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My eyes watered and I felt like I was choking as I vomittited up my lunch. I felt like complete shit, not knowing if I should blame myself. I probably should, no scratch that. I know I should. If I hadn't first went too quick with Joseph then I wouldn't have went to the bayou and bump into Alex there. He wouldn't have spread rumors about me then George wouldn't have found out... And take away my virginity. Thinking over what George did to me just didn't seem real and now I can feel the pain again. The bell rang, telling me it was 5th period, but I didn't want to go. I had George for that class. I reluctantly got up, realizing the school would call my parents about me not being in gym, I had an excuse for that class, not like I was gonna tell them the truth.

* * *

I walked into the class, taking my usual seat by Desiree.

"What did coach make you do?" She asked as I put my head down.


"Oh. You okay?" She asked tapping me.


"What's up with these one word responses?" 

I felt tears coming to my eyes. "Let's just say I might be the talk of the school tomorrow." My voice cracked. "Again." I picked my head up and whispered. "Is George in here yet?"

"Yeah, why?" She persisted. I only shook my head and mouthed the word 'Later' as our teacher started talking.

* * *

We walked out of the class together, heading to band. "Can you tell me now? I don't like to see you like this."

I looked around the hallway. Too many people. "In the band hall, okay." She nodded her head in response. Once there I whispered.

"George.. He.. He did me." I said looking down. "In the locker room's restroom." She gasped rather loudly.

"Don't lie to me." I still stared at the floor. "You aren't lying?" I shook my head. "C'mon we need to go tell someone." She exclaimed grabbing onto my arm. 

I shook her arm off. "No, people would find out too quick."

"That's the point! That's rape!" She yelled as other students looked over. I eyed her and walked to get my instrument, Desiree following right behind me. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scream that. But you're being irrational, you need to tell someone."

"The whole school will know by tomorrow. My gym class seen it." I spat out. "And it's all because of Alex!" She looked at me with remorse as we walked to our seats, instruments in hand. 

We sat down in silence until Desiree asked me, and class went by fast.

 "So that means Joseph saw it too?" I growled a yes out. "Well, he's walking this way." 

I turned and looked and sure enough, he was. I turned to Desiree, "Tell him I don't wanna talk." 

"But I do." Damn, he walked fast. He took a seat by me. "I'm sorry about Friday." He apologized. 


"That boy in the locker room, did he?...." He trailed off.

"Fuck me? Yeah, at least he didn't mind!" I yelled, not thinking of what I was saying. 

"Wow, I guess you are a slut." He muttered as he stood up... That hurt a lot, but I'm pretty sure I hurt him too. 

"Look I'm sorry." I said as I grabbed his arm. 

He turned to me and shook my arm off. "Don't touch me, you fag." He then started walking away.

"You're gonna call me that, really?! When you let me blow you, and then you came in my mouth! Yeah, that's pretty straight huh?!" I yelled, anger filling pulsing through me. The whole class turned to us, good thing the teacher wasn't in there. The bell rang, and I stormed off after I put my instrument up.

I practically ran home, slamming the front door of my house. "Tony, everything fine?" My mom called from the kitchen.

"Everything's awesome, mom." I said putting emphasis on awesome. I slammed the door to my room and turned on the radio. "If people are going to say I'm a slut, I'll just show them." I muttered as I cut a pair of my jeans.

* * *

My mom didn't questin my choice of attire when I got ready, most likely since I was pissed off. My clothes consisted of the school's shirt policy, any color collared shirt (I chose red), regular converse, and my black (very) tight jeans that I cut, reaching the middle of my theighs. What? It showed off my ass better.

You could imagine the reaction I got once I walked into school, it made me laugh. I also heard what I expected to be going around, George fucking me in the locker room. 

* * *

3rd Period.

I walked to class arching my back as much as possible. Once there, I leaned against the door frame, coughing for the attention. The people that were there gasped as some mumbled things. Good, our teacher wasn't here yet. 

My personality changed, and I felt like a whole new person. "Like how I look? George?" I asked as I walked to him. "Pretty nice huh." I looked at him for his reaction, getting one I had hoped for. His face was flushed with red. I laughed and turned around, pretending to drop something. I bent over slowly and then back up. "How'd my ass look? You liked it before you fucked me." The class was silent as I took my seat. I stared at Christina who was looking away, I knew she had heard too. Imagine hearing your boyfriend fucked a dude, pretty straight huh.

"Tont.. What are you doing?" Desiree asked looking at me. 

"People think I'm a slut. Why not give them what they think. So, you like my outfit?" I asked as I stood up.

"Tony don't do this to yourself." She pleaded. "Please." 

"It's too late. Plus, I like the attention." I giggled.

* * *

Desiree told me no matter what I did, she'd stick by me like she always had. We went through the lunch line and sat back down with our food.

"Even boys are staring at me." I commented as I 'ate' my banana.

"What do you expect? You have a girl's ass." She said as she took away my banana.

"Hey! I was sucking that." I yelled.

"Yeah, I know. Eat your food regularly. That means your hot dog too." She squinted her eyes at me.

"Alright. Hey, where's George?" 

"Over there." She pointed, only trying to snatch her hand down. "Don't do anything."

"I just wanna tease him a bit." I replied as I made my way over to him. "George!" He turned to me, eyes wide. I sat next to him, or rather on top of him as I circled my finger on his chest. "So my parents are working late. Wanna come?" I asked, emphasizing come. He made no move to throw me off as his jock friends whistled.

"Yeah. Sure, bitch." Woah, not the answer I was expecting. I hurridly stood up. "I'll just follow you after school." I 'casually' walked back to my table.

"Why were they whistling?" Desiree asked me. 

"I screwed up... Can you walk with me after school?" I asked, fear leaking through my throat. She only nodded.

Lunch went by normally, except for the whistlIng I'd recieve. Once it was over, I made my way to gym. I was still scared of what I had gotten myself into with George, but I couldn't wait to see what Joseph's reaction would be.

He was already in there when I walked in, turned away talking to his friend. I sat near him so I took my usual spot, noticing his friend gesture toward me. He turned around, a shocked expression plastered on his face.

"Hey hottie." I said as I smiled. He only rolled his eyes and walked away. I didn't change for gym that day, making sure the boys had a view of what I was showing.

The coach pulled me aside before I went out to the gym. "Why are wearing that?" He asked pointing to my shorts. I shrugged. "Get changed or you're running ten laps!"

"No, besides, I like running." I objected. He yelled at me, saying to have respect to others and for myself. Oh I used to, but it all changes. People can change you. I felt like telling him if he had stayed in his office in the locker room, I probably wouldn't have been raped. But I didn't. Before I knew it gym was over and I walked to my next class.

* * * 

5th period was uneventful, except for all the staring George was doing. I was now sitting in band class next to Desiree, the teacher having an argument right outside the closed door.

"Wanna gimme a blowjob Tony?" A kid called out from across the room. The class erupted into laughter.

"Yeah, sure. Get over here." I called back. It had the effect I wanted, he sunk down in his seat, red faced. Then the name calls started. You know, saying I was a slut, fag, whore and even boyfriend stealer. Well that was a new one.

"Ignore them." Desiree whispered to me, but I couldn't. Not when practically the whole class was saying things. But I couldn't show any emotion, then they'd get what the want. 

I stood up and said,"Say what you want, but you guys should know I please. Since both George and Joseph realeased their 'juices' in me. So, do I have any offers?" They all looked at Joseph who didn't try to deny anything, only staring at the floor. 

* * *

"So why are you so jittery?" Desiree asked me as we approached our street.

"I'm fine now. Just a little worried after how I acted." I replied turning to look behind me, no one was following. "I'll text you later." I said as I entered my house. I walked to my room, taking in my appearance in the mirror. I sighed and flopped on my bed. "Gosh. I feel like shit." I muttered to myself. 

"Well you don't look like shit." I jumped up, looking for the source of the voice. It was George.

"How'd you get in my house?!" I asked, too shocked to say more.

"I know where you live. Alex told me." He said closing my door behind him. "And you didn't lock your front door." Alex, I hadn't seen him today. He was so lucky. "I'm still up for that offer."

I sighed,"Look I'm not in the mood."

He pinned me down to my bed, gripping my arms above my head. "I don't care what mood you're in. Now get naked!" He yelled as he slapped me.

"Fuck you asshole!" I spat in his face, my saliva coming in contact with his lips.

He looked really pissed now. I closed my eyes, expecting another slap, but was shocked when my lips were somothered against. I gasped, allowing easy entrance into my mouth. He dove his tongue in, feeling inside. I felt my body go limp, and started kissing back, my toungue twirling with his. He pulled away and took of his shirt, snagging down his shorts and boxers as well. He was now stradling me, rubbing his crotch into mine. He stopped his motion to take off my clothes off, all of it. I laid there naked, as he took in my body.

"Fuck Tony. You're hot." He said as he grabbed my hands and placed them on his dick. He started moving my hands up and down his erect shaft. I took the lead and rolled him over, kissing his collar bone. I licked my way down to his shaft, then put it into my mouth. I closed my lips around it, twirling my tongue over every inch. "Mmmm." He moaned. I relaxed my throat and started bobbing my head, taking in as much as I could. I kept on for a few more minutes before he told me, "I'm close." I took him out, as he looked at me with confusion. 

"I want you to fuck me again." I blushed as I looked at him. He smiled and rolled us over again, spitting on his dick and lubing it. I felt the head press against my entrance, slightly pushing in.

"Why are you so tight?" He asked through closed eyes. He then started picking up the pace of his thrust.

"What do you mean? I just lost my virginity to you yesterday." I said I'm between moans. "I love you." I said thinking aloud.  He stopped suddenly, my body thrusting back to his body trying to feel more of him.

"I was.. Your first?" I moaned out a yes as I pulled at his shoulders. He didn't move. "Alex said you were.. You know, pleasuring for the hell of it."  He pulled out of me, my ass feeling the emptiness."I didn't know that." He said as he sat at the edge of the bed.

I scooted up to him, looking at his face. He looked sad. "I don't love you though." For some reason that hit me hard. He started gathering his clothes, hurridly putting them on. "I won't talk to you, ever again." He left my house with only his shorts and shoes on.

"I really do feel like a slut now."


I don't like this one. Unless you all do, I most likely won't continue this series. And now I mean it

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im not gay but gd story made me cum

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I don't like where this is going, but I agree you are a good writer and a good writer can fix what he's written. It could get out that George raped him and that Alex lied, getting him sympathy from Joseph. That's just one idea. There are a lot of ways that this could go. It's your choice, but it IS fixable..........

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