My name is Kyle Anderson and I’m sixteen. My mom and dad divorced a couple of years ago and since then it has just been dad and me. Dad mostly works on farms but he got a job offer in Kentucky on a stud farm. Right after we got there I met the owner and managed a part time job cleaning the barns and stalls.

Our house was a small two bedroom house that was pretty bare. There were several other workers and even a few families. There were even two girls that lived with their mom and dad. Melody was sixteen and had golden blond her and a nice body. Honey was fourteen and a strawberry blonde with perky breasts.

For two weeks I rode the bus to school and came home. I cleaned stalls and cleaned in and around barns. It was a Friday afternoon and I was cleaning a stall. I was the only one in this barn which wasn’t bad because I like the quiet. I had just finished laying fresh sawdust and hay down when I turned to see the girls standing beside the horse.

I hesitated before going to lead the horse back into its stall. Melody cleared her throat, “It’s a good thing we’re on a stud farm Honey.”

I glanced at her as I closed the stall door and went to the next one. Honey laughed, “I know.”

Melody moved closer as I moved the horse out, “Kyle? We are two horny girls that need a stud.”

I glanced at them as I blushed and turned back to the stall, “Careful or you will be two cum leaking girls.”

They both laughed as I cleaned the stall. When I finished and came out it was to see a bale of hay they had pulled closer. I put the horse back into the stall and turned. I stopped when I saw Melody’s naked butt. She was on her knees on the bale of hay and looking back at me. Honey was standing beside her naked, rubbing her bare butt, “Come on stud.”

That was more then enough, I closed the stall and moved towards Melody. I opened my pants as I stopped behind her and pushed them down. Honey gasped when she saw my cock but Melody had already put her head down. I rubbed through her pussy before fitting my cock against her pussy.

I held her hips and pushed into her. She was tight and slick and warm. She felt wonderful and I held still until she groaned and pushed back. Honey laughed, “I bet his cock is really stretching you.”

Melody shuddered as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I took a breath and started fucking her. I used long thrusts and it was barely a minute before I was hitting her womb and pushing. She started off shuddering as her pussy milked my cock. When she shuddered hard and started jerking, her womb opened.

I pushed deeper and she wailed and began thrashing around as she thrust back onto my cock. She was jerking around erratically as I thrust into her and held her as I gushed a stream of cum. Melody wailed and spasmed as her pussy clenched around my cock. I continued to spurt into her until I was done and then I sighed.

She pulled away slowly with a deep groan as my cock slipped out of her. Honey rubbed her pussy, “My turn.”

Melody laughed as she slipped off the bale. I was looking at Honey and reached out to rub her pink nipples. She shivered before grinning and kneeling on the bale of hay and going to her hands. I grinned as I rubbed her bare pussy before moving up to fit my cock. I pushed and wiggled to get the head in and then held her hips as I started to fuck her. She was extremely tight and her pussy started squeezing my cock as soon as I pushed into her.

She shuddered as I kept fucking her with my cummy cock. It was a minute before I hit her cervix and she hissed and jerked. I buried my cock and just humped and pushed. Honey kept thrusting back and shuddering, a couple of minutes and she was a lot wetter and slipperier. My cock slipped deeper as she wailed and convulsed.

Her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock constantly as she jerked and spasmed. I pulled back to fuck her hard and deep. Melody sat beside her and started rubbing her bare butt. Honey jerked and kept thrusting back as I fucked her. This was only my second time and I wanted to cum. I fucked her hard for another minute or so before shuddering.

I held her hips as I grunted and began spurting and spewing. Honey spasmed as her tight pussy clenched around my cock. I pumped and flooded her womb long before I stopped cumming. We were both still and trying to catch our breath when a throat was cleared. I looked and pulled out of Honey and bent to grab my pants as both Honey and Melody were scrambling for their clothes.

I pulled up my pants and looked at Melody and Honey’s fathers, they looked a lot calmer than I felt. Jacob cleared his throat, “Go home and pack your suitcase Melody.”

I looked at her white face and opened my mouth, “It was my fault...”

He ignored me and gestured as Honey’s dad cleared his throat, “you do the same thing Honey. Wait for me to get home.”

The girls almost ran out as the two men faced me. Melody’s dad shook his head, “How long have you been here Kyle?”

I looked back and forth, “Two weeks.”

Honey’s dad glanced at the other man, “he might not have heard.”

They looked at each other and then Melody’s dad looked at me, “Have you heard anything about our daughters?”

I looked back and forth, “Mostly everyone lets me work alone.”

They chuckled together and shook their heads. Honey’s dad smiled, “And you didn’t care if my daughter was under age?”

I knew I was in serous trouble then. I glanced at the doorway and shrugged, “They offered it and I’ve never had sex so...”

The men looked at each other and then laughed. I looked at them and Melody’s dad shook his head, “Tell your dad our wives will be over with us to speak to him.”

They just walked out and I stood wondering what to do. I finally just turned back to cleaning stalls. When I was done I went looking for my dad. He looked at me calmly when I walked up but I could tell he knew. I took a breath, “I messed up.”

He waited and I shrugged, “Melody and Honey came into the barn I was cleaning. They... I had sex with them and their dads caught us.”

Dad shook his head, “and?”

I wasn’t sure what to say but... “They said they are coming over later with their wives. I... they made the girls pack dad.”

He glanced around, “Are you done for the day?”

I shrugged, “yeah, I was going to go start dinner.”

He nodded, “I’ll be home in an hour.”

I was dreading what was coming, thinking of the parents and the trouble I was in. Dad came in and washed up as I put dinner on the table. After dinner I cleaned up as dad went to shower. He came out dressed just as someone knocked on the front door. I went to get it and let in Melody and her parents as well as Honey and her parents.

Dad actually handed out beer to the men and ice tea to the two women. They sat at the kitchen table as Melody and Honey stood with me. Melody’s dad finally looked at me, “for almost a year Melody and Honey have been seducing younger workers.”

Honey’s dad was nodding with him and butted in, “It is getting to the point that we are concerned they will catch something.”

Melody’s mom looked at her daughter, “you are a promiscuous slut.”

Honey’s mom nodded and they all looked at me. Dad sighed, “What do you want Kyle to do?”

They looked at dad and Melody’s dad grinned, “Your young stud just got two fillies in his stall. We would like him to keep the girls and maybe they will learn to stick with one guy.”

I looked from them to dad to the girls, “You want Melody and Honey to live with me?”

The girls were stunned but they started grinning as I looked at their parents, “can we have sex?”

They laughed and dad shook his head. I looked at Melody and Honey and they grinned. Dad gestured to the hall, “go to your room and talk.”

I grinned, “I can talk and do something else.”

They laughed as Melody and Honey grabbed their suitcases and grabbed my hands. I pulled the two girls back to my room and closed the door. I nodded to the bed, “You cheat on me and I will beat you.”

They looked at each other and I smiled, “If you just want sex, tell me and I will fuck you silly.”

They grinned and sat on the bed, Melody looked at Honey, “We get horny just like a guy but we aren’t allowed to be like them and fuck around.”

I stripped, “Like I said, if you get horny and want sex tell me.”

They nodded as I walked to the bed and reached for Melody. I pulled her up and stripped her before pushing her back down on the bed. I pulled Honey up and started undressing her, “today was my first time.”

She grinned as she looked at Melody who grinned back. I caressed Honey’s bare hips before pushing her onto the bed. I sat between them, “now, this is our room and our bed so we can have sex as much as we want.”

Melody laughed as she turned with Honey to strip me and pushed me back and then turned to straddle me. I held her hips as she guided my cock to her pussy. She wiggled and sat slowly as my cock pushed into her. I cupped her breasts as Honey laid beside me. I rubbed her nipples, “I want to learn to do things.”

Melody started rocking as her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock. Honey rubbed my chest, “Like what?”

I rubbed one of her pink nipples, “I want to try a blow job and I want to lick your pussies.”

They grinned and Melody began thrusting back and forth. Honey leaned over to kiss me, “You really want to lick our pussies?”

I pulled her closer and kissed her, I looked at Melody as she shuddered, “if you clean it first, yeah.”

They grinned and Honey kissed me hard before looking at Melody, “Deal.”

Melody started to become erratic and jerked as her pussy spasmed and grasped my cock. She shuddered as she pushed down harder and my cock pushed against her womb. She wailed and convulsed as her pussy tightened and she wet me. I grunted as I started to pump and gush cum up into her shaking body.

Honey grinned and rubbed her bare breasts on me as I kept spurting cum into Melody. When I stopped cumming she laid on me and sighed before lifting her hips and rolling off. Honey rubbed my chest, “can you still fuck me?”

I grinned as I turned to push her onto her back, “You are in my stall and I love to fuck.”

They laughed as I moved between Honey’s legs. I pushed into her cummy pussy before kissing her and starting to fuck her. I used long thrusts and my cock hit her cervix a few moments later. She started shuddering as her pussy tightened and grasped my cock. I continued to fuck her as she began to breath harder and shake. Her pussy rippled around my cock and seemed to spasm.

I kept fucking her steadily as she clung to me and moaned. Her shuddering began to get more violent and she started to jerk and thrash around. After several minutes she wailed and started kicking in the air as I fucked her harder. Every time I buried my cock in her I would press, hump and grind. Honey bucked and wiggled and convulsed as her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock.

She wet me several times as her wails became howls. After another couple of minutes I pushed all the way into her before cumming. She stiffened and tilted her hips as warm cum gushed into her womb. I pumped six huge spurts of cum before stopping and Honey sighed, “I could get used to that.”

Melody laughed as I kissed Honey and pulled out of her, “you better because I’m going to keep doing it.”

Dad knocked on the door, “Kyle.”

I sighed and moved off and bed to crack the door, “Yes?”

He smiled, “I’ve been talking to their parents and they thought you might need a larger bed.”

I glanced back at Melody and Honey on the small bed, “We do.”

He nodded, “Take my truck and go to that thrift store down the road. It should be open for another hour.”

I grinned and nodded before closing the door. Melody and Honey had heard and moved off the bed before dressing. We made it with fifteen minutes to spare. There wasn’t a huge selection of bed frames, there was a king size water bed frame we liked though. After talking about it I bought the frame and a pillow top king size mattress. The frame was nice since it had drawers in the bottom.

When we got home we went into the bedroom and pulled the bed out and moved my dresser into one side of the closet. The headboard for the bed had two built in night stands and there was a shelf across it. We had to place one side against a wall to fit it into the room. The platform with the drawers went in easily and then I went to get the two box springs.

That was when I heard something inside one. The girls were bringing in the mattress as I set it down and looked at the bottom. Someone had cut the bottom at a corner and then sewn it. I could feel something inside and hesitated before using my knife and cutting the stitching. I shifted the box spring to slid whatever was inside closer and pulled out a thick packet. At first I thought it was just a thick ream of paper until I opened it. The top sheet was a bearer bond for ten thousand dollars.

I thumbed through them before turning to put them in one of the night stands. I put the box spring in the frame and went to get the other one. It was late by the time we made the bed and went to brush teeth. I stripped the girls beside the bed as they grinned. We were tired though and they just cuddled against me after we got into bed.

I woke when I heard my father showering and glanced at the two naked girls on each side of me. That made my cock hard and I smiled as Honey opened her eyes. She looked at me for a moment and then across at Melody. She grinned and rubbed my chest, “Fuck me?”

I grinned and slipped out from under Melody as Honey rolled onto her back. I moved between her legs and kissed her as I whispered, “Next time you have to fuck me.”

She grinned as she reached down and rubbed my cock through her slit. I pushed and she shuddered as I pushed into her. I kissed her as I began to fuck her deeper and she put her feet over my thighs. She sighed as she began to lift and thrust her hips up. I hit her cervix but continued to fuck her a little harder. Her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock as she started to shudder and jerk.

It wasn’t long before we were fucking each other harder and she was moaning louder. My cock pushed her cervix open and went deeper and Honey tried to pull me into her more. I started grinding each time I buried my cock and she stiffened before starting to buck and thrash around. I fucked her hard for another minute before shoving into her as I spewed huge ropes of cum.

She wailed and spasmed as her pussy clenched around my cock. She was shuddering almost violent as I continued to pump sperm into her womb. When I stopped Melody giggled, “First round of the day to Kyle.”

Honey grinned as she slumped to the bed panting. I looked at the door when dad opened it and he blushed, “Sorry, I heard... sorry.”

He closed the door and Melody snickered, “screaming.”

Honey shook me and I kissed her before pulling out. I moved off the bed and started handing their robes to them. We went to the bathroom before going into the kitchen. Dad was still blushing as he looked at me, “You mother never... she only let me...”

He took a breath, “your mother barely let me touch her and never enjoyed it.”

I looked at the girls, “well, Melody and Honey seem to enjoy it.”

They grinned and I turned to make them breakfast. Dad went to work as I sat at the table since I had the weekend off. A couple of minutes later Melody stopped eating. She looked at me, “My cousin Georgia would like your dad.”

I looked at her and then at Honey. She grinned and Melody laughed, “Georgia is twenty four and a librarian. She doesn’t date but we have talked and she told me she masturbates... a lot.”

I grinned, “We need to go to the bank, but you should see if she can come over for dinner.”

Melody nodded and after doing the dishes and cleaning up we went to shower. I loved that since they both had me wash them and give them a douche. While they were brushing their hair and deciding on what to wear I pulled the stack of bonds out and slipped them into my bottom dresser drawer. I took the top sheet though and then got dressed.

We used dad’s truck to go into town. I asked for the manager and explained about finding old bearer bonds. I showed him and he called someone as he examined it. While he was doing that I went to deposit my small pay check. By the time I came back the manager was finished and grinning. I cashed the bond in and deposited most of it before we left.

Melody and Honey were grinning as I told them about the bearer bonds. Melody bumped my shoulder as we got into the truck, “don’t cash them all in at once.”

I looked at her as I started the truck and she smiled at Honey, “One a month and put half in savings for later.”

Honey grinned, “for the babies?”

I looked back and forth quickly, “I thought you were on birth control?”

Melody laughed and kissed my cheek, “We are right now but we might not be later.”

I looked at her and then at Honey before grinning, “Tempting thought.”

They grinned and then laughed and I headed away from the bank and went to the small used car dealership. I knew what I wanted and smiled at the girls as we got out, “Have you seen that big fifth wheel camper across from the farm?”

Melody grabbed one hand and Honey took my other. Melody grinned, “We have been inside it.”

I looked at her and Honey squeezed my hand, “together and not with a guy.”

I smiled and looked at the dually truck we were walking towards, “The for sale sign said twenty five hundred.”

They grinned and we started looking the truck over. Two hours later Melody was driving it home behind me. I parked dad’s truck and squeezed into the front seat beside Honey. I rubbed her thigh as Melody started back out and then pulled over on the shoulder of the road. Melody had called the owner of the fifth wheel while I was doing the paperwork for the truck.

We went through the camper and looked at everything before going out and looking under it and checking the exterior. When we got it home I had Melody and Honey guide me as I backed it up beside the small house. We leveled it before going into the house. The girls were plotting and planning as we ate a snack and when I finished eating I took Melody’s hand and pulled her after me.

Honey laughed as she followed, “fuck her like a bitch, stud!”

Melody was grinning as I turned her at the bed and reached under her skirt to pull her panties down and off. I turned her and she laid forward on the bed. I opened and pushed my pants down as Honey went around the bed and sat down. I pushed Melody’s legs open and moved between them before starting to rub her pussy. She shuddered and pushed her butt back towards me.

I grinned and moved closer before slowly pushing my cock into her. She sighed and shivered as I started to fuck her warm pussy. It was only a couple of minutes before she was moaning and shuddering. Honey glanced up when we heard someone at the door and I groaned. She grinned as she slipped off the bed, “finish her and I’ll go see who it is.”

Melody pushed back and I went back to fucking her. I started to push into her harder, opening her womb. A few minutes and she was yelling and jerking around on the bed as I kept fucking her. Her pussy was spasming and clenching around my cock. She wet me a couple of times before I finally buried my cock as I began to pump spurts of cum.

She howled as I spewed warm cum through her cervix and flooded her womb. She was shuddering and twitching as I spurted again and again. When I stopped she sighed and relaxed and I pulled out before sitting beside her and rubbing her butt, “Thanks Mel.”

She looked at me and grinned, “You scratched my itch before I knew it was there.”

I gave her butt a swat before standing, “We better go see who is here.”

Melody kept grinning as she stood and let her skirt drop, “I’m ready.”

I grinned and bent to pull up my pants, “You’re going to leak.”

She laughed, “that’s okay, Honey will lick up any cum that leaks out.”

We were walking down the hall and I almost told her I wanted to watch that. A stunning woman was in the kitchen talking to Honey and Melody ran to her, “Georgia!”

They hugged and I shook my head as they started whispering. I went to do a few chores like cut some of the grass and water after asking them to start dinner. When I came in they were still talking. Honey ran to me and pulled me into the kitchen before pushing me down and sitting on my lap, “This is our stud, Kyle.”

Georgia grinned, “Hello stud.”

I laughed and cupped one of Honey’s breasts, “hello.”

Melody took my other hand, “Georgia said she was willing to meet your dad.”

I squeezed her hand, “My mother was kind of cold and from what dad said she didn’t enjoy sex.”

I looked at Georgia, “I think we will spend the night in our new camper so if you and dad want to...”

I was blushing as Georgia smiled, “I’m already wet thinking about it.”

We turned as the front door opened and dad walked in. He hesitated before closing the door and coming into the kitchen. Melody stood, “We started dinner.”

He smiled and turned towards the hall, “Let me go shower.”

Melody bent to whisper something to Georgia and she blushed as she stood a moment later. She followed dad and Honey kissed me, “She is going to wait until she hears the shower and then join him.”

I grinned, “We can take our time making dinner.”

They laughed and Honey shook me. We talking as we set the table and finished cooking dinner. Melody and Honey were a lot alike. It was almost an hour before dad and Georgia came back and they were holding hands and smiling. Dad blushed but didn’t say anything as we ate. After dinner I started cleaning up as Georgia whispered something to dad. He grinned and stood quickly to take her hand before she was pulling him towards his bedroom.

Melody and Honey were grinning too and I almost laughed. When I was done I pulled them to the bedroom, “Grab what you need for tomorrow.”

They laughed and grabbed their suitcases as I went through my drawers. When I was done they followed me out as we started hearing Georgia moaning louder. As soon as the camper door closed Honey and Melody dropped their stuff and stripped. I grinned as I went up to the big bed and set my clothes down beside it. I sat and undressed before going back down the stairs.

Melody and Honey were on the couch whispering together and grinned when they saw me. I sat and Honey stood before moving over. She backed up and spread her legs outside mine before bending and reaching back. She guided my cock to her tight pussy before wiggling and pushing. My cock slowly entered her and I groaned as she leaned back against me.

I reached around her to cup her breasts as she slowly wiggled and thrust back and forth. Melody turned to kiss me before slipping off the couch. She turned to kneel between my legs as she pushed them open. Honey shuddered and jerked as Melody leaned in and began to lick and tease her clit. I kept rubbing her nipples as her tight pussy began to spasmed and squeeze my cock.

A couple of minutes and she jerked and thrashed around. Her pussy tightened as she turned to kiss me hard and scream. Another couple of minutes and she sighed as Melody moved back. Honey leaned forward and stood slowly and Melody turned and took her place. Her cummy pussy felt amazing when she slowly sat and pushed my cock up into her.

Honey moved into place and pushed my legs open as she started licking Melody. She jerked and thrust back and forth hard for a moment before shuddering and slowing down, “Damn that feels good.”

Honey giggled before covering Melody’s clit and sucking. Melody’s pussy spasmed and it almost felt like it was milking my cock. I groaned as I started trying to thrust up. She shuddered and wiggled on my lap as she laughed and turned her head for a kiss. I cupped her breasts and tugged on the nipples as Honey continued to lick her pussy and tease her clit.

She finally shuddered hard and her pussy tightened. She twisted and pushed Honey back before laughing. She turned to kiss me before standing and letting Honey straddling me. I rubbed her hips as she slowly wiggled down my cock, “You are getting cum this time.”

She grinned and laughed with Melody before thrusting and rocking. I shuddered as her pussy seemed to ripple around my cock and scooted forward off the couch. Honey clutched me as I turned to lay her on the floor and start fucking her with deep thrusts. I kept pushing open her cervix and a few minutes later she was kicking in the air as she kissed me hard and screamed.

I fucked her hard for barely a minute and then held her struggling body as I started to pump spurts of cum. Honey wailed as warm cum flooded her and warped her legs around me. I humped and pressed into her as I kept spurting and when I was done she groaned and dropped her legs to the floor. Melody giggled, “Teased him until he bred you?”

Honey grinned and stuck her tongue out, “your next.”

I kissed her before pulling out and standing, “And that is now and in our bed. Lights out, go get ready for bed.”

They grinned and Melody pulled Honey up before I chased them into the tiny bathroom. After all the lights were out I slipped in between them and Melody and Honey both turned to snuggle against me. I sighed at the feel of bare breasts against me before thinking of dad, “I hope dad and Georgia can get together.”

Melody shifted and kissed my cheek, “I think they will be great together.”

Honey kissed my shoulder, “Georgia is a smart girl, she’ll know what to do.”

I pulled on Melody and she laughed as she moved to straddle me. I fitted my cock to her pussy and she wiggled and pushed until I was in her. She shivered and started to slowly rock back and forth. When my cock hit her cervix she shuddered and her pussy tightened. She sighed and slowly began to push harder until my cock opened her womb. I groaned and hugged her tight as Honey kissed her bare shoulder and Melody spasmed.

It was a couple of minutes before she went back to fucking me. She was rocking a little harder so my cock came out further before sliding back into her. A couple of minutes and she was fucking me erratically as her pussy spasmed and kept grasping my cock. She was panting as she shuddered and jerked constantly. Her pussy felt wonderfully around my cock, especially when she thrust down and buried it deep inside her.

A couple of minutes later she began to have a seizure and I hugged her. Her pussy contracted before she started twisting and wiggling desperately. She kissed me as she wailed and shuddered violently and I started thrusting up to cum. She jerked and grunted as I finally grabbed her hips and held them down before starting to pump thick, strong spurts into her belly.

Melody screamed as her pussy squeezed my cock and jerked with each warm jet of cum as it filled her. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and slowly relaxed. I relaxed to and caressed her hips before turning to slid her off me. I turned the other way and reached for Honey who was fingering her pussy. I fucked both of them three times each before we fell asleep.

I woke to light in the window and glanced at the two girls sleeping on me. I put my head down and just enjoyed the feel of their naked bodies on mine. Honey lifted her head a few minutes later and reached across to Melody, “he is getting hard again.”

Melody opened her eyes, “Again?”

I laughed and shook both of them, “you’re in my stall remember.”

I shifted out from under them and climbed out of bed. After going to the bathroom I got dressed, “we need to filled the water tank so we can shower in here.”

Dad and Georgia were in the kitchen when I came in. Dad glanced at me and blushed but I ignored him as I pulled out cereal. He cleared his throat, “how did you get the truck and camper?”

I sat and smiled at Georgia, “How did last light go?”

She grinned, “absolutely wonderful.”

I grinned and looked at my red faced dad, “there were bearer bonds in the box springs. When I bought them I found out it had been donated to the store anonymously.”

Dad stared and then grinned, “lucky.”

I nodded to Georgia, “you are too.”

She grinned as dad blushed and then grinned and reached for her hand, “I know.”

I glanced at the door as Melody and Honey came in, “We were going to fill the water tanks and go get the gas tanks filled for the camper.”

Dad nodded, “Georgia asked me to come to her place so I’ll be home later.”

After breakfast I chased the girls into the shower and mauled them as they laughed. At the store we ended up buying a few extra things but Melody and Honey put the expensive stuff on a list for next month. When we got home they went to talk to their mothers as I filled the water tank, hooked up the gas and cut the grass around the camper.

I took a shower before going to the camper and looking at the movies we had bought. The girls came in and laughed as they stripped before putting one on and undressing me. Honey sat on my lap as Melody sat beside us. They relaxed as we started watching the movie with my hard drooling cock throbbing inside Honey. I looked at the door when it was opened and thought to cover up but Melody and Honey held me.

I looked at dad as I blushed and he grinned with a red face. Melody patted the couch beside her and Georgia turned dad and started undressing him. She pushed him down and stripped quickly before carefully sitting in his lap and on his cock. She sighed as she wiggled to get comfortable, “god I love his cock.”

Melody and Honey laughed and I felt Honey’s tight pussy squeezing me. I put my arms around her again and cupped her breasts as she leaned back. I had to keep looking at Georgia as she jerked and spasmed while dad watched her with a smile I hadn’t seen in a long time. Melody finally laughed and reached over to tug on a nipple, “you are really sensitive.”

Georgia spasmed and convulsed before grinning at us. Dad hugged her and cupped her firm looking breasts, “I don’t mind.”

Honey turned her head for a kiss and then began to thrust back and forth. Her slippery pussy rippled and grasped my cock as it started rubbing on her cervix and pushing it open. I slipped a hand down to finger her clit and she shuddered as she became erratic. She started convulsing as her pussy milked my cock and Melody kissed her.

I held her until she shuddered one last time. She grinned as she slowly lifted up and moved. Melody straddled me as I held my hard, wet cock up. She slowly pushed my cock up into her and leaned against me as Honey sat in her place. Dad laughed as Georgia giggled, “musical cock?”

Honey laughed and Melody grinned as she started thrusting back and forth, “The winner gets something warm.”

They laughed again as I shook her and she rolled her hips as her pussy tightened. She wiggled and twisted and kept rolling her hips as she thrust back and forth. A few minutes later she stiffened and looked at me, “Oh!”

She jerked and then started convulsing as she squirted and her pussy clamped down. She thrashed around and wailed as I tried to hold her and Honey didn’t help when she bent to suck on a nipple. I shuddered at the feel of her spasming pussy and tried to just hold her. When she finally sighed and shuddered before relaxing I let her go and looked into her face.

She grinned and slowly lifted up and moved back. I groaned as my cock came out of her and reached out to help Honey as she came to straddle me. I ignored dad and Georgia, even with all her wailing and howling. I glanced at them now and she was sitting on his lap and grinning as dad shook his head. My cock pushed into Honey’s warm, slippery pussy and we both sighed.

She kissed me and started thrusting back and forth, rubbing and dragging her pussy on me. I grinned and reached between us to rub a nipple with one hand and her pussy with the other. She shuddered hard and wet me as her tight pussy contracted. It was a couple of minutes before she was completely erratic and incoherent. She was shaking and jerking constantly as she kissed me and wailed.

I finally pulled her against me and just held her even though my cock was throbbing for release. It was a minute before Honey shuddered and took a deep breath. She grinned and gave me a kiss before lifting up and moving off me, “Finish him Melody, I’m going to wash.”

Melody laughed as she turned around. She spread her legs and sat slowly on my cock. I reached around her to cup both breasts, “I need to cum Melody.”

She grinned and thrust back and forth quickly before settling onto my lap. I jerked and shuddered before squeezing her, “you are going to pay for that.”

She laughed and looked at dad and Georgia as they joined her. Dad stood and reached for his clothes, “See you for dinner Kyle.”

Georgia dressed with him and they left. Melody stood and turned to pull me up, “Finish in bed.”

I followed her up the steps and then onto the bed. I caught her before she could roll onto her back and pulled her hips back. I positioned my cock and pushed into her before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts that pushed her womb open. This was my fuck and I needed to cum. She was grunting and thrusting back onto my cock as I kept burying it.

Her pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock each time I pushed into her. It was only a couple of minutes before I buried my cock and held her. I was shuddering as my cock jerked and she looked back just as I grunted and began pumping large jets of cum. She shuddered and sighed as warm cum flooding her and let her head drop to the bed.

I pumped spurt after spurt before letting her lay forward on the bed. I sat and rubbed her butt, “Want to help wash the truck?”

She grinned and rolled over, “HONEY!”

Honey stuck her head out of the bathroom and Melody grinned, “We need to put our bikinis on.”

Honey grinned, “The ones we couldn’t wear before?”

Melody laughed as she moved off the bed, “Yeah.”

I laughed as I went to get dressed. It was fun washing the truck, both Melody and Honey played in the water while wearing very small string bikinis. Somehow Melody and Honey made my life more fun. A few months later dad asked Georgia to marry him. Mostly we slept in the house but every weekend we spent in the camper. I still worked cleaning the stalls and barns and the two girls liked to sit out of the way and talk or flash everyone.

We have our own small farm now. We even built a second house for dad and Georgia. She has had two sets of twins and dad seems like a changed man. Both Melody and Honey waited to get pregnant until they graduated. We have several children and they always come in pairs since the girls like to do everything together.
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