We had only been married a year. Marie loved to take walks and hold me but our sex life was a wreck. I was lucky to have sex once a week. Once or twice a week Maria would go to her sister’s to spend time and I never had a problem with it. I was an online stock speculator and made good money.

It was a Friday and I was feeling lonely so I decided to go over and keep Maria and her sister Tracy company. When I got to Tracy’s house I noticed a lot of cars. When I walked in the open front door it was to a sight I would never have believed. My wife was on an exam type of table with her arms tied straight out to the side.

She had a ball gag in her mouth and couldn’t turn her head. Her legs were spread in the stirrups and strapped down so that she couldn’t move. She was covered in cum and a man was between her spread legs fucking her. He grunted and shuddered as he jabbed into her over and over before slowly pulling out to let his cum leak out her gapping pussy.

He didn’t turn towards me but I saw his face in the mirror and recognized my dad. It had been almost two weeks since Marie had let me fuck her. I opened my pants and walked into the entryway. I walked between her legs and looked down to see cum leaking from not just her pussy but her ass.

She never let me touch her there. I looked at her white face staring back at me and shoved my cock into her ass in one long thrust. I fucked her with deep thrusts and heard her grunting as her ass tightened. I lasted only a couple of minutes and then I spewed a huge load of cum into her bowels while my cock was buried to my balls.

I pulled out of her and backed up to sit on the stool by the coats. I guess I was hidden because when my mother walked out to rub Marie’s nasty pussy and finger her, she never even saw me. A man I didn’t know came out and mom kissed him, “Fuck the whore and meet me by the pool.”

He grinned as mom walked away and opened his pants. He moved between Marie’s open legs and shoved into her and started fucking her hard, “Take it slut!”

Even from where I sat, I could see her shuddering and shaking as he pounded her. After five minutes he jerked and slammed into her. He held her as he spasmed and then pulled out, “That’s one more load of cum for you whore.”

He walked into the house putting his cock away and I stood up. I moved between her legs and shoved my hard cock into her sloppy pussy and started fucking her. I used deep, hard thrusts she always said she hated because my big cock would push her womb open. This time I didn’t care and kept looking into her face as I fucked her nasty hole.

She was shaking and I felt her pussy squeezing my cock constantly. After almost ten minutes I shoved into her and pumped strong spurts of cum while she grunted through her gag. I finished and pulled out to move back to my stool. It was only a minute before another man walked in with my father. He opened his pants as he walked between her legs, “I always love it when your whore comes to our parties Edward.”

My dad laughed, “To bad my son Ryan doesn’t get to fuck her this often.”

I looked at my dad, his friend didn’t last long and pulled out of Marie to shove his spurting cock into her ass. When he finished, he pulled out and slapped dad on the shoulder, “I’ll be getting a drink.”

Dad wasn’t listening as he shoved his cock into her ass. “I love a sloppy ass, whore.”

He fucked her hard and I heard her grunting and whimpering. After a few minutes he slamming into her and grunted, “There’s more cum for you whore.”

He shuddered and pulled his cock out before heading into the other room. I stood and walked between her legs again. I could feel the tears as they slipped down my face. I slowly pushed into Marie one last time. I used long, slow strokes and felt her pussy gripping my cock. She was crying too as I held her hips ten minutes later and spurted into her. I pulled out and put my cock away before I bent over and kissed her cheek, “Good bye Marie.”

I walked out and went to a truck rental on the way home. When I got home I went into my office and started taking everything apart. It took me an hour to pack everything I owned and leave. I had a small piece of land I inherited just outside the city and I drove there. I hadn’t been here in a couple of years.

The front had tall pine trees to block the property from prying eyes. At the back was a long, wide glass greenhouse. My grandfather had even put in a toilet in the front corner so me or my sister could go to the bathroom. It was late when I finished bringing everything in. My cell had started going off all the time and I just shut it off.

I started growing plants using hydroponics while I worked. I used all of the stock markets and worked twelve to sixteen hours everyday trying to forget. It was a month before anyone found me. It was pouring down rain and I glanced out to see the headlights turn into the narrow path through the pines.

When the small SUV stopped and sat there I just continued to watch. I knew they could see me through the glass. Finally the car shut off and the doors opened. I watched as mom and my sister Meg ran through the rain to the door. They came in shaking water off as I continued to work. Mom cleared her throat, “We need to talk Ryan.”

I ignored her and Meg walked towards me, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

I glanced at her and then at my mother, “Nothing. I just found out my wife is my father’s whore and mom knew and not only let it happen but joined him.”

Meg looked at mom as she straightened, “What?”

Mom looked at me ignoring Meg, “you need to grow up. Marie is…”

I stood up quickly, “Grow up! Get the fuck out and don’t ever come back! I don’t want to see you or dad ever again.”

Mom was white faced, “You don’t…”

Meg was as white faced as she turned to mom, “I think we better leave.”

Mom looked at her and then nodded. She stopped at the door and looked at me, “Your wife has been our whore since she was thirteen. If she didn’t tell you than that is her problem and you need to get over it.”

I took one step, “I trusted you and you betrayed me. Now you can live without your son. That’s your problem, get over it!”

Meg pushed her out and stopped to look at me, “Can I come back?”

I hesitated and then nodded, she pushed mom to the car and they left. It was a long time before I calmed down. It was two hours later that my father pulled in and by then my anger was a cold dangerous thing. As soon as I saw his car I knew who it was. I headed for the door and picked up a thick tree limb on the way out.

My father was just getting out when he saw me. He took one look at my face and the club I was carrying as I walked towards him and got back in the car and peeled out. I knew if he had stayed I would have beaten him to death.

That night I could only lie in bed as tears of anger and loss slipped down my face. I didn’t move when the car drove in and then a hesitant Meg came in the door. She came to sit on the edge of my futon bed and looked into my face, “I’m sorry Ryan.”

I couldn’t say anything if I had wanted to. She sighed and turned to lie beside me looking at the dark clouds. It was a long time before she turned her head and looked at me, “Did you really love Marie?”

I nodded and she snuggled against me, “Do you think she loved you?”

I shrugged, “I thought so, but how could she…”

Meg sighed, “How could she have told you?”

I looked at her, “Why didn’t she stop?”

Meg shrugged, “Maybe she tried but mom or dad wouldn’t let her.”

I looked up and thought about that. Meg caressed my chest, “maybe the whore needs a new master.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “My husband would go crazy if he heard me say this.”

She looked into my face, “Take the bitch back, strip her and put a collar and leash on her. Fuck her whenever you get horny, however you want.”

I smiled, “Yeah, Samuel would like that.”

Meg grinned and kissed my cheek, “I better go home before he thinks I am running around with another man.”

I grinned as she got up, “You could bring Samuel out to use my whore and I might even check you out.”

Meg grinned and then laughed as she walked towards the door, “Careful little brother.”

I sighed and relaxed as I heard her car start and then drive out. It was a minute later that the door opened. I glanced at the door and froze as my heart beat faster. Marie looked at me with frightened eyes as she undressed and held up a collar and leash in the dim light. She slowly put the collar on and walked to the bed. She stood beside it and hesitantly held out the leash.

I sighed and reached up to take it and pulled it until she moved onto the bed. I reached above my head to the couch arm and wrapped it around the wooden arm. I kept my eyes on her as she shivered in the cold and pulled my pajamas off. I lifted the electric blanket and pulled her in against me. She held me and I felt her shaking as she cried. It tore at my heart and my anger at her faded a little. I rubbed her bare back and caressed her until she finally stopped crying.

She moved onto me and spread her legs as she reached between us. She guided my cock to her pussy and pushed back. I held her hips lightly as she thrust back and forth, rubbing her bare breasts against my chest. Her breathing became harder and her body was shaking. Her pussy squeezed my cock and she spasmed as I suddenly started pumping cum. She jerked and slammed back as I continued spurting until I finally shuddered and sighed.

She lifted up to let my cock pull out of her and then slipped half off me before putting her head on my shoulder. I woke up as she shifted in her sleep and caressed her naked body. I pulled her onto me and reached between us and positioned my cock before pushing into her. Marie moaned and pushed back forcing my cock deeper. I slowly started thrusting up, not really fucking her very deep.

It wasn’t long before her pussy tightened and she shuddered. She lifted her head to look at me and then smiled and wiggled as she pushed back more. I held her as I slowly fucked up into her and she sighed before putting her head down. I shuddered when I started cumming and arched my back as I pumped spurts of cum into her.

Marie kissed my chest when I stopped, “I… I need to use the bathroom.”

I reached up to unwrap the leash and she slipped out from under the blanket. I rolled out of bed and walked across the cold floor holding her leash. Marie was blushing but she didn’t say anything. She sat on the toilet and peed while I watched and when she finished and stood I took her place and peed to. I led her back to bed and we were both shivering by the time we climbed under the covers.

Marie grinned and hugged me as I wrapped her leash around the arm again and then put my arms around her. It was a while before we were warm and I looked at Marie to see her sleeping. I relaxed and held her until I fell asleep. I woke to morning sunlight streaming in and slipped out from under Marie and out of bed. I turned the three electric heaters on and made coffee.

I looked at the bed to see Marie awake looking at me. I walked to the bed and got her leash. She slid out of bed and followed me to the area set aside as a kitchen. She wasn’t even concerned that anyone could see her through the glass walls. I made her some coffee and she sat on my lap. She hesitated, “don’t let your father…”

I touched her lips with a finger, “you belong to me not my father or mother, you’re my wife. The leash stays on until you learn that.”

She smiled and snuggled against me, “Then you get to fuck me all the time.”

I tugged on an erect nipple, “whenever I want. I told Meg she could bring Samuel out to fuck you too.”

Marie looked at me and then smiled, “In bed?”

It sounded hopeful and I nodded, “In bed.”

She put her head on my shoulder and then grinned and turned before straddling me, “You can fuck me here right?”

I laughed and rubbed her bare butt before lifting her and positioning my cock, “Here, there, everywhere.”

Marie sighed as my cock entered her and she sat down. She slowly thrust back and forth fucking my cock with her eyes closed. It was only a minute before she started jerking erratically and her pussy contracted around my cock. I held her against me as her body spasmed and shook. When she shuddered and sighed before going back to thrusting I just moved my hands to caress her body.

A few minutes later she was jerking again and stuttering when she tried to talk. Her tight pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. I cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples before tugging on them. Marie jerked and shuddered violently, “YES!”

I grinned, “You’re vocal?”

She grunted and shook as she went back to fucking my cock, “That was why your parents always used the gag.”

I tugged on her nipples, “You weren’t vocal with me.”

Marie gasped and jerked erratically, “FUCK YES!”

She grabbed my shoulders, “You always made love to me instead of just fucking me and I tried to be quiet.”

I laughed and yanked her hips down so that my cock was deep inside her before it spewed a strong jet of cum. Marie jerked and shuddered as the warm cum began pumping up into her. I moved my hands to her butt as she spasmed and fell against me, “mmmmm!”

When I stopped cumming, I rubbed her back, “Time to show you around.”

I lifted her off my cock and led her around the large greenhouse. Her eyes were wide as she looked at all the growing plants, “I never knew you could do this.”

I smiled, “You are going to be doing it now.”

She looked at me quickly and I started showing her what to do. When I stopped for lunch she had bright eyes, I let her pee and then made soup. She was sitting in my lap as I worked on my computer when Meg’s car pulled in. I watched as she got out with her husband Samuel. When she walked in Samuel was staring at Marie with his mouth open. Meg snorted as she walked to us and I grinned and turned sideways slightly, “Want Marie to take him to bed?”

Meg grinned as Samuel jerked and looked from me to my sister. Meg looked at Marie, “Would you mind?”

Marie looked at me, “Should I?”

I rubbed her erect nipple, “This tells me you want to.”

I held out the leash to Samuel, “Go ahead.”

Marie stood and followed Samuel towards the bed as Meg laughed and started stripping. Samuel didn’t even look back as Marie stripped him and pushed him back on the bed. She straddled his waist and I looked at Meg as she finally looked away and saw me. She smiled and grinned as she straddled me and lifted my cock.

She sat and I held her as my cock forced her open and sank to her womb. I turned us so we could see the bed and Meg grinned as her husband groaned and shuddered while Marie fucked him hard, “He is going to remember this ride.”

I rubbed Meg’s bare back, “Why did they do it Meg?”

She sighed as she looked at me, “Because they are two horny people that didn’t care if it hurt their own children.”

I caressed her sides and then cupped her breasts as she turned her head to watch her husband. She grinned as Samuel arched his back and Marie screamed and jerked around. I pulled her close and hugged her and felt her warm pussy spasm and squeeze my cock. She shuddered and whispered, “I’m fertile right now.”

I looked into her face as she spasmed and smiled, “Samuel is infertile.”

I groaned and shuddered and Meg settled firmly on my throbbing cock before it erupted. I held her shaking body as I pumped spurts of warm sperm into her womb. She jerked as each one entered her and her pussy contracted around my cock. I spewed and pumped six big jets of cum as she shook. I shuddered when I stopped cumming and held her before reaching down to hold her butt before I stood.

Samuel was fucking Marie from behind now and she was shuddering and jerking as he used long, deep thrusts. I knelt and laid Meg back on the edge of the bed, “I take it you decided to get pregnant?”

She nodded as Samuel buried his cock to look at us. I rubbed Meg’s tummy, “relax for awhile and we’ll try again later.”

I reached out to rub Marie’s butt, “keep fucking her Samuel.”

I went back to my computer but watched as Samuel fucked Marie until he came and then Meg whispered and he lay back so Marie could straddle him. When Meg came to rub my shoulders, Samuel and a tired looking Marie were with her. I grinned and took the leash, “How did she do?”

He grinned, “I’m all out of cum.”

I laughed and pulled Marie onto my lap, “Enjoy yourself?”

She nodded as she looked into my eyes searchingly, “Can I call Tracy?”

I stiffened, “Why?”

Marie looked down, “To see if she will leave them.”

I looked at Meg and she smiled and nodded. I cupped Marie’s sweaty breast and rubbed her nipple, “We only have one bed.”

She looked at Meg and bit her lip. I glanced at Meg as she put her arm around Samuel’s waist, “We talked between matches…”

I grinned at the way she said that and she continued, “Samuel and I would like to move out here. We’ll add onto the greenhouse to make a living area.”

She gestured to the front and I glanced at it before looking at Samuel, “Not a real house, glass.”

Meg grinned as Samuel chuckled, “Of course.”

I hugged Marie, “Call her but use the speaker phone.”

Marie moved off my lap to pick up the phone on my desk before coming back. I caressed her hip and turned to my computer, thinking about Meg and Samuel. Tracy was hesitant and sounded almost frightened but said she would come. Marie looked at me and told her sister to stop and get a collar that would fit and a leash. I grinned at Samuel, “Want to do an errand?”

He had been watching what I was doing and grinned, “Sure.”

I stood and took Meg’s hand as he left and led her to the bed. I pushed Marie onto the bed and then laid Meg down and moved between her legs. I kissed her as I pushed into her and started to fuck her. I looked at Marie, “throw your birth control away.”

Her eyes went wide and then seemed to light up. She looked at Meg and then frowned, “Samuel...”

Meg reached out to touch her, “Samuel is infertile. That is why Ryan is going to get me pregnant.”

Marie grinned and touched my shoulder as I began fucking Meg with long, deep thrusts. She started shuddering and moaning. Marie looked at me and leaned over to kiss Meg. I buried my cock against her cervix and lifted up as Meg jerked and spasmed. I used short, grinding thrusts and after a minute she began to shake and then convulse.

Marie kept kissing her as I began to fuck her shaking body hard. I began fucking her harder as she started lifting her hips. It was only a few minutes before she was thrashing around again as I shoved into her. I held her and shuddered as I began spewing and spurting thick ropes of sperm. My sister arched her back and screamed as she felt warm cum pumping into her.

When I stopped cumming she was breathing hard as I laid on her. She smiled and pulled my face down to kiss me. I pulled out and kissed Marie before moving off the bed. I went back to my desk as Meg and Marie lay together whispering. I glanced at the drive as Tracy’s car pulled in and slowly stopped beside mine. A minute later she got out and carried a suitcase towards the door. I glanced at the bed with Meg and Marie, “Tracy’s here.”

Meg smiled as she rolled off the bed and took Marie’s leash to lead her to the door. I watched as they talked to Tracy and then Marie took the collar from her and put it around her neck. She fastened the leash and handed it to Meg who turned and led them to me. She grinned and handed me both leashes. I pulled Marie onto my lap as I looked at Tracy. Meg took her suitcase and walked towards my closet as Tracy fidgeted.

I caressed Marie’s breasts, “You will stay naked and keep the collar on. You will keep the leash on unless I send you somewhere without it. I will fuck you whenever I get horny, however I want. You belong to me now and only one other man may touch you and that is Samuel.”

I looked at Marie and back to her sister, “This is home now.”

Tracy smiled, “Just two men?”

I nodded, “two men and three women.”

She looked at Marie and then back at me, “Thank you.”

I held out my hand, “give me your cell.”

I set her phone on the desk and pulled her close with the leash. I unclipped it and then Marie’s, “Take her to the bed and undress her and then show her around.”

Marie kissed me and stood to take Tracy’s hand. Meg walked back to sit in my lap as I watched them and I sighed and turned back to my work. Meg kissed my cheek, “I think I am going to look around with Marie and Tracy.”

I smiled, “check the watering schedule.”

She nodded and started across the room. I finished my trading when Samuel pulled in. I went to slip on a pair of pants and sandals before going to help him carry in the two bedroom sets. I moved the futon and we set up the two beds side by side. The four standing closets went against a wall and I set the night stands on the outside of the two beds. I grinned at Samuel, “Horny?”

He grinned, “A little.”

I looked toward the other end of the greenhouse, “MARIE!”

She walking out of the green rows with Meg and Tracy and I nodded to Samuel, “Would you or Tracy take care of Samuel?”

She smiled and Tracy grinned as they walked to Samuel. I held my hand out to Meg and she laughed as she came into my arms. Samuel had Marie caressing him as he lay back and Tracy straddled his waist. I turned back to my sister and she smiled and turned to pull me to the other bed, “You need to breed me again Ryan.”

I laughed and tossed her into the middle of the bed and followed after her. I moved between her spread legs and kissed her before lifting up and slowly pushing back into her cummy pussy. Meg lifted her hips as I started to fuck her and shuddered. I used deep thrusts that pushed against her womb. She jerked and thrust up harder as she held me.

Marie move onto the bed and laid beside me as Meg wrapped her legs around my waist. Marie rubbed my back, “Breed me next?”

I buried my cock in Meg and pulled Marie’s head close to kiss her. When I finished I started to fuck my sister hard. She grunted and a couple of minutes later arched her back and howled. Her pussy tightened and spasmed around my cock as she wet me. I kept fucking her and watched her continue to jerk and convulse. It was another ten minutes before I thrust into her and held her bucking body as I pumped spurts of cum.

Meg stiffened and lifted her hips as she felt warm sperm filling her. When I stopped cumming after six large jets she sighed and dropped to the bed panting. I kissed her and pulled out before pulling Marie down. I moved over her and between her legs. Samuel laughed as he held Tracy against his side. I kissed my wife as I pushed into her cummy pussy.

I started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before her pussy began to ripple and squeeze my cock. Marie was shuddering and thrusting up to meet me each time I pushed into her. She started breathing harder and a few minutes later she wailed and lifted her legs as she kicked and thrashed around. I fucked her hard and she screamed as she clung to me.

I slowly buried my cock and started to press, hump and grind. Marie convulsed and cried out as her pussy spasmed and clenched around my cock. I fucked her firmly with long, deep thrusts and a few minutes later slowly pushed against her cervix as she spread her legs wide and tilted her hips. My cock erupted in a thick, gushing stream of cum.

Marie jerked and shuddered as warm cum flooded her and tightened her hold on me as I kissed her. I pumped spurt after spurt until I was done and then I just held her. She slowly relaxed and smiled, “thank you.”

I held her another minute before pulling out and moving off the bed, “Put your leash back on and wrap the end around the bed post.”

I glanced at Tracy, “You too.”

I walked to the small kitchen and started making dinner. After a couple of minutes Samuel came to help me. My sister, Marie and Tracy stayed on the beds whispering and giggling. When dinner was ready Samuel went to get Meg as I walked to the beds and picked up the leashes for my wife and her sister. Dinner was interesting because Marie and Tracy kept feeding me.

After dinner I let Marie, Tracy and Meg clean up before taking Marie and Tracy on a walk. I stayed on the property as I led them and talked about adding a second greenhouse. When we came back in I took them to the shower I had added and stripped before removing their collars and leashes. I pulled them in and turned on the water. The water was heated by a camp heater so it was warm.

I washed both of them before letting them wash me. When we finished I dried them and myself before putting the collars back on and leading them to the bed. Meg and Samuel were snuggling together on their bed as I put the girls in mine and went to shut the lights out. I came back and slipped into bed and between them. I sighed as I looked up through the glass roof at the stars.

Marie and Tracy snuggled against me and a moment later I heard Meg whisper, “Again?”

She giggled and I smiled as I pulled Tracy onto me. She laughed and spread her legs and lifted up. I positioned my cock as she pushed down. She rocked back and forth as I reached for Marie’s hand. She squeezed it at almost the same time as her sister’s pussy tightened and she shuddered. That was really the first day of our life together.

It was a couple of years before Samuel and I built a real house on the property. Meg has gotten pregnant three times and both my wife and her sister have gotten pregnant twice. Of course they are both pregnant again now so they are still even. Marie and Tracy still wear collars but I don’t use the leashes anymore. Samuel and I fuck all three women and we sleep in one large room with two large beds.
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