After a cataclysmic event, the world's white population has been eradicated, except for one milf.

by Mr Schlock


In the unforeseeable future: The Earth has literally split in two. The hot plasmid core of the planet is leaking, partially flowing over the planet's surface and partially floating up into the sky because of the disruption of the Earth's gravity field. This catastrophe was caused by another solar system crashing into ours. The magnetic fields of two different solar systems brought quickly into close proximity can wreck a lot of havoc. Three of our solar system's planets have been completely destroyed: Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. We now know that at least two of the planets from the other solar system are inhabited by people. They look just like us: humanoid. It seems as if they took pieces of other planets and implanted advanced propulsion engines into these chunks, utilizing them as ships. Four of them arrived on Earth - well, actually they arrived in Canada where I live. There must be other ships invading the planet in other parts where I cannot see. I wonder how those people on the other side of the world are doing, but only briefly, because I have my own problems to deal with.

Due to the combined effects of two suns, all Caucasian people have been struck by mutations and have died. As far as I know, I am the last white person alive. I wondered how the Asians survived since many of them have whiter skin than mine. Though, they too have mutated but into large fierce creatures that resemble a cross between human and alligator. It's chaos everywhere. Sadly, instead of people sticking together, they have formed gangs and mobs. Only the strongest or the largest or the fiercest groups survive. My white skin has made me a trophy of sorts and the Blacks, Hispanics, Asians (or Crocasians), and Middle Easterners want me for breeding and sex purposes.

I won't be taken that easily.


While escaping a gang of interbred Hispanic-Blacks, I ran into an abandoned hospital. After making sure that they had given up following me, I explored the building and found a kitchen room. The food in there was still good so I helped myself to a can of peaches, an apple pie with whipped cream, and microwaved beef and vegetables. My clothes are rags. Before the disaster started, I wasn't much into fashion. It bothered most of my friends, but I didn't care. Now that I have a lack of clothing, I would give anything for the world I used to know to return and for my friends to take me by the hand and go shopping for all the clothes that we can carry. Done eating and digesting my food, I go into other rooms of the hospital. It's a large complex. In some rooms, the patients and medical staff are dead, some mutated, some killed by rampaging thugs who took advantage of the worldwide disaster. The rooms with dead people in them stink very badly, but the smell does not leak out to the other rooms. I find a changing room for the medical staff and put on a pair of baggy green pants and shirt (the stuff that doctors and nurses wear).

I look like Emma Starr, if you've ever seen pictures or videos of her. Back before the calamity, I would get a lot of turned heads from men and boys alike and I would wonder if it was because I was beautiful or because I resembled a certain adult film actress. It was easy for me to tell which of them were addicted to porn because they would just whisper her name like they were afraid to speak aloud the name of a forbidden deity. Sick fuckers, but that's the way the world is and after a while you come to accept it. Like now, I have to accept the fact that the world is completely changed, and just survive as best I can.

I see a bunch of clothes in the corner of an operating theater: a yellow flimsy skirt (most likely part of a cheerleader outfit), a white tank top, and a black biker's jacket. I trade my green medic clothes for those and find out that they fit me. Looking at a mirror, I am satisfied and impressed by how good I look, except for all that dirt. Idea: I take a shower in the male staff's shower room. I also find a pair of red and white sneakers - just my luck. Now I look better in front of the mirror. Returning to the kitchen, I find a black plastic bag and stuff it with as much edible goods as I can. The hospital is so open to anyone who wants to enter it. Feeling uneasy, I leave through an emergency exit.


My name is Naomi Kinser. I should've told you that earlier. I have long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Sometimes (back before the solar system crash) I would stare at cute teenage boys and smile devilishly. Some would freak out, but others would blush and get hard really fast. It was fun being a hot mom, before all this Earth breaking apart business.

I walk through a construction site and keep a sharp eye out, firstly for potential threats and secondly for a weapon of some sort. I'm carrying a black plastic bag of food stuff that weighs half my weight, and I'm unarmed. If anyone saw me and felt like they could use the contents of my bag, they could easily attack me and take my possession. Most likely, it won't be a lone attacker, since these days, you have to be in a group to stay alive, otherwise another group might kill you. It might be even worse if you fall into the unmerciful hands of those lone psychos stalking the streets. Canada's supposed to be a peaceful place. I guess the world falling apart must've changed that. Very sad. Ahah. I see a hammer. I pick it up. Crap. Way too unweildy for me. I can feel my balance getting thrown of just by swinging the tool around gently. I need something that I can carry. I glimpse a pick axe. No, also too heavy. I see a shovel. On picking it up, it feels great and has a good balance. Night is falling. I find an abandoned fire station and spend the night sharpening the shovel until it resembles a large wide funny-looking spear. Satisfaction attained. I could swing this at an opponent's head and decapitate him or her. I could also plunge it into their stomach and scoop out their guts. Yeah, this is the weapon for me.

Somehow I fell asleep and I wake up in the morning not remembering if I had even bothered to find myself a make-shift pillow. I slept in the fire chief's office - best room in the house. I enter the kitchen looking for food and find an un-mutated Asian male and an African woman fixing them breakfast. They're surprised to see me as much as I am to see them. The woman is the fastest of the three of us because in a flash, she's taken a long, and rather sharp, kitchen knife from the sink and now brandishes it deftly in her left hand, and with a flick, transfers it to her right hand, twirling it expertly. Shit. I whip my body out of the kitchen and back into the fire chief's office. I grab the shovel and return to the kitchen to face my would-be opponents. Why didn't I just run away? I was never really any good at quick thinking. Both of my uninvited guests are in their thirties (I'm forty-one by the way) and they're now ready to take me on. The man has assumed some sort of martial art combat stance with a broom handle in both hands. The three of us stare at each other until it becomes unbearable. I smile a little and that brings the whole dam crashing down. We're in a collective fit of laughter and it goes on for five breathless minutes.

Ten minutes later, we're all eating breakfast in the fire station's dining room. Hot coffee, microwaved doughnuts, and - my personal donation - three cans of mixed chopped fruit (papaya, pineapple, mango, water melon, and pear). The woman's name is Tanya and the man is Vikeng. They were looking for breakfast and ventured into the fire station, thinking it was empty of inhabitants. They absent-mindedly forgot to check only one room - the fire chief's. Well, they missed finding the one inhabitant who happened to be me. Vikeng had been part of a mixed Indian-Malaysian gang, but quit once his comrades had been mutated by the double suns' rays. Two of them had tried to eat him and he had escaped. Tanya had been living with her family and extended family for a month before they were attacked by another black family gang desperate for food and not civilized enough to ask for it. Her family scattered and she ended up joining a cocaine-addicted gang. Since she was the only female in the group, all the males would gang-fuck her. One night, their leader was challenged to a duel and was killed by his opponent. The victor became the leader of the gang. His first order was to kill and sacrifice Tanya as an offering to his pagan ancestral god. Just as they were about to end her life, Vikeng stumbled upon their hideout, and with a quick scan of the area, realized what was going on. They attacked him and he fought them off, killing one of them and seriously injuring two. He freed Tanya and they escaped from the gang's clutches. They had been together ever since.

I told them my story. It was boring and not so interesting as the other stories they also told me. Why couldn't my life be as interesting as that? All I do is eat and run. Sigh. Vikeng announced that he was going to take a shower. He excused himself was walking away when Tanya said, "I'll join you." He turned to look at her and smiled wickedly, "Ooh. You want to shower together huh?" She got up grinning, "Shut up and leave the door open for me." Turning to me she asked, "Do you want to shower with us? All three of us together?" As if it was the most natural thing to do. Now I had checked the station myself and knew that there were more than three separate showering facilities, and they knew this too since they had checked every room except the fire chief's. It would be unnecessary to shower together. But we had gone past survival territory (food, shelter, safety, etc.), and were now entering another territory that I had thought long gone with the breaking up of the planet. I declined politely.

I sat on the couch and put the television on, getting nothing but a digital blur of black, white, and grey. I heard the water come on and visualized Vikeng stepping naked into the shower. I heard him shiver because of the sudden cold water on his body. I heard him chuckle and a slap. Who slapped who? He slapped her or she slapped him? "Ouch," he said. I smiled. Tanya gave a soft yelp as she felt the cold water on her skin. "Does this place have hot water?" she asked. "I don't know." "Well, try it." "Fine. Here goes." A few seconds and then, "Ah, mmm, hot water." After a few minutes of what must have constituted their regular body cleaning, I heard a different kind of slapping sound. And, "Oh, oh, oh yesss," Tanya cried. My nipples went hard in an instant. They were fucking! I groaned silently. Tanya voice came again, "Oh, oh, oh, oh yeeeaahhh, Vikennnngggg, fuck, yeah fuck me like that!"

I got up and took a peek. They had left the door open. The shower they were in was actually a large smooth concrete non-partitioned area so that a group of personnel could shower together if need be. I saw Tanya with her back against the wall. Her right leg was held outward by Vikeng as he pummeled her pussy, and she balanced on one leg. One arm she flung over his shoulder while the other she pushed his hips in sync with his thrusting. He was really giving her a good thorough drilling and I admired him for it, maybe even desired it a bit. His balls were gorgeous and authoritative, swinging with his thrusts and smacking powerfully against her labia as he buried his entire cock in her. They collapsed to the wet concrete floor and continued their intercourse with a deep hunger and passion, mixing kisses, cries of excitement, ejaculation, and painful grabbing and slapping and thrusting in a private world of sexual ecstasy.

Back in the fire chief's office, I couldn't breathe at a normal pace. Sex was nothing new to me, but it had been a long time since I had done or seen anything sexual such as what I have just witnessed. I was happy for Vikeng and Tanya. They were a good - Earthquake! I was thrown off balance and hit the chief's desk. "Aaargh! Fuck!" I said. That was the longest gap between tremors I had experienced: almost an entire day. Anytime now the world would fall apart, the atmosphere would be sucked into space and all life on planet Earth would end.

Tanya and Vikeng wanted me to join them and we could be a group, surviving together. Tanya even hinted vaguely that while there were only two of us women and one man, she and Vikeng had no problem with an open three-way relationship. That would only serve to make the group stronger. Before long, we might even have more people join up. It sounded great coming from them because they were the only two people who had been nice to me, but for some reason I can't explain, I told them that they could have the fire station and I would prefer to keep drifting for an indefinite period. They had no problems with that and told me that the fire station would always be a home for me. I bid them farewell and walked in a direction that I claimed was east, even though I had no idea where east really was.


It was three in the afternoon and I had walked for a mile after raiding a supermarket. From the raid, I had acquired a tub of ice cream, three small boxes of corndogs, and a first aid kit. I was walking through a scary-looking neighborhood when I heard a cough and jumped. "Hey, white girl. That's some nice sneakers you got there." I turned and saw a Hispanic punk lurking in the shadow of an alleyway. "Hey," I replied, definitely shaking in my shoes. "No need to get nervous," he said lighting a cigarette. "I was wondering if you wanted to trade." Okay, I thought, so this is where he adds 'Trade your sneakers for your life!' But that's not what he added, rather he held out a box of anti-pregnancy capsules, and from a trash can, pulled out a brand new shiny pair of knee-high black leather boots. Now those would go nicely with my flimsy skirt and black leather jacket. He was a tiny character and the sneakers fit snug around his feet, he told me. The boots were awesome and I strutted around with an expression of authority on my face. "Girl, you sooo dominate in those boots," he said. I blushed and said thanks.

Since we had a good rapport going, I decided to ask him if he knew a place where I could spend the night. He thought for a second and said, "The only place I would recommend for a nice white girl like you would be Jan Domingo's place. But I gotta tell you, he is one weird piece of work." He leaned closer as if to confide something and said, "He's into pagan worship and stuff. Keeps rats and snakes as pets and sacrifices chickens every night." He began to cry, "Those poor chickens!" I really didn't care about chickens, but I had to ask the question, "Does he sacrifice people, like human sacrifices?" The punk paused for a second and shook his head, "No, I don't think so. I guess he'd consider that wrong or something bad." I said, "Okay, show me where he lives." He took me to the place: an abandoned concrete warehouse. On the top front was the sign that read "Domingo's: Enter at Your Own Peril." The nice punk saluted and left the vicinity as fast as his legs could carry him. I huffed at the foreboding sign and entered the structure.

As soon as I took five steps into Domingo's lair/hideout/camp/house/castle/etc., I was enveloped in darkness. I took a few more baby steps and saw light ahead of me. Moving in the direction of the light, I came into a candle-lit room. Snakes and rats were everywhere, so was chicken bones. Ew! I heard hissing but it wasn't the snakes; it was a horde of naked women. Two thirds of the group was Latino, while the other third was comprised of several females from the Indian subcontinent and Asia. They were all terribly sexy, but seeing them crouch and grouch and hiss at me like I were an invading cat was pretty damn funny. I smiled like an idiot to avoid laughing like a maniac. That would've provoked them to rush at me and tear me apart with those fine, delicate fingers of theirs.

"Easy, my girls, easy. Who is this - ah! Wonderful! A white girl, or should I say woman. Mm, mm, mm." The owner of the voice was a strikingly handsome Latino male in his mid-twenties. This suited me fine since he was surrounded by naked young women who were between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. He must be getting a lot of sex. Good for him. "Hey, er, you're Domingo?" He nodded, "Yes, that is me, and who are you?" "I'm looking for a place to stay." He looked offended at my avoiding answering his question. I said, "My name is Naomi." He brightened up and said, "Welcome, Naomi, to my house." I smiled, "That means I can stay the night?" "Oh, definitely," he smiled, and I realized from his manic grin that he must be slightly off his rocker.


At around seven p.m. I decided to open my bag of goods and share a little meal with my host and his harem. I handed a box of corndogs to the girl nearest me, but she slunk away, putting some distance between us. "You don't want corndogs?" I asked. "Do you think me a poor man, Naomi?" said Domingo. "Er, no." "Then why are you distributing food. My women are not starving. They will be fed at the proper time." I was slightly embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry." "Your apology is accepted, Naomi." After half an hour, food was brought in on large silver trays, one for each girl, including myself and my host. The food was delicious; Mexican, my favorite, and just the right kind of spicy.

After the food was eaten and properly digested, I was ready for bed, though there wasn't any. They probably sleep on the bare concrete floor, I said to myself. With the rats and snakes crawling and slithering around! Ugh! I didn't notice the altar until the woman began gathering around it. Domingo rose from his throne-like seat and said, "It is time for the evening sacrifice. For tonight, our guest Ms Naomi will assist us in pleasuring our goddess." What? I looked up and saw five women approach me and put gentle but firm hands on me. I couldn't go anywhere except the direction they were taking me, so I decided to save everyone the grief and went along with them. They took me to the stone altar, which was just an eight-foot round, four-foot tall block of concrete. Thank goodness it was smooth and flat. The women undressed me and in a matter of seconds I was completely naked as they were.

Domingo said, "What an honor it is to have the last white woman on Earth in my house tonight." The women voiced their agreement in some pagan tongue I wasn't familiar with. "The goddess will be greatly pleased. Make her flesh presentable!" They began rubbing pleasant-smelling oil all over my body. I groaned as a hand rubbed the oil on my pussy and even slipped completely inside my entrance. "Ohhh!" I cried. "Yesss!" said Domingo, eyes afire with worshipful fervor. It seemed like she (whoever it was) was fisting me as she rubbed the oil all over the inside of my womb. I was filled completely with her fist and lower arm. They raised me and put me on top of the altar. Four women joined me on the concrete slab, their bodies thoroughly oiled and sweet-smelling like mine. They embraced me and called me their sister, and they did some very un-sisterly things to me like kissing and sucking my boobs. Heathen drums started beating out a dark sinister rhythm and a number of the women were chanting in time to the drums. The candles blazed even brighter. These women who had been lethargic and lounging around the house an hour ago were now alive with racing pulses, moving sexually and lithe in their strange manner of worship.

Two of the women on the altar with me hugged each other tightly and groped the others ass, kissing and licking frantically like psycho sluts. I was mesmerized by their intense passion. I felt a gentle hand pull me back and felt the back of my head rest on the junction of a woman's legs. Two women attended to me, pointing and speaking in their cult language. Then they attacked my pussy with their mouths and tongues. "Aaaahh!" I shrieked with the sudden rush of pleasure they gave me. At one point, both their tongues probed and flicked inside my pussy like vicious snakes. "Mmmmmmmmmerrrrrrggghhhaaaaaahhh!!" I screamed as they brought me to a climax, and despite that, they continued to lick my pussy. The fisting started with the two women who had licked my pussy. They took turns shoving their fists up my pussy with workman-like proficiency. I grit my teeth as I felt my tender parts get rammed savagely by appendages that weren't cocks. I wondered briefly what my pussy would look like after this.

After five minutes, they stopped, and I gasped desperately for air. But it wasn't over: two more women took their place and held my legs apart as they smashed my pussy with their fists. These ones were more menacing than the first two. Maybe they thought that their goddess would receive more pleasure from my pain. They growled strange words at me and pointed up to the ceiling. I looked up and screamed seeing demonic creatures the size of newborn infants scampering back and forth, stopping to look at the activity below them. All this worship must have been to summon them. I felt a new level of pain when both women shoved their fists inside of me at the same time, and I couldn't believe it when a third woman came and smiling at me, rammed her fist into my cunt as well. "Aaaaaahh! Ohhhhh! Fuck that hurts!" I yelled. The worship around me was getting wilder as women began to writhe like they were possessed on the floor (which they probably were due to the appearance of demons on the ceiling). I was fisted for twenty minutes by the three women, pretty sure that my pussy had been completely destroyed.

They brought more oil to rub me all over again. Four women came up to the altar, each holding a rat in each hand. The rats were twice the size of normal rats. They were squealing and had their tails curled around the hand that held them. The women came to me and I tried to escape, not really attracted to the idea of women holding rats being near me. But I was held down firmly while two women held onto my legs. They parted my legs and the first woman with her rats knelt gracefully between my parted legs. She placed her left hand (with the rat in it) on my pussy and rubbed it. The rat stopped squealing. The woman pushed the rats head into my pussy and I screamed, "Aaaaaaah get that fucking rat away from me!" Domingo bellowed, "Be quiet, woman! Proceed with the ritual." She smiled at me and let go of the rat. The rat pushed itself into my pussy and I saw its tail disappear as it got completely lost inside of me. Then she pushed the second rat she held into my pussy and it too squeezed itself into my cunt. "Aaaaaaahhh! Fuck! Fuuuucckkk!!" I screamed. I thrashed and squirmed, but was held down firmly by three or four women. They chanted some dark prayer as I felt the two rats exploring my insides.

The second woman came and pushed her rats inside of me and I got to watch the two furry fuckers make their way inside my womb like they owned the place. Fucking rats! The third woman knelt before me and ushered her rats into my already rat-infested pussy. And the fourth woman after her did the same, her rats bigger than the other rats still managed to travel down my rat highway pussy. All the rats inside fought and tore at my innards. I could feel it. Fucking rats. Fuck, fuck, fucking pests! They crawled all around inside me, having the time of their lives. After ten minutes of horror and pain, I thought one of them was going to leave the way it came, but one of the women squeezed my pussy lips shut and said something about how they must remain inside for a certain amount of time. How fucking long? I wondered. After an hour, one of the women opened my pussy and removed the rats. They were fat and lazy now from all the inside stuff they had eaten inside me. Fucking rats. They didn't bother to squeal or struggle with their handlers. They just relaxed and when dropped on the floor, they slowly crawled away to wherever they rested after a big meal. I hated those rats. They probably thought I was an all-you-can-eat buffet. Darn rats!

"Bring the chicken and cut its head off!" commanded Domingo. It was done as he wished and the still-flapping body was brought over to me where they spilled its fresh blood all over my pussy and torso. Tossing the body away, Domingo gave a command in the strange pagan language and the women obeyed: five of them licked up all the blood all over my body. "Fuck. This is fucking nuts!" I whispered softly. One of the women heard me and brought her bloody mouth to my face. She licked me like a dog and nibbled on my ear, whispering some weird obscenity to me and licking my neck down to my boobs where she paid special attention to my nipples. I moaned aloud and sobbed from all the pleasure and surrealism I had been exposed to.

Domingo said, "You will now be the queen of my evening sacrifices, Naomi. No more shall you take the rats." Great! No more rats. "From now on, only snakes shall have the honor of entering your womanhood." Oh fuck. I was really sore that night. When the morning came, Domingo found out that I was an early riser. He wasn't so happy to see me when I greeted him saying, "Good morning, Domingo. Lovely new day, isn't it?" His mouth was agape in horror. Was it something I said? Or was it the brutally mutilated and murdered corpses of his harem, some of them decapitated, laying around bloody on his now red-pooled floor. After fully surveying the room, he pointed an accusing finger at me, and was about to say something I don't know what, but I cut him short by taking a swipe at him with my trusty shovel. That move cut his wind pipe and carotid artery. He bled to death without a sound - well, not if you count the sound of his body hitting the blood-wet floor.


I left Domingo's and walked up the street. On the way, I met the Hispanic punk who I'd got the black leather boots from. His name was Javier. He looked astonished when he saw me covered in blood. "Yeah, it gets like that sometimes," I said sympathetically to him. "Is there a shop nearby where I could find some new clothes?" "Yeah, follow me," he said. I did and he led me to a Goodwill store. I found a black mini-skirt and a red top. I thought they went well with the black boots and jacket. I found Javier going through a stack of second-hand porn DVDs. "See anything you like?" I asked. "Yes. I like all of it; therefore, I take all of it." And he stuffed all the DVDs into a bag. I asked him, "If you like porn, why didn't you take those earlier? Haven't you been here before?" He shook his head and said, "Some people come here irregularly to drop off stuff they don't need any more so they can make room in their places for other things they scavenge." "Oh."

I went into the staff only room and found an old white man lying on a heap of second-hand magazines. He wore a Goodwill uniform. I also realized that he was breathing and I started with a jump. Another Caucasian had made it through the disaster alive! I woke him up and looked at me through blurry red eyes. "Can I help you with something?" he asked. "Yes. Tell me; are there any other white people around here?" He looked strangely at me and said, "There should be many of them. Look outside in the shopping area." Oh damn it. He must've slept through the entire catastrophic event up until now. That meant he must've been asleep for months now. What a Sleep Trooper! I brought him up to date on all that had happened since he'd last closed his eyes for a nap. Not believing me, he walked unsteadily outside and saw that the world around him had changed dramatically. It was too much for his old heart and brain. I felt sorry for him.

"I think I'll just go and die now. No sense in being alive anymore," he said depressed. I grabbed him, "Wait a minute, sir. Before you die, there's one thing you need to do."

We were in the sorting room where I'd found him asleep. After making sure the door was locked, I took off all my clothes and showed off my curves to the old timer. He clutched his chest and said, "I think I'm gonna die right here and now." "Not yet!" I said sternly and ripped off his clothes until he had only his shoes and socks on. I jerked his old dick to life and sucked him off, hard, slow, soft, slippery, loud. He groaned and came. I took all his cum. Then I laid him back down on the floor where I had put a mattress for the occasion. I straddled him and rode his cock for ten minutes until I felt his cock swell for a second before shooting a modest jet of cum into my womb. He groaned and said thank you.

You see, I needed to get pregnant by this man (seemingly the last white man on Earth) and give birth to a Caucasian child. I felt that it was my duty to my almost extinct color group. Maybe from all the intermingling of the surviving colored races, a new breed of Caucasian would be produced, so what I did with this old man was unnecessary. I don't know much about evolution, but I figured that anything was possible now. Don't drastic changes come about when cataclysmic events like this happen? I remembered something of that sort from my middle school days: learning about the ice age, dinosaurs, and early form of primitive humanoid life. I saw the old man go into some other room and then a gun shot rang out. Javier and I both rushed into the room where the old man had entered and found him lying dead on the floor with a gun in his hand and the right side of his head a bloody mess of gore.


I hung out with Javier for about a week, then left him to go exploring, hoping to find a group of Caucasians hidden in some place. I journeyed all the way to what used to be the Midwest of the United States. In Ohio, I settled down after feeling a little bit ill. I was pregnant and it was just my luck that a bunch of Russo-Asian skin heads came riding into the town I was living in. They terrorized all the small groups of people residing there and I couldn't do anything to protect myself other than make sure I was well out of sight. One morning, I heard a bigger disturbance happening out on the streets and took a peak through a crack in the brick building I was taking shelter in. The skin heads were facing off with what seemed like a rival gang from out of town. The skin heads were defeated with only two of them able enough to escape on their bikes. As the rival group came into view, I recognized Javier leading them. Not caring about any dangers this group of Javier may pose to me; I ran out of my hiding place and waved at Javier. He almost shot me with his rifle, but stopped himself in time.

"Hey, white girl! You here now?" "Yeah. How did you get here?" "We walked and hitchhiked." He introduced me to his new gang, which he was the leader of. It was a mixed group of Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterners, and Blacks. They called themselves the 14Js because there were fourteen of them and all their names began with the letter J. Before Javier asked me to join his gang (which I readily did), he noticed the little bump in my belly. "Wow, girl, you carryin' something there." He winked and whispered, "Deposit from the old guy at Goodwill?" I blushed saying, "Yes, and it's been growing fast lately." With a friendly and committed expression on his face he said, "Don't you worry about a thing. We'll take care of you." So we became the 15Js (I changed my name to Jeni) and in a matter of months, the 16Js with the addition of Jaq, my first born son. That Christmas we decided to spend in Mexico. While enjoying the festive season there, I pseudo-married two rugged, strong men in their twenties (who I also ushered into the gang): John, a tall black man, and Jino, a Mexican-Taiwanese half breed. They were good father figures for Jaq and served me quality cock day and night, whenever I wanted it. They didn't retain their cocks for me only, they served other women too, especially the ones in our gang (we were now the 18Js). Being the last white milf (and as far as my knowledge went, one of the only two white people) on the planet, I also made my pussy and every other part of me available to the rest of the gang, and sometimes, to outsiders who were nice enough. I never did stop keeping an eye out for other Caucasians, though, especially males.

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