This is the sequel to "The Last White MILF", but it is also a stand-alone story so there is no need to refer to the previous story. This story features a different set of characters, and the basic "plot" is about Earth defeating bad aliens who try to invade after their solar system crashes into the one in which Earth orbits.
Destruction of the Enemy Planets

by Mr Schlock


In the distant future...
The Earth has been partially destroyed by the collision of its solar system with another one. As a result, a fifth of the planet has been reduced to pieces of rock (asteroids) just floating in space, while Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn have been completely destroyed. The surviving people of Earth have also found out that they are not alone in this universe; two planets orbiting the second sun are inhabited by people, who are more advanced in technology than the collective nations of Earth on which there are no countries or political groups any more. Chaos reigns on Earth and people have banded together in gangs and mobs to survive the hostile terrain that Earth has become with its magma core leaking out in large fissures caused by the solar system collision. The gravity of Earth is unstable in certain places so people are careful not to go near them otherwise they fall out of the world and into space where certain death awaits them. That is not all that the surviving people of Earth must face; the two inhabited planets from the other solar system have decided to conquer Earth and its people. They have taken large pieces of space debris and melded them together to form war ships in which they transport soldiers to launch attacks on Earth. At first the Earthlings are terrified and can only run and hide, but they soon begin to rally together and fight back. Soon the fighting changes from defensive to offensive tactics and it seems like Earth stands a chance of defeating the alien invaders.

Brilliant minds in the fighting groups of Earth have come up with ways to build weapons and even war ships capable of holding out against, and destroying the enemy vessels. Ninety percent of Earth's remaining population are living inside giant ships made from large chunks of the Earth's crust and mantle. Even though they have the ability to go out to space, out of sentiment, most of the Earth groups have decided to hover within their beloved - but seemingly doomed - planet's atmosphere to meet the enemy and wage war against them. The enemy is also an interesting entity. They are humanoid just as the sentient inhabitants of Earth, but they have blue skin and green hair, the shades of the two colors varying from individual to individual. They are ruled by their queen Belaxa and her two sons, Gabosk and Pixon.


Victor Feng pounded his fist into his palm. "Yes! I know how we can destroy the two enemy planets!" His fellow scientist, Mason Kavulo, raised an eyebrow with interest, "Whoa. How did we go from defeating individual enemy ships to destroying enemy planets?" Feng pointed at his computer monitor and said, "Watch this simulation." He hit the Run key on his keyboard. Kavulo watched as a gallon of Earth's molten core was put in a large three-foot long metal capsule. The capsule was then flown by spaceship to a volcano on one of the enemy planets. When the capsule dropped and landed in the magma of the volcano, it went on autopilot and dove deep into the core of the planet. There it exploded and a chain reaction that took a simulated half hour, destroyed the planet in a bright cosmic storm of pink energy. When the simulation ended, Kavulo asked, "Is that a special capsule or something? I mean, how was it able to destroy the whole planet." Feng replied, "The capsule is high-tech equipment, but the real trick are the contents of the enemy planets' cores. Unlike our Earth, their planets' cores consist of a conglomeration of unique molten substances unknown to our world. How do I know this? My brother who is a lieutenant in the Earth Legion flew a small and fast ship into one of the enemy planets' atmospheres and saw a volcano leaking lava. He noticed that the color of the lava was green rather than red-orange-yellow so he took a sample and delivered part of it to me and the other part to the Earth Legion's military scientists. They have probably come to the same conclusion that I have: we can destroy the enemy planets with one shot each!"


There are many groups of Earth fighters fighting against the alien invaders; some groups are large and even have their own governing structures, while others are small and very flexible, but they all work towards one common goal: complete destruction of the enemy. Never has any group come into conflict with another, though sometimes they get confused when two or more groups in a fight with the enemy converge on one enemy or the same fighting arena. One small group is the team of Alexander, a Congolese man, and his teenage partner in battle, Jade, a girl of Japanese and Iranian parentage. They have just blasted three large alien vessels out of the sky from their subterranean base located in a part of the world that used to be known as Italy. Now they celebrate and Alexander is sitting on a large cushion-like furniture shaped like a human hand with its palms upward. He is naked and soon approached by Jade wearing nothing but a sash tied around her waist. Alexander smiles, filled with lust, and Jade turns so her ass is facing toward him. Running a hand through her long, night black, shiny hair, she rotates her hips so he can see her gorgeous desert sand-colored ass move sensually. She turns her head and looks at him from the corner of her vision and asks him, "You want to fuck this teen pussy, Mr Alien Destroyer?" He nods his head. She asks him, "You wanna push that big awesome black cock of yours up my pussy right now?" He growls, "Yes!" She lifts the sash that barely conceals her butt and raises it up to her waist so her bare ass is in full view for Alexander. "I bet you even want to pump this ass until I can't walk or sit properly for a week." She laughs, "Heck, you probably want to fuck me so badly all over so much that I'll go comatose!" He groans just thinking about it. She continues, taking slow, deliberate strides towards him, "I bet you five hundred alien heads, you wouldn't wait for me to recover; you'll want me so bad, you'll ravage me while my body is still recovering from shock. Is that true?" He nods his head.

She goes to him and mounts herself on his big black pole. Alexander bends her backwards a bit while supporting her with his hands. In this position, he leans forward and sucks her muffin-sized breasts. Jade slowly rocks her hips as he adores her tits with his mouth and tongue. She moans from the combined pleasures of his mouth on her breasts and her rocking herself on his cock. After five minutes, he pulls her to himself and embraces her, kissing her and beginning to pump his cock upwards into her beautiful soft cunt. Her cry of "Mmmmmmmmm" is muffled as he is tonguing her. She clasps her knees to his hips and he increases the power of his thrusting until all she knows is ecstasy and the lovely sound of his balls and hips smacking against her ass and labia. After twenty pleasure-filled minutes, Jade pushes Alexander back into a reclining position (the seat adjusts itself so he can lay back with the middle finger backrest going further back in a semi-rude gesture) and rides him hard. He cums first and she continues to go bareback on him until she drenches his cock and hips with her cum.


The military intelligence of the aliens have taken it upon themselves to abduct random Earthlings for questioning. In a room of the military intelligence building located five miles from the royal castle, a female abductee named Milonna, a cute Iraqi-Israeli teen, is being interrogated by an experienced operative, Luboff. Barefoot and wearing a simple pink dress, Milonna sits in the corner of the interrogation room combing her dark brown hair with an antagonistic glare directed at Luboff. By Earth standard, he is twenty years of age, but he actually looks like he were in his forties. His race, who call themselves Baerin, have half the life span of the average Earthling, but they breed like rabbits. Continuing with the next question, he asks, "What is the name of the continent on which we abducted you? I'm curious to learn about your planet, despite the fact that it will soon be destroyed." Milonna perks up and says, "It's the continent of We're Going to Kick Your Ass." She smiles impishly at him and soon resumes frowning. "And how old are you?" She answers, "Old enough to kick your ass too!" Luboff rubs his forehead, "You must be very antagonistic for your age." He pauses as if catching an idea in the air, and asks, "Are your parents still alive or did they get burned to a crisp by our advanced energy beam weapons?" He smiles at her and she rushes at him, taking a swing with her fist, but he is lightning fast. In a split second he has swiftly and gently directed her fist off its intended course and whirled her bodily around, pushed her dress up to her mid-torso, cut her underwear, tossing it aside, and slipped his firm blue cock into her teen pussy. Before she realizes what has happened, Luboff has made five graceful strokes into her pussy and is holding her hips in an alien way that fills her with pleasure and longing for more. "Nooooo," she cries, and says, "Don't stop! Give me more! I hate you, but don't stop it please!"

Luboff pinches her nipples while she is on all fours in the interrogation room. He expertly massages her scalp as he plows into her soft teen cunt. In a gentle ethereal voice he asks, "Have you ever been penetrated in this way before?" She answers, "No." "Is it common for your species to mate at your age?" She moans and says, "I don't...mmmfff - know. Don't stop." "According to our data, it is fairly common, though most Earthlings seem to desire the females of their species giving birth to young while in their twenties." "Mmmmmmm, fuck, maybe, mmmmmm." He says, "Would you like for us to continue this interrogation in my private residence?" Milonna nods her head and winces as he slips his cock into her ass and pounds away into her bowels.

They arrive at Luboff's private residence. First he serves her a meal that she finds edible and not off-putting. Five minutes after she has had her meal, he asks her, "Do you feel okay?" She nods her head. "Maybe strong enough to kick my ass?" She smiles, then frowns, smiles, and frowns, not able to make a stable facial expression. Finally she walks to an adjacent room where she finds furniture of a sort that she's sure must be for sitting/reclining/sleeping. Seating herself down on one of these, she takes her comb and begins combing her hair. After a minute, she senses Luboff come into the room. He watches her combing and asks, "Would you like me to comb your hair for you?" She holds out the comb to him and he tilts her head slightly against his pelvis, combing her hair softly. Then he sets the comb down and freeing his cock from his lower clothing, he runs it through her hair. He can tell by her closed eyes and dreamy expression that she likes her hair being combed this way by his thick blue cock.

At intervals, he combs her hair with fingers, massaging her scalp at the same time while he slowly flexes his hips, rubbing his cock up and down her face. Every time his meat brushes over her lips, she kisses it and he allows it to linger so she can kiss longer, then he moves it around to the rest of her face. Her breathing rate increases and he is pleased by this effect. Still combing her hair with his fingers, he gently takes her jaw and applies his fingers in way that she understands and opens her mouth. He slips his cock inside her mouth and she closes her lips around it, pleasuring him as he guides his shaft back and forth through her oral cavity. She applies her mouth and begins sucking softly on his blue dick. He pulls out and presses it to her lips so she kisses it, then he inserts it back into her mouth. This motion is repeated three times. After five minutes of this, he takes her head in his hands and she understands that he's going to fuck her face deep. Soon his cock is hitting the back of her throat and making her gag while his blue balls bang against her chin. Luboff groans and goes faster in and out of her for two minutes before pulling his shaft partially out of her mouth so only his phallus is inside her. She knows he's about to unleash something because she can sense activity in his balls and tensing of cock muscles. He blasts silver jets of cum into her mouth. Milonna can feel it hitting the back of her throat, and after ten seconds, he spurts the side walls of her oral cavity, covering everything inside with his cum. Finally he jerks himself off for fifteen seconds before asking if she would like to see him drop large globules of silver cum into her open mouth. She nods eagerly and opens her mouth upward like a baby bird hungry for the worm its mother will feed it. Luboff tilts her head back further so she is facing up vertically and can see his blue cock as he ejects big pearly glob after glob of cum into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm," she says swirling the semen around in her mouth before swallowing it reverently. Then she opens her mouth again and he graciously gives her another series of silver cum globules that she catches in her mouth for savoring and digestion.


"I am worried," says Queen Belaxa. She is in her bedroom with a white sheet half covering her buxom and delightfully naked blue body. "Worried about what?" says her son Gabosk, naked and now flinging the white sheet covering his mother's body over onto the floor. He slips into the bed and spoons up beside her, nudging his blue cock against her shapely blue bubble butt. Belaxa makes a happy sound and squirms her lower body so that Gabosk's cock is wedged stuck between the hills of her ass. He murmurs, "You're imprisoning my cock, mother." She smiles, reaching behind her to knead his torso and ass. "You will always be my prisoner, until the day I die." "Yes, mother," he says and kisses her green hair, reaching over her to lovingly grasp her left boob that is perfect (along with the right) and more valuable than any jewel of equal size. He asks again, "What are you worried about?" She says, "The Earthlings. They are putting up an unbelievable fight and now the situation has turned from an invasion into a war - a war they may win." In an attempt to instill confidence in his mother, Gabosk says, "They can never defeat us, mother. They are an inferior species who do not deserve to exist. We will wipe them out and do the universe a favor." She turns around to face him and adjusts herself a bit so his phallus is partially embedded in her royal bald blue pussy. "Thank you, son, for those words of encouragement. But you know that it will take more than words to bring me out of my despair." She looks into his eyes, giving him an all-too-familiar look. Gabosk squirms and pushes his shaft halfway into her and she sighs. "Of course, mother. The time for me to make love to you is long overdue." The guards standing outside the royal bedroom once again have the opportunity to hear the cries of her majesty being ravished by her son.

Pixon enters the royal bedroom and closes the door. Turning he sees his elder brother breast fucking their queen mother. Pixon grins and says, "Is everyone having a wonderful time?" As Gabosk pushes his cock between the two breasts held up to him and into Belaxa's mouth for a brief sucking, he says "Either join us or shut up!" Pixon laughs and strips off his clothing. His cock is very erect and he approaches the bed, but doesn't get on it. "What?" asks Gabosk. "I've never really seen you titty fuck mother," says Pixon. Gabosk slows his rapid sliding of cock between his mother's beautiful orbs and takes the tone of an instructor, "You see, brother, you just take your cock like this..." Belaxa includes, "And I bring my breasts together like this." Gabosk continues, "And you slide it in like so, back and forth." The queen mother adds, "It's even better when you let mommy suck on your cock as it nears her mouth." Pixon is very very hard now. He has breast fucked his mother before many times, but this little instruction from his brother and mother sends him over the top. Sometimes its not what you do, but how you do it that has the greater effect.

Pixon says, "Thank you for that little lesson, brother. I think I'll try practice it if you don't mind." He looks at his mother and asks, "You don't mind if both your sons straddle you and get you all cocked up?" "Not at all," says Belaxa smiling. Pixon puts both his knees on either side of the bed with his mother's body in the middle. Smiling at her, he lowers himself until his balls rest on his mother's breasts. "Mmmm, you have a lovely set of balls, Pixon." He gets lower and Belaxa sandwiches his balls between her boobs. "What do you call that, mother?" She answers, "A balls sandwich" and laughs. Aiming his cock, he inserts it into her mouth so she can suck on it, and she sucks very well. Meanwhile, Gabosk is straddling the lower part of Belaxa's body. He presses his cock to her labia, and she slightly parts her legs, allowing him to penetrate her and to proceed fucking her pussy. They have sex in this way for ten minutes before Pixon lays facing upwards on the bed and Belaxa lays facing upwards on top of him and Gabosk gets on top of her. Pixon plugs her ass with his cock and Gabosk fills her pussy from up top. Belaxa screams in joy as her sons begin to move their bodies and fuck her two holes hard. They sandwich fuck the queen for a good twenty minutes before adjusting their position so that she is laying on her right side and Pixon is raising her left leg so Gabosk can fuck her pussy facing her and he can continue pumping her ass from behind. Ten minutes later they switch her onto her left side, but Pixon takes her pussy from the front, this time facing her, and Gabosk spoons her from behind to fuck her juicy ass with his cock. In one hour they have drenched the bed in silver cum. "I say we move this to the floor," suggests Pixon. Looking to her horny sons, Belaxa says, "I agree. Besides, it's been a while since I've been royally fucked on the floor." They take it to the floor and after thirty minutes, the queen requests the guards enter her room. They obey the queen's orders. She tells the four guards, "I want all four of you to gang fuck me in the presence of my sons." In a few seconds, Gabosk and Pixon have front row seats to the gang fucking of their queen mother. She gets smashed with four cocks in all her holes and has her entire body coated with silver cum, finally collapsing to the floor unconscious and satiated. The brothers dismiss the guards with princely gratitude.


The Earth Legion spacecraft zips downward to the entrance of the volcano, and with a display of expert precision, the pilot launches the capsule in the craft's bottom compartment into the boiling green magma. Passing over the volcano, the spacecraft does a down and upward diagonal u-turn and flies like an arrow up into the stratosphere of the enemy planet and out of its orbit in another twenty-six seconds. The pilot is lost in contemplation of what he has done and almost misses the brilliant display of the enemy planet's destruction. The last scene of the planet's death is a large glowing ball of random pink explosions, and its gone in a matter of one minute, reduced to nothing but a cluster of hot ash that freezes in seconds due to the icy cold of space. One enemy planet down, says the pilot to himself. One more to go. The spacecraft makes its journey back to Earth, dodging the debris of destroyed planets and war ships.

There is a huge celebration in Earth Legion Base 1 located in the middle of the Sahara desert. Spacecraft call sign Deathbird Zero lands on the launch pad silently, but that is off no consequence because cheers are erupting around it from happy and excited soldiers and the pilot exits his cockpit to have ribbons, balloons, and confetti showered upon him. "Way to go, Rahl!" "Hooray! We killed an enemy planet!" "Fuck the aliens!" "Earthlings rock!" The Arabian pilot hugs those who want hugs, shakes hands with the hand shakers, signs the first initial of his name in Arabic on those who want autographs, kisses Gina Riyez (Argentinian commander of the base), and sucks the bare tits (with whipped cream on each nipple) offered to him by the laughing/smiling female personnel of the base's Scan Station 3. Deathbird Zero is also honored with streamers and pictures taken, nude women posing next to and on top of it. In the ensuing basewide orgy, Rahl makes his way to his quarters, mindful to greet everyone he meets along the way. But in his mind, he can think of only one person he wants to be with: Lorna Santiago, his sexy Filipino wife.

Only ten yards separate him from her quarters when Nigel Botswoka, a fellow pilot from Nigeria, intercepts him. "Hey, Rahl, you rock!" Rahl is a bit miffed, but not wanting to be snobbish at a time like this, he pauses and says, "Hi, Nigel. Thanks. How was it while I was away?" Nigel seems a bit preoccupied by something, but he smiles and says, "Nervous, very nervous, but we had a ton of faith in you." "Thank you, Nigel. That means a lot to me." He pats Nigel on the shoulder and points to his destination and says, "I have an appointment I don't want to miss, if you know what I mean," he winks at Nigel. Strangely, Nigel seems frightened and places an almost restraining hand on his shoulder. He disguises his feelings by putting up a cheerful face and suggesting they go to the orgy and drink a few rounds while watching everyone get naked and depraved. "I've just come from that place. You go, I have to be somewhere else. Have fun." Nigel drops his pretense and says, "Really, Rahl, let's go anywhere you want to go other than Lorna's quarters." Rahl is immediately irritated by this and lashes out, "What the fuck is your problem, man?" "Nothing. Why don't you talk to Lorna tomorrow morning in the public food court?" "What's wrong with me seeing her now?" "Nothing, but... yeah, there is something wrong with that." "What?!" "She's 'busy' with some ... stuff." "Well, believe me, no one is too busy for me at this moment, especially Lorna." He turns and walks to her quarters and knocks on her door. Nigel calls after him, "Last chance to enjoy this night, Rahl. How about it?" "Shut up!" He knocks again and it seems like Lorna is not in. She must be celebrating in another part of the base or maybe he missed her on his way here.

He is about to turn around when he hears Lorna's strained voice. He thinks she must be struggling with something and can't here his knocks. He knocks louder. No response. Her voice again, "Ohhh, oohh, ahh!" A smacking noise getting louder, a man's ragged breathing, and then Lorna, "Aaaahhhh, ffffuuuuuckk, ohh, ohh, fuuuck!" Rahl backs away as if he was hit by a physical blow. Nigel grabs him from behind and says quietly and fiercely, "You are coming with me, and we are getting drunk! Tonight you're going to get your brains fucked out by at least ten of the most gorgeous babes alive on this planet, I'll make sure of it! Come on, Rahl! Leave this alone and you can attend to it TOMORROW!!" Rahl yells furiously and says, "Let me go, Nigel, you fucking bastard, let me go! Why didn't you tell me about this?" indicating Lorna's quarters. "It's been going on ever since you were away on the special training and conditioning before the mission. Come on, Rahl, your life's not over." Rahl goes limp sobbing and Nigel slackens his grip until he is cradling rather than restraing his fellow pilot. Rahl slumps to the floor and after a minute, there is a pool of tears where his head lays. Nigel sheds a tear in sympathy and pulls out a sedative from his pocket, injecting it in his friend's buttock, instantly rendering the hero pilot unconscious.


The alien guard ships have no idea where the intruder came from, but he or she did leave a trail of battle-torn ships behind his or her trail. They fire their energy beam weapons, but the intruder craft deftly dodges their shots. The pilot of the last guard ship absentmindedly looks behind him through his rear ship view screen and cries in shock. "Baerinzi Two! Baerinzi Two is, is, is-" His fellow pilots in the other guard ships refer to their rear view screens as well and take a look at their last remaining planet, Baerinzi Two. "FUCK!" cries one of them. Great pink fissures visible from space are beginning to appear on the surface of their planet. "SHIT!" "No, no, no, noooo!!" They do not get to witness the complete destruction of their planet because they are all fired upon and destroyed by a combined force of Earth Legion and other smaller Earth groups' war ships.

The pilot who destroyed Baerinzi Two lands her spacecraft on a launch pad in Earth Legion Base 2 located in Greenland. The celebration party/orgy started even before she re-entered Earth's rapidly deteriorating atmosphere. Bianca Olu, twenty-three years old and of Hawaiian parentage, somersaults out of Deathbird One's cockpit and lands on her feet, smiling and waving victoriously to those who aren't engaged in sexual madness. She is immediately surrounded by five men and knows that her friends have wired this so that her wish of being cummed on my five guys will come true for her. She enjoys the rest of the night despite the stickiness of cum on her face as she drinks as many rounds as she can take.

The remaining scientists of Earth put their heads together, and with the assistance of outside help (friendly green-skinned aliens with big heads and small bodies), are able to patch up the planet and even add an artificial ring around it on which humans can live and travel to and from the planet whenever they want. They fix up the gravity issue and Earth's irregular orbit around the sun. The friendly aliens get to take the troublesome second sun to their region of space as a fee for their assistance. The scientists are all too happy to let them have it since it's continued presence causes massive exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The extra planets of the second solar system are also given to the aliens because their presence messes with the suns magnetic field, threatening to dislodge the Earth from its solar system. With the added knowledge that they have acquired from recent desperate situations and the friendly aliens, Earth's scientists are able to make the Earth inhabitable for its regular life forms and soon people leave their hovering ships and begin living on terra firma once again, though a good number grow attached to living in perpetual hover over the surface. Either way, it's all good.


Eventually Bianca Olu meets, Rahl, the other pilot who destroyed the first enemy planet. He seems friendly but there is a sadness about him. She thinks its a crime that a hero like him would be sad and not thrilled to be alive despite having an accomplishment of saving his species from invading aliens. Doing a thorough background check on him, she finds out what's bothering him and thinks of how she may be of some help. One night, Rahl receives a note inviting him to her apartment. He arrives at her place at the designated time which is seven in the evening. Bianca lets him in and bids him sit on the sofa. Rahl says, "If you're going to try to seduce me, then you shouldn't even start. I'm over romance and all related crap." Bianca nods her head and says, "No, I'm not going to seduce you. Actually, I wanted to show you an alternative way to be happy." Rahl rolls his eyes, "You're going to turn me into a homo." "Nope." She smiles and strips her clothing. "Okay, see, you just lied to me." She takes off her panties last and looks at him, "No. I said I'm not going to seduce you." "Then why are you taking your clothes off?" "Not for you. For my pal, Rover." "Rover? Who's he?" Bianca calls out, "Come here, Rover." Rahl hears a bark and sees a big orange dog pad into the living room where the two of them are. "This is Rover. Hey, Rover," she cuddles the dog. Rahl notices something weird about the dog: it has a really large brownish pink ball sack and cock. On further examination, he notices that the reproductive organs don't look like they belong to the animal. "What's that between its legs?" he asks. Bianca looks at him reprovingly and says, "Rover is a he not an it." "Okay, what's Rover got between his legs?" "He's a modified pet. What you're indicating is a cross between a man's and a horse's penis and genitalia." Rahls mouth is agape. "Shit!" Rover growls. Bianca says, "He thinks you're prejudiced against him." Rahl coughs, "No. I'm not. I'm cool. Rover, you've got a great tool set there." Bianca laughs and kisses her dog.

Bianca says, "You love mommy don't you, Rover?" The dog barks affirmative. "That's my boy." She gives him a good rubbing. "Rahl over there is feeling a little bit down so I invited him over to show him how you and I love each other. Maybe that'll cheer him up. What do you think?" Rover barks approval. "You wanna start by licking mommy's tits?" The dog begins to lick her tits, licking her nipples, and licking up her entire left breast and her right breast. "Mmmmm, you make mommy feel good." Rover gives a friendly growl. After five minutes, she asks Rover, "You wanna lick mommy's pussy now?" Rover barks yes. Bianca lays back on the carpeted floor with her knees up and legs open and her hands on the floor behind her in support. Rover puts his head between her thighs and begins licking her. She tilts her head back and moans in pleasure. As Rahl hears the sloppy sounds the dog makes as it laps up her pussy, he zips open his fly and out pops his erect cock. He starts to jerk himself off and Bianca brings her head upright again and sees what he's doing. She smiles wickedly at him and flicks her tongue at him in an upward curve. "Mmmmmm, Rover, gooood boy. You see what we're doing: we're making Rahl jerk himself off; we're making him happy." Rover growls approval. "Go deep, Rover. Mommy wants your tongue all the way inside her pussy." Rover does as instructed and Rahl can hear the dog's tongue lapping deep and slopping wetly into her inner flesh. "Aaaaooh" Bianca cries as Rover finds her clitoris and repeatedly nails it with his tongue. "Tongue fuck me yeah, Rover, fuck, fuck, fuck!" She thrusts upward into Rover's face, making his muzzle wet, and like a good dog, he continues to lick his owner. "Ohh, ohh, Rover, ohhh, fuck, yeah, fuck!" She clutches his head and rams her hips and pussy up into his face, fucking herself on her dog's face. In another few seconds she goes wild and hurls her hips madly about, but Rover is focused on her clit and follows it no matter which way she turns. "AAAAAAGGGHHHH, Roverrrrr!" she screams and splashes his face with her love juice. "Ohh, Rover, yeah, you're a good good boy, you're my lover boy, yeah, Rover." She pulls him to her and licks his cum drenched face. He growls love you too.

Rahl spills his semen on her carpet and apologizes. "No need," laughs Bianca. "I'm happy you did. In fact, I'd like you to cum some more; as much as you possibly can." He settles himself back on the sofa. She opens up her legs to Rover again and says, "Now Rover, I want you to fuck me. Fuck mommy please." At that, the dog barks yes and positions itself between her legs with its forepaws on her boobs. It adjusts itself and Bianca also alters her position a bit to accommodate him. Then they are connected: Rover begins pumping that large super man-horse cock of his into her. It's not a slow fuck. It's a dog fuck so he drills her deep and fast. She cries in pain and ecstasy. "Fuuucckk!" Rahl pumps his own cock in sync with Rover. The dog growls as it too feels immense pleasure at fucking his owner's pussy. "Mmmmmnnnnngggg," cries Bianca as she reaches down to rub hers pussy while the dog's monster cock plows in and out at a rapid pace. Rover barks in sexual excitement. Bianca looks at him and says, "Yeah, you love mommy don't you. You wanna fuck mommy so bad huh. You wanna fuck! Yeeeeaaaahhh!" She thrusts madly upwards at her beloved Rover's cock and hits his amazing ball sack. She feels like she has almost broken something inside of her, but being able to touch his ball sack with her cunt is unbelievably hot so she forgets her well being and thrusts upwards like a maniac. "Aaaah, aaahhh, aahhhh, ahhh!!" she cries as Rover pummels her over and over again and she meets his plummeting cock with her own vicious thrusts. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck, fuck, fuck!!" she yells and sweats until perspiration is literally dripping onto the carpet. Rahl shouts as he unleashes a jet of cum and it hits the floor and some lands on Rover and Bianca.

"Come here and give mommy a kiss while you fuck her, Rover," Bianca says. Rover stretches himself forward a bit and both he and his owner passionately lick each other as their genitalia continue to smack erotically together. Rahl only waits a minute before he resumes jerking off again. As Rover continues to fuck her, Bianca looks over to her fellow hero and says, "How do you feel now?" Rahl says, "I feel like I still have some hope left." He smiles, body dripping with sweat and making the sofa wet. Bianca winks at him and says, "You know, we have the entire evening to ourselves. How about we have a fuck marathon? You can call anyone you want and bring them in here, and me and Rover can fuck all day while you do the same. We can watch each other fuck while we're at it." "That sounds like a plan." "Great. Let's dedicate this day to love." "Yeah. To love, and a whole lot of fucking." Rover barks and Bianca screams, laughing as well, as her dog fucks her brains out and her new friend watches and masturbates. It's good to be alive.

The End

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2012-07-11 02:56:15
Lol, what the fuck did i just read :|

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