Welcome to my All boys camp series. I always look forward to your coments and hopw you enjoy the series as much as I do writing them.
Part 7: Sex Ed 101 All boys Orgy

11 year old Ryan jumped up with his skinny nude body on display. His small skinny 4 inch boner sticking out from his hairless body waiting to be fondled. Tristan dropped to his knees and placed Ryan's boner in front of his face.

Tristan: This is where the fun begins.

As soon as Tristan had Ryan's boner in his mouth, Ben came over to me and grabbed my 7 inch boner and crammed it in his small 6 year old mouth. Ben's small mouth was so hot and tight, I could feel my cock head hitting the back of Ben's throat The small 6 year old was eager to cram as much of my cock in his mouth, it was like he was tasting candy for the first time.

Pretty soon every boy in the cabin was sucking each others dicks, Kevin was in the 69 position with 11 year old Taylor along with Brandon and Justin and the rest of the boys were taking turns sucking Josh's 6 year old dick and playing with his foreskin. As Tristan and I stood back to back naked with Ryan and Ben sucking on our boners, I turned my head slightly and said to Tristan

Me: Shall we go to stage 3?
Tristan: Not a bad idea, maybe a demonstration in in order.

As I looked around to see a dozen naked boys aged 6 - 17 taking part in a all boy orgy, I shouted out 'Any volunteers for a demo?" The next thing I see is every nude boy in the cabin wanting to be picked.

I picked 6 year old Ben who was still sucking my cock, Tristan picked 8 year old Hayden and Kevin picked 11 year old Justin. We all got in front of the group and told the boys to get in cretin positions. I lay-ed down on the floor and told Ben to get on top of me placing his butt hole at my boner. Tristan got Hayden in the doggie position and Kevin got Justin to lay on his back and put his legs over Kevin's shoulders. As we lubed up our hard boners ready to penetrate their virgin anal cherries, Dylan had started fingering his butt hole.

Dylan: Who wants to have sex with me.
Brandon: How do we do that?
Me: You insert your boner into another boys butt hole.
Tristan: Like this

Tristan began to insert his hard cock into Hayden's virgin hole while Kevin forced his cock in Justin's butt and Ben slowly inserted my 7 inch boner into his small tight virgin butt.

Me: Are you ready Ben?
Ben: Yes

I placed my hands on Ben's thighs and pressed my 7 inch boner between Ben's tight butt checks and slowly penetrating his tight pink asshole. His small naked 6 year old body slowly lowering on my cock, the look on his cute face from the pain and pleasure, his small penis and balls on my stomach. With Ben's skinny 6 year old naked body bouncing up and down on my cock, watching his small cock and balls bounce up and down, hearing my balls slap his small tight ass and the feel of my 7 inch boner inside his incredibly tight and hot butt, it was like I was ready to cum inside him right then and there.

Ben was filled with lust his hands kept moving all over my chest and legs while he was bouncing up and down on my cock. I started to sit up and Ben wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist holding on to me like a apron. His small boner now pressed against my chest, my cock balls deep in his tight ass and my hands squeezing his tight butt, could this get any better?

As the boys started to moan Brandon started to plow Dylan's 11 year old ass.
Every boy in the cabin was amazed by this and joined the action To my left watching me was 11 year old's Ryan and Taylor in the 69 position sucking each others hairless pricks. To my right was 11 year old Tristan fucking 8 year old Hayden who had John's 8 year old boner in his mouth and 6 year old Josh underneath him playing with Hayden's small cock and balls.

When Tristan finished fucking Hayden's 8 year old butt, Hayden and John went into the 69 position and Tristan came up to me and placed his cum covered cock in front of our faces and Ben and I started to suck, lick and kiss Tristan's cock while we fucked. Ben would run his tongue under Tristan's cock and place his tongue on mine.

When your fucking a 6 year old boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, making out with him with a cock between your mouths and have a dozen boys aged 6 - 17 having a all boy orgy around you, it's like the perfect dream you wake up from covered in cum.

Tristan blew a load giving Ben and I a facial and Ben french kissed me burying his tongue in my mouth and his hands running through my hair driving me crazy.

Me: Ben, I'm gonna CCCCCUUUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I lay-ed there naked with little 6 year old Ben on top of me with my now limp cock still buried in his cum filled ass I noticed Tristan was ready to fuck again. As Ben climbed off my body freeing my cock from his stretched ass and spewing out the hot cum from his cute butt, I got on all fours and sucked his small uncut boner and to my surprise Tristan got behind me and shoved his cock in my butt.

Tristan: My turn.

Tristan forced his 5 inch uncut boner in my butt hole and started plowing away. His small ball sack hitting my ass while I sucked on Ben's little boner. Tristan started pumping harder and hugged me from behind, his arms wrapped around my chest with his hands playing with my nipples.Feeling his breath down my neck as I sucked on Ben's small boner and his small balls hitting my chin.

With little 6 year old Ben thrusting his small hips face fucking me with his small boner and being fucked by 11 year old Tristan moaning and panting from my ass clenching on his boner. As Ben started panting, he shoved his small cock and balls in my mouth and held it there until he had his dry orgasm. Tristan saw this and drove him over the edge and unloaded wads of hot boy cum filling my ass.

As Ben removed his now soft little uncut cock and balls from my mouth, I rolled on to my back forcing Tristan to fall on to me. As we layed there with our naked bodies covered in sweat and cum, listening to all the boys in the cabin fucking, sucking and cumming Tristan on top of me with his crotch pressed against mine, our arms wrapped around each other , Tristan lowered his head and whispered in my ear.

Tristan: Now that was one hell of a lesson.
Me: That was just one lesson, wanna go clean up ;)
Tristan: Hell ya

More to cum.


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