Married to a woman I didn't love, I let myself be seduced by my daughter's girlfriend Lindsay. Now she tells me that she wants to help me be with my daughter Megan.
My daughter's girlfriends - Lindsay 3

Married to a woman I didn't love, I let myself be seduced by my daughter's girlfriend Lindsay. Now she tells me that she wants to help me be with my daughter Megan.

"Jerry," Alice screamed. "What did you do to my chair?"

Alice was my slob of a wife whom I hated. She hated me too. She was 31 and 100 pounds overweight. I was 29 and in fine condition if I didn't say so myself.

"There's blood on this chair," Alice continued yelling at me. "Do you want to explain?"

Oh shit. I had to think fast. The blood was from Lindsay, my daughter's 13-year-old girlfriend. I had fucked her there, taken her virginity on that very chair. I guess when she sat down afterward she leaked out. So I lied. "Oh I'm sorry Alice. I hadn't noticed. Last weekend you and Megan were gone, I tripped and landed on the chair. I bit my lip. I just didn't realize that I had bled on the chair."

"You idiot," she said, a bit calmer now. "I'll have to have it cleaned." Good idea, I thought. Get rid of the evidence.

As Alice walked out of the living room Megan came over and looked at the chair. She turned to me and smiled. Walking over to me she whispered, "Don't worry Daddy, I won't tell." Then she walked away.

Megan may not tell, but Lindsay certainly had, and after she promised she wouldn't say anything to anyone, not even Megan. I watched Megan as she walked down the hallway, her tiny little butt in her super tight jeans. I knew she was cute but I had not thought of her in quite the same way as I used too, not since Lindsay told me that Megan wanted to fuck me. Now I was looking at her thinking about sex, about what it would be like to fuck my sweet little innocent 13-year-old daughter.

It was Lindsay, Megan's girlfriend that I had just fucked all night long, that got me thinking about Megan. In fact Lindsay made me role play, calling her Megan while I fucked her, pretending to be Megan. Though I didn't need that to keep me hard that night, I had to admit it was an extra level of excitement pretending that I was actually fucking my little girl. I was going to hell anyway, why not for that too, I rationalized.

A few days later, when Lindsay was over visiting with Megan, she pulled me aside to talk with me. "Bad news Jerry. It seems Megan is only interested in fucking my dad, now that I've been fucking you."

"Fuck," I said, under my breath.

"Sorry about that. She said that since you took my virginity, my dad can take hers. It was only fair. She seems pretty dead set on it too," Lindsay said with finality. Then she walked off.

At first I was disappointed, then I got angry. She wants to fuck, to fuck a daddy. What's wrong with her own dad? I just kept working myself up over that little bitch daughter of mine.

All week I was short tempered with Megan, even making her cry once. But I didn't seem to care. How dare she take her virgin pussy to some other guy. A plan was formulating in my mind. If I couldn't have Megan of her own accord I sure as hell wasn't going to let someone else.

The following Saturday Alice took off early for one of her marathon, all-day shopping sprees with one of her friends. I prepared my bed with an assortment of items I had recently purchased. Then picking out a particular one I went to Megan's room. She was awake but still in bed.

"Hello Daddy," she greeted me.

I sat next to her on her bed. "You know about Lindsay don't you?"

"Why is she hurt?" Megan asked.

"No, of course not," I replied.

"Oh good, because she was supposed to be coming over this morning," Megan revealed. It just meant that I would have to hurry.

"I was talking about a couple of weeks ago when you were gone with your mom," I explained.

"Oh," she said, the light coming on in her head. "Yes, Lindsay told me everything."

"Even the role playing game?" I asked.

"Yes, everything. Is that why you've been mad at me, because she told me?" Megan asked.

"No, it's OK. But she said that you wanted to, uh, be with her dad." I couldn't just come out and say it.

"Well I just thought it was fair, since Lindsay and you, well you know." Megan wasn't having any easier time talking about it. "You don't mind do you?"

Megan started to speak again, "But I still wan…" My tempered flared up thinking about Megan with another man. I was already in motion. I cut Megan off mid-sentence. Taking the ball gag that I had purchased I stuffed it into her mouth. Her instant shock gave me the time I needed to fasten the small buckle on the back of the head, securing the gag. She began making sounds but no words came out.

Lifting her up out of her bed she began struggling, trying to get away. This only made me more determined. I carried her into my bedroom and placed her on her back in the middle of my bed. Sitting on top of her to keep her from getting away I one-by-one secured each wrist and ankle to straps I had prepared for her. Then I stood back and looked at my little girl.

Lying on her back, spread eagle, was my Megan. Her arms were pulled up and out, her legs pulled apart, each limb pointing towards a different corner of the bed.

"Sorry hon, but I'll buy you some new night clothes." I then cut off her undies and nightgown, tossing them to the side. Megan wasn't struggling any more. She had fear in her crying eyes. I licked her tears away. Then I examined my captured prey.

Megan had more hair on her pussy than I had imagined. Her small breasts were flattened even more being on her back. Kneeling on the bed I nibbled and sucked on them. Her little nipples seemed to react and perk up. Megan wasn't crying anymore, just whimpering as I suckled her breasts like a baby will do one day.

Pulling out a vibrator I had on the side table I turned it on and began teasing her pussy. Megan started to moan so I knew she was liking it. I wasn't totally evil. I wanted my daughter to enjoy this experience, even if I did force it on her. But I sure as hell wasn't going to let some other bastard take my Megan before me.

Listening to Megan's sounds now began to turn me on. I went back to sucking on her tiny breasts as I continued with the vibrator. Megan began to gyrate her hips, pushing them upwards into the vibrator. The more she did this the harder I sucked on her breasts. Moving from one breast to the other I could tell it must have hurt. I was leaving red marks. But I sucked like I was trying to get milk out of them.

She continued to make her sounds. She couldn't do much else with the gag in her mouth. But they became more and more frantic sounding. Until she seemed to scream through the gag, thrusting her hips up into the air. My little girl was climaxing. This was the moment I was waiting for.

I tossed the vibrator aside and knelt between her legs. Her butt had just dropped back to the bed. I had no time to lose. I positioned my hard cock at her entrance and pushed in until I felt the resistance of her hymen. I knew then that I wasn't too late. I smoothly pushed forward, feeling my prick pierce through her covering. It was incredible. I missed that feeling with Lindsay, taking her quick and hard. I didn't want to miss it with Megan.

She was still high on her climax and didn't cry out as I pushed on into her. It wasn't that hard, her inner lining wet with her climax. Pulling back I pushed in again, much deeper this time and listened to Megan moan for me.

I began to talk to her finally, "Is this what you were hoping for with Lindsay's dad, to take your virginity like I took Lindsay's?"

"Uh oh," she grunted. Was that a yes or a no, I couldn't tell.

"I've wanted this moment ever since Lindsay said you wanted me," I continued, both my conversation and my fucking of my little girl, long slow strokes, in and out, in and out.

I laid my chest down on top of her, putting each arm under her shoulders, my hands wrapping up over them, my head next to her ear as I kept talking to her, kept fucking her.

"Lindsay said you wanted to fuck her dad. I could understand that, but she said you didn't want me."

"Uh oh, uh oh," she grunted again, like she was trying to challenge me.

I continued fucking her feeling my own climax starting to build. "I became furious. How could you want him over me?" I began thrusting harder, banging deep inside of her. I knew it must hurt. But as I talked about my anger, I became more angry.

"I wasn't going to let that happen," I told her, between grunts, now both hers and mine.

My fucking was starting to be more erratic, more forceful. Megan was pushing her hips up with each thrust, beginning to meet mine head on.

"If anyone was going to fuck you first," I stated, "it was going to be me."

Megan began screaming in her gag again. She held her hips up, stiff, slightly off the bed while I rammed into her as hard as I could. I knew she was climaxing and I wanted to cum with her. A moment later I began to unload deep inside her. Hell I forgot the condom I had set on the table. I didn't want to get my daughter pregnant. Shit. I kept cumming as Megan dropped back down on the bed, her screams falling back to moans.

As I relaxed my full weight on top of her I undid the strap on her gag. She must have pulled the gag out because the next thing I heard was Megan saying, "Daddy?"

I suddenly felt ashamed for what I had just done to my daughter. I had raped her. It's bad enough that I had fucked a girl so young, my own young daughter. But I didn't even trick her into it. I literally raped her. "Megan, I…" But I didn't get to finish.

Megan interrupted. "Lindsay?"

"Mr. Martin, Megan?" I heard Lindsay's voice say, "Fuck, you guys really did it."

I got up off my daughter. As I pulled out of her I realized I forgot about the sheets. They had blood on them. "Lindsay, how long, I mean…" I wasn't sure what I wanted to say. I began undoing the restraints on Megan.

"How could you Lindsay?" Megan accused. "How could you tell my dad that I didn't want him, that I wanted your dad over him?"

"I, uh, well I just wanted your dad for a little while longer. I wanted him to want me more than you," Lindsay explained. "When we roll played in bed he was so much better thinking I was you, so much more excited. I knew he wanted you more than me, and I was jealous. So I lied to him about you."

Looking up at me Lindsay apologized, "I'm so sorry Jerry, and Megan, please forgive me."

"I think you better go," Megan said. Lindsay ran off.

"Lindsay, we'll talk later," I called out to her as she left.

"Megan, it all worked out OK in the end," I pleaded. "Forgive Lindsay, don't lose a friend over me."

"I won't," Megan said. "I just want her to suffer a little. We're still friends. I may need to spend more time with some of my other friends though."

Megan got off the bed, "Oh, I'm sore."

"Yes, sorry about that honey." I smiled. "Next time I'll be more gentle."

"That might be nice to try once," she responded. "But I liked what we did."

"It seems we need to clean this mess up," I told her pointing to the blood on the sheets.

"I know how to get that out," she said. "Mom got some special liquid for the chair. It should work here too."

We cleaned up our mess. I hid away my toys, got ourselves cleaned up too. "It looks like I owe you some new night clothes. Let's go shopping."

"Great," Megan said. "And then I can tell you about some of my other friends. Have I ever told you about Carmen?"

The End (until Carmen comes over)


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