprised when I heard her think, `I wish you were my dad.'

"So THAT'S what you meant when you yelled `He heard me!' at me," Terri exclaimed. It seems Tammy had flung the thought at her twin, catching Terri off guard.

"I'm sorry I made you fall out of the tree," Tammy apologized, but she was sucking in her lips, trying to hold back a grin. I chuckled as Terri frowned at her; even I could tell the apology wasn't entirely sincere. "I think you're only sorry about the fact that you felt it when she fell," I teased. Tammy nodded, smiling openly now.

I wanted to test something. I told Tammy to tell me what I was thinking, closing my eyes and trying to feel her `inside'. All the science fiction books I had ever read talked about things like `probing tendrils of thought'. Tammy laughed derisively, picking it up. "It's not like THAT," she scorned. I hadn't felt a thing; it was kind of disappointing. She went on to explain that it was something like listening to different stations on a radio. Each person had a different `frequency', and all she had to do was tune in. Until I came along, she had only been able to `broadcast' to her mother's and sister's stations. "Do you think that's why you can tell us apart so easy?" she reasoned. I had to admit it sounded plausible.

Perhaps, somehow, the three of us were linked in some way. It might have had something to do with my attraction to young girls, I suppose.

Being girls, the twins decided they had had enough serious talk and said they wanted to go swimming. "I have to finish my book, first," I told them regretfully, trying my hardest to think only about my work. They begged and pleaded, and my concentration slipped. Tammy immediately realized I was joking. "Wow," she said, impressed. "You tricked me!"

"I'm smarter than you think," I grinned slyly, wrestling her down on the bed and tickling her until she begged for mercy, her tears forgotten. It was comforting to know that she could still be fooled; I would have missed the pleasure of teasing her, otherwise.

I sat on the bed and watched as they stood up, stripping off their T-shirts, leaving their little girl chests bare. I quickly reached out and poked a finger into each little navel while their heads were covered, making them both suck in their bellies. "How come you like tickling us so much?" asked Terri, exasperated by my constant kitchie cooing.

"Because I like hearing you laugh," I answered simply, "and it's easier than telling you jokes." She smiled indulgently, shaking her head, graciously willing to put up with my eccentricities.

They took off their shorts and panties, standing back up unashamedly while I openly admired the now naked twins, all of us glad that we no longer had any secrets between us. I noticed their sunburns seemed to be healing well, already turning to a light colored tan. I could feel my penis starting to swell as I looked at them, and Terri soon after began to scratch at her bare pussy in empathy. "You're a dirty old man," she teased, snickering as she fondled herself suggestively.

`Spank her!' I heard Tammy suggest to me silently, a giggling echo trailing the thought. Not needing any further encouragement, I snatched Terri off the floor and bent her over my lap on the bed, catching her completely off guard. It seemed that Tammy was able to selectively `broadcast', and her twin hadn't heard it as she yelled in surprise.

"Dirty old man, huh?" I said in mock anger as I gave her twitching little butt a playful slap. Tammy laughed in delight as her twin cried out in alarm at having been deceived. I gave her a few more little slaps to make her sister happy (and me too, I must admit), and I noticed Tammy rub her own butt as if she were feeling it also. Terri shouted her apologies, and I rolled her over. Her delicate little mound, fully exposed, was probably trembling with pre-desire, if she was empathetic to my sexual appetite. I held her thin wrists in one hand over her head and looked at Tammy. "I don't think she's really sorry, do you?" I asked her with a grin. "Maybe we should tickle her to make sure." Tammy nodded her eager agreement, and before her sister could protest we started poking and prodding her everywhere on her body, leaving nothing untouched. Tammy would tickle her chest and nipples while I squeezed a knee, and I would poke her belly and ribs while Tammy playfully squeezed her thigh very close to her pussy or pinched her butt until Terri was screaming and squirming, hiccupping with laughter.

"Enough?" I asked the panting girl, who was so out of breath she could only nod her head as I released her, her chest rising and falling in relief as I stroked her soft tummy. "I think I'd rather you told me jokes," she said wryly, once she recuperated. I gave her ribs one final poke and she giggled again in spite of herself. Then she accused us of ganging up on her. Tammy artfully reminded her that she had done the same thing last night, more or less, and Terri let it drop, figuring they were even and wanting to go swimming instead of arguing about it.


They scampered into the bathroom and Tammy stood at the edge of the tub, pulling their swim suits and towels off the curtain rod where they
had been hung to dry. They quickly pulled on the little bikinis, reaching down inside to pull the material out of their crotches. My erection had gone down somewhat, and Terri should have been less agitated sexually, but her hand still lingered in her crotch after straightening out the bikini.

We went to my house and the girls curiously followed me into my bathroom to watch me change. I guess it was only fair; I had watched THEM change. Their eyes widened in appreciation as I stood there naked before them, pulling on my trunks, my penis semi-erect. I was only average in size, but big to their young eyes. I grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion and quickly put some on their fading sunburns, not wanting them to burn again.

We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and frolicking in the water, until starvation forced us to seek supper. Susan wouldn't be back until later in the evening, so it fell upon me to feed the hungry nine year olds.

I suggested an expedition to McDonalds, for convenience's sake, and they readily agreed.

"Why don't we clean up first?" I asked, feeling the need for a shower.

"You girls go home and take a quick bath and I'll come get you in about a half hour, okay?" They were old enough to be left alone for a
short while, and I was right next door if they needed me. They ran off without any argument, since they were hungry and wanted to eat as soon as possible.

I went home and quickly showered, putting on clean shorts and a shirt, arriving at their place about 25 minutes later. I knocked and opened the door, only to find the girls still wearing their swimsuits, sitting on the living room floor. "What's the matter?" I asked, wondering why they weren't ready. "I thought you were going to take a bath?"

Both girls were silent, looking at me rather nervously. Tammy elbowed her sister in the ribs, prompting her. "We want you to give us our baths," she said hesitantly, sounding like a much younger girl.

"I thought you were hungry," I said, wondering what was going on. Not that I didn't want to bathe them, but I was hungry too.

"Please?" said Tammy, her eyes almost pleading. I don't know why, but for some reason it seemed very important to them. I shrugged and nodded, giving in, and they quickly ran into the bathroom, leaving me to follow behind.

They both stood next to the tub, waiting anxiously and looking almost helpless; they hadn't even turned the water on. I started filling the tub, making sure the water was comfortably hot and closing the drain. Noticing a box of `Mr. Bubble' on the side, I dumped in a generous amount of bubble bath, watching as the tub slowly filled with water and bubbles. Terri and Tammy just stood there waiting, apparently wanting me to undress them, also. They were acting almost like toddlers, and it was very unlike them to want to be babied like this. I didn't mind doing it, of course, if it was what they wanted. As I mentioned before, I had always dreamed of the things I would do if I were a father, and this was certainly one of them.

I sat on the edge of the tub and pulled Terri to me, and she balanced herself with a hand on my shoulder as I pulled down her swim suit bottom, her little girl slit already glistening with moisture as she stepped out of it. She quickly pulled off her top and smiled thankfully at me and climbed into the tub, splashing a little to make more bubbles as I stripped off Tammy's suit. The girl hugged me before joining her twin, and I was filled once again with love for them.

I pulled off my shirt, expecting a bit of splashing from the two imps, and grabbed a bar of soap in one hand and a wash cloth in the other. I started with Terri, having her stand up to make it easier as I washed her face and neck, then down her body, using both the cloth and my hand as I soaped her up. My hands slid over her delightful little girl chest, soaping up her nipples. Lovingly, I lathered her chest and tickled her small nipples with my fingertips. I loved how they felt: the tiny, sensitive tips poking out as my hand slid across her soapy skin. I knew she was getting turned on now, as was I, and her thighs clenched together around my hand when I soaped between her legs. I continued with this task that they so much seemed to want, and followed the gentle curve of her bloated belly down to her thighs and past her delightful pussy. I felt that she wanted me to wash between her legs, but I was hesitant at first.

I rinsed her down and turned the water off. I glanced at Tammy and saw her playing with herself beneath the frothy layer of bubbles, watching us intently. I felt Terri tremble slightly as if she were cold, but there was sweat beading on her forehead. "Are you okay?" I asked. Neither one had said a word this whole time, and it seemed as if they were worried and very tense.

Terri nodded, but she was still shaking. "Your penis is hard," she whispered in an almost babyish voice, the 's's softly lisped. Her eyes were closed, so she must have been sensing my body's reaction to washing her.

"You want to touch her cunny," said Tammy in a flat, emotionless voice. I didn't know why they were acting so strangely, and it was making me nervous, unsure of what to do. I felt as if I were acting in a play, but no one had told me what my lines were.

`Go ahead,' Tammy thought at me. `She needs you to touch her.' Still confused, I soaked the wash cloth and held it to Terri's chest, rinsing her off a little as the water ran down her front. Her eyes were filled with longing as I rubbed the bar of soap over her belly, raising a lather of suds. Placing one hand on her back to hold her steady, I ran the other in circles over her stomach, getting it nice and slick. Gently, I slid my soapy fingers into the virgin crease, making her jerk when I lightly brushed her tiny, sensitive clit. She whimpered once, a barely audible whine, and I quickly removed my hand, looking at her worriedly.

`Don't stop!' Tammy thought sharply at me, once again projecting her thoughts. Still unsure of what was happening, I continued soaping the young girl's groin, lovingly caressing her hairless slit with my fingers as Terri nudged her hips forward, pushing herself against my hand.

Sensing her need, I used my middle finger to concentrate the strokes in her crack, gently stroking to increase the friction and further excite the center of her sex through the slippery suds. I could feel her tense as I stroked and Terri began slowly but firmly thrusting her hips back and forth against my finger, grunting with an almost desperate desire, her hands clenched at her sides. She cried out "Daddy!" as her too soon orgasm overtook her, but I didn't think she was referring to me. I felt Terri's entire body shudder as the pleasure wave went through her, her moans of ecstasy seemingly mingled with cries of deep suffering that had waited long for release. She was actually sobbing when it was over, tears streaming down her cheeks as she threw her arms around my neck in grief, crying on my shoulder.

Wondering what I had done to cause all this I looked a question at Tammy, as I held her trembling, soaking wet sister against me. `She's okay now,' I heard her say silently, a solemn tear of sympathy running down her own cheek. `Just love her.'

I did my best to comfort the crying girl, holding her in my arms as I softly stroked her wet skin and said helpless, meaningless words like "Shhh" and "It's okay." I didn't know if it was okay or not, but it seemed to soothe her as she cried herself out, her heaving sobs becoming little whimpers until her tears finally tapered off to sniffles. Still she clung to me, and I gave her a tight hug before gently pushing her off of
my shoulder, holding her at arm's length. "Are you all right now?" I asked her, my voice filled with concern. She wouldn't look at me, and I could tell she was embarrassed by her outburst. "It's okay to cry," I told her. "The girls in my books cry sometimes, too." She nodded, and I knew that made her feel a little better. I wanted to ask her what all this had been about, but I didn't think she'd want to talk about it. If she wanted me to know she could tell me when she was ready. Instead, I pulled her back in my arms and said, simply, "I love you, Terri."

"I love you too," she said in her soft voice, hugging me back.

Quietly, she sank down in the water and rinsed herself off.

"Now wash ME!" Tammy demanded in a cheery voice, breaking the somber mood that was hanging over us. Smiling gratefully at her, I gestured for her to stand up and took soap and washcloth in hand once again. I could tell she wasn't going to repeat her sister's performance as she giggled and wiggled beneath my soapy, tickling hands. She said to hurry because she was hungry, and I was leery about fondling her anyway after seeing how her sister had reacted, so I quickly soaped her body, moving quickly through her private parts and told her to rinse off, leaving it at that.

They climbed out of the tub and quickly dried themselves off, no longer feeling the need for me to baby them and acting like nothing
unusual had happened. They ran to their bedroom and pulled on clean panties, shorts, T-shirts and sneakers, then ran back to the bathroom mirror and primped a bit, combed their hair and yelled, "Let's go!"

I dried off my chest where Terri had gotten me wet and put my shirt back on. Terri pointed out apologetically that my shorts were all wet too, so we all headed to my place so I could change before going out to eat.

At McDonalds they wanted `Happy meals', which I gladly bought for them. Terri and Tammy were always polite, saying please and thank you
quite sincerely, but I think they knew they could have had their way with me even if they were discourteous. It was nicer to spoil girls that had manners, though.

It was almost dark when we got back home and their mother hadn't returned from work yet, so we settled down on their couch and watched old reruns on `Nickelodeon', the cable TV channel. They enjoyed the old shows as much as I did, laughing as we watched `Get Smart', `Mister Ed', `The Dick Van Dyke Show'; all the old programs from my own youth. By the time Susan came home the three of us had fallen asleep on the couch. Tammy was sprawled on her stomach on top of me, Terri snuggled against my side, my arms around both of them. She gently shook me awake and said, "You guys look pretty comfortable." My hands were still beneath the young girls' shirts and I quickly removed them. I had drifted off into a blissful doze while stroking Tammy's back and Terri's side, but I wasn't sure what their mother would think of my intimacy.

The twins came groggily awake when they heard their mother's voice, and we disentangled ourselves. "Sorry I had to work so late, Tom," said Susan, as Terri and Tammy hugged her hello with sleepy yawns. I waved off her apology, letting her know I didn't mind. "The girls give you any trouble?"she asked.

The girls in question looked at me expectantly, remembering all that had happened today and wondering what I would say. I was wondering, myself.

"Well, Terri fell out of a tree," I told her, and when her eyes widened in concern I quickly added, "but she didn't get hurt any." Terri looked guiltily at her mother, wondering if she'd get reprimanded. "I should have been watching her closer," I went on, apologizing for my lax
attention to her daughters.

She sighed ruefully with a small laugh. "They're GIRLS, Tom. And they're young. You can't possibly watch them every second, and I honestly wouldn't want you to anyway." She lovingly ruffled the girls' hair, and they smiled up at her. "They're going to get scrapes and cuts once in a while, and nothing you or I can do will prevent it. We can WORRY about it, though," she added with an exasperated smile.

I laughed, filled with admiration for this single mother as she ordered the twins to bed. Terri and Tammy hugged me and kissed me good night, and her eyebrows raised slightly as she watched them. She didn't seem to disapprove though. Before I left I invited her over for some coffee after she put the girls to bed, and she accepted. I wanted to tell her that I had found out about her daughters' abilities, and to find out more about them.

She knocked on my door about a half hour later, and her expression seemed relieved as we sat down at the kitchen table. "Tammy and Terri told me what happened today," she began, taking a sip of coffee. "I appreciate how well you handled everything. I don't think either one of them could have coped with another rejection, especially from you."

I hoped she didn't know everything that I had `handled' today. I didn't know if the girls had told of the bath time incident or not. "I was bound to find out about them eventually," I told her. "I'm an expert on girls, remember? You said so yourself."

Susan didn't laugh at my small joke. I could see she was hesitating, thinking about what she wanted to say. "I think you're more than an `expert', Tom," she said carefully, watching my reaction. "Would you care to tell me about it?"

Oh Jesus, I thought to myself, feeling my face go pale in panic. The mother of two nine year old girls knows what I am. Should I deny it? Self preservation was my first instinct. I could see the headline: `Popular children's author denounced as a PEDOPHILE!'

She was watching me intently as my thoughts churned. She obviously already had her suspicions; anything less than the truth would not be believed. I swallowed hard and took a deep breath, preparing, for the first time in my life, to admit to another adult my deepest secret.

"I like young girls," I said. Looking her in the eye as I said it was the hardest thing I've ever done. I cocked an ear, listening for sirens to announce my arrest.

She nodded, once. No accusations, no hysteria, no cries of `pervert'.

Just a nod. "I know that was hard for you, Tom. But I want you to know that I appreciate your honesty. If you had lied I would have thought less of you. And no," she added, "I'm not going to call the police or tell anyone else."

I breathed a sigh of relief when she said this. "I suppose you'll be looking for another baby sitter now," I said regretfully, figuring my relationship with Terri and Tammy was over. "I'll stay away from them, if you say so."

"No, no Tom, you're misunderstanding," she said earnestly. "I'm trying to tell you that it's okay. I know you love them both, and they love you too." I was looking at her with amazement, convinced I must have been dreaming. "You gave them a BATH, Tom," she went on. "That's something they haven't let anyone do since they were 4 years old. Not even me!"

I got some more coffee as Susan began filling me in on their past. She explained how she and her husband had known the girls were `different' since infancy. Terri would be very sensitive to their moods, while Tammy could always make her mother understand what she needed, even before she could talk. When the twins did learn to speak, their talents became even more apparent. Susan's husband loved their special girls as much as she did. But one time, when Susan had to work late, he was giving the little girls a bath and his love crossed into taboo territory (to his thinking): He had been washing 4 year old Terri when the little girl had giggled at her daddy and told him that what he was doing between her legs felt good.

That was understandable for kids so young. The problem began when it started feeling good to him, as well, as he looked at his young daughter's happy face. Terri could sense this, and told him so.

I immediately realized the whole bath scene this afternoon had been a re-enactment of this. Tammy picked up her father's desire to touch their little hairless pubes, and also told him. Instead of caressing them for a moment, as Terri wanted him to do (because she loved her daddy and she could feel that even her daddy's body loved her back), the man was filled with self-loathing and guilt at his sexual reaction to the little girl, made all the worse because the girls knew about it. He slapped the four year old, the first time he had ever struck one of his girls, and called them both sex freaks, when it was he himself who thought he was perverted. When Susan came home and the distraught twins told her what had happened, she tried explaining to the man that any good psychologist could tell him that his erection had been completely normal.

The damagehad been done, though. Every time he looked at the girls he knew they wereaware that he had been sexually attracted to their very young bodies, and, his guilt overpowering him, he couldn't live with it. A few days later he simply left, telling Susan to file for a divorce and that she could have whatever she wanted. He still provided child support, but that was little comfort to the fatherless, hurt young girls. From then on, Terri and Tammy insisted on bathing themselves, fearing their mother might leave also.

Susan finished the story by saying that Terri had taken on the role of protective older sister, hating her father but never mourning him, until today. "You showed her that what her father felt wasn't bad, that it wasn't her fault, that you love her for what she is and don't feel guilty or self conscious about it. They both desperately needed to know that someone besides myself could love them, someone who knew they were telepathic and wasn't afraid of them. I think only a man like you could have done it."

Susan went on to tell me more: How the girls had been aware of other people's sexual feelings since they were out of diapers, sleeping together and experimenting with their own bodies. She said (and I blushed) that if they were going to fool around with someone else she would rather it be with someone she knew, and who loved them both, than with a stranger off the street. She even said she was a bit jealous of them!

We talked past midnight until both of us were yawning, and finally said our goodnights. We hugged, chastely, like brother and sister, drawn together by our mutual love for her daughters. My love also had a sexual element to it though. It was good not to have any secrets, I thought, as I drifted off to sleep a little later, visions of two identical girls dancing naked through my head.


I finally (finally!) finished my book the next morning, before Terri and Tammy came over. I saved it on a floppy disk and sent it off to my publisher in New York, knowing he would be pleased. My books had developed quite a following among girls and boys alike, and sometimes my publisher paid for me to go on book signing tours around the country. I always enjoyed these trips, freely signing books for all my young
admirers, who would ask what my next one was about or tell me some little story about themselves. I didn't think I'd go on a tour for this one, though. I had a much better reason to stay home. Two of them, in fact.

I still found it hard to believe that I had their mother's blessing on our relationship. Not many mothers would allow their daughters to hang around with a confessed little girl lover, but that was exactly what she had done.

I felt I owed her something for being so understanding, so I tried to think of something that would help her with raising two young girls. Terri and Tammy would be starting school in a couple of weeks, the end of their ninth summer sadly coming to an end. When they came over, I asked if their mother had bought them new school clothes yet, and both girls frowned disgustedly at me for reminding them of the dreaded end of their freedom before saying `no'. When I suggested a shopping trip into Chicago however, they both perked up, excited about a trip into the city even if it was for school clothes.

I decided to take them to the Magnificent Mile, a sprawling stretch of expensive department stores and shops that literally took up almost an entire mile on Michigan avenue. We parked in a parking garage, and proceeded to Water Tower Place, one of the tallest and most expensive stores on the strip. They had never been there before, since it was too expensive a place for their mother to shop. It was my first time there also. I had never had a reason to visit before.

They both held my hands as we wormed our way through the bustling crowds, and occasionally a passerby would smile at the two adorable little girls and then at me, obviously thinking I was the twins' father. Once inside the mall we found a directory, and the girls gaped at the huge selection of stores. I felt rather intimidated myself.

I found the name of a rather upscale department store on the 7th floor, and we took an elevator up. Their eyes bugged out (and mine too) when they saw the size of the girls' department. We wandered about rather aimlessly until a saleswoman caught sight of the twins, obviously also seeing double sales. She was a college age girl (whose name tag said Dawn), and Terri and Tammy were put at ease by her friendly manner, as she judged their size with an expert eye and started displaying assorted clothes for their approval.

The girls took up residence in the dressing room as Dawn, almost frantically, brought item after item to them, taking some back when they made a sour face, setting some on a growing pile of keepers when they shrugged their consent. Terri seemed to favor Levi's blue jeans, while Tammy preferred simple cotton skirts and jerseys. I couldn't decide which I liked better as they modeled for me; both types showed off their backsides quite nicely. Neither girl was too particular about blouses, choosing multicolored pullovers and button-ups of several varieties.

Everything looked good on them, but I liked them even better as I caught glimpses of them in just their white cotton panties, as they dressed and undressed repeatedly. I recognized some of the designer names from the Sunday papers. I always looked through the color pullouts hoping to see a cute girl modeling swim wear or (rarely) underwear.

Once we had quite a sizable collection, I told Dawn that that would be enough. She let out a breath of air, seeming regretful and relieved at the same time. The girls had given her a good workout. I watched as Tammy and Terri pulled their own shorts and T-shirts back on, and as they were tying their shoes I asked them if they needed new underwear. Terri looked around to make sure no one else was listening before nodding yes. I guess they didn't want everyone knowing their "personal" business, evidently.

I asked Dawn where the underwear section was and she pointed in it's general direction. She almost asked if we needed any help but Tammy gave her a look that quite clearly meant they were capable of doing it themselves. I think Tammy feared that I might like this older teenage girl, and wanted to get me away from her. Dawn didn't seem to mind, contenting herself with adding up the numerous price tags as we wandered off.

"She thinks you're our dad," Tammy informed me, apparently having heard her thoughts.

"I suppose we could pretend," I smiled at her, putting an arm around each of my identical friends.

Tammy hesitated a moment before asking, "Why don't you marry our mom? Then you could REALLY be our dad."

Her hopeful sincerity warmed my heart, and I hated to disappoint her.

"It wouldn't be fair to your mom," I told her. She looked up at me and I could see she didn't understand.

Surprisingly, Terri explained. "He means he likes us better than he likes our mom."

I could see that Tammy still didn't get it. "Your mother needs a man who would love her just for her, not someone who would love you two more than her," I elaborated. Tammy frowned as she considered this, and finally realized what I was talking about; that I would always want to make love with the two of them more than with their mother. She sighed, and I was as regretful as she was.

We found the long aisle that displayed little girls under wear. While Terri and Tammy browsed through them my mind imagined all the different sizes and shapes of little girl butts and pussies that would fill the diminutive panties, which came in assorted colors, no less. Tammy smiled at me knowingly, picking up my erotic thoughts, and I shrugged helplessly back. I saw a small section displaying a brand called L' Amore Juvenile, and my heartbeat speeded up a bit as I realized they were bikini type panties, the same as a woman would wear only in girls' sizes.

Terri sensed my excitement and came over to see what had my blood pounding. She snickered when she saw what I was looking at. "I don't have to be a mind reader to know what YOU'RE thinking," she smirked, as Tammy walked over to see what all the fuss was about.

The thought of my sexy young friends wearing these sexy little panties beneath their new clothes made my dick swell with an erection, and Terri also began to twitch her legs together, as though she had to pee, empathically connected to my sex genitals. "Behave yourself," she admonished me, wagging her finger as I smiled guiltily.

"Don't tease him, Terri," said her sister, defending my lustful desires. "He can't help it."

Tammy picked up a package and studied the designs on the small bikini underpants. I saw one that came in a spotted leopard skin print, and I immediately thought of Jane in the old Tarzan movies. Tammy chuckled and pounded her chest. "You Tarzan! Me Jane!" she said, comically trying to sound sexy. She looked at Terri and pointed. "She Sabu!" Terri rolled her eyes at me. My telepathic friend was making me even more embarrassed.

"I'm sorry Tom," said Tammy, smiling in spite of her apology as she realized she was doing what she had just told her sister not to do. "We'll wear 'em, if you really want us to. Won't we Terri?"

I watched as they picked out their choices, but now I started to wonder what their mother would think. I went over to the other rack and took a couple packages of regular little girl, colored underpants. When the twins looked at me curiously I ostensibly said, "We don't want your mom to think I'm turning you two into preteen strippers or something." They laughed their high pitched giggles and I joined in as we carried our plunder back to Dawn. The thought of them doing a strip tease was an intriguing one, though.

The girls watched in awe as the cash register kept going and going and going...finally coming to a stop at well over five hundred dollars. Their mouths dropped in shock as they watched me calmly hand over my gold card, their eyes darting back in disbelief to the total on the machine. Dawn read my name on the card and I saw her brow furrow in concentration. "Are you the children's author?" she asked finally.

"Yes, I am." Already surprised by the amount of money I was spending on them, Terri and Tammy were further impressed at my being recognized by a total stranger. I grinned to myself as I saw them speechless for the first time since I had known them.

Dawn proceeded to tell us how her little sister had all of my books, and asked me to give my autograph for her. She gave me a blank piece of paper and told me to make it out to `Tanya', which I did. Then she had me autograph the credit slip as well, prudently tearing up the carbons. Terri finally found her voice and eagerly informed her that I had just finished another book, and I thought I detected a note of pride in her voice as she told Dawn to be sure and tell her sister about it.

Dawn handed each of us a large shopping bag filled with our booty and gave us a very sincere thank you as we walked off. The girls were having a hard time carrying the heavy bags, barely able to keep them off the floor. I considered offering to help but both of them shot me determined looks, Terri sensing my concern and Tammy hearing it. They had to switch arms several times before we made it back to the car, where we put everything in the trunk. We walked down to the corner and had lunch at McDonald's, and I asked them what they wanted to do next.

"Could we go to the top of the Sear's tower?" asked Terri, after a moments consideration. Tammy nodded her eager approval of the idea. "Sure," I said. "I haven't been there for a while."

We decided to walk the few blocks, since it was a nice day and it was easier than fighting traffic and finding another parking place. We were only halfway there, threading our way through the lunchtime crowds, when Tammy started rubbing her temples as if she had a bad headache. "You okay?" I asked her, as we waited for a light to change so we could cross the street.

"Yeah," she said, but her expression was rather pained. "It's all these people. They make a lot of noise up here." She pointed at her head. "Sometimes it's hard to block it out."

I hadn't realized that her `receiver' might get scrambled from being in a crowd, with so many people's thoughts intent on hurrying or business.

"Will you be all right?" She nodded grimly, and I could tell it was hard for her. "How about you?" I asked Terri.

"I'm okay," she shrugged. "I can feel everyone's in a hurry, but it doesn't really bother me. I can block it better than Tammy can, I guess, 'cause I don't have to listen to them. She's the telepathetic one," she added, mispronouncing it once again, apparently on purpose. "TelePATHic!" Tammy exclaimed, exasperated by her sister's attempt at humor.

"That's what I said," Terri responded mildly, giving me an innocent look. Her eyes were smiling, however.

"Can't you feel her headache though?" I asked, remembering how Terri seemed to be `connected' to those she cared about, especially her twin.

"I can tell her head hurts," she said, looking at her sister with some concern, "but I can kinda block it out, when I have to."

"How come you don't `block it out' when I start to get a you-know-what?" I asked, as we crossed the street with the flow of people.

Understanding that I meant how she always gets hot and excited when I get a hard-on, she said seriously, "That's different. That feels GOOD!" I couldn't think of any way to help her sister, so we continued on.

We finally reached the world's tallest building and took what must have been the world's fastest elevator up to the observation deck. Our ears popped when we got there. Tammy seemed more at ease now that we weren't in the middle of a crowd, and I gave both girls some change for the telescopes that were placed all along the windows. I pointed out some planes circling around O'Hare airport, seeming to be at the same altitude as we were. It was a beautiful view, and the girls ran around eagerly pointing out all the landmarks.

When we had seen all there was to see, I suggested, jokingly, that we walk down instead of taking the elevator. Both girls looked at me as if I had lost my mind, and I had to laugh. We plummeted down in the elevator and made faces trying to get our ears popped again. There were a few stores on the ground level, and I saw something that gave me an idea. "If you listened to something on that," I said to Tammy, pointing to a Walkman with headphones, "would that help you block out the crowds?"

Tammy considered this, and decided it might work. We went into the store and I asked Terri if she wanted one too, since I wanted to be fair about it, but surprisingly she said no. They weren't like other sisters, who felt a constant need to compete or have the same things that the other one had.

So, with Tammy wearing the headphones and listening to a radio station, we headed back out to the busy street. After a half block, while Tammy was singing along to some song that we couldn't hear, I poked her on the shoulder and she looked up at me, beaming her sunny smile. Evidently my idea had worked; the music gave her something else to listen to. When we got back to the car, Tammy slid next to me, while Terri took the passenger seat. Tammy took off the Walkman and wrapped her soft arms around my neck, planting a quick, moist kiss on my lips. "Thanks Tom," she said, smiling.

"Yeah," echoed her sister. "Thanks for all the cool clothes and stuff." I smiled at both of them, letting them know I appreciated their thanks. I suppose some people might accuse me of trying to buy their affection with gifts, in the hopes of receiving sexual favors from them. The twins already liked me, however, and were quite aware that I was sexually attracted to them. My motives weren't nearly so devious. I simply wanted to buy them things to make them happy, to show that I loved them. In this regard, I'm no different than a man buying something for his wife or girl friend.

Back at home, we dumped all the new clothes at their house, and returned to my place to play the computer game. It was late in the afternoon, Susan would be home shortly, and we were all too tired to go swimming. I booted the computer and resumed the game where we had left off a few days ago, and Tammy took up station at the keyboard while Terri went to the kitchen and came back with Cokes for them and a beer for me. She handed me the beer and sat on my lap, leaning back against me and eying my can hopefully, so I gave her a swallow and listened to the obligatory belch.

She snuggled her small, warm body against me as we watched Tammy play the game, giving occasional suggestions which Tammy would then carry out. I wrapped my arms around the young girl in my lap, and she put her left arm fondly around my neck, filling my nostrils with the sweet aroma of a nine year old girl as she relaxed against me. I stroked her bare leg and she kicked off her sneakers, revealing her small, dainty feet and, placing them up on the chair, exposed her tender thighs to my caresses.

Running my hand over Terri's slender leg gave me an erection, naturally, and soon the girl had those growing sexual feelings in her own groin through her shorts, as she responded to my desire. I looked at her beautiful face, and her trusting smile seemed to draw my lips to her. I kissed her softly, lovingly, feeling her moist lips press against my own, filling me with a passion that seemed to be returned as I heard her moan slightly, her lips vibrating with the sound. I felt her mouth open, granting me access to the warm wetness within as I continued stroking her leg, my finger against the tight denim of her shorts, teasing that warm tiny treasure hidden beneath her underpants.

Terri seemed to be echoing my own need, wrapping both arms around me as we kissed deeply, slowly, our tongues dancing together as my other hand found it's way beneath her T-shirt. I had never kissed a little girl this way before, and was surprised at how passionately she returned my oral caress. I realized she was empathically feeling my lustful love, and was reflecting it back at me, mixed with her own desire. The result was a young girl of nine acting like a female in heat, her breath coming faster through her nostrils as my own increased as well. Pushing my fingers under her shorts, I grazed against the small crease in her panties and was rewarded with a sensual groan from her mouth, fastened to my own. Then I heard a slight cough on my left, and remembered Tammy. I pulled away from Terri, and both of us were panting, grinning with surprise at each other. Tammy seemed to be pouting slightly, watching us morosely.

"What about me?" she said, sounding a little envious at all the attention her sister was receiving. I seemed to have an enviable dilemma of trying to figure out how to kiss a set of twins with only one mouth.

"She's jealous," said Terri, appraising her sister. She didn't say it mockingly, though.

"Am not!" Tammy lied. If anyone could tell how she felt, Terri could. Tammy realized she was wasting her time trying to fool us and shrugged, looking at the floor. It was flattering to realize that these noncompetitive sisters could be possessive over my affections. "I don't think all three of us could fit in this chair without falling over," I told them, making Tammy grin a little at the thought.

"We could go to your bedroom," Terri suggested not so innocently. Tammy nodded her agreement, looking eager.

I shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant, but knowing that they were aware that I was as eager as they. I stood up with Terri in my arms and
she wrapped herself around me as Tammy followed us into the bedroom. I threw Terri on the bed and started tickling her, then I grabbed her sister and did the same. I wanted to keep things fun, yet also erotic.

Lying alongside of Tammy, I grabbed her thin wrists and pinned her arms over her head, tickling her belly and armpits and her little nipples. While Tammy wiggled in glee, Terri --ever the mischievous one-- grabbed hold of her sister's shorts and underpants and quickly pulled them off, leaving Tammy naked from the waist down. I glanced at the beautiful, hairless, little girl slit lying between her legs and quickly ran my finger up through it, making the girl giggle again. I started softly rubbing over her belly, then underneath her shirt, stroking over her tummy and tiny nipples. When I released her arms she kept them over her head, enjoying the sensation of my stroking hand, a contented smile on her face.

"Take off her shirt," Terri prompted, willing to expose her sister for everyone's enjoyment. Since Tammy hadn't protested, I bundled her shirt up to her armpits and pulled it off over her head and arms. Tammy remained lying there sedately, stretched out with one leg slightly bent outward, no longer ashamed or embarrassed at being naked in front of me. I had seen both of them nude several times now, after all. In fact, I think they were both quite pleased with the effect their smooth young bodies had on me, and the unique personalities contained within them made them even more special.

`Kiss me like you did Terri,' I heard inside my head, as her sister laid down on the other side next to her. I pushed my right arm beneath Tammy's shoulders and neck, lifting her head slightly as I lowered my own, watching her eyes close in anticipation. I brushed my lips softly against hers, and she giggled a little in response.

Her reaction would be different than Terri's, I could tell, since she lacked her sister's empathic ability to feel my passion and return it. She was a playful kitten, while Terri was the aggressive tiger. It required a mental adjustment to my love making, so I playfully pecked at her lips while my left hand roamed over the girl's bare front, occasionally going low enough to stroke over her bare little mound.

Sticking my tongue out I licked across her lips, and her own tongue came out to say hello. As I explored inside her mouth, breathing in her sweet breath, I could tell she was getting into it now. No longer giggling, she was making little grunts of pleasure as I continued petting her smooth skin, feeling her body squirm in pleasure. My hand unexpectedly met another one on Tammy's chest, as Terri started massaging the nude girl between us.

Breaking off our kiss, I moved down to her chest and flicked my tongue across her left nipple before closing my lips on the erect little flesh bud and sucking on it. I was amazed to hear soft moans of ecstasy inside my head; apparently Tammy was unintentionally broadcasting her pleasure. I felt the girl's back arch and a soft `oooh' escape her lips, and when I looked down between her legs I saw that Terri had moved between them and at first was kissing around her little sister's thighs. Then getting bolder, Terri moved her face into her sister's crotch and began planting those kisses directly on Tammy's little slit, juicing it all the more.

Startled at this sight, I had to stop what I was doing and watch for a few seconds. Terri noticed me looking at her and raised up from her sister long enough to smile at me before going back to the honey pot. I had to remind myself that these weren't a couple of naive nine year olds; they had been exposed to the full range of human feelings and desires since infancy, and had seemingly experimented on each other.

Since Terri appeared quite caught up in what she was doing, I moved back to Tammy's mouth. I wanted to be kissing her when she felt her
orgasm, and to feel her young body writhe in pleasure. As my tongue again entered between her lips she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, kissing me almost as passionately as Terri had. While I fingered her stiff little girl tits, I could feel her body arching and pushing, rythmically pumping in sexual abandon, as Terri and I made love to her.

I was totally unprepared for what happened next. All the while, I had been hearing her little moans being broadcast telepathically. When the
girl climaxed, it was as if I was feeling it with her, as waves of pulsating pleasure filled my head in a burst of pure, youthful joy, echoed by the quivering body in my arms. I heard Terri and myself moaning along with her, as we both felt Tammy's spasms. Slowly her shivering subsided and almost as quickly as it started it was over. "Wow," was all I could say as I looked in awe at the panting girl spread out on my bed.

"It's neat how she does that, huh?" said Terri, grinning widely above her sister's wet little pussy, a long tendril of saliva and little girl juice connecting her mouth and her sister's pussy lips. Tammy opened her eyes and smiled happily at me, glad that she could now share her orgasms with someone other than her sister. "You can kiss me down there, if you want," Terri told me impishly, still playing her fingers through her sister's bald little mound.

"Wait a minute," Tammy said, cocking her head. "Mom's home. She's on her way over here." Terri frowned, as disappointed as I was.

I looked admiringly at the nude girl lying so relaxed on my bed. "You better get dressed," I told her. Even if Susan didn't mind our fooling around, I didn't feel comfortable having her see us like this.

"Why?" said Tammy mischievously, stretching herself out comfortably and making no move to do what I said.

Instead of saying something typically adult, like `Because I said so,'I simply grabbed the girl and flipped her over on her stomach across my legs, giving her bare butt a few slaps until she laughingly gave up.

Susan knocked just as she finished dressing and we all went out to greet her. "Hi, Tom, and you two, too," said Susan as the girls hugged her hello. Tammy asked if she had seen all their new clothes. "Yes, I did. You're spoiling them again Tom," she said with mock seriousness. I could tell she appreciated it, though. "I don't know how to thank you."

"Have him over for dinner," Terri suggested with a shrug. Her simple solution met with approval from us all, and a short while later we enjoyed a delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs. During dinner, an idea began to take shape in my head as I watched the girls slurping up strings of spaghetti. Tammy picked up my thought and looked at me in astonishment.

"You want to write a book about us?" she asked, her eyes wide. "Tammy!" her mother admonished, realizing she must have been reading my mind since I hadn't said anything.

"It's all right Susan," I assured her. "I'm used to it by now." They were all looking at me now, wondering if Tammy's remark was accurate, so I explained. "Well, maybe not about you, but kind of based on you. It would be a story about two girls like yourselves, but the rest would be made up. I'm thinking kind of like a princess and maybe an evil witch type book. Fantasy."

A couple of my books had been set in medieval times, so I felt confident of being able to create a made-up world based on that era. I looked at Terri and Tammy and was pleased to see their eyes wide, flattered speechless about having a book based on them.

"You mean there'd be magic and stuff?" asked Terri finally.

"Can we help?" her sister asked eagerly.

"I'll be a magician princess," said Terri boastfully.

"Me too!" echoed Tammy.

"But I was born first, so that means I get to have the most magic."

"Hey, wait a minute," argued Tammy. Susan rolled her eyes at me as if to say, `See what you've started?'

"Hold on you two," I cut in, heading off any further argument. "I'm the writer here, remember?" They both grinned at me sheepishly. "It's just an idea right now, but I'll let you know what I come up with."

We finished our dinner and the girls cleared the table, while I took a seat on the couch. Once everything was in the dishwasher, the girls joined me while Susan went off to take a shower. We watched old reruns on Nickelodeon again, but my mind was elsewhere, going through possible plots for the story. Once in a while Tammy would look at me, hearing the ideas in my head and wanting to comment, but she politely remained silent, not wanting to interrupt me.

When Susan returned, I thanked her for the dinner and said good night, since I wanted to get home and start writing things down. The girls kissed me goodbye, obviously wondering where my story would take them, but remaining silent, afraid to disrupt my `creative juices'. I finished a rough outline for the book that night, surprising myself at how easy it was. I usually took a few weeks break between stories, but this one seemed to be rolling out quickly. I guess I was doubly inspired.


I woke early the next morning, wanting to have some time to work on the new book before Susan left for work and the girls came over. I knew once they got there that I would be far too distracted to get anything done on it. I was able to draft the first chapter and was working on the second when the twins let themselves in a little after ten.

They already had on their bikinis, obviously prepared to go directly to the pool. When they saw I was sitting at my desk working on the computer, they threw their towels on the couch and rushed over to see what I was doing.

"Are you working on the book" Terri asked excitedly.

"Can we read what you have so far?" Tammy begged.

I started to protest, wanting to wait until I had more done before I let them see it, but realized there was no point in trying to make them wait. I brought the first chapter up on the screen and Terri climbed in my lap while Tammy sat in the chair beside me. Their excitement showed on their faces as they quietly read through what I had written. I took in the erotic beauty of their scantily clad preteen bodies as they took in my story. As always, this vision sent my blood rushing between my legs.

Terri affectionately stroked the back of my hand, which I had rested on her exposed belly, while I caressed her smooth bare thigh with my other hand. She brought one foot up to my lap, allowing me to run my hand from her tiny little ankle, along her shapely leg and across her sensitive inner thigh, to the elastic leg band of her bikini bottoms.

At that moment, a feeling of pure joy and boundless love swept over me, sitting there with these two young twins, who so calmly accepted our sexuality, demanding nothing, content in our mutual love and trust, I felt eternally blessed.

I realized our relationship was based on who we really were -- no masks, no secrets. I was the little girl lover, loving them, my only desire in life was their happiness. They were little girls with the ability to make themselves happy simply by making me happy. They made me happy simply by being who they were.

I moved my other hand down Terri's belly and slid it under the material of her bikini to stroke the soft mound between her legs. Her juices had begun to flow and her virginal pussy lips were unfolding beneath my touch. I slid my middle finger between them to caress her little hole and the tiny bud above it. "Mmmmmm, that's nice," she murmured, still concentrating on the screen.

Tammy paged through the story, obviously communicating with Terri telepathically to know when she was ready to go on. They were both intent on the story, their faces twin images of concentration.

Terri's love juices were flowing strongly, lubricating her slit and my finger with slick wetness. This was perhaps as much a result of her empathic reaction to my arousal and shear joy as it was to the physical stimulation. She didn't need to be empathic, however, to feel the stiff rod beneath her bottom and know the effect that her little girl body was having on me.

I parted her delicate lips with my finger and slid it inside her warm wet tunnel, stroking in and out, and rubbing her tiny little pleasure spot with the palm of my hand. She turned her hips up and thrust forward each time my finger slid into her, forcing my finger deep into her soft wet folds. I think my sexual energy was a distraction for both of them, but the girls managed to finish reading what I had written. Tammy stood, and observing what Terri and I were doing, grabbed my arm, and said, "C'mon, Tom, you need to get your swim suit on."

Terri smiled up at me and gave me a quick kiss on the mouth, then, disentangling herself from my arms, climbed out of my lap and, grabbing my other arm, joined her sister in her efforts to motivate me into the bedroom. Neither girl commented on what they had just read, but rather they were intent on getting me into my swim suit. I reached for Tammy, intending to pull her over my knee for interrupting us, but she anticipated my move and jumped out of my reach. The girls giggled and danced circles down the hall in front of me as I went after them, displaying their nearly naked, nymphet bodies in all their most erotic splendor. This did nothing to diminish my state of arousal. It was obvious they were quite aware of this and were delighted with the effects they had on me.

The girls helped me undress, seemingly anxious to get me out of my clothes. I was soon naked and stood there while Tammy ran to the bathroom to bring me my suit. My penis was still quite rigid after my sex play with Terri had been interrupted. Terri boldly walked over and wrapped her hand around its girth. A moan escaped my lips as she began to stroke it lightly. "You want me to kiss it like I kiss Tammy's little cunny," she said matter of factly. This I could not deny. Before I could respond, Terri bent down, and placing her lips on the head of my erect penis, kissed it softly.

Her lips parted and her tongue darted out to lick the tip wetly, sending a shudder through my body. A long moan is all I could manage. Even though she had never done this with a man before, it seemed that she knew exactly what to do to give me the maximum pleasure. What I felt, she felt, so all she had to do was discover and repeat the actions that gave me the most pleasure. Again I was surprised by the sexual sophistication exhibited by these nine year old girls. She continued to stroke the base of my cock with her hand as she licked circles around the head with her tongue. She opened her mouth and engulfed the head, her tongue playing around it lightly. The sensation was lectrifying. My hips involuntarily thrust forward and she took nearly half of my stiff rod into her warm oral cavity.

She squeezed and stroked the base of my rock hard member with her small hand as she sucked the head into the back of her throat. She ran her tongue along the lower ridge of my cock, where it is the most sensitive, as she pulled her face away until just the tip of my throbbing member remained encircled by her warm moist lips. Then she reversed the action, taking as much of my length into her little girl mouth as she could.

Tammy had long since returned with my suit and stood watching Terri's ministrations with interest and excitement. "Why don't you sit on the bed?" she suggested to Terri and me. Still holding my erection with her hand, Terri stood and pushed me back to the side of the bed. I sat on the edge and she knelt between my legs. Taking my cock back in her mouth, she resumed her expert sucking.

Waves of ecstasy surged through my body. The feeling was compounded by the knowledge that Terri was only a little girl, yet she was experiencing all my sexual feelings as intensely as I was. Tammy quickly removed her bikini bottoms and sat down beside me. Keeping one foot resting on the floor, she moved her other leg around behind me, spreading her legs widely apart and locating her hairless, little girl slit within easy reach.

I began fondling her pussy lips as Terri drove me ever closer to climax with her mouth. Tammy leaned back on her hands, watching Terri closely, as I tickled between her blossoming lips, spreading the juices that were flowing from inside her. I slid my finger into Tammy's virgin hole as Terri licked and sucked along my stiffrod, pumping the base with her hand.

At one point, Terri's teeth lightly brushed my sensitive member. It was not really painful, but the discomfort was enough that Terri carefully avoided letting it happen again. As Terri's head bobbed up and down on my penis at an ever increasing frequency, I pumped my finger in and out of Tammy's tight little girl pussy, matching Terri's pace. I could hear little moans and words of encouragement in my mind as Tammy's breathing increased and she, too, neared her orgasm.

I was overwhelmed with sexual pleasure. I felt as if I had transcended into an unearthly form. I had never experienced anything so totally consuming before in my life. This was all too much.

Terri knew exactly what to do to maximize our pleasure. The sensation was overwhelming. Just the thought that I had my finger buried in a nine year old girl's pussy, while her twin sister was sucking me off, pushed me over the edge. I tensed and my sperm shot forcefully into Terri's tiny mouth. She didn't stop sucking. She pumped my spurting member with her hand until I began to relax. She swallowed what she could of my semen, the rest running down her chin and dropping on my genitals. As Terri milked my cream into her mouth, I plunged my finger deep into Tammy's dripping pussy. Her body bucked and spasmed with an orgasm of her own as she transmitted wave after wave of pleasure to Terri and me. I felt Terri moaning deep in her throat as she held my cock in her mouth.

Terri let my softening member slide out of her mouth. She leaned forward, wrapping her arms around me, and hugged me tightly. "That was nice," she sighed. Tammy leaned forward and gave her sister a wet kiss on the mouth, licking up the semen that was running down her chin. "It's my turn to do that next time," she advised her sister. She slid off the bed, and slipping on her bikini bottoms, said, "C'mon, let's go swimming." Terri stood up, and grabbing my suit, handed it to me and said, "Here, let's go."

"Ok, I'm coming," I said. "You already did that," Terri retorted impishly, "now, hurry up!" Tammy giggled and I smiled at Terri.

"That I did" I said, "that I did." I couldn't recall ever having had such a satisfying sexual experience in my life as I had just had. "You girls have no idea how wonderful that was for me," I began, "Well, on second thought, maybe you do." I slipped into my swim suit and we scurried down to the pool.


Before I knew it, Terri and Tammy had entered fourth grade at their new school. They seemed to like it, even though they claimed --as all kids do-- that they didn't. Almost every day they would proudly show me the A's and B's they got on their schoolwork. Actually, Tammy got most of the A's, and Terri most of the B's. (I had learned from Susan that their grades used to be as identical as the twins were. They had cheated. Terri would silently ask her sister what an answer was, and Tammy gave it to her, wrong or right. Their undoing had been the fact that each had had the same WRONG answers. Their teacher thought they must have been using elaborate hand signals. Needless to say, Susan quickly corrected their ways.)

Most parents probably feel relieved when their kids go off to school. I wasn't the twins' father, but I couldn't possibly be glad of their absence. I missed watching the nine year olds run around in their swimsuits (or less) every day. They were very affectionate young girls, always willing to hug and be hugged, kiss and be kissed. Especially Tammy. She loved to cuddle with me, sitting in my lap and talking to me with her thoughts. Terri, on the other hand, was able to feel my desires. The little imp liked to tease me by kissing me wetly and passionately for a few minutes and then running off, leaving me all hot and bothered. She always made up for it though, eventually.

Both girls seemed grateful to have a man in their lives again. They had different ways of showing it though, which matched their individual selves. Terri liked wrestling with me or doing something physical outside. She had joined the girls' soccer team at school, and you could see the absolute joy in her face when I came with Susan and Tammy to watch her games. She was also well aware of the effect her soccer shorts had on me.

The loose fitting shorts, combined with calf-covering knee socks, highlighted her long, deliciously smooth thighs very nicely. She almost seemed to flaunt her girlishly sexy body, just to arouse me. Ironically, even though Terri was the more `jockish' of the two, she could still be feminine and tender when it came to our lovemaking. Maybe it was because she could tell how deeply I cared for her, and she knew (even at the age of nine) that sex was one way of showing that love.

Tammy didn't seem to care much about sports. She played outside with us, but she just didn't have that competitive desire. The more artistic and creative of the two, she seemed rather quiet and contemplative, next to her outgoing sister. She was quite content to sit on my lap while I worked on the book, and her suggestions for it were really insightful.

She could follow my thoughts on whatever problem I was having and usually come up with something that would work. Tammy seemed to need nothing more than my love and affection, which I gladly gave. We didn't really need to be doing anything together, as with Terri. She was taking art lessons at school, and she definitely showed some talent. She would beam proudly when I praised her creations, several of which were now hanging on my refrigerator.

Two girls, identical on the outside, yet so different on the inside, like two sides of the same coin. I missed them both. Having them in school left a void in my days, which I tried to fill by writing. It was a poor substitute, but at least making a book based on them helped. They were all I ever thought about anyway. It wasn't until later that I fully understood the depth of their love for each other, and for me.

It was only a few days after their education restarted that I learned just how boundless Tammy's telepathy was. I was moping about the house
late one morning, unable to really concentrate on the book, and considering a job in the teaching profession so I could be near them again. Perhaps the school needed another janitor. Out of nowhere came a soft voice.`Don't be sad,' I heard in my head.

"Jesus!" I shouted, nearly jumping out of my skin. It had sounded like she was right next to me. "Tammy? Aren't you in school?" Foolishly I looked around, expecting to find her hiding somewhere.

A girlish giggle came before she answered. `Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Of course I'm in school.'

"You mean you can talk to me all the way from there?" It was easier for me to speak out loud. I knew she'd hear.

`Sure.' I could almost picture her shrug. `Sometimes I get bored and talk to my mom, but she usually tells me to pay attention to class. You were feeling sorry for yourself so I thought I'd say hello. We won't be gone forever, you know.'

"I know," I chuckled, amazed that this girl's mind was unhindered by distance, and that she cared enough to want to cheer me up. "It just seems that way, I guess. I miss you. Both of you."

`We'll be back this afternoon, for gosh sakes. Ooops, the teacher's telling me to wake up. I've got my eyes closed. Gotta go. Bye Tom!' A few seconds pause, then `Oh. Love you!'

She explained later (when she got home) that she could close her eyes and picture me or her mom and make a `connection', no matter where she was.

Unlike her sister, who had to be near someone in order to `feel' them, Tammy wasn't limited by distance. This became a daily occurrence, and my days passed easier.

Susan's hours were more regular now that the twins were in school, getting home every night around six, and we settled into a routine. First, the girls would come to my place after school and do their homework. Then they would read what I had written that day for the book and make comments and suggest a change here or there. I had to admit they made good editors, telling me their characters should do this or that. I took care of Thomas, the character based on me. I had to be in it too, of course.

In the book, the twins were sorcerer's apprentices, with me being the sorcerer. Basically, I get captured by an evil king and saved by the two psychic girls. It was coming along rather well, but I could tell it was going to be longer than any of my previous stories. I worried that my young readers might be intimidated by such a long novel, but the twins assured me that it was just fine, and I trusted their judgment.

Another concern was that it was becoming tinged with a subtle kind of eroticism. Nothing so graphic as sex, of course, but with little things like the girls and the sorcerer (me) swimming naked in a lake, or kissing and hugging quite a bit. There was even a scene where the man gave the girls a bath, which seemed a bit much, in hindsight. I had made my character deliberately old, to make him seem more venerable (who ever heard of a young wizard?), but the girls and he obviously loved and cared about each other, and he thought them beautiful. I mentioned this to Tammy one day and she just shrugged, unconcerned. "But it's just like WE are," she pointed out, meaning the three of us. "You're writing the story for girls, and I think a lot of girls would like to have an old man like you love them. Um, I mean like the sorcerer," she added, her eyes twinkling with amusement. I had to swat her bottom for that, and she squealed happily at having `got' me, but she seemed to know what she was talking about. I let it be.

After the editing session, we sometimes went outside to play catch or throw a frisbee, and usually ended up wrestling in the grass. Maryann, the 12 year old from the pool, occasionally joined us in our outdoor romps. She and the twins had become good friends. When the three of them ganged up on me they could usually get me pinned to the ground with ease.

Actually, I didn't put up much of a fight. I didn't mind being on the bottom of a giggling pile of girls at all. With the twins, my hands would poke and grope them everywhere while we struggled, but with Maryann I restrained myself to an occasional belly tickle. She was certainly tempting, with her pubescent breasts beginning to form, but I wasn't sure how she would react to the liberties I took with Terri and Tammy.

Little girl love and paranoia go hand-in-hand. I'm sure the twins knew I found Maryann attractive, but they never said anything about it. It was kind of a "You can look but don't touch" relationship. They would have been jealous if I shared my affections with anyone else, the same as I would be if they `messed around' with another man.

On cold or rainy days, the three of us would cuddle on the couch watching TV, or play games on the computer. My hands had a good time stroking the smooth, warm skin under their blouses until Susan came home. Once in a while things went beyond cuddling, but we usually saved our energies for Saturday night. That was when their mother would go out with friends and Terri and Tammy would spend the night with me.

On some afternoons, the twins took the initiative, seemingly anxious for a bit of sex play. Whether they were responding to my desire or their own, I don't know. Nor did I care.

I think it was the second or third time that I started recognizing the signals of what they had in mind. They rushed through their homework and tackled me on the couch, which was how these sessions had always begun.

Terri and Tammy, like young girls in general, liked to follow a set pattern or routine, and these little sexual forays seemed to be following the same script. I suppose it gave them a sense of being in control of the situation, and they could know what to expect.

After we had wrestled a while, the girls would declare that they were hot, and then strip off their clothes until they wore just their underpants.

Staying true to form, that's what they did. They were both wearing the little bikini panties I had bought for them several weeks ago. Tammy wore the leopard skin print, and Terri had on her favorite Disney characters.

The low rise panties covered their bald little mounds, and the shadow of their premature pussy slits was barely evident beneath them. The smooth, lean, identical bodies of the two young girls seemed even more enticing and sensual when they were barely covered. They knew that I thought this, which was why they left the tiny garments on. The twins wanted to please me as much as I wanted to please them, as any good, loving relationship should be.

Free of their clothes, we wrestled some more on the carpet, my hands poking and squeezing wherever I wanted, until I allowed myself (as usual) to be pinned. This time it happened to be Terri, straddling me on my chest with her near naked body, her thin arms holding mine to the floor.

Leaning over me like that, I got a nice view of her bare chest, just now beginning to show a slightly puffier tit flesh beneath her tiny nipples pointing at my face. "I win!" she crowed in her high voice. Following the rules they had established long before in their own twinly struggles, she grinned impishly, sat up and pulled her panties tight up into her little pussy, waiting for my next move. That move, as we had established, was that the loser had to let the winners sit on their face and kiss their crotches, through their panties(or underpants, if I was a "winner") until the winner said "stop". Then the loser had to remove the other person's underpants using only his/her mouth, no hands, and repeat the genital 'kissing' until the winner finished in climax. Not a bad game, if I do say so myself, and they thought of it themselves!

"Kiss me!" she demanded, victorious. Always one to follow the rules, I lifted my head and she leaned forward again until her panty covered crotch was staring me in the face. I sucked on the fabric, placing several kisses on the tender little mound underneath, then on down on to her upper thighs before sliding back up to that sweetness in her soaked crevice. Even through the cotton, she was getting stimulated and so was I.

Finally, using just my lips full on her crotch, I mouthed the crease over her slit and began pulling it away from her pussy. Because of the tightness of her waistband, it didn't pull out very far and only created a slack in between her legs. Moving up to the waistband, I pulled it all the way down with my teeth. She helped the rest of the way by sliding it down and off her little feet.

At last the object of my search was bare in front of me. Her shiny, smooth mound was begging for my kiss, and I obliged, with lips and tongue, slurping and sucking, working her into a frenzy. When my tongue slid into her crack, it seemed to open slightly for me, and more of her own lubrication was evident, even at her young age. As soon as I started sucking on her pointy clit, Terri became more involved herself, humping my mouth in earnest. I wasn't in as much of a hurry as she was, however.

I put my hands around her slim hips, my fingers meeting each other in the crease of her young baby soft buns. After only a few minutes of rubbing herself on my face and tongue, Terri climaxed. I could feel her buttocks clenching beneath my fingers as her pussy shuddered in delight. I think my excitement, combined with her own, made her reach the peak quicker than her twin could.

Her sister was the next youngster on my list of things to do. As Terri rolled over to catch her breath, I sat up and grabbed hold of Tammy. I was straying from the `script' just a little, but no one complained. She laughed delightedly as she tried to escape, and squealed in protest as I deftly pulled off her little underpants. The girl tried heroically to protect her already moistened sex, but to no avail. My tickling fingers showed no mercy as I playfully grabbed and poked at her tiny slit.

Taking the pillow, I stretched Tammy out on top of it, putting it beneath her back. Eager to help `torture' her sister, Terri crawled over and held Tammy's arms to the floor, over the girl's head, while I sat lightly on her knees. Tammy realized her immobile predicament at once, and her face showed a kind of dread mixed with anticipation, as she wriggled, trying to escape. It was useless, of course, but she had to make the effort.

I ran my fingers over her underarms, and Terri had to hold on tighter as her sister jerked in reflex. Continuing down her naked body, I stroked over the girl's nipples, feeling the hard little tips for a few seconds before moving on. Her back was arched over the pillow, and her every breath served to make her ribs and hips stand out in sharp detail.

Tammy was grinning as I came to her slick and wet young pussy, and her thighs twitched with anticipation when I softly touched her mound. She knew exactly what was on my mind, and when I raised myself off of her knees she willingly lifted her legs and spread herself wide apart. Her thighs were almost at right angles to her body, with her knees nearly touching the carpet; young children and gymnasts seem to share the same limberness.

I stretched out on my stomach on top of her, being careful to keep my weight on my elbows. If little girl love is a religion, I was about to perform my devotions.

Feeling the heat of her body beneath me, I kissed the shallow depression between her tiny breast buds on her chest. Tasting her with my tongue, I licked a small nipple, sensing her life blood pumping beneath it's tiny, protruding point. It felt amazingly like kissing her lips; the two seemed to be made of the same soft substance, and both could `pucker'. The girl's breathing increased in tempo, and I felt her narrow hips rise slightly as she pushed herself against me.

Moving downward, my lips and tongue worshipped the little goddess of my faith. Her tender, soft flesh was the most precious substance in existence, and the telepathic moans of pleasure inside my head made her seem all the more divine. Then I came to the valley, the seat of my religion: her temple. The small, prepubescent slit was at the center of my universe, as well as at the center of her body. Beautiful in it's absolute perfection, her young unblemished flower beckoned, and I kissed it.

Terri broke the spell. "Hey, she didn't pin you!" she protested, aware that her twin was about to get a tongue job from me. Tongue job. Such a crude word for an act that bordered on divine revelation.

"I don't have to pin him," Tammy replied smugly. She turned her head to stick her tongue out at her sister. Terri scowled and released her arms, but Tammy stayed as she was. "Don't stop," she breathed softly.

Eager to obey her commands, and to regain the sensations of a moment before, I caressed her again with my lips. If someone had told me a few months ago that I would someday be sucking the hairless vagina of a naked, spread eagled, nine year old girl on my carpet I would have laughed derisively. Yet here I was, and it wasn't a dream. It wasn't the first time either, but it still held me in awe. Her tiny labia spread gently for my tongue as I sucked in her velvety valley. I could feel the heat within her small, sensitive girl skin, as I stroked my tongue in and out. The girl's legs twitched as I tickled her groin with my oral caresses, and whimpers of pleasure now also escaped her lungs as well as her mind. Her sensitive little girl slit seemed to pulse with a life of it's own as my tongue slowly stroked up to the hard tip of her clit.

We were both in heaven, and Terri's empathy drew her in with us, the feelings we were enjoying filling her own young body with an equal pleasure. She was breathing as hard as Tammy was as she stretched out along side her. I had witnessed their lovemaking before, but it was still a wonder to behold as they kissed deeply, Terri's hand roaming freely over her sister's naked chest. She raised one leg over Tammy's side, and humped her damp pussy on Tammy's leg, her strokes perfectly matching the flexing of Tammy's pelvis on my mouth.

I was beyond thought as I heard and felt them both struggle towards the peak. With a final grunt of effort, both girls climaxed. Tammy's orgasm seemed to flow out of her writhing body directly into my mind, and I couldn't hold myself back either. I came with them. Like wood thrown on a fire, our orgasms fed on each other; Terri not only felt her own climax, but those of mine and Tammy as well. Tammy could feel my mind and her sister's, which increased her own pleasure and fed it back to us. It was truly a religious experience, and it left all three of us panting and exhausted when we came back to earth. It hadn't been the first time we all came at once, but it still left us speechless, full of wonder that we could share our love so completely. It also wouldn't be the last.

The reader might get the impression that life with my twin loves was idyllic, that they were never naughty or got into trouble. While they were better behaved than most girls, they still weren't angels. I don't really think I wanted them to be, either. As if to prove it, Terri got into a fight at school. Over Tammy, of all things.

I was working at the computer one afternoon, when suddenly Tammy's panicked voice filled my head. `Terri's fighting!' she nearly screamed.

"What!? What's going on?" I shouted to the air.

`It's Terri! She's fighting a BIG kid!' I could tell she expected me to do something, but what, I don't know. I wasn't there. Before I could
ask her again what was going on, she said a teacher had come over and had broken it up. Then there was silence.

Feeling worried and helpless, I sat there wondering what to do. I couldn't call the school and ask if Terri was all right; they would wonder how I knew what had happened. It wasn't until an hour and a half later that my phone rang. It was their principal, and she told me what I already knew, that Terri had been in a fight. I asked if she was all right, and sighed in relief when she said yes. I also had to come pick her up, so we could have a "chat", she said.

The fact that she was calling me didn't surprise me. Susan had given the school my number for emergencies as well as her own. The principal said she had called Susan at work, and Susan --apparently deciding I was ready to deal with insubordination-- told her to call me. How wonderful. I was not a happy person when I got to the woman's office a short while later. Tammy had stayed after school as well, to wait for her sister. Outside the office, she sensed my mood as well as Terri could have, and said nothing. The principal ushered me inside, where Terri sat with her head down, looking embarrassed. She glanced at me, feeling my annoyance at having to come here, and her expression was somewhat guilty, yet there was also a trace of good old nine year old stubbornness.

She had a small bruise under her left eye, and her clothes were a mess, but it didn't look like she had been really hurt. The principal asked what my connection was to the family, and I said I was a close friend. She probably thought this meant Susan and I were dating, but that didn't matter. She said she wasn't really sure who started it, but such behavior would not be tolerated in her school. She had already spoken to the parent of the other girl involved. I felt like a kid myself. There's something about being in a principal's office, no matter what your age.

Then she asked if I was the children's author, and from then on we got along swell. Terri sat silently fidgeting while we talked about my books and finally, after she was satisfied that I could deal competently with her, she released us.

Riding back home in the car, I said nothing, and neither did the girls. I knew Terri could feel my irritation and disappointment, and I wanted her to `sweat it out' a bit. I could feel her glance nervously at me once in a while. `Aren't you gonna say anything?' Tammy asked me silently.

`Not just yet,' I thought back at her. `I'll wait till we're home.'

Back at my place, I sat on the couch and looked at Terri expectantly.

"It wasn't my fault!" she said hotly, defensively. She went on to explain that it had all been on account of Tammy. It seems a sixth grade girl had decided Tammy would be a good subject for her bullying. Tammy had been quietly reading a book underneath a tree during recess, when the older girl came along with some friends, tore the book from Tammy's hands and called her a teacher's pet for liking to read. Terri (who had been playing basketball) was there in a flash, sensing her sister's distress.

Terri declared that if the older girl wanted to bother Tammy, she'd have to go through her. Tammy left, but soon push came to shove, and shove came to hit. Before it was over, both girls were rolling in the dirt, until a teacher broke it up.

"I didn't ask you to get in a fight over it," Tammy said softly, slightly embarrassed. Terri was staring at me defiantly, daring me to find fault with her for wanting to protect her `baby sister'.

"Your excuse may be good," I told her slowly, gathering my thoughts, "but that's still no way to behave. If Tammy wasn't being hurt, and she didn't ask for you to help her, you should have stayed out of it."

Terri looked at me in disbelief. I knew what she was thinking, even if I wasn't psychic. How could I say such a thing? How come I wasn't proud of her for sticking up for her twin? Actually I was, because it made me realize once again how deeply she loved her sister, but fighting had to be stopped. "Tammy would've just sat there and took it!" she declared, her anger rising. Tammy looked slightly insulted at this.

"You're not always going to be around when Tammy needs your help," I explained patiently. "Sooner or later she'll have to deal with a situation on her own, and you won't be there. She, like you, has to have her independent life, in spite of how much you care for each other. The point is that she has to make the decision herself. Next time, stay out of it."

Terri took this as an affront to her role of `big sister'. Her face darkened and she said with a quiet, yet deadly voice, "You don't have any right to tell me what to do. You're not my father." Tammy's jaw dropped in shock as she looked at her twin in disbelief. In a way, it was good to know that even an empathic girl could lash out with a bit of healthy rebellion, but her words still stung a little.

I looked her in the eye and I knew she felt my hurt, but she still had a stubborn expression. "You're absolutely right Terri," I said calmly. "I'm not your father. Just because I care a great deal about what happens to you and Tammy doesn't give me any right to tell you what to do. I guess you can go."

Now it was Terri's turn to look surprised. It obviously hadn't been what she expected. Tammy gave me an admiring smile; she knew exactly what I was doing. Terri half turned as if to leave, indecisive, then faced me, biting her lip worriedly. "I...I didn't mean that," she said, her face apologetic. She struggled for words. "You're b-better than a father."

I pulled her to me and gave her a hug, letting her know the spiteful words were forgotten. Things said in anger should never be taken seriously. Her body was stiff at first, but then she relaxed as the last trace of resistance washed away and she hugged me back. Terri promised me she wouldn't get in any more fights, unless of course her sister actually needed help. I could live with that. "Are you gonna punish me?" she asked worriedly, but she also looked somewhat hopeful. I realized she wanted some kind of reprimand; to her thinking, it was another one of those father-daughter type things that she thrived on.

"Spank her!" Tammy suggested gleefully. Terri gave her a dark look.

"No, I think she'd LIKE that too much," I teased.

"You mean YOU would," Terri retorted with a smirk. I tried to grab her but she skipped away, laughing.

I came up with something that would fit the crime. "I know what. Your punishment is to do the dishes, dry 'em and put 'em away."

"But you've got a dishwasher!" Terri objected. So did their mother.

Dishes were not something these girls had to do very often. My dishwasher was full, too, and she knew it.

"I know I do," I said smugly. "I'm looking at her." Tammy chuckled and Terri grumbled at her as she stomped into the kitchen without another word. Soon we heard dishes clanking a bit roughly in the sink.

Tammy looked at me thoughtfully. "She's not really mad," she said softly. "She kind of wanted you to punish her."

"I know she did," I said, feeling rather pleased with myself at the way I had handled everything. I was sure Susan would approve.

Tammy cocked her head, studying me. "You're pretty smart."

"Of course," I boasted. "I'm an expert on little girls!"

After a while, we silently went to the kitchen and helped Terri finish her punishment. "So," I said, putting away a glass, "you actually took on a sixth grader?" Terri's proud, smiling face could have lit up a darkened room.


October came along with all the colors of a Midwestern fall, and the unavoidable happened: Terri and Tammy turned 10. Their age no longer in the single digits, my young friends could no longer be considered little girls, if indeed they ever were. They acted normal enough, but I knew how hard it had been for them to deal with their talents while growing up. Most little kids were safe and secure from the harsh realities of the outside world, but not Terri and Tammy. Their so called `innocence' had been stripped from them while they were still in diapers.

Terri and Tammy had a very hedonistic attitude when it came to their bodies and sex. Basically, if it felt good, they did it. Or let ME do it with them. Their attraction to me was based more on love and friendship, rather than anything physical, and our love making grew out of that. We just wanted to make each other feel as good as possible, which is what love is all about. It was why I threw them a party; I wanted them to be happy and have fun.

I was sort of the celebrity guest of honor as well as the host, since most of the kids had read some of my books or had at least heard of me.
The twins flaunted me like some kind of prize trophy, making sure there were no doubts over whom I `belonged' to. Autographed place mats and napkins were freely given, with their permission. Terri boastfully told her friends that I was writing my next book about her and her sister, which impressed everyone nicely. I wasn't sure if it had been wise to say this, since the story dealt with their psychic talents, but it was too late now and both girls were really proud about the book. I suppose they could pass off the telepathic parts as fiction, if they wanted.

I got to meet Susan's parents when they came a little later. They seemed like a friendly couple, and reminded me a lot of my old neighbors. I'm sure they thought that Susan and I had a `thing' going. Little did they know that my `thing' was for their granddaughters. The girls hugged them hello, but I could see some uneasiness between them and their grandmother.

She knew of their talents, and it obviously made her uncomfortable being around them, which the twins could sense. It was a shame, really. Every kid needs that special spoiling that only grandparents can give. Their grandfather, for his part, seemed to be at ease around them, and they with him. The twins led him off to play the various games the pizza parlor offered, and all three were having a good time.

I gave the girls their gifts afterwards, when we were back home and by ourselves. Terri and Tammy had insisted on spending the night since it was a Saturday, even though their mom hadn't gone out. I certainly didn't mind. I watched anxiously as they sat on the floor in front of me and tore open their presents, their faces filled with curiosity and eagerness.

Tammy had reluctantly promised not to read my mind and ruin the surprise, so when they finally got the boxes open and saw what I had bought for them both girls were...stunned? Amazed? Definitely surprised. "Do you like them?" I asked, my voice sounding worried, hoping they weren't disappointed. Tammy was holding a Barney The Dinosaur coloring book and audiotape, while Terri had a stuffed Barney doll and videotape. I didn't care very much for the singing purple dinosaur myself, but he seemed to be rather popular lately. The twins looked slightly bewildered though, as if there had been some kind of mistake.

"Barney The Dinosaur?" Terri asked in disbelief, her voice rising into the upper octaves on the last syllable. Tammy elbowed her in the ribs, giving her a warning look. Tammy was always the more mannerly of the two. "Uhh...Gee Tom...Thanks," said Tammy, trying her best to be polite, but looking woefully disappointed and avoiding my eyes.

"You don't like your gifts, do you," I accused, sounding both sorry and hurt, as if it were their fault and not mine. I knew they could tell how badly I felt. Both girls looked miserably pained, torn between not wanting to hurt my feelings and telling me the truth, which was obvious. I had made a serious blunder. Barney was a gift for little kids. How could I have been so stupid?

"Um, sure we do Tom," Tammy began, failing in her attempt to sound sincere. "They'" She looked at her sister for help, but Terri seemed to be still in shock. The girl was looking at me as if I had somehow taken leave of my senses.

"Barney??" Terri asked again, her face scrunched up in mind-boggled amazement.

Their crestfallen expressions were too much for me; my concentration wavered and a small chuckle escaped me. Both girls immediately gave me suspicious looks, their eyes narrowing in doubt. I couldn't keep up the charade any longer. "Barney?!?" I cried, imitating Terri's high voice and comical face. I lost it. Cascades of cackling laughter rolled out of me as the girls frowned in disgust at each other and then at me. They'd been had.

Royally. I laughed even harder. Terri and Tammy had fallen for it completely, and I'd given an Oscar winning performance. The two sisters scowled at me some more until finally they'd had enough of my maniacal howling. "Let's get him!" Terri declared to her twin, apparently unable to just stand there and take it any longer. Suddenly I was attacked by two just turned ten year olds, tickling, poking and pinning me until we were all laughing so hard we fell off the couch in a tangled heap. It was great. I'd fooled the psychic twins!

Once I'd gotten myself under control again, which wasn't easy with them tickling me, Terri asked, "You do have something else for us, right?" Her tone said I'd better have, if I wanted to live.

I chuckled again, wiping a tear of laughter from my eye. "Of course I do. They're under--" Before I could say "the couch" Tammy was already looking underneath it. I was too exhausted to try and control my thoughts anymore. I could never do it for very long anyway. She pulled out two small, identical boxes and handed one to Terri. I watched with a bemused expression as they hesitated, looking at me doubtfully and then the gifts as if the boxes might be rigged with spring loaded snakes or some other devious device.

"Go ahead," I told them, "those are the real ones." They ripped open their gifts, showing no mercy to the wrapping paper, and each pulled out a shiny gold necklace. "Do you like those better?" I asked, this time with genuine concern. Terri gave me a side long glance and shrugged her shoulders.

"Yeah, they're okay, I guess." She didn't sound very enthusiastic. Now I really felt bad. I thought they'd like a more `adult' type gift. They had gotten plenty of toys at the party. Terri let me suffer for a few moments and then she broke out in a wide grin. "I'm just teasing," said the little imp. "I love it."

"Yeah," her sister agreed, "they're cool. Put it on for me." She came over and sat beside me, handing me the necklace. I fastened the thin, delicate chain around her neck, and did the same for Terri. The 18 karat gold looked good on them, sparkling almost as brightly as their brown eyes.

I've always felt that a beautiful girl looked even sexier with a simple adornment such as a necklace or a simple pair of earrings. It somehow served to enhance the uncomplicated, pure beauty of her youth. The twins covered me with kisses, thanking me for the gifts (the real ones, anyway) and the party, and all was well with the world. Well, almost. They did vow to get even for my joke. When I least expected it, of course.

We watched TV for a while, all three of us cuddling together on the couch. My hands would slide inside the tops of my identical friends, stroking over their soft backs and bellies. It was delightfully cozy. Terri asked for a beer, and since it was their birthday I decided to indulge her.

Tammy even took a few swallows, to celebrate the occasion. Then we followed what had become our Saturday night routine, which started with the three of us taking a shower together. It was rather crowded, but it was certainly fun. I had promised to have an outdoor, enclosed hot tub built in the back yard next spring, so we could enjoy our aquatic activities more fully.

With my back to the spray and Tammy facing her twin in front of me, I bent down and lathered the girl from neck to groin. My hands could feel every delicate curve and contour of Tammy's naked body as they slid up and down her soapy front. My favorite features in this wet, slippery expanse of sudsy little girl flesh were their pointed nipples and small, smooth little girl crease between their legs. I was sporting a healthy erection, by now. Occasionally I'd gently tweak a stiffened little girl tit while my other hand slid over and through her very sensitive genitals; Tammy would respond with a low groan and a pulsing, eager thrust of her little pelvis against my hand. Terri lovingly washed her sister's legs, gently stroking Tammy's inner thighs and tickling the crease of her butt as well, while I turned the attention of one hand to the little girl's front. Lower front, to be precise.

I intimately cleaned between the slick halves of her little labia, creating a great deal of lather and giggles. Tammy shivered in delight as her young body tingled with pleasure, and started humping harder against my sudsy hand when I tickled inside her pussy with a fingertip. She came when the finger started pushing inside her, sharing the orgasm with us as only she could.

"Wow," said Terri, at a loss for words after our shower affair. It seems she had experienced Tammy's orgasm almost as strongly as Tammy herself. We had moved to the bedroom and I crouched over her and gave her a small kiss. Terri's face had a small, gentle smile on it; she was happy. I was too.

"Now do me again!" demanded Tammy, rolling over on her back next to us. I groaned theatrically, as if all this little girl loving were a
chore. She wasn't fooled. I was about to shift over to her when Terri wrapped her arms around me, pulling me over on top of her.

"Wait a minute," she said, sounding somewhat nervous. She raised her legs back up. "," she glanced at Tammy, and her sister nodded encouragingly at her. Then she said, all in a rush, "I-want-you-to-put-your-dick-in-me."

I was too stunned to speak. Terri studied my face for a moment and then took matters into her own hands; raising her legs up and spreading them wide, she grabbed my cock and tried to place it at her pussy opening. I almost started pushing and then caught myself, rolling over next to her instead so that she was between me and Tammy. Tammy was silent, watching me (and listening) as my thoughts churned. "What's the matter?" asked Terri, lowering her legs and looking slightly hurt that I had pulled away. "Don't you want to...well, you know, fuck me?" Tammy raised her eyebrows at her sister's use of the F-word, and it left me slightly shocked as well.

I had to clear my throat before I could speak. "Terri, I don't think you're big enough for that yet," I explained patiently. I was more than willing to wait a year or two, if she still wanted to do it then. "If we do it now I'm afraid I'd hurt you, and I don't want to do that." I tried kissing her, but she wasn't having any of it.

"I'm 10 years old now," she stated stubbornly, as if she had somehow grown since yesterday, when she was nine. "Besides," she pointed out, "your finger felt good in there."

"Terri," I said, fearing I was losing my resolve, "my dick is a lot bigger than my finger. I don't think it could fit without hurting you."

Hurting either of the little girls was an impossibility, something I wouldn't even consider.

"You've thought of doing it though," she accused, and I felt guilty because I HAD considered it. "I know 'cause Tammy told me." I glanced at Tammy and she shrugged. There were no secrets between them. I had no secrets FROM them. Tammy still hadn't said anything; I suspected she was waiting to see what the outcome would be. If I consented, it would mean a yes for both of them. There was no way I could only do it with one and not the other.

"Sure, I've thought of doing it," I admitted, stroking Terri's slender chest and playing with a delicate nipple, "but I don't NEED to do it."

This was the truth; I didn't need to fuck either of them in order to love them. Most little girl sex is actually very fulfilling with just manual and oral love making, and both members usually derive great consummation from just that. The forbidden nature of the fondling seems to put both man and little girl over the edge sexually. However, I did figure we would `go all the way' eventually. It was the natural progression of how our love was growing. I just didn't expect for them to bring it up quite this soon.

"But I want to try it now," she said earnestly. "I don't want to wait until I'm older." I was weakening and the empathic little girl knew it.

"I'll tell you if it hurts and if it does we'll stop. Okay?" She looked at me hopefully, and I knew she could feel my desire for her. She could see it too, standing stiffly once again. "Besides," she added, playing her final card, "it's our birthday so you have to do what we say."

How could any normal little girl lover say no? How could ANY man, and not regret it for the rest of his life? I nodded yes, and then knew there was no turning back.

"Have you done this before?" Tammy asked suspiciously. I said this would be my first time with someone so young and that I'd never done it with a virgin before. She looked jealously at her sister. "Why should you be the first one?" she said, looking rather annoyed. "Why can't I go first?"

I couldn't believe they would argue over who would get to lose her virginity first. I realized it wasn't that though; it was over who would be MY first.

Terri looked silently at her identical sibling, and I knew they were arguing in private. Tammy looked stubborn and Terri gave her an almost pleading look. Terri must have made some kind of bargain, because her sister seemed to be contemplating something, and then Tammy nodded her approval.

I suggested to Terri that it might be easier for her if I was on the bottom with her over me, controlling the pressure. But, after telling her that I usually have sex for the first time with a new girl on the bottom, she wanted to stay on the bottom on her back. When Tammy returned, I placed a pillow underneath Terri's rear end and she raised her legs back up in the air. She was tense, and I knew if this was ever going to work I needed to get her relaxed. And I did want it to work. I was honest enough with myself to admit that.

"There's no hurry," I told her. "We have to stretch your vagina a little first and you need to learn how to relax it. Okay?" She nodded and shivered as I licked her sweet hole with a sloppy kiss and my finger started pushing inside her again. Tammy and I stretched out on either side of her, and she rested her legs behind us. I kissed her while my finger played inside her hot, narrow tunnel, and could see by the expression on her face that she was enjoying the stimulation. After a while, her own secretions and my saliva encouraged me to try for two. "You really are getting into this, Terri. Now, to help even more, don't think about my dick being so big, just think of how much I love you." I told her as my two fingertips tried entering her. Tammy smiled at that, watching the whole operation intently. If this worked, she would be next. Maybe not tonight but sometime in the near future.

We spent the next half hour like that; my fingers gently sliding in and out, our hands and mouths caressing the naked little girl everywhere, driving Terri to yet another intense orgasm, until she was as loose and relaxed as could be. "Are you gonna do it now?" she asked, sounding slightly impatient.

For an answer, I got up and got between her legs as she lifted them almost to her shoulders, her little sweet box shiny and warm, waiting to propel her into womanhood. I had her hold onto her knees as she spread them wide, figuring that would help, and told her that she was in charge; meaning she should tell me when to push and when to stop. In spite of my nervousness my dick was as hard as it could get. I crouched over the young girl beneath me and felt Tammy guiding my erection to her sister's hole, nosing it's head against the small, sensitive opening. Fortunately, for both of us, my dick wasn't very big; I suppose little girl lovers are the only men who wouldn't mind being slightly smaller than average. I pushed against her tight slit opening, and could feel a reflexive shudder sweep through the girl.

"Wait a sec," she said, forcing herself to relax again. "Okay." Again I pushed slowly, firmly, and I could see Terri trying to contend with the extreme sensations of pain and pleasure. After several minutes of starting and stopping, Terri's little Venus hole was gradually admitting more and more of my cock head. Just the head so far, but she really was trying.

Terri told me to wait again as her stretched hymen struggled to get used to my presence. I could feel an occasional spasm as it grabbed the head of my cock, but Terri seemed to be dealing with it quite well. I was glad it wasn't hurting her more than she could bear. I wanted it to be special for her.

When Terri was ready again, she looked at me and nodded her head, with her eyes closing in ecstasy, and I felt the flesh of my rock hard penis being absorbed a fraction at a time by her tight, virgin pussy as I worked my way in, pausing whenever she told me to. Finally, we both felt the release of pressure as my cock burst through her cherry. Terri suddenly shuddered almost violently, legs twitching on either side of my buttocks as she clamped down hard on my cock and cried out. I thought she was in pain and started to pull back, but she shook her head quickly from side to side and I realized she had climaxed again. Her forehead was covered in sweat, her bangs sticking wetly to her fevered brow. If I hadn't cum once before I would never have made it this far. My entire being was thrumming with the incredible, living, squeezing heat of her inner body.

"I can feel you almost up to my stomach," Terri said breathlessly, sounding slightly awed at this wonderful new sensation. She squeezed down on my cock, getting to know it's shape and feel inside her, and both of us groaned with pleasure. I could feel the sensitive muscles lining her vagina, gripping me, surrounding my penis with a vise like heat until she relaxed, and are bodies moved in concert again. Terri smiled hungrily, able to sense the ultimate pleasure her body gave me, and her own feelings of horny young lust combined to make her thirsty for more.

"Doesn't it hurt?" asked Tammy, studying the junction of man and girl curiously, fondling her own twat as she sat beside us.

"It's kinda hard to describe," Terri told her. They looked intently at each other, sharing the experience in their unique, twinly way.

I began fucking her. Pulling almost all the way out, I slowly, gently pushed back in. "Ohhh God," Terri whimpered, bearing down to meet my thrust. She was totally open and relaxed now, resting her ankles on my back, her hands now balled into fists beside her head. I was fucking her.

I pushed my length inside her again, and again, sliding in and out easily now. I was fucking a girl on her tenth birthday. My mind refused to believe it, insisting this had to be yet another fantasy, but my body knew no dream could compare with this awesome reality. Terri moaned with passionate feeling, whimpering either "Oh Jesus," or "Oh Tom," each time I embedded myself deep within her beautiful young body, somehow including me in the Holy Trinity. I knew the empathic girl could feel how intensely every nerve, every fiber of my being was concentrated on the loving union of our bodies as we experienced this ultimate of firsts.

She pushed her hips back eagerly each time I slowly entered her love canal, her ankles digging into the small of my back, both of us moving as one. Her hands gripped my forearms for added leverage as we rocked together. The girl's trembling gasps of pleasure as my cock massaged her womb made me pick up the tempo, pushing into her faster now, both of us nearly crying as we climbed towards the peak.

We came together, suddenly, yelling out as our bodies pulsed and throbbed in unison, my penis spurting deep inside her as her tortured
hymen ring clutched at it possessively, the tendons in her neck straining as she almost screamed from the violent spasms wracking our bodies. In the back of my mind I could hear Tammy moaning as well, caught in our spiral until we came back to earth. Completely drained, both of us covered in sweat, I pulled my member from the youngster's body and fell beside her.

Terri rolled over and hugged me fiercely. She was crying. Not from pain, but from the intense feelings of a sexual, undeniably passionate love that neither of us had ever before experienced. It had simply overwhelmed her.

I wrapped my arms around both the girls, soothing Terri until she fell quickly asleep from sheer exhaustion. Tammy snuggled beside me, and soon joined her twin in slumber. Tammy may not have been my first, but I knew she had been able to share the experience through Terri. It was something none of us would ever forget.

I didn't sleep much that night. I never did when the twins were with me. Somehow, when a little girl lover shares a bed with a girl (or two) he can only manage an occasional doze. I drifted in and out of sleep, my mind constantly aware of the two naked girls curled up along either side of me, one of whom had given me the ultimate gift. Fondling the sleeping twins was something I couldn't stop myself from doing. My hands were thieves in the night, stealing touches from their soft, pliant bodies. I played with their warm, moist pussies so gently that they never woke.


When morning regretfully came, the girls stirred groggily. They had no objections to staying in bed and cuddling a while longer. It was a Sunday and no one felt like moving. I asked Terri if she was all right, and she smiled almost shyly and hugged me tenderly, remembering the passion of last night with no regrets. I inspected between her legs, and although her little mound was red and raw, there weren't any signs of damage, thank God.

Finally, hunger made us seek breakfast. Cereal made that an easy chore. Afterwards, the girls offered to cremate the dreaded Barney gifts, but I insisted they take them home to Susan and she could donate them to the children's wing at the hospital. They dressed and said their goodbyes, but I knew they'd be back later in the day to play a game or something. I worked on the book for the time being. I'd probably have it finished by early next month, at the rate I was going. My last book was about to hit the stores, and the twins were impressed when I showed them the good reviews in the newspaper. They had offered to help me answer my fan mail, which usually increased whenever a new one came out, and I gladly accepted.

Struggling for a word in a difficult sentence (writing is work, even for an author), I was lost in thought when someone jabbed two fingers in my sides and yelled, "Boo!!" right in my ear, scaring the daylights out of me. The room was filled with Tammy's girlish laughter as she crowed with delight, the little bugger. I hadn't heard a thing as she snuck up on me. "Is that what they mean by `jumping out of your skin'?" she giggled, smiling broadly. I noticed she wisely stayed out of my reach. That's one thing you have to say about young girls: they keep you on your toes.

Dealing with two was twice the adventure. Add the word "psychic" to the equation and even a girl lover would find himself slightly overwhelmed.

"Maybe I better start locking my door," I told her wryly.

"Sure, go ahead," said the girl confidently. "I know where you hide the extra key."

"I'll move it."

"I'll know where you move it to," she pointed out simply. She had me there. Another argument lost to a ten year old. I sighed with resignation at my fate in life, and asked her where Terri was. "She stayed home with Mom," said Tammy with a shrug. Sensing that I had given up and wouldn't try anything, she climbed on the chair with me, straddling the arm rests with her legs and wrapping me up in a friendly hug. `I've got you all to myself,' I heard inside my head.

"What are you gonna do with me?" I asked worriedly, already suspecting what she had in mind. For an answer, the girl started nuzzling my neck, giving me an instant hard-on. I pushed my hands underneath her sweatshirt and stroked her back, while her moist lips caressed me. I
tilted my head to the side, exposing as much of my neck as I could. Her mouth fastened in the center, and with surprise I felt her start sucking. I heard a soft purr, and was amazed when I realized it was coming from me. I could hear and feel her lips suckling like some kind of insatiable girl vampire trying to draw blood, and it was a totally new, erotic experience for me. It made my whole body tingle. It was also new because Tammy was playing the seducer, a role that Terri usually filled. Sometimes I thought they were experimenting with me, trying out new things that might come in handy when they grew up.

When my neck finally started to hurt, Tammy stopped and admired her handiwork. "You've got a hickey!" she said with glee, sounding rather proud of herself.

Her happy smile made me chuckle. "What will your mother think?" I asked in mock alarm. Well, maybe not totally "mock". How far did Susan's blessing extend? To hickies? As far as Terri and I went last night?

Tammy heard my doubts, in spite of my joking manner. "Mom doesn't care," she said, trying to reassure me. Somehow I doubted that. "Well, I mean she CARES," she elaborated, "but as long as it's something we want to do it's okay. She says most people tell their kids to say no about sex and stuff, but she says it's okay to say yes too, 'cause it's our bodies." The girl gave me a confidential look. "Besides, she had a hickey once. From an old boyfriend. But she called it a love bite."

I had to laugh at that. Tammy smiled at me, glad that she had put my fears to rest. Then she turned serious, hesitating slightly. "Can we pretend it's still my birthday?" she asked softly. "And you have to do what I want?" There was no need for me to answer. At that moment, she could have asked me to jump off a cliff and I would have done it, as long as I could kiss her one final time. I was pretty sure where this was leading, and I suspected that the deal Terri had made with her twin last night had been to leave Tammy and I alone, just the two of us.

"Are you sure this is what you really want to do?" I asked her. "You're not just doing this because Terri did, are you?"

`I love you,' the girl thought at me. Honest, simple, right to the point.

I hugged her, giving my consent to whatever she wanted to do. I was consenting to the assumed child in the relationship; the irony wasn't lost on me.

She wanted to take a bath with me first, which seemed like an excellent way to get us relaxed. She told me, silently, that there was to be no talking. We could only converse through our minds. I realized it was her way of sharing her talent with me, making the experience uniquely different from that which Terri and I had shared.

We went to my bedroom and stripped off our clothes, walking naked, hand-in-hand, to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror at my `love bite', a reddish purple bruise in the small, oval shape of a mouth, right in the center of my neck. She had put her mark on me; I was hers now.

Our minds were totally open to each other (much like her and Terri's must have usually been), and the general drift was basically thoughts of love and friendship, mingled with `That feels nice', or `The water's too hot', or `Touch me there'. We were stretched out in the tub, Tammy laying on her back on top of me while I scooped water over her belly, massaging her.

I thought if she would spread her legs a bit I could insert a finger and play with her between her legs, so she did. I heard a thought flutter by from her about kissing, and then she twisted her head and we did. We had only to think of something and it was carried out; a union of mind and body. It was almost a spiritual type of love making, while with Terri it had been mostly physical. I liked both methods equally, which was fortunate. Loving one girl more than the other would have created a jealous rift between them, something I would never let happen.

When we finished our bath, we held hands again as we walked down the hall to my bedroom. Last night, with Terri, it had been sort of impromptu, although I suspected they might have been planning the whole thing all along. Now, here with Tammy, it felt like I was leading a virgin bride down the aisle and then on to our honeymoon suite, about to perform a premeditated deflowering that would consummate our love forever.

Society would probably say it was more like leading a lamb to the slaughter, I suppose. They would have been hard pressed to tell exactly who was leading whom though.

Still keeping vocal silence, I laid down on my back and pulled the young girl on top of me. Hearing my wish for her to stretch out, Tammy placed her hands up on the pillow and her legs on either side of mine. I felt the heavy heat of her naked body covering mine, and I heard her notice how fast my heart was beating beneath her as I began stroking her bare flesh.

My erection stuck straight up between her legs, barely touching the top of her vulva. Tammy was proud that her body could have such a profound effect on a grown man.

My fingertips traveled lightly over her spread eagled form, then moved between us to tease her small titties, down her ribs and over her taut butt and hips, then onto the backs of her satiny thighs, running through her little butt crack on the way back up. Our thoughts started running together, becoming hard to separate as I continued massaging her soft, sensitive skin: `Tickles!' `Love you.' `Feels nice.' `Don't stop.' `So soft.' `Love you too.' Both of us were purring with pleasure, and occasionally a sigh or groan escaped our lungs. I could feel Tammy's breath quickening as I concentrated on her groin, rubbing in her wet slit in front with the fingers of one hand and down through her butt crease with the other.

`Tickles!' `Should I stop?' `No!' My right hand caressed further down below, spreading her legs wider and raising them slightly when I pressed against her already slick virgin hole. My finger entered her quite easily, and with my palm I gently massaged and rubbed the young girl's delicate mound. My other hand was having fun with her nipples, able to stroke each sensitive, pointy tip on her narrow chest at the same time.

Her body heat increased as she writhed on top of me, until sweat formed between our naked skins. I could feel every single tremor, every wonderful shudder of her beautiful body. I raised her up slightly and sucked on an ear lobe, tickling it with my tongue, and she whimpered with absolute rapture. I was an octopus, striving to touch and pleasure her everywhere at once. It was my only purpose in life.

Tammy was no longer thinking coherently; her thoughts were a jumble of almost frantic joy and desire. I pulled my finger out of her spasming vagina and rubbed her sensitive miniature clit, the young protuberance stiff with her wanton pleasure. She came soon thereafter. It was all I could do to hold myself back from joining her as the orgasmic ten year old squealed and twisted, arching her back with bliss on top of me, her mind filling mine with starbursts of ecstasy.

`Had enough?' I thought to her as I felt her body deflate, her ragged breathing slowly returning to normal.

`Uh-uh!' Tammy replied emphatically. `Do it again! But this time use this instead of your finger.' She tilted a leg and reached beneath her, grabbing hold of my hardened cock with her small hand. Scooching down my body, she poked it at her little pussy, seemingly trying to impale herself.

`Whoa! Wait a minute!' my mind objected, needing to slow things down a bit. The word `insatiable' came to mind.

`What's insatiable mean?' her thoughts asked. I explained it was someone who couldn't get enough of something, and her mind saw humor in that.

'Yep, that's me!' She paused, then added perceptively, `But it's you too.' She was right. I couldn't get enough of her either. I had to have her, and Tammy wanted to be had.

I rolled us over and straddled her, placing a pillow beneath her narrow hips. Lovingly, I massaged the bare, warm skin of her shoulders, caressing her smooth belly. Tammy sighed heavily, obviously enjoying it as her body relaxed completely. I dipped my fingers into her crotch, feeling her natural juices, and used them to further lube around her virgin hole. Both our minds were filled with nervous anticipation as Tammy raised her legs, spreading them as wide as possible.

`This is it,' I thought, about to deflower my second girl in as many days.

`Do it,' she commanded, and I pushed the head of my dick against her shiny, tiny pussy opening. With our minds linked, I could hear if I caused her any pain and how hard I should push, and I entered her body even easier than I had Terri's. It was almost as if experiencing it with us last night had prepared Tammy so that she knew what to expect and do when her turn came. I heard a wondrous, continuing moan emanating from the girl's mind as my shaft slid freely up her tight, incredibly hot tunnel for the very first time. Tammy trembled beneath me when I came to a stop, my cock buried inside her completely. `It's BIG!'

`You all right?'

`It's okay.'

`I love you.' I'm not sure who thought that last one, me or her. I fucked her slowly, letting her get used to having me inside her. Whenever I pulled partially out I could tell she felt empty, and wanted me to fill her back up again. Her slender thighs would strain with a lustful yearning as she pushed her hips up to meet my downward thrust. When Tammy moved in the opposite direction, aiding my exit, she clinched her thighs, heightening her pleasure.

As for me, my second time inside a young girl's body was no less intense than the first. Once again I marveled at the near 100 degree body heat surrounding my penis in a tight, wonderful, self-moistening tunnel of living tissue. Every tremble of the girl was felt by me, her small shudders and movements transferred directly onto my shaft. Our minds sang a passionate harmony together, as we soared to the ultimate height, then dissolved into a chaotic tumult when we reached our climax of love.

Crying out with triumphant joy, mindless to all but our bodies' pleasure, Tammy and I came as one. The only rational thought in our minds was `I LOVE YOU!' as we both felt my sperm pumping inside her newly deflowered pussy, each pulsating throb of my penis being echoed by the youngster's own wonderful orgasm.

I felt so weak that I almost collapsed on top of her, but at the last minute she straightened her legs and we rolled onto our sides together, still intimately entwined. I wrapped my arms around her in a gentle hug, feeling her labored breathing slowly return to normal. Our minds were still linked, and I silently asked Tammy if she was all right.

`Little sore,' her thoughts answered honestly before she could stop them. I instantly felt chagrin. Our reckless, sexual abandon had hurt one of the girls I loved more than life itself. I started to pull my flaccid penis out of her, feeling so bad that I broke her rule and apologized for hurting her out loud.

`No! I'm ok, really!' Tammy declared emphatically in my head. `Leave it inside, ok? I like how it feels.' She snuggled against me, making sure I didn't disobey her. `I'm just a little sore is all. You...You can do it again if you want,' she added suggestively.

We might have done just that, but right then we heard the front door slam. Several seconds later Terri was leering at our two naked bodies laying together. "How was it?" asked the youngster with a knowing smile.

"Simply beautiful," Tammy and I answered together. Tammy looked at me with a grin, and we both exploded with a fit of giggles.

"Hey, you gave him a hickey!" Terri accused her twin, noticing the small bruise on my neck for the first time and sounding slightly jealous that she hadn't thought of it first. Tammy smiled smugly at her sister. If I let the two scamps have their way with me they'd probably have a competition to see who could give me the most, until my body was one big, purple love bite. An intriguing thought, I must say.

"You wanna do it with me again?" Terri asked with a coy look. Tammy argued that it was still her turn, and I heard myself groaning at what I'd gone and done. I had created two identical, maddeningly sensual, sex hungry, ten year old girls who thought I could fuck them all day and all night and live to tell about it. What a way to go though.

"You girls are gonna be the death of me before I make 35," I told them wryly, slipping myself out of Tammy's delicious pussy and sitting up.

The twins gave me their patented looks of confused innocence, which meant, "Who, us??"

"It's not our fault you're an old fart," Terri replied with typical wit, smirking and watching me warily for any sudden moves. The girl was too far away for me to go after though, and I didn't feel like chasing her naked through the house. Now, if SHE were naked that would be different,
of course.

Suddenly Terri's face turned serious. "Mom knows," she declared simply. She didn't have to explain. I knew what she meant. Terri went on to say that her bottom had been a bit tender today and Susan had asked what was wrong. She had an uncanny intuition, which was probably where the girls had inherited their "sixth sense" from. Rather than lie, Terri had told her the truth. "She made me take off my clothes so she could see if I was hurt," Terri added. I felt a knot of apprehension growing in the pit of my stomach. "She was really mad, Tom," the girl went on, looking at me with a worried expression. "Mom said she never meant you could go that far, and she said she might even call the police." Terri's brow furrowed with concern. "They can't do anything to you, can they? I mean, it was our idea and all."

At the word "police", the knot in my stomach tightened into a nauseous lump, filling me with a terrible dread. I felt my face go pale in absolute terror. I'd gone too far. Susan might have been willing to let her daughters enjoy a little sex play with a loving adult, but now we were talking about actual vaginal intercourse. Terri was naive in thinking their consent would mean anything. My career was over. My LIFE was over.

Jail was a certainty. And Terri had wanted to do it again?? I raised my head to look at her, and her face was covered in a big, ear-to-ear grin. "GOTCHA!!" she yelled triumphantly. Terri shrieked with laughter as I held my head in my hands and groaned with a mixture of tremendous relief and an overwhelming need for retribution.

"You little..," was all I could get out, grinning in spite of my desire to throttle her. Terri laughed even harder at getting me. She taunted me further by swaying her hips from side to side, and yelling "Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha," in a singsong voice. It was too much. I lunged off the bed, but her 10 year old reflexes were expecting that as she led me on a merry chase through the house, skipping and laughing just out of my reach. We ended up in the living room, staring at each other from opposite ends of the couch, both of us smiling and panting.

"I told you I'd get you back for last night," Terri grinned at me in defiance. "You were ready to run for the border," she added with a delighted chortle. I climbed over the couch and she had to detour down the hall, until I had her cornered by the entrance way. Terri looked slightly worried for a moment as I advanced slowly upon her, then she realized she had the door behind her. Before you could say "young rascal" she was outside and the door slammed behind her. It was either give up or chase her through the neighborhood in the nude, and get arrested for streaking.

Damn little nymph, I thought to myself with grudging admiration. I'd been thwarted once again by a ten year old. I heard a small chuckle somewhere behind me and turned slowly around to see Tammy standing there, still naked and covering her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Apparently she'd found the whole scene rather humorous.

I still had another option left to me it seemed. I gave her a long, speculative look. "Hey, don't look at me like that," she said, now appearing a bit nervous. "I didn't have anything to do with it."

I didn't really care. If I couldn't catch Terri I'd settle for Tammy. They looked the same, after all. I took a small step towards her and she backed up, holding her hands out in front of her. "Don't even think about it," said Tammy, backing up another step, her wide eyes watching me warily as I DID think about it. I leaped at her and she screamed with mock terror, running down the hall towards my bedroom. How convenient, I thought to myself.

A flying pillow caught me in the head when I came through the door, and the naked girl held the other one cocked in her arm, ready to fire. She was standing on the bed, watching for my next move with eager anticipation, and a big grin on her face at drawing "first blood".

I picked up the pillow she'd thrown and advanced on her. We swung at the same time, catching each other upside-the-head, as it were, and then it was a free-for-all, every man (or girl) for himself. Tammy fought valiantly, but she was laughing and giggling so hard that she couldn't put much into it.

Finally I knocked her flat on her back and pinned her to the bed with an arm and a leg. With a `never say die' attitude she stuck her tongue out at me. My free hand poked and tickled the nude youngster, eliciting squeals of squirming laughter until finally I let her calm down and simply stroked her bare young body. I let her arms and legs go and pulled her on top of me. "You're mean," she accused, her pouting lips an inch away from mine as she stared at me. A smile hid behind the words, and I knew she wasn't really angry at me for picking on her when it was Terri who had fooled me. Tammy was having as much fun as I was, as usual. I pecked her lips with mine and she made a disgusted face, wiping her mouth with the back of a hand. Then she kissed me back. Girls. You gotta love 'em.


Terri hadn't been lying when she had said that Susan knew what we'd done. That night, after the girls were in bed, she called me over for a
cup of coffee, something we did fairly often at either my place or her's.

"You didn't waste any time," she said with just a trace of resentment, referring to the loss of her daughters' virginity. I didn't know what to say. Whether it had been the twins' idea or mine to go all the way didn't matter. I didn't have to agree to it. Susan sighed with a trace of melancholy. "I'm not really mad at you Tom," she said. "It's just that they seem to be growing up so fast. While it's hard for me to believe they really enjoyed it...what you did...they SAY they liked it. And I could tell if they were lying." I'm sure she noticed the hickey Tammy had given me, but I think she was afraid to ask which girl had done it to me.

She got up and beckoned me to follow. We stopped outside the twins' room, and she pushed the door open so I could see inside. At first I
didn't notice anything unusual. Just Terri and Tammy, sound asleep in their beds, appearing even more beautiful and pure in slumber. Then it hit me: In their beds. Plural. Terri was in the top bunk, and Tammy was underneath. I looked at Susan questioningly, but she held a finger to her lips and quietly shut the door.

"Did they have a fight or something?" I asked her when we were back in the kitchen. It seemed inconceivable for the two sisters to go to sleep angry at each other, but I couldn't think of anything else.

"That's what I thought too," Susan said with a look of wonder, "but when I asked them if something was wrong, Terri said, `No Mom, we're not babies anymore you know.'" She shook her head, obviously unsure of what exactly had happened. I wasn't sure either. When the girls were still in diapers they had put up such a fuss whenever Susan had tried to separate them for bed that finally she had just given up. When their father left it had been even worse. Terri and Tammy slept in each other's arms, in a desperate attempt to find an anchor they could rely on in a terrifying world of confusing thoughts and emotions.

"They're changing, Tom," Susan began haltingly, "and it's because of you. Tammy used to be so shy she hardly ever talked to anyone. Now I can't get her to shut up. And Terri, she's doing much better in school, and she's not nearly as rambunctious as she used to be." That last point was arguable, but I let it slide. She looked off in the direction of their room, where the twins slept in separate beds, and shook her head in amazement once again. "Now this," she said softly.

The great author still didn't know what to say. I wasn't doing anything special to Tammy and Terri, and I certainly wasn't trying to change them. Even if it was for the better. All I was doing was loving them. Their mother reached the same conclusion. "It's...It's hard for me to approve of what you and the girls did, but I know you didn't hurt them, and it was as much for yourself as it was for them." Susan's face suddenly hardened with determination. "I need to know, Tom, are you going to just drop them when they get older? I mean, they're not gonna be young girls forever. They're going to grow up, and get bigger breasts, and grow hair down there where you like it bald." Her bluntness made me squirm, but I knew where she was leading. "Because if you are, we're better off stopping everything right now. You'll be no better than their father was."

She was right. Relationships between a man and girl (or girls) were by nature temporary, at least in the sexual attraction department. Girls grew up eventually, becoming women, and an integral part of the relationship would be gone forever. It's not something I liked to think about, but I couldn't avoid the inevitable. Love could still survive however, or at the very least a deep friendship. After all, sex wasn't the only reason I loved Terri and Tammy, it was only one part of the `big picture'.

"No, I'm not going to just leave them," I told her honestly. "Sure, they're going to grow up, and when they're teens they probably won't be interested in fooling around with me either. They'll find boy friends, and this may sound presumptuous, but I hope that by having been loved by and loving me they'll be better prepared for marriage and sex later on." Susan considered this and then nodded, seeming to agree with me. "We'll all change, but I'm not just going to ignore them when they get older. I'll still be here, and we'll all still be very good friends, I hope."

This wasn't just wishful thinking on my part either. I had read several true accounts of other little girl lovers, about how the girl grew up and still thought of her former lover as a dear and very close friend, long after they had ceased to have sex. In other cases, the man-girl relationship had survived because the girl didn't stop loving the older man; he had been her replacement father, and in that respect she would always love him. And he would always be a generation older than her, and would also love her, too. Susan looked relieved and satisfied with my answer, and I added, "Besides, maybe I could learn to like big breasts." She laughed and gave me an exasperated look. "You're incorrigible," she declared with a grin. No arguments there.

I was not having a good day. First, there was a short power outage and my computer had crashed, taking everything I'd written for the book in the last hour with it. Add to that the fact that I felt a cold coming on, I was feeling rather irritable when the girls burst through the door after school. For the last couple of days they had cast aside any preamble to having sex; they just started peeling off their clothes and jumped on me in a naked tangle of girl limbs. Today was no exception. I gave them a sour look when they began unbuttoning their blouses. "Good grief," I said waspishly, "don't you two ever get tired of having sex?"

Terri's eyes widened with surprise, and Tammy's eyebrows furrowed in hurt confusion. Dammit. Why was I taking it out on them? "I'm sorry girls," I sighed in apology. "I didn't mean to snap at you." "Bad day?" Terri asked with a concerned look. Tammy came over and sat on my lap, wrapping her thin arms around my neck in a warm, tight hug. "It's okay, Tom," she said, snuggling her head on my shoulder. "I love you even when you're cranky." I chuckled as I hugged her back, Holding the young girl in a cuddly, comfy mode. I could have stayed like that for hours. Terri seemed to have other ideas, however. "Take off your shirt," she ordered me. "Terri, I really don't feel like--" "Just do it for me, okay?" she pleaded. With a sigh I disentangled myself from Tammy, and pulled off my sweatshirt.

I looked at Terri resignedly, figuring she wanted to `fool around' or something. I really wasn't in the mood though, which she should have been able to sense. "Now lay down on the couch, on your stomach," she continued. I hesitated, feeling rather stubborn about it, and she gave me a determined look. She wasn't going to take `no' for an answer, it seemed.

I did as she said, stretching out on the couch with my arms wrapped around a pillow. I felt Terri straddle my back and sit on my butt, and then with some surprise I felt her hands start kneading my shoulders and neck. Stupid me. She wanted to give me a massage, not have sex. Gosh they were wonderful girls, I thought to myself for the thousandth time, in spite of their occasional attacks on my sanity. "You're really tense," Terri observed, expertly rubbing and massaging my back with her soft, warm hands. As usual, Terri knew exactly how to make me feel good, concentrating her efforts on my neck and shoulders until the tightness left and I was so relaxed I occasionally sighed with a drowsy feeling of pleasure. "He's falling asleep," I heard Tammy say from somewhere around the vicinity of the computer. Soon thereafter, I did just that.

In the couple of weeks since their birthday, I had been watching the twins closely for any other signs of `changes'. In spite of Terri's declaration that they "weren't babies anymore," they still sometimes slept together in the same bed, and other times slept apart. Apparently old habits were hard to break. In a way I was glad, actually. I didn't want to think that I was somehow separating them. Terri and Tammy were starting to go their own ways, though. They had never been identical, personality wise, and since I had entered their lives they no longer had to lean solely on each other for comfort and support. Now they could share their hopes and fears with me. And share me they did. This was most apparent when one of them wanted to `do it' (their expression for fucking). Both girls enjoyed it as much as I did, but strangely enough, when one wanted to do it the other one would leave us alone to our own devices. Then a few days later when the other twin wanted the same action, her sister would go away until we finished. I think they were `testing the waters', so-to-speak; each girl was learning to love someone on her own terms, without having her twin present to get in the way and complicate things.

If I had any doubts about their love for each other, they were put to rest on Saturday nights. Sometimes our passion carried us away and I ended up fucking both of them, but usually we would only make love with our hands and mouths. More importantly, they made love to each other. Terri and Tammy would always be extremely close, but they knew their lives would eventually lead down separate paths, and I was their first step in that direction.


I was going Trick-Or-Treating. Here I was, dressed in an ostentatious, flowing blue robe, covered in stars and half moons that no self respecting wizard or sorcerer would be caught dead in, about to parade through the neighborhood with a vampire (Tammy) and a girl with a small axe embedded in her cranium (Terri). I even had a tall, pointy hat that was slightly bent at the tip. Long, shoulder length white hair from a wig gave me a smidgen of respectability, I suppose. The twins thought I was the funniest thing they'd ever seen, laughing derisively until I defiantly declared I was going to stay home.

"No Tom! You promised!" said the pale one with haunted looking eyes and blood red lips, dressed in a black tuxedo and white, ruffled shirt, her hair slicked straight back with gel and wearing fangs. A black cape fastened at her throat completed the ensemble.

"You look great!" added the youngster with the hatchet in her head, fake blood oozing wetly from the realistic looking wound and splattered generously over her face and clothes. Tammy looked kind of cute (she could have given me another `lovebite' anytime), but Terri was downright gruesome. Susan had done a good job with the costumes we had rented from the local Halloween shop a few days before. She was wearing a `Catwoman' outfit.

"Yeah Tom," Susan said behind her hand, where she was trying to hold in a chuckle, "you can't back out now. I need you to go with them so I can get to the hospital and get things started over there." The hospital where she worked was having a party for employees and some of the patients, and I was to bring the girls there later. "Let me get a camera so I can take a picture of the three of you," she added. Maybe she wanted to blackmail me sometime in the future with it, I thought to myself regretfully. Tammy snickered at that; I could never think anything to myself when she was around.

After we had taken pictures of all the possible permutations of the four of us, the twins and I set out on a mission to excoriate the countryside of all available sweets. I drew the line at actually carrying a bag and saying "Trick-Or-Treat", but nevertheless a few neighbors gave an extra piece of candy to one of the girls for "the wizard back there." Okay, I admit it. I was having fun. It was a beautiful Autumn evening, the sky a crystal-clear, deep, dark blue as the sun neared the horizon, and Terri and Tammy skipped along gaily from door-to-door collecting treats, occasionally pulling me onward by the hand. There were dozens of little goblins and other assorted ghouls out-and-about; super heroes, cartoon characters and pirates were our companions. It was the ultimate kids' holiday, a costumed combination of Christmas and birthdays.

After we'd traversed I don't know how many blocks, Terri and Tammy were having trouble carrying their treasure. The sun had gone down an hour ago, and it was time to join their mom.

The party at the hospital was okay, but there weren't a whole lot of kids around. The twins quickly got bored and somewhat cranky, as young girls tend to do rather easily. Susan had to work the night shift, and since we'd already arranged for the two sisters to spend the night with me anyway, I suggested the three of us go looking for a haunted house.

Susan gave her okay, but insisted that we didn't stay out too late since it was a school night. We readily agreed to her terms, but I think she knew she was wasting her time.

I checked a newspaper and found a fairly large haunted house within an hour's drive, and the girls and I took off on another adventure. We had to wait in line for almost two hours when we got there, but finally, after paying the admission price, we were inside. I'd psyched the twins up while we had been waiting, telling them scary stories about roaming spirits, gory druidic rituals and the terrors that were set loose on All Hallows Eve, and now a small, timid vampire was hunkered down alongside me, clutching my wizard's robe and my hand in a death grip.

"There's nothing to be afraid of," Terri told her sister with all the bravado a ten year old can muster. "Nothing's real in here." I didn't ask why she was holding my other hand. Rather tightly, in fact. I also didn't tell her that there were actors undoubtedly hiding inside.

It was pitch dark in here; as we stumbled blindly through a maze of narrow, twisting corridors, eerie music with an occasional howl or scream thrown in added the proper ambience. We could feel what were supposed to be rat's tails or snakes brushing our feet, and cobweb-like strings hung from the ceiling, tickling our faces. There's nothing like a total, complete absence of light to send a primal chill through one's soul; especially a young soul, say about ten years old. I let loose a demented laugh. It felt so good I did it again. "Cut it out Tom," I heard Tammy's voice shaking nervously from somewhere near my elbow. There must be some macho, deep-seated need for a guy to scare those who are smaller than he is --be it a wife or girl-friend, or a little kid, because I did it again. One of the girls elbowed me roughly in the gut, and I finally quit. Spoilsports.

We came upon a dimly lit laboratory scene of various medical horrors, and a rather ghastly looking fellow, who looked like he'd been through a botched open heart surgery, noticed all the fake blood on Terri.

"Perhaps the young girl would like to join us for some experiments," the cadaverous gentleman asked in a hollow voice. He grabbed Terri's free hand and pulled her insistently towards an examining table in the center of the room. Terri squealed and held on to me for dear life, until she was released. So much for bravado. For a tempting second I had almost let her go, just to see the look of shocked betrayal on her face, but I couldn't do it. Even I'm not that cruel.

We moved into another darkened passage, and now both girls were pushing me along in front of them. I guess they were willing to sacrifice me to save themselves. Their plan didn't work though. As we came into another gloomy scenario of blood and guts, Frankenstein's Monster grabbed them from behind with a menacing bellow. The two ten year olds almost knocked me over in their rush to place me between the monstrosity and themselves, and their eyes were wild with borderline terror as they screamed in surprise mixed with girlish delight. Kids enjoy a good scare now and then, as long as they know they can't REALLY be hurt. And I certainly didn't mind them hanging on to me with all their might, expecting me to `protect' them. If you've never taken a girl to a haunted house, I highly recommend it.

We made it to the end without any further mishap. It had certainly been a good time. So good in fact that Terri wanted to go through it again, but it was getting late. It had been a long, delightfully scary evening for my young ghoul friends (sorry, couldn't resist), and both girls fell asleep on the way home.

I managed to steer them inside my house, where I sat on the couch and began undressing Tammy, taking off her cape and jacket. Terri had pulled the hatchet off her head earlier, so all she had left was blood. It felt good to get out of my robe as well. I was tired, but the two girls seemed to have gotten their second wind when they remembered all that candy they had collected. I let them have a few pieces (and I had some too, I'll admit), and then they looked at each other silently, obviously talking between themselves. I hated it when they did that; invariably it meant the two scamps were up to something, and it usually involved me. Tammy nodded at her twin and then told me she had to go home for something. I looked at her suspiciously, but let her go. While she was gone Terri asked if I had a candle. What in the world...?

Terri was placing the candle in a holder on my coffee table when Tammy returned. Taking a match, Terri carefully lit the candle. Tammy went through my house turning off all the lights, until all we had left was the tiny, flickering flame. Silently, the two girls sat on their legs on one side of the low table, and beckoned me to sit opposite them. Then they pulled off their blouses, and looked at me pointedly until I took off my shirt. What were they up to, I wondered. Tammy took three short pieces of string from her pocket, and laid these together on the table. I could see they were `friendship' bracelets, the kind that kids made and traded with their friends. Each narrow cord was tightly braided with three
colors; two shades of blue (light and dark) and one of bright red. Understanding dawned on me. "Hey, when did you make--"

Terri and Tammy shushed me with shocked looks, as if I were interrupting a church service. For that's what they were about to perform: a ritual of naively innocent childhood, made all the more sacred as we neared the magical witching hour on All hallows Eve.

Mesmerized, I watched Terri take the ends of the three bracelets and hold them several inches over the candle. Then she chanted in her soft voice:

"Through the fire, we pass these chains, 3 strings are one, sealed by flame."

Terri quickly passed them three times through the fire, fast enough so they wouldn't scorch. Then she took one of the cords and tied it loosely in a double knot on Tammy's left wrist, and silently offered her the remaining two pieces. Following her sister's lead, Tammy held the colored strings above the fire, and thought for a moment before intoning: "By flame of candle, this spell is cast, 2 sisters are now complete, our love will last."

I was totally captivated. I watched with fascination as Tammy passed them twice through the candle, and then tied one of the strings around my wrist. The two girls were so serious and solemn, and their ghoulish makeup made them look rather eerie in the yellow, dancing flame of the candle.

They were other worldly, young witches practicing bare breasted, high sorcery on Halloween night, and I was there charmed disciple. The analogy of little girl love as a religion struck me once again. Then I realized Tammy was holding the remaining cord out to me. I was expected to contribute to the ritual as well. Terri and Tammy watched me critically as I took the small cord and held it over the candle as they had done, and gathered my thoughts. We had all had lots of practice with spells, actually. The girls were quite adept at coming up with rhymes for the book. Everyone knows the most powerful incantations have to rhyme. Just watch "Bewitched".

"Through this fire, the alter of our love, we confess our bond to the heavens above."

Tammy allowed a small smile of approval to cross her face as she watched me pass it once through the flame and tie it around her sister's wrist.

Then, almost reverently, my very special friends linked the little fingers of their right hands together in their `double promise', and silently looked at me until I wrapped my pinkie around theirs. I was deeply moved by this special gift. I felt myself shiver as goose flesh broke out on my skin, almost as if there truly was magic in the air. The girls felt it as well; I could see how their small, tender nipples had become even tinier, surrounded by goose bumps in the wavering candlelight. The ceremony now over, Terri and Tammy beamed happily at me.

The reader might like to think that what followed was a wild bacchanalia of little girl sex, culminating in the ultimate expression of love, but it was a school night. I led the two sleepy witches to the bathroom and washed off as much of their makeup as possible, and then I lovingly undressed them the rest of the way. Naked, the three of us slept in a tangle of blissful contentment, covering each other with a blanket of love and friendship.

I finished our book a few weeks later. Just before I sent it to my agent though, I added several very important lines at the very beginning, and promptly forced myself to forget about it. After she read it she said it was my best book yet, and suggested we re negotiate my contract with the publisher. In fact she thought the book could cross genres into the sci-fi/fantasy market, which was fine with me as long as it was still marketed primarily as a kid's book. My loyalties would always be with little girls, after all.

When my publisher read it, and after a few more weeks of wrangling, I signed a contract for an outrageous sum of money, agreeing to write at least two more books about the supposedly fictitious twins. I didn't think that would be a problem, since it was my favorite subject. I felt I had to share the wealth with the girls though, so for a Christmas present (one of many, needless to say) I had my agent draw up a contract splitting the royalties three ways. A separate trust fund was set up for each of them, and when they reached the arbitrarily magic age of eighteen, Terri and Tammy would have more than enough money for college or whatever else they wanted to do. Susan nearly cried when I told her what I had done, she was so grateful. The twins, of course, wanted the money now. I laughed fondly at their plans for buying airplanes and race cars, or candy factories and arcades.

The book was published in February, and when my copies arrived the girls were still at school. We had already started on the next story in the series, but we had all been waiting anxiously for this one. When Tammy `contacted' me she immediately picked up that it was here at last.

`You've got the book?' I heard her excited voice say in my head. She caught me off guard, and I was afraid she'd `pick up' more than I wanted her too. I started singing a Beatles' song, hoping to block her out.

`Hey, what are you trying to hide?' she accused. Her curiosity aroused, I knew she wouldn't give up easily. I sang louder. `Tom! Hey, cut it out!'

"Tammy, pleeease don't," I begged her. "It means a lot to me and I don't want you to ruin it. You'll find out when you get home." I started singing again, but I knew she could get what she wanted if she really concentrated.

`Oh all right,' I heard her pout. `See you later, I guess.' I had no way of knowing if she'd really left my head. I dove into our sequel, hoping to put my mind on other things, in case the inquisitive, telepathic young girl came back for another assault.

I thought about the tour my publisher wanted me to take to promote the book. If I went over spring break, perhaps Susan would let the twins come along.

The next attack was when Terri and Tammy practically tore down my front door after school. Tammy had told her twin and both girls were bubbling over with impatience as they pulled off their winter coats and rushed me.

"Let's see it!" Terri yelled.

"Yeah, where is it?" Tammy demanded, still wondering what I had up my sleeve.

I sat on the couch and pulled out a small, gift wrapped object. It was the book of course. I wasn't fooling anybody; I just thought wrapping it would be a nice touch. The girls sat down on my right and grabbed it unceremoniously from my hands. Terri ripped off the paper and stared at the cover.

"`Double Trouble'," she said with a smile, reading the title out loud. The drawing on the front was the three of us, dressed in clothes that fit the story. What possessed me to use the picture Susan had taken of me on Halloween I'll never know.

"Hey, it's us!" Tammy exclaimed. "Cool!"

"It's my author's copy," I told the two girls, "the very first one off the press. I want you guys to have it." Terri and Tammy looked at me gratefully, but they both sensed that there was something else. Tammy finally grabbed the thought from my head. She sucked in her breath with surprise, and quickly told her sister to open the book and look inside.

Past all the copyright info, on an otherwise blank page, I saw their eyes widen as they stared at six simple, short lines. Their jaws dropped open with identical looks of stunned disbelief, while they re-read it several times. Finally Terri found her voice, but it shook a little. "D-Does it say this in all of them?" she asked in wondering amazement. I could only nod as I smiled at them. Their reactions were everything I'd hoped for. I was almost overwhelmed as I felt my love for the two beautiful, special young girls pouring out of my soul, and they both felt it as strongly as I did. Our eyes threatened to start leaking. Suddenly the twins threw their arms around me, hugging me in a tight, fierce embrace as I hugged them back. Nothing more needed to be said; our love spoke volumes. It's the most excellent language there is.

For Terri and Tammy;
twin beams of sunlight and happiness
shining brightly
in my grateful heart.
I love you both,

********* T H E E N D *********
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