My name is Peter and I’m sixteen. My mother had run off not long after I was born so it was just dad and I and he stayed in a bottle most of the time. To say my grandparents were disappointed in dad was an under statement. Just after the first of the year, when I turned fifteen my grandparents died in an accident. They left me a lot of stocks and their life insurance which was very large.

There was a catch though, the money from their life insurance had to be invested or everything would go to the state. I didn’t find out about the double indemnity until I got the check. I couldn’t touch the stocks themselves until I was twenty one but the dividends were another matter. I was allowed to use half of the dividends but the rest was to go back into the stocks.

The company that caused the accident settled quicky for ten times the amount of their life insurance, since not only were they at fault but what they were doing was slightly illegal. Dad was completely out of the loop and had left everything to me since I was the named beneficiary and I invested all the money after paying the taxes. I knew the dividends I would receive within a year would be almost five million so I just had to wait.

We lived in a small house on a side canal. I wore old used clothing and ate when and where I could. The next spring I was sixteen and started planning what to do with the money I had made. I took a bus to Atlanta to attend a seized vehicle auction. They had everything from cars to boats to planes.

I walked around just looking and I think I finally got lucky. I saw a picture of a one hundred and ten foot yacht in the marina of the city where I lived and decided to just put in a small bid. I also put a small bid on a new Jaguar sedan. I really didn’t expect to win either one, I had just been dreaming. I got lunch and almost left but changed my mind and sat outside waiting.

To say I was shocked when they told me I had won both bids would be polite. I signed for everything and wrote a check. They checked and then double checked my account because of my age. I had to call an insurance agency before I could drive off the lot. I drove from Atlanta straight to the marina. After talking to the harbor master and showing him my paperwork he suggested a new slip for the boat. I agreed and put a deposit down for electricity and other utilities.

I moved the big boat carefully and tied it up before exploring it. It had everything I could imagine, including a movie theater and a large hot tub. I did some shopping and ate dinner at a fast food place. I got to school early the next day and parked away from where everyone else parked, I didn’t want my new car to get scratched. I had been thinking about sex and girls all night.

Everyone was talking about my car in all my classes. At lunch I looked around for the jocks and found who I was looking for, in more ways than one. Jessica Harris was sitting with him in their small group. She was his girlfriend but she didn’t know he was cheating on her with one of the cheerleaders. I walked into the group and they stopped talking. I was facing Henry Jarvis, “Henry, I know you and Stephanie Lewis are messing around now…”

Jessica looked at Henry, her face angry. I took another breath as he started to step forward, “I’ll pay you a thousand dollars for Jessica.”

He stopped moving and looked at a shocked Jessica and then grinned as he took her arm and pushed her towards me, “Deal!”

I pulled the money I had folded in my pocket and handed it to him while taking a shocked Jessica’s hand. I started pulling her and she finally woke up and jerked at my hand, “I’m nobody’s property!”

I turned to her and grabbed her shoulders while looking into her face, “No, you are a slut. Now, you are my slut. When school is out, you will meet me at my Jag and I will take you to my yacht. I am going to teach you to be a rich man’s plaything. That means no inhibitions on the yacht and showing lots of skin, learning to wear gowns and nice dresses. You will wear expensive perfume and nice jewelry. You will learn to show off your beauty. Now, do you really have a problem with that?”

She was staring at me stunned and the group around us was quiet as she blinked, “The black Jag is yours?”

I nodded and she smiled before putting her hand in mine, “Well if you are going to do all that for me…”

She pulled on my hand and I started walking. We didn’t really talk during the lunch break and at the first bell she kissed my cheek, “I’ll meet you at your car.”

I watched her walk away and went to class. When school got out, I walked to my car and found a crowd around it. Jessica slipped her hand into mine as I was trying to decide how to get through. I started and she grinned before pulling on my hand and pushing people out of the way. I unlocked the doors and helped her into the passenger seat before walking around to get behind the wheel. She had this satisfied smile as we drove to the marina and then I took her hand and led her out to my boat.

When she saw how big it was, she stared in surprise. The whole after deck was still covered since it wasn’t really warm out. I led her through a door and turned to reach for her coat. When I started undressing her, she tried to stop me. I slapped one of her hands and cupped her face, “To be a rich man’s plaything you need to learn that your body is meant to be seen, to be shown off, you are on display. I have never been with a woman so our first few times might be a little… rushed. This yacht is your show place, someplace you display your body. Look around the marina, do you see how many yachts there are?”

She glanced around and blushed as she dropped her hands. I finished undressing her and took her hand, “Next time you need to do that yourself. Like I said, this is your stage.”

I led her to the master bedroom and nodded to the bed, “My… our bed. At least until you cheat on me or decide to leave.”

She looked at me and blushed again, “You think I will cheat?”

I turned to start undressing and then turned back to her. “You are not with me because you love me and you aren’t exactly known to be faithful.”

She looked down, “That’s because I have a high sex drive and the guys I go with can’t keep up.”

I smiled as I stepped closer and pushed her slightly, making her sit on the edge of the bed, “So do I. While you are with me, you will display yourself. You will tell me when you are horny and need relief. We might even find another girl to share so you have company.”

I knelt and pushed her legs open before looking from her trimmed pussy to her face, “You will allow me to feel you whenever I want. I want to learn how to go down on a woman and please her so you will teach me.”

Jessica looked at me in surprise and then grinned. She pulled my face closer to her pussy, “Start at the top. That little button is my clit. I should tell you I cum really easy.”

I grinned as I leaned closer to look and then softly feel through her wet slit. She moaned and shivered as I finally leaned in and licked through her pussy. I sat back and grinned as she looked at me, “What?”

I laughed and caressed her inner thighs, “You are so in trouble.”

I leaned back into her pussy and pushed my tongue into her leaking hole. Jessica shivered and lay back as I covered her clit with my mouth and started sucking while teasing her clit with my tongue. She shuddered and put her hands on the back on my head. I just kept licking up her leaking juices and teasing her clit. She shuddered and jerked several time as she came. After the four or fifth time she pushed my face away.

I looked up her body and then helped her further onto the bed. I moved between her spread legs and pushed my cock against her pussy. She had been looking between our bodies, but I settled onto her and looked into her face and bit my lip. “I…”

She smiled and pulled on my hips. My cock pushed into her and we both gasped. Jessica shuddered and then grinned, “I was so distracted I didn’t even realize you were so big.”

I had stop moving, worried I might be hurting her. I was almost nine inches long and two inches thick. Jessica pulled on me again, “Don’t worry you feel really good.”

I grinned and instead of pushing in, I pulled back and then started fucking her. It took a minute for me to get all the way inside her. When I did, I was pushing tight against the back of her pussy. Jessica groaned and shuddered hard like when I had gone down on her. This time though, I also felt her pussy tighten and grasp at my cock.

That was all I could take and I shoved in deep before I peed a strong stream of cum. Jessica jerked at the feeling and then started grunting as she jerked and convulsed. It seemed like several minutes before I slowly relaxed and pulled out of her cummy pussy. I lay beside her and she kept looking at me with a big smile on her face. She finally turned and snuggled under my arm, “I have never had a boy cum that much.”

I caressed her bare back, “I… I really wanted you.”

She put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes, “Well, you got me.”

I sighed, “We need to clean up so I can take you home.”

She looked up into my face and I smiled, “Do you think your parents will let you go to dinner with me?”

She grinned, “Yes.”

I caressed, “Can you find a way to sleep over?”

She laughed, “More already?”

I grinned and she caressed my chest, “If you invite a couple of girlfriends over we can talk my parents into it.”

I frowned, “I don’t…”

She put her finger on my lips, “My girlfriends.”

I thought about it for a whole second, “Well, I do have a few other bedrooms. And there is the hot tub and movie theater. You’ll need to tell them about the undress code.”

Jessica grinned and patted my shoulder, “You only get me tonight stud.”

I laughed and caressed one of her breasts, “Good, I need to break you in.”

She grinned and rolled out of bed, “Where’s the bathroom?”

I followed her off the bed and into the bathroom. She grinned when I pointed out the douche I had bought. When we were dressed, I took her home. She lived in a fairly large house and her dad was just getting home when we got there. Jessica introduced me as her boyfriend before disappearing towards her bedroom. I was surprised when her father cleared his throat. “So you are her new fuck toy?”

I wasn’t sure what to say but since he was so blunt. “Yes. I plan to teach her how to be my plaything. I have a nice yacht to show her off on.”

He looked at me in surprise and then grinned. “It’s Friday, why don’t you take her until Sunday. Her mother and I could use some time together.”

I smiled and walked through the house until I found her bedroom. She was wearing a white blouse and a mid length skirt. She was talking to someone on her cell as I slipped up behind her and reached around to cup one of her breasts. She jumped and then grinned, “What did daddy say?”

I kissed her neck, “He said to take you home for the weekend and fuck you bowlegged.”

She grinned, “He didn’t.”

I grinned, “He said I could keep you until Sunday so he and your mother could…”

Jessica laughed, “Now that does sound like him.”

I felt and caressed her butt, “I’ll wait in the car.”

She smiled and nodded, “I’ll hurry.”

When she came out, she didn’t really have a big bag. I drove to a nice restaurant and turned in my seat to face her, “You are a display piece. Take your bra and panties off and leave them in the car. Keep in mind that every guy will know your breasts are bare under your blouse and that your pussy is exposed.”

She grinned and fascinated me by removing her bra with her blouse still on. After wiggling out of her panties we went in. I could tell she was excited by the way her nipples stood out. Before we left, our waitress, a tall beautiful brunette leaned close to whisper something to Jessica. Jessica looked at her and grinned, “I’m a trophy. Peter uses me and keeps me on display. The benefits seem to be good, would you like to stay with us tonight? Peter won’t bother you, he still has to finish breaking me in.”

She grinned at Jessica and only glanced at me before whispering something again. Jessica glanced at me, “I need to use the bathroom. I’ll meet you at the car.”

I left a nice tip and paid for the dinner before going outside. I was a little surprised because I hadn’t even noticed it start to rain. I ran to the car and started it before pulling out and driving to the front of the restaurant. Jessica came out a few minutes later and hurried into the car. She grinned at me as I drove, “She likes my tits.”

I grinned, “So do I.”

There was a car in the lot at the marina. It was two of Jessica’s friends Sofia and Missy. They hadn’t been able to get through the security gate. I unlocked the gate and we hurried to the boat. Inside the door Jessica stopped them while I headed to where I had put towels. When I turned around they were naked and shivering. I gestured to the hot tub and they grinned as they ran to it and climbed in.

In the kitchen I made some hot coco and brought it out. I passed out the cups and sat in a chair beside the tub. I smiled as they sipped their drinks and sighed. I looked around and remembered seeing several small heaters in a cabinet and left to get them. I could hear the girls talking and then music came on. I set up the heaters and headed to the bar.

I had found that they had pretty much just left everything in place when they seized the boat. I found a full bottle of crème de coco and another of Irish crème. I made another big pot of coco and brought everything to the hot tub. The girls were sitting on the edge and at first Jessica’s friends blushed. I set the tray down and they grinned at the two bottles of liquor.

Jessica’s cell went off and she answered it while I sat beside her and cupped her breast. I kissed her neck and shoulder while she talked and then hung up. She kissed me, “That was Terri.”

I just looked at her and she grinned, “From the restaurant.”

I grinned and she laughed, “She’ll be here in a couple of minutes.”

I gave her a quick kiss before standing and leaving to open the security gate. I got there just in time and led Terri back to the boat. She was wearing this long coat that covered her. Jessica met us at the door and whispered something to Terri before taking my hand. She pulled me after her and we went down to our bedroom. I loved watching her bare butt as she walked and she kept laughing at me.

She turned at the bed and undressed me before pulling me onto the bed and back between her legs. I pushed into her pussy and sank to her womb before I stopped. Jessica shivered and wrapped her arms around me as I started fucking her. She moaned after a couple of minutes and then shuddered as her pussy tightened on my cock. I didn’t even slow down as I fucked her nice and deep, pushing against her womb every time I shoved my cock into her.

It took almost twenty minutes before I shoved against her womb and started spurting thick streams of cum. Jessica bucked and then started jerking erratically. Even after I finished cumming my cock was still jerking and twitching. Jessica shuddered one last time and then laughed, “Well that felt good.”

I smiled and pulled out reluctantly, she kissed me passionately before slipping out of bed, “Back to the party.”

She didn’t even try to clean up and when she started walking back to the others my cum was leaking out and running down one leg. I sighed and rolled out of bed and put my pants and shirt back on. I looked around on my way back to the open lounge and found another couple of heaters and brought them with me.

The girls were laughing and talking with the music playing. I set up the heaters and sat down. Jessica climbed out of the hot tub and started dancing and the next thing I knew there were four of them dancing naked. I grinned to see it, Jessica kept looking at me and smiling. I pointed out a big window to another ship hidden in the rain, (we could see the lights though.)

She hesitated and then started dancing as if they could see her. It was only a minute before the others were doing the same thing. It was fascinating watching the four girls. They took turns kissing each other and playing with each other’s breasts while laughing at me. It was an hour before Jessica knelt between my legs and pulled my pants down.

I ignored the other girls as she began licking my leaking cock. When she fucked the head of my cock in and out several times I groaned and she laughed. She looked at the other girls, “What do you think? He has cum twice and he’s still hard.”

I laughed as I pulled her up and turned her around. I pulled her onto my lap and fumbled around before she guided my cock to her pussy. She sat down slowly with a groan while I reached around her and cupped her breasts, “I can cum six or eight times before I need to stop and rest. That isn’t going to let you get away from letting me lick your pussy.”

The girls all laughed and Terri knelt between my legs. She caressed my inner thighs, “Mind if I taste her now?”

I pulled Jessica back against my chest, “Not at all, you can all take a turn if you want.”

Jessica laughed as she turned her head to kiss me while Terri leaned forward. She groaned into my mouth and began rocking on my lap. I could feel Terri’s tongue a couple of times and after a few minutes Jessica groaned and shuddered really hard. Her pussy gripped me tight and I tugged on her nipples. Terri leaned back and looked up at Jessica’s red face, “I could get used to that.”

I gave Jessica a hug, “I could offer to share her with you, but it would mean you would have to move onto the yacht and be another show piece.”

She looked at me and then grinned, “When do I start.”

I looked at the other two girls while they kept fingering their pussies, “Anyone else want to taste my toy?”

Missy grinned and knelt, she was a little hesitant and I felt her tongue on my cock a lot. Sofia moved forward and started sucking on Jessica’s nipples. Jessica shuddered and kept thrusting her butt back impaling herself on my cock. When her pussy tightened and she began shuddering I turned her head and kissed her passionately.

Missy giggled and stood up. She leaned forward and I saw her wet face and smiled, “Did my toy cum on you?”

Terry and Sofia laughed and Missy grinned. Jessica shivered and kissed me again, “Finish Peter? Please?”

I smiled and held her hips and started moving her back and forth, fucking her. It really didn’t take me long and then I was spurting cum deep inside her pussy while she groaned and shivered. When I finished she sighed and slowly stood, pulling my cock out of her warm and wonderful pussy. She turned around and bent down to kiss me passionately.

She stood up and I looked around at all the girls, “There’s a movie theater on the deck below us. Anyone want to watch a movie?”

They grinned and refilled their drinks before pulling me after them. I had bought a new release movie the night before and started it. The theater was roomy with wide comfortable seats. Jessica sat on my lap after I started the movie. She leaned against me and absently caressed me while watching the movie. The movie was a romantic comedy and the girls really seemed to enjoy it. When it was over I saw Sofia yawn and nudged Jessica, “I think beds are in order.”

She grinned at me as she stood and took my hand as I stood. I led Missy and Sofia to a couple of cabins that made them smile. Terri followed along like she expected me to show her into another cabin. Instead I led her to my cabin and into the bathroom. I sat Jessica down and pointed out the douche to Terri, “Make sure she is clean for you.”

Teri grinned and kissed my cheek before moving in front of Jessica. I brushed my teeth, watching Terri and Jessica out of the corner of my eye. I had to smile at the way Terri caressed Jessica and made her shiver. I turned to lean over and give Jessica a soft kiss, “Come to bed and let Terri love you.”

She smiled and caressed my face, “Are you sure?”

I nodded, “You can snuggle with me later.”

I reached down to cup Terri’s face, “Make sure Jessica loves you back.”

She smiled and stood to help Jessica stand. I lay back in bed and it was only a few minutes before they came out. Terri was a little hesitant, I think she expected me to get involved. I watched as she moved between Jessica’s legs again and went back to licking her. When Jessica finally jerked and shuddered as she came Terri moved up her body.

They kissed and Jessica looked at me before rolling Terri onto her back. Jessica kissed her way down Terri’s body and Terri sighed as she licked through her pussy.

It was awhile before Terri shuddered hard and pushed Jessica’s face away from her pussy. Jessica moved up her body and kissed her before turning her head to look at me. She smiled, “Need to cum Peter?”

I nodded and she kissed Terri again before rolling onto her back and reaching for me. I moved between her legs and pushed into her in one long shove. She groaned as I settled on her and gave her a kiss, “Thanks Jessica.”

She grinned and wrapped her arms around me, “What could be better, I have two lovers.”

I smiled and glanced at Terri as she rolled against us and caressed Jessica’s face. I pulled back and slowly fucked her, grinding against her every time I buried my cock. Slowly I began to fuck her faster and a little harder. When I finally held still to spew another load of cum she arched her back and started thrashing around. Terri laughed and kissed her passionately as I groaned and spurted jet after jet of cum in her.

When I stopped cumming Jessica was panting and I slowly pulled out and lay beside her. Terri grinned at me and cuddled against Jessica on the other side. I caressed Jessica’s tummy when she sighed and relaxed. I woke as Terri shifted on the bed and kissed Jessica. I smiled at her moan and Terri grinned and then saw me smiling. She shrugged, “I have to go home.”

I smiled again, “I thought you were going to stay and be a show piece?”

She grinned wider, “Are you serious?”

I leaned over Jessica and sucked on one of her nipples, “Lover?”

Jessica moaned and shivered as she opened sleepy eyes. She smiled at me and reached out. I grinned, “Before I do naughty things to you, Terri wants to know if I was serious when I invited her to stay.”

She turned her head as Terri sucked on her other nipple. She shivered and then looked at me, “I vote yes.”

I grinned at Terri as I felt Jessica’s bare pelvis, “So?”

She grinned and started kissing down Jessica’s body, “Deal.”

I smiled as I watched her kissing her way to Jessica’s pussy. I kissed Jessica on the lips as she moaned, “We are going to the mall this morning.”

She shuddered and I moved down to suck on a nipple. I looked down at Terri and grinned before pulling away from Jessica and slipping off the bed. I moved around behind Terri and leaned in to hold her hips before pushing my face into her pussy. She jerked in surprise and then laughed, “Let me know if you need to put something somewhere, I’ll move so Jess can take care of it.”

I gently bit her clit and she jerked and shuddered. I smiled to myself and licked from her clit to her ass. I liked the way she tasted and fucked her with my tongue while rubbing her clit. Terri shuddered a minute later and Jessica moaned loudly.

“Can we play?”

I looked back as Terri lifted her head and smiled at Missy and Sofia, “You should taste Terri.”

Jessica laughed and then groaned as Terri did something to her. I moved as the two girls came in grinning. Sofia fingered Terri’s wet pussy and then licked her fingers. Missy laughed and went to her knees to lick through her slit. Sofia laughed and moved onto the bed and started sucking on one of Jessica’s nipples. I moved onto the bed next to Jessica on her other side.

She groaned and reached down to push Terri away from her pussy before wiggling out from under her and pushing me onto my back. She straddled me, guiding my cock to her wet pussy before pushing down. Jessica shuddered as she started rocking and thrusting back and forth. Her tight pussy squeezed and massaged my cock as she fucked me.

Sofie pushed Terri onto her back and Missy leaned down to lick through her pussy. Sofie lay half on her kissing her and feeling her breasts. It felt great to have my cock slipping through Jessica’s slippery pussy. She was grunting and shaking as her pussy kept squeezing my cock. She shivered and ground back and forth on me before her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She squirted a little and shuddered hard, “Damn I love sex!”

I grinned and cupped her breasts before tugging on her nipples. “That makes two of us.”

She grinned and went back to rocking as she fucked my cock. I reached over to Terri and rubbed her nipple making her shudder as Missy kissed up her body. Sofia grinned at her and then looked at Terri, “Want to lick Missy?”

Terri grinned and twisted, spilling Missy and Sofia onto the bed. She moved down as she pulled Missy onto her back. Sofia laughed as she kissed Missy and cupped one of her breasts. I shivered as Jessica’s pussy squeezed my cock and she jerked around on me. She was breathing hard and thrusting back and forth erratically.

I held her hips as my balls pulled up and my cock erupted with a gushing fountain of cum. I pumped thick spurts of cum up against her womb and Jessica was spasming with each warm gushing squirt as it pumped into her. Finally I stopped cumming and she sighed before lying on top of me. We watched as Terri licked and sucked Missy while she jerked and shuddered.

Sofia kept sucking on her nipples and kissing her until Missy finally arched her back and dropped to the bed with her hand covering her pussy. Terri grinned as she looked up and Jessica laughed, “We really need to clean up and air this place out. It smells like pussy.”

Everyone laughed and I turned to let Jessica slip off me. I followed her off the bed and into the bathroom for a quick shower that was crowded with all the girls laughing and rubbing on me. After we got dressed Terri kissed my cheek and then kissed Jessica passionately, “I need to go quit and pack a few things.”

I caressed her shoulder, “I’ll have some keys made.”

When we left the boat, the rain had stopped. Missy and Sofia left in their car saying they would be back and Terri left in her car. I grinned and held out the keys to the car, “Want to drive?”

Jessica looked at me and then grinned as she took the keys. The mall was different for her and me because not only did I make her try on sexy lingerie, I made her try on gowns and then there was the jewelry. We were both carrying bags when we got out at the marina. Terri was waiting and grinned as she lifted two large suitcases.

As soon as we walked in they both set bags and suitcases down to strip. They grinned at me as I carried my armload down to the master bedroom. They came in giggling, Terri without her suitcases. Jessica kissed Terri on the mouth before turning to walk into the closet with her bags.

It was several minutes before they came out and I had already gone up to the kitchen when Jessica started calling. I walked into the bedroom to see her on the bed without Terri. I smiled as I walked to the bed, “What happened to Terri?”

She smiled, “Putting her clothes away.”

She held out her arms and I quickly undressed before moving onto the bed. I kissed her and felt her wonderful body as she shivered. She grinned and turned to pull me over her and between her legs. I slowly pushed into her and began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. It didn’t take Jessica long to begin to shudder and jerk.

Her warm pussy contracted around my cock as I buried it to press and hump. A couple more minutes and she arched her back and howled, “I’M CUMMING! FUCK ME!”

I laughed and fucked her hard trying to cum. Jessica continued to jerk and spasm as I fucked her and buried my cock as it throbbed a minute later. When I began to cum she wrapped her legs and round me and screamed, “CUM IN MY PUSSY!”

I shuddered as I spewed huge, gushing torrents into her and she spasmed hard and started convulsing. I spewed and then spurted and finally spat that last little bit of cum into her womb and Jessica finally sighed, “I really needed that.”

I kissed her, “I did too.”

I pulled out and we both shuddered before she grinned and rolled out of bed. I sighed and stood to walk back to the kitchen and finished making lunch. Terri and Jessica walked out together and sat down to the small salad and soup I set out. Terri grinned as she looked at me, “I told mom what I was doing and she said to let you fuck me and get me pregnant.”

Jessica laughed, “What happened to being my lover?”

Terri laughed, “If his cock slips into me by accident…”

I grinned, “Only if Jess is in there somewhere.”

Jessica and Terri both laughed and I looked out into the harbor, “I like it here.”

Jessica reached for my hand, “Can we go somewhere this summer?”

I laughed as I squeezed her hand, “We are going to Spain and Italy and maybe Greece so we need to apply for passports.”

She grinned with Terri and I finished lunch before starting to clean up, “Do you think Missy and Sofia are coming back tonight?”

Jessica gasped, “Tonight!”

I looked at her, “What about it?”

She grinned at Terri, “Want to go to a party? I think some of the gowns would fit and...”

I cleared my throat and Jessica looked at me and came to hug me, “We would have to dress up in the sexy gowns and wear jewelry. The football jerks and those sluts will drool.”

I caressed her hips and finally nodded, “But remember what you are.”

She grinned as she looked at Terri, “We’re your show pieces.”

I nodded and finished cleaning up while she and Terri disappeared. I saw Missy and Sofia out at the gate and went to let them in. As soon as they came aboard they grinned and stripped. I grinned as they kissed me and went looking for Jessica. I began cleaning some of the other cabins and a couple of hours later Jessica found me, “Time for you to fuck me Peter.”

I took her hand to follow her back to our cabin. Terri, Missy and Sofia were on the bed and Terri was wiggling around and squirming as they fingered her. Jessica grinned as she turned to undress me, “Fuck Terri first?”

I looked at her and then at Terri before pushing her towards the bed. I moved between Terri’s legs and licked her very wet pussy. She grunted and shoved her pussy up into my face as I hit her clit, “YES!”

I looked up to see her almost panting and the other girls giggled. I shook my head and moved up her body and slowly pushed into her. I had to push hard to force my cock in and she groaned and clutched at me. I kissed her softly and started to fuck her with slow thrusts that gradually pushed my cock deeper. Terri shuddered a minute later and lifted her hips as her pussy spasmed, “oooohhhhh!”

I held her and used short thrusts as she shuddered and then pushed the rest of the way into her. My cock was forcing her womb open before I pulled back and began to fuck her extremely tight pussy. She was moaning and shaking as her hips continued to meet mine. Her pussy started to ripple and squeeze my cock as she got wetter. A few minutes later she stiffened and then began jerking, bucking and thrashing around as she howled, “OOOHHHHHH... MMMMYYYYYY... GGGGGOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD!”

I rode her and planted my cock into her open womb a couple of minutes later before suddenly spewing a thick stream of cum. Terri screamed and froze with her hips lifted, “FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!”

I flooded her womb as she seemed to tremble and shake. When I stopped cumming she dropped to the bed breathing hard. She closed her eyes as I waited with my cock buried deep inside her. She finally opened her eyes and looked at me in amazement. I smiled and kissed her, “Thank you Terri.”

She grinned and hugged me before I pulled out and Jessica pulled me over her as she laid back, “My turn.”

Missy and Sofia laughed and she grinned as she guided my slimy cock to her pussy. I pushed into her and kissed her as I began to fuck her with deep strokes. She groaned and began fucking me back, lifting and thrusting her hips up. She kissed me and hugged me as she shuddered, “Sofia and Missy want to join us.”

I glanced at the two girls bitting their lip and buried my cock in Jessica. I looked at her, “I am only one guy and...”

She laughed and shook me, “I’m the horny one and I think you will have enough cum for all of us. Besides we can take care of each other too.”

I was slowly humping and pressing against her as I thought and finally nodded. I kissed her and pulled back to fuck her nice and deep, “help them pick out a cabin.”

Sofie and Missy clapped and Jessica wrapped her legs around my hips, “Thanks Peter.”

I fucked her with deep thrusts and kept pressing against her. It wasn’t long before she was spasming and jerking around as her pussy tightened. I continued to fuck her as she came and screamed or wailed. It was almost twenty minutes before I thrust into her belly and started to spew cum. She lifted her hips and jerked as she felt cum pumping into her, “YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!”

When I stopped cumming Jessica shuddered and I kissed her before pulling out, “You and Terri douche and then all of you get dressed. We need to go back to the mall before your party tonight.”

I slipped off the bed and walked into the bathroom. A minute later they were all in there helping Terri and Jessica and giggling. I caressed Terri’s face when I got out of the shower, “tell me when you are fertile.”

She grinned, “two weeks from now.”

I smiled, “you girls can plan a getting pregnant party for the first night.”

They grinned and I left to get dressed. It was embarrassing but fun to shop with four girls rubbing on me. The party was loud and a few guys hit on Jessica almost as soon as we got there. She only laughed at them, “I don’t do boys anymore.”

Terri made an impression as she smoothly moved from me to Jessica to Missy to Sofia. By the time we left all the girls were staring at me and whispering. When we walked onto the boat Jessica was grinning happily and so were the others. She stripped and kissed me before reaching out to grab Sofia, “You really need to fuck Sofia, Peter. She has been rubbing on all of us all night.”

The other girls laughed and undressed me as Sofia grinned and rubbed her pussy. I smiled and took her hand before walking towards the hot tub. Sofia laughed as I turned her and lifted her to sit on the edge. I pulled a chair close and sat between her legs. The other girls slipped into the hot water as I opened Sofia’s pussy and leaning close to lick through it.

She shuddered and moaned as I started to lick and nibble and tease her clit. When she began shuddering and jerking I grinned and pulled her onto my lap. She quickly lifted and positioned my cock before wiggling and forcing it into her. She groaned and sighed and shuddered as my cock sank into her and pressed against her cervix. I caressed her hips and sides before kissing her, “Now thrust back and forth.”

She grinned and kissed me before sitting back and doing as I told her. Almost from the first minute she was jerking and spasming as her pussy rippled and grasp my cock. She moaned and cried out and then began to wail. The other girls were laughing as Sofia convulsed and jerked around on my cock. I started rubbing and tugging on her nipples and she stiffened before starting to thrash around.

I bent to suck on one of her nipples and she spasmed and wailed louder. Terri moved up behind her and turned her head to kiss her. It was almost thirty minutes before I shuddered as my thick cock pushed into her deep and began to spurt jets of cum. Sofia shuddered and leaning into me as I kept pumping warm cum into her and sighed. When I stopped she groaned before kissing me, “It has been weeks since I got fucked and it was never like that.”

The girls laughed and she grinned and kissed me, “Thanks Peter.”

I let her slowly pull off my cock and stand before she climbed into the hot water. Jessica climbed out and straddled me. She kissed me and rubbed her bare breasts on my chest, “Thanks Peter.”

I kissed her and caressed her body as she smiled. She stood and took my hand before pulling me after her, “We’ll be back.”

She pulled me down to our cabin and dried off before pulling me onto the bed. She kissed me and lay back, “feel me Peter.”

I laughed and cupped a breast before sucking on the nipple. She shuddered and caressed my face as I lay beside her and began feeling and caressing her body. I fingered her pussy until she shuddered and sighed as she came and then kissed her again. It was a half hour before she groaned and pulled on me, “Fuck me?”

I moved over her and slowly pushed into her tight pussy. Jessica sighed and hugged me as I began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before I was hitting and pushing against her womb. She jerked and wrapped her legs around me as I kept fucking her slowly. Before long she was crying out and shuddering hard. Her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock as I kept fucking her.

I pulled almost out of her as I kissed her passionately and then began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She was grunting and began to thrash and twist under me. Her slippery pussy got wetter as she screamed and continued to buck and jerk. It was a long time before I was ready to cum and Jessica was incoherent and spasming by then.

I fucked her hard for another minute and then pushed into her completely before starting to pump and gush cum into her. She screamed and spread her legs wide as she lifted her hips, “YES!”

My cum flooded her womb and it started bulging before it began to leak around my cock. I sighed as I stopped cumming and kissed her again. I pulled out and grinned as Jessica groaned and shuddered before turning and kissing me. She moved off the bed and grinned as I chased her into the bathroom.

When we got back to the hot tub the girls were sitting on the edge drinking soda. They grinned at Jessica and Missy turned around and opened her legs, “want to lick my pussy Peter?”

Jessica laughed as she climbed in and I walked to Missy and knelt between her legs. I licked and then began to nibble and push my tongue into her. I kept licking and finally started teasing her clit. She was shuddering and moaning as Terri came to hold her from behind and cup her breasts. A couple of minutes later she started jerking and convulsing as she squirted.

I licked through her pussy a few more times before standing, “How was that?”

Terri laughed and shook Missy as she giggled, “great.”

Terri slid off the hot tub and pushed me back to a chair before straddling me. It has been a long time since then and Jessica, Terri, Missy and Sofia are still my show pieces. Terri has had two children while the others have each had one apiece. They are all pregnant now and we are taking another trip around the Mediterranean to celebrate.
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