Terri was a year younger than me and one of my sister’s friends. We had been going together since school started last month. I had liked the way she smelled and the way she held me. The way she seemed to enjoy just being with me. I was sixteen and always horny, but Terri kept me from doing anything. It was a Friday when my life turned upside down. Terri said she was going to a sleep over at one of her girlfriends and couldn’t see me that night.

I was disappointed and had sat around doing nothing before I remembered a party someone had told me about, my sister Noel had gone to it. When I got there it was in full swing, mostly in the backyard. I walked into the kitchen and I saw Noel in the kitchen window. I walked over to tap on the glass and wave when I heard her.

She was talking to one of the jocks and laughing, “Can you believe my brother. Terri won’t let him get anywhere and now she is in the bedroom servicing all you guys.”

She laughed again and looked at another guy as he walked up. I turned away and walked towards the hall. There were six guys lined up at the master bedroom door and one told me to get in line when I walked passed them. I ignored him and stopped in the doorway. I saw Terri on the bed giving one guy a blowjob while another was rutting away between her legs. There was a puddle of cum on the bed between her legs and her upper body was covered in sperm.

I turned away and left, I spent the night just walking. I couldn’t believe Terri had done that and couldn’t believe what Noel had done and I finally went home. I called Noel and asked if she knew where Terri was or what she was doing and she lied, she said she had no idea. I finally came to a decision and sat at my desk to plan. I have always been smart, I guess I was a bit of a nerd and now was the time to use that. Terri called Saturday morning and I ignored it, I was done with her.

My sister came home that afternoon and I just closed the door when she started to come in my room. My mom and dad knew something was up, but like always Noel was their princess and could do no wrong. I had a small trust and did some transferring of funds. Sunday I left the house early and didn’t come home until late. Monday I was up before anyone, I showered, dressed and grabbed my netbook laptop.

During the day I used the netbook on the school server to start trading. At first it was stocks but by the end of the day I had moved on to commodities. Terri caught up to me just after school got out. She slipped her arm into mine as if nothing had happened, “I’ve been calling you.”

I looked at her and removed her arm, “I was at the back of the line and didn’t get my turn Friday night.”

I walked away as she stood there with her mouth open and her face white. I spent the week ignoring her and trading online. My sister kept trying to talk to me at home but I ignored her and kept my door closed. By Friday my investments were over seventy five million. I didn’t tell my parents where I was going, but left to stay in a hotel for the weekend.

I did a lot of shopping over the weekend. New clothes, a new corvette and I rented a small three bedroom apartment that was furnished since it was the only one they had. Mom and dad were livid when I came home Monday after school. At dinner mom told me to help my sister with her homework. I pushed the almost full plate of food away and stood up, “I don’t have a sister.”

While my parents started yelling, I went to my room and locked the door. I guess they thought it would just blow over between Noel and I. I hadn’t been driving my corvette yet and still walked to school early every day, that changed on Thursday. I had been checking out the other girls at school and on Thursday at the start of lunch, I approached a girl. Everyone thought she was a nerd.

Her name was Julia and she dressed the part. She had long black hair that she wore in a ponytail. She had these really thick black framed glasses (Not that the lenses looked thick). She always wore clothes to large and frumpy looking with ugly tennis shoes that went out of style last decade.

I thought to go out with a girl and get her looking hot so Terri would really know what she was missing out on. Julia looked up at me as I stopped beside her. She was sitting outside in one of the courtyards and I smiled, “Hi.”

She smiled and I realized she had a really nice smile. I took a breath, “Julia, I’ve been watching you and was wondering if you would go out with me.”

She blushed, “You want to go out with me?”

I nodded and sat down beside her, “Yes.”

She looked down at her clothes, “But I’m…”

The way she said that made me stand and hold out my hand, “Come with me for a minute.”

She hesitated and then took my hand as she stood. I could see everyone watching us, including Terri. I led Julia back inside the school to an empty classroom. I closed and locked the door behind us. Locking the door made Julia look at me sharply. I gently put her at arms length, “I am not going to touch you.”

She nodded still nervous and I gestured at the classroom around us. “As you see, the windows are all covered and the one in the door is blacked out. I want you as my girlfriend, my… lover.”

Julia blushed, “But I’m… ugly.”

I sighed, “Take your clothes off.”

She just looked at me and I gestured, “You said you’re ugly. Well, so far I am not convinced. Take your clothes off.”

She only looked at me and when I only continued to look at her, she took a breath and started undressing. I gestured for her to continue when she was down to a plain bra and old white panties. When she was finally finished and stood in front of me naked, I stepped forward, “You were mistaken. You have a fantastic body.”

I walked around her slowly looking at her carefully. Julia was very self-conscious and continued to blush. Her hands would cover one part of her body and then move to another. I came back in front of her and looked into her red face, “you just need something to show you the truth. Will you go out with me? I’ll take you to the mall and change your mind about how you look.”

Julia hesitated and then nodded. I stepped closer and put my arms around her. I wanted to throw her down and fuck her right then. I knew she felt my hard cock because she pushed me back slightly and looked down at my crotch. She got this satisfied smile and then looked into my face. Her blush was gone as she hesitantly reached out to touch my cock through my pants. She looked back into my face, “You really like my body?”

I grinned and hugged her again, “I want to throw you down and fuck you right now.”

Julia smiled, “Someone would come.”

I grinned, “Yeah me, again and again and…”

She laughed and pushed me back. “We would get caught.”

I sighed, “Go ahead and get dressed. We can talk about when you will let me have my way.”

Watching her get dressed was almost as much fun as watching her undress. We went back to her lunch spot and I sat beside her. While she kept looking at me and started eating her lunch, I went back to trading. I was up to over one hundred and sixty million, most I had invested in utility stocks. Julia leaned on my shoulder to watch what I was doing before looking at my face in surprise, “You’re like me!”

I smiled but continued what I was doing, “If by that you mean smart, cute and sexy. I’ll agree.”

Julia giggled and punched my shoulder. When school got out, I found Julia and walked her to my car. There was a small crowd around my car, mostly jocks. The first store I took Julia to was a one hour eyeglass place. It really didn’t take long to find several pairs of nice sexy frames. I even got her one pair she could wear during gym.

Next was a visit to Victoria’s Secret. Julia was blushing before we even got inside the store. I turned her to face me as a sales woman came to help us, “This isn’t just a store for sex clothes. It is for sexy beautifully under clothing. Now, you need a half dozen of the French cut panties. That’s for when you are having your period.”

I glanced at the sales woman as she waited patiently and then looked back at Julia. “Get a couple dozen bikini and thong panties, some should be nice lacy ones. Get bras that match your panties, not those big sensible ones but the sexy ones, at least a dozen. You also need night gowns that you feel good wearing.”

I looked at the sales woman, “I’ll give you two hundred dollars if you help her.”

She blinked and then looked at Julia before smiling, “How much are you planning to spend?”

I had planned this and smiled, “As much as it takes.”

When Julia finished trying on panties and bras and other things, she was red faced but smiling. I got the woman’s name for next time and gave her the money I had promised and charged all the clothes on my bank check card. Next was a clothing store and a dozen different outfits, all skirts and blouses or sexy dresses. I stopped at a jeweler’s and bought a dozen different diamond necklaces and earring sets as well as a slim ring with a single pink diamond.

Julia was breathless as we headed to her home. I carried all the bags as she led me to her door. Inside her mom walked into the front room as soon as she heard the door. She stared at all the bags and boxes I was holding and then at her daughter, “What is going on?”

Julia took a breath, “Mom this is David… my boyfriend.”

Her mom started and looked from me to Julia, “We talked about this.”

Julia nodded and looked at me almost pleadingly. I cleared my throat, “Could we talk about it with me present this time?”

Her mom blinked and looked at Julia before finally nodded, “Fine, go put that stuff away.”

Julia smiled and started walking towards her room. She hesitated and then closed the door behind me, “Put it on my desk.”

I set everything down and turned to her, “Put on one of the outfits so your mom sees.”

Julia bit her lip before nodded and hurriedly stripping out of her clothes. She was grinning at me while I stared at her body, that was when her mom walked in. Her eyes opened wide and she started to say something but I interrupted her, “I was looking at her pubic hair, it kind of sticks out when she wears the other panties. You wouldn’t have something she could use to trim it would you?”

Her mother looked at me and opened her mouth before closing it. She took a deep breath and gestured to the bed, “Sit down, you to Julia.”

Julia was blushing and I put my arm around her. I looked at her mother and she sighed, “Julia is only fifteen. We told her that when she turned sixteen she could date.”

I looked at Julia and then at her mother, “I will be honest with you. I just broke up with my girlfriend last week, she is Julia’s age. She was having sex with a couple of dozen boys and I caught her.”

I looked at Julia, “Now, I’m still a virgin and yes, I want to have sex with Julia if she lets me. I think she is beautiful.”

I looked at her surprised mother, “I don’t want a whore. I have been spending my time trading commodities and have quit a bit of money. Money, I want to spend on Julia, making her even more beautiful and I hope, happy. I don’t intend to just take Julia to bed and that’s it. I want to spend time with her, studying or going out to movies or whatever.”

Her mother looked at me thoughtfully and then she looked at Julia, “Stay right there.”

She walked out and Julia sighed, “We didn’t even get to do anything and got busted.”

I grinned and she giggled as her mom walked back in. She was holding an electric razor and a small pair of scissors. She smiled faintly and pushed Julia back on the bed. She lifted her legs and looked at me, “Hold her legs.”

I looked at her in shock and reached out automatically. I held her legs and looked down between them as her mother began shaving the light fuzzy hair. She shaved around Julia’s ass and up alongside her pussy stopping at the top of her slit. She looked at me, “Do you want a design?”

I hadn’t even thought about it but grinned as I looked into Julia’s red face. “A diamond.”

I reached down and with my finger and drew it while describing fade lines to make it look even better. Her mother was grinning before she even started. When she finally finished, she looked at me, “Is that good enough?”

I shook my head and finally looked away from Julia’s leaking slit. I smiled at her mother, “I…”

I cleared my throat and looked at Julia as I released her legs, “Try one of the thongs with an outfit.”

We watched as Julia stood on unsteady legs, “That made me really horny mom.”

Her mother laughed, “If you want a boyfriend, get used to being horny or well fucked.”

Julia smiled and then grinned before hugging her mother. She pulled back and turned to the bags and boxes. It didn’t really take long for her to put one on and turn to us. She was biting her lip again and I stood up.

I searched through her bags until I found the new glasses and put them on. I undid her hair and spread it out to fall over her shoulders and down her back. Next was one of the necklaces and a pair of diamond earrings. I stepped back and smiled not paying attention to her mother, “You are a fox.”

Julia grinned and then looked at her mother. I looked at her mother to see her stunned face. Her mouth was open and Julia hesitated, “Momma?”

Her mother closed her mouth and smiled as she stood up, “You’re a woman Julia, a beautiful woman.”

I reached out to touch Julia’s shoulder hesitantly, “I have to go.”

Julia looked from her mother to me and frowned, “But I thought…”

I grinned, “That we might fool around?”

She grinned as she blushed, “Yes.”

I stepped closer and kissed her. I pulled back, “Kisses, then fondling. When we get comfortable with that, maybe you will let me… you know oral sex.”

I looked at her as she blushed darker, “You want me to go down on you?”

I hadn’t thought of that and blinked, “I was thinking of the other way around.”

Her mother laughed and Julia grinned, “And after that we have intercourse?”

I nodded and she smiled seeming to relax, “Okay.”

I kissed her and smiled at her mother, “Thank you for understanding.”

She laughed and started for the door, “I’m glad Julia is on birth control in case your plans are foiled.”

I looked at Julia quizzically and she grinned. She took my hand and walked me back to my car. When I got home it was to another fight, dad was pissed because I hadn’t told anyone where I was going. He was also demanding to know where I had gotten the car. Then they started in about Noel and I lost it. Dad said as long as I lived in his house I would follow his rules.

That was when I packed a bag and left, I spent the night fuming in my apartment. I picked up Julia the next morning and got to meet her father. He was the one to open the door when I knocked. He looked at me and then out at my car before letting me in, “Julia will be out in a minute.”

I stood there nervously and he smiled before waving toward the kitchen. I followed him in and saw Julia’s mother drinking a cup of coffee. Her dad sat and looked at me, “My wife convinced me to let you date Julia. Are you going to try to get her to have sex with you?”

I didn’t even look at her mom as she suddenly looked up at me. I looked into her dad’s face, “Julia is fifteen. You know she is more than old enough to have sex. I will promise to never force her and let her decide when we…”

I blushed as he laughed and looked at his wife. She was blushing and I knew she hadn’t told him everything. I heard Julia and turned to stare at the beautiful girl standing there. I heard her dad behind me gasp but didn’t want to look away. I slowly walked to Julia, “You’re beautiful.”

She was nervous but grinned when I told her she was beautiful. She looked at her mom and dad, “We have to go.”

She led me out and I opened the door for her. When I met Julia at lunch she was excited and several guys were hanging around her like she was in heat. She made my day when she ignored them and ran into my arms, “They like me!”

I grinned, “More like they want to tie you to the bed for a couple of years.”

She grinned, “Only you get to do that.”

I laughed and led her to her usual spot where we sat to eat. She leaned on my shoulder again as I traded online and finally sighed, “Are you almost done?”

I looked at her and smiled, “actually I was just looking for another buy. I could stop right now.”

She looked into my face, “You could kiss me?”

I grinned and put the netbook away without even looking at it again. I caressed her face and cupped the back of her head as I kissed her. Julia moaned after a minute and I pulled back. She finally opened her eyes and looked around, “To bad we aren’t at home.”

I laughed, “Why?”

She grinned, “You could move on to the fondling part.”

I grinned and looked around before turning slightly and cupping her breast through her blouse. Julie shivered and leaned into me, I used my thumb and rubbed her nipple and she moaned. I slowly removed my hand and kissed her, I held it and she moaned as she suddenly shuddered. I pulled back and looked at her, “Did you just cum?”

She was blushing but nodded. I grinned and leaned in to kiss her again, a throat cleared and I looked back to see a teacher. I smiled, “We were just kissing.”

She shook her head and turned to walk away. Julie giggled, “I think we should skip the oral or put it together with intercourse.”

I grinned, “As long as it is in there somewhere.”

Julie grinned and just leaned against me. By the end of the day I was up to over two hundred and fifty million after taxes and brokerage fees. It was the end of that plan and the start of another. I invested everything but a few million into utility stocks that would pay anywhere from ten to thirty five percent. I met Julie by the car and drove her home.

She had a satisfied smile on her face and I asked why. She grinned, “I was asked to the senior’s weekly party by your sister. She said she would be taking care of all the guys, but if I just wanted to party that was the place to be.”

I was pissed and Julie frowned, “what’s wrong?”

I pulled over and looked at her, “Remember what I told you about my last girlfriend? Well, that’s the party she was whoring at and now my sister is trying to get you to go too.”

Julie shook her head and put her hand on mine, “I wasn’t going to go. I won’t cheat, I promise.”

I shook my head, “Julie, women are lying, deceitful and not to be trusted.”

She looked at me thoughtfully and finally nodded, “Yes they are. But, I won’t cheat.”

She took a breath and squeezed my hand, “A time will come that I will want to have sex with another guy. Its human nature, just as you will look at other girls and want to have sex with them. After we have satisfied our… lust, I do have a plan that may help keep us together.”

I sighed and looked out my window, “Why does life do this to me?”

Julie laughed and lifted my hand to her breast. “Because of these.”

I looked at her and started to open my mouth when she stopped me, “I won’t cheat. When it is time, I will talk to you first.”

I shook my head and pulled my hand away from her breast, “What’s your plan?”

She looked into my eyes and smiled gently, “I will spend two weeks with two different boys each day. At the same time we will find two girls every day that you can make love to at the same time.”

I closed my eyes, “I don’t know if I can…”

Julie leaned over and kissed me softly. She caressed my face, “It isn’t about the boys. It’s about the experience. I don’t want to look back in ten years or twenty and start wondering about what sex with another guy would be like. Do you?”

I sat back in my seat and thought about it. I looked at her before pulling back out in traffic, “I still don’t have to like thinking about you with another guy.”

Julie laughed and rested her hand on my thigh, “If I plan it right you will be thinking about the girl you are with when I am with the boy.”

I shrugged, “Maybe.”

I pulled up at her place and we went in to see her mom and dad kissing, his hand was inside her blouse. They pulled apart quickly and Julie grinned at me before walking to her dad and taking his hand. She lifted her mother’s blouse and pushed his hand inside the blouse, “We are going to my room so keep playing.”

They laughed as Julie led me out of the room. She closed the door behind us and embraced me. I gave her a soft kiss and she sighed before stepping back and undressing quickly. I hesitated and then followed her example. Julie took my hand and pulled me onto the bed before turning to face me, “I still have my hymen.”

I smiled and pushed her back, “Be quiet and lay back.”

She looked at me and then giggled as I moved between her legs. I lay down and used my hands to open her pussy up. I only looked for a moment and then I leaned in and licked through her slit. Julie shivered and put her hands behind my head. I kept licking her and teasing her clit with my tongue. When I sucked it in and gently bit it with my lips She jerked and shuddered really hard. “Oh my god!”

I smiled and went back to licking her wet slit, pushing my tongue in against her hymen. I licked from her pink ass to her clit and teased the clit with my tongue. Julie shivered and jerked holding my face tight against her wet pussy. When the door opened a minute later her back was arched and she was shaking, “Yes!”

I let her body fall back to the bed as I moved up beside her, “I liked that, you tasted great.”

Julie was still trying to catch her breath and giggled. Her father cleared his throat and we both jumped and Julie yanked a blanket over us. Her father was shaking his head and grinning, “How far were you going to go?”

Julie grinned sheepishly, “Just oral.”

Her dad laughed as he turned to go, “it’s dinner time. Have David come back later and he can take you out.”

I went from embarrassed to grinning, “I know of a new movie that just came out.”

Julie grinned and kissed me. We dressed and Julie held my hand all the way to the door where we kissed passionately. I left and did a couple of errands, one at the bank and another with an attorney. I stopped for some fast food and then headed for my old house. I rang the bell and mom answered the door, “I just need the rest of my clothes mom.”

That brought dad and they started in again. Finally I had enough, I tossed my house key and looked straight at dad because he had been the one to ask why I couldn’t be like my sister, “Do you even know where my perfect sister is right now? She’s at the weekly senior party being a whore. She’s on her back letting all the guys at the party fuck her. Use the GPS in her phone and go see for yourself since you don’t believe me.”

I turned and walked away. I drove back to Julie’s and sat for a minute trying to calm down. When I rang the bell her mother answered and she was grinning. She let me in and called Julie. Her dad came out of the kitchen grinning, “Did you really like doing that?”

I knew what he was talking about and smiled, “Any guy that doesn’t, must be gay. Of course it helps if the woman keeps herself clean.”

Julie came out and I grinned as I looked at her, “You look good.”

She laughed and waved to her parents and told them not to wait up. I drove us to the movies and we had to wait for the movie to start so I put my arm around her and started kissing her. Julie moved into my arms and sighed. She giggled, “You should have seen mom and dad after you left. Dad was telling her what he saw you doing and mom told him to take notes.”

I grinned and just enjoyed holding her body against mine. The movie was a comedy we both got into and enjoyed. When we got into my car Julie reached over to take my hand, “I told mom I wouldn’t be home tonight.”

I looked at her and smiled before starting the car and driving off. I drove to my apartment and led Julie in. She looked around and smiled before taking my hand and leading me into the bathroom where she undressed and then peed while I watched. I grinned and when she finished I took the paper from her and wiped her pussy. Julie led me out and into my room and to my bed. She stood in front of me and undressed me.

Julie seemed to get more excited when she saw my cock. She backed onto the bed as if she expected me to just crawl between her legs and fuck her. I moved onto the bed but not between her legs. I moved to one side of her and leaned over to kiss her while my hand caressed her body.

Her body felt so amazing and I loved touching her until she was shuddering and moaning. Julie pulled on me until I was between her legs. She guided my cock to her wet pussy before looking into my face, “Do it David.”

I looked at her and then shoved hard. My cock forced her pussy open and broke through her cherry as it sank almost all the way inside her. Julie screamed and wiggled before holding me tight as I stopped moving. I caressed her and softly kissed her and just held her. It was a minute before Julie kissed me and tentatively pushed her pussy up on my cock. She winced and I kissed her again, “Just wait.”

She nodded and bit her lip and I caressed her, “We can kiss.”

She smiled and then laughed and hugged me before kissing me passionately. I kissed her and we went back to feeling each other with my cock throbbing deep inside her. It was a couple of minutes before I started moving and another minute before Julie moaned into my mouth. I began fucking her with long, slow strokes and she thrust up to meet each one. When I started grinding against her, she shuddered and moaned, “oh god David!”

Her tight pussy grasped my cock as she jerked and humped up. I fucked her slowly, staying deep inside her, grinding against her and she kept shaking. When her pussy grasped my cock, I groaned as she jerked and shuddered. I held her tight as I spurted thick ropes of cum and Julie jerked and sighed.

I pumped load after load into her until it was leaking out. She shivered as I slowly pulled out and lay beside her and cupped one of her breasts, “I want to fuck you all night, but you would be really sore.”

She laughed and rolled half onto me and kissed me passionately. We held each other and fell asleep. I woke to banging at the door and slipped out of bed as Julie sat up. I slipped my pants on as she looked at me, “Who is it?”

I shrugged, “I have no idea.”

I looked out the peephole to see mom, dad and Noel with Terri and her parents. I didn’t know how they had found me and then I remember my remark about following Noel’s GPS. I opened the door and looked at them. Mom and dad looked embarrassed and angry. Terri’s parents looked angry enough to kill. Noel and Terri both had white faces and had been crying. Dad gestured, “Can we come in?”

I stood aside and they marched in. That was when I saw the suitcases in Noel and Terri’s hands. I closed the door and turned to face them. Dad cleared his throat, “We know why you were upset. We’re sorry about the way we treated you. You were right, Noel is a whore. We are turning her over to family services.”

Terri’s mom spoke up, “I would rather just put a chain on the whores and let any passing guy breed them. They seem to like that.”

Noel and Terri looked down and Julie’s calm voice startled everyone, “David?”

I looked at the hallway and smiled to see her wearing one of my nice shirts. I looked at dad’s surprised face, “Excuse me.”

I walked to Julie and she stood on tip toes to whisper, “See if you can get them to stay here.”

I looked at her shocked and she smiled and shook her head before whispering, “After the way you fucked my pussy I know I won’t want it as much as you. Besides, I want a girlfriend and two would be even better.”

I looked at her, “Are you sure?”

She grinned, “I might even start spending a lot more nights here.”

I grinned, “You better, this is your idea.”

I turned to face everyone. “I’ll take Noel and Terri. I have two extra bedrooms.”

I looked at Terri’s mom and grinned, “I’ll put a bolt in the ceiling to secure her chain.”

She grinned and slapped her husband who had frowned, “Let him have the bitch.”

He looked at her and then nodded before looking at me, “Make sure you beat her.”

They turned to leave and I looked at mom and dad. They were looking at each other and then mom’s face hardened, “She’s a whore. Let her own brother breed her. He deserves it for everything she has done.”

Dad nodded and looked at me, “Come home?”

I nodded and watched them leave. Julie took my hand and pulled me into the living room. She pointed at the couch, “Sit!”

That almost made me move to obey. Noel and Terri sat and Julie stood in front of them, “Listen close. You belong to David. The rules for you are simple, no clothes in the house. The three of us take care of him and each other. For the next month you are on probation. That means no going out to parties. You aren’t whores anymore, you may invite a single guest over each, but remember no clothes in the apartment. Any sleep overs will be approved by David.”

She looked at me and bit her lip. It almost looked like she was embarrassed. I suddenly got her meaning of girlfriend. I smiled and looked at Terri and Noel, “Julie’s first time was only a few hours ago so she is new to having sex. I would appreciate it if you two came to bed with us and teach her about the girl side of sex.”

Noel and Terri looked at each other and blushed. Noel looked at Julie, “Girl side?”

Julie straightened, “I want to have sex with both of you.”

They looked at each other and then at me. I sighed, “Yes, she enjoyed our first time. She wanted to experience different things and I… we, only did it once because I thought she might be sore.”

Noel stood up and lifted the bottom of Julie’s shirt, “She has blood on her thighs.”

Terri stood and looked at her and then me, “She enjoyed it?”

Julie rolled her eyes as she pulled the shirt off, “Not at first. I knew it would hurt, but David just held me until the pain went away. After that I didn’t want him to stop.”

Noel and Terri both grinned and Julie took a breath, “I want to be friends, but right now I’m not sure I trust you. You have both lied and done things I will never do.”

She looked at me and continued, “One day soon I will take other boys to bed but one at a time not all in one day. If David and I expect to stay together, we need to experience other people. That way we won’t look at another girl or guy in ten years and want to try something just because we never had the chance.”

She looked at a stunned Noel and Terri, “The one thing I won’t do is lie to him about doing it. I want him to experience sex with a girl when I am with the boy so he gets the same type of experience.”

Terri and Noel looked at me as I snorted, “I still don’t like the idea…”

Julie smiled and came into my arms, “Of me being with another guy, I know. I’ll make it up to you.”

I sighed and looked at my sister and Terri, “Bring your suitcases and pick which bedroom you want.”

I led the way down the hall and let them pick a room before going back and turning out the lights. The night light was on in my room when I came in and Julie was on the bed smiling. I moved onto the bed and lay beside her caressing and feeling her body. She grinned and pulled my hand down to her pussy.

I laughed and rubbed her erect clit making her shudder. I glanced at the door to see my sister and Terri. They were naked and blushing, Julie looked over me and smile shyly, “Come to bed?”

They looked at each other and walked to the bed. Noel and Terri both looked at my hard cock and grinned. I gave Julie’s nipple a tug and rubbed her clit before moving to her other side. Julie shuddered and then laughed, “I love it when he rubs my clit.”

Terri and Noel both laughed and moved onto the bed and sat beside her. Julie sighed and then sat up cross legged like them, the rest of the night was talking. Noel was the one that had been caught on the bed with several guys. Terri had been caught giving two a blowjob in the backyard even though it wasn’t her night.

The whole story had come out about the parties and the sex. Noel had been the one to tell my parents what had happened with Terri. Terri’s parents had heard and the shit had really hit the fan. It was early morning when Noel and Terri took Julie into the bathroom to clean her up and I heard her tell them to leave the door open.

She said she wouldn’t close any door against me. I smiled and lay back relaxing, I woke to warm bodies around and on me. I smiled at Julie sleeping on my chest and looked at my other shoulder to see Terri looking back at me. She smiled, “I’m sorry David. I wasn’t trying to…”

She took a breath, “I wanted to fuck and loved feeling some of them doing it. I didn’t do anything with you because I wanted you to… I didn’t want you to know I was a whore. I wanted you to love me because it was me and not because I would fuck you.”

She looked at Julie, “I really screw that up.”

I glanced at Julie to see her awake too. She smiled and looked into my face, “You are going to fuck her. You will fuck Noel too.”

I smiled and caressed her bare shoulder, “Are you okay?”

She smiled as she reached up to caress my face, “We put some ointment in and I’m fine.”

I smiled and she sighed, “Next week I will cheat on you.”

I knew she felt me go tense. She turned so that she was facing me, “David? Do you like me?”

That was a crazy thing to say. I blinked and she touched my face, “I know why you picked me. I know you wanted to get even. I know you were trying to go slow. I know a lot of things. What I don’t know is if you really like me.”

I looked at her and couldn’t help shifting around until both my arms were around her while my mind spun. I looked at myself as she watched me and waited. I finally looked into her eyes as I realized that I loved her. I knew I would do what she asked, even to letting her have sex with another guy. I kissed her softly and pulled back to look into her eyes again, “I love you very much.”

She smiled and rubbed my cheek, “Then fuck me all this week. Next week Terri and Noel will fuck you and keep you distracted. I intend to fuck those guys, not live the rest of my life with them.”

I had to smile at the way she said that. I shook my head, “You are going to regret saying that.”

Noel and Terri both laughed and Julie grinned. I rolled her onto her back as I moved between her legs. She was grinning as her hand guided my hard cock to her pussy. I slowly pushed into her and started to fuck her with slow, deep strokes. Julie met each of my thrusts and our hips pressed against each other. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and her pussy tightened every time I pulled out.

When her body started spasming and her pussy began milking my cock, I buried it deep in her belly as it jerked and then exploded in gushing spurts of cum. I shivered as I pumped thick, strong streams of cum deep inside of her and she shuddered and sighed, “I love feeling that.”

I smiled as I finished and slowly pulled out of her to lie next to her. She smiled and then looked over at Terri, “You said you would try.”

Terri had been rubbing her pussy and smiled before turning to face the bottom of the bed. She hesitated and then put her leg over Julie’s head as she moved to lay on her. She leaned down and licked through her leaking pussy. Julie gasped and then pulled her hips down. Terri shuddered and gasped and then laughed. Noel giggled, “How do you guys taste?”

Julie shuddered and then groaned, “Good.”

Terri jerked and spasmed, “Real good.”

Noel moved down and then between Julie’s spread legs with her head beside Terri’s. Julie groaned as they took turns licking her pussy. Terri shuddered and pushed her pussy down into Julie’s face and I grinned before moving up and turning. I moved to put my head beside Julie’s and kissed her before pushing my tongue into Terri’s leaking pussy. Terri spasmed and jerked and Julie shuddered with her. I sucked Terri’s clit in and squeezed it between my lips.

Terri jerked and spasmed before squirting cum on my chin and down into Julie’s face. Julie shuddered and smiled at me as I moved so she could lick through the Terri’s wet pussy. We took turns licking Terri until she finally groaned and moved off Julie. Noel moved up as Terri turned around and crawled up Julie and kissed her. Julie held her and then smiled and looked at me, “Fuck her while I hold her.”

I was startled and Noel jerked. I opened my mouth and Julie reached out to caress my face, “I’m sorry, I’m sore and you need…”

I took a breath remembering that I would do whatever she asked me to do. I nodded and looked at Terri as I moved down behind my sister. Noel wasn’t saying anything as I moved between her legs and pushed into her pussy from behind. I started to fuck her and it wasn’t long before I felt her pussy squeezing my cock as it tried to milk the cum out of me. Julie was kissing her and a minute after I started Noel pulled away to moan, “Oh fuck!”

Terri laughed and came closer to caress both Julie and Noel. I continued to fuck my sister with long, deep thrusts as she shuddered and moaned into either Julie’s or Terri’s mouth. Her shuddering became shaking and then spasms, finally Noel started thrashing around as her pussy contracted around my cock. I shuddered and started spurting and spewing cum deep inside my sister. Noel screamed as she arched her back, “I’M CUMMING!”

It was a minute before I slowly pulled out of Noel and moved to lie down. Julie grinned at me and rolled so that my sister was under her. She started kissing down her body as Terri laughed and joined her. I leaned against Noel as they started taking turns licking the cum leaking out of her. I sucked on her nipples as she began moaning and shaking.

When she arched her back before her body stiffened, I looked at her. She was shaking her head and trying to talk but nothing was coming out. I grinned and reached down her body to squeeze her clit. Noel screamed as she convulsed and spasmed, “YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

I kissed her as Julie and Terri crawled up her twitching body. Julie kissed me and grinned at Terri, “That was fun.”

Terri was blushing but laughed, “I’ve never done that before.”

Noel giggled and rolled to push her onto her back before moving over her, “Get used to it slut. I’m going to do you like that and make you scream too.”

Terri grinned as Julie laughed and turned to hug me. I held her and she pulled away, “We should get up and eat. I want to go shopping and maybe we can go see a movie.”

Taking a shower with not one but three naked girls is very distracting. Terri and Noel finally laughed and pushed me at a grinning Julie. Our morning at the mall was a repeat of our last shopping trip only tripled. We had to pile into my car to get there but after we came home, I called a taxi. I pretty much let Julie interact with Noel and Terri, I was a little unsure about everything.

I think Julie knew I was troubled. Several times during the day she turned to look at me. She had called her mom before we went into the movies and she told Julie she could stay one more night. We walked to a restaurant for dinner and caught another taxi to go home. As soon as we walked through the door Julie turned as she started taking her blouse off, “No clothes in the house.”

I headed to the bathroom before going to the bedroom. Julie was alone in the bed as I turned out the light and crawled in beside her. She caressed my chest, “Want to talk?”

I sighed, “I guess some of the jealousy is still there.”

She put her head on my shoulder, “It is just sex David.”

I turned and caressed her body, “with another guy.”

She shuddered as I cupped a breast, “do you want me to cheat and not tell you? I may want a guy to fuck me but you are the one I want to sleep with.”

I started fingering her pussy, “you do know I will want to fuck you later.”

Julie shuddered as her hips lifted, “And I will let you and I will sleep with you.”

She pulled me over between her legs and I slowly pushed into her tight pussy. She groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed me, “God I really love your cock.”

I kissed her and started to fuck her nice and slow. A few minutes later she shuddered and grunted and her body stiffened and then began convulsing. I fucked her hard and Julie arched her back and screamed, “OOOOHHHHH... GGGGOOOOODDDDDD!”

I shuddered as I thrust into her and began spewing and spurting jets of cum. Julie spasmed as her tight pussy grasped my throbbing cock. When I finally stopped cumming I continued to hold her until she sighed and began to relax. I pulled out and lay beside her and glanced at the door to see Terri and Noel. Julie turned to caress my chest, “Can I watch you fuck Terri now?”

I looked at Terri bitting her lip and back at Julie and she smiled, “I like watching you.”

I sighed and held out my hand, “Do you want to Terri?”

She nodded and looked at Julie. I gestured and my sister and Terri came to the bed. Julie reached for Noel as Terri laid down beside me. I caressed her body as my mind spun. I bent to suck on her nipple before kissing down her body. She spread her legs as I moved between them and I caressed her inner thighs, I licked through her pussy and she shivered and moaned.

I started teasing her clit and sucking on it and Terri began lifting her hips. She started shuddering and shaking as I began nibbling on her pussy and gently bit her clit. She gasped and arched her back, “OH... MY... FUCKING... GOD!”

I pushed my tongue up inside her and then went back to teasing and sucking on her clit. She was jerking and spasmed as her hips continued to lift. She was constantly leaking cum as I kept licking her and going back to her clit and finally she started convulsing, “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!”

I moved up her spasming body and kissed her before looking at Julie. She smiled and nodded as she held my sister and I lifted up before pushing into Terri. Her pussy was tight and grasped my cock as I pushed into her completely and pressed against her womb. She groaned and shuddered as I pulled back and then I began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts.

She reached up to put her hands on my hips as I fucked her and slowly lifted her legs. She started shuddering and jerking as she wet me and her pussy tightened. Each time I fucked into her I stopped to press and hump and Terri began to jerk and shudder hard. Her slippery pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock and she stiffened before convulsing as she cried out.

She bucked and thrashed around as I fucked her hard and deep. When she began to relax I slowed and buried my cock to grind and hump into her. It wasn’t long before she was jerking and spasming as she bucked and thrashed around. She was hugging me and clutching me as she wailed and howled. She came six times before I felt myself getting close.

I fucked her hard and buried my cock as I held her and looked at Julie. She smiled and nodded and I groaned as I started spurting and spewing cum deep inside Terri. She jerked and lifted her hips as she felt warm cum filling her, “YYYEEEESSSSSS!”

I spurted and pumped eight huge jets of cum before stopping. I kissed her before pulling out and moving off her. Julie kissed my sister and moved between Terri’s legs, “Can I Terri?”

Terri groaned and nodded as she spread her legs. I smiled as Julie moved down her body and moved around them to lay behind Noel. She pushed her butt back, “She makes me want to do that too.”

I cupped a breast, “Then tell her and ask.”

Noel looked at me before looking at Julie and Terri, “Can I lick her too?”

Julie lift her head to look at her and then up at a blushing Terri. Terri finally laughed, “I’ve let dozens of guys between my leg why not my friend.”

Noel grinned and moved over her to give her a hug, “Thanks Terri.”

She moved down beside Julie who moved aside, “I like tasting his cum.”

My sister laughed and pushed her face into Terri’s pussy to lick the cum leaking out of her. I moved over and cupped a breast before giving Terri a kiss as she shuddered and lifted her hips. Julie looked up at me, “Fuck Noel now.”

I looked at her and then at my sister as she lifted her head. I smiled and reached down to pull Noel up beside Terri and onto her back. I leaned over to suck on a nipple before moving over her. She grinned and reached down to position my cock. I pushed and my cock pushed into her and slid all the way to her cervix before stopping. I started fucking her with long thrusts and her hips lifted each time I pushed into her.

It didn’t take her long to start shaking and the bucking and thrashing around as she wailed. Her pussy spasmed before her cervix opened and I pushed into her deeper. She was kicking in the air as she thrust up and clutched at me. I buried my cock and used short, jabbing thrusts and started grinding on her. Noel convulsed as her pussy tightened and then she squirted as she went wild. She was bucking and shuddering as she cried out, “FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK..... MMMMMEEEEEEE!”

I started fucking her hard and deep and she continued to spasmed and writhe around. It took awhile for me to get close and then I was holding her shaking body as I pumped gushing spurts of cum. Noel wrapped her legs around me as she jerked around, “YYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!”

When I stopped cumming, we both were trying to catch our breath. Julie giggled, “I think she really needed that.”

Terri laughed, “I think she just got more then she thought she wanted.”

I pulled out of my sister and moved to Julie as Noel shuddered and relaxed, “damn he can fuck.”

I settled between Julie’s legs and she smiled as she hugged me and gave me a kiss. I shifted around until she was on me and relaxed as she put her head on my shoulder. Terri and Julie moved closer and held each other as they cuddled. I woke to Julie rocking and pushing against my cock. I looked at her but she had her eyes closed. A minute later she hesitated when my cock pushed into her.

She pushed back more and shivered before rocking again but this time she wasn’t pulling off my cock. Her tight pussy kept grasping and squeezing me as she slowly rocked and moved down, pushing me deeper into her. I groaned when I hit the back of her pussy and Julie shuddered and pressed back. I rubbed her bare back and then her hips. She sighed and started rocking again as her pussy squeezed and clenched around my cock.

Terri giggled and I looked at her. My sister looked over her and grinned as Julie sighed and shuddered but continued to fuck back and forth on my cock. When she shuddered and her pussy clenched around my cock Julie wailed and her eyes snapped open, “DAVID!”

I held her and shivered as her warm pussy milked my cock, “you were sleep fucking.”

She looked at me as Terri and Noel giggled and then grinned and thrust back and down. I hugged her and rolled over before fucking her with deep thrusts as I tried to cum. She wrapped her legs around my waist as her pussy began spasming and squeezing my cock. I pushed her cervix open as I began to spew and pump thick spurts of cum.

Julia shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and smiled as she looking into my eyes. When I stopped cumming she hugged me and let me pull out. We showered together and ate breakfast before taking a taxi to a car dealer. I knew Julie wasn’t going to be able to stay with me tonight and held her hand as we walked around. I bought a new Jeep wrangler four door and drove Julie home.

I held her and kissed her passionately at the door before she went in. Julie did fuck other guys but only with protection and while I was distracted. It was awhile before mom and dad and Terri’s parents relented but by then they were mine and Julie’s. They still do everything together and enjoy teasing guys but they always come to me for sex.

Julie spent every weekend with us until she turned eighteen and moved in. We were married a week later and Terri was her maid of honor with my sister beside her. The three of them have several children now and spend a lot of time together.
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