My mother had been a broker. After I was born my mother and father divorced. My father was the one to get custody, he was a rising star attorney. It was a few years before my father married again. Toni was nice and had a daughter named Ashley. I was six then and Ashley was four.

Every year on my birthday my mom would give me several blocks of stocks. I got to see mom a couple of times a month and noticed she never had any guy friends around. I was sixteen and Ashley was fourteen when the nightmare happened. My dad was an assistant district attorney. He had planned a week off and we had plans. Over the years I had come to love Ashley. She had even let me see her bare pussy last month.

I woke to a man grabbing me and pulling me out of bed. I was fit but this guy was big and strong and had surprise on his side. I was pulled into the living room where I saw dad and Toni. Ashley was pulled into the room a minute later and tossed against me. My dad’s face was white as one of the men sat across from us. He looked at dad, “We warned you to let the case go.”

He nodded and two men grabbed Toni. I went after them and got knocked on my ass by another man. We were forced to watch as they took turns raping Toni again and again. When they finally stopped the leader looked at dad and then at us and grinned evilly, “Maybe watching your kids breed each other will be fun.”

They all laughed as Toni clutched at Ashley. I glared but my heart was beating faster. Watching them rape Toni had my cock hard but I wasn’t planning to let them force me into anything. The leader surprised me when he pulled a gun. He pointed it at Toni and looked at me, “Alright kid. Fuck your sister or I kill your mother.”

I looked at Ashley helplessly and Toni nodded and pushed her towards me, “It’s okay Edward.”

Ashley looked frightened and I looked at dad. He looked tight lipped but nodded, “Do it Edward.”

I glared at the man and stood to strip my sleeping pants off. The men all laughed and the leader grinned, “Damn kid.”

I was embarrassed because my cock was large and thick. I turned to Ashley and pulled her night gown off before kneeling to pull her panties down. The men were quiet as I pulled her down and kissed her before whispering, “I’m sorry.”

Ashley nodded and bit her lip as my hand slipped between her legs. The leader shifted, “Just breed the bitch, kid.”

I glared back at him, “I’ll do it my way asshole.”

He grinned as the other men laughed, “You have heart kid. Do it your way then.”

I kissed Ashley’s trembling lips and started rubbing her clit. She closed her eyes and shuddered. I kept doing it and finally moved between her legs and wedged my cock tight against her bald pussy. I kissed her and whispered, “Relax Ash.”

I hesitated and then shoved into her sharply, forcing my cock through her cherry and halfway into her virgin pussy. Ashley screamed and struggled while I lay still and held her, “I’m sorry Ash.”

It was a minute before she stopped moving. The men had all cheered and laughed as they watched her blood leak out around my cock. I pulled back and Ashley winched as I pushed deeper into her and held still again. The men laughed a minute later when Ashley shivered, “The young whore likes it!”

I pulled back and started to fuck her nice and slow. Ashley shuddered and I felt her pussy tighten and squeeze my cock. She whispered, “Edward?”

I kissed her and kept fucking her as I whispered back, “I know Ash. Just relax.”

She shuddered harder as the men hooted and laughed. I could feel the cum churning and my body tightening. I pushed into her deep and pressed against her womb as I whispered, “I’m sorry Ash.”

I began spurting huge gushes of cum against and into her womb and Ashley jerked and spasmed as her pussy milked my cock. She had wide eyes as she looked into my face. The men were cheering as I pumped and spewed into her. When I finished and slowly pulled out they were quiet. I stood as the leader grinned, “I guess we’ll take a turn now.”

That was when dad lunged at one of them. I didn’t hesitate, as I heard the first shot I was reaching over the leaders hand to grab the pistol. I turned putting my back to him and turning more as I extended our hands. I shot the man my father was falling away from twice in the chest while my other arm jerked back. My elbow took the leader under the ribs driving the air from his lungs as I kept turning and shot a man point blank as he was reaching for me.

The explosion and searing pain in my back and shoulder made me stumble as I kept turning with the sudden dead weight of the leader. One man was pointing his gun at me and the other was running for the door. I shot the first man three times rapidly and then pulled the gun from the leaders hand as he fell to point at the man at the door as he turned.

I fired until the slide locked back and ringing silence returned to the room. I dropped to my knees from the pain in my back and shoulder. Ashley was suddenly there hugging me and I tried to talk but was spiting blood, “call 911 Ash.”

She nodded and turned to run away and that was when I saw my dad’s body on the floor with Toni holding him and rocking. I fell then and a moment later Toni was holding me, “Hold on Edward!”

Most of the rest is a blur, the police and ambulance, the hospital. I remember waking up and being cold. Mom, Toni and Ashley were beside the bed. It took a couple of tries before I could speak, “Dad?”

Mom squeezed my hand as Toni shook her head, “He didn’t make it.”

Ashley took my other hand. The next few days were hard, I had to tell the story to a couple of police detectives and Toni had to leave to make arrangements for dad. Mom and Toni became close over those days and Ashley almost never left me, she would crawl onto the narrow bed to snuggle against me at night. I always had to wake her because of her nightmares. A week after it had happened Ashley jerked up in bed and jumped off before running into the bathroom.

I was wired to the bed and couldn’t follow but rang for a nurse when I heard her vomiting. Two hours later we had the reason she had been throwing up, she was pregnant. I was smiling as I held Ashley waiting for Toni to come. She and mom were at dad’s funeral and returned looking sad.

When I told Toni that Ashley was pregnant her eyes opened wide in surprise. Mom looked at me and then at Toni as she sat down. She put her hand on Toni’s shoulder and Toni reached up to take it in her own, “I never thought…”

She looked at Ashley and took a breath, “What do you want to do baby?”

Ashley smiled at me, “Have the baby. Edward and I can take care of it.”

Mom looked at me and I could tell I was in for a parental talk. I patted Ashley’s hip, “Can you go get a couple of those bowls of jelly? The nurse said they won’t upset your stomach.”

She nodded and slipped off the bed and started for the door. I cleared my throat after she walked out, “I know mom. I didn’t have a choice when they... I will take care of Ashley and the baby.”

Toni actually shook her head and smiled, “She will want you to have sex with her again.”

I nodded, “I know. I had to do…”

She held up her hand and looked at mom, “Elizabeth?”

Mom sighed as she looked at me, “You are old enough Edward. I know you always wanted to know what happened between your father and me. You know we have remained friends. Well, the reason we divorced was because I am a lesbian.”

I looked at her surprised and then at Toni. Toni took her hand, “I don’t know if I will ever get over what happened. Elizabeth and I have been talking about… us moving in with her and you.”

I looked at mom, “With me?”

Mom actually smiled, “You are my son remember?”

I looked at Toni, “Mom only has a small two bedroom townhouse.”

She nodded and looked at mom, “I can’t go back into our house…”

Mom smiled, “I had a friend arrange to have it professionally cleaned and put up for sale. My building has a larger townhouse, a four bedroom… it is actually nicer than mine. Anyway, I arranged to buy it.”

I looked at Toni and put my head back, “With the dividends from my stocks I can add some money.”

Mom cleared her throat, “that was for…”

I stopped her with a shake of my head, “Ashley and the baby need someplace safe.”

I hesitated and blushed as I looked down, “I need you to mom.”

Mom stood quickly and came to touch my shoulder, “We’ll get through it.”

She looked at Toni and then laughed and shook me, “I need you to help me with Toni.”

I looked at mom and she kept looking at Toni, “She is terrified of men so I am going to teach her that a man having sex with her is okay.”

I looked at her strangely and Toni cleared her throat, “How is he going to teach me?”

Mom looked into my face, “Well, when we start, I will love you while he slowly fucks you.”

Ashley cleared her throat from the door and I looked at her. She crossed to the bed looking at mom and Toni, “What’s going on?”

I took her hand, “Mom was just telling me how she plans to help your mother get over being raped.”

Ashley looked at me and then at them. She actually grinned, “Than she has to help me too.”

Toni coughed and then laughed as mom grinned. I grinned, “Are you sure you want me to… touch you?”

Ashley looked coyly at me, “You’ll have to force me.”

I continued to grin, “How?”

She grinned at her mother, “Is a kiss enough force?”

We all laughed and Ashley set my jell-o on the tray before climbing back on the bed with me. As she fed me, Mom and Toni started talking about moving and bills and other things. It was a couple of days before I was finally released from the hospital. We didn’t go home, we went to mom’s. The new townhouse was huge and Ashley kept squeezing my hand. Mom smiled as she looked around, “I had the movers bring some of your furniture but mostly I just bought new stuff.”

Mom opened the first door, “This is the nursery.”

She looked at Ashley and then at me, “We tested Toni but she wasn’t pregnant so she may ask you to do that later.”

I looked at a blushing Toni and then at Ashley. She grinned, “Cool mom, we can be pregnant together.”

Mom laughed and Toni finally giggled and pulled Ashley into her arms. Toni had moved into the master bedroom with mom and Ashley moved into a bedroom with me. I wasn’t allowed to do anything but sit and watch as the three of them arranged everything. When mom saw me wincing, she nudged Toni who turned Ashley, she left and came back with a pain pill.

After I had taken the pill, Ashley stood me and stripped my clothes off. She pushed me towards the bed as mom and Toni undressed. Seeing them naked had my cock hard even if I was in pain. Mom smiled and stroked my cock before helping me onto the bed. Toni was hesitant until mom turned her and kissed her. She caressed her face as Ashley moved to sit beside me whispering, “We want to try getting mom pregnant even if it will be a month.”

I looked at Ashley and took her hand, “Are you sure Ash?”

She nodded and then looked away from her mother to look at me, “We’ll have time together tonight.”

I looked at her and she bent to kiss me softly. I sighed at the soft touch of her lips and then heard mom and Toni snicker and opened my eyes. Ashley was grinning and Toni moved onto the bed and straddled my waist. She caressed my chest, “My angel seems to have captured you.”

I grinned and looked at Ashley, “She takes after her mother.”

Ashley rubbed my chest as mom laughed. I looked at Toni’s bare breasts and then reached up to caress her face, “Are you sure Toni?”

She smiled and lifted up, letting mom lift my cock before she sat. I shuddered as my cock pushed into her warm, slippery pussy. She was tense and I look into her face, “What now?”

She suddenly laughed with Ashley and mom. She rubbed my chest, “I guess now I have to fuck you.”

I nodded, “Not to hard please. My back and shoulder…”

She stopped moving and mom cleared her throat, “Are you okay Edward?”

I smiled, “As long as you guys don’t plan to pound me into the bed I’ll be great.”

They laughed and Toni began rocking slowly, letting my cock fuck in and out. Mom was on one side and Ashley was on the other. When mom started kissing Toni, Ashley leaned down and sucked on one nipple. Toni spasmed and shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She started thrusting back and forth, making my cock side through her slippery pussy. I groaned and looked at Toni as I cupped one breast. She bucked and twisted before her body went tight, “Fuck!”

I shivered as she buried my cock deep inside her while shaking. I looked at Ashley and closed my eyes as my cock erupted in huge, gushing jets of cum. Toni jerked and gasped, “OH!”

Ashley quickly bent to kiss me as I pumped spurts of cum against her mother’s womb. When I sighed, mom was waiting and pulled Toni off me and onto her back before kissing her passionately. I looked at them and smiled as Ashley giggled. Mom looked at us and grinned as Toni shivered and gave a big sigh.

Ashley threw her leg over my waist and sat down carefully with my hard cock in her slit. She grinned as she thrust back and forth and shuddered. Toni laughed, “You have to put it inside.”

She giggled, “This way I can tease him.”

I groaned as they laughed and reached for Ashley’s waist. She paused and lifted up enough to guide my cock to her tight pussy. When she sat and my cummy cock was forced inside her pussy we both groaned and shuddered. The pain pill wasn’t really working and I was trying to ignore the pain as Ashley began rocking. She closed her eyes and smiled like an angel as her pussy squeezed my cock. “mmmmm!”

I shivered and caressed up her body before moving to hold her hips lightly. Ashley went from rocking and erratic thrusts back and forth before freezing. Her pussy tightened again and she shuddered, “ooohhhhh!”

I smiled and rubbed her nipples, making her jerk and spasm before she opened her eyes and grinned at me. She went back to thrusting back and forth as my cock started throbbing and jerking. She shuddered and a moment later she started jerking like she was having a seizure. Her pussy tightened around my cock as I thrust up into her and suddenly began spurting cum. Ashley jerked in surprise and shuddered almost violently, “AAAAAHHHHHH!”

I shuddered and shook as I pumped strong spurts of cum. Ashley continued to spasm and jerk erratically as my sperm began leaking around my cock. I finally stopped cumming and she sighed before slowly laying forward on my chest. I groaned as the pain returned, “Ashley?”

She shuddered and looked at me and mom pulled her to the side, “Edward?”

I sighed as the weight came off my chest, “I just need to rest.”

Mom nodded and Toni reached out to caress me, “Go ahead baby.”

Ashley snuggled against me and sighed. I caressed her face before relaxing. Gradually the pain pill took effect and I fell asleep. I woke to whimpering and glanced to my left to see Toni spasming and jerking. I caressed Ashley and turned to touch Toni. Her eyes snapped open and she looked around in fright before calming down. I looked past her at mom and Toni smiled, “I’m okay.”

I shook my head, “no you’re not.”

I held out my arm and she hesitated before straddling me and putting her head on my shoulder. It was a minute before she whispered, “I liked it Edward. I loved their cocks pounding into my nasty pussy, I didn’t want it to stop.”

I caressed her bare back, “but the men frightened and scared you.”

She hesitated before nodding, “Yeah, I thought they were going to kill me while they…”

I smiled, “if you think about it now you know they were there for dad.”

Toni sighed, “Yeah.”

I rubbed her butt, “you need to tell mom.”

Toni giggled, “I like fucking her too.”

Ashley giggled and I looked at her. Toni lifted her head, “have you been listening?”

Ashley nodded, “Since you began your nightmare.”

I sighed, “Now if only mom was awake.”

Toni smiled and leaned over to touch mom, “Elizabeth?”

Mom turned slowly and opened her eyes, “Toni?”

Mom moved closer, “Are you okay?”

Toni sighed, “Yes and no. I was afraid to tell you… I liked it Eli. I loved the feel of their cocks fucking me but I was afraid too. I thought they were going to kill me while we were fucking…”

Mom sighed and caressed her, “And us?”

Toni smiled, “I love what we have too.”

I caressed her bare butt, “If you stay there I am going to fuck you hard.”

She grinned as Ashley laughed and reached up to rub her butt, “She needs to get pregnant.”

Mom grinned and put her head against my shoulder, “Go ahead and Toni, don’t hold back.”

Toni lifted up and Ashley guided my cock to her mother’s pussy. She sat slowly and my cock slid into her warm, cummy pussy. She shuddered and sat up before beginning to rock. Mom reached up to feel her breast, “I think we can find a few willing studs to fuck you once a week after Edward has bred you.”

Ashley grinned, “when I get older I might try it too.”

I looked at her and she leaned over to kiss me, “If you find the right guys for me.”

Mom laughed and Toni shuddered as her pussy tightened to grasp my cock, “Fuck!”

She began to thrust back and forth as she got wetter. She groaned and shuddered again before looking at mom. She bit her lip, “Elizabeth?”

Mom rubbed her nipple and Toni spasmed and jerked around as her warm, cummy pussy tightened. She lay on me and sighed. She looked at mom, “You could have a baby to Elizabeth.”

Mom’s eyes went wide as she looked at me. She looked at Toni and licked her lick, “Lover...”

Toni lifted her hips and slid back, “Straddle him and face me.”

Mom looked at me again and finally sat up and did as Toni told her. Ashley took my hand and put her head gently on my shoulder. Mom lifted up and I felt a hand lift my cock. It was a moment before mom forced my cock into her and pushed down. I caressed her hip as Toni began kissing her and caressing her body. Mom was trembling and her tight pussy started squeezing my cock.

She was holding Toni as she rocked back and forth. I felt a hand touching my cock and realized Toni was rubbing mom’s clit. I hugged Ashley as mom started moaning while the head of my cock rubbed against her cervix hard. The pain pill was beginning to wear off so I gritted my teeth. Mom’s pussy was wet and slick as she began fucking my cock harder. It was squeezing me and letting go, only to do it all over again.

Ashley looked into my face and hugged me as mom jerked and then started convulsing. She was wailing as her pussy rippled and tightened. I groaned and tightened my hold on Ashley as my cock swelled. I thrust up and grabbed mom’s hip to hold her. My cock pushed against her womb as it began to pump cum. Mom spasmed and jerked when she felt warm sperm erupting in her and moaned as Toni held her.

When I stopped cumming the pain hit me and Ashley cleared her throat, “Lay down beside us Elizabeth. Edward is hurting again.”

Mom and Toni both were quick to move off me. I held mom’s hand, “Are you okay?”

She actually laughed, “no, you felt much better than your father. You sure put more cum in me then he used to.”

Toni laughed, “he sure cums in the right place too.”

Ashley giggled as she put her head on my shoulder. It wasn’t long before they were asleep. It took me longer but I finally fell asleep. I woke as Ashley kissed me, mom and Toni were already up. She smiled, “Come let me wash you.”

I smiled and moved off the bed, “You have to help me with the bandages.”

She nodded as I took her hand and we walked to the bathroom. After the shower I was really tempted to fuck her. She had rubbed her body against mine constantly. She pulled me into the kitchen where mom and Toni were kissing each other. Ashley grinned, “Alright love birds, we need breakfast.”

Mom grinned as Toni stuck her tongue out at Ashley. I grinned and sat slowly as mom turned to bring two bowls of cereal to the table. She caressed my face, “We are putting you on a schedule until we know we are pregnant.”

I grinned as I looked at Ashley, “well, I really need to cum this morning...”

Ashley giggled, “I was teasing him in the shower.”

Toni laughed and came around the table before turning my chair and straddling me. Mom knelt and stroked my hard cock before holding it up. Toni sat slowly and pushed down to sink my cock into her. I groaned and hugged her before looking at mom, “it might be wasted this way.”

Ashley laughed with mom as Toni groaned. My cock was pressing against her cervix and she kept wiggling until it opened. She spasmed and shuddered as her pussy tightened. I started kissing her and she began to moan and shake. She slowly started thrusting back and forth, fucking my cock. Her pussy felt nice as it kept rippling and grasping my cock.

It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and convulsing in small jerks. She wet me as her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock hard. Mom and Ashley where whispering together as Toni began jerking and thrusting back and forth harder. Since I was sitting it wasn’t putting any pressure on my wounds. I hugged and caressed her body as I groaned and shuddered.

Ashley laughed with mom and Toni grunted as she pushed down. My cock was jerking and throbbing and erupted in a gushing fountain. Cum was pumped straight through her cervix and into her womb as she stiffened and wailed. She clutched me tight as she trembled and twitched while her pussy clenched tight around my cock. I pumped and spewed and finally just spurted a few times.

When I stopped cumming Toni sighed and shivered. She looked at me and kissed me softly, “Thanks Edward.”

I hugged her and she sighed before turning and picking up my spoon. I grinned as she stayed on my lap and began feeding me. Mom chuckled, “using his cock to keep the cum inside?”

Ashley giggled and Toni smiled and nodded. It was more then thirty minute before she stood up and walked towards the hall. My cock was painfully hard and really cummy. Ashley grinned, “My turn.”

She took my hand and pulled me up and after her. She led me to our bed and turned to press against me, “Do me from behind?”

I smiled and caressed her hips before twisting her and pushing her upper body down on the bed. She glanced back as I pushed her feet apart and rubbed her pussy. I rubbed my cummy, drooling cock through her slit before fitting it to her hole and pushing. Ashley shivered as I forced my thick cock into her tight pussy and began to fuck her.

I wanted to cum and fucked her with long thrusts. She sighed as her pussy started grasping me and then began to shiver. Her shivers turned to shudders as I fucked her faster and a little harder. A few minutes and her shudders became convulsions as her pussy clenched and tried to milk my cock. Finally I fucked into her and buried my cock as I began to spurt and pump jets of cum.

Ashley jerked and her pussy clamped tight around my cock. She pushed back and shuddered really hard, “YES!”

When I stopped cumming I rubbed her cute butt before pulling out. I laid back on the bed and let Ashley crawl up and put her head on my shoulder, “hurt?”

I nodded and caressed her bare shoulder. She sighed, “we could go do something...”

I smiled, “A movie?”

She grinned and slipped off the bed, “Get dressed.”

I moved carefully off the bed and started dressing. Mom and Toni went out shopping while we went to see a new movie Ashley wanted to see. When we got home she went to get a pain pill as I carefully sat on the couch. A minute later she was back with mom and after I took the pill they grinned and stripped me. Mom undressed and carefully straddled me as Ashley carried our clothes away.

Mom caressed my chest, “You scared me Edward. When I first saw you in the hospital with all the tubes and wires...”

She shook her head and kissed me softly. She lifted up and positioned my cock before wiggling and pushing down. Her pussy was warm and squeezed my cock as she sighed and relaxed, “This time it is just you.”

I held her waist, “are you sure about getting pregnant mom?”

She smiled and leaned against me gently, “Yes, you might be the only man I will ever love.”

I rubbed her back and then her hips before pulling her back and forth slowly. Mom sat back and grinned, “And you want me to fuck you.”

I shook my head, “I want you to love me slowly.”

Mom kissed me and leaned against me again before grinding and using tiny thrusts. Her pussy began to squeeze and grasp my cock and a minute later she sighed and then shuddered. She looked at me in surprise before shuddering again and twisting as she used another tiny thrust. She closed her eyes and moaned softly before I leaned forward and kissed her.

I just held her as she kept rocking slowly and her tight pussy continued to squeeze my cock. She sighed and shivered before kissing me again and a minute later she shuddered and jerked as she wet me and her pussy spasmed. She moaned as I held her and kept kissing her softly. A few minutes went by as she became erratic and panted and had a light seizure.

She clutched me and kissed me passionately as her pussy milked my cock. I was pushing her cervix open as she rocked and thrust backed and forth harder. After another couple of minutes I groaned and shuddered as I held her tight and began to gush a fountain of cum through her cervix. Mom kept kissing me as we looked into each others eyes.

I pumped a half dozen spurts into her before stopping and she sighed and leaned against me. She put her head on my shoulder while I caressed and rubbed her bare back, “lay on the couch beside me?”

She smiled and kissed me before lifting and turning. She laid down and put her legs over my lap and I softly caressed her pelvis, “I love you mom.”

She smiled, “I love you to Edward, more then I knew.”

I glanced at the doorway where Ashley and Toni stood holding each other. Ashley smiled, “after you are rested you can do mom.”

I smiled, “on the edge of our bed?”

Toni grinned, “with my legs up and spread.”

Mom laughed, “or bent over licking me while Edward breeds you.”

They laughed and Ashley came to lean over the couch and hug me. Mom and Toni did get pregnant and more then once. They are a couple now but mom brings a few men she knows over to fuck Toni. Of course she has their wives there to watch so sometimes she gets some action too. Ashley and I are still together, we waited until she was sixteen before having another baby.
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