My name is Henry and this started a long time ago at least I think it did. I was eight when it started with my twin step sisters who were six and we were really, really close. I don’t remember my real mom. I know she died and left me my inheritance but not what she was like. After dad married my step mom, I saw things I realized were just so wrong. My step sisters were from another man my step mom referred to as that son of a bitch.

My earliest memories were of watching my dad training my step mom’s old toy poodle to fuck my sisters. My step mom would never let my sisters wear panties and dad would put them on their stomach or backs on the floor. The poodle would sniff and lick between their legs and then dad would lift his front paws and put him on their butt’s or tummy. I watched as the poodle hunched and fucked them.

My step mom would watch with him and then tell the girls what good bitches they were. The poodle fucked them until they were seven almost eight. Dad was taking the dog to the vet for shots when he went off the road and crashed. My step mom dated a couple of other men after that. She was a nurse and began giving me and my step sisters hormone shots.

By the time I turned ten my cock was over five inches long. What really made the difference was that I was producing sperm, a lot of sperm. My sisters started their periods one month apart that year and they were only eight. I was smart enough to know my step mom was acting different. She started giving Ann and Ivy shots every day and I managed to see the label, it was some fertility drug to help a woman produce more eggs.

Two months later an exam table appeared in our front room. It was my turn to be treated to her… ministrations. She must have given the girls something to make them sleep because she had me carry Ivy into the front room and put her on the exam table. She positioned Ivy with her legs spread to show her bald pussy. Next she pulled me near and pulled my sweat pants down.

I stared at Ivy’s pussy as mom stroked my cock. It wasn’t long before I groaned and started cumming. She pointed my cock into this measuring cup as I spewed thick gushing steams of sperm and semen. When I was done she rubbed my stomach, “That’s a good stud.”

I closed my eyes as she began stroking my cock again. After I came several times she released my cock and had me step back. The cup of cum was over a third and she used a long syringe without a needle to suck it up. She pushed this thing into Ivy and I could see right down inside her. My step mom put the syringe inside the other thing and pushed all the cum out of the syringe.

When she pulled the syringe out, I looked into Ivy and saw a tiny drop of white leaking from inside her. It was three days before my step mom did the same thing to Ann. This time when she was done she pulled my hand to her pussy and made me feel her. I didn’t tell her I had told Ivy and Ann what she was doing. It was a couple of weeks later that mom made Ann and Ivy pee on a tester.

I got a look at the box she had thrown away to see it was a home pregnancy tester. She was grinning and seemed almost nice after the girls were tested. I guess that was enough for me. I called my grandparents on my real mother’s side and before I knew it they were there talking to mom. Her face was white as my grandfather spoke to her and my grandmother packed all of us up.

My grandparent’s home was large with a nice pool in the back. At first they put us in separate rooms but that first night I slipped into Ivy and Ann’s room. I held both girls and let them snuggled on me. When I got hard Ivy looked into my face but I ignored it. After that we slept together and my grandparents didn’t say anything.

I went with the girls for their doctor visits and when they had the babies it was by Cesarean. Ivy had two little girls and a boy. Ann had two girls and two boys. It was hard on the girls but I was always there helping. I wanted to have sex but refused to be like my father or step mother.

I was sixteen when grandmother died. My grandfather was broken hearted and the girls cried for days. The girls went to school and were smart and got good grades. Our children had been watched by our grandmother and now they seemed to be grandfather’s focus on life. It was a month after grandma died that Ivy and Ann pulled me to our room while the kids were out playing in the shallow pool with grandfather.

They were fourteen and even though they had the kids and we slept together we had never had sex. They sat on each side of me and took my hands. Ivy took a breath, “Henry? Do you think we are sexy?”

I wasn’t expecting that question, “Yes.”

She smiled and Ann squeezed my hand, “Have you ever thought about having sex with us?”

I looked at them and let their hands go as I stood up and turned to face them. “Yes, I’ve thought about it, but I remember things. Like, dad making the toy poodle fuck you when you were little. Like mom touching you and using me to get you pregnant. I don’t want to hurt you or… force you.”

Ivy and Ann had both looked at each other when I mentioned the poodle so they probably didn’t remember. Ivy suddenly grinned, “So that’s why we like toy poodles.”

Ann grinned and then laughed before standing and coming to me. She embraced me, “We are old enough to decide who to have sex with. You know we have both talked to and kissed other boys. They aren’t you and we have decided that, for now, you are the one we want.”

Ivy nodded, “We’ll get a poodle later. Right now we want you to be our lover. You are already the father of our children.”

I grinned, “If you two start this you’ll both end up pregnant again.”

They laughed and Ivy kissed my cheek, “Fuck Ann. Tonight I get you.”

She walked out and Ann kissed me quick and started undressing. I only hesitated before following her example. She pulled me to our bed and climbed on wiggling her bare butt at me. I grinned and chased her before rolling her onto her back. I moved over her enjoying the feel of her naked body against mine. I kissed her softly and then started kissing my way down her body.

I stopped to kiss and suck on her nipples and Ann moaned while holding the back of my head. She finally laughed and pushed me down. I gave her nipple a lick and kissed my way down her tummy. I looked up her body before kissing her clit and licking through her pussy. Even after seeing her and Ivy naked this was the first time I had tasted one of them.

I smiled at Ann as she shivered and sucked in her clit. I rubbed the sides of her pussy while teasing her clit with my tongue. I covered her clit and used my tongue while sucking and humming. Ann shuddered and her back arched as she squirted a tiny bit of cum, “yes!”

I smiled and moved up her shuddering body and positioned my cock. Now at sixteen my cock was almost eight and a half inches long. I slowly pushed into her and she groaned and put her arms around me as I keep pushing in. I stopped with my cock pressed tight against the back of her pussy. She shivered and then laughed, “After getting fucked by a poodle and having four babies, I’m no longer a virgin.”

I had to laugh with her and then kiss her before I pulled back. Ann jerked as her tight pussy gripped my cock. “ooohhh fuck Henry!”

I started fucking her like I had dreamed of for years, slow and deep. She felt warm and silky and… slippery. I smiled as I slid into her and pressed against her. Ann groaned and shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock, “ffuuucccckkkkkk!”

I smiled and kissed her before whispering, “Wanton nymph.”

Ann laughed and hugged me tight. I fucked her using short, grinding thrusts while staying deep inside her. The soft hand of Ivy caressing my back made me stop, “Grandpa heard Ann.”

I looked back at her and Ann rose up to look over my shoulder, “Is he coming?”

Ivy laughed, “He said he wants another grandson and told me to come help.”

I looked at Ann and she grinned as her pussy squeezed my cock. I shivered and pressed against her tight. I began fucking her harder and she started panting and grunting. I shoved into her and slowly pushed against her cervix before suddenly spurting huge ropes of sperm into her womb. Ann grunted and then started thrashing around and bucking as I pumped warm cum into her.

When I stopped, she sighed and shuddered as her pussy spasmed around my cock. I slowly pulled out and lay next to her while Ivy slipped down on her other side. I cupped one of Ann’s breasts and rubbed the nipple while she watched. I finally looked into her face, “Thanks Ann.”

She grinned and Ivy laughed, Ann caressed my face, “since you didn’t get to do it the first time we thought you might like to try it this way.”

I grinned and leaned over to suck on one of her nipples. Ivy grinned and pushed me onto my back as she moved over our sister. She straddled me and leaned down to kiss me while Ann turned onto her side to watch. Ivy reached between us to lift my cock before sitting back. She sighed as my cummy cock pushed into her and forced its way deeper. Ann reached between her legs when she didn’t move and squeezed her clit. Ivy jerked as if shocked, “Fuck!”

She shuddered and grinned at Ann before starting to rock and thrust back and forth. I groaned as her tight pussy squeezing my cock and reached up to cup her breasts. Ivy shivered and shuddered as she began moving erratically. Her pussy spasmed and contracted around my cock before she jerked hard and cried out, “FUCK!”

Ann laughed, “You forgot the me on the end of that.”

Ivy groaned and slowly lay on me, “I love his cock in me.”

Ann caressed her shoulder, “I know, me too.”

I shivered and rolled so that Ivy was under me and slowly started to fuck her. She shuddered and lifted her legs to put them over mine. I used deep thrusts and she started shaking as her tight, warm pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. She became erratic as she thrust up to meet each thrust into her and then arched her back, “YES!”

She bucked and thrashed around as I fucked her harder. I finally thrust into her and pushed my cock firmly against her cervix as I pressed against her. Ivy groaned and continued to shake as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. When I pulled back and started to thrust into her with long, deep strokes.

It lasted about two minutes and then I shuddered as I pushed into her womb and clutched at her. Ivy was convulsing as I started spurting and pumping large, strong jets of cum. She jerked with each one and cried out, “CUM IN ME!”

Ann was caressing and rubbing my back as I spurted and pumped cum into Ivy. She was shaking and jerking erratically as she felt the warm sperm pumping into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed in regret and Ann laughed, “don’t worry we’ll do it again later.”

Ivy grinned and squeezed me with both her arms and her pussy, “He better.”

I laughed and pulled out of her before pulling them both off the bed. I helped them get dressed and ignored them whispering to each other about leaking. We joined grandpa and he grinned at me, “Feel better?”

I smiled as Ivy and Ann laughed, “As a matter of fact I do.”

Ivy whispered in my ear before going to her son, “Wait until we are pregnant. We are going to start fucking him too.”

Grandpa’s hearing has always been great when it comes to hearing what we don’t want him to. I jerked in surprise and grandpa laughed, “Hell girls, your grandmother had me fixed decades ago.”

Ann laughed as she sat with all the little girls, “In that case I get to sleep with you tonight.”

Ivy grinned, “And I get tomorrow night.”

I shook my head and grinned at grandpa. He smiled and we went back to playing with the kids. After dinner and baths and movies we put the kids down. Ann kissed me and whispered, “Is it okay?”

I held her against me, “Are you sure you want to?”

She bit her lip and nodded. I kissed her and turned her towards the door, “tell me how it was in the morning.”

She laughed as she walked out and I turned to Ivy as she pulled the covers back. I undressed and crawled in beside her and cupped her bare breast, “Sleeping without one of you is going to take getting used to.”

Ivy shuddered as her hand caressed my flat stomach, “You’ll live.”

I turned on my side and reached down to start fingering her pussy. She shivered as I slipped a finger into her and began fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit with the palm of my hand. It wasn’t long before she groaned and reached for my hand. I grinned and turned to move over her and between her legs. She positioned my cock and I slowly pushed into her.

We started slow with long thrusts that pushed my cock against her womb. It didn’t last as Ivy started shuddering and her pussy began squeezing my cock. She began thrusting up harder and I started fucking her with deep thrusts. A few minutes later we were both shaking and her pussy was spasming as I buried my cock. I kissed her passionately as my cock throbbed and erupted.

She howled as she felt warm cum pumping into her again and started convulsing. Her warm pussy tightened and she wet me as she thrashed and bucked. When I stopped cumming she groaned and slowly relaxed. We heard Ann howling and Ivy grinned and shook me. I pulled out of her and moved back before rolling her onto her stomach.

She lifted her butt as I moved up again and pushed my slimy cock back into her. I started with slow, deep thrusts and it barely took her a minute to started wailing and spasming. Her slimy pussy was rippling and tightening around my cock as I started fucking against her womb. She continued to jerk and convulse as she screamed, howled and wailing into the bed.

I finally pulled out and rolled her onto her back. I moved back between her legs and pushed into her. I fucked her hard as she lifted and spread her legs. It was maybe two minutes before I thrust into her and started spurting and spewing. Ivy clutched at me and cried out as I flooded her belly once more. When I was finally done cumming she dropped her legs.

I kissed her passionately and pulled out before rolling onto my back. I pulled on her and she turned to snuggle against me. I was starting to fall asleep when Ann slipped into bed and snuggled up in her usual place. I caressed her bare shoulder and we fell asleep. I woke as Ann was pulling on me to get me to move over her. I looked at the clock and pushed her down before moving between her legs.

I kissed her as I pushed into her tight pussy and started to fuck her slippery hole. She put her arms around me as she thrust up and her pussy tightened. She groaned and shuddered as my cock pressed against her womb. I continued to fuck her and it wasn’t long before she was jerking and spasming under me. Ivy was suddenly beside us caressing and rubbing my back as Ann lifted her legs into the air.

I fucked her with short thrusts after I buried my cock in her. It was a couple of minutes before she started to convulse and jerk erratically. I pulled back and fucked her with deep thrusts and then buried my cock as it jerked and throbbed. I held her as I started pumping large, thick spurts of cum. Ann jerked and shuddered as I pumped her full of warm sperm.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and wrapped her arms and legs around me as we kissed. I pulled out of her and let her move off the bed before turning to hug and kiss Ivy. She hugged me before turning to follow Ann out of bed and into the bathroom. I climbed out of bed and went to check the children before going to the bathroom. I slipped into the shower with Ivy and Ann and washed them before pushing them out so I could finish.

Grandpa seemed more alive as he made everyone breakfast. Both Ann and Ivy kissed him before helping the kids dress. It was Monday so I walked the girls to their school before heading to mine. I couldn’t wait for the day to end and jogged to the junior high to meet Ivy and Ann. Several of their friends were with them and grinned or giggled when I reached them.

The girls each kissed me and we started walking. When we got home we checked on the kids in the backyard with grandpa. We played for awhile and listen to them telling us about their day in kindergarten. Ann finally kissed grandpa and whispered in his ear. He grinned and pushed her towards me as Ivy stood and pulled me up. They pulled me to our room and we undressed before climbing onto the bed.

I caressed Ivy and she grinned and kiss me before moving over me and onto Ann. I was surprised but turned to watch as they kissed timidly at first and then more passionately. I grinned as Ann groaned and shuddered as her hips humped up into Ivy’s. I laughed and rubbed Ivy’s butt, “spread your legs Ann.”

She shuddered and did as I told her as they continued kissing. Ivy started humping against her and it wasn’t long before they were both breathing hard and shuddering. I reached between Ivy’s legs and slipped a finger into her slippery pussy. She jerked and spasmed harder, “YES!”

I kissed her shoulder before moving off the bed and around. I pulled and turned both of them to the side of the bed. They looked back at me as I moved between their spread legs and pushed into Ann. She wailed and thrashed around and Ivy started jerking and humping down against her. I fucked her for a minute before pulling out and pushing into Ivy.

She stiffened and then went wild, bucking and jerking. Ann held her tight and kept convulsing. I fucked Ivy’s tight, slippery pussy for a minute as she howled and pulled out to push back into Ann. I kept going back and forth every minute or two. The girls wailed and howled as I kept fucking them nice and deep. I finally buried my cock in Ann in time to gush a huge stream of cum.

She shuddered and sighed and then I quickly pulled out and thrust all the way into Ivy. I pumped another huge spurt in her and then another before pulling out the push back into Ann for the rest. They both shuddered and jerked, moaned and sighed. When I pulled out Ann laughed and shook Ivy, “Next time we better fuck him first, he got to excited.”

I laughed and sat on the bed beside them, “Wait until tonight.”

Ivy grinned, “I get to take care of Grandpa tonight.”

I rubbed her tummy, “We’ll watch the kids if you want him now.”

Ann laughed as she moved off the bed, “do it Ivy.”

Ivy grinned and nodded, “Okay, go ask him to come help me in his bedroom.”

I grinned as I reached for my pants, “go wait in his bed.”

Ann and I got dressed and she went to whisper in his ear as I sat down. He blushed and then grinned as he nodded and stood up. We were making dinner when they came out. Grandpa looked alive and Ivy looked mussed and used. I grinned and pulled her close for a kiss before going back to making dinner. The girls continued to take turns having sex with grandpa and he seems to be more alive because of it.

They did end up pregnant again and this time only had one baby each. Every couple of years we plan another pregnancy. We still live together and I just finished college, while they still have a couple of years to go.
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