My family has an unusually tradition. The oldest son will get any daughters pregnant their first time. It happens as close after their fourteenth birthday as possible. If one of my father’s brothers or sisters doesn’t have a son, they have to borrow a nephew from the oldest sibling with a son. It wasn’t that the boy got to have sex, it was the way each girl got pregnant.

The mother would put the girl on a table and spread her legs. She would masturbate the boy into a small bowl three times. When she was done she would use a spreader to open her daughter up until you could see her cervix. The boy would use an old glass and metal syringe with no needle and suck his sperm into the syringe. He would push the syringe into the girl and into her cervix before unloading all the sperm. (They used to just use an old funnel.)

The girl would have to lay there for an hour before being moved to her bed. She would stay on her back until morning when the boy would join her. They would eat and clean up before returning to her bed and for the rest of the day the boy would fuck her.

That was our tradition and usually it would only take that one time. The boy and girl would be allowed to sleep together after that if they wanted. I was a very popular boy in my family because I was the only boy. I had one sister and four female cousins but no other boys.

My dad won a lottery and bought the huge farm for his whole family as well as buying stocks in a very good company. I was the oldest of the kids at sixteen. I guess I was also more independent. I had built a huge room with a bathroom, you could say it was a large studio apartment. It was a little distance from all the other houses but I liked it. I was fourteen when my Aunt Tory came to get me for my Cousin Alice’s birthday, well, three days after.

They wouldn’t let me in to see Alice for the last week. When Aunt Tory brought me into the kitchen it was to see Alice on the table with her legs spread and her head up on a pillow. She had another thinner pillow under her hips. I looked at her fuzzy pussy with my cock hard as a rock. My Uncles and Aunts stood around the table with mom and dad. Aunt Tory sat in a chair between Alice’s spread legs and reached for my belt.

I had been both dreading this and anticipating it. I dreaded it because I wasn’t small and hated to be ridiculed. I also came a lot… like a quarter cup each time. Aunt Tory pulled my pants down and I stepped out of them. When she reached for my boxers I panicked and grabbed her hand. Aunt Tory rubbed me above my shorts with her other hand, “its okay Tom.”

I reluctantly let her hand go and she pulled my shorts down. There was a gasp around the table and Aunt Tory looked around before looking up at me. “You have a beautiful cock Tom.”

I was blushing as she wrapped her hand around it and started to slowly stroke it. I shivered and slowly reached out to Alice. I caressed her pussy and rubbed the nub at the top of her slit causing her to shudder. I closed my eyes a minute later as my muscles tightened and my balls pulled up. I felt Aunt Tory point my cock down while stroking it as I suddenly started pouring cum.

I ignored everything but feeling Alice while shivering through my climax. I pumped huge, thick spurts of cum into the bowl and finally sighed when I stopped. Everyone was quiet as Aunt Tory cupped my balls and started stroking my cock again. Alice suddenly jerked and shuddered as she moaned. Mom chuckled and then everyone laughed.

Alice grinned and shivered as her hips began gently pushing up against my finger. When she began shaking again I had been holding back and just let go, thrusting once with my hips. Aunt Tory was quick to bend my cock as I began pouring cum again. I heard mom whisper to dad, “Can Alice take all that?”

There was laughter but I just shivered and shuddered as I finished spurting into the bowl. Aunt Tory rubbed a tiny bit of lube on my cock and her hand slipped through it easier causing me to shudder. I caressed Alice’s thigh and squeezed her clit gently. She jerked and gasped before starting to shudder and shake. Her pussy was really wet causing Aunt Harriet to say she looked like she was in heat. Alice groaned and shivered, “I am in heat!”

Everyone laughed and I rubbed her whole pussy hard. I wasn’t trying to hold back and groaned as I felt myself getting close. Alice was jerking in body wracking spasms and her pussy was opening and closing. I shook my head and slowly thrust forward. I had been fucking aunt Tory’s slick hand and it felt so much better then before. She bent my cock as it began to swell and jerk.

I threw my head back as I suddenly peed a huge, strong stream of cum. I was jerking and shaking each time I spewed another thick stream, my balls hurt I was cumming so hard. When I stopped, Uncle Joe clapped, “Damn fine show Tom.”

Everyone laughed but the laughing stopped as I moved between Alice’s legs and bent to suck on a nipple. I looked into her shivering face, “Ready for the hard part?”

She grinned, “Fill me up Tom.”

Everyone laughed as I stepped back and took the bowl and syringe from Aunt Tory. She took the warm towel from mom and unfolded it to show the spreader. She put some lube on it and moved between Alice’s legs. When she pushed it into Alice, she let out a little scream and mom took her hand. I saw the blood a minute later, “Why is she bleeding? Did you hurt her?”

Everyone laughed and Aunt Tory smiled and turned back to Alice. “That was her hymen Tom. Alice is a virgin.”

Finally she closed the grip and I watched Alice’s pussy open. Aunt Tory smiled at me and pulled a thin flashlight out of her skirt, “Come closer and look inside her Tom. Do you see that tiny opening in the back of the pussy?”

I nodded absently thinking I loved looking inside Alice. Aunt Tory caressed my face, “push the syringe in gently and then push the plunger.”

I looked at her and then at the bowl. I filled the syringe and there was still a lot left. I pushed the syringe to the back of her pussy and carefully pushed in. Alice winced and then I was injecting cum into her womb. She shuddered, “That feels strange.”

I glance up to see her holding mom’s hand. I refilled the syringe and injected a second syringe full of cum into her and she moaned and shuddered. A third followed the second and I almost had enough for a forth syringe full. When I finished with the last syringe and pulled back, Aunt Tory used the flashlight and grinned at the tiny pearl of cum she saw. She closed and removed the spreader before nodded to Uncle Pete.

They released her feet as Aunt Tory closed her legs and turned a chair for her to drape them over. I found my shorts and pants and put them back on before trying to sit at the table. Mom put her hand on my chest, “You can’t stay with her. You have to leave and come back tomorrow.”

I looked at Alice and she frowned and nodded, “I’ll be okay.”

I waited and she smiled, “You can’t do anything.”

I grinned, “I could tug on your nipple when you get bored.”

Everyone snickered as Alice grinned, “Mom can do that for you.”

I pushed my mom’s hand aside and stepped to the side of the table. I leaned over to look into her face and gave her a kiss like never before. I pulled back to see her eyes closed and smiled before turning away. I left after dad and my uncles patted me on the back. I didn’t get to see Aunt Tory checking Alice an hour later after putting her in her bed to see that only a few drops had leaked out.

When I returned to my room it was to organized chaos with my sister and cousins. They wanted to hear everything about what happened. My sister Pam was the quiet one and I knew why. Her birthday was in a week and it would be at the perfect time in her cycle. I sat beside her and took her hand and as everyone quieted and sat down and I told them what had happened.

They all grinned when I told them about rubbing Alice to get her off while Aunt Tory was doing me. The next thing I knew they were pulling jeans off and sitting back with spread legs. Pam just leaned on me as they fingered their clit’s to get off, she whispered, “I’ll only be fourteen Tom.”

I smiled and hugged her, “I don’t care about the tradition Pam. If you don’t want to do it, just tell me.”

She sighed, “Mom said I could foster the child out.”

I shook my head, “No. If you do go through with it to just to foster the baby, you would regret it for the rest of your life.”

She looked at me, “I’m only fourteen Tom.”

I smiled and looked away from all the girls sighing and shuddering in front of us. I looked at my sister, “You don’t have to do it Pam. If you do and change your mind about the baby then I will raise it. That way if you ever have doubts or change your mind it will be with me.”

The room was quiet and I looked around to see all the girls looking at me. Pam suddenly laughed, “Maybe we can start a new tradition. The boy that gets us pregnant has to keep the child for the first few years, you know the diaper years.”

The girls all giggled and I grinned before hugging Pam. “If I need to pay that price, I would.”

She grinned and kissed my cheek, “Thanks for making me feel better.”

I smiled and pushed her back before reaching down to undo her pants. I pulled them off as the other girls moved closer and pushed her legs open, “The part that hurts is when your mom pushes the spreader in. It breaks your hymen and hurts.”

I felt Pam and gently fingered her, slipping the tip of a finger in against her cherry. Pam shuddered and jerked. I smiled at all the girls, “After I was done they wouldn’t let me stay.”

They nodded and Pam sighed, “That’s because the women need to stay and be with us to talk about girl stuff.”

I squeezed her clit and she jerked and shuddered hard. “They just want to gossip.”

The girls all laughed and Pam giggled before reaching down to take my hand. I let her stop me and looked at each of the girls, “Should I start work expanding to fit my harem?”

They laughed and Becca stood to come sit on my lap. She smiled and leaned against me, “Do I have to wait?”

They laughed and I grinned before slipping my hand under her blouse to rub her bare chest, “You can wait.”

She grinned, “Can I ask momma if I can start sleeping here?”

Everyone laughed again and I sighed, “What did Aunt Tory say last time you asked?”

She sighed, “That I have to wait.”

I nodded, “She’s protecting me.”

They laughed again and Becca grinned, “I am a horny girl.”

I pulled my hand out of her blouse, “Everyone should get dressed. If I remember right someone should be looking for you as soon as Alice is put in her bed.”

It was quiet after they left and I lay back thinking. I had always looked after my sister and cousins and in some ways what happened after I helped get Alice pregnant showed it. That wasn’t the first time they had all masturbated in front of me. They all seemed to share the same feelings of tormenting me. I knew that if I pushed it with any of them they would let me do whatever I wanted, I left and went for a long walk.

When I came back I saw my father and uncles by the front door. I frowned as I went to the door and opened it. I wasn’t surprised when they all followed me in. I went to the counter and my own coffee maker. When the coffee was done I filled their cups and put them on the table. I sat down and dad looked at me, “Do you think we haven’t seen the way it is with you and the girls?”

I smiled, “I may touch them but I have never gone further then that. If you want to talk about it now than fine.”

I leaned onto the table, “The girls know I won’t do anything they don’t want. Our family tradition sucks.”

I could see my uncles tensing and looked at them, “Getting any girl pregnant at fourteen is dumb. I could see it a hundred years ago but now?”

I looked at dad, “They have so much ahead of them. You don’t give them a choice, it’s just forced on them. You want a family tradition to be something that everyone looks forward to and not be afraid of.”

I looked around, “You want a family tradition that involves sex, then let the girl come stay with the boy and learn the right way. All the girls are comfortable with me and yes they do show themselves to me. If I wanted to take it further they would even let me.”

I looked at the table, “Right now, Pam is terrified. She isn’t like Alice, she wants to do something with her life. She wants to be a doctor, just as Melody wants to be a farmer like her dad. Forcing the girls to get pregnant and have a child is…”

I shook my head and looked around the quiet table, “This tradition may die with this generation. What grows from the ashes is up to you. If you force it all you’ll see is the ashes. If you look at it and decide to change it in a way that shows the girls that you care for them and not just the tradition, you may see the life return from ashes and grow into something strong.”

I stood up and moved to the coffee maker before looking back, “I love my sister and cousins more then I can say and I will not pass this tradition on. I will teach my sons and daughters about sex and let them decide when it is the right time to get pregnant if ever.”

I poured a cup of coffee and walked out while they looked down. I sat on my make shift porch and it was a long time before dad and my uncles came out. They looked at me and Uncle Pete cleared his throat, “If we move the girls out here to sleep, would you have sex with them?”

I looked at them and laughed as I shook my head, “If you tell the girls they can sleep with me now, I’ll be tied to the bed and raped… probably by Becca.”

They grinned and then laughed, I watched them walking towards Uncle Pete’s and sighed as I stood go inside. I was pulling out something for a quick dinner when the door burst open. I glanced back to see the girls carrying sleeping bags and grinning. I leaned against the counter as they came in and then Aunt Tory walked in holding Alice’s hand. I straightened and started across the room. Aunt Tory smiled as she put Alice’s hand in mine, “Put her in your bed tonight.”

I nodded, “Are you sure Aunt Tory?”

She smiled, “I never liked that stupid tradition.”

I smiled and pulled Alice close, “I’ll take care of her.”

Aunt Tory shook her head, “She wanted you to fuck her Tom.”

I looked at Alice to see her blushing and grinning. I smiled, “We can put on a show for all the other girls.”

Aunt Tory laughed as she turned to leave. She called back over her shoulder, “We’ll bring over dinner in a little while.”

I nodded but didn’t look at her as I pulled Alice to bed. I sat her down and looked around at the girls to see them talking fast and grinning. I smiled and clapped my hands and they all looked at me, “I take it your parents told you about my talk with them. Well, tonight we are going to do something painful. First Alice is going to tell us what happen and then I am going to sit each of you beside her. I will break your cherry so the first time you have sex it won’t hurt. When we are done Alice wants me to have sex with her and you can watch if she says it’s okay.”

I looked at a grinning Becca and sighed, “Yes Becca, I will fuck you, but only if you can get the other girls to agree.”

She grinned and looked around while everyone laughed. I looked at Pam, “I’ll ask mom to make appointments for any of you that want birth control pills.”

She smiled and nodded, “Thanks.”

I touched Alice, “Not much use having you lay back now.”

She grinned and leaned against me to kiss my cheek. All the girls gathered around and Alice took a breath before starting. I thought about what to do and went outside. I found the short handle of a broken shovel I had been using. I had cut it, sanded it and stained it and put a thick coat of polyurethane on it. It was a fancy head knocker but I had plans for it now.

I went to my room where the girls and my mother and aunts were laughing and giggling. I smiled and sat down to eat. The girls were waiting and as soon as I finished they stood and stripped and then pulled me to the bed.

My mom and aunts stood in the back to watch and I grinned as the first one that came up was Becca. I shook my head but sat her on the edge of the bed. I had the headknocker and a small bottle of lube. I looked at Pam, “We need a big bowl with warm water and some wash cloths.”

She nodded and I turned back to Becca. I knelt between her legs as she held them spread wide. I pushed her back and leaned in to lick through her pussy. She gasped and shoved her pussy in my face, I smiled as the others giggled. I nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue into her before covering her clit. I sucked and wiggled my tongue against it and Becca shuddered and groaned.

When her body spasmed as she came, I lifted up and picked up the headknocker. Alice knew what I planned and had put some lube on the end. I rubbed it through Becca’s pussy and shoved it in, breaking her hymen. Becca froze, her eyes were wide and I leaned over her and held her, “Its okay little nymph.”

She looked at me and whispered, “It hurts.”

I nodded and kissed her softly before leaning back and pulling the bloody stick out. I took the wash cloth from Pam and gently cleaned Becca. I kissed her clit and moved up to cup her face and kiss her gently, “I’m sorry it hurt.”

She grinned with her returning humor, “It won’t hurt if you fuck me.”

Everyone laughed and I grinned, “Give it a day.”

I did each of the girls the same way and made them put the sleeping bags together. They were all a little wiggly but seemed content to sit and watch. I cleaned and put everything away and walked back to the bed. Alice was smiling as I stood beside the bed and undressed. I smiled as she lay back and held her arms out, “Not yet.”

I moved down and between her legs. The girls laughed as I licked through her pussy and gently squeezed her clit. Alice jerked and shivered as I kept teasing her clit with my tongue. I pushed my tongue up inside her before licking from her ass to her clit. I latched onto her clit to suck and wiggle my tongue against it. Alice shuddered and shoved her pussy up, “aaaahhhhh!”

I smiled and moved up her shivering body and settled between her legs. I kissed her, “I really wanted to do that.”

Everyone laughed and Alice shook me, “Fuck me now.”

I smiled and lifted up before pushing with my hips. I had to push harder before my cock forced its way into her tight pussy. I pushed into her and started fucking her with slow thrusts. I buried my thick cock against her womb and used short, grinding strokes. Alice shuddered and groaned as she began to fuck me back. She held me tight, “I love fucking!”

Everyone laughed again and Alice blushed. I fucked her hard for a minute and then slowly. I used short thrusts with my cock deep inside her and she started jerking and spasming as her tight pussy contracted around my cock. She was tossing her head and having jerky convulsions. I had been around a lot of naked girls and touching their pussies and thrust into Alice and began spurting cum through into her womb. She howled as she wrapped her legs around me, “YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

I pumped spurt after spurt into her as she jerked and shuddered and when I finished she sighed and I kissed her, “Thank you Alice.”

She caressed my face as her legs dropped to the bed, “Since you wouldn’t let Becca fuck you, I had to do something.”

I grinned as everyone laughed. My mom and aunts were laughing as they stopped beside the door to shut the light off. It was another hour before everyone calmed down enough to go to sleep. Even though I wanted to fuck some more I relaxed and just held Alice. I woke up to Becca and Ivy my cousin licking and sucking my cock.

I looked at Alice beside me and saw her looking down watching what the two were doing. I reached down to caress Becca and relaxed as Ivy started fucking the head of my cock with her mouth. When she stopped, Becca took her place and it wasn’t long before I shuddered, “I going to cum.”

As I pumped spurts of cum, they took turned swallowing and licking my cock until I was finished. Becca grinned and straddled me as she moved up. She lifted up and positioned my cock before pushing back and forcing it into her extremely tight pussy. She kept wiggling as I held still, fighting the urge the thrust up into her. Finally the head of my cock was against the back of her pussy and she sighed, “God I feel stretched.”

Everyone laughed and I turned my head to see them watching. Alice shifted and sat up, “Put your hands on his chest and just use your hips.”

Becca nodded and started to hesitantly thrust back and forth. She froze with a surprised look on her face and shuddered as her pussy squeezed me even tighter, “OH!”

She grinned at everyone and thrust back and forth with purpose before lifting up and rocking back down onto my cock. Her pussy was extremely tight but she got wetter quickly and before long I was slipping in and out. She was constantly shuddering as her pussy spasmed around my cock. Ivy suddenly sat behind her and put her arms around her before reaching down to rub her clit. Becca froze and then went wild, bucking and slamming down onto my cock as she screamed, “TOM!”

I shuddered as I felt myself getting close and reached up to pull her hips down tight. I felt the head of my cock press against her womb before I began spewing a huge morning load of cum. Becca stopped moving as my back arched and then she began jerking in time with each strong spurt of warm sperm as it exploded into her fertile belly.

When I stopped cumming Becca sighed and shuddered before slipping off me. Alice pulled her close as Ivy bit her lip and moved forward to position my slimy cock. She forced it into her with a groan and shudder before grinning and rubbing my chest, “I love your cock.”

The other girls giggled and she laughed. I reached up to her breasts and caressed them as she began to rock and thrust back and forth. Alice was hugging Becca, “How many times can you do it?”

I glanced at her to see her eyes on my cock and Ivy’s pussy, “A few more before I would need time to recover.”

She smiled, “Mom said she has some pills for you to take.”

Pam whispered, “Can we do it after I get my pill?”

I smiled at her, “Whenever you want.”

Ivy started rocking and almost pulling my cock out of her before sitting back and driving it to the back of her pussy. She was shaking as her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock and she was getting wetter. She was moaning and sighing and Alice grinned before reaching over Becca to squeeze Ivy’s clit. She stiffened and then exploded in convulsions and spasms. Her pussy clamped down as she wet me and then screamed.

I tried to hold her as she twisted and wiggled and jerked and finally I grunted and pulled her hips down as I began to spurt and spew thick, strong loads of cum. Ivy jerked as she felt the warm cum pumping into her body and howled, “OOOOHHHHH... MMMMYYYYY... GGGGGOOOOOOODDDDDDD!”

I was shuddering and shaking as I pumped seven or eight large spurts of cum and then I was just holding my spasming cousin. She slumped onto my chest and I heard Aunt Harriet chuckle from the door. Ivy laid forward on me with a sigh and I rubbed and caressed her hips before she kissed me softly and lifted her hips. She moved off me and my aunt walked to the bed and sat. She had a damp wash cloth and cleaned my cock, “Come here Pam.”

Pam was trembling as she moved up on the bed and Aunt Harriet caressed her face, “Your period is a couple of days away. It would be safe for Tom to fuck you now.”

Pam looked at me and bit her lip before nodding and moving to straddle me. I caressed her pelvis for a minute and then reached up to cup her breasts. I pulled her down and hugged her before shifting around until she was under me. I kissed her, “First I taste you then I fuck you. I’ll pull out so I don’t cum inside though.”

She looked at me and then grinned, “okay.”

I glanced at our aunt and moved down between Pam’s legs. I opened her pussy and licked through it and she shuddered, “I love it when you lick me.”

The girls giggled and Aunt Harriet laughed, “he is the only man I have seen do it so enjoy it.”

I grinned and nibbled on her inner lips and then her clit before sucking it in and teasing it with my tongue. It wasn’t long before Pam was shuddering as her hips lifted continuously. She was moaning and tossing her head and Alice slipped over Becca to move half onto Pam and kiss her on the mouth. Pam shuddered hard and clutched her, “OOOOHHHHH!”

I moved up her body and kissed Alice’s shoulder as she moved. I positioned my cock and kissed my sister as I slowly forced my cock into her and grunted and groaned. I kept kissing her as I started to fuck her slowly. She was extremely tight but it wasn’t long before she was slippery and my cock slipped in and out easier. I kept kissing her and used long, slow thrusts.

It was five or six minutes before my sister arched her back and cried out as her pussy tightened and then she was thrashing around and shaking. I buried my cock against her womb and held her bucking body as she kept jerking and spasming. It was a few minutes before she calmed down and I kissed her before starting to fuck her again.

I was still using long thrusts but I was fucking her harder. Her pussy kept squeezing my cock and she was moaning louder. It was several minutes before she jerked and wailed as she began to thrash around again. She wet me as she bucked and spasmed but this time I didn’t stop and kept fucking her.

It was a few minutes before I grunted and buried my cock and then jerked and pulled it out as I began pumping and spewing spurts of cum. It shot out and landed on her pelvis and tummy as I kept shuddering.

Pam jerked and shook as she slowly stopped cumming. I lay beside her to catch my breath and Becca moved over and started licking the puddles of cum. My cousin Melody laughed and moved onto the bed and pushed her back, “You have to share.”

Becca grinned as Melody took her place licking the cum and the other girls giggled. Pam smiled and reached for my hand to squeeze it. I shook my head and moved off the bed, “time to get up and do chores.”

I headed for the bathroom and was almost run over as all the girls tried to beat me. I shook my head and pushed open the door Becca was trying to close, “I’ve seen you already.”

I started the shower and pulled Melody in after she peed and wiped. I started washing her and she grinned and spread her legs. I rubbed her pussy before giving her a kiss and going back to washing her as the other girls crowded in. I washed each of them before getting out and dressing. I went to do my chores and wasn’t surprised as they came to help me.

When I came in a few hours later it was to see Ivy and Melody on my bed with the headknocker. The other girls laughed as they pushed past me and crossed to the bed and the two blushing girls. The next thing I knew they had all stripped and were looking at each others pussy. I shook my head as I undressed and walked to the bed. I reached for one of Melody’s legs and turned her before pulling her to the edge as I knelt.

They laughed as I opened her pussy and started licking her. I teased her clit and sucked on it as I used my thumb to rub the taunt below her pussy. She grunted and kept thrusting her pussy up as she started to shudder. Alice slipped off the bed and knelt beside me, “she isn’t fertile, fuck her.”

Aunt Tory laughed from the door, “go ahead Tom.”

I looked at her and straightened before moving closer and slowly forcing my thick cock into her. She sighed as she rubbed my arms and I started fucking her slowly. It was several minutes before I pushed against her cervix. She jerked and shuddered before grinning as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I bent to kiss her before going back to fucking her pussy.

She was a little slipperier so my cock was fucking in and out of her easier. I glanced at Becca to see her rubbing the headknocker back and forth through her slit as she watched. I smiled and looked at Alice, “Take that away from Becca before she hurts herself.”

The girls laughed and Becca grinned before sticking her tongue out. Ivy laughed and pulled on her, “Use that tongue on me.”

They laughed again as Becca turned and pushed Ivy down. I looked at Melody and shook my head before starting to fuck her again. This time I buried my cock and started to press, hump and grind. She shivered and then shuddered before starting to convulse as her tight pussy spasmed and kept grasping my cock. She held her legs up and wailed as I pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes.

It was a few minutes before I groaned and shuddered as I buried my cock and held her waist. She gasped and looked at me as I began to spurt, spew and pump cum through her cervix. She tilted her hips and convulsed as her pussy tightened around my cock, “YYYEEEEESSSSSSS!”

I jerked and jabbed as I kept pumping cum into her and then I just held her and bent to give her a soft kiss, “Thanks Melody.”

Everyone laughed as she grinned, “your welcome.”

I pulled out and she was pulled onto the bed before Pam started licking the cum leaking out of her. That was how it started, Alice is still living with me and so is Becca. My sister, Ivy and Melody have grown into beautiful women with careers. Alice has gotten pregnant three times and Becca has had one baby and is pregnant now.

Ivy and Melody both visit often from their farm and have planned to get pregnant by me with Alice and Becca. My sister became a doctor and visits when she can. As soon as her residency ends she wants me to get her pregnant too.
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