My beautiful daughter.
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The story also builds up slowly allowing the characters to gradually interact. To understand the story and avoid taking any part out of context, it is advisable to read Part One first, followed by each successive part.

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Chapter Twelve

There is a problem. I am not sure I don't like it the way it is, but it definitely needs to be looked into. The best way to describe it is they are all fifteen now. One crazy thing before I continue. Arthur still hasn’t had sex with Shelia’s Dad. Arthur has told me he likes the look of Tom’s thing. And yes, he’s seen it. As you know Arthur watches the girls do it with Tom a lot.

He really wants to taste another guy’s peter just to see if they taste different, but he just can’t bring himself to be the one to ask. Arthur wants me to figure out a way to make it happen without my just coming out and telling the dude Arthur wants him to. I told him I would come up with something. I have been thinking about what to do, but decided to put it on hold until I had a chance to clear up the problem I was talking about.

It is a far more important item than Arthur getting his ‘different’ peter. Back to the problem. Shelia looks like a normal fifteen year old. Her tits are not huge, but they are normal for her age. I think she will have the same hand size tits Lynn had. I certainly hope so. I don't really like big tits, but I will love Shelia's no matter what size they end up being. She is a good four inches taller than Arthur now.

Haley and Arthur on the other hand, look exactly the same as they did three years ago, with a few exceptions. Arthur still has his hairless pencil dick. He still doesn't have any hair on his legs and he shows no signs of his voice changing. Only, now, he doesn't even have any peach fuzz. Face or body.

It's like he has been shaving himself all over except his head and eye brows. I know he isn't doing it. Yet he is still smooth as the glass in the bathroom mirror and as soft as the back of Haley's ass. Just for those that don't know. That's pretty damn soft. Just ask Eva.

Haley's little shadow around her pussy magically seemed to disappear. It just all went away. Haley hasn't got one hair anywhere on her body other than her head and eyes. I mean it is strange. Haley used to have a light covering of peach fuzz all over her body. That is all gone too. Haley's pussy seemed to have tightened up several sizes also. It even makes a popping noise when I pull my penis out of her.

It is so tight that even Arthur makes noises with the suction as he goes in and out of her. Haley's tits haven't changed at all. Shelia loves them just the way they are. Eva loves her tight little twat too. I do too, but as the parent I have an obligation to take them to the doctor to see what can be found. I elected to take Arthur first.


I took Arthur to Dr. Harris. She is our family doctor. Arthur is quite comfortable around her and has no problem sitting on her exam table in just a pair of bikini underpants, although she has yet to do a complete physical on him. Well she has done everything except the digital exam and the turn your head and cough part. Basically, she hadn’t had his under pants off yet.

Last time I took Arthur in to see her, she told me it is getting close to the time to start having all of that done as he is getting older now and has reached the age where he might start developing problems if we don't keep a check on him.

She said even though Arthur is fourteen, (He was at the time.) she doesn't like to do it to them before they enter puberty as they are too small and the procedure tends to be painful to them and they aren't mentally prepared to understand the reasons for it being done.

The doctor told me we would need to check him the next time he had a checkup, but not to worry as she had a foolproof method of getting children to relax so they aren't traumatized by their first full exam. Turns out this visit became the next time. The doctor did some extensive tests before telling me the results. If Arthur had a problem with Dr. Harris sticking her finger up his ass, he didn't let on to me that he did.

He didn't tell me that she stuck it up there either, so I assumed he wasn't completely all right with it, but apparently Dr. Harris knows how to handle young boys without traumatizing them, just as she had told me. "Mr. Mason. I have examined Arthur. I can't find anything physically wrong with him. Obviously there is something seriously wrong with Arthur. No fifteen year old boy's penis should look like an eleven year old's.”

“Arthur shows no signs of going into puberty at all. As you have already stated, Arthur should have a full mound of hair around it and it should be at least five inches in length when he gets hard. It was only three the four times he got hard during the exam. I suspect some kind of hormonal imbalance. I want you to take him to Dr. Miller. She is a specialist in that field.”


I took Arthur to see Dr. Miller. Arthur wanted me to be present during the examination. Dr. Miller told Arthur, "I will go in the other room until you have time to disrobe. That will give me time to explain the exam to your Father. I will need for you to remove your underclothes and socks as well.”

“When you have finished, I want you to lay on the exam table. I will have to examine you all over. I prefer to have unobstructed access to you as it will make the examination much easier on the both of us, or you may cover yourself with this sheet if you prefer.”

“If you want to go that way, I promise I will try to only uncover as much of your body as I have to at any given part of the exam. I understand you may be reluctant as it is usually embarrassing for a boy your age to disrobe in front of a woman. Do not let it bother you. I am a professional. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I will not make fun of you in anyway. Okay?" Dr. Miller was looking carefully at young Arthur.

She was actually staring at his cute figure trying to look at him as close as she could without getting caught looking at him. Dr. Miller was very good at this. Kenny nor Arthur either one suspected a thing. Dr. Miller originally became a hormonal pediatrician because she is a bonifide pedophile. Doing this type of job actually allows her to have legal sex of a sort with young children. She normally sees about twenty patients a day.

Due to them having some hormonal type of problem, the exams she gives them allows her to bring all of her patients to orgasm with her hands or some type of tool, such as a vibrator. Sometimes she only has four patients if they all require the lengthy type of exam she was preparing to give sweet little Arthur. All of her patients are sixteen and under. She won’t accept them any older. The good doctor enjoys little girls equally as much as boys.

She is imagining how sweet Arthur will look with those clothes off. Due to his wearing slacks, she can’t tell much yet. She can hardly wait to put her hands on the sweet little thing. She is wearing a tampon in her vagina right now. Not because she is on her period, but because when she accepts a referral from a doctor, she requires a picture of that child accompany the medical folder.

Most doctors don’t give it a second thought and take the referral photo of the child in their underpants during an exam. Dr. Harris sent one of the boy fully clothed. Dr. Miller can hardly wait to see the boy in all his splendor.

Arthur’s picture let her know that by the time she finished with Arthur, her pussy will be sopping with her juice. She doesn’t want to take a chance that it might soak through her dress. It did one time before and she had to make like she had pissed herself to keep the mother of the child from figuring out she had come all over herself from playing with her child.

Arthur was squeamish. "No ma’am, it isn't all right. I can't let you see my thing. Promise me you won't look at it." Dr. Miller tried to reassure Arthur. "Try to relax, Arthur. I will have to examine it. I have no choice. If you are worried about it being small, remember I work with children all the time and I will think you are just fine the way you are. You will have to trust me. Can you do that?" Arthur turned beet red. "No ma’am. I can't do it. I don't want you to see it."

I felt like a complete idiot. Why the hell didn’t I ask Dr. Harris what she did to relax Arthur when she checked him in her exam room?. I asked the Doctor to give me a few minutes alone with Arthur to alleviate his fears. She went outside the room.

"Arthur, I know you don't have any hang up with the size of your dick. You were just standing nude in front of Dr. Harris only a little bit ago while she examined some personal areas, so I know that isn't the problem. Tell me what is really bothering you."

Arthur shuffled his feet, looking down on the floor like he wanted to crawl under a rug. "Dad. I've been going to Dr. Harris for as long as I can remember, sir. Dad started seeing her when him and Mom moved here after I was first born. Dr. Harris already knows about the problem I am getting ready to tell you about. We actually talked about it back when I was little.”

“I asked her how she felt about it one time when it got hard in my underpants while she was listening to my chest. She assured me it was okay with her. She assured me young boys all had one and each and everyone of them got that way when ever it decided it wanted to. She let me know she understood that none of the boys had any control of the way it would do. Then she told me she would let me in on a little secret if I promised not to tell anybody she told me.”

“Obviously I told her I wouldn't tell. She told me she really prefers to see them that way anyway. She told me it is cool when it happens. Perfectly normal. So I know when it happens in front of her, she won't get upset.”

“Of course this was the first time I had my underpants off in front of her, but she's seen it through my underpants many times, so it didn't bother me any letting her see it without them. She actually told me she thinks I look really cute when it sticks straight out at her like that.”

“I know that sounds like something a woman shouldn't be telling a young boy, but today, it made me feel a lot better about letting her examine me. Trust me, Dad. It got real hard when she touched me. I don't know Dr. Miller. I’ve never laid eyes on her before. She is very pretty. I am afraid my dick will get hard in front of her, sir, then she will think I want to do it with her. That might upset her and that would embarrass me all to hell."

I thought about what Arthur said for a minute. Dr. Miller is one pretty gal. My dick is still hard and she isn’t even in here. I realized Arthur was genuinely upset about the matter as he has only said sir twice during the entire conversation. He only drops the sir when he is extremely upset about something.

I decided to be careful of his feelings and replied, "Arthur, I understand how you might feel. How about if I have a talk with her and sort of smooth the way by giving her an idea of how you feel without coming out and saying it, so you won't have to worry about her getting upset if your thing gets hard.”

“Remember it would be a normal reaction for a boy your age to get a hard on with a pretty young filly like her touching your penis. I know mine would. It's cool. Its nothing to worry about. I bet she has all of the boys get hard ons when she checks them."

We stood there looking into one another's eyes for a few minutes as Arthur processed what I told him. "Well, OK, Dad. If you'll talk to her and sort of smooth the way, sir, I'll do it." I heaved a quiet sigh of relief. "Arthur. Go ahead and get undressed. Then get on the table like the doctor asked you to. I will go out and talk with her. We will knock on the door so you can yell if you are not ready for us yet."

Arthur brightened a little. "Okay, Dad." I went out of the room. Dr. Miller was patiently waiting. She looked at me as she said, "Mr. Mason. Don't be upset with Arthur's reaction. Most boys his age are reluctant to take their clothes off in front of me. You may as well know I have never had any boy as a patient that was eager to take off his clothes in front of me.”

“All of them have at least given some resistance to the idea. I try to calm them down by assuring them there is nothing to be ashamed of by having a small penis. I tell them young boys are supposed to have little ones and I have seen a lot of them. It works sometimes, but I know many of them are concerned about how I will react if their penis gets hard during the exam."

"I haven't managed to find a way to make them feel better about that without embarrassing them by bringing the subject up. I most certainly can't tell them not to worry because it won't get hard during the exam. That would make me lose face with them almost immediately as I assure you it will stay hard for the majority of the exam. I must tell you. This is not your run of the mill type of exam. I have to be thorough to find out what is going on with Arthur.”

“The type of exam I will have to give Arthur is somewhat lengthy and extremely personal. The amount of time I will be touching his little thing combined with having to be extremely gentle so I don't hurt him will not only cause the poor little thing to get hard, but he will probably ejaculate several times as well. I will need a semen sample anyway.”

“Don‘t be surprised if sometime after the exam, Arthur tells you he felt like I was doing sex with him. The exam is personal enough that it may very well feel that way to him. It may even look to be so to you as well. Don‘t let it bother you as it can‘t be helped.”

“If you do begin to feel that way, just tell me so and Arthur can get dressed while you try to find someone else to help him. I always tell my patients parents this information as a few of them actually think I am getting off on their child sexually. Trust me, that is not the case, but the exam is that personal.”

“Before I started dealing solely with hormonally imbalanced pediatrics, I sent my patients into the bathroom to do it in a specimen cup, but I find the situation to be different with young boys. I think it better just to take the sample when he gets all worked up the second time. He will likely find all of that to be very embarrassing. I can't say I blame him, but I don't have any choice.”

“I find it easier on the child if I go ahead and bring him off while I get the sample. By that time they are fairly used to me touching it and they have already came once already. It will be less traumatic on him. I know that sounds inappropriate, but it really is the best thing to do for the sake of the child."

"That way he won't have to go through the embarrassment of having to stand in the bathroom, with his pants off, while he masturbates into a specimen cup. Knowing the whole time we are outside waiting on him to finish doing something, we all know he is doing and he would rather die than admit to doing to himself. Most of them take two or three hours to do that as they are very apprehensive about doing it here.”

“The situation is worsened as most of them have ejaculated at least twice during the exam already and I certainly can't give them any visual aids if you know what I mean. That is very hard on a young boy mentally. That is the biggest reason I now do it for them. When I do it for them, they usually go in a matter of minutes. There simply isn’t enough time or reason to make them work on it for over three hours in that bathroom.”

“Most of my men patients had a really hard time with going in to give me a sample. Many of them begged me to let them go home to get the sample. They almost cried when I told them they have to do it here as it is very important for the sample to be fresh. I think you understand what I am trying to say.”

“Another reason I went to strictly pediatrics is I was very uncomfortable giving such a personal type of exam to adult men. Especially when they started moaning in ecstasy. That made me feel like a slut. With the children, well most of them have a certain innocence about them that makes it all right. Basically, I know they are just children and can‘t help what is happening. I‘ve actually had some of my men patients ask to be reexamined. You get the picture.”

“I will try to make it as easy on Arthur as I can. I know young boys have fragile egos and very few are confident with their masculinity. I will be doing a few things that aren't necessary for the exam, like rubbing his feet and massaging him in different places.”

“I will pretend to be thoroughly examining areas that only take a few minutes to check, such as his heart rate and chest. I will be doing this to help Arthur relax and to get him used to me touching him before I get to the personal areas. This will make the exam take longer, but it will also make it far less traumatic on poor Arthur.”

Actually, Dr. Miller does the extra stuff to get all of her patients as excited as she can. She does everything slowly and sensuously. She makes it look like she is being tender and careful for the parents benefit, but in the end, it is all about sex. After every exam, Dr. Miller’s pussy is soaked.

She prefers all her patients to strip down completely. This is merely for the benefit of her hidden ceiling camera and the wall mount. Both have wide angle lenses to take in the whole exam area. Each camera has surround sound as well. That way, nothing is missed. Dr. Miller loves to watch the videos of the children undressing and then putting it all back on again.

The good doctor has thousands of movies of young boys and girls coming because of what she does during the exams. She can hardly wait until she gets home to masturbate to this gorgeous boy she has in front of her now.

“As I said, I will be doing these things to relax Arthur and to let him get comfortable with the idea of me touching him. That way when I get to the personal areas, Arthur will take it a little better. I still imagine he will get quite embarrassed when he ejaculates while I am holding his penis in my hand, but when I do it this way they generally feel a little more comfortable about it.” Dr. Miller ’s pussy is squirming just talking about what she is getting ready to do with Arthur.

“Were you able to calm him down any?" "Actually, Doctor. He should be on the table by now. You hit his problem right on the nail head. I told him I would smooth the way by explaining how he feels without actually saying it. Unfortunately there is no way to explain to you how he feels without just coming right out and saying it. It won't matter to him as long as he doesn't know.”

“He is afraid you will get upset and think he wants to have sex with you if he gets a hard on in front of you. He said that would be very embarrassing. He was very upset about it and seriously concerned about your feelings, so don't take it lightly. It won't be easy on him, but I think he will cooperate." Dr. Miller could feel her pussy squirming at the thought Arthur had been thinking about having sex with her.

The Doctor replied, "What were you able to tell him to calm him down? I might need to use it myself." I hung my head and grinned sheepishly. Dr. Miller could feel her heart beat picking up. She always got off talking to the parents about what she was getting ready to do to their child. It was an awesome job for a pedophile. Playing with a child right in front of its parents and getting that child to orgasm and having the parents happily paying you a shit load of money to do it.

“I don't think you will use it, but here goes. I told him it was normal for a young boy to get a hard on when a beautiful woman such as Dr. Miller touches his thing. She probably gets all of them excited, so there is nothing to worry about. I let him know that mine definitely would." Dr. Miller laughed, "You are right, I don't believe I will use that one." We knocked on the door to the exam room. "Come in, I am ready."

It was pretty darned cute. Arthur was laying on his back on the table with the sheet pulled up to his neck. His clothes were folded in the chair. Dr. Miller walked over to Arthur's side. She was practically drooling at the prospect of seeing young Arthur in the nude.

"Arthur, are you comfortable?" Arthur replied sheepishly, "Yes, ma’am. I am." "OK, Arthur. We'll get started. I am going to roll the sheet down to your waist while I examine your upper torso and head." She put on a pair of latex exam gloves before rolling the sheet down and checking Arthur's heart, drawing blood, and examining him for any injuries.

She paid particular attention to his tits. She fondled them and rolled them all around. Titillating his nipples until they were sitting straight out from his chest. Dr. Miller thought to herself, “Wow. Those are the sweetest little titties I’ve ever seen. I could suck on them all day. I wish there was a way I could actually at least lick them.“

All much to Arthur's chagrin, his little penis was embarrassingly throbbing at the sheet. Poor Arthur was blood red. Then she had him roll over on his tummy to check his back.

Arthur lay quietly as Dr. Miller ran her fingers gently up and down his spine. She massaged his back muscles. "Arthur, what I am doing now is checking for any neural blocks. If I hit one, your back will twitch in that area." Dr. Miller rolled the sheet back up to Arthur's neck. "Now, that wasn't so bad. Was it?" "No ma’am. I guess it wasn't."

She smiled at Arthur. "Arthur, you have done just fine so far. You have been very mature and I think you are a very brave young man. I am going to examine your lower torso now." She rolled the sheet up to the small of Arthur's back. I guess the way she did it with Arthur on his tummy made him forget that his butt is now exposed. He just laid there.

Dr. Miller rubbed her fingers over Arthur's feet and then she massaged his legs. She spent five minutes on each of his feet and ten on each leg. She was thoroughly enjoying the smooth feel of his skin in her hands. I could see that her taking her time was allowing Arthur to get adjusted to the idea that she had to touch him. Arthur looked a lot more relaxed now. The Doctor definitely knows how to work with little boys' tender feelings.

She slowly massaged the cheeks of Arthur's butt before gently separating them for a few seconds. Then she let them go. The feel of her tampon tweaking between her legs combined with the wonderful feeling of holding this young boy’s ass cheeks in her hands reminded her of when she was thirteen and her Daddy had forced her to have sex with her eight year old brother.

Her Father made her brother fuck her as her Father pounded him in his ass. She remembers the incredible feeling of coming while she squeezed the cheeks of her little brother’s ass in her hands as her Daddy moaned in ecstasy while her brother screamed in pain. Dr. Miller thrilled on going into the bathroom to watch her brother shit her Daddy’s juice out of his butt. It was such a thrill it didn’t bother her all that much when it was her turn.

She came with a ferocity before turning loose of Arthur’s ass cheeks. She couldn’t help the thought. “If this keeps up, I’ll have to excuse myself to change my tampon.“ Next she placed her palms between Arthur’s thighs. Her hands slowly separated pushing Arthur's legs apart. Dr. Miller had them spread almost to the edges of the table. She rubbed some cream around Arthur's asshole. She worked it around slowly before carefully sliding her index finger up his ass.

I could see Arthur turn blood red with embarrassment again, but he didn't move nor did he say anything. The Doctor reamed her finger all around in Arthur's butt. Feeling here and feeling there. She was in heaven. She loved finger fucking kids. "It's OK, Arthur. I need to make sure you don't have any problems with your prostate. You just relax for me like you are now." She removed her finger from Arthur's ass and got a new pair of gloves.

Dr. Miller reached over to the table and got a coiled rubber tube and connected one end of it to a machine near the bed. "Arthur, I need you to lay real still for me now. I have to take a radiogram of your anal region. It may be a little cramped feeling, but I'll try to be very gentle so it won't hurt."

She lubricated the other end of the tube. Dr. Miller turned the machine on and tenderly separated Arthur's butt cheeks with one hand while she worked the end of the rubber tube into his hole with the other hand.

She would add another gob of lubricant as the dry part of the tube used up what she had already applied to Arthur's anal area. Dr. Miller carefully watched the screen as she slowly worked the tube into Arthur's little butt. It took about an hour.

It didn't take as long to pull it back out, but it still took a half hour. Dr. Miller gently wiped the excess lubricant from Arthur's asshole with a tissue. "OK, Arthur. I need for you to roll over onto your back for me. You can keep the sheet over your chest."

Arthur lay still for a couple of minutes as if he were trying to decide what to do. Finally he rolled over onto his back closing his legs together as he went. Dr. Miller spent another twenty minutes pretending to check the fronts of Arthur's legs. She slowly separated Arthur's legs as she worked. By the time Dr. Miller finished examining Arthur's legs, They were far enough apart to give her easy access to Arthur's private area.

Then, she reached down carefully taking Arthur's little balls into her hand. "Hold real still for me Arthur so I don't hurt you. I'll be as gentle as I can." She only had her hand on Arthur's balls for a few seconds when his thingy stood firmly at attention for the fifth or sixth time during the exam. The biggest problem for Arthur was it only seemed to want to do it when the doctor could tell it was doing it.

Arthur was clearly embarrassed. Dr. Miller wanted to put him a little more at ease. "Arthur, I know you are embarrassed because you are getting excited. Don't let it worry you. I already know what I am doing to you feels good. Getting hard is a normal reaction to this type of stimuli.” Dr. Miller couldn’t believe she had come again. She figured she must have got her tampon in the right place as it was tearing her nerves up right now.

She very rarely comes twice during her exam. “Just relax and go ahead and let it feel good. It is all right. I promise I won't get mad and I won't think anything bad of you. Don't worry about a thing. Whatever happens is cool. It's expected. Keep in mind I already know you are going to get very excited and there isn't one thing you can do about it. Just let whatever happens happen. I am cool with it and it will be just between us. I promise no one else will ever know."

Dr. Miller checked Arthur's nut sack thoroughly. She felt all around his balls. Kneaded his sack. Squeezed his balls. When she did that, Arthur jumped up in pain. "Sorry, Arthur. Hang in there, I only have to squeeze them a few more times. I will do my best to make it hurt as little as possible."

She tucked them into his abdomen and pushed her fingers in behind them as if she were trying to see how far she could get them to go. Finally she popped them back out, separating them between her hands and felt all around them both, kneading them ever so delicately between her fingers.

Suddenly, Arthur let out a little murmur. Dr. Miller correctly guessed Arthur was getting ready to come. She reached over and took the specimen cup off the counter top. She held it over the end of Arthur's penis. Dr. Miller took a firm hold on Arthur's penis and gave it some gentle strokes until Arthur finished doing his thing in the cup.

When it was all over, she wiped the end of it for him with a tissue. Arthur was so ashamed of coming in front of her. I could tell he wanted to hide. Dr. Miller placed the specimen cup gently on the counter where it couldn’t be knocked over as she intended to eat it as soon as she leaves the office. She has been betting that Arthur’s juice tastes really sweet.

"Its okay Arthur. You're doing just fine. We are almost finished. Only about thirty more minutes and we'll be through. Now I have to examine your penis. You can move while I check the outside, but I need for you to stay very still for about fifteen minutes while I look on the inside." Arthur has been too embarrassed to say anything and just lays still. Dr. Miller started by lubricating a flexible probe. It was about three feet long, but very small in diameter.

She held the end of Arthur's dick in one hand as she started working the probe into his shaft. Arthur got a look of horror on his face at seeing how long the probe was. Dr. Miller was keeping a close eye on Arthur's reactions. "Don't worry, Arthur. It just looks menacing. I will be watching where it goes on the screen.”

“We are only going as far as your kidney and then I will back it out and examine the insides of your testicles. It will probably only be a foot or so. Just close your eyes. That will help you to relax. We won't put the whole thing in you. You are doing really well. Just keep doing like you are now."

Arthur closed his eyes. Dr. Miller slowly ran the whole tube into the end of Arthur's penis. She could see I had that look on my face like I knew she told Arthur a white lie. She just winked in acknowledgement and continued to probe. She told me later there was no need in upsetting him by letting him know she had gone in that far.

She said as long as he didn't open his eyes, he would never know. After that part was over, Dr. Miller felt all over Arthur's shaft, squeezing it in several places. Finally she says, "Okay Arthur we only have one more test to do and I will leave you to get dressed while I prepare the results."

"I will be masturbating you to test your response status and to get a fresh sample of semen for the lab. I'll need your help. I want you to close your eyes. Relax and think about how good I am making you feel. I want you to let it feel as good as you can, but I want you to hold it as long as you can.”

“Just keep thinking about how good you feel. It is very important you work with me on this. You have to concentrate on not doing it at the same time as how good it feels. I need to find out what your staying power is while under going very sensuous stimulation. Are you ready to help me?"

Arthur looked sheepish. It was almost as if he wished he could disappear. “Yes, ma’am, I am ready to help. I am very embarrassed, but I will do my best." "That's all I ask of you Arthur. Its quite alright to be embarrassed, but just remember it will all be over in a short while.”

“It will help some if you keep in mind that I am beating you off. Remember I want you to go as long as you can, but in the end I actually want you to shoot off. There is nothing wrong with that. It is simply one more test we must do to find out what is wrong."

She started lightly stroking one finger around Arthur's balls, down around his taint and back around his balls. Then she teased her finger slowly to the tip of his penis and back down to his balls, where she would do it all over again.

After a minute of this, Dr. Miller stopped stroking Arthur. She looked at her watch. She waited a full two minutes for Arthur to calm down. Suddenly his little penis relaxed and went soft. The whole time she was holding a specimen cup at the end of it with her other hand.

Poor Arthur looked like someone had thrown a bucket of red paint on him. Arthur was so embarrassed he could die. Dr. Miller attached the specimen cup to the end of Arthur’s penis with a special clamp, so it would remain upright enough to catch all of Arthur’s semen when the time came.

Then she squeezed a small amount of lubricant onto the finger of her left hand. She gently started stroking Arthur’s shaft with her right hand as she twirled her lubricated finger all around Arthur’s nipple. It only took about three more minutes for Arthur to shoot off.

Dr. Miller came an unexpected third time. She was amazed at how exciting this little boy is. She is fantasizing about fucking the cute thing. Dr. Miller gently rubbed his shaft to help him finish. She wiped Arthur's penis with a tissue. She rolled the sheet back down over Arthur's feet and headed out of the exam room. "You can get dressed now Arthur. Its all over. You did a good job. You were a model patient. I wish I had more patients like you. I am very proud of you."

She handed Arthur a little packet of fresh wipes. "Give yourself a few minutes to calm down before you get up from the table to dress. You know, let it go soft. Gently squeeze yourself in between the balls to get the excess ejaculate out, then wipe yourself off with these. If you do that, it will help keep your pants from getting wet in the front."

Dr. Miller reached out taking Arthur’s little hand in hers. She gently showed him where to squeeze himself. Arthur turned blood red again. Outside in the hallway, Dr. Miller was very happy. She had been so right. Arthur’s ejaculate was delicious. She wished there was a way to get some more.

Arthur sat on the edge of the table for several minutes. When his dick finally went soft, his juice started oozing out. Arthur opened the wipes. Squeezed himself in the balls and wiped himself clean. Arthur got off the table and started dressing.

"That wasn't so bad was it Arthur?" "No, Dad. It wasn't too bad. It was still mighty embarrassing, but I am all right with it, sir, I guess." I cuddled Arthur close to me and told him watching him like that made me want him really bad. That perked Arthur up right off the bat.

He likes for me to tell him that he makes me horny as hell. I consoled Arthur for about 20 minutes to let him regain his composure. Arthur looked up at me after I held him for a while. “Hey, Dad. Want me to tell you a little secret?“ I nodded, “Sure. I like secrets.“ Arthur grinned. “I sure would like to fuck the Doc’s brains out. Probably wouldn’t be a bad thing to eat her too. She kept my dick hard darn near the whole time I was near her.“

I laughed with Arthur, then hugged him close again. “Hey, Arthur. Want me to tell you a little secret? Well, I bet you aren’t going to get any of the Doc’s pussy.“ Arthur busted out laughing. I am sure the exam was hard on his fragile ego. Also Dr. Miller needed time to get the results together. Dr. Miller was waiting outside the door when I opened it.

"Arthur, why don't you sit here in the exam room while I have a discussion with your Father. You can sit in that chair in the corner. I may have to discuss things with him I am pretty sure you would prefer not to hear. I will send for you in a few minutes to tell you the results, when we finish our talk. OK?"

Arthur shrugged his little shoulders. "Yes ma’am, anything you say." I glanced between Arthur’s legs. His little dick was hard again already. I think Doctor Miller noticed it too as she was trying not to laugh.

To be continued……………………………….............................................................

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chubbzeeubbzee on June 9, 2010 CHEERS!!! For those of you that don't know me (which is ALL OF YOU) I'm an American, a Jonny Miller YouTube Subscriber and now a big fan of Jonny Miller (okay, 2 out of 3 ain't bad), lol. Please let me know when you start touring the States.


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Go to the author's list. Select average rating. I am about 16th on the list. All of my stories are located there. Or click the yellow kenny1kenny at the top of the story. That will take you to my stories.

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I pissed where is fucking 11! I can't find it

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For all the girls who want special daddy love. I will love you, teach you and fuck you, it will be our secret. Message me now.!

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I can't believe you did it again. You drove me insane with another episode of sweet Arthur. I love that boy. Then you leave a cliff hanger so I have to come beck to find out what is wrong with my love. Keep it up dude. I am a teenage girl and I like little boys. They drive me crazy looking at them when I baby sit for them.

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