Part 4. Sorry for the wait. Hope you like.
Steve stirs in his sleep. He felt something which broke him from his rest; something that felt really good. He opens his eyes, and sees the side of Sarah's face who was kissing his neck, and rubbing her body against him.

"Ohh fuck... Sarah..." he whispers.

She crawls up to him, and kisses him softly on the lips. "Mmmm..." She pulls away, and brings her mouth to his ear. "I set my alarm," she whispers, "we can do whatever we want." She sits up, and gently rocks her hips, rubbing herself against Steve's crotch.

"Ohh god..." Steve moans. Sarah looked so hot. She was wearing just her panties, and a thin shirt. Her young, petite body sat on top of him, with her legs wrapped around either side. Her erect nipples poked out through her shirt. It was a delight to see her like this.

Sarah helps Steve sit up off his back, and pulling his shirt off in the process. She sits in his lap, and starts to slowly slide up and down, grinding her wet panties against his hard bulge. It was such a turn on, and it was making him hard. Steve puts his hands around her waist and pulls her into a passionate kiss. Their lips caress warmly, and their tongues dance in each others' mouth.

Sarah pulls away, and lifts her shirt off, throwing it to the floor. Steve gazes at her beautiful body, and admires her naked breasts. Then she pulls the pin from of her hair, letting it drape down naturally. She looked so stunningly beautiful to him in that moment. She then sits up on her knees, so Steve can kiss her belly. He then lowers her back down and kisses her all the way up her body to her breasts. He moves up to her neck, and then as he kisses her jaw, she loses it.

"Ohhh fuck!" she moans. She slides her fingers into her panties and starts to finger herself. She then leans into him, and whispers in his ear, "have you ever taken a girl's virginity before?"

Steve just shakes his head, no. So Sarah reaches down and gently rubs his aching bulge. She maintains eye contact with him and slowly slides down his zipper, pulling him out. Steve moans as he feels her touch. She slowly runs her fingers along the length of him; feeling his size in her bare hands. Her cheeks turn red at the though of finally having him inside her.

She sits up on her knees again, this time pulling her panties aside, and she positions Steve's erection to her moist, virgin pussy. She then wraps her arms around him and slowly begins to lower herself down. Steve's cock slides up inside her, passing through the perforation in her hymen, and stretching her open. Sarah grits her teeth as his manhood forces its way inside her.

"Ohhhh fuck!" she cries out.

"Ohhhh my god!" Steve moans. Her pussy tightens around him as she tenses up. She continues to lower herself all the way down, and holds herself in place while she tries to get used to the feeling of having him inside her. Emotionally she feels extremely happy that she's now officially lost her virginity to Steven. The physical discomfort slowly fades away as she relaxes her body.

"Are you alright?" Steve asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Sarah then slowly starts to move her body up and down on Steve's cock. She was tight, and the sensation felt so good to Steven. They both moan as she starts to rides him faster. They continue to hold each other intimately, while Steven runs his fingers through her hair and kisses the side of her face. She really likes this, and she starts to move her body more erotically, and breathe harder and faster.

"Ohhh Sarah!" he moans, "This feels so good!"

He grabs her, and holds her in place while he thrusts upwards into her.

"HOLY FUCK!!" she cries out. "Fuck me, Steve!!"

She grabs him, and forcefully pulls both of them down as she lies on her back. Steve repositions himself overtop of her, and Sarah lifts her legs up exposing her beautiful pussy to him. Steve lines his cock up, and pushes in, penetrating her once again. She then wraps her arms and legs around him, and Steve starts thrusting into her hard and fast.

"OH FUCK!!" Sarah cries. "YEAHHHH!!"

"Oh my god, Sarah!!" he grunts.

He slams her hard, slapping his thighs against her soft body, and making the sofa shake and skid with each thrust. Sarah is unable to control her voice at this point, and she presses her face into Steve's shoulder. Her pussy clamps down on Steve's cock, and she screams out in ecstasy, as her orgasm hits her hard.

"Oh fuck, Sarah!!" Steve cries. He could feel the pressure building, and was soon going to explode.

"Oh Steve!! Cum inside me!! Hurry!!"

He starts to thrust into her harder and faster, and then a tingling sensation radiates through his body. "Oh my god baby!! It feels so good!! Oh yeahhh!! Oh fff--uugggghhhhhhhhh!!" He erupts, shooting his load deep inside her. His whole body shakes as spurt after spurt of cum fills her warm pussy.

"Oh my god..." he softly moans. They both squeeze each other tightly, and kiss passionately as they reach the apex of their first sexual experience together. Then Steve collapses down beside her, and wraps his arms around her, pulling her into a cuddle.

"I love you, Steve" she whispers in his ear, still huffing and puffing.

"I love you too, Sarah."

They both catch their breath, and slowly drift away to sleep.

(Two hours later)

Sarah wakes up, and panics. Morning had come, and she didn't want anyone to come downstairs and find the two of them lying naked together. She quickly grabs her shirt off the floor and runs back upstairs to her bedroom.

Shortly after, Ericka emerges from the master bedroom, and prepares to wake everyone else up to get ready. She's in a real hurry and offers to buy everyone breakfast from the drive-thru on their way into town.

They all pile into the car, and head out. The tournament was taking place inside of a popular gaming store downtown. There was always a crowd of people hanging out there, playing games, and so it was expected to be the same situation when they get there.

After several minutes of driving, Ericka drops them off in front of the building, and leaves to go take care her own agenda for the day, and gives them extra money for a taxi cab to get home later. Michael, Sarah, and Steve, all walk into the store together, and look around to see who all was there. There were about four or five regular customers, and maybe seven or eight others hanging out at the back near where the gaming consoles were. Some of them were already playing practice matches and had people standing behind them watching.

"Hey guys," a voice says from behind them. They turn around and see Ted approaching them. He just got back from the coffee shop down the street. Apparently he had been at the venue since it opened that morning, and was waiting for them to show up. "Oh Sarah, you're going to be playing too?" he asks.

"Mhmm..." she responds nonchalantly. Sarah doesn't really like Ted that much. He's always kind of cocky and rude, which she doesn't really care for. She sees him as the shadow of Mike's friends, and bad news.

"Oh, well, sweet. Good luck. Anyway, you guys should register before it fills up. There's already nine of us, and they want to limit it to sixteen."

So Ted leads them over to where the sign-up table is set up and they all register and pay the entry fee. They then walk around and watch as others play practice rounds, and wait for more people to arrive so they can start.

A handful of people come into the store over the next twenty to thirty minutes, and register. Once they have sixteen people, the tournament organizer seeds the brackets and starts to call out names for the first round. And wouldn't you know it, Michael's name is called first, and a few names later Ted is called. There's only four TVs which means that in round 1, half the field has to wait. Steve and Sarah were both in the second half, and will have to wait for a TV to become free.

The players take their seats, and the tournament organizer shouts, "Good luck!", and the first eight players begin their matches.

* * *

(Back at home)

Darren is in the kitchen when he hears a knock at the door. He takes one last sip of his tea, sets the empty cup on the counter, and then walks to the foyer. When he opens the door, he is delighted by who he sees. There was Maria standing there, holding a large plastic bag, with what looked like articles of clothing.

"Oh hello, Maria," he greets her.

"Hi, umm, Michael's dad," she replies, slightly embarrassed.

"You can call me Darren. Come on in." She steps inside, and shuts the door behind her.

"Thanks, Darren."

"I take it you're looking for Mike?"

"Yeah, well, I just came by to give him these." She holds up the bag, which contained more of her brother's clothes that she was getting rid of.

"Oh I see, well actually he's not home right now. My wife took him downtown with his younger sister and one of their friends to play some video games or something."

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was just you here. I didn't have his number to get in touch. Sorry to bother you."

"No, no, you're not bothering me, Maria. And you don't have to apologize. In fact, I'm really glad that you came by."

Maria blushes. "W-what do you mean?"

"Well, I wanted to ask you something."

"Oh? Really? What's that?" she smiles.

"Yes. Well, you see. I noticed you cut Mike's hair. And I was just wondering if I could get you to do me too?"

"Ohhh! -- Yeah, sure. Definitely," she laughs. "For a second there, I thought... never mind."

Darren raises his eyebrow, and smiles. "What? What did you think?"

Maria's face goes completely red. "Uhhh, it's silly. Just forget it," she laughs again.

Darren laughs. "Hey don't be embarrassed. What is it?"

Maria stares awkwardly at the floor for a minute, not saying a word.

Darren breaks the silence. "Hey, no worries. Forget I even brought it up. I didn't mean to embarrass you like that."

Maria just smiles.

"So uh, when do you think you would be able to do it?"


"Getting that haircut. When is a good time for you? That is -- if it's not any trouble. I don't want to inconvenience you in any way. I can pay you for it. I just thought you did a really nice job on Mike, and hoped I could get the same thing as him."

"Oh yeah, ummm, I can do it right now actually, I'm not doing anything. I'll need to run home and grab a few things though."

"Really? That would be great. I hope it's not any trouble. You can say no if you don't want to do it."

"No, no, I want to. This is what I want to do as a profession after I get out of school, so I could really use all the practice I can get. I'll go grab my things and come right back."

"Alright, Maria. Thank you. You're really sweet for doing this."

She smiles, and heads out.

* * *

Michael stands up after defeating his first opponent 3-0. He goes over to the table to register his win. He then turns around to see Ted coming towards him to log his victory as well, and so they talk for a bit about how their matches went.

"Yeah, I just went with the ninja since I figured it would be safe to make a few mistakes. He didn't stand a chance either way. I managed to pull off a reverse throw combo, but it was still very sloppy."

"Yeah, with mine, I didn't even bother to try anything over the top. I just forced him to the side every time, and trapped him."

"How does anyone even fall for that? Wow. As far as I'm concerned the tournament doesn't even start until the second round."

After a few minutes of chatting, they hear loud cheering, and look over to see a bunch of people gathered around one particular TV, and getting riled up.

"What the hell is going on over there?" Ted asks.

So they walk over, and see that Sarah has started playing, and she is up two lives over her opponent, and only one kill away from victory. Michael and Ted's jaws drop as they watch her play. She skillfully performs a series of impressive tricks, and combos, attacking and defending with perfect timing, and then eventually knocking her enemy off the platform, and spiking them straight down into the lava pit. She throws her fist up into the air, claiming her first victory for the day. Everyone watching shouts and cheers, as no one was expecting that kind of play from her.

"Jesus fucking Christ!! Did I miss something?" Michael shouts. "Since when can my sister play like that? What the hell is going on here?"

"Wow..." Ted says loudly. "What the fuck..."

They then see Steve walk over to Sarah, and they embrace each other in a way that only romantic couples do, and they see them kiss in a loving and celebratory manner. Michael and Ted's mouths continue to hang wide open.

"W-w-what? Huh?" Michael stutters. "Have I been in coma? What the hell...?"

"Uhhhh..." is Ted's response.

"Okay, seriously, what is happening here...?" Michael stresses.

Just then, he feels a light tapping on his shoulder.

* * *

Maria returns to Michael's house with her hair-cutting tools. Darren greets her at the door again, and invites her inside.

"Thanks again for doing this. I really need it."

"It's no problem. Also -- I don't think you need it."


"I mean -- you already look really handsome the way you are," Maria says, blushing. "So I don't even think you need a cut."

Darren felt a tingling shoot through his penis. Is she just being polite, or is she really doing what I think she's doing, he thought to himself.

They go into the kitchen, and Maria has Darren sit on a chair. Then she wraps the cloth around him to keep the hair clippings from getting on his clothes, and she starts to prepare to cut hair.

"So, Maria...?"


"Are you and Mike, you know?"

"Oh, uh, ummm... well, we're just friends." She goes red-faced. "We've -- had sex. But, just as friends. We're not dating or anything."

"Oh, okay, I see."

"Why do you ask?" Maria probes.

"Oh no reason. Just curious."


"You know... I was actually kind of jealous of Mike."

"Oh? In what way?"

"I just mean, you know, he's never had a girl over before. So when you came over, I was really surprised that he got someone as attractive as you... you know?"

"Oh, yeah, I see" she laughs. "So, you think I'm attractive?"

Now Darren's face is the one that goes red. He laughs, "yeah, well, I'd be lying if I said you weren't. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you are one smoking hot girl, Maria. Mike is a really lucky boy."

"Lucky, because???"

"Lucky, because -- he's..." Maria stands right in front of Darren, placing her hands on his shoulders. "...because -- he's..." Darren can't speak as he sees Maria moving closer. Every nerve in his body was firing off, and he felt like he was going to combust.

Maria's face connects with his, in a forbidden kiss of lust, and in an instant, he feels twenty years younger again. He doesn't deny that he wants this, but he still knows that he shouldn't.

Her soft, moist lips very slowly roll over his, and her tongue gently pokes out. He can't help but open his mouth and let her in. Every ounce of his self-control was slowly being overpowered by this growing desire within. His eyes gaze down at her amazing body, fueling his lust for her. She then wraps her arms around the back of his neck, and sits in his lap; sitting directly on top of his now hardening bulge. Maria could feel him pressing up into her. This turned her on.

Darren just sits there, still not moving anything except his mouth, while this hot, teenage girl presses her hot body against him, and rolls her tongue around inside his mouth. Nothing prepared him for this. He was a married man, and this was part of his wildest fantasies. At this point he was already cheating, but there was still a battle going on inside him, of whether to go any further, or to stop it before it goes too far. If it was any other girl, it might've been easier. But because it was Maria, he was fighting an uphill battle.

"Mmmmm," Maria moans softly as her kissing becomes more and more erotic. She slowly slides her body up and down in his lap, grinding on his hard bulge, and pressing her firm, perky chest against him.

"Oh my god, Maria, what are you doing?"

"What? Please, don't tell me that you're having second thoughts. I'm already soo wet..."

"Oh my god, don't say that!" Darren complains. His cock starts to drip with precum, and was begging him to go through with this.

"Listen Darren, you don't have to do this, I totally understand. But I'm a very horny girl, and desperate for a good, hard fuck. No one has to know, I promise. I've just been really craving for an older man's cock."

Darren wants it so badly, but he still resists her. He tries to think it over, and talk himself out of it, but the struggle is futile.

"C'mon, please, Darren. I promise, no one will ever find out. I've never been with an older man before, and I'm just really into you right now."

Darren stands up out of his chair, and places his hands on the sides of Maria's face as he kisses her. Maria embraces him, throwing her arms around his back, and she runs her fingers through his spikey hair.

"Oh god," Darren moans.

He slowly runs his hands down her hot figure, feeling her slender body, and resting them on her ass. He loves the way her firm cheeks feel in his grip. He lifts her up, and sits her down on the kitchen table, keeping his mouth locked with hers.

Maria rubs Darren's chest through his shirt, and desperately pulls and tugs on the buttons to remove it. He helps her, and pulls his shirt off, throwing it to the floor. Maria then goes back to massaging his broad, toned body.

Her hands slowly make their way down to his belt. She breaks away from their kiss to work away at the only thing keeping her from what she really wanted. She gets his belt off, unzips his pants, and pulls him out. To her delight, his cock was quite large; she was very pleased to say the least.

"Oh my..." she mumbles, as she takes him in her hands. She looks up at him, and slides off the table onto her knees. She strokes him a few times, and then lifts his cock straight up, touching the tip of her tongue to his shaft, and running it along the entire length of him to the tip, without breaking eye contact. She remembers doing this to Michael, and he went crazy for it.

"Holy fuck, girl, that's hot," he moans.

Maria smiles, and continues to maintains eye contact while she strokes him. She then licks her lips before wrapping them tightly around him.

"Oh fuck..." he cries.

She slides her mouth all the way down on him, and pulls back. She then places her hands around his waist, and pulls him into her as she bobs her head back and forth.

"Holt shit..." he continues to moan.

Maria pulls him out, and lifts him straight up again, kissing his ball sack and stroking him rapidly.

"Oh my god, baby... oh my god..." he feels himself getting close.

Maria starts to moan softly as she licks his balls and strokes his cock harder.

"Oh fuckkk!! Ohhh... fffuuggghhhhhhhh!!" He cums, shooting a stream of hot jizz into the air. Maria quickly throws her mouth over him and starts to suck the cum from his dick. He continues to erupt in her mouth, firing the rest of his load down the back of her throat as she takes him in completely.

Maria continues sucking him, until he goes soft, she then stands up off the floor. Darren grabs his shirt, and wipes the jizz off the floor, before taking Maria by the wrist, and leading her upstairs.

"Follow me."

They go into the master bedroom, and shut the door. Maria undresses in front of him. She starts by slowly pulling her skirt down, sliding it over her ass, down her legs, and then stepping out of it. Darren starts to get hard again just watching her. They both remove the rest of their clothes, and lie down on the bed.

Darren begins to eat her out, and Maria goes crazy as he does this. His tongue was going wild; twirling around, and flicking her clitoris. She knew he must've had lots of experience, since he knew just how to make her squirm. She was grabbing fists full of sheets between her fingers, and arching her back, trying to keep her body from flipping around on the bed.

"Holy fuck!! Yeah!!" she moans.

Darren pulls away, and then turns her over, onto her belly.

"Oh fuck, Maria, I've wanted to do this so bad! I hope you're ready for this, girl!"

He positions himself over her, brings his cock to her slit, and slowly pushes inside her tight hole.

"OH MY GODD!!" she screams, as he pushes in deep. Darren then slowly pulls back out, and pushes in again.

"Holy fuck!! Oh my god, baby!! You're pussy feels so fucking nice!"

"Oh my fuckkk!! Fuck me baby!"

Darren moves his arms to a better position, and then starts to ram her.

"HOLY FUCK!!" she screams. "OH YEAHH!!"

He fucks her harder than she's ever known; thrusting into her like a madman. Maria can't even grip the sheets hard enough, she has to bury her face into the bed. Her screaming gets more and more intense until she can't take it anymore.

"OHH FUCKKKKKKKKK!!" Her pussy tightens, and then she feels something she's not very used to. Darren quickly pulls out, and Maria squirts everywhere. Her whole body shakes like crazy, and her juices rush out like a popped balloon.

"Holy fucking shit!" she cries, trying to catch her breath. "That's never happened from intercourse before..."

Darren lies down on his back beside her, trying to catch his breath as well. Maria rests her hand on his chest as the two of them just breathe and relax. After a minute or so, Maria sits up, revitalized, and mounts herself in Darren's lap. She positions his still hard cock to her pussy, and sits down on him.

"Oh-h-h-yeaaahhh baby!!" Darren says, excitedly, as her pussy once again wraps tightly around his manhood. She was ready for round two, and Darren couldn't wait to get things rolling again.

Maria straddles him, and begins to slide up and down on him.

"Oh god baby! Ride that cock!"

Maria leans forward and kisses Darren aggressively, biting his lip as she pulls away.

"Rrrrrrrr!!" she growls. Darren finds this so hot. He couldn't believe this was all happening. Maria then flicks her hair back and proceeds to kiss and nibble on his neck, as she continues to rock her hips back and forth.

"Holy fuck, girl!" Darren moans, impressed. She was riding him like he's never known.

She then starts to slowly lick and kiss the side of his face, nuzzling her nose against him, and wrapping her arms around the back of his neck. In lieu of everything else, this made him blush. Having her be so affectionate with him just made the whole experience beyond what he could ever hope or wish for. It was absolutely incredible.

Darren was so turned on, he knew he was going to blow his load soon. So he turns her around, and once again positions himself behind her. He grabs hold of her hips, and starts to slam her hard.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!!" She yells. She tries to hold herself up, but the sensation is too much, and she collapses back down, grabbing whatever her fingers could find. Darren repositions himself again, and begins to thrust really fast.

"Oh god Maria!! I'm going to cum!!" Darren warns.

"Oh fuck!! I want it!! Cum for me baby!!" she moans.

"Oh god!!" he cries again. He starts to slam her hard, and he feels himself tingling and the pressure building.

"OH FUCK BABY!!" Maria clamps down, as she climaxes again. Feeling this sends Darren over the edge.


He unleashes a massive load; pulsating and vibrating uncontrollably. He doesn't stop thrusting while his orgasm radiates; he continues to shoot several spurts of warm jizz deeply inside her. Darren then collapses on top of her, cuddling her as they both try to catch their breath. The windows have fogged up a little bit, and their bodies were drenched with sweat.

"Holy fuck Maria, that was the best fuck I've had in years. Thank you."

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