17 year old Karisa has already had some fun today. When she arrived at 17 year old Daniel's house, they had some fun. But now, Karisa meets his parents and gains new suspicions.
A few hours later, Daniel's parents arrive. Daniel and I are hanging out in the living room, watching some documentary. Daniel is sitting on the love seat and I'm on the sofa. When his parents walk in the door, I'm amazed at how young they are. They look to be 35 at the most. 

His dad is tall like him, about 6'7", and has the same dark hair with bright blue eyes. He also has a nice farmers tan that accents his eyes even more. I can see he is well-built. You can definitely tell that he is Daniel's father. I can't help but wonder if his dad has a bigger dick than him, and the thought of possibly finding out arouses me.

His mom is just as striking. She's about 5'5" with a great figure. She has blonde hair that goes down to the middle of her back and emerald eyes. Her legs look amazing, slender and soft-looking. Her heels and mini skirt intensify her legs, making me long to touch her.

His mom practically runs over to me while squealing and gives me a hug. Her tits squeeze against mine, arousing me slightly. I can feel myself getting wet. She pulls back and holds my shoulders. "Oh my goodness! It's so nice to meet you! Daniel hasn't stopped talking about you!" she says. I look over at Daniel and he's blushing. I smirk at him. His mom lets go of my shoulders and sits down next to me. "I'm Sheryl," she says and puts her hand out towards her husband, "and that's Luke." 

Luke leans forward and sticks out his hand, a smile on his face. "Nice to meet you," he says in a deep voice that intrigues me. It makes me want to find out more about him and just listen to him talk about anything. I take his hand and return the smile. "You, too," I reply, trying not to be obvious about my interest in him. He has a firm grip, and grips tighter as I try to casually pull my hand away. I'm a little confused and look back at him, when he finally releases me. He watches me as he goes back to a normal stance, a slight smirk on his face. I'm confused but try to brush it off.

I sit there and listen to Sheryl go on about what we can do while I'm staying with them and places we'll go, but I can't help glancing at Luke. Every time I glance at him, he's staring at me. He holds his hands behind his back with his legs slightly spread apart, making his member slightly obvious through his pants. From the looks of it, it's quite big.

"Stop," I tell myself, "You're a 17 year old girl and he's like, 30. There is no way in hell you will fuck him. It's illegal and I highly doubt he's even thinking of you in that way. Plus, you have Daniel to fuck, so chill out." I take a deep breath and calm down. I look back up to him and he's smiling at me. I glance away quickly, my heart pounding. I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. He knows I was staring at his dick. I look down at my feet so no one will see me blush.

"So what do you say?" Sheryl says, turning back to me. I look up at her, confused. "I'm sorry, about what?" I say, embarrassed because I wasn't paying attention to her and focusing more on Luke. She wraps her arm around my shoulder and starts to laugh. I laugh awkwardly along with her, not understanding what was so funny. After a few seconds, she wipes away her tears and says, "Oh goodness! This girl is so adorable! Ahhh, I love her!" She gives me a squeeze and kisses me on the cheek. She releases me and says, "Sweetie, tomorrow,  we can go shopping and go to this really fancy spa that's about 30 minutes away. So what do ya say?" I shrug and say, "Yea that's cool with me but I didn't bring a whole lot of money." She laughs again and says, "No, Honey. It's all on me. You get whatever you like and I'll pay for it. And don't worry about 'spending too much'." I smile at her and say, "Okay."

Luke speaks up then. "Hey, Karisa. I hope you don't mind but I might need Daniel and your's help on the farm. I need help taking care of the animals while I harvest the crops. You wouldn't mind getting dirty, would you?" I find myself blushing at the question. There is no way he could mean that as in actual 'Lets fuck' dirty. "Oh come on, dad. She's a girl. She's on vacation. Let her relax," Daniel says. They both look at me. I glance back and forth between them before answering. "I mean, I don't mind getting dirty. Sometimes I want to, and sometimes I don't," I say, raising my voice slightly on the last word as I look at Luke. He pretends it didn't phase him, probably trying to look innocent in front of Daniel and Sheryl.  "And I would feel bad if I didn't do anything while I was here, so I don't mind," I add. "Well, "if you want to",I'll turn you into a little worker bee," Luke says and smiles. His smile seems just like a friendly one to Sheryl and Daniel, but to me there's something behind it. I begin to get anxious and my hands start sweating. I try to be inconspicuous about wiping my hands.

We talk for another hour before we realize that it's 10 P.M. We say our "goodnight"s and head off to bed. I undress and put on a white spaghetti strap tank top and some black boy shorts. I climb into bed and stare at the ceiling. As I lay in bed, I can't get Luke off of my mind. He's sexy as hell, but it's wrong. He's married, I'm under 18, and I'm fucking his son. But I can't help but wonder if he really was being sexual, trying to hint to me that he's attracted or whatever. Ugh, I'm too paranoid. He was just being friendly. 

And although he was just being friendly, I can't help but imagine what it would be like to fuck him. Just to suck his dick and have him fuck me hard and fast, feeling him stretch my pussy to the limits. I instantly get wet at the thought, and naturally start rubbing my hot pussy. I release soft moans as I do so. Then, I realize that I have someone I could fuck right now to get myself off. I consider it for a moment, and decide to do it.

I slide out of my bed and decide to go through the bathroom. I tiptoe to the door and twist the knob. I open it just as Daniel opens his. He's wearing only boxers. I'm surprised to see him, as he is me, but then we smile and realize that we were thinking the same idea. We step into the bathroom and I wrap my arms around his neck, looking at him with intense lust. He's still smiling and says, "Forgot there was someone here you could fuck instead of masturbate?" I blush and nod. He laughs and says, "Yea, me too." 

I give a lustful smile and kiss him hard. He places his hands on my hips and moves them down to my ass. He squeezes and I jump, breaking off the kiss. He gives me a naughty grin and I return it. He places his hand behind my ear and pulls me back towards him. We make out intensely for a few minutes before he slips his hand under my shirt and starts pinching my nipples. I moan softly as we kiss.

He moves his lips down to my neck and goes to work. His tongue is warm and moist against my skin. I get a chill from the wind blowing. I shudder not only from the cold, but the pleasure. He bites and sucks my skin as I moan. I already want him so badly. He's just being a tease now. He lifts me up and sets me on the counter for easier access. He starts to kiss his way down past my collarbone when he pulls down the top of my shirt. He kisses my nipples and takes them into his mouth. He sucks and bites them hard, turning me on even more. After a minute, I sigh and say, "Will you just fuck me already!?!" Before he can say anything, I pull his dick out of his boxers. He's already rock hard. I spit on my hand and rub it onto his dick as he slides my panties off. I position his dick at my opening and place my hands on his butt. I pull him towards me, and his dick slides right in. 

He goes slow at first, teasing me just as much. He knows he's teasing me, too, making me want him all the more. I pout and moan out, "Please, please, pleeeeease will you fuck me nice and hard? I want you so badly." He grins, loving that I'm begging for him to fuck my pussy. He gives in to my wishes and starts to fuck me hard and fast. I moan loudly, and Daniel covers my mouth so we don't risk waking his parents. He kisses my neck as he fucks me, making me moan even louder. I bite my lip and try to moan quietly. It's pointless. He keeps covering my mouth until he finds a washcloth and shoves it into my mouth. I let myself moan as loud as I want, having them be smothered by the cloth. Then, he pulls out and lifts me up. He sets me on the ground and spins me around. He pushes against my lower back, bending me over the counter. I grin. 

He grabs my hips and thrusts back into my tight pussy. I moan even louder as he fucks me deep. He hits my g-spot hard with every thrust, practically making me scream with pleasure. His hands run along my back as he fucks me, and his fingers come around to the front. They find my nipples and pinch them, making me groan. I can feel my orgasm building fast, and my breathing is heavier. I bump back into him as he thrusts into me, forcing his cock deep into my pussy. 

As I feel my orgasm begin, I grab onto the towel rack to steady myself. I scream loudly into the washcloth, glad it's being muffled. I cum all over his dick, my pussy squeezing it to the point where I can feel it throbbing. My breathing slowly starts to regulate. Then, he cums. He thrusts deep into me, deeper than ever and I can feel the hot streams of cum continuously squirting into me. After a minute, he pulls out. Along with his dick comes my cum and his mixed together. It drips down my legs and onto the floor. He smiles and I do too. He grabs a towel from under the sink and throws it to me. He comes over and kisses me passionately. "Night, Golden," he says when we pull away. He winks and walks back into his room, dragging his boxers with him.

 I smile to myself, very pleased with these conditions. I throw the towel on the floor and clean up the mess. When I finish, I throw the towel in the hamper and walk back into my room. I put my clothes back on and climb under the covers. I instantly fall asleep, exhausted from today's activities.

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your perfect description... i wish I had you around to be my eyes to describe the world to me and to have passionate love making and raw hot sex

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