It seems my life has only been one of misery and sorrow. I was two when my mother died. A year after my mother died, my father married a woman that could give Cinderella’s wicked stepmother a run for her money. A year later my father died of a massive stroke. Following his will, all his money and his life insurance (which was huge) was invested in utility stocks that my stepmother couldn’t touch. When I turned sixteen I would have complete control of my stocks and all the dividends.

My stepmother had three sons, all older then me. After my father died I was put to work. I was the one to clean the house, make the beds, (every day for her precious boys.) I did the laundry, mowed the lawn, cleaned the pool (not that I was allowed in the pool) and washed the car, I did everything. By the time I was eight I was even cooking all the meals. The only thing I didn’t do was the shopping.

My stepmother had found another sucker a couple of months after my father died and married him. He was a weak whinny man that she took great pleasure in tormenting whenever he was around. On every birthday my stepmother would rant to me that as soon as I turned sixteen I would give her what should have been hers anyway.

I lived in an old wooden shed in the backyard. I wore clothes that were second or third hand. I hadn’t had a hair cut since I was four so it hung to my waist in a long ponytail. I ate whatever was left over after they had eaten. Oh, I did things that I always got in trouble for. I snuck into the pool every morning to swim laps before it was even light out. I checked a book out on aikido and practiced the kata’s when I was alone.

Year after year I suffered my stepmother’s torment and that of her overfed, pampered sons. It was a day before my sixteenth birthday that I cracked. There was this cute junior varsity cheerleader that I had a crush on, her name was Ivy McCoy. Of course I had never even spoken to her. Everyone at school made fun of me, I was a nobody.

It was a Thursday and I sat outside under a tree in a strangely vacant quad watching Ivy and another cheerleader named Pam as they ate lunch. Six toughs from the football team approached the girls and I thought it would just be another day of taunts. Ivy wasn’t a virgin but she wasn’t a slut either and hated to be pushed into things.

David Jensen was the leader so as they surrounded Ivy he was in front of her. I don’t know why I did it but… I was up and walking before I realized what I was doing. As I got nearer I heard David, “Yes, you’re going to suck my dick bitch.”

“No, I’m not asshole.”

I saw one guy grab Pam and two grabbed each of Ivy’s arms. David stepped closer to her and grabbed her blouse and ripped it open, “You’re going to suck my cock bitch and from now on you fuck who I tell you…”

That was as far as he got. I had reached them by then and I wasn’t stopping to talk. I sucker punched the guy on his right just behind and under the left ear. As he slammed into the other guys, I kicked down into the back of David’s knee. As he went down I struck him in the temple. I did a spinning back fist to the left and straightened out to hit one of the guys that had been on David’s left.

I took a step as the guy holding Ivy’s right arm let her go and rushed me and did a flat kick into his groin. As he joined the others on the ground puking, I turned to the last two. The guy that had been holding Ivy’s other arm released her and spread his arms and lunged to grab me. I let him and even stepped inside his arms bring one hand up to grab his shirt below his throat while I hit him with four strong, quick jabs in the solar plexus driving all the air out of his lungs.

I pushed him back and used three more strong jabs in his face before I let him go. As he dropped to the ground the last guy rushed into me. I spun letting his momentum bring him stumbling around before yanking him close and bringing my knee up hard into his crotch. It was more than hard enough to lift him completely off the ground as he screamed.

I grabbed one of his hands and sidestepped before spinning. I pulled him around me with the spin and he ran straight into a wall. I let him go and looked around at the gang laying on the ground moaning. I walked to Ivy where she was crouching with Pam holding her blouse together. I knelt and could see her buttons on the ground at her feet and bent to scoop them up. I took her shoulder and stood up, “come with me.”

I don’t know why she or Pam followed me but they did. I went back to my homemade backpack and grabbed it. On the inside of the top flap I pulled out a safety pin and turned to Ivy. I reached out and moved the hands holding her blouse together and put the pin in place. I nodded to myself and took her hand and led her into a nearby doorway.

There were a couple of other kids around but most were on the other side of school by the cafeteria. I led Ivy to a vacant classroom and closed the door behind us, “Give me your blouse so I can fix it.”

I wasn’t looking at her as I crossed to a dusty desk and started digging into my pack. I pulled out the small sewing kit I carried and finally looked up. Pam and Ivy were looking at each other and I cleared my throat, “Come on, class will start soon enough. If you’re worried that I might see you, don’t you have a bra on? It covers more than a bikini does.”

They looked at each other again and then grinned. Ivy shrugged out of her blouse and walked over to hand it to me. It took all of ten minute to sew the four buttons back on and remove the safety pin. I handed her blouse back and put my sewing kit away while she put it on. I held the door for them and hesitated before walking away.

It was the first class after lunch when David Jensen, his father and the principal walked into the class. David pointed to me and his father walked towards me with the principal. His father was as arrogant as he was and I stood up. He stopped in front of me, “You assaulted my son. I will have you arrested and sue your parents…”

I cleared my throat, stopping him in mid tirade, “I went to the aid of the girl your son was trying to rape.”

He puffed up as David denied it, “My son wouldn’t…”

I stepped closer forcing him back, “By all the stories, even the ones your son tells, he has raped four other girls and now forces them to whore for him and his gang.”

David’s father looked at his white face and puffed up, “If you…”

I held my hand up, “Why don’t you just call the police? I have the girl that he attacked and another that witnessed it.”

He backed up looking at his son, the principal cleared his throat, “I think that sounds like a good idea.”

David’s dad looked at him and his face went as white as his son’s, “That won’t be necessary. I’m removing my son from your school.”

He grabbed David roughly and pulled him after him as he walked out. The principal looked at me and then shook his head and left. It was quiet and everyone looked at me and the teacher went back to work. It was between the last two classes that one of David’s gang bumped into me, “You’re dead ass…”

He didn’t get to finish as my right arm swept back. My elbow smashed into his face before I spun and grabbed his balls. I twisted and yanked as my other hand grabbed his throat cutting off his scream. I walked him backwards the two steps and slammed him against the wall. “If you or one of your friends comes near me again I will rip your balls off and make you eat them.”

I dropped him and just walked away. Everyone was whispering around me for the rest of the day. After school I left quickly to get home for my chores before my stepmother found out about what happened. I was able to slip some fruit into my shed before I started my chores.

The youngest of my stepbrothers had just graduated and was going to the local college with the next oldest. My oldest stepbrother was in jail for six months for selling drugs to a cop. I had just started dinner when my stepmother slammed the door as she came home, “Where are you, you miserable shit!”

I walked to the kitchen doorway as she stomped toward it. She pointed her finger at me, “You got in a fight! I don’t need a lawsuit from some asshole! Go to your room!”

I didn’t argue, I turned and walked out. It was several hours later that she slammed the door open and stood glaring at me. Her youngest son stood just behind her and she held a thick envelope. She tossed it at me, “Sign those!”

I opened the envelope to see my stock and birth certificates. I closed the envelope and stood up, “No.”

She rocked back on her feet as if I had struck her, “What!”

I looked her in the face, “I have no intention of signing my stocks over to you.”

She glared and held out her hand, “Give them back!”

I smiled and dropped them on my pile of rags, “I don’t think so.”

She turned to her son, “Take them from him.”

Like all her sons, he was fat and a coward. I looked straight at him as he took a step, “If you come any closer I will break both your arms.”

He stopped and looked and his mother who took a step towards the envelope. I side stepped and moved closer into her face, “I’m through with you.”

Her eyes went wide as she slowly backed out and turned to rush into the house. Fifteen minutes later a police officer stepped into the still open doorway, “Patrick James Grey?”

I looked up from rereading my birth certificate, “Yes?”

He looked around the room curiously and his attitude seemed to changed. “This is your room?”

I nodded, “Since I was four.”

His face seemed to get a set look, “Your stepmother reported that your stole documents from her.”

I stood and walked to him holding the envelope out, “If you look, you can see they all belong to me.”

He looked at me and then pulled several certificates out. After a moment he looked at me, “Did you strike her or your brother?”

I blinked, “No, I told her I refused to sign the certificates over. When she told my stepbrother to take them from me, I warned him and blocked her from getting them herself.”

He put the certificates back in the envelope, “come with me.”

I picked up my school backpack and he led me through the house ignoring my stepmother as she yelled to give her property back. The police officer’s partner kept her away as he walked me to his cruiser, “I think child services will want to talk with you.”

I held out my hand, “My papers?”

He handed them over and had me sit in the back of his cruiser while he called someone and then went back inside with his partner. It was a long night that I spent talking to one person after another. I was taken to a foster home just in time to change into old second hand clothes I was given and leave for school. It was like a whole new school where they talked to me instead of making fun of me.

The four girls David Jensen had raped and forced into prostitution had come forward to tell their story. Even if Jensen had wanted to come back they wouldn’t have let him in. The other guys in his private little gang had all been expelled and the police were talking to them as well as Jensen.

The morning classes went quickly with teachers having a hard time because everyone wanted to talk about what happened. I went to my normal spot for lunch and sat down to read. It was only a minute before Ivy and the rest of the cheerleaders interrupted me. I looked up at them standing around me, “Yes?”

Ivy stepped forward out of the group and a lot closer to me, “Why did you help us yesterday?”

I knew I was blushing and shrugged, “It doesn’t matter.”

She stepped closer and stopped right next to me, “Yes it does. We noticed that you are always watching me too.”

I looked away and several girls laughed but I felt Ivy’s hand on my shoulder, “Why?”

I finally looked at her and knew they would embarrass and humiliate me, “Because I…”

I had to clear my throat, “I have a crush on you.”

I waited for the ridicule to start but Ivy ran her fingers through my hair, “That’s cute.”

If anything I blushed harder as the other girls laughed. I looked up into Ivy’s face and she wasn’t laughing. She smiled, “If you wore nicer clothes…”

I looked away ashamed but she touched my face, “You just don’t have them matched right.”

I looked at her quickly and she smiled before sitting beside me and pulling out her lunch. The next thing I knew they were all around me talking and eating and gossiping. Ivy was quiet when she asked where I lived. I was ashamed again and started explaining about the new foster home. That led to me talking about why I was there and my stepmother.

I was surprised at the sounds of outrage they made as I told them of my life. Throughout the rest of the day I had a steady stream of girls walking me from one class to another. When school ended I was met by Ivy who asked if I could stay and watch them practice. I was more than happy to sit and watch the cheerleader practice.

After they finished, Ivy actually took my hand and asked me to walk her home. It was like I was in a dream. At her house she turned at the front door and went to her toes to give me a soft kiss on the lips. She caressed my face, “Come over tomorrow.”

I was in a daze as I walked to the foster home. Things were a little rocky when I got there. There were five other foster kids and the woman who was my foster mom kept telling me to call her mom. I managed to leave after making a call to the lawyer for my father’s estate. He met me at the bank and we went in together. It turned out that I had an account that all the dividends had been deposited in.

After I signed all the papers, (I read every one before signing). I withdrew some money and the lawyer gave me a ride to my foster home. I asked him to start filing for emancipation from my stepmother and he agreed. Sleeping in a room with three other boys is hard after being alone all my life, even when you are very tired.

I finally got up and went into the living room. I sat on the couch and leaned back. I was almost asleep when my foster dad came out. He looked at me and sat down across from me, “Not sleeping?”

I shrugged, “All my life I slept by myself in a small shed which was quiet. Being in a room with others makes me nervous and a little uncomfortable.”

He nodded and looked at the hall as his wife came out. He looked back to me, “You need to learn to be with others.”

I just looked at him. I guess he struck me as a good person so I told him about what I had asked the lawyer to do. That led to questions that made me think. After awhile he stood up and went to bed while I relaxed and finally fell asleep. I woke to my foster mom shaking my shoulder. She smiled, “Go shower before the others wake up.”

I nodded and did as she said. After my shower I went back to the kitchen. I looked at her and just shook my head and moved her out of my way and started cooking. She just stood there in surprise and then smiled and sat at the table to watch. When the other kids came out they only looked at me and then sat down to eat.

I cleaned up when I was done and looked at my foster mom, “I have to go out. I need to go shopping and see a friend. I don’t know what time I’ll be home.”

She kissed my cheek and patted my back, “Come home when you need to.”

Somehow that made me feel more at home here and I kissed her cheek, “Thanks.”

I walked to Ivy’s house but was hesitant in knocking. I guess I was still expecting to be ridiculed or made fun of. Ivy opened the door and smiled, “I wasn’t sure you were going to knock.”

I looked away, “I’m not… I’ve never…”

Ivy put her hand on my arm, “You’ll be fine.”

I looked at her and took a breath, “I took some money out of my trust to do some shopping…”

Ivy grinned, “That’s a girl’s favorite thing to do.”

She pulled me into the house calling for her mother, which really made me nervous. I was surprised when a beautiful woman that looked a lot younger than she should came out. She smiled at me, “This is Patrick?”

Ivy nodded and I could tell she was nervous which didn’t make me feel any better. Ivy’s mom held out her hand, “I heard what you did and I want to thank you.”

I was hesitant but took her hand and she pressed it firmly before looking at Ivy, “Your friends are still in your room.”

Ivy blushed, “Can you take us to the mall?”

Her mom grinned, “Only if I get to go shopping too.”

Ivy grinned back and looked at me, “Wait here.”

What happened next involved loud talking and a scream before Ivy led another girl out, “Patrick? Can you sew a button up for Tracy?”

I shrugged, “I don’t have my sewing kit.”

Ivy looked at her mother who went into another room only to return with a needle and a spool of thread. The other girl blushed and took her blouse off. She had a nice lacy bra that made me smile as I took the blouse and turned it to see the loose button. It only took a couple minutes and then I handed it back before looking straight at Ivy.

She was smiling at her mother and I looked at her mother. She grinned and then laughed at Ivy, “Next time you do it, just go topless.”

I blushed and Ivy grinned at Tracy who stuck out her tongue. Shopping with four girls and a woman was an experience I had never had. When we finished I had new clothes for the first time in my life. Ivy’s mom drove me home and waited while I carried everything in and then came back. The girls were grinning and I had the impression it was me they were laughing at.

Ivy had told me to bring a change of clothing so I had. When we got to her house the girls giggled as they closed the door. They looked at Ivy’s mother who only raised her eyebrow. They grinned and Ivy started unbuttoning her blouse. She turned as she pulled it off, “Patrick would you unhook my bra please?”

My face was red as I sat my clothes on the back of the couch and reached out to undo the clasp. When Ivy turned I saw her breasts and they were amazing. She moved into my arms to kiss me and I held her. The feel of her smooth skin was wonderful. She slowly stepped back and reached to take my hand, “We’ll be in my room.”

I really wasn’t aware of anything as she pulled me behind her. She closed the door after pulling me into her room. She came into my arms again and kissed me while I caressed down her body. I moved my arms to let her slip my shirt off and then held her as she began undoing my pants. She caressed my chest before pulling my pants down.

She stared at my cock and then grinned and looked into my face. Her soft hand lightly stroked my cock and I groaned. She laughed throatily and then embraced me before kissing me and turning to pull me to her bed. She unzipped her skirt, pulling it and her panties down before backing onto the bed and holding her arms out. I didn’t even hesitate in following her onto the bed. I lay beside her kissing her while caressing her body.

I cupped her firm breasts and then let my hand begin to explore her body. While we continued to kiss I softly caressed and rubbed her hip almost afraid to go any further. Ivy moaned and shivered before reaching down to move my hand.

The feel of her warm smooth pussy was wonderful. I cupped it and gently rubbed her before hesitantly slipping a finger into her slit. I slipped my finger through her pussy, rubbing her clit each time and Ivy kept shivering. I kissed her softly and then a little harder and she shuddered before looking into my arms, “Fuck me Patrick.”

I was embarrassed but… “I have never…”

Ivy laughed throatily and pulled on me until I was over her. She cupped my face as she spread her legs and wrapped them around me. “Listen to me Patrick. I don’t have sex with just anybody. I have made mistakes and had other guys where you are right now. The difference is that for the first time I’m not just a horny slut that needs a dick in me. I want your beautiful cock in me. I want your body on mine holding me. I want you Patrick.”

She kissed me softly and then reached between us. She guided my cock to her pussy and then pulled. I shivered as my thick cock spread her open and I used my hips to push into her deeper. I stopped moving as the feeling of her warm, grasping pussy filled me. Ivy shivered and then laughed and shook me, “You can move.”

I looked at her and finished pushing into her. Ivy shuddered and gave a tiny thrust up against me. I couldn’t believe I was… I shook my head and pulled back to slowly fuck her. The feel of her warm, silky pussy as it grasped my cock was amazing. I pushed all the way into her and against her womb and began to grind and hump tightly against her.

Ivy groaned and shuddered and I felt her pussy squeezing my cock. I held still and held her until she looked into my face and smiled slowly before shivering. She hugged me, “Go ahead and fuck me Patrick.”

I smiled and pulled back to fuck her with long, deep strokes. Her tight pussy squeezed my cock as she shivered and her body spasmed. I kept going and fucked her a little harder, knowing I would cum soon. Ivy’s eyes were half closed as I felt my balls churning, “Ivy?”

She groaned and looked at me while her body shuddered and her pussy gripped my cock. I shivered as my cock jerked and throbbed, “I’m going to…”

She smiled and lifted her legs to put them around my waist holding me in her tight. I groaned as my body tightened and then it was to late. I pumped and spewed huge loads of cum against Ivy’s womb. With the first burst of warm cum splashing against and into her womb she started shaking and having a jerky seizure.

I couldn’t stop if I had wanted to and spurted huge ropes of cum one after another. It was awhile before I stopped and Ivy sighed and her legs dropped to the bed, “God, you know how to show a girl a good time.”

I blushed and she giggled, “It’s a good thing I’m on birth control.”

I opened my mouth and she pulled me down to kiss me passionately. She released me with another groan as I pressed my still hard cock against her. She shuddered, “We better go see what everyone is doing.”

I looked into her face and slowing pulled out. I slid off the bed and held my hand out to help Ivy who was looking between her legs. She grinned at me and took my hand to climb out after me. We dressed and went back to the living room where the girls and her mom turned to look at us. I blushed but Ivy grinned, “Patrick is my boyfriend.”

I looked at her and she smiled at me with bright sparkling eyes. She kissed my cheek and grabbed my hand before pulling me around the couch. The next thing I knew she was giving them a detailed account of what we had done and how it felt. I was embarrassed until her mom leaned over the couch and kissed my cheek, “Thank you again Patrick.”

I looked at Ivy and she grinned, “Want to help with dinner?”

I thought she meant to have me cook and was surprised when everyone started moving around and putting things together. I finally just stepped in and didn’t think about it as I started doing things. When everyone went quiet I looked around and found them looking at me strangely, “What?”

Ivy laughed and jumped up into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist as she kissed me hard. She grinned, “I should have known that if you could sew you would be able to cook.”

I blushed and looked at everyone as they grinned back at me. “Well, I…”

Ivy kissed me and dropped her feet to the floor, “You can tell later. You seem to know as much as mom so you get to direct this madhouse while she relaxes.”

I looked at her uncertainly and she hugged me, “Its okay Patrick.”

I smiled and took a breath before finally just relaxing and telling them what to do. Dinner was finished and on the table before I knew it. Ivy’s mom smiled, “You are not doing the dishes tonight Patrick.”

I looked at her uncertainly, this was the first time that I could remember sitting down to eat with others. Ivy saw that I was stressed and took my hand and whispered, “What’s wrong?”

I looked at her and then around the table at her mother and her friends, “I… I’ve never been allowed to eat with…”

Ivy pulled her chair closer, “You are now.”

The next thing I knew they were feeding me and laughing as they reached around and over each other to do it. When I felt a hand rubbing my cock, I jerked and looked down to see Ivy’s hand. She grinned and winked before feeding me another bite. She put her fork down and looked at her mother, “May we be excused mom? I need to go… help Patrick with something.”

The other girls giggled and her mother grinned, “Yes, you can go fuck again.”

I was startled as Ivy pulled me up and behind her as she headed towards her room, “Ivy?”

She glanced at me as we walked into her room and I looked back, “Is that normal? I mean…”

Ivy laughed and hugged me, “It is now.”

She stepped back and started undressing me. When she was done she raised her eyebrow, “Your turn.”

I blushed and reached out to undress her. When she was naked, she pulled me to the bed and laid back. I looked at her beautiful body and moved between her legs. I hesitated and then moved down to tease her clit. She smelled musky and tasted strange but I smiled as I kept licking and wiggling my tongue. Ivy shuddered and groaned as her hips pushed up.

I heard whispers and lifted my hand to see the other girls watching us. Ivy shivered and put her hand behind my head, “Ignore them.”

I kissed her clit and went back to licking her. She jerked, shuddered and spasmed before pulling on me. I moved up her body and kissed her as her hand guided my cock to her pussy. I pushed and closed my eyes as I pushed into her warm pussy. I shuddered as she groaned and put her arms around me. I glanced around to find all the girls standing around the bed. Ivy turned my face and kissed me, “Ignore them.”

I sighed and began to slowly fuck her. I stayed deep inside her and used short thrusts that kept pressing my groin tight against hers. It wasn’t long before she was jerking and shaking as her tight pussy rippled and spasmed on my cock and she arched her back, “Yes!”

She convulsed almost violently as I buried my cock deep inside her. I finally started fucking her again and Ivy groaned and shuddered, “god!”

The girls around us laughed and Ivy grinned before kissing me. I shivered and started fucking her with deep thrusts that made her grunt and shudder as her hips met mine. Two minutes later Ivy arched her back as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock, “MY GOD! YYEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

I shuddered as her pussy milked my cock and pressed against her as I began spurting strong gushes of cum into her womb. Ivy bucked and thrashed around as she felt my warm sperm filling her, “CCCCUUUUMMMMMM!”

She tossed her head and moaned as I kept spurting and spewing deep inside her. When I stopped cumming she dropped to the bed, “Fuck.”

I sighed and shivered as her pussy squeezed my cock. Ivy grinned and caressed me, “You were great Patrick.”

I smiled and hesitated before kissing her and then slowly pulling out and moving off her. The other girls sat on the bed smiling as Ivy closed her legs, “I told you he was different.”

They laughed and I felt several hands caress me which made me blush and Ivy laughed. She caressed my face, “Patrick?”

I looked at her and she snuggled close, “These are my best friends. If they really need sex, it’s okay for you to make love to them.”

I looked at her and she rubbed my chest, “I want you to Patrick.”

I sighed and looked around at the waiting girls and finally looked at Ivy and nodded. She grinned and moved to climb off the bed, “Movies!”

The girls pulled and tugged to get me out of bed and then dressed me. Ivy pulled me into the front room and the next thing I knew I was on the couch and she was on my lap. I kept looking at her through the movie and hesitantly hugged her.

She looked at me and smiled before giving me a kiss and going back to watching the moving. Tracy leaned close to Ivy and whispered something while blushing. Ivy looked at her and then me. She smiled and kissed me before whispering, “Patrick would you take Tracy into my bedroom and make love to her?”

I swallowed and looked at Tracy and Ivy caressed my face, “Don’t worry. I’ll come get you in a little while.”

I nodded and she stood to let me stand. Tracy shyly took my hand and led me back to the bedroom. She closed the door and bit her lip as she turned to face me, “We don’t really do this a lot. This is only my third time.”

I smiled, “Mine too.”

Tracy blinked and then grinned as she reached out to undress me. I hesitated before helping her undress and then we moved to the bed. She laid back and held out her arms. I looked at her nude body, “Can I taste you?”

She laughed, “You can do whatever you want.”

I grinned as I moved around and then up between her legs. Her pussy smelled a little different than Ivy but I still liked it. I licked through her pussy and teased her clit as she shuddered and spread her legs wider. I began nibbling her inner lips and fucking her hole with my tongue before teasing her clit and sucking on it. Tracy started shaking and spasming and finally stiffened as she slowly arched her back.

She suddenly began jerking and thrashing around as she covered her pussy and tried to close her legs. I looked up as hands rubbed my shoulders and Ivy murmured, “Move up and fuck her now.”

I looked at Ivy and the other girls in the room and then moved up Tracy’s body. I lifted and hands guided my cock to Tracy’s slippery pussy. Other hands pushed and I sank into her tight, warm pussy. She clutched at me as I hesitated and then began to slowly fuck her. I used long strokes as Ivy laid down beside us to caress both of us. Tracy began shaking and moaning and I looked at Ivy who smiled, “You can kiss her.”

I looked down at a shuddering Tracy and buried my cock before kissing her softly. She groaned and clutched at me as her body was racked with spasms. I started fucking her again and smiled as she made cooing sounds. Ivy and the others giggled and Tracy lifted her hips. I began pressing and humping into her and she started shuddering again.

Her pussy spasmed and tightened even more around my cock and she started thrashing around. I fucked her with long, deep thrusts and Tracy began convulsing, “HOLLY FUCK!”

She screamed and spasmed and thrashed around and I groaned and looked at Ivy, “Ivy?”

She smiled and kissed my shoulder, “you can cum in her.”

I thrust into Tracy and held her as my body shook and then I was spurting and spewing. She howled as she felt warm sperm erupting through and into her womb, “OH MY GOD!”

She clutched at me as she shuddered hard, “Don’t stop!”

I grunted and shuddered as I pumped and spurted and then it was over as Tracy slumped to the bed panting. I looked at Ivy and pulled out of Tracy. I moved back and Ivy followed and pulled me against her for a tender kiss, “Thank you Patrick.”

I sighed and looked at Tracy splayed out with cum leaking out of her. Ivy laughed and shook me, “Want to sleep with us?”

I looked down and nodded, “I...”

Ivy cupped my face, “Whatever they did was wrong Patrick, it is okay to be with us. We aren’t going to send you away.”

I looked at her and sighed, “It is just that for so long no one cared.”

Ivy kissed me and slipped off the bed, “Time for showers you lazy sluts and tonight we are going to wash Patrick.”

That was an experience, four girls taking turns washing me and stroking my cock, kissing me and rubbing their bare breasts against me. After we dried off Ivy took my hand and led me to the living room. Her mom smiled as she finished putting a double sleeping bag on an air mattress. As Tracy sat on the couch, Holly and Sandy climbed into the sleeping bag. Ivy kissed me and caressed my chest as she looked into my eyes, “Can you do both Holly and Sandy?”

I looked at the other girls as I blushed, “Yes.”

Ivy’s mom chuckled as she stopped beside us and kissed my cheek, “You can do me in the morning.”

I looked at her in surprise and Ivy grinned, “I’ll bring him to wake you up.”

She turned to caress me and I sighed and nodded. She looked at the sleeping bag and I hesitated, “Can I lick them?”

Ivy grinned as Tracy giggled. Ivy kissed me, “start with Holly.”

I nodded and knelt beside the bed as Holly threw the sleeping bag open and turned. She spread her legs and I leaned forward to opened her pussy before licking through it. She tasted nice and I licked her again before pushing my tongue into her and then nibbling on her inner lips. She shuddered and lifted her hips and then gasped as I covered her clit and sucked while wiggling my tongue.

She jerked and shuddered as her hips thrust up harder. A loud moan escaped and the other girls laughed. Holly grinned as her fingers went through my hair and she held my head. I kept licking her and went back and forth teasing her clit and sucking on it. It was a few minutes before I used my lips to nibble on her clit and she arched her back and cried out before twisting away.

I looked at Ivy before straightening and turning Holly on the bed. I moved over and between her legs before kissing her and slowly forcing my cock into her. She groaned as my cock spread her open and I began to slowly fuck her. I took my time and it was a minute before I was buried in her and against her womb. She shuddered as she looked past me at Ivy, “I love his cock.”

Ivy laughed, “just wait for the best part.”

Holly hugged me and lifted her legs as I fucked her. She started shuddering and shaking a couple of minutes later as her slippery pussy rippled and tightened. It was a few minutes before I started fucking her with long, hard, deep strokes. She was convulsing and began wailing as her pussy tried to milk my cock. Five minute after that I thrust into her and held her as I groaned.

My cock was jerking against her open cervix before suddenly erupting in gushing streams of cum. She clung to me as I pumped warm cum through and into her womb. She whimpered and kept spasming as spurt after spurt flooded her. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and slowly let her legs drop. I pulled out of her before turning to look at Ivy.

She smiled and gestured to Sandy who was rubbing her pussy. I stood and moved around to the other side of the bed and she turned and spread her legs. I knelt and caressed her smooth inner thighs before leaning down to lick through her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her and licked her again before covering her clit and using my tongue to tease it while I sucked.

It took longer for Sandy but after ten minutes she squirted in my face as she screamed and began to spasm violently. They giggled and she grinned as she panted and pulled on my face. I looked at Ivy as I moved up and slowly pushed into Sandy. Her pussy was tight and squeezed my cock as I pushed all the way into her. She groaned and shuddered as she looked at Ivy, “God he has a wonderful cock.”

They laughed as I hesitated and Sandy grinned and wrapped her legs around my waist. Ivy came to sit beside us and caress my hip, “fuck her Patrick.”

I looked into Sandy’s eyes before I began to fuck her with long strokes. Each time I pushed into her, I planted my cock and pressed or rubbed. It was only a couple of minutes before she was jerking erratically and wailing as she kicked in the air. Her slippery pussy was spasming and squeezing my cock almost constantly. I took my time and enjoyed her warm pussy as she jerked, shook and convulsed.

She wailed and howled for almost twenty minutes before I slowly buried my cock in her open cervix. I held her struggling body as I started pumping cum through it. Sandy tilted her hips and screamed as her pussy tightened, “OH GOD!”

She hugged me tight as I continued to spurt and fill her. When I stopped cumming Ivy laughed and pulled on me, “lay in the middle Patrick.”

I pulled out of Sandy before turning her and then standing. I glanced at the girls before going to turn out the lights. I came back and Ivy followed me as I crawled to the center of the bed. I laid back and Ivy surprised me by slipping a leg over one of mine and putting her head on my shoulder, “Thank you Patrick.”

I hesitantly hugged her and then looked at Tracy as she slipped a leg over my other leg and copied Ivy. There was no way I was going to sleep with Ivy and Tracy draped on me and the other two girls in bed with us. I relaxed and closed my eyes enjoying the feel of the two naked girls on me. I blinked awake as Ivy rubbed and caressed my chest. She whispered, “You were having a nightmare.”

I bit my lip before nodding, she smiled and put her head down, “I am not going to let anything hurt you ever again Patrick.”

Tracy kissed my shoulder, “Me either.”

Sandy and Holly reached over them to touch my face, “Me either.”

It was an echo from both of them that made Ivy giggle. I tried to relax but Ivy finally lifted her head and grinned in the semi dark room, “Have you every been skinny dipping Patrick?”

I looked at her and then at Tracy, “I don’t have a swim suit.”

I reddened, “I wasn’t allowed to used the pool but I... swam in the early mornings.”

Ivy grinned again as she turned, “lets go skinny dipping in the spa.”

The other girls giggled and the next thing I knew I was being pulled out the back door. There was a small pool but Ivy pulled me to the side over the patio. There was a nice in ground spa she led me to. The girls sighed and relaxed as they settled. Ivy slipped onto my lap and kissed me before leaning on my chest. I held her and relaxed as I absently caressed her body.

Holly giggled a few minutes later and I opened my eyes. Ivy was breathing hard as I realized I was slowly fingering her and rubbing her clit. I stopped and she groaned, “Don’t stop!”

I started fingering her again and watched her as she shuddered. I glanced at her mother as she slipped into the spa. She smiled and rubbed Ivy’s back, “late night horny’s getting to you?”

Ivy shuddered and spasmed as she turned to kiss me passionately. I held her as I slipped my finger into her spasming pussy. She slowly relaxed with a sigh and a soft kiss before moving off me, “He’s hard again if you want a turn mom.”

I looked at her and then up at her mother as she stood and turned to straddle me. She pressed her breasts against me and gave me a slow kiss before lifting up. She positioned my cock and pushed down as she wiggled and it slipped into her. She sighed as she thrust back and forth before rocking to get it deeper. She finally settled as I held her hips and leaned against me, “I heard you struggling earlier.”

I blushed and Ivy leaned against us, “He was having a nightmare.”

Emily gave me a kiss as she started rocking, “I think it will take a little while for those to go away.”

I shivered as her warm pussy seemed to spasm and squeeze my cock. She grinned and began rolling her hips and twisting as her pussy kept grasping and milking my cock. I was pushing her womb open as she fucked me and she started panting and shuddering. The girls whispered and giggled as Emily started to become erratic. After awhile she jerked and convulsed as her pussy tightened, “OOOOOHHHHHHH!”

I held her impaled with my cock pushing her womb open and she continued to spasm. Slowly she went back to fucking me and gave me a kiss, “you have a wonderful cock Patrick.”

For fifteen minutes she rocked and thrust back and forth as she fucked me. She came six times before I felt myself getting ready to cum. Ivy smiled and kissed my shoulder, “hold her when you cum Patrick.”

I nodded jerkily and pulled Emily’s hips against me and down. She shuddered and shook before kissing me as I began pumping spurts of cum into her womb. I sighed when I stopped cumming and she leaned back to look into my face, “That was the best I’ve ever had Patrick.”

I blushed and looked at Ivy who hugged my arm, “think you can sleep now?”

I nodded and she kissed me softly before standing, “Alright sluts back to bed.”

The girls laughed as they helped Emily off me and pulled me up. We dried off and went back to the bed on the floor. I laid in the middle and Ivy and Sandy snuggled half on me as Tracy and Holly held them. I woke quickly as Ivy moved and she looked at me before smiling, “Time to get up.”

I smiled and nodded as Sandy shifted and stretched. Ivy laughed as she climbed over Tracy, “Someone bring Patrick back to the bathroom.”

They hurried to the bathroom and Sandy pulled me after her. I waited as they each peed and then Ivy pushed me to the toilet, “Showers after and then we are going to make breakfast.”

It took awhile to pee as they whispered and then I was pulled into the shower. Each of the girls took a turn washing me before douching. Breakfast was cereal with all the girls feeding me again, Emily even took a turn. We got dressed after and Emily drove us to the mall and then to a theater to watch a movie. After the movie they took me home and I hesitated before going into the house.

My foster mom smiled when I came in and barely glanced at the girls, “How did you sleep Patrick?”

I smiled as I looked at Ivy, “I still had nightmares but Ivy woke me.”

She sighed and glanced at the other girls, “It will take time for them to stop.”

I glanced at the hall, “Ivy... her mother asked me to stay with them.”

Emily cleared her throat as she stepped forward, “he told us about filing court papers. We have room and Patrick is more than welcome to stay with us.”

My foster mother nodded, “He has to keep this as his address until the court decides but having someone that cares and wants him will be good for him.”

I packed and we drove back to Ivy’s. I was nervous but the girls pulled my small bag of belongings into the spare bedroom. They grinned as Ivy kissed me and stepped back, “today is topless Sunday.”

The girls laughed as they stripped out of their blouses and bras, they even pulled my shirt off. They pulled me into the kitchen as Emily started to make dinner. That was a little much but Ivy sat on my lap as they chattered and talked. That was the beginning of my new life. A month later I was free of my stepmother. I ended up investing most of the money from the dividends.

Living with Ivy and her mother was nice. When the other girls didn’t sleep over it was just us sleeping together. Of course Emily ended up pregnant a few months after I started living with them. Ivy didn’t mind but said I had to get her pregnant before anyone else. She did get pregnant right after we graduated from high school and so did her girlfriends and her mother again. That led to me buying a large house for all of us.
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