It was bound to happen, I had turned fourteen when I found out about my sister. I watched her for two weeks and in that time I found out a lot. Sidney was a whore, she was selling her ass to business men. It wasn’t just her, it was mom, my two favorite cousins and even the girl next door I had a crush on.

My sister was sixteen and had been doing this since she was fourteen. I waited across the street that night and watched both my cousins come out to see me. They looked at each other and went back in the house. A few minutes later, my mom and my sister came out and looked around. I waited until they saw me and then I turned and walked away. When I got home, I started putting clothes in a backpack.

That was when mom and Sidney came in. Mom wanted to know if I was going to tell my father and Sidney just stood by the door, crying. On my way out of the room I stopped to look at Sidney, “I told you how much I liked Georgia and Sammie and you started hanging out with them and took them away. I told you I had a crush on Ellie and you did the same thing. You just had to get them to be whores didn’t you. What did I ever do to you?”

I ignored my mother and left. I spent the next four years on the street. I continued to go to school and endured the humiliation of being homeless as well as the brother of a prostitute. I sent letters to dad occasionally, I never told him about mom or Sidney. He divorced mom a year later after she got pregnant and we fell out of touch after another year. During the last year of high school, I struggled through some tech courses, doing odd jobs to pay my way.

I managed to win a trip to France from a radio show just after school let out. When I got there I took a train to the French Riviera just to see it and ended up winning over five million dollars. I invested most of it in commodities when I returned home and by the end of summer my investments had multiplied and I ended up with hundreds of millions after taxes.

I invested a lot in long term stocks with high interests. I also bought a small resort in the mountains. I had an executive that was taking me out to dinner. He was trying to influence me so that I would make changes at the resort. We were in a restaurant when he looked over my shoulder and grinned. “There’s someone I want you to meet.”

I stood with him and turned, walking towards us was Sidney with a girl that looked fourteen and she looked beautiful. Sidney didn’t even recognize me, I turned and dropped a hundred on the table. By the time I turned back they had reached us. I stepped close and kissed Sidney on the cheek, “You look good Sidney.”

And I walked away, the executive kept calling to me, but I ignored him. He had picked me up at my house so when I got outside I hailed a taxi. At home I poured a large glass of whiskey and sat on the couch as I drank it. I had only been home a few minutes when the door bell rang. When I opened the door it was to see Sidney and the girl.

We stood there looking at each other and then Sidney gently pushed me back into the house. When the door closed she turned to the girl, “Paul, this is Ellie’s little sister, Rachael.”

I nodded and finally turned away, walking back to the couch where I had left my drink, “What do you want Sidney?”

Sidney and Rachael followed me, “I think its time we talked.”

I glanced at her as I sat, “I’ve already said my piece a long time ago.”

Sidney smiled as she knelt between my legs, pushing them further apart, “I know, I remember. Mom’s never gotten over it.”

I shrugged, “It was your choice and hers.”

Sidney slowly reached to my pants, “I know that too.”

As she opened my pants, Rachael sat beside me. I covered Sidney’s hands with my own, “What do you want Sidney?”

She looked up and moved up to straddle me. I could see her pussy as she moved her short skirt out of the way, “I want you to forgive me.”

I pulled her body closer so she would have to stop. “You hurt me Sid, I loved her.”

Sidney leaned against me, “I know that now.”

She looked at Rachael, “Paul was in love with your sister before I… before she became a whore.”

I shook her, “Before you made her a whore.”

Sidney nodded and took a breath before looking back at me, “I’m sorry.”

I felt torn, I had thought about this for years. I kissed Sidney’s cheek and pushed her sideways onto the couch as I stood, “I forgave you a long time ago.”

I stood and walked into the kitchen with them following. Rachael was the one that stopped me, “You were in love with Ellie?”

I smiled and reached down to lift her skirt and then look into her red face. “Yes, before she started doing what you have been doing.”

Rachael grabbed my pants and pushed them down and off before pushing me into a chair. She straddled me and I turned so that when she tried to put me inside her, she missed. She looked up into my face, “you think you are better then us?”

I smiled and caressed her face, “No. When I lost your… When I found out about what your sister was doing, it hurt. I wanted her to be my first and me be her first. I promised to never let that happen again. I’ve never found a woman I felt that way about.”

Sidney stepped closer, “You’ve never had sex, have you?”

I could see the tears in her eyes as I looked away. I moved Rachael off me and turned to face Sidney, “That’s been my… curse. Go home Sid.”

Sidney looked at Rachael and then she took my hand and started pulling me towards the bedrooms. I tried to pull away but I didn’t want to hurt her so it didn’t work. Before I knew it, I was in my bedroom and Rachael was helping Sidney tie me to the bed with my own ties as I realized to late and started struggling. Once Sidney had me tied to the bed, she sent Rachael out of the room and sat beside me. She caressed my chest as I struggled, “I caused this so I will fix it.”

I glared at her, “Let me go Sidney!”

She stood, pulling a cell phone from her skirt as she walked out of the room. Sidney had used my ties and I knew I could get free if I really had to. I heard the doorbell several times over the next hour. It was another hour before mom walked into the room alone. She sat beside me on the bed and reached a shaking hand out to caress my face. “I’m so sorry baby.”

I struggled, “let me up!”

Mom sighed, “I can’t. Sidney made me promise.”

She looked down and then stood and walked out. Next it was Georgia and Sammie and they looked great. Georgia sat first and looked into my face, “You hurt us Paul. You just left and didn’t say anything.”

I looked into her face and then looked at Sammie, “You know why I left.”

Georgia nodded and slowly reached out to slap my face, “If you had said something we would have stopped.”

I shook my head as she stood and Sammie sat, “I wasn’t your conscious.”

Sammie looked into my face, “You just ran away like a little boy.”

I looked at her, “You saw me everyday in school, don’t use that excuse. Even after I left, you both kept doing it.”

Sammie looked down, tears in her eyes, “We know.”

They stood and walked out, next was Ellie and she was even more beautiful than I remembered. She didn’t say anything as she sat beside me. I could see her tears as she kept avoiding my face. Finally she looked at me, “Paul, I…”

She took a breath, “I didn’t know why you left until Sidney told me a year later. Why didn’t you… why didn’t you tell me?”

I looked away, “I was fourteen, I didn’t know how to tell you.”

Slowly Ellie reached out to touch my face and at the last minute she stood and looked down into my face, “You met Rachael…”

Ellie looked at the door, “I’ll be back.”

She walked out and Sidney walked in naked and sat beside me, “Paul, I took something from you and you have suffered. You can’t be Ellie’s first but we can try to make up for what we… I did.”

Before I could say anything she reached out to push a pill into my mouth and hold my nose until I swallowed. After I had swallowed it, she sat back, “Each of us have hurt you, Mom, me, Georgia, Sammie and Ellie. Tonight, we will make love to you. Even Rachael has agreed to fuck you…”

I pulled on the restraints, “Let me go Sidney.”

Sidney leaned over and I could see her tears, “Not this time Paul. This time I can’t let you walk out on me.”

I stopped moving as our eyes met and finally I pulled on the restraints as hard as I could. Sidney glanced at my arms and then at the groaning bed posts. When the tie suddenly ripped, she jumped at me with a cry and I grabbed her and pulled her onto my chest. I held her struggling body on my chest as I continued to pull with all my might on the other tie.

When it finally broke, I wrapped my arms around her as I heard the others coming. Sidney finally stopped struggling as they came into the room. When she looked into my face I sighed, “My life is my own. I will not let you use me as an excuse.”

Sidney’s face reddened, “I wasn’t…”

I squeezed her and let her go, “You would and that would hurt me more than what you have already done.”

As she moved off me, I sat up and undid the ties around my ankles as everyone stood around the bed shifting their feet. I moved to the side of the bed and sat. I looked at each of the women, “did you think forcing me would make me forgive and forget? You want my forgiveness than give yourself to me.”

I stood and went to my closet for pants. I stopped on my way out, “I’m not talking about one time, one hour or one day. You have had years as whores, I want your next thirty.”

I kissed my mom’s cheek and Sidney’s and slowly reached towards Ellie, only to drop my arm before it touched her. I left and went into the kitchen where I put on a pot of water. It was almost thirty minutes before they walked into the kitchen. I was sitting at my table drinking tea and mom walked straight to me and bent to kiss my cheek, “I belong to you now, for as long as you want.”

She stood and walked towards the tea pot and Georgia and Sammie walked up to me. They both caressed my face and Sammie whispered, “Us too.”

I watched them move towards the counter and mom. Ellie had her arm around Rachael as she moved towards me. Rachael was grinning but Ellie almost looked afraid. She stopped in front of me, “Alright Paul, but my sister wants to be included.”

I looked at Rachael and then into Ellie’s face, “until or unless she finds a man she wants to spend her time with.”

She smiled slowly and nodded before stepping back with her sister. I looked at a tearful Sidney. She finally took a breath and walked to me. She sat on my lap carefully, like she expected me to stop her. She leaned against my chest, “Paul, I don’t know if I can be a one man woman.”

I put my arm around her waist, “Is it the sex?”

Sidney shook her head, “No, I got over that year’s ago. It’s the thrill of being with a man, for a nice dinner, a show or sometimes a party. I like being a show thing they flash at their friends.”

I smiled as I gave her a squeeze, “So be an escort and not a prostitute. I can introduce you to a hundred guys that just need a woman to accompany them.”

She looked up in my face, “They all want sex after…”

I smiled, “Not all. The ones that call you now do because that’s what they expect from the start. Make up your mind Sidney, stay a whore or give yourself to me.”

She looked at me and then nodded, “Alright Paul, I’m yours.”

I patted her hip and stood, I walked calmly to Ellie and took her hand. I looked around the room, “You should start canceling your plans. Sidney, that means your old business. When Ellie and I are done, I’ll get with you.”

I led Ellie back into my room and closed the door. I turned to her, “I can never be your first. But will you be my first and make love to me?”

She smiled as she reached for my pants and undid them. I let her pull my pants down and then reached out with shaking fingers to undress her. I pulled her to the bed and laid her back before lying down beside her and caressing her naked body, “I used to dream of doing this.”

Ellie looked at me and reached up to put her finger on my lips. She kissed down my body and started licking my cock before putting it in her mouth. I shuddered at the feel of her tongue and then groaned as she began fucking my cock with her mouth. I held the bed covers in my fists and in only a couple of minutes I felt myself starting to cum, “I’m going to cum.”

She didn’t stop and I groaned as I spurted cum in her mouth. She kept mouth fucking my cock and swallowing as I spurted large clumps of cum. When I finished, she licked my cock and then grinned up at me. She moved up my body and hesitated before kissing me. She pulled on me as she rolled and I ended up between her legs. Her warm hand guided my cock and then my hips thrust.

I shuddered as my thick cock slipped into her. The feel of her warm, slippery pussy was amazing. I looked into her face to see her eyes wide in surprise as I slowly pushed to the back of her pussy. I fucked her with slow, deep strokes and Ellie shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock. She held me against her shaking body, “You feel so good Paul.”

I kissed her and fucked her hard for a minute before going back to deep, slow thrusts. Ellie jerked and spasmed as her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock. I pushed against her womb and humped her. She shuddered and groaned, “Fuck!”

I pulled out and pushed back in slowly as my cock throbbed. I fucked her hard with short, grinding strokes and she gasped as I finally pushed her womb open and spewed cum. She spasmed and jerked as she felt my warm cum pumping into her. I shuddered as I spewed and spurted and then sighed when it was over. Ellie laughed shakily, “I think you need to cum more often.”

I kissed her and slowly pulled out and lay next to her and cupped one of her breasts. Ellie sighed and moved closer to snuggle, “I’m sorry.”

I caressed her, “Well, you don’t have to wonder what another man will feel like.”

She was silent and finally kissed me, “What are you going to do?”

I kissed her forehead, “Start a private escort service at my resort, nothing to do with sex though.”

Ellie grinned, “They will like that.”

I smiled and caressed her beautiful body, “I meant what I said Ellie. I can’t neglect them or you.”

Ellie turned to caress my face, “I’ll tell you a secret. We aren’t horny everyday. Sometimes we pretend with clients.”

I looked at her, “Did you just pretend?”

She smiled and moved to kiss me before looking into my eyes, “I enjoyed every moment.”

I rolled out of bed, “come shower with me and then I need to start planning.”

I walked out to find only Sidney still here and she smiled, “Everyone went home to pack.”

I looked at Ellie, “What about Rachael?”

Ellie smiled, “She lives with me. Mom and dad found out what she was doing a couple of months ago and threw us out.”

I nodded, “In that case, you need to go pack.”

She came into my arms and kissed me before slipping away and leaving. I looked at Sidney biting her lip, “Go pack and come back.”

She nodded hesitantly and left. I spent a couple of hours making calls and then went to pack. They all showed up at once as I was putting my suitcase in my car. I went into the front room and waited until they were all inside. I smiled at the little girl whose hand mom was holding. I looked at them all, “Tomorrow morning you can follow me to the resort. You are going to be hostesses. We will be staying in two connecting cottages until I find a large house for us. If you get horny tell me.”

I waited and Rachael cleared her throat. I nodded, “go to my room and undress.”

She grinned and looked at the others before heading down the hall. Ellie was smiling after her and I gestured, “Anyone else?”

Georgia laughed, “Yeah us.”

I lifted an eyebrow and she grinned before grabbing Sammie’s hand and pulling her into the hall. I gestured to the couch, “It pulls out into a bed.”

I looked at the little girl and sighed. I stepped forward and knelt as she moved half behind mom’s leg, “I’m your brother Paul.”

She looked up at mom and mom smiled at her and picked her up. I stood, “There’s a small guest room to the right.”

I hesitated and then kissed mom and moved to Sidney. I kissed her and caressed her face before going to Ellie and embracing her. I kissed her and she sighed before I released her. I headed towards my room and started taking my clothes off. When I walked in the door, Rachael, Georgia and Sammie were on the bed naked. I smiled and moved towards the bed and reached for Rachael and pulled her to the edge.

I glanced at Sammie and Georgia as they grinned and kissed before lifting Rachael’s legs and spreading them. I smiled into her face and winked before kneeling and licking through her pussy. She gasped, “OH!”

Sammie and Georgia laughed and came closer to kiss and caress her as I began teasing her clit and sucking on it. Rachael shuddered constantly and her pussy kept opening and closing. She was very wet and started having spasms before bucking and pushing my face away. Georgia laughed, “Damn Paul, I’ve never seen a guy do that.”

I smiled as I stood and opened Rachael’s legs wider. I bent my cock and pushed into her tight pussy. She groaned as her pussy tightened around my cock and her body began convulsing, “FUCK!

I fucked her with firm thrusts that pushed my cock deeper each time I pushed into her. When I reached her cervix Rachael screamed and thrashed around harder, “OH MY GOD!”

I slowed and just held her and a couple of minutes later she slowly relaxed, “Damn.”

Sammie and Georgia both laughed as I pulled out and helped a shaking Rachael stand. I kissed her passionately which made her shudder and moan again. I turned her towards the door, “Did you want more or are you ready to sleep?”

She grinned as she started for the door, “I’ll sleep like a baby now.”

I smiled and turned towards my cousins, “As for you two.”

They grinned and Sammie lay back spreading her legs. I crawled onto the bed and between her legs before covering her clit and gently biting it. She jerked and shuddered as Georgia laughed and moved over her to kiss her, “Slut.”

I licked through her pussy and teased her clit and Sammie shuddered and began moaning. I nibbled on her inner lips before sucking on her clit again and she bucked and shuddered before pushing my face away. Georgia grinned and tugged on one of her nipples, “Fuck her Paul.”

I moved up her body and pushed into her wet pussy all the way to her cervix. She grunted and moaned, “Shit!”

Georgia laughed and rubbed her tits on me as I began to fuck Sammie. I started with short, grinding thrusts with my cock pressed against her womb. It wasn’t long before she planted her feet on the bed. She was panting as she shuddered and her pussy spasmed around my cock. I began fucking her with long, deep thrusts that pushed my cock into her cervix.

Sammie stiffened and then started jerking and thrashing around. Her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock as I finally planted it in her belly and started spewing a huge, gushing torrent of cum. She screamed as she felt the warm flood pouring into her and lifted her hips, “GEORGIA!”

I held her as I pumped and spurted in her womb. When I stopped cumming Georgia was still against us, “She has never done that before.”

Sammie sighed and relaxed as I slowly pulled out of her, “I never had a guy pump cum into my womb before.”

Georgia grinned and rolled onto her back, “My turn.”

I shook my head and reached out to tug on a nipple, “After I lick your pussy.”

She laughed as she looked at Sammie, “I knew we made the right choice.”

I turned and moved down her body before pushing her legs open and leaning in to lick through her wet pussy. Georgia shuddered and her hips lifted, “mmmm!”

I nibbled on her inner lips before moving to her clit. I covered it and started sucking as I used the tip of my tongue to tease her. Georgia groaned and thrust her hips up as she jerked and shook. I pushed my tongue up inside her and then licked her before nibbling on her labia. I went back to sucking on her clit and teasing it as she jerked and spasmed. She was moaning as she lifted her hips and then she started to convulse.

I nibbled on her clit and Georgia howled as she squirted and thrashed around. I moved up her body and pushed into her in one long, slow thrust. She groaned and put her arms and legs around me as I began to fuck her. By the time I was fucking against her womb she was jerking and thrusting back erratically. She kept spasming and jerking as her pussy squeezed my cock and she squirted.

It was several minutes before I pushed her womb open and by then she was incoherent. She was bucking and thrashing around as her wet pussy spasmed and milked my cock. I fucked her hard as she howled and wailed. I finally thrust into her and shuddered as my throbbing cock erupted. Georgia screamed and lifted her hips as I began spewing great, gushing streams into her.

I shook as I pumped and spurted and spewed. When I stopped she shuddered hard and dropped to the bed. I kissed her and pulled out and laid between her and Sammie. Sammie was grinning as she caressed my chest and put her head on my shoulder. It was a minute before Georgia caught her breath and turned to snuggle up on my other side.

I woke to my alarm and looked at Sammie and Georgia before moving out from under them. I shut the alarm off and woke my cousins before walking out. I woke Sidney, Ellie and Rachael in the front room before going into the guestroom. Mom had my sister snuggled against her but opened her eyes as I stopped beside the bed. She smiled and whispered, “I’m horny.”

I reached in and lifted my sister and carried her out to Sidney. I grinned and kissed her, “Watch her for a few minutes?”

She smiled and nodded as she pulled out shower stuff. I went back to the guest room and mom had thrown the covers back and was fingering her pussy. I moved onto the bed and between her legs before kissing her as I pushed into her. She moaned as her warm pussy tightened and I stopped against her womb. I fucked her with long, slow, deep thrusts.

She grunted when my cock slammed into her womb. She jerked and shuddered as I kept fucking her, stopping to grind each time. It wasn’t long before she was shaking as her warm pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I kissed her as I buried my cock in her and rubbed against her. Mom jerked and cried out as she began to shudder violently.

I went back to fucking her with long thrusts and she wrapped her legs around my waist. She continued to shake and wail as I kept fucking her. After about ten minutes I thrust into her and held her spasming body as I began to pee a thick stream of cum. Mom stiffened and screamed as warm sperm flooded her womb. I stopped and shivered before thrusting forward to spew another huge gushing stream.

Mom jerked and twisted as I kept flooding her with cum. After I pumped a huge third and then fourth and fifth time I was done and relaxed. Cum was leaking out of her as she lay under me twitching. I kissed her and she groaned, “God baby.”

I smiled as I pulled out, “I cum a lot the first time in the morning.”

She grinned and followed me out of bed. After showers they loaded up and followed me as I drove away. It was a couple of hours before I pulled into the resort. I walked into the lobby as everyone waited in the cars. I had been here several times so they knew who I was. I picked up the keys and went back to show everyone to the cottages.

The first thing I did was unlock the interconnecting doors. Everyone seemed excited and Sidney hesitantly slipped her hand into mine, “Paul?”

I looked at her and she looked down. “Fuck me?”

I smiled and squeezed her hand, “The two cottages have six bedrooms altogether.”

I pulled my sister after me and into one of the master bedrooms before turning her and starting to undress her. I pushed her towards the bed before starting to strip. I followed her onto the bed and caressed her naked body before moving over her and between her legs. I kissed her softly and then began moving down. She groaned as I spread her legs and opened her pussy.

I licked through it and pushed my tongue up inside her. I nibbled on her labia and then covered her clit and sucked while using my tongue to tease it. Sidney shuddered and lifted her hips as I kept licking and using my tongue on her clit. It was awhile before I moved up her shaking body. I kissed her and lifted up before slowly pushing into her.

She groaned as my thick cock stretched her pussy and pushed into her to stop against her cervix. I kissed her again and began to fuck her slowly. Her hips lifted to meet mine and slowly her breathing changed. Five minutes later she cried out and started jerking and thrashing around. Her pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock as she clung to me and I pushed into her womb.

I fucked her hard and began to grind against her each time I buried my cock. Sidney kept wailing as she continued to jerk and shake. I started kissing her softly as I fucked her and she moaned and hugged me tight. I began to fuck her with deep strokes as I got closer to cumming. She lifted her legs and spread them as her wails turned to howls.

A few minutes later I thrust into her and held on as I peed a stream of cum. Sidney stiffened and then sighed as she jerked and shook. I pumped huge, gushing spurts into her womb until it was bulging. I kissed her softly when I stopped cumming and slowly pulled out. She groaned and shuddered before grinning at me, “I’ve never done bareback before.”

I rubbed a nipple, “Get used to it.”

I moved off the bed, “we need to unpack and I need to go see the manager.”

At first he seemed hesitant about the idea of escorts until I explained there was not to be any sex involved. I had mom and the girls take pictures in nice gowns and gave them to the manager to be posted as hostesses. I told him that Rachael was not to escort any men older then eighteen. By dinner time everyone had explored most of the resort.

I walked into the cottage and caught little Ivy as she ran into me screaming. She went wide eyed and tried to pull away as I lifted her and held her, “evening wear for dinner. Tomorrow morning each of you are to be measured for gowns.”

I looked at Ivy as her lip quivered, “As for you little miss, do you know how to swim?”

Mom laughed as she crossed to me, “No, we haven’t taught her yet.”

I nodded and handed her to mom, “Then you can get with the manager and ask about lessons.”

I looked at the girls, “Anyone...”

Ellie laughed as she walked towards me, “I am.”

I smiled and took her hand before turning to walk back to my bedroom. I undressed her beside the bed and she moved on while I undressed. I followed her and kissed her as my hand caressed her and cupped one of her breasts. Ellie sighed and turned to push me back before straddling me, “I really want you inside me.”

I caressed her hips and sides before lifting her and then my cock. She positioned her pussy and slowly pushed down to slip my cock into her. She shivered and sighed as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock. She put her hands on my chest and smiled as she began to rock. She twisted and rolled her hips as her pussy started grasping and squeezing my cock each time she buried it.

It was a minute before my cock was pushing open her cervix and sliding in. Ellie jerked and shuddered hard as she rubbed her pussy back and forth on me. She wet me as she began to shake and twist. I pulled her down before rolling and fucking her with long thrusts. She lifted her legs and howled as I buried my cock and started grinding.

I continued to fuck her with long thrusts and enjoyed feeling her pussy as it spasmed and grasped at my cock. I pushed into her a few minutes later as she howled and started to hump, grind and jab slowly. Ellie bucked and thrashed around as her pussy tightened and kept squeezing my cock. I went fast and hard and slow with grinding thrusts. By the time I felt the need to cum she was shuddering erratically and incoherent.

I pushed into her and held on as I gushed a huge jet of cum. Ellie jerked and lifted her legs as her pussy tightened, “YYYYEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

I pumped large spurts into her and when I was done she was shaking as she panted and giggled. She shook me and pulled me down for a passionate kiss. I pulled out and caressed her body as she smiled, “Thank you Paul.”

I helped her out of bed and into the shower to wash. She left to find something nice for dinner as I started dressing. For the first year the women loved being a show piece for some rich guy. I fucked them when they needed it and Ellie was the first to get pregnant and then mom. That started Sidney and my cousins thinking and right before mom had our daughter, Sidney asked me to get her pregnant.

Of course Sammie and Georgia did it together after her. At least Rachael waited until she graduated before getting pregnant. The sudden pregnancies brought other changes and I found myself out of the escort business. We have a large home not to far from the resort. The women love to show off and I am more then happy to let them.
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