My name is Ryan and I’m twenty and in college. I’ve heard stories about rich guys paying a husband to have sex with his wife, it gave me the idea. My mother died in childbirth and I received not only the money from her life insurance but a large trust from both sets of grandparents. By the time I went to college I was making millions in dividends each year.

One of the professors at the college had a beautiful sixteen year old daughter named Faith. She was a brunette with long wild hair and a body every man drooled over. I knew the professor had money problems because of his gambling. I thought about what I wanted to do and went to his home one night.

It was the beginning of the week when I knocked and smiled when Mrs. Silver answered the door, “Hello Mrs. Silver, my name is Ryan Edward Douglas and I would like to speak to you, your husband and your daughter.”

She frowned but let me in and called Faith and her husband. I waited and looked at Faith before looking at her father, “I will pay one million dollars for Faith to live with me as my wife for one year.”

He blinked as she wife gasped and Faith went wide eyed. The professor started to get angry but I stayed calm, “I will make sure she continues her schooling and help her if she needs it. In exchange she will be my companion and lover. I’ll let you think it over and come back Friday.”

I turned as he sputtered and started to say something at the same time as his wife. I opened the door and left as they started talking angrily. I saw the professor each day but wasn’t in any of his classes. When I walked to the front door on Friday morning the door was answered quickly. Faith smiled as she blushed, “Hi.”

I smiled and walked in to see a couple of trunks. Her mother and father walked into the hall and the professor still looked upset but her mother smiled, “Hello Ryan.”

I nodded, “Have you decided?”

She nodded and looked at Faith, “if you pay the money first.”

I pulled an envelope from my inner jacket pocket and a folded piece of paper, “This is a contract you need to sign first.”

She took it and read it carefully before taking the pen I offered. She signed and turned to hand the pen to her husband, “Sign it.”

He growled but signed it before handing it back. I gave the envelop with the check in it to Mrs. Silver and smiled at Faith, “I see you packed.”

She grinned and laughed nervously, “Yeah.”

I walked to the trunks, “My apartment has a large walk in closet so everything should fit.”

I loaded everything in my truck and helped her in before turning to hand her mother a slip of paper, “My... our phone number and address.”

She grinned, “I’ll give you a couple of days.”

I nodded before driving home. Faith helped bring in her trunks and looked around before coming to find me. The apartment was a two bedroom and had a large front room downstairs with another large room I had made into a theater with popcorn and soda machines. The upstairs had the bedrooms and the kitchen dinning area. She was grinning when she walking in from the upstairs balcony, “its inclosed.”

I nodded, “Some of the college girls use them to sunbath in the nude.”

She smiled nervously, “should we... have sex?”

I held out my hand, “Have you had sex before?”

She blushed, “Sort of, my ex boyfriend broke my cherry trying to finger me.”

I shook my head, “I’m still a virgin too.”

Faith grinned and then laughed before pulling me straight into the bedroom. She started undressing as I slowly stripped. She waited and pulled me to the bed as she stared at my hard cock. She licked her lips, “My boyfriend wasn’t that big.”

I blushed as I felt her body and she looked up into my face before grinning and sliding back on the bed, “go slow.”

I laughed as I turned and moved between her legs. I looked at her pussy before licking through it. She shuddered and opened her legs more as I pushed my tongue into her and nibbled on her inner pussy lips. I teased her clit as she started groaning and lifting her hips. It was a few minutes before I started sucking on her clit and nibbling. Faith jerked and shuddered hard as she thrust up, “YES!”

I licked her once more and moved up her body. She was panting and shivering as I lifted up and positioned my cock. I pushed into her and kissed her at the same time. She groaned as my cock pushed into her tight pussy and I began to fuck her slowly. She was lifting her hips to meet my thrusts as her pussy spasmed and began grasping.

It was a minute before I pushed into her deeper and hit the back of her pussy. I kept fucking her tight pussy slowly and she stiffened a minute later before bucking and thrashing around as she wailed and howled. I pressed into her as I began spewing and pumping huge spurts of cum. Faith hugged me tight as her pussy spasmed and tightened, “AAAAAHHHHH!”

I shivered and shuddered as I pumped my cum into her. When I stopped Faith sighed and relaxed on the bed. She smiled at me, “That was worth waiting for.”

I kissed her and pulled out before moving off the bed, “Want to go to a movie?”

She grinned, “sure.”

I helped her off the bed and we got dressed. After paying for tickets we went into the large lobby and I went to buy a large drink to share. Faith went to the bathroom and came out giggling with two other girls. One was blonde and the other had raven black hair. They both had curves that matched Faith’s. I walked to Faith and she grinned, “This is Neysa and Renee, they go to school with me.”

I smiled, “hello girls.”

Faith slipped her arm through mine, “This is Ryan, my husband for the next year.”

The girls grinned and Neysa glanced at me, “Is it an open marriage?”

I blinked and looked at Faith who grinned while looking at me, “is it? Neysa and Renee are bi.”

I looked at the two girls and then back at Faith, “I don’t really... I wasn’t...”

Faith squeezed my arm, “How about if I share you with them as my co wives?”

I bit my lip and Neysa smiled, “no guys, just three girls.”

I sighed and nodded, “okay.”

Faith grinned and pulled me towards the theater, “The movie should start soon.”

They whispered and giggled through most of the movie. After it ended Neysa said she and Renee would come to my apartment. I looked at Faith as we drove home and she leaned against me. After we got home I went into the kitchen and she slipped away. I started to make soup for lunch and turned when she walked in. She was naked and grinned as she walked to me, “Can we be naked here at home?”

I grinned and rubbed one of her nipples, “yeah.”

She shivered and pressed against me, “Thanks for letting Neysa and Renee stay with us.”

I held her and caressed her bare hips and butt, “you have had sex with them before.”

She hesitated and then nodded, “Oral.”

I smiled, “I’m putting you on the desert menu tonight.”

She grinned and then laughed, “You have to fuck both of them tonight. They are virgins but broke each others cherry.”

I turned and lifted her to the counter as I opened and pushed my pants down. She smiled and waited until I was back between her legs to guide my hard cock to her pussy. I pushed into her tight, warm pussy and we both shuddered and sighed. Faith grinned and rubbed my chest, “fuck me.”

I started thrusting into her and she shuddered and sighed as her pussy grasped my cock. I couldn’t push all the way into her but within a couple of minutes she was shuddering hard and jerking. She fell forward onto me and I pulled her off the counter. My cock impaled her as I turned and carried her towards the bedroom.

I stopped at the bed and turned to sit before rolling and twisting. Faith kept hugging me as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock each time I thrust into her. It was a couple of minutes before she wailed and started bucking and writhing around. I continued to fuck her but buried my cock to hump and jab.

Faith clutched me as she squirted and struggled as her pussy tightened. She started thrashing and writhing around as she wailed and cried out. I fucked her hard and deep and a minute later she was convulsing and squirting. I pressed and humping into her and then grunted as my throbbing cock erupted and I peed a gushing stream of cum through her cervix. Faith lifted and spread her legs as she hugged me and her pussy tightened, “OH... MY... GOD!”

I pumped and spewed spurt after spurt until I was finished and then Faith sighed and dropped to the bed, “I love that part.”

I grinned and kissed her before pulling out and rolling off the bed. I walked out and went to make a couple of large jars of sun tea. Faith came out a couple minutes later and grinned as she kept wiping her pussy. It was a little later when Neysa and Renee arrived. I had a pair of pants on and went out to help unload boxes from the car. Both Neysa and Renee grinned when they saw Faith naked and as soon as everything was in the apartment and the door was closed they stripped.

After lunch Faith whispered to Neysa before reaching for the dirty dishes. Renee laughed as she started helping her and I looked at them until Neysa pulled me up, “Time to consummate our arrangement.”

I let her pull me into the bedroom and turned her at the bed before removing my pants. She grinned as she sat and I pushed her back as I knelt between her legs. I pushed her legs open and leaned in to lick through her pussy. She shivered and I kept licking her and started sucking on her clit. She kept shuddering and lifting her hips and several minutes later screamed and twisted away as she squirted.

I pushed her onto her back again and moved up to kiss her. She grinned and hugged me before I lifted and pushed my cock into her tight pussy. She spread her legs and lifted her hips as my cock pushed into her deeper. Her pussy was warm and slippery as I began to fuck her with slow strokes. It wasn’t long before Neysa shuddered hard and then wailed as she wrapped her legs around me.

I fucked her hard for a minute and felt her cervix open as I buried my cock. She clutched me against her as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock, “AAAAAHHHHHH!”

She twisted and jerked and convulsed as her tight pussy tried to milk my cock and she continued to wail. I began to fuck her with deep, firm thrusts and she jerked and squirted each time I pushed into her. It was only a couple more minute before I kissed her and buried my throbbing cock. Neysa clung to me and tilted her hips as I began to spew large spurts of cum.

Her pussy tightened and she shivered and shuddered as she moaned. When I was done cumming I kissed her as she relaxed on the bed with a sigh. I grinned and pulled out before laying beside her and caressing her pelvis, “is that what you wanted?”

She grinned, “and then some.”

I laughed and slid out of bed before turning to help her. When we walked out Faith and Renee grinned and Neysa blushed. I shook my head, “What happens when you are all in bed with me?”

I headed downstairs as they looked at each other and then ran to catch me. I went into the theater room and started making popcorn and they grinned as they got glasses of soda. I pulled Faith against me as I looked at the large rack of movies, “See one you want to watch?”

She grinned and pulled one out. I sat with Faith on my lap as the movie started but the girls kept moving to take turns. When the movie ended Renee stood and turned to pull me up, “I want you to fuck me now.”

I grinned since I had just been fingering her warm pussy and let her pull me back upstairs. I turned her at the bed and sat her down before kneeling. I pushed her legs open as I leaned in and began to lick her pussy. When I started wiggling my tongue against her clit she started jerking and shuddering hard. I went back and forth licking and teasing her clit and finally she covered her pussy.

I grinned and stood before turning her on the bed. She grinned and rolled onto her stomach before spreading her legs. I moved between her legs and kissed her bare shoulder before lifting up and slowly forcing my cock into her tight, warm pussy. Renee shuddered and tilted her hips as I began to fuck her. My cock was squeezed as it fucked in and out and hit the back of her pussy.

Renee jerked and began moaning as she shuddered and started jerking. Her pussy spasmed and began to squeeze my cock each time I pushed into her. A few minutes and she was bucking and struggling as her pussy became slipperier and she was wailing. I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and buried my cock to hump and press into her.

She howled as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock repeatedly. She was constantly jerking and shaking as I went back to fucking her with long strokes. It was almost five more minutes before I thrust all the way into her and held her tight as I began to pump large spurts of cum. She jerked and shoved her butt back as she tilted her hips, “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!”

When I finished cumming I kissed her neck before pulling out of her. I laid beside her and rubbed her butt before giving it a swat, “time to start dinner.”

She twisted to look at me and then grinned. I helped her off the bed and Faith and Neysa grinned when we came out. Dinner was interesting since they kept feeding each other. After dinner I cleaned up before we went down to watch tv together. When it was late I pulled Faith up, “Bed time.”

She grinned as Neysa and Renee quickly stood and followed us upstairs. After brushing teeth and going to the bathroom I slipped into bed and was pushed towards Neysa as she went to her knees, “Fuck her.”

I looked at Faith and she grinned, “you can fuck me last.”

I turned to rub Neysa’s pussy before pushing her down on the bed. I moved up between her legs and pushed into her cummy pussy. She turned her head and grinned as I kissed her bare shoulder and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock and she shuddered as she pushed back. I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes before sliding down and thrusting straight up into her.

Neysa wailed and convulsed as her tight pussy clenched and spasmed around my cock. I slowed and fucked her with deep thrusts. She kicked the bed and kept thrashing around as I humped and pressed into her. It was another five or six minutes before I thrust into her hard and held her as my cock erupted and gushed through into her womb.

She jerked and shuddered as warm sperm pumped into her. When I stopped and slowly pulled out she sighed and giggled, “I really love fucking.”

Faith and Renee laughed as I kissed her bare shoulder and rolled onto my back. Renee straddled me and positioned my cock before wiggling and sliding down it. She shuddered as her cummy pussy tightened and put her hands on my chest. I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples as she began to rock back and forth fucking my cock. She was breathing hard and her pussy began to grasp and tighten.

It was a couple of minutes before she was completely erratic and convulsing. Faith and Neysa laughed and Neysa reached out to tug on a nipple to make Renee jerk and wail. I shuddered as her pussy spasmed around my cock and pulled her down before rolling over. I kissed her as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She continued to jerk and spasm as I fucked her and wrapped her legs around my waist.

It was several minutes before she lifted and spread her legs as she howled and clutched me. I was fucking her hard and kept planting my cock as I press into her cervix. I pushed into her at the last moment and began to spew heavy spurts of cum. Renee jerked and her pussy clenched around my cock as I slowly filled her. When I stopped cumming she groaned and sighed as she relaxed.

I kissed her before pulling out and laying back beside her. Faith grinned as she straddled me and carefully positioned my cock, she wiggled and pushed until my slimy cock slipped into her. She shivered and pushed before laying on me and putting her head down. It was awhile before I caught my breath and by then both Neysa and Renee were snuggled against us and breathing slowly.

I looked at Faith and her eyes were closed as she sighed in her sleep. I shook my head and reached down and lifted her as I pulled out. I let her lay back on me and caressed her hips before closing my eyes. Sleeping with a naked girl on me wasn’t easy. I woke as Faith wiggled and pushed back onto my hard cock. She sighed and sat up before beginning to rock and thrust.

I cupped her breasts as I looked around and she grinned, “they went to wash and make breakfast.”

Her tight pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered. I rubbed her nipples, “You fell asleep last night.”

She grinned, “I was really nervous and didn’t sleep the night before. Just so you know I did call mom to tell her how our first time went.”

I started lifting and thrusting up into her as she began rocking more, “What did she say?”

Faith was shaking as she jerked and shook, her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock as she panted. I pulled her down and rolled before starting to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. She clutched me and began to wail, “YYYEEEESSSSSS!”

I buried my cock and pushed against her womb as my balls churned and then my cock erupted and I was pumping thick spurts deep inside her. Faith jerked and tilted her hips as she felt the warm flood of sperm filling her. When I stopped cumming I relaxed and she sighed before letting her legs drop to the bed. She grinned, “Mom said that if you were that good she might have to try your services when she makes her checks on me.”

I laughed and kissed her before pulling out and moving off the bed. I helped her off the bed and into the bathroom before we went into the kitchen. The year turned into two and then more. We live in a large estate now and all three girls are pregnant and seem very happy together.
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