Married to a woman I didn't love, I let myself be seduced by my daughter's girlfriends. The most recent was a Latino girl name Carmen
My Daughter's Girlfriends 4 - Carmen

Married to a woman I didn't love, I let myself be seduced by my daughter's girlfriends. The most recent was a Latino girl name Carmen.

"I haven't seen much of Lindsay lately," I asked Megan, my 13-year-old daughter.

"We are taking a time-out," she explained. "As you know, things kind of got a bit over-the-top between us."

Lindsay had been my daughter's girlfriend for years. A couple of months ago I fucked her. Lindsay had taunted me to the point that I had no other choice. I just could never figure out how such hatred and venom could come out of a young child like that. My guess is that it was all an act to get me to fuck the little bitch. It worked. Then she told me that my daughter Megan wanted to have sex with me too. But when Lindsay realized that I wanted my own daughter more than her, she tried to keep us apart. I ended up fucking Megan anyway but I was pretty rough about it, all because of Lindsay.

But I have now gotten control of myself, I believe. Though Megan has tried to initiate a replay of our one encounter, I have steadfastly refused. It's not that I wouldn't want to fuck Megan again. It's just that it's wrong. Incest is wrong. I was wrong to have violated her and I don't plan on repeating it.

I should never have touched Lindsay either for that matter. But the young little girls that Megan keeps bringing around, her girlfriends, are wearing down my resolve. I believe Megan is hoping that if I fall for one of her girlfriends again. Maybe then I would fall for her too.

"I like that new girl that you've had over this week," I told her. "What's her name?"

"Carmen," Megan replied. "Yes, she's nice, a very polite respectful girl. The kind of girl you would like me to hang around so that I can pick up a few nice traits I'm sure."

Carmen was 14 but in the 8th grade like my daughter. She was held back a year when she was young. As you can probably guess from the name, Carmen is Latino. A beautiful brown skinned girl with jet black hair below the shoulders. It has beautiful gentle waves to it that I just want to crush against my face and smell the fragrance. Though just a year older, Carmen is well on her way to developing a nice set of tits. She is 5 foot 3 inches tall and medium build. She has a well formed butt that I would love to squeeze. But thoughts like that just get me into trouble like with Lindsay. Yet I admit, I love to daydream about her when she is here, or not here for that matter.

"Carmen is coming over after dinner tonight, if that's OK," Megan stated more than asked.

"Of course," I told her. "Just stay clear of your mom. You know how she can get with your friends."

My wife Alice was an evil witch, obese beyond belief, and hated everyone except her shopping buddies. I hated them all (well all but one of my wife's lady friends, but that's a story for another day).

Soon after we finished dinner, my wife went out with one of her friends. I gave Megan the go-ahead to have Carmen come over. She just lived a couple of blocks away so was soon ringing the door bell.

Megan got the door and let Carmen in. I watched nearby so that I could greet her. "Hello Carmen. Nice to see you again. And I meant to say something last time you were here. You hair is gorgeous. Do you fix it yourself?"

Carmen blushed a bit. "Thank you Mr. Martin. Yes, I curl it all on my own. I mean my mom showed me how but I do it myself now."

"Well first of all, call me Jerry," I told her. "And your mom must be really good with that sort of thing because she did a great job training you. Well you girls have fun doing whatever it is you do." I walked away, back into the living room. But I kept my ears open. When they went into Megan's room I quietly slipped down the hallway towards her door and listened in on their conversation.

"Your dad is really nice," Carmen said.

"He has his moments," Megan replied.

"No offense against your mom but she can be pretty, uh…" Carmen was stumbling for the right word, trying not to be rude.

"Bitchy?" Megan helped out.

Carmen laughed. "Yes, that works. But your dad, like night and day between them. He's sort of sexy too."

"Oh yuck. Do you think so?" Megan asked.

"Well yeah," Carmen said. "I mean he's handsome and nice and funny. I know he's your dad and all, but if he wasn't, could you imagine me making a move on him?" Carmen asked.

"He's 15 years older than you," Megan objected.

"Well I bet I could get him to kiss me," Carmen challenged.

"What, tonight?" Megan asked, sounding like a non-believer. "There's no way he's going to kiss you."

"I bet I can," Carmen said with confidence. "Let's go out to the living room right now. We'll sit on both sides of him on the couch."

With that I quickly made my way back to the living room. Sure enough, a minute later in walked both girls. I made sure I was sitting in the middle of the couch. I didn't want to make it too tough on them. Megan was in the lead.

"What are watching, Dad?" Megan asked as she approached me, sitting down on my left.

Carmen was right behind but as she entered the living room she flicked off the lights, walked around and sat down on my right.

"Well, with the lights out and two beautiful girls next to me I get the feeling I should be watching an R rated movie," I joked.

"I'm up for that," Carmen said. "But no blood and guts. How about some romance or something."

Boy, Carmen didn't waste any time. Megan helped things along. "Yeah Dad, one of your skin flicks."

How did Megan know about those, I wondered. I picked out "Body Chemistry 3" with Shannon Tweed.

It wasn't too long into the movie before Carmen announced, "I'm the blond, Megan, and you're the black haired one."

When we got to one of the hottest scenes, Carmen softly said, "Look, that's us on the pool table."

I looked at Carmen, so beautiful in the dim light of the TV. Fuck, I couldn't help myself. I leaned in and kissed her, gently at first but more firmly the longer we went. Then it became a sudden urgency, a quick burning brush fire. I couldn't get enough of her.

"Oh look," Megan said. "There I am walking in on you two fucking on the pool table. But I'll just stay back and watch you, just like on the movie. You'd know that if you were even watching it." There was a note of sarcasm in that last statement.

We broke off our kiss and both laughed. But then I realized what I had done. "Oh Carmen, I am so sorry. I shouldn't have done that. I just got caught up in the movie. Please don't tell anyone. God, I'm sorry."

"Hmmmmm," Carmen mused. Then she laughed again. "I guess I got caught up in the movie too. I was really imagining myself on that pool table, you know, with you, and then we just kissed. It's no big thing. I won't tell anyone, I promise. I mean, you're not mad at me are you?"

"Oh heavens no," I told her. "I just don't want to ruin anything between you and Megan."

"Oh someone cares about me?" Megan asked, again with that tone of sarcasm.

"Oh Megan," Carmen said. "You're right, I didn't see the part where you came in. Could we back it up and watch that again?"

Happily I went back to when the encounter began and we watched the whole thing without getting sidetracked. But as we watched the two of them making love on TV, I placed my right hand between Carmen's legs. Sliding it up to the top of her legs I put pressure on her pussy. She didn't object so I began rubbing the side of my hand up and down, keeping the pressure constant.

Carmen held onto my arm with her head resting against my right shoulder. The more I massaged between her legs the harder she squeezed my arm.

We watched the movie this time, watched as Megan's character walked in and caught the two of us fucking on the pool table. I grabbed the remote and catching it at one hot scene, paused it. There in front of us in all her glory was Shannon. The only movement was me rubbing Carmen's pussy through her pants.

I don't know how long we all stared at that scene, but we all jumped when the garage door started opening. Megan got the lights. I ejected the movie and quickly put it away. Carmen ran to Megan's room with Megan right behind.

When Alice walked in I had Fox News on. She didn't say a thing, just walked back to our room.

"Who'd you go with tonight?" I politely asked, feigning interest as I followed her to our room.

"Jane and Sally," she replied. "What do you care?"

"Just making conversation." But when I heard the name Sally, I actually was interested. Sally is the only girlfriend of my wife that has any looks at all. Ironically she is probably the oldest, I would guess in her mid to late 40's. Maybe that's why they let her hang around with the rest of them, they see her age as her flaw, not her weight. The rest of that crowd are all in their early 30's but look older than Sally.

Most of Alice's friends are all in various stages of obesity. Sally's not skinny by any means. She's about 5 foot 6 inches and I would guess 165 pounds. She probably carries most of it in her hips. She doesn't really have a gut, but she does have a pair of nice size D tits. Sally and I have had a fling or two over the years. I already said this is a story for another day and here I go getting sidetracked. I pretend to myself that it never happened, that I have always been faithful to Alice. Megan doesn't even know. But again, another day.

Megan managed to get Carmen out of the house without my wife even knowing she was here. That was better than having to listen to her smart remarks about Megan's friends.

When I managed to get Megan alone I asked her, "Why do you do this to me? I'm going to end up in jail."

"I'm very careful about who I bring around Dad," she explained. "Besides, you know you like it."

"I can't have another Lindsay situation," I warned her. "I don't want to see Carmen again. I mean she is nice and all, too nice I guess. I don't trust myself."

"Just relax," trying to calm me down. "There's nothing wrong here. You know you need it, you need her, and I know you want her. She certainly wants you."

"She said that?" I asked.

"You are so blind sometimes Dad," she teased.

"Well I'm serious," I put down the law. "Carmen is not to come over here anymore. I don't want to hurt her."

"I love you Dad," Megan said with a smile, kissing me on the cheek. Then she walked away.

A week had gone by and I hadn't seen any new friends of Megan's, let alone Carmen. But Saturday morning Alice announced at breakfast that she was driving to the city with some of her friends and would be gone all day. I suspected that Megan was just as happy as I was to hear that she would be out of our hair all day long.

As soon as she drove off Megan turned to me and asked, "Well what do you want to do today?"

I didn't even start to answer when the doorbell rang. I looked at Megan but she just shrugged her shoulders like she had no idea who was there. She answered the door and in walked Carmen.

"Hi Mr. Martin, I mean Jerry," she said with a grin.

I frowned at Megan who just gave me that "I didn't know she was coming over" stare.

"Hi Carmen," I greeted her. "You look nice this morning." She did too. She had on a pair of shorts, probably too short, a tank top that was a little too tight and allowed her nipples to show through, and well I didn't get past that.

"Thank you," she said as she twirled around. "I was hoping you'd like it, I mean you guys," she corrected looking at Megan. "So, see any good movies lately?"

"Yeah, about that," I began. "I'm really sorry. We should never had watched that. It was really inappropriate."

"Oh not at all," she said, stepping forward to me and touching my arm. "It was all in fun, all of us playing our part so well."

"Excuse me," Megan said, "I'll be back in a couple of minutes. Got to go to the bathroom." She left me there all alone with Carmen.

Carmen stepped directly in front of me. With each hand slowly stroking the back of my arms she looked directly up into my eyes. She seemed inches away. "I was hoping that maybe you might want to…" She moved her hands inside my arms and around my waist, pulling her body even closer. When I felt her stomach press against my shaft I realized I was rock hard. She felt it too.

"Oh, it seems you were hoping we would too," she exclaimed, pointing out the obvious. She hadn't even said exactly what she was hoping to do. But it was pretty obvious.

My breathing was getting ragged. She tipped her head slightly to the left. She now had her body pressed up against mine. I felt my hands touch the small of her back. I reached up with my right hand and grabbed a wad of her hair on the back of her head. Holding on tight I leaned in and kissed her hard. She immediately opened my mouth with her tongue.

Her hands were all over my back. We continued to suck on each other as both my hands found her ass. As I pulled her into me she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. I held her there, her pussy pressed against my aching rod.

God I wanted this vixen so bad. I stumbled backwards from the sudden shift in weight and found myself falling onto the living room couch. Our kiss broken, Carmen sat up on my waist, grinding her cunt down onto me. "I want to fuck you Jerry, just like on the movie."

"Oh shit I want you so bad, Carmen," I told her. "Yes, fuck me just like that."

With my go ahead Carmen stepped off of me and before I even realized it she had removed her top and shorts. She did not have any underwear on or a bra. I pulled off my t-shirt while she undid my shorts. A moment later we were both nude.

Carmen climbed up on me again, straddling my waist. I sat up and took one breast into my mouth while my hand took the other. Her nipples were already hard. She rocked her hairy pussy across my dick, getting us both well lubricated.

"Sit back down," she ordered, pushing me to the couch. She grabbed my hard-on and rubbed it a couple more times across her slit. Without any further preparation she pushed it into her opening and dropped herself down onto my shaft. I went in a couple of inches and watched a grimace show on her face. But she didn't pause. She lifted herself up and dropped down again, a couple more inches deeper this time.

It took a third time but she buried all 6 inches of my shaft inside of her. With a grin on her face she began to rock her hips forward and backward just like we had seen on the movie. "Oh Carmen, you feel so fucking good," I exclaimed.

She smiled, but didn't slow down. If anything she picked up the pace some. "Jerry, I never knew it could so…so good." She was starting to get out of breath. I reached up and took a hold of each of her nipples. I pinched them and rolled them between my fingers. Then as I massaged her breasts. A minute later she leaned backwards and placed her hands on my legs. She started rocking her hips like a wild woman.

"Oh God in Heaven Carmen, I'm going to cum," I shouted.

She brought her body back forward and leaned down, taking my mouth with hers. She screamed in my mouth, her rocking stopped except for some jerky spasms. I felt her cunt grip my shaft tight in spasms of its own. That's what sent me over the edge. As Carmen's orgasm ran through her body I felt my own climax rise up through my shaft. Shot after shot of my cum filled the small space left inside of her pussy.

I thought for a moment about what had happened a couple of months ago. Fucking Lindsay was wonderful, and my daughter Megan even more so. But Carmen was incredible. I couldn't imagine feeling this good with anyone else.

"Oh, I'm sorry," came Megan's voice. I caught a glimpse of her going back into the hallway.

"Wait," yelled Carmen. "You don't mind do you?" she asked me. But without waiting for my answer she yelled again, "Megan, it's OK, come on back. You were supposed to find us, remember in the movie?"

Carmen was sitting up now, slowly rocking her hips on my deflating shaft. But we were so wet, with her juices and my cum, that I didn't fall out. In fact, knowing that this 14-year-old had just fucked the hell out of me, along with her steady movements, sort of kept me somewhat firm.

Megan came over to the couch and stood next to us. The two of them looked at each other and then Carmen covered my view with her hand saying, "Close your eyes."

I did. A moment later I felt Carmen get off of me. She took my shaft into her mouth and slid me in and out between her warm moist lips. It wasn't but a minute and she had me hard again. She let go of me and said, "No peeking."

With my eyes closed I felt her get back up on me as before. But as she pushed me back inside she wasn't nearly as wet. I opened my eyes to see Megan pushing herself down onto my shaft. Before I could object Carmen's mouth was pressed against mine in a passionate kiss. It only took a few moments before I felt my little Megan rocking herself forward and backward, just like Carmen had done, just like in the movie.

Megan, only 13, was smaller and tighter and oh so heavenly. She was wet now and she glided herself up and down my shaft with ease yet with a tightness that Carmen didn't have.

"Lick me," Carmen ordered as she straddled my face. Here I was sucking my own cum out of Carmen's pussy while my own daughter fucked me. The whole scene was too much for me. I lasted maybe another 5 minutes or so before I was cumming again, this time into my own daughter's cunt.

I loved it, loved fucking Carmen, loved fucking Megan, loved every second of it. And that's what scarred me. Carmen got off me as Megan dismounted. The two of them hugged as Megan said thank you.

"I'll clean up and then go," Carmen said.

Megan knelt next to me on the couch. "Are you OK Dad?"

"Fuck Megan," I started to say.

"Anytime you want," she interrupted.

"No, stop it," I sternly said. "We have to stop this."

"You didn't like Carmen?" Megan asked. "You didn't like me?"

"That's just it, Megan. I liked it too much," I explained. "We can't keep this up."

Megan took my now limp dick in her hand and said, "With practice I think we can."

"Megan," I spoke sharply. "No more. We can't and won't do this ever again. And no more girlfriends. The eye candy is OK I guess. But no more Lindsays or Carmens. Do you understand?"

"Yes daddy," she promised.

Things seemed to go well over the next couple of weeks. Megan had over a few new friends but no one of special interest to me. Not at least until she introduced me to her new African American friend, Destiny.

The End (until I met Destiny)

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