I was twelve when I snapped. My father was drunk which was normal and he was hitting and beating my mother. That to was normal for my father since my mother or myself were his preferred punching bags. I grabbed an iron skillet and swung it into the side of his head. I hit him again before he fell and then I just looked at him lying on the floor. My frightened mother was crouching against the wall staring at me. At first I didn’t know what to do and then I panicked.

I ran to my room and threw some clothes in a backpack and then rolled up my blankets. I ran out and didn’t look back. That first year I almost died several times, from hunger, exposure, other homeless people and gangs. The one thing I did do which brought even more embarrassment and shame was continue to go to school. I was an outcast and ridiculed almost everyday.

When things change for the better I had learned to look around before accepting it. With puberty came change and of course more embarrassment but also something else. I began to get brief, I guess you could say visions. It depended on what or who I focused on, on what I saw. If it was someone else or something, I usually only saw one vision of what was going to happen to it or them. However, if I had a vision about myself I saw several… I guess you could say paths.

I cautiously used this to my advantage. I used other homeless guys to make bets on some sports events. I got half and we both were happy. On an average week I made anywhere from a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars. From that first time, I slept every night in a warm bed in a hotel. I ate three times everyday and actually bought and wore new warm clothes that fit. It went on like that until after I turned fourteen.

Things got better but it wasn’t like I could invite someone over to my house. To make things worse I noticed better dressed people hanging around where I met other homeless people. I sat down to think in the local library, it was one place that I knew would be warm and dry. First I knew I needed to do something that wouldn’t draw attention. I really didn’t need some scientist drilling holes in my head to find out how I was able to do what I did.

I was relaxing and thinking when two men in suits started arguing about the stock market. The vision of my paths hit me hard. I shook my head and stood up to leave. I still had an hour before the bank closed. First I went to my hotel and then I went to the bank. I started a new account with five thousand dollars I had saved and got the routing and account number.

Five grand wasn’t a lot, but I was able to use it the next morning, buying five thousand dollars worth of commodities. When I sold it, I bought some more and kept at it all day ignoring school. By the end of the day I was up half a million, investing half in a company’s stocks. I slept well that night and went to school feeling like I was on top of the world. I should have known better then to show how I was feeling.

Right away the other boys began picking on me. It started in gym class in the morning, I was half hard which wasn’t unusual for any of the guys. It was the size of my cock and balls that they choose to make fun of. Since my last growth spurt my cock is over eight and a half inches long but really fat, my balls were really big too.

The other guys called me horse dick or said I was part mule, things like that. The girls giggled and laughed at me and pretended to be afraid before running away. It was a bad day altogether and when I left school I was not feeling good. I guess that was why I didn’t notice the three older girls following me. I opened my room at the hotel and walked in.

I went to close the door and a girl’s hand stopped it from closing. That woke me up and I backed away quickly as the three girls pushed into the room and closed the door behind themselves, the girls looked like they were sixteen.

They all had long blonde hair and blue eyes. They all had the same body type, with C cup breasts, slim firm bodies and full hips. My paths flashed before me as they calmly walked to the bed and sat down looking at me. I cleared my throat, “What do you want?”

I knew which would answer and sure enough the one closest to me smiled, “You.”

I waited and she smiled, “The rumors are that you have a large cock. The three of us are tired of guys hitting on us and not satisfying us. If you are big enough we are prepared to offer you sex.”

I looked at each of them and knew if I turned them down it wouldn’t be good. I also knew that if I accepted they could be with me for the rest of my life. I relaxed and moved to a chair by the door. I sat down and looked at them, “The three of you have sex with each other.”

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. They looked at each other as I sat back, “Are you… (I thought about the question) Have you used condoms?”

They grinned and nodded. I sighed and stood up to start undressing, “Before you can touch me, you have to make love to each other while I watch.”

They looked at each other before looking at me as my pants and boxers dropped to the floor. They looked at my cock as it started getting hard. I sat down, pulling my shirt over my head and looked at them, “I want to watch you make love because it will show me where you enjoy being touched. It will also tell me about each of you.”

They looked at each other and finally stood up and started undressing. When they were naked they walked to me and leaned over to caress my face. I had noticed the differences in each girl, the first had lighter colored hair that was just a bit longer then the others. She smiled, “I’m Donna.”

She walked to the bed and the next girl took her place. I noticed she had a small button nose. She actually kissed my cheek, “I’m Sonia.”

Before she had completely turned away the third girl was slipping onto my lap. I noticed that her pussy was completely bald. She cupped my face ignoring my stiff cock as it poked her, “I’m Tammy.”

She leaned into me and kissed me softly on the lips. She smiled as my cock jerked and then stood and walked to the bed. They looked at each other and then moved onto the bed and tentatively kissed. I shook my head remembering the paths, “No.”

They looked at each other as I stood and walked to the bed to sit beside them. “Do you even care about each other?”

They blushed and I sighed and held out my hand to Donna, “Come here.”

The others laid back as Donna moved closer realizing that everything they had planned had changed. I cupped her face and leaned in to give her a gentle but passionate kiss, my hands softly caressing her body as she moaned. I cupped the back of her head and continued to kiss her without using any force. I wasn’t touching her breasts or her pussy as I caressed her but she still shivered as if I had.

I pulled back amazed at the way she felt and tasted, Donna opened her eyes and smiled. I looked at Sonia and Tammy, “Making love is about how you do it. It’s all about showing your partner or partners how you feel by giving them pleasure.”

I looked at each of them and then moved to the chair before looking back, “The question is how do you truly feel about each other. You want to share a guy but are you willing to share yourselves?”

They looked at each other and then put their heads together to start whispering. I turned and began doing some research on my netbook. When I heard Sonia moan, I looked over and then shut the netbook down. Sonia was lying back while both Tammy and Donna took turns kissing her and caressing her body. I nodded as I felt the path I wanted to follow fall into place.

It was amazing to watch something so erotic and at the same time romantic. After Sonia it was Donna’s turn and then Tammy’s. When they finished and lay on the bed caressing each other, I stood and moved onto the bed and behind Donna. I caressed her hip as I looked past her, “Now we can have sex or make love whenever you want.”

They laughed and Donna pushed back with her bare butt. The feel of her bare body as it touched my cock gave me a shiver. Tammy and Sonia shifted over and I felt Donna twist and pull on me. I was between her legs as she reached between us for my cock. The feel of her wet, warm pussy against my cock made me look up into her face. She smiled when I looked into her face and pulled on my hips.

My thick cock slowly forced her pussy open. It took a minute for me to slowly push most of the way inside her. Donna was panting when I pulled back to start fucking her slowly. She jerked and grabbed me, “Fuck!”

I slowly pushed deeper and stopped to kiss her on her lips and then under her ear and then on the side of her neck. When I pulled back again Donna shuddered and moaned as her hips lifted as if to keep my cock inside her. I fucked in and out slowly and after a few minutes she shuddered hard, her pussy spasming as I buried my cock to push against her womb. Tammy and Sonia were suddenly there kissing her and caressing her. Donna moaned, “Damn he feels really good.”

I shivered and pulled back to fuck her with deep strokes and she only moaned as her hips began thrusting up to meet mine. Our slow fuck began going faster and harder. It was only a few minutes later that I groaned and pushed against her cervix hard and held still as my cock jerked and throbbed.

I shivered and Donna gasped and began convulsing as I spewed huge, strong streams of cum. I pumped thick, white creamy spurts into her and she jerked and sighed after each one. I shivered with her as I stopped and Tammy laughed, “That is what we need.”

Sonia laughed and Donna groaned as I pulled out and crawled toward Sonia. Tammy and Sonia laughed again as I moved over Sonia and kissed her as I settled between her legs. “May I?”

She grinned and nodded and I pushed. She groaned as my thick cock slowly forced her tight pussy open. I pulled back and then pushed in to start fucking her deeper. She shook her head and shivered as I finally pushed against the back of her pussy. I pressed against her and kissed her before starting to slowly fuck her. She was shaking before two minutes were up. Her body was having small tremors as her pussy contracted to squeeze my cock and she shook her head, “ooohhhhh, fuck!”

Tammy and Donna both laughed and slid closer to caress both of us. I loved the way her silky pussy felt as it grasp my cock when I slid in and out. Sonia was shaking as I fucked her nice and slow. I grinned and fucked her hard for a minute before shoving in and pressing tight against her. Her hips rose as she spasmed and her pussy gripped my cock tight, “Yes!”

I went back to slow, steady strokes and Sonia kept shaking. Her hips rose to meet each thrust into her. Every other time I would press tight against her and grind. Her tight pussy grasped my cock every time I pulled out of her and she groaned when I pushed in. I started fucking her harder feeling the need to cum. She was grunting and jerking as her pussy spasmed around my cock, “oh my god, YES!”

I pushed to the back of her spasming pussy and started sending strong spurts of cum against her waiting womb. Sonia jerked and grabbed me as I filled her. She sighed when I finished and then grinned and kissed me, “Thanks.”

I smiled and slowly pulled out of her to look at Tammy. She was grinning and pulled her hand away from her pussy and held it out, “You’re still hard. Is it my turn now?”

I smiled and moved off Sonia and turned Tammy like I had seen in her path. I lifted her butt as she sighed and rested her head on the bed. I felt and rubbed her wet pussy before slowly pushing my cock into her. I fucked her with slow, deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before she was shaking and moaning. She thrust back onto my cock each time I pushed into her.

She was shaking and her tight pussy was squeezing and milking my cock. On each thrust I would almost pull out of her before slowly pushing back to her cervix. Tammy was shaking and froze suddenly a few minutes later before exploding, she was bucking and thrashing around. Her pussy tightened and rippled around my cock as she screamed, “FUCK ME!”

I held her hips as I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes. I slowed to the slow, deep strokes as she spasmed and convulsed. Her girl cum was running down the inside of her thighs as I fucked her with deep, steady thrusts that made her moan and shake. I finally thrust into her and held my swelling, throbbing cock against her cervix before starting to spurt ropes of sperm. Tammy jerked and screamed as she felt the warm cum pumping through into her womb, “CUMMING!”

She jerked erratically as I held her hips and finished cumming in her spasming pussy. I finally sighed and pushed her down on the bed letting my slimy cock come out of her. I smiled and rubbed her butt before moving back off the bed, “Thank you ladies that was amazing.”

They laughed and Donna and Sonia moved to lay with Tammy. I went back to the chair by the table and sat down before looking at them, “Anyone want to go out to dinner?”

I already knew the answer was no, but I also knew the girls would like my offer. They climbed off the bed with sighs and started dressing. Donna smiled as she came to kiss me, “Maybe Friday? We have to go home.”

I nodded and caressed her before Tammy came to kiss me and then Sonia. I watched them leave and went to shower before dressing and going out to eat. I wasn’t surprised they stayed away for the next few days. I made a lot more money and was beating my head against the wall trying to think of a way to buy a house in my own name. What I came up with was a long term suite in a large hotel.

I slipped a clerk a thousand dollars to let me sign in and lease the room. It was actually nice, I didn’t have grass to cut and they had a nice indoor pool. It was Friday and I was walking home when Sonia slipped her arm in mine, “Hey.”

I smiled, “Hey.”

She grinned, “You moved?”

I nodded and she looked around, “Can I come over?”

I looked at her, “feeling horny?”

She blushed but nodded, “yes.”

I nodded, “If I order Chinese can you stay for dinner?”

She grinned, “Sure.”

When I opened the door she walked in and looked around before turning to me. I smiled, “It’s a one bedroom suite, but better than the hotel room.”

She took my hand and started pulling me towards the open doorway to the bedroom. I set my book bag on the table as we passed it and then turned Sonia. I kissed her as I started to undress her and she almost melted in my arms. After stepping out of her panties I sat her on the edge of the bed and quickly stripped before kneeling between her legs and looking up into her face, “Can I go down on you?”

Sonia grinned and ran her finger through my hair, “Yes.”

As I pushed her legs open more and leaned in, she lay back on the bed. I opened her pussy and started licking and teasing her and she shivered. When I started sucking on her clit and wiggling my tongue against it, she thrust her hips up into my face, “YES!”

After that I went from licking through her pussy to tongue fucking her to sucking and teasing her clit. She bucked and shook and jerked and shuddered and finally covered her pussy. I stood up and grinned as she wiggled back onto the bed. I climbed onto the bed and between her legs before positioning my cock and slowly entering her. Her pussy was warm and slippery just as I remembered it.

I fucked her with long, slow, deep thrusts. Planting my cock each time and pressing against her. It wasn’t long before Sonia was moaning and shuddering as her warm pussy spasmed around my cock. She began breathing harder and thrusting up against me harder so I began fucking her hard. She stiffened and screamed as her pussy tightened, “YYYYEEESSSSS!”

I ignored her and shoved into her and pushed through into her cervix. I humped and pressed against her and she thrashed around jerking and shaking. I finally just started fucking her with long, deep thrusts, “Sonia? I need to cum.”

She was almost incoherent but lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist. I buried my throbbing cock with a groan and held her shuddering body as I began to pump huge, gushing streams of cum into her womb. Sonia stiffened and lifted her hips, “CUM IN MMMEEEEE!”

I spewed and sprayed and spurted and finally I stopped with cum leaking around my cock. I sighed as she slowly relaxed. My cock was still throbbing and I wanted more but I knew the paths. I kissed her, “Thank you Sonia.”

I slowly pulled out of her and she grinned and wiped the cum pouring out of her onto a hand. I caressed her body and then helped her off the bed and into the bathroom. I washed her slowly in the shower and she kept caressing my chest. When we got out I used a prepaid cell to call for Chinese. I ordered extra because I knew Sonia was calling Tammy and Donna.

They arrived as Sonia and I were sitting together and I was kissing her and caressing her body. She grinned, “Saved by the bell.”

I smiled and went to answer the door. I was starting to close it when the food arrived. As I was putting the food on the table Tammy and Donna stripped to be like Sonia . I slipped out of the pants I had put on for the delivery guy and we sat to eat. After dinner I cleaned up and smiled at the girls, “Want to rent a movie?”

Tammy laughed, “Sure.”

Donna grinned, “We’re spending the weekend with you.”

I grinned, “And each other.”

I pulled up the movie menu and let Sonia select the movie before Tammy pulled me away towards the bedroom. She grinned as she sat and leaned back and I knelt between her legs. I licked her pussy and opened it before sucking on her clit and wiggling the tip of my tongue on it. She shuddered and moaned as her hips lifted. I started nibbling on her pussy lips and then her clit and she began shaking and jerking.

I pushed my tongue up inside her before licking through her pussy again. I nibbled on her inner lips and then her clit before I began sucking and teasing it. Tammy was spasming and finally covered her pussy. I stood and turned her to lay her back. I moved over her and kissed her as I pushed into her tight pussy. I kept kissing her softly as I began to fuck her.

She was moaning and shuddering as her pussy was stretched and my cock fuck into her. It wasn’t long before I was pressing against her cervix and Tammy was convulsing as her pussy rippled around my cock. I buried my cock and humped into her as I kept kissing her. She was breathing harder and thrashing around as I started fucking her with deep thrusts.

My cock began slipping in against her womb and Tammy howled as she got wetter. Her pussy was spasming and squeezing my cock as I continued to fuck her. Every couple of minutes she was wailing and jerking around. I buried my cock in her and shuddered before beginning to pump huge spurts of cum. Tammy screamed as she felt warm sperm flooding her belly and wrapped her legs around me.

She was incoherent as I flooded her and when I stopped she was still shaking. I kissed her softly before pulling out of her. I lay beside her and caressed her body until she had calmed down and caught her breath. She was grinning as she rolled into me and kissed me passionately. She climbed out of bed and I followed her back into the other room.

I sat in the only chair as Tammy sat between Donna and Sonia. They both reached down to spread her legs and began to wipe their fingers through her pussy and licking them. I grinned as I watched them and Donna finally stood and pulled me after her. I pushed her onto the bed and followed as I spread her legs and leaned down to lick through her slit.

She shuddered and ran her fingers through my hair as I pushed my tongue up into her. I started nibbling on her inner lips as I used my thumbs to rub her clit. When I finally moved up and covered her clit to suck and tease it with my tongue she yelled and started thrashing around. She squirted a little as I kept using my tongue on her clit and it was a few minutes before she rolled away and covered her pussy.

I rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her hips before straddling her legs and bending my cock. I pushed into her and began fucking her with long thrusts. Donna groaned and started thrusting back as I kept fucking her. It was a couple of minutes before her warm, slippery pussy spasmed and tightened. She cried out as she jerked and shuddered hard.

I held her hips as I started fucking her with long, hard, deep thrusts. I was hitting and forcing her womb open each time and Donna began to wail and howl. She was bucking and thrashing around as I continued to fuck her. It was seven or eight minutes before she stiffened and gasped as her slippery pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock.

I pulled her back as I buried my cock in her as far as I could. Donna shuddered violently as I began to pump large ropes of cum into her. She was jerking and gasping as she kept thrusting and pushing back while I poured cum into her. When I pulled out she dropped to the bed and giggled, “god I love feeling you sperm my pussy.”

I rubbed her butt, “I enjoy it too.”

She rolled and pulled me down, “I hope you have enough for later.”

I kissed her, “I have enough.”

I moved back and then off the bed and Donna followed me and led me back to the other room. She sat between Sonia and Tammy and let them finger her and lick my cum from their fingers. I smiled and sat back to wait as they giggled and talked while I turned to use my new laptop. It was more for something to do and I stopped after balancing my account sheet.

I stood and stretched before going to get ready for bed. I folded the covers back before slipping into bed. I heard the girls going into the bathroom and a few minutes later they walked into the bedroom. Tammy grinned as she slipped in and moved over until she was straddling me. She slowly pushed my cock into her before shuddering and beginning to rock.

I reached up to cup her breasts and play with her nipples. Sonia and Donna laughed and Tammy grinned as she leaned down. I bent my neck to suck on one nipple and she shuddered, “mmmm!”

She sat up and started thrusting back and forth as Sonia moved against me and pulled my head to one of her pink nipples. I latched on and she shivered as she held me against her breasts. I let one of my hands drop to rub and finger Tammy’s pussy and clit. I felt her cummy pussy tighten and she began to shake before she started to convulse.

Her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock as she wailed and spasmed. When she stopped cumming she dropped to my chest with a sigh. I hugged her and rubbed her bare back before she lifted her hips and pulled my cock out. I looked at her as she grinned and moved over Sonia. Donna turned my head and pulled it down to suck on her nipples. A moment later Sonia was astride me and forcing my cock up into her.

I fumbled as I reached up to cup her breasts and she moved my hand to help me. She started rocking as her pussy gently fluttered and then began to squeeze and milk my cock. I kept sucking and nibbling on Donna’s nipples and Sonia slowly thrust back and forth, rubbing her pussy on me. Two minutes later she was jerking as her pussy spasmed and tightened. She wailed and started twisting and shuddering hard.

I shuddered as her cummy pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock. I knew to wait and she finally rolled off me. I groaned as Donna moved back and kissed me before straddling me. She pushed my cock into her and started fucking me hard. She started panting and shuddering almost right away as Tammy and Sonia laughed. Tammy snuggled against me, “She has sensitive nipples.”

Donna jerked as her pussy spasmed and started twisting and thrashing around. I grabbed her waist and started pulling her back and forth as I began thrusting up into her. A few minutes and she howled as I gushed warm cum into her. She jerked and shook as I kept pumping it into her and then fell onto me when I stopped. She sighed and lifted her hips before wiggling and moving to pull my hard slimy cock out.

She gave me a kiss before slipping to one side and putting her head on my shoulder. I woke up in the morning to both Donna and Tammy sleeping half on me. I slipped out of bed after shifting and wiggling away. I prepared breakfast and glanced at the girls when they walked in together. I kissed each on the cheek before heading out to my laptop.

Ours has been a strange life for the first five or six years. The girls didn’t decide to get pregnant until they graduated college. By then we were living together in a large house beside the college. They don’t know I can see our future paths and I doubt if they would care now. I am their man and they do everything together so why should they change now?
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