Dauphine and I had only been married for two years before she ran off with another man. She was pregnant at the time. The letter she left said that she was running off with her boss. That was the last I heard from her. I did get one post card from Europe with a baby’s picture with one line on the back, “This is your daughter, Paige Christine, 7 pounds 10 ounces.”

Over the years I dated other women and had gotten a divorce from Dauphine. I made very good money and worked from home now. It had been fourteen years since my wife had left when I heard the doorbell. When I opened the door it was to see a beautiful strawberry blonde girl about thirteen, “Mathew Henry?”

I smiled, “You shouldn’t be soliciting way out here.”

Her accent had been British and she smiled, “Are you Mathew Henry?”

I nodded and she took a breath, “You don’t know me. My name is Paige.”

My eyes narrowed, “Where’s your mother?”

She looked down, “Working in a brothel in German.”

I snorted and opened the door wider, “Come in.”

She bent and I noticed the large bag that had been at her feet. I closed the door after her and gestured into the living room. Paige set the bag beside her and sat on the very edge of the couch, “I came because I needed answers.”

I shook my head, “I’m afraid I don’t have answers. Your mother left with another man and never told me why.”

Paige frowned, “Mom always said she was happy with you.”

I sat back and closed my eyes, “I would never have known.”

She looked around, “this is a nice home.”

I stood and went to the fireplace mantle. I brought back the baby picture of Paige and showed it to her, “This is the only thing your mother ever sent me.”

She smiled and leaned down to dig into her bag. I was looking straight down her blouse at her bare breasts and finally tore my eyes away as she sat up with a small photo album. She handed it to me and what I saw opened my eyes wide. It started with baby pictures but she was naked with sperm all over her body. I looked up at Paige but she leaned forward to turn the page.

The next set of pictures went from age one to maybe three or four and showed her sucking a cock. In one she had a small cock fucking her tiny ass and in the last it showed her with a cock stretching her tiny pussy. Blood was all over the cock and cum was leaking down the shaft. I looked at my daughter and turned the page. The album was full of the same thing, Paige fucking and sucking men. The last showed her with two men fucking her. I closed it and turned away, “Well, I know why the bitch left.”

Paige shifted, “I grew up doing it… father.”

I looked at her, “If I had known, I would have killed her.”

She looked down and cleared her throat, “I have been on my own for a year now. I… am addicted to sex.”

I looked at her and she shrugged, “I grew up with it.”

I could see how it could happen and nodded before taking a breath, “Why did you come to me?”

She smiled, “Because mom said you were the best fuck she ever had. Because she said if I came here you would take me in.”

I looked at her and finally shook my head before gesturing, “I’ll show you to your room.”

She smiled and grabbed the bag as she stood and followed behind me, “Do you have someone?”

I glanced back and shook my head, “No.”

I opened a guest bedroom and turned to say something only to close my mouth. Paige had her blouse open and her beautiful breasts were barely visibly. She stopped next to me and looked into the room and then into my face, “I need help father. I need a man, someone to teach me to be faithful.”

She put her hand on my chest, “Would you teach me?”

I didn’t know what to say and gestured to the room, “I’ll think about it.”

I watched her walk into the room and shook my head when I realized I was staring at her hips and butt. I headed to the kitchen to heat water for tea. I was leaning against the counter when Paige walked in naked. Just looking at her young body had me hard and I finally sighed as she sat at the table, “I hope you don’t mind father, but I feel more comfortable this way.”

I crossed the room and stood her up before turning her and lifting her to sit on the table. I cupped her breasts and then reached down to open my pants. Paige grinned as I pulled my cock out and moved between her legs to rub the head through her slit. She shivered and then put her hands on my hips and pulled. I slid into her warm, moist pussy and she shivered, “You have a nice cock dad.”

I smiled and kissed her before starting to fuck her tight pussy. She started grunting softly every time I fucked into her and pressed against her womb. It had been so long for me, when she jerked and spasmed while her pussy tightened, I pressed against her womb and began to pump strong spurts of cum. Paige jerked and shuddered as she felt the warm sperm flooding her womb.

I squirted six heavy loads of cum into her belly before pulling out. I undressed and pulled Paige off the table before sitting and pulling her onto my lap. She lifted my cock and slowly sank down with a shiver and a sigh. I caressed her body, “We start by doing things together. What do you like?”

She grinned and thrust back and forth, “fucking.”

I smiled, “how about movies and maybe hiking?”

Paige slowly rocked back and forth fucking my cock. She shivered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I rubbed her bare butt as my cock throbbed and she nodded, “I like movies.”

I moved my hands to rub her stiff nipples and she jerked and spasmed. I lifted her off my cock as I stood. I turned her around and bent her over the table. I pushed back into her slimy pussy and started to fuck her hard. She thrust back every time I pushed into her and kept shaking her head. It was a few minutes before her body went rigid and then she arched her back as her pussy squeezed my cock, “YES!”

I grinned and buried my cock as she jerked and spasmed. When she calmed down I started fucking her again. She shuddered and began thrusting back to met each thrust into her. She had cum running down both legs as she groaned and her pussy contracted again. A minute later she started convulsing, “YY…EEEE…SSSSSS!”

I buried my cock again and just held her spasming body, finally she sighed and thrust back. I caressed her and held her hips as I started fucking her hard. Paige jerked and started grunting, before long she was breathing hard and panting. A couple of minutes later her pussy tightened again and her body stiffened.

Suddenly she was thrashing around and I held her and forced the head of my cock tight against her womb as it throbbed. I grunted as I started spurting and Paige howled, “CC… UUU… MMMM… MMMMM… IIIIII… NNNNNNN… GGGGGGGGGGGG!”

I held her in place as I continued to breed her like a bitch. Paige was tossing her head and shaking by the time I was done. She dropped to the table panting as her body twitched. She finally turned and rolled as I pulled out of her. She came off the table to embrace me, “You do it better than anyone.”

I laughed and kissed her before bending to grab my clothes, “Go clean up and get dressed, we’re going to a movie and then out to dinner.”

Paige laughed as she walked towards the hall. I had doubts and guilty feelings about what I had just done to my own daughter. She had obviously liked and enjoyed it though. I sighed and dressed and waited for Paige. The movie was a good one and I held her hand instead of distracting her with kissing or sex. Dinner was nice and again I held her and fended off her wondering hands.

When we walked back into the house I turned Paige and kissed her passionately as my hands began undressing her. She melted in my arms as she returned my kiss and began struggling to help me undress her. By the time we reached the bedroom we were both naked. I pushed her back on the edge of the bed and knelt between her legs. I leaned in to start teasing her clit and Paige jerked and shuddered, “That feels so good.”

I sucked and wiggled my tongue as she shuddered and held the back of my head. It was several minutes before she jerked and shuddered hard as she pushed my face away. I smiled and moved onto the bed and pulled her over me before spreading her legs and pushing my cock up into her. Paige moaned as she pushed back and down to get my cock all the way in her.

She started rocking and her tight pussy seemed to quiver and spasm around my cock. She sat up and began to thrust back and forth as her body shuddered and shook. Her eyes half closed and she started twisting and jerking as she rocked and thrust on me. Her pussy almost seemed to milk my cock as it pressed tight against her cervix.

I reached up to cup her firm breasts and kneaded them before tugging on a nipple. Paige jerked and shuddered violently as she screamed and her pussy contracted around my cock. She jerked around erratically and began to convulse. Her eyes began to roll up as she wet me. I pulled her down and rolled before starting to fuck her with long, firm thrusts.

Paige continued to jerk around but she was almost incoherent as I fucked her. It wasn’t long before I thrust into her and started to pump and spew cum. She thrashed around wildly as I bred her. When I stopped cumming she was panting and shuddering. I pulled out and lay beside her, softly caressing her body.

It was several minutes before she sighed and relaxed. I woke in the night to hear Paige murmuring in her sleep, “you want dad to breed me mom? I don’t know him...”

I turned to see her shifting around in the bed, “but can I stay with him?”

She moaned and shivered, “I don’t want to let them have me anymore, their mean...”

Paige grinned and whispered, “I will let dad breed me but I’m not coming back.”

I sighed and moved over my daughter and pushed her legs open. I pushed into her tight, cummy pussy and she put her arms around me as she groaned. She opened her eyes as I pushed all the way to her womb. I held still, “Your mother wanted me to breed you. What were you supposed to do after you were pregnant?”

Her eyes widened and she whispered, “meet her in Germany.”

I looked in her eyes, “Stay or go Paige. If you want me to teach you then I will. I will breed you like a bitch born for breeding or like a man’s wife.”

She smiled, “Can you do both?”

I smiled, “Like a bitch and my wife?”

Paige nodded and her pussy squeezed my cock. I kissed her and began to fuck her, “I won’t trust you until after you have the baby and ask me to breed you again.”

She grinned as she thrust up, “Just fuck me dad. I don’t want to be mom’s whore anymore.”

I fucked her with long, deep thrusts and her hips kept meeting mine. She started breathing harder as her body shuddered and shook. Her pussy was almost constantly squeezing and milking my cock. She finally jerked and lifted her legs before spreading them wide, “YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!”

She spasmed and convulsed under me as she clung to me tightly. I buried my cock and pressed into her. I kissed her and slowly pressed and ground against her. Paige jerked and continued to shudder and shake, “DADDY!”

I fucked her hard and deep as she wailed and had a seizure. She kept wetting me and squirting as she struggled and I finally buried my cock in her again. I held her tight as I began to spew and pee a river of cum. She lifted her hips and clutched me, “YES!”

I spewed and pumped and spurted until her womb was full and leaking around my still throbbing cock. She dropped her legs to the bed and sighed as she pulled my face down for a kiss. I fucked my daughter twice more that night and woke her up fucking her again. She laughed and wrapped her legs around my waist as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock.

I kept my cock buried in her and just humped and pressing into her. She started kissing me and her tight pussy rippled and kept grasping. It was several minutes before I pulled back to fuck her. Paige was shuddering hard and wailed as I started fucking her hard and deep. She jerked and convulsed as her pussy began trying to milk my cock each time I thrust into her. Five minutes later she was still howling as I pushed into her completely and held her thrashing body as I began peeing cum.

Paige clutched me tight and spread her legs as I pumped cum into her. She sighed and moaned and shivered as her womb was filled. When I stopped cumming she grinned and pulled my face to hers and kissed me passionately. I slowly pulled out and laid beside her, “I have to do some work today.”

She smiled, “Can I sit with you?”

I smiled, “Sure.”

I caressed her pelvis and kissed her again before just laying there and holding her. It was thirty minutes before I got up and pulled her into the bathroom. While we showered she smiled and douched a couple of times. We had a breakfast of cereal and then I went into my office. Paige came in a minute later with a book and looked around before pulling the other chair I had in the room over.

She sat next to me and leaned against me before starting to read. It was a little harder to think but I finally got into it. It was several hours before Paige sighed and I looked at her. She grinned, “Sorry.”

I smiled and turned back to finish what I was doing, “I think we will go shopping.”

Paige grinned, “I like shopping.”

I laughed as I shut the computer down, “Most women do.”

When I came home Paige had her arms full and kept smiling. She went to her room and came into the kitchen as I made tea. We had eaten lunch in the mall and I was going to try to do a little more work. One look at Paige’s naked body and I shut the stove off. I lifted her onto the counter as she grinned and pushed her legs open. I licked through her pussy and latched onto her clit.

I kept licking, sucking and teasing her as she jerked and shuddered until she finally covered her pussy. I stood and opened my pants before pulling them off. Paige was grinning as I moved between her legs and pushed into her tight pussy. I held her hips as I kissed her and pulled her off the counter suddenly. She jerked and wrapped her legs around my waist as she was impaled.

We kept kissing as I backed up and sat in a chair. She groaned before starting to thrust back and forth. Her tight pussy kept squeezing and grasping my cock as she began to spasm. She clutched me as I caressed her bare hips and let her fuck my cock deeper into her. It wasn’t long before she was thrashing around and struggling. Her pussy was milking my cock as she stiffened and then she looked into my eyes.

She wailed and flailed around as she wrapped her legs around me and the chair. I held her with my cock buried in her as it throbbed and jerked. Suddenly I was pumping large jets of cum and Paige jerked as it erupted inside her, “YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

I kept holding her as I spurted jets of cum until I didn’t have anymore. She was shaking when I stopped and leaned against me as her legs dropped. She shivered and then kissed me, “mom was dumb to leave. No one fucks like you.”

I hugged her and just held her as she just leaned against me. She finally sighed and stood up, “Show me how to cook?”

I laughed as I stood and rubbed her butt before walking to the counter. I opened my old recipe book, “I was just going to start a slow cooker meal. That is one that cooks a long time.”

She helped me put everything together in the pot and put the cover on. I pulled her onto the wide back deck and pointed to a wooden lounger, “Why don’t you relax and get a tan?”

She grinned and kissed me before walking towards the lounger. I went back in and started working. I watched the time and a few hours later I stopped. I found Paige outside on the lounger but at least she had turned over. She was watching a chipmunk just off the deck and grinned at me. I walked out and helped her up, “come shower with me.”

I caressed her body as I washed her and let her hands wander over mine. I finally pulled her out and dried her before myself. I checked the slow cooker before pulling her into the living room. I started a new movie I had wanted to watch and pulled Paige onto my lap. I cupped a breast and rubbed the nipple, “Why does your mother hate me?”

Paige shivered and leaned against me before relaxing, “She doesn’t hate you, it is just... I think she regrets you not following her and bringing her back.”

She looked at me, “She doesn’t like being a whore as much as she pretends.”

I sighed and just held her as we watched the movie. When it ended I sent her to the bathroom as I went to put dinner on the table. We ate together and Paige helped me clean up and do the dishes. I pulled her back to get dressed and then held her hand and took a walk. It was beginning to get dark when we returned home and Paige pulled me straight to the bedroom as she stripped.

I undressed as she laid back on the bed and climbed on and moved between her legs. I kissed her before moving down her body. I started licking her and it didn’t take her long to begin to shudder and lift her hips. When I moved up and slowly pushed into her, she was more then ready and sighed as she hugged me. We kissed as I fucked her with slow, deep thrusts.

By the time I was ready to cum Paige was thrashing around as she howled and wailed. I pressed into her deep and held her as my cock fountained cum into her womb. She tilted her hips and shuddered as warm sperm flooding her once more. I fucked her three more times before holding her as she fell asleep.

Paige did get pregnant and had a beautiful girl. A year later she slipped into bed after putting our daughter to bed. She caressed my chest and looked into my eyes, “breed me again?”

So far we have had four children and Paige’s mother hasn’t contacted her. She is a happy woman now and is both confident and very protective of our children.
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