I almost thought I was a normal guy. I and my parents were rich, dad was a corporate lawyer and mom was… well mom. I wasn’t a nerd or a jock, I was in the middle. Every year my grandparents gave me huge blocks of stock so I guess I was well off. One thing I was, is shy, almost painfully so.

I did masturbate quite a bit and look at porn. What I didn’t expect was what my mom and dad did. I had just started my sophomore year of high school. For the last year my dad and mom had been bugging me to get a girlfriend. I guess since I was always home and never mentioned any girls they worried about me.

Anyway the second week of school dad had made a remark and I broke and just blurted out the truth about being afraid of what a girl might say. He blinked and looked at my mother and I left quickly. I had a room above the garage and spent most of my time there. It was Thursday that I notice some of the girls at school looking at me and whispering.

When I got home I found mom on the phone and she had this huge calendar beside her. When I looked at it, I noticed it had a different name for everyday. Mom hung up and wrote a name down before turning to look at me, “Hi honey. Did you have a nice day at school?”

I got a funny feeling as I looked at that calendar, “What’s the calendar for mom?”

She stood and walked to me. She cupped my face so I couldn’t look away, “These are girls you will sleep with and have sex with.”

I turned to pull away but she held me, “Baby, you can’t hide forever. Your father and I agreed to help you.”

I knew I was blushing, “Mom I don’t know…”

She caressed my face, “Of course you don’t know what to do yet. Alyssa is eighteen and a nice girl. She will show you what to do and teach you.”

I started to shake my head and mom held me, “Allen, its time you… had sex.”

I backed away as I realized what they were doing, “And how much is dad paying them?”

Mom bit her lip, “A thousand dollars a night.”

I turned away feeling embarrassed and ashamed. I left quickly and went to my room. I wasn’t expecting anyone and was surprised when I walked in to find a stunningly beautiful red haired girl sitting on my bed. I opened my mouth to say something and she stood up and walked straight to me as my words stuck in my throat. I didn’t expect what happened next.

She put her hands on each side of my face as I backed into the wall beside the door. She smiled, “You belong to me Allen Forsyth. When I tell you to lick my nasty pussy you will do it. When I tell you to fuck me, you will do it.”

This shocked the hell out of me and I forgot all about dad paying her money. She lowered her hands and began taking my clothes off while I stood there stunned. When I was naked she caressed my chest with a satisfied smile, “Go lay on the bed.”

I hesitated and she reached down to stroke my cock, “Go lay on the bed.”

I shivered and moved to do as she told me. She turned and when I had lain back she smiled and started undressing. I watched as she stripped and stood naked while I looked at her. She walked to the bed with a sway to her hips that I couldn’t ignore. She moved onto the bed beside me and caressed my chest, “I am going to lay back and spread my leg. You will fuck me hard until you cum.”

I just looked at her almost afraid to speak and then as she laid back beside me, I cleared my throat, “Can I feel you and… and taste you?”

She looked at me for a minute, “If you fuck me good enough you can feel me.”

I bit my lip and moved over her and between her legs. Things went wrong quickly, I shoved my cock all the way to her womb and she screamed. I froze not knowing what to do or what was wrong as she wiggled and struggled under me. Finally it hit me, she was a virgin! I tightened my hold, “Stop moving and hold still!”

She whimpered, “God it hurts! Pull out!”

I shook my head, “I should beat you. You don’t… just hold still and wait. Try to relax and no, I won’t pull out.”

I looked at her and smiled, “Kiss me.”

She hesitated and then kissed me quick. I shook my head and covered her mouth and kissed her passionately. She was tense as I kept kissing her and then she groaned and her arms went around me and she was kissing me back. We were so into the kissing that at first I didn’t notice that slight humping against each other.

When I did notice, it became harder and we fucked each other with small thrusts. She growled and shivered as her tight, bloody pussy clenched and squeezed my cock. Her body was racked with shudders as we kept kissing each other. Finally I pulled almost out of her and thrust in against her womb as my cock throbbed and released strong gushes of sperm.

She arched her back and had body shaking spasms as her pussy contracted, “ooohhhh... fuck!”

She shook her head as I pumped and spurted cum against and into her womb. When I stopped, she was panting and shivering. I pulled out and pulled her off the bed, “come with me… mistress.”

I pulled her into my bathroom and started the shower before pulling her in. she was quiet as I knelt with a wash cloth and pushed her legs open, “You had to lose your cherry the hard way.”

She suddenly laughed, “Well, I didn’t think it would hurt so damn much.”

I cleaned her bloody pussy and stood up to cup her face, “Are you on birth control?”

She grinned, “I wasn’t crazy. Yes, I’m on birth control.”

I sighed and turned the water off. I dried her and then myself before leading her back into the other room. I pushed her towards the bed, “Now I am going to taste you. You can play mistress later.”

She actually laughed and moved onto the bed before laying back and spreading her legs. I lay between her spread legs caressing her thighs and looking at her wonderful pussy. I finally licked through her slit and raked her clit with my teeth. I nibbled on her inner lips while she shuddered and moaned and then pushed my tongue up inside her. I sucked on her clit and teased it with my tongue as she jerked and spasmed, “Yes!”

I finally moved up her body and kissed her. She sighed and held me before grinning, “Fuck me again.”

I smiled and lifted up to fit my cock to her pussy. I slowly pushed into her and she groaned and shuddered. I fucked her slowly and enjoyed burying my cock and pressing against her. It wasn’t long before she was panting and shaking as her pussy rippled and milked my cock. She shook her head, “mmmmm!”

I fucked her hard and fast for several minutes and she finally went wild, bucking and thrusting up violently for my cock. She tossed her head as her tight pussy squeezed and spasmed on my cock, “FUCK! Mmmmeeeeee!”

I buried my cock to hold onto her as she jerked and shuddered. When she was calmer and just panting, I kissed her and went back to fucking her slow and deep. She kept shaking as her warm pussy spasmed and tried to milk my cock. I shoved into her as I went to short jabs, pressing against her.

She jerked and convulsed as I pressed into her and held still while I shuddered and spewed cum. She was thrashing around as her warm pussy spasmed and milked cum deeper into her belly, “aaaaaahhhhh!”

When I stopped cumming, I pulled out of her now messy pussy and lay next to her before rubbing her nipples, “What’s your name?”

She turned her head and sighed, “Alyssa, you can call me Mistress.”

I grinned and reached down to squeeze her clit which made her jerk and spasm, “Fuck!”

I leaned over to suck on a nipple before looking into her face, “well, Mistress Alyssa I like your pussy.”

She grinned and caressed my face, “I like your cock. I think I’ll be here tomorrow to make sure the next girl gets used properly.”

I groaned as I remembered mom’s schedule, “Dad’s paying you for this.”

She pushed me onto my back, “I needed the money for college just like the other girls.”

She straddled me and pushed my cummy cock back inside her, “It was just for tonight. Tomorrow will be a freebee and if I’m not to sore, I’ll fuck you after you do the girl.”

I looked at her as she rocked back and forth, “Why?”

She grinned and shoved back to bury my cock, “because I want more of this.”

I shuddered and reached up to cup her breasts. I rubbed her nipples as she began to thrust back and forth slowly. Alyssa closed her eyes and went from thrusting to rocking before shuddering as her tight pussy spasmed around my cock. She became erratic and started tossing her head until I pinched and squeezed both nipples. She jerked and screamed as her pussy contracted on my cock, “YES!”

She tossed her head and spasmed as if she were having convulsions. Her slimy pussy kept squeezing my cock as if trying to milk the cum out of me. I finally pulled her down and rolled over to fuck her shaking body with firm, deep thrusts. Alyssa jerked and grunted with each thrust into her. When I thrust into her and pushed into her womb before spurting another load of cum she screamed, “YYYEEESSSSSS!”

She was thrashing around and bucking as I pumped and spewed spurt after spurt into her. Finally I stopped cumming and Alyssa sighed and lay under me twitching and panting. I kissed her and pulled out and she groaned before turning to snuggled against me with her head on my shoulder. I caressed her and slowly relaxed. Even though I hadn’t eaten I wasn’t hungry and fell asleep.

Alyssa was gone when I woke in the morning. I showered and went into the house to eat breakfast. Mom didn’t say anything as I ate and left. I was embarrassed at school thinking all the girls would be making fun of me. Instead they started greeting me and several made a point of rubbing my cock through my pants. They all had huge smiles that said they knew something everyone else didn’t.

I only saw Alyssa twice as she passed me in the hallway, both times she grinned and waved. When I got home I found her waiting with a dark skinned girl I recognized from school. She grinned and took my hand, “Allen this is Brooke.”

I smiled but didn’t know what to say. Alyssa saved me by looking at Brooke, “Mind if I watch? I wanted to fuck him again.”

Brooke grinned, “He was really that good?”

Alyssa grinned, “Yes.”

Brooke smiled as she caressed my chest, “Let’s go find out stud.”

I laughed and took her hand before pulling her towards my room. I turned after we came in to undress her before taking my clothes off. Alyssa had stripped and moved to sit at the foot of the bed and I sat Brooke on the edge and pushed her back before kneeling between her legs. She was grinning as I opened her pussy and licked her. I teased her clit before sucking on it and Brooke jerked and shuddered hard.

I nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue into her before covering her clit. I sucked and teased it with my tongue as she shuddered and thrust her hips up against my mouth. A few minutes later she was spasming and screamed before pushing my face away. I stood as she wiggled back onto the bed and followed her. We both ignored Alyssa as I slowly pushed into Brooke’s pussy and started to fuck her.

I started slowly but that didn’t last as Brooke humped up and cried out to fuck her harder. I did and began to use long, hard, deep thrusts that made her grunt. She was shuddering and spasming as her pussy kept squeezing my cock. A few minutes after I started she stiffened and then began thrashing around as my cock fucked against her womb, “OH MY GOD!”

I didn’t stop and kept fucking her convulsing body for another minute before thrusting into her hard. My cock jerked and then began spewing huge, gushing streams of cum. Brooke arched her back and screamed as warm sperm began filling her belly, “HOLY FUCK!”

She jerked with each jet of cum and when I stopped she sighed and lay under me shuddering. I pulled out and she sighed, “oh my god that was incredible.”

I laid back as Alyssa laughed and stalked up my body, “Tell me about it.”

She straddled me and lifted my slimy cock and fitted it to her pussy before sitting down. She wiggled and pushed to force my cock into her before letting out a sigh. She started rocking and thrusting back and forth and Brooke turned onto her side to watch. She smiled as Alyssa shuddered and my thick cock finally pushed against her womb. Alyssa moaned and spasmed as she squirted and her pussy tightened.

Brooke reached between Alyssa’s legs as I cupped her breasts and rubbed her clit. Alyssa gasped and thrashed around as her pussy spasmed and milked my cock. Brooke laughed and caressed my chest as Alyssa fucked me erratically. It was a few minutes before she calmed down and started rocking. She rolled her hips and twisted as I shuddered. Brooke grinned, “Hey slut, want to see if we can get a exclusive contract?”

I groaned and pulled Alyssa down before rolling. I fucked her hard and she howled as her pussy tightened. She lifted her legs into the air and spread them wide as I kept fucking her. I buried my jerking cock and kissed her as I started gushing a torrent of cum into her.

Alyssa screamed and stiffened as her womb was flooded. I went from gushing to spewing to pumping spurts. I was finally done and kissed her before pulling out, Brooke shook her head, “Maybe one more girl.”

I looked at her and Alyssa turned her head to smile, “Know one that will share?”

Brooke grinned, “Yeah an Asian girl named Saki.”

I shook my head and moved off the bed, “get dressed so we can have dinner.”

I think mom and dad were both surprised by Alyssa and Brook as they continued to talk about dividing me up. Brook was the one to call Saki as mom talked to Alyssa and made more calls. Dad snuck away before I could talk to him but mom was the one that surprised me by agreeing with Alyssa and Brook.

When the doorbell rang I answered it to find a stunning Asian girl. She grinned and caressed my face, “hey stud where are the girls?”

I turned and gestured to the kitchen where they were talking to mom. She kissed me softly before walking past me with a sexy sway to her hips, I shook my head as I closed the door. I headed towards the side door to my room. I had just touched the door when Brooke and Alyssa caught me, Saki was grinning as she followed them.

Brooke rubbed my chest and Alyssa opened the door before pulling me after her. Up in my room they both turned me and began undressing me. I looked at Saki as she walked to my bed and stripped before laying down. Brooke kissed me hard and turned me to Alyssa who stroked my cock and then kissed me too. She turned me to the bed, “Make her scream.”

I grinned as I walked to the bed and moved on. I caressed Saki’s body before leaning over to suck on a nipple. She shuddered and I moved down her body kissing it. I pushed her legs open and looked at her shaven pussy before opening it and licking through it. She had a hint of cherry and there was a tempting musky taste. I pushed my tongue into her before nibbling on her labia.

I covered her clit and started flicking it back and forth with my tongue as I sucked. She was jerking and spasming in a couple of minutes and kept lifting her hips. She screamed a few minutes later as I used my lips to bit her clit. She spasmed hard as she squirted and twisted away. I let her twist and roll onto her belly before moving up between her legs.

I kissed her bare shoulder before lifting up and pushing into her tight pussy. She groaned as her hips tilted and she pushed back. I began fucking into her at an angle and it wasn’t long before she was bucking and writhing around as she screamed, “FUCK!”

I ignored both Alyssa and Brooke as I kept fucking Saki using deep thrusts that finally pushed my cock against her womb. She squirted again as she went wild and thrashed around as her pussy clenched on my cock, “FUCK ME!”

I slid down and fucked straight up into her hard and fast. Saki wailed and started convulsing as her pussy spasmed and kept grasping my cock. It was a couple of minutes before I buried my cock and grunted. Alyssa and Brooke giggled, “sperm flood!”

I peed and spewed a stream of cum in Saki’s womb and she tilted her hips and screamed, “YYYEEEESSSSSSSS!”

She jerked and kept shaking as I pumped and spurted and filled her before I was done. I kissed her shoulder as she panted and shivered before pulling out and rolling onto my back. Brook pushed Alyssa towards me as she turned Saki over and moved down to lick her pussy. I watched as I absently pulled Alyssa onto me. She grinned, “Like what you see?”

I nodded, “Yes mistress.”

Brook laughed and Saki grinned as she lifted her head, “fuck our stud before he tries to do me again. He has way to much cum in his balls.”

They all laughed as I grinned and hugged Alyssa. She spread her legs and sat up as she rubbed my chest, “This time I fuck you and if you roll over I will punish you.”

I grinned and tugged on both her nipples, “Yes mistress.”

She shuddered as Brooke and Saki snickered. She lifted up and positioned her pussy before wiggling and pushing down. She was still a little cummy so my cock pushed into her and slid deeper. She put her hands on my chest as she began to rock, “play with my nipples slave.”

I grinned and reached up to roll both nipples between fingers and thumbs. She shuddered again and her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I glanced at Saki when she moaned as Brooke started licking her pussy again. I cupped and started kneading Alyssa’s breasts as she thrust back and forth, rubbing her pussy on me. It wasn’t long before she was convulsing as her pussy spasmed around my cock.

She jerked and shuddered as I held her up by hold her breasts. Brooke and Saki laughed as Alyssa twisted and wiggled around erratically. She finally groaned and fell or rolled off. Brook straddled me, “My turn for a sperm injection.”

Saki laughed as Alyssa grinned and I held my cock up. Brook slowly impaled her tight pussy on my cock and shuddered as it squeezed me. She rocked back and forth while thrusting. She rolled her hips and twisted and turned as her cummy pussy kept grasping my cock. It wasn’t long before my cock was pushing deeper. Brook jerked and her pussy spasmed as it squeezed and tightened around my cock.

She was fucking me erratically, sliding back and forth as she rubbed her pussy on me. Her warm, cummy pussy kept grabbing and squeezing my cock as she started howling and convulsing. I was kneading her breasts and playing with the nipples as she twisted, wiggled and squirmed. She jerked back and forth harder as she fucked me with long strokes.

I finally shuddered and grunted as I grabbed her waist and held her. Her pussy spasmed and tightened as my cock erupted in a strong gushing fountain of cum. Brook jerked and looked at me wide eyed, “OH FUCK!”

She spasmed and continued to shake as I kept pumping sperm through her cervix and into her womb. When I did stop cumming I groaned as she fell onto me with a drawn out sigh. Alyssa and Saki laughed and pulled her off before Saki turned her onto her back and moved down her body. As she licked Brook’s leaking pussy, Alyssa moved to my other side and put her head on my shoulder, “Fuck Saki from behind next time.”

Brook was groaning and shuddering as her hips kept lifting off the bed. I fucked the three girls once more before we fell asleep. I woke with two naked girls on me and it took a moment to remember. I looked at Saki and Brooke before reaching out to tug on one of Alyssa’s nipples. She shuddered and lifted her head and I grinned, “Good morning mistress, ready for me to fuck you again?”

She dropped her head to the bed and groaned, “Fuck Saki.”

The two other girls shifted and Saki lifted her head and smiled, “its Brooke’s turn.”

I looked at Brooke and she shuddered and shifted onto me before sitting up, “What are you going to do for me?”

I laughed and pulled her down and rolled over. I kissed her passionately, “Tie you to the bed and make you scream?”

She grinned, “Well, if you are going to tie me up...”

Alyssa and Saki laughed as they pulled me off Brooke. I struggled out of bed, “alright I can wait but I get to wash you.”

My life is a little strange with three girls. Alyssa may be my mistress but she knows how far to go. Brooke loves playing the sub and likes to be tied. Saki is the wild one and loves it when one of us do her and she doesn’t care if it is a girl or guy.
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