My name is Ryan Mathew Hale. I graduated from high school and buried my father on the same day. That was when a lot of things became clear. Going through my father’s things I found out my mother didn’t just abandon us. My father had made a deal or an agreement with a school friend. If his friend paid dad one million dollars he could have mom. Mom accepted the agreement and left when I was thirteen and never looked back.

That was when I also found out dad had put every penny into stocks in my name. The stocks were worth almost nine million now and that was before adding the eight hundred thousand in the bank from some dividends. Dad’s insurance had paid off our house and added another half million to my stocks.

I had always been skinny until last year when my father bought the lap pool and I started swimming two or three hours a day. I am six feet tall with light brown hair and blue eyes. My cock is between eight and nine inches long.

I had a friend whose dad owned a small water park and I had promised to spend the summer as a life guard. Working the water park gave me a lot of time to think. I had plans for school in the fall, I wanted to learn how to paint or draw pictures. I had been in the park for two weeks, mostly in the lifeguard tower on one side of the wave pool beach.

It was early and a lot of people were still coming out onto the beach. I glanced back at a man and woman as they walked onto the beach. They had four children with them, all girls. Two were older, twins maybe fourteen. The two young ones were two and four or looked that old. I looked at the woman in the string bikini and then I froze as I recognized her, it was my mother.

I kept watching the pool as my mind whirled. They settled down not even thirty feet from my tower. They spread large beach towels and laid back, well mom and the twins. The young girls played in the sand and the man continued to argue with someone on the phone. I kept an eye on them and noticed the two girls giggling and looking at me.

My mother kept looking at me and biting her lip. Forty minutes later the man stalked up the beach to the refreshment stand loudly proclaiming it was too hot and he was going to find shade. A minute later mom was walking to my tower. She stopped below me, “Ryan?”

I glanced at her and then back out at the pool. She shifted around for a minute, “Please Ryan, I’m your mother.”

I looked at her calmly, “My mother abandoned me. I don’t have a mother.”

I looked back at the pool not really seeing it as she whispered, “You don’t understand.”

I looked at her again, “Understand? I understand my mother left me to crawl into another man’s bed and spread her legs.”

She gasped, “It isn’t like that!”

I didn’t look at her, afraid I would cry, “No? I see two little girls that say otherwise.”

I turned to raise the relief flag and dropped off the tower and walked passed her. I stopped a few feet away and turned back, “Dad died three weeks ago.”

I left and headed to the office. Mark was inside and looked at me when I came in, “What’s wrong?”

I shook my head, “Someone I didn’t need to see.”

He looked the monitor, “Want me to switch you to the back side of the float river?”

I hesitated, “Yeah.”

He nodded and I left to walk through the park. When I got to the tower, I reached up to touch Joanna, “Switch with me?”

She grinned, “On the beach? Sure.”

She bent to grab her swim bag and climb down. It was maybe thirty minute later that mom found me. I had just pulled an older teenager out for pulling a woman’s top off. I saw her standing with the man as I climbed back into the tower. When he approached he was red faced, “Ryan?”

I glanced at him, “Go away before you get hurt.”

He looked startled and looked back, “We need to talk about…”

I turned on the chair, “Listen close asshole. You bought her and she accepted it. She is out of my life and I don’t want her back.”

His eyes narrowed, “If you weren’t…”

I dropped off the tower, “If I wasn’t what?”

He licked his lips, “You don’t know the whole story.”

I looked him up and down, “I know it took money for you to get her.”

I turned and climbed back in the tower and he slowly turned to walk back to her. I guess I should have known what was next, it was late when I got home. A dark sedan was at the curb but I ignored it and went into the house. I stopped after closing the door when I saw my mother standing in the kitchen doorway, “You are not welcome here.”

I could tell she had been crying and ignored it as I headed to my room. I stripped with her standing in the doorway and walked into the bathroom to take a cold shower. She followed and sat on the toilet, “Just listen Ryan.”

I continued to let the cold water wash over me and she started, “When we were in high school Tom and David were best friends. I liked both of them and finally chose your father. At first everything was fine and then I got pregnant. Your father married me and slowly everything changed. I never knew about their agreement until Tom showed up after his wife died.”

I got out and dried off before heading towards the kitchen with her following. “That was when David told me about the agreement. We were fighting all the time and Tom was a breath of fresh air and his daughters needed a mom…”

I started a light dinner and looked at her before shaking my head. Mom was quiet for awhile, “I thought about you for a long time baby but you were almost grown and… and your father would never have let me take you with me. David told me that if I didn’t honor the agreement he was going to divorce me anyway.”

I snorted, “So you left and never looked back.”

Mom looked down, “I looked back a lot but you never saw. I couldn’t call you or see you, Tom and David both agreed to that. Now Tom is never there and doesn’t care and we are broke and… and the twins have been caught six times with guys and… and I want my son.”

I looked at her, “And I wanted my mother.”

I turned to face her, “Do you love him?”

She shrugged, “I don’t have any skills, where would I go? My parents are long dead, I don’t have anyone.”

I looked away and felt a thrill race through me. I wanted to get back at that bastard, “Tell him I will give him three million dollars, for you and all four children.”

I walked out and got in my car before driving away. It was way past midnight before I came home and went to bed. I was working the back side of the river again when he found me. He walked straight to the tower, “Alright mother fucker. You want them, bring three million to my house.”

I laughed, “Asshole, if you want the money you will bring them to me or you can keep them.”

He looked away, “Your father’s house tonight.”

I smiled, “It’s my house and be there by seven with guardianship papers.”

He nodded and stalked off. I picked up the park phone, “Mark?”


I was smiling, “I have an emergency and need to leave.”


I glanced around at the few kids, “Yeah, my mother is coming home.”

“What! Yeah sure take off, I’ll find someone to replace you tomorrow too.”

I shook my head but of course he couldn’t see it, “I’ll be here tomorrow and I’ll make up the day.”

“Okay, see you in the morning.”

I grabbed my bag and swung down before heading to my car. I hadn’t really thought the bastard would accept and had wanted to slap him in the face. I had been half prepared and drove home to use my computer. I sold over three million in stocks and dropped it into my bank account. I headed to the bank and asked to speak with the manager. When I left an hour later I had a certified check. I headed to a furniture store and did some shopping.

I went home and began a mad scramble after making a hurried call. Thirty minutes later a large truck pulled up and three men started helping me moved the old furniture out. By six the house had all new furniture and looked completely different. The place I donated all the old furniture to, even took the trash away.

I put on a pair of jeans and a shirt and hesitated before loading dad’s pistol and putting it in the small of my back. I started a dinner and turned when mom opened the door. She was a little white faced as she carried in a large suitcase. Behind her were the twins and the little girls.

Tom carried in two large suitcases and set them down as another man stepped in. I turned to move stuff off the stove and heard a hiss. I walked into the front room and the other man watched me carefully. I smiled, “Yes I am carrying. You get the money when I get the guardianship papers.”

Tom frowned and pulled papers out and handed them to me, “I won’t forget this.”

I smiled, “The door is right there, you don’t have to accept my offer.”

He glanced at the other man, “Yes I do.”

I shrugged, “Then it’s your problem.”

He reddened and nodded before handing me the documents. I looked at mom as she held the two frightened girls, “why don’t you take the girls into the kitchen and finish making dinner.”

She looked down and nodded. I waited until they were gone and looked at Tom before reading the papers. I reached up on the decorative shelf and pulled down the check. I handed it to him and he looked at it surprised. I put my right hand behind my back on the gun as I watched Tom and the other man. The other man looked up from my hand, “You don’t have cash or any more money do you.”

I grinned, “No.”

He nodded and turned towards the door and Tom followed him. I walk to the door and watched them drive off before locking the door and walking into the kitchen. Everyone turned to look at me as I leaned against the doorframe, “So now you have a choice. Stay with me or I will provide enough for you to live on.”

Mom blinked, “That’s it?”

I shrugged, “Yeah.”

She smiled, “And the girls?”

I grinned as I looked at the twins, “You said they have been interested in boys?”

Mom laughed, “They act like they are in heat.”

I smiled, “Like you in school with dad and their father.”

She looked at them and smiled as they frowned, “Yes.”

I straightened and began undressing, “As you remember from your visit I don’t wear clothes in the house. All the furniture is new. Mom? The master bedroom is yours and the… little ones. The guest room is for the twins and I will be in my room.”

The twins were staring as I folded my clothes and walked back to my room. When I returned they were whispering with mom. They stopped and mom smiled, “They were asking about you but I told them they would have to ask you.”

I nodded and walked to the table and sat down, “Do you need help finishing that?”

She shook her head as the twins came to sit at the table. The two little girls were around mom’s leg and the older one finally walked to me, “I’m four.”

I smiled, “That’s old.”

She smiled and I pulled her onto my lap. I pulled her dress off and then her panties. I kissed her frowning face, “Did you want to get it dirty when you eat?”

She shook her head and looked at my frowning mother. I set her down and she ran to mom. I grinned, “What’s their names?”

Mom smiled and reached down to caress her face, “This is Lisa.”

She lifted the younger one and stripped off her dress and panties as she walked to me, “And this is Mary. The twins are Sasha and Sarah.”

I accept Mary and mom set her dress and panties on the table beside me, “You could go put these on my bed.”

I lifted Mary and took the clothes before walking back and setting everything on the new king size bed. Mary was pouting when I brought her back. The twins were both naked and blushing as I pulled the new wooden high chair out and sat Mary down. I began setting the table as mom started putting everything out, “we are eating a little late.”

I smiled, “I wasn’t sure you would eat before you came.”

She sat beside Mary and pulled Lisa’s chair close. I moved to the empty chair between Sasha and Sarah and sat down. I grinned at the two, “Nice breasts.”

They grinned and the one to my right reached out to touch my cock, “Nice cock.”

The other giggle, “Yeah the boys we jerked off weren’t that big.”

Mom frowned but I grinned, “Sorry, that’s for little boys. If you want to play with mine it is going someplace else.”

They grinned and mom snorted and then laughed. After dinner I took the dirty dishes and rinsed them before putting them in the dish washer. I turned as mom brought Mary and Lisa back and she was naked. I looked at her body ignoring my hard cock before turning to finished cleaning the kitchen. I turned to face them sitting at the table, “Tomorrow I work at the park so be up early and wear your swimsuits.”

Mom smiled, “You want us to go with you?”

I nodded, “sure, we can talk during breaks.”

I headed for the hall and stopped as I heard Sasha, “will you fuck us?”

I looked back, “If that is what you want.”

I brushed my teeth and went to my room. I had a new king size bed and slipped under the satin sheet after leaving a dim night light on. I left my door open and heard mom with the two little girls. A few minutes later Sasha and Sarah walked in. I didn’t say anything and they walked to the bed and climbed in.

Sarah was next to me and seemed nervous but reached out to stroke my cock. I waited and she bit her lip before crawling onto me and straddling my hips. I caressed her hips and sided, “do you have your cherry?”

She shook her head but Sasha answered, “We let a couple of guys break them with a dildo.”

Sarah sat up and positioned my cock before slowly forcing it into her. She groaned and shivered as it pushed into her all the way to the back of her pussy. She stopped moving, “God I feel full.”

I reached up and began feeling her breasts as her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock. She began to fuck me slowly, thrusting back and forth with her eyes wide. I tugged on her nipples, “Rock and twist a little.”

She shuddered and nodded before starting to thrust and rock and wiggle. I caressed her sides and breasts as she started breathing harder. Her pussy kept rippling and grasping my cock. My cock fucked in and out as she got wetter. Sarah stiffened as my cock started jerking and throbbing. I dropped my hands to her waist and thrust into her as I began cumming. Sarah jerked and twisted on me as I pumped cum into her womb. She shuddered hard, “HE’S CUMMING!”

I spewed and spurted and finally I stopped cumming. Sarah sighed and shivered, “That was amazing.”

I pulled her down and kissed her before slipping her to my other side and reaching for Sasha. She was grinning as she straddled me and reached for my cummy cock. I pushed into her tight pussy and she groaned and shuddered. She didn’t take long before starting to rock and thrust. She shuddered as I cupped her firm breasts and teased her nipples. She groaned and looked at her sister, “God I love his cock.”

Sarah giggled, “Wait until he cums.”

Sasha spasmed and her pussy contracted around my cock. She was jerking around and convulsing but continued to fuck me erratically. It was a couple of minutes before she sighed and shuddered as she leaned on my chest panting. She grinned, “Sorry, but you feel really good.”

Sarah giggled, “Slut.”

Sasha started thrusting and rocking again as her wet, slippery pussy spasmed around my cock. I shuddered as she started fucking me harder, my cock was almost coming out of her and I felt myself getting ready to cum. I pulled her down onto my cock and thrust into her cervix as I spewed another load of cum. Sasha jerked and tried to spread her legs to get me deeper, “CHRIST!”

I pumped and spurted and spewed and Sasha jerked with each jet of warm sperm. When I stopped cumming she sighed and laid on my chest, “I really like that.”

Sarah reached out to rub her butt. I turned to slip her off to my other side and rolled back the other way. I ended up between Sarah’s legs and pushed into her cummy pussy. I fucked her with long, deep thrusts and she put her arms around me and fucked up onto my cock. She was grinning as I fucked her slimy pussy and pushed against her womb.

She was still tight but I fucked her easier since she was so cummy. She began to shudder and moan as her pussy tried to squeeze my cock. Soon she was jerking and fucking me back hard. I finally buried my cock in her belly and began pumping more cum into her. Sarah jerked and grabbed me as I filled her and then she shuddered and sighed, “I think I really like that.”

Sasha laughed, “Slut.”

Sarah grinned and I kissed her before pulling out and turning to Sasha. I moved between her legs and she spread them happily, “I thought guys couldn’t cum this much?”

I laughed and pushed into her cummy pussy, “I’ve been saving up just for you two.”

Sasha shuddered and lifted her legs as her pussy squeezed my cock. I began fucking her with long, slow thrusts and she sighed and held me. She was really slippery with cum filling her and my cock moved through her pussy easily. I pushed into her leaking pussy and started humping and grinding. Sasha stiffened and began jerking around, “FUCK!”

Sarah giggled, “Slut.”

Sasha shuddered and humped up onto my cock. I held still and let her fuck me and then I started fucking her with deep thrusts that made her grunt. It wasn’t long before she was spasming uncontrollably and incoherent as she clutched at me. I finally pushed into her cummy pussy and began unloading another load of sperm. Sasha stiffened and screamed as cum flooding her again, “HE’S CUMMING!”

I humped and pressed into her with each spurt and Sasha kept jerking and shuddering. When I stopped cumming she sighed and slowly relaxed. I kissed her and looked at Sarah, she grinned and rolled onto her stomach and lifted her butt. I pulled out of Sasha and moved over behind Sarah. I fingered her cummy pussy before bending my cock and pushing into her.

I rubbed her warm asshole as I began to fuck her and Sarah shuddered and groaned. I took my time and fucked her slowly, enjoying her warm, slimy pussy. It was only a few minutes before my thumb pushed into her ass and Sarah gasped and pushed back hard, “YES!”

Sasha laughed, “She is always pushing things against her ass.”

I buried my cock in her and started fucking my thumb in and out of her ass. Sarah began spasming and her ass tightened, “YYYEEEESSSSSS!”

I pulled my thumb out and started fucking her hard and deep. She bucked and jerked around as I shoved into her and started spurted again. Sarah gasped and pushed back before holding still. I didn’t really cum that much and when I stopped Sarah sighed and laid down pulling my cock out of her. I smiled and looked at Sasha, my cock was a little sensitive but I knew I was good for one more. Sasha grinned, “One more time?”

I moved towards her and she copied Sarah by rolling onto her stomach and lifting her butt. I laughed and rubbed her warm, pink asshole, “She isn’t the only one that likes that.”

Sarah laughed, “Slut.”

Sasha looked back and grinned as I slowly pushed into her tight, slimy pussy. I fucked her nice and slow and she sighed and started pushing back. I fucked all the way into her as I pressed on her ass. She reached between her legs and started fingering her clit and began shuddering and shaking. Her pussy squeezed my cock as she moaned, “Fuck!”

I smiled and fucked her a little faster. Sasha kept shaking and thrusting her butt back. Her pussy kept tightening and squeezing my cock as she twitched and jerked. I was trying to cum just to finish but it seemed just out of reach. She continued to spasm and I finally pulled out and rolled her onto her back and moved between her legs.

I thrust into her and fucked her with short thrusts with my cock deep inside her. Sasha clutched at me and I finally groaned and thrust into her to spurt a few weak jets of cum before kissing her. I pulled out and rolled onto my back between them. Sarah giggled and turned to put her head on my shoulder. Sasha turned and caressed my chest as she did the same thing on my other shoulder.

Having two naked girls sleeping on me took getting used too. They both fell asleep but it was awhile before I followed them. I woke to my alarm and struggled before untangling myself and climbing out of bed. I shut off the alarm and smiled as I reached into the tangle of bodies. I shook both girls, “Wake up my lovers.”

They groaned and I turned and walked out. I went to mom’s room and looked at her sleeping on the side of the bed. I went to the bed and rubbed her smooth warm pussy. I rubbed her clit and she shivered, a moment later she shuddered and groaned before turning her head to look at me. I grinned as she rolled onto her back and reached between her legs to run a finger through her now wet pussy, “Time to get up.”

She shuddered as I turned towards the door. I stopped and looked at her, “Sasha and Sarah may need help. I put some douches in the bathroom but I don’t know if they know how to...”

I was blushing and mom smiled, “I’ll check.”

I went to shower and put on a swimsuit before grabbing a shirt on the way to the kitchen. Mom turned from the refrigerator, “You don’t have any milk.”

I grinned as I crossed to pull out bottles of water, “We’ll stop at a store on the way and buy cereal and milk as well as something for lunch.”

I stopped at the table to kiss Lisa and Mary on the cheek, “Good morning.”

Twenty minutes later we were pulling into a small grocery store. When I parked at the water park I grabbed everything and led them through the employee gate. Mark was sitting with his father at one of the snack bar tables. I set everything down and let mom fix the girls breakfast. I sat with Mark and his father, “Good morning Mr. Davis.”

He smiled, “Ryan.”

Mark grinned, “I see your mom brought company.”

I glanced at Sasha and Sarah and smiled, “They are getting used to how I live at home.”

Mr. Davis laughed, “You’re a nudist Ryan, what’s to get used too?”

I grinned as I stood, “Where do you want me today?”

Mark was grinning, “The right side of the beach. Watch the kiddy pool to the right to, Marie will be late this morning.”

I nodded and walked back to mom. I sat across from her between Sarah and Sasha, “Don’t you have a car mom?”

She smiled as she looked up from helping Mary, “No, Tom said we couldn’t afford it.”

Sarah and Sasha both leaned against me and I glanced at them, “When it’s lunch time I’ll go see about getting you one.”

She smiled, “Really?”

I shrugged, “You can’t do the things you want if you don’t have a car.”

I hugged Sarah and Sasha, “Was sex like you thought?”

Mom grinned as the two girls laughed and Sarah turned to kiss my cheek, “No, it was better.”

I grinned, “Does that mean you’re going to molest me again sometime?”

They grinned and Sasha kissed me, “Absolutely.”

I laughed and nodded towards the beach, “I’ll be the one on the right if you need me. I’m supposed to be off around five.”

Mom nodded, “We can talk then.”

I was able to keep an eye on them most of the time and during my lunch I drove to a dealership. Mom had Sarah and Sasha watch the two little girls. I got a firm price for a hybrid SUV and wrote a check which got us out and back to the park just in time for me to climb back into the watch tower. When I got off, Mark waved as we left. Mom took Lisa and Mary and on the way home I stopped to buy her car seats and everything for dinner.

When I walked into the house Sarah and Sasha looked at me and bit their lip. I ignored them as I started putting everything away. Mom finally laughed, “just tell him.”

I looked from her to the twins, they were blushing and Sarah shrugged, “our pussies are a little sore.”

I grinned as I went back to putting stuff away, “Go take a hot bath.”

Mom rubbed my back after they left, “They told me everything.”

I glanced her as I started to strip, “About last night?”

She nodded and turned to take Lisa’s swimsuit off, “Yes.”

I picked up Mary and pulled the shirt off her and then the small swimsuit. I turned as mom was picking clothes up, she was naked and looked stunning. I grinned, “To bad you have to wear the bikini, you have tan lines.”

She grinned as she walked into the hall and I set Mary down, “Want to go play in the backyard?”

She nodded and looked at her sister. Lisa came to take her hand as I walked to the back door. I sat on the patio as they walked into the grass heading for the play set I had used as a child. Dad had put up two large solar screens over that part of the yard. Mom came out a minute later and stood watching the girls.

She smiled as they just kept climbing up and going down the slide. She came and sat on my lap and I held her. She sighed and slowly relaxed, “I’m sorry Ryan. I should never have left.”

She turned her head to look at me, “I went to every graduation and watched you.”

She shifted and lifted up before reaching down and positioning my cock. When she sat again my cock pushed into her and she sighed. I looked at her in surprise and then grinned and hugged her. She smiled and relaxed against me as we watched my sisters. Her warm, tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock, “Tom was like David in a lot of ways. When he got what he wanted he began to ignore it.”

I shuddered and she thrust back and forth before turning her head to look at me, “That was why I had Lisa and Mary.”

I cupped her breasts, “Well unless you are on birth control there is going to be another one.”

Mom stopped moving and turned her head to look at me. She bit her lip, “I’m sorry honey, I shouldn’t have started this.”

I looked at her and she smiled and shrugged, “I’m not on birth control.”

I groaned as my cock throbbed and mom sighed, “go ahead honey. I’ll douche after.”

I laughed and shook her, “Mom, if I cum in you, I will fuck you all night and keep doing it.”

She grinned and pushed down to press my cock tight against her cervix, “What if I get pregnant?”

I rubbed her nipples and glanced at Lisa and Mary as they ran towards us, “How many kids did you dream of having when you found out you were pregnant the first time?”

She laughed as she lifted Mary onto her lap and Lisa crawled up too. My cock pressed harder and pushed in. Mom grunted and looked at me as the girls started saying they were hungry. She thrust back and forth as her pussy squeezed my cock and I grunted as I was suddenly cumming.

Mom jerked and shook as I peed warm sperm into her womb. I held her as I pumped and spewed and spurted and finally stopped. She shuddered and looked back at me, “I wanted a house full.”

I grinned and squeezed her, “Well, we can start on a few more tonight.”

She grinned and put Lisa and Mary down before standing. I stood and took her hand as we walked back into the house. I started making dinner as she took the girls to the bathroom to rinse off the pool water. Sasha and Sarah walked in and leaned against the counter behind me. I smiled, “Feel better?”

They grinned and Sarah nodded, “Yeah and we saw you doing your mom.”

I smiled as I turned back to what I was doing, “And?”

Sasha laughed, “we fucked each other.”

I laughed and looked at them, “When you aren’t sore I might have a friend over.”

They looked at each other and came to hang on me. Sarah rubbed my chest, “That cute guy from this morning?”

I smiled, “You’re asking a guy if another guy is cute?”

They grinned and Sasha kissed my cheek, “You’re the handsome one.”

I laughed, “trying to butter me up?”

Mom walked in as she giggled and grinned. I nodded to the table, “Set the table and yes I was thinking of Mark.”

Dinner was more normal since they were getting used to me. Sasha and Sarah pulled mom aside and they whispered together while I cleaned up. I sat and watched a Disney movie and then it was bed time. After getting ready for bed I walked in to find mom waiting in my bed. She smiled, “Sasha and Sarah are sleeping with the girls tonight.”

I smiled and shut the light off before walking towards the bed. I climbed in and caressed her body and she sighed, “I douched so my pussy is clean.”

I grinned and kissed her before moving down her body and between her legs. I opened her pussy and licked through it and she shuddered and lifted her hips. I began teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue as she shuddered harder. I pushed my tongue up inside her before starting to nibble again. I covered her clit and used my tongue to tease her as I sucked and then I used my lips to squeeze it.

Mom jerked and shuddered and spasmed, she moaned and whimpered and cried out. Finally she reached down to cover her pussy and I moved up her shuddering body. I kissed her as I pushed my drooling cock into her warm, silky pussy. I kept kissing her as I started to fuck her slowly. She hugged me as her hips lifted and her pussy grasp my cock each time I buried it.

It was only a couple of minutes before she began to jerk and spasm as her pussy tightened. Mom arched her back as she clutched at me, “OOOOOHHHHHHH!”

I pushed all the way into her and began to hump and grind. She jerked harder and after another couple of minutes began to convulse. She squirted cum on me as she bucked and thrashed around while her slippery pussy milked my cock. I kissed her passionately and fucked her hard. Mom screamed as she went wild, jerking violently as she wet me. Her pussy grasped my cock tight as I buried it.

I waited a minute and then started fucking her with firm thrusts. She was still spasming and started grunting as my cock slipped in and out of her. After a few minutes I kissed her as I thrust into her hard. My cock swelled and throbbed before erupting and peeing a huge gushing stream into her belly. Mom screamed and lifted her hips as warm sperm flooded her.

I jerked and shuddered as I started spewing more cum into her expanded womb and then pumped thick spurts. When I stopped cumming, she was panting and cum was leaking around my cock. I kissed my mother and pulled out and she sighed and shuddered. I lay on my side and caressed her body and she smiled as she watched me. I fucked her three more times during the night and each time left her womb full.

I woke to my alarm and moved out of bed to shut it off. I went back to mom and she was smiling at me as I bent to give her a kiss. I went to her room to see Sasha and Sarah on each side of the younger girls. I reached between Sarah’s legs to rub her clit and she moaned and pushed back. I smiled and slipped a finger into her warm pussy before pulling it out to taste her.

She turned her head to look at me and grinned. I walked around the bed to Sasha. She was on her stomach and I pushed her legs open before fingering her. She moaned and shuddered and lifted her hips before I pushed my finger in. Sarah was watching with a grin as her sister started breathing hard and shuddered as I finger fucked her.

I finally slipped onto the bed and over Sasha before positioning my cock and pushing into her wet pussy. I began to fuck deeper as she lifted her hips and a minute later she spasmed and screamed into the sheet as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock.

I fucked her nice and deep and Sasha jerked and spasmed as her tight pussy squeezed my cock repeatedly. It was a while before I was ready and thrust into her and pressed against her cervix as I began to pump and spurt. Sasha screamed into the sheet as she thrashed around. When I stopped pumping cum into her, she shuddered and sighed. I kissed the back of her neck and pulled out, “Time to get up.”

Sarah chuckled and Sasha groaned as my cock came out of her. I headed towards the bathroom, “I’ll do that to you tomorrow Sarah.”

Mom came in as I was going out and I kissed her before going to wash. This morning was more relaxed as I got ready to go. Mom was going to follow me to the park and stop on the way to get breakfast. The month went slowly, each night Mom, Sarah or Sasha would sleep with me. Everyday they were at the water park and loved to lay out in their skimpy bikinis.

I should have thought ahead and asked Sasha and Sarah if they used birth control. They didn’t and knew they were going to get pregnant, just as they knew mom was going to get pregnant. Mark and his father Paul were on their way over for dinner. Mom kept looking at the girls and finally turned to me.

I was helping Mary color in her new coloring book and Lisa was beside me. Mom cleared her throat and I looked up, she smiled, “I bought pregnancy test kits... I... we are pregnant.”

I looked from her to Sarah and Sasha who were grinning, “We? You two weren’t on birth control?”

They shook their heads and mom sighed, “I know a doctor who won’t say anything.”

I grinned, “we need to move things around. The four of us in the master bedroom. Lisa and Mary in my room and the other room can be the nursery.”

I stood and went to hug mom, Sarah and Sasha and give them a kiss. I grinned, “Which of you wants Mark tonight?”

They looked at each other and grinned before looking at me. Sarah kissed me since she was closer, “we’ll switch between you and him.”

I grinned and looked at mom who was grinning, “Are you horny tonight mom?”

She laughed, “do I get Paul?”

I caressed her hip, “if you want.”

She nodded and I kissed her before going back to help Mary with her coloring. Paul and Mark didn’t even blink when Sarah and Sasha opened the door to let them in. As Paul came into the kitchen, Sasha pulled Mark towards the hallway. I grinned as Mark looked at me, “They have my approval.”

He was still looking at me as Sasha pulled him away. Paul looked at me and raised an eyebrow. I smiled, “The girls want experience and think you and Mark are sexy.”

Mom took his hand, “I was hoping you would sleep with me tonight.”

He grinned, “Sleep?”

Mom laughed sexily, “Well, eventually.”

He reddened and looked at me. I smiled as Sarah helped me clean up Mary and Lisa, “I told you we were having sex Paul. Mom and the girls are pregnant so you don’t have to worry. They are clean and douched so...”

He laughed and kissed mom before looking at me, “So I can enjoy her without worrying.”

I nodded and gestured to Sarah, “Would you help the girls wash up.”

I stood and looked at mom, “I can watch dinner if you and Paul want to go talk or whatever.”

They grinned and mom took his hand and pulled him after her. Sarah laughed as she washed Mary and Lisa’s hands and I took over making dinner. Sarah kept the girls busy and a half hour later Mark came out looking amazed. Sasha looked like the cat that got all the cream and kissed his cheek before walking to me. I let her kiss me before she pushed me away from the stove.

Mark was sitting at the table with Lisa and Mary and Lisa told him he had to undress because clothes were not allowed. He grinned and bent to kiss her cheek, “I know sweety.”

I grinned and poured us a couple of glasses of juice before sitting across from him, “the girls wanted to experience someone else and like you and your father.”

He grinned at Sasha, “Well she sure showed me what to do.”

Sasha grinned as she looked back and Sarah bumped her, “Go douche, I get to sleep with him.”

Sasha laughed and turned to walk towards the hall singing, “I get more cream tonight...”

Sarah laughed and shook her head and looked at Mark, “don’t worry we’re having sea food so it will recharge you and make you last a long time.”

He grinned as I laughed, “Sasha is in for a long night too.”

Mom and Paul walked out looking satisfied and mom bent to kiss me and whisper, “thanks, we needed that.”

I grinned as Paul sat and sighed. Dinner was very good and I was tempted to drag Sasha to bed. At bed time I tucked Lisa and Mary into my bed and told them a story. Mom had already taken Paul to bed and Sarah had taken Mark. When the girls fell asleep I went out to find Sasha making the couch bed. I came up behind her and put my arms around her and kissed her bare shoulder, “did you like Mark?”

She turned in my arms and smiled as she kissed me, “He isn’t as big as you but it still felt good.”

I pushed her back and sat her down before laying her back. She was grinning as I knelt between her legs and leaned in to lick through her pussy. She shivered as I licked her and started teasing her clit. I sucked on it and wiggled my tongue as she began to shudder and lift her hips. It wasn’t long before she was twisting and jerking before she covered her pussy.

I grinned and kissed her inner thighs before helping her move all the way onto the bed. I moved over her as she spread her legs and slowly pushed into her tight pussy. She sighed and hugged me as I started fucking her. I used slow, firm, deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before I was hitting her cervix. Her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock each time I buried it.

I humped into her and started grinding as she jerked and spasmed under me. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I went back to fucking her and started wailing. I kept fucking her slowly and let her jerk, shudder and spasm as she cried out and became wetter. By the time I was ready to cum Sasha was incoherent as she bucked and thrashed around.

I buried my cock carefully and held her as I started spurting strong gushing streams of cum. She jerked and wrapped her legs around me as I kept pumping more warm cum against her womb. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and sighed as she relaxed on the bed. I pulled out of her and laid beside her before cupping a breast and rubbing the nipple.

I fucked her four times before letting her sleep. I was up early and making pancakes as Sasha walked into the kitchen yawning. I grinned and pushed her towards the table, “Sit down before I fuck you again.”

She grinned and stuck her tongue out. A few minutes later Sarah and Mark came out and then mom and Paul. Mom kissed my cheek and pushed me away from the stove. I rubbed her butt before walking towards the hall. I woke Lisa and Mary and got them up. During the day, mom and the girls seemed to grin and smile more.

A few days later I invited Paul and Mark over again. This time Sasha and Sarah wanted to sleep with them and let mom take care of me. By the time mom and the girls had the babies Mark and Paul were living with us. While mom has asked and let both Paul and Mark get her pregnant, Sarah and Sasha only let me get them pregnant. They say I belong to them according to their agreement.
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